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Female Characters to Avoid in your Writing:  An Illustrated Guide.

1.  The Bella Swan (i.e. the blank sheet of paper)

Who she is:

In Twilight, Bella has absolutely no qualities that make her interesting as a character.  She’s shown to have very little personality, in the books or onscreen, and is only made “interesting” (a relative term here) via the inclusion of her sparkly, abusive boyfriend.  It feeds into the harmful mentality of adolescent girls that you need a significant other in order to find fulfillment, particularly if he’s significantly older and likes to watch you sleep.  Yikes.


Bella is welcomed to school by a friendly, extroverted girl and given a place to sit amongst her and her friends.  Despite this girl’s kindness, Bella shrugs her off as a stereotypical shallow cheerleader, and spends her time staring wistfully at the guy across the cafeteria from them.  Once Edward becomes her official boyfriend, she immediately loses interest in her new friends as her life shifts its orbit to revolve completely around him. 

How to avoid her:

  • Female characters are allowed to have lives outside of their significant others.  They’re allowed to have friends, quirks, hobbies, and interests.  Give them some
  • The best fictional relationships are based off of characters who compliment each other, not one character who revolves around the other.  Make sure your female character’s life does not centralize around her significant other.
  • Strong female characters don’t look down on other girls, even if they are outgoing cheerleaders.  Being pasty and introverted doesn’t make you a better person, y’all – if it did, I’d be a decorated hero by now.
  • Give them aspirations besides getting an obsessive, much-older boyfriend.  In fact, don’t give them an obsessive, much-older boyfriend at all – if you do want them to have a significant other, give them one who cares about their interests and accepts that they have lives and goals outside of them.

2.  The Molly Hooper (i.e. the starry-eyed punching bag)

Who she is:

 Like most things about BBC’s Sherlock, Molly was an amazing concept that went progressively downhill.  I used to love her quiet tenacity and emotional intelligence, and was sure that with her strong basis as a character, she would overcome her infatuation with the titular Sherlock and find self-fulfillment.  Nope!


She remained stubbornly infatuated over the course of five years with an ambiguously gay man who, en large, treated her badly, leading to her public humiliation with zero pertinence to the plot or resolution.  Moreover, her infatuation with Sherlock quickly usurped almost all of her other characteristics, leading her to an increasingly immature characterization that was difficult to relate to.

How to avoid her:

  • By all means, please write female characters who are quiet, kind, and unassuming (a female character does not, contrary to popular belief, need to be rambunctious, callous, or violent to be “strong”) but remember than none of these traits need to make the character a pushover.  Let them stand their ground.
  • Similarly, attraction to men (or anyone, for that matter) does not invalidate a female character’s strength.  Just be sure she values herself more than their attention.
  • As I said earlier, don’t be afraid to make characters who are gentle and soft-spoken, but be wary of making them “childlike,” or giving them an infantile, emotionally characterization.
  • My best advice for writing gentle, soft-spoken, unassuming women would actually to look to male characters in the media fitting this description; since male characters are rarely infantilized as much as women are by popular media, you’ll get a much better idea of what a well-rounded character looks like. 

3.  The Irene Adler (i.e. the defanged badass)  

Who she is: 

Yup, another one of the BBC Sherlock women, among whom only Mrs. Hudson seemed to come through with her dignity and characterization intact.  In the books, Irene and Sherlock have absolutely zero romantic connotations, only bonded via Sherlock’s irritation and respect with her substantial intelligence.  In the show, it’s a different story entirely. 


Irene is a badass character who’s turned into a teary-eyed Damsel in Distress via her uncontrollable love for the show’s male lead.  It doesn’t help matters that she’s a self-proclaimed lesbian who falls in love with a man, which, unless you’re a woman who loves women yourself and writing about a character realizing she’s bi/pansexual, I would recommend against doing under any circumstances.  She ends up being defeated and subsequently rescued by Sherlock – a far cry from her defeat of him in the books. 

How to avoid her:

  • If you’re writing a badass female character, allow her to actually be badass, and allow her to actually show it throughout your work as opposed to just hearing other characters say it.  And one punch or kick isn’t enough, either:  I want to see this chick jump out of planes.
  • That said, “badass” does not equal emotionally callous.  It doesn’t bother me that Moffat showed Irene having feelings for someone else, what bothers me is how he went about it. 
  • When writing a character who’s shown to be attracted to more than one gender, just say she’s bisexual.  Pansexual.  Whatever, just don’t call her straight/gay depending on the situation she’s in.  Jesus.

4.  The Becky (i.e. the comedic rapist) 

Who she is: 

Most people who know me can vouch for my adoration of Supernatural, but it definitely has its problems:  it’s not as diverse as it could be, its treatment of women is subpar, and yes, there is some thinly veiled sexual violence:  all three of its leading characters have dealt with it at one point of another (Dean is routinely groped by female demons, a virginal Castiel was sexually taken advantage of by a disguised reaper, and the whole concept of sex under demonic possession is iffy to say the least.)  It’s rarely ever addressed afterwards, and is commonly used for comedic fodder.  Possibly the most quintessential example of this is Becky.


Becky abducts Sam, ties him to the bed, and kisses him against his will.  She then drugs him, albeit with a love potion, and is implied to have had sex with him under its influence. 

How to avoid her:

  • Male rape isn’t funny, y’all.  Media still takes rape against women a lot more seriously than rape against men, particularly female-on-male rape, and I can assure you its not.
  • Educate yourself on statistics for male sexual assault:  approximately thirty-eight percent of sexual violence survivors are male, for example, and approximately one in sixteen male college students has reported to have experienced sexual assault. 
  • Moreover, be aware that forty-six percent of all instances of male rape have a female perpetrator.
  • Read more here in this amazing article:
  • In other words, treat themes of sexual assault against men as seriously as you would treat themes of sexual assault against women.       

5.  The Movie Hermione (i.e. the flawless superhuman) 

Who she is: 

Okay, in and of herself, Movie Hermione is amazing:  she’s beautiful, intelligent, and heroic, as well as possibly the most useful character of the franchise.  She only bothers me in context of the fact that she takes away everything I loved most about Book Hermoine, and everything I loved about Book Ron, too.   


Book Hermione was beautiful, but not conventionally:  she had big, poofy curls, big teeth, and didn’t put a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance.  Movie Hermione looks effortlessly flawless, all the time.  Book Hermione was intelligent, but also loud, abrasive, and unintentionally annoying when talking about her interests (which meant a lot to me, because as a kid on the Asperger’s spectrum, I frequently was/am that way myself – it was nice to see a character struggling with the same traits).  She was also allowed to have flaws, such as struggling to keep up with academia, and being terrified of failure.  

Movie Hermione also took all of Ron’s redeeming qualities, and everything that made him compliment her as a couple:  his street smarts used to compliment her academic intelligence, for example, staying calm while she panicked in the Philosopher’s Stone when they were being overcome with vines.  He also stood up for her in the books against Snape, as opposed to the jerkish “he’s right, you know.”     

How to avoid her:

  • Allow your female characters to have flaws, as much so as any well-rounded male character.  Just be sure to counterbalance them with a suitable amount of redeeming qualities.  This will make your female character well-rounded, dynamic, and easy to get invested in.
  • There’s no reason for your female characters to always look perfect.  Sure, they can be stunningly gorgeous (particularly if their appearance is important to them), but it’s physical imperfections that make characters fun to imagine:  Harry’s scar and wild hair, for example.  Female characters are no different. 
  • If you’re writing a female character to have an eventual love interest, allow their personalities to compliment one another.  Allow the love interest to have qualities that the female character is lacking, so that they can compliment one another and have better chemistry. 
  • Basically, write your female characters as people. 

Check out my list of male characters to avoid here:

God willing, I will be publishing essays like this approximately every Friday, so be sure to follow my blog and stay tuned for future writing advice and observations!

Can’t Help Myself

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: henley porn, smutty smut

Word Count: 840

A/N: I just get so turned on by this that I couldn’t help myself. I had to write it. I don’t know if @thejabberwock reads fanfiction, but I know you have an affinity for these shirts too. I had to do it.

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School Dances - Richie Tozier

Originally posted by agent-69

word count: 4311
warnings: swearing
a/n: yes i know it’s mileven but they’re my babies and it was a good gif so politely fuck off.  also i’m sorry this is a lame title,  and it’s been so long since i’ve posted

[ love is arguing, but not attacking ]

You had your feet up on the couch, using your legs as a makeshift table as you sketched away in your notebook.  Everyone was at Bill’s for a sleepover, and you and him were currently sketching while the others were playing Atari.  You were never one much for video games.

“What do you think?” You asked quietly, leaning over to show Bill your pencil sketch of the quarry you’d all been to countless times.  Bill smiled and nodded.

“I-I like it” He told you, and you went back to your sketching again.


“You should draw me sometime sweetheart” You jumped slightly as you spun around, eyes narrowing at the boy leaning over the back of the couch.

“Damnit Richie you almost made me mess it up!” You scolded, but he just grinned before hopping onto the rug between Eddie and Ben.  You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

Yeah, you and Richie were friends.  You were both in the Loser’s Club, and always shared good times and awesome adventures.  Not including the whole Pennywise fiasco last summer.  It was just that he was such a trashmouth, and you were so introverted, that the connection was hard.  So most of the both of your time spent together was either arguing, or really great and fun.

It was 90% arguing.

“y/n? Earth to y/n” You blinked to see Eddie was snapping his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry what’d you say?” You asked again.

“I asked if you were going to homecoming” He repeated, eyes flicking to the screen momentarily to see Bev’s character dominating over Richie’s.  Richie yelling and whining about how he ‘was the professional here’.

“Thanks Ed but you’re just a friend… I’d rather be asked by someone interested-”

“Oh no no no no no no I didn’t mean it like that y/n I wasn’t asking you ou-”

“You’re asking y/n out?” Richie abandoned his game to glare over at Eddie, but you missed it after being too focused by her drawing.

“Fuck no!” Eddie screeched, now gaining your attention again.  Eddie went on this rant about your friendship and all that, but you just sat there quietly.

Were you really that unideal of a homecoming date? Maybe you didn’t have the body of a senior, maybe you weren’t perfect, but you thought you’d at least suffice.

“I’m gonna get a drink” You muttered, tossing your sketchbook carelessly to the side of the couch.  You stood up without another word, walking to the kitchen and blinking hard so you wouldn’t cry.

“Fuck Tozier” Eddie grumbled.  “You made your girl sad”

“She’s not my girl” Richie replied in a quieter tone, paranoid you could still hear him from the kitchen.

“Ri-Richie you should t-talk to her” Bill said, but Richie shook his head, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“I can’t” He said, feeling as pathetic as he sounded.  Bev rolled her eyes, standing up and going after you.

“You’re a pussy” She called back to him before consoling you quietly in the kitchen.

It was late,even for you, and you had quite the night owl tendencies.  But you didn’t care, preferring to lean over the kitchen counter with your second cup of cocoa as you worked on a sketch.  A different one from before, this one you’ve been adding to for months, and still, it just doesn’t seem perfect.  You didn’t like to share them until they were perfect.

You groaned softly, rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands.  Your eyes briefly flicking to the little candle you had on the counter, wondering briefly if you should just scrap the whole page.  Then shook your head, not liking the destructive thought.

“y/n?” Your head snapped up, hands propping you at your chin.  “What’re you doing up it’s like… two in the morning” Richie spoke, voice tired and a mumble.

“Was I loud?” You whispered, and he shook his head, messy hair flopping in front of his face.  You watched him pull his glasses from where they were folded to slide into the neck of his shirt, fitting them onto his face and pushing them up his nose.  You found yourself smiling at this, even though it was a simple action.

“No I just… couldn’t sleep” He said lamely with a shrug.  He wandered over to where you stood, peeking down at your notebook.  You pulled it towards you anxiously, flipping the pages so he couldn’t see what you’d been working on.

“Me too” You finally responded, drawing his attention away from the book.  But it didn’t work.

“What’re you drawing?” He asked, and you felt the nervous butterflies fluttering relentlessly in your chest..  Your fingers curled tighter around the pages.  “What? Scared I’m not gonna like my sexy portrait?” He smirked at his own comment and your eyes narrowed.

“Why would I want to show you anyways, you’re just gonna make fun of it” You said, holding it against your chest.  Richie’s smirk pulled into a frown instantly.

“I won’t” He said quickly.

“I don’t believe you” You mumbled back.  His frown deepened.  You set your book back down on the counter, keeping it closed as you reached to drink from your mug.

“y/n… come on… what do you think I’m gonna do?” He tried to keep his voice quiet, soft.

“I dunno…” You murmured out again.  “Make fun of it?”

“I promise I won’t” He responded fast, truly trying to persuade you to show him.  You bit down on your lip, glancing anxiously around before picking up the book again, sliding it over to him.  Richie grinned, his cheek a pink hue illuminated in the candle light.

You wanted to draw that.

He opened up the cover carefully, seeing your name and information printed neatly on the inside cover of it.  He turned the page, and you awaited his reaction to your first sketch.  It was simple, just a night sky.  You remembered how you spent forever shading in the different patches of the sky, and perfecting each point of the little stars you added.  Richie almost reached out to brush his fingers over the perfected crescent moon you’d drawn, but pulled away at the last moment, not wanted to ruin your masterpiece.

“It’s not… it isn’t perfect it was when I was first starting to draw-”

“It’s beautiful” He cut you off.  “And this was when you were an amateur?” Your teeth sunk into your lip again.  “y/n you’re so fucking talented!” He smiled up at you before flipping the page, seeing an arrangement of flower sketches all over it.

“That was uh.. That was practice for something else” You said, fingers wringing together.  Bill was the only one you shared your work with, the both of you critiquing and admiring each other’s pieces.  But this was… this was different.

“They’re nice” He commented quietly, then moved on to another page.  This one was the one he’d briefly saw earlier, of the quarry and it’s sparkling waters, the morning sun giving it this effect.  He smiled, being reminded of countless memories spent there with the Losers.  Another page turn, and this time he paused.

His eyes scanned over your most secreted drawing, the one that’s seemed to take you an eternity, every detail needing to be at absolute perfection.  A slow grinned tugged his lips open, a pearly white smile being flashed your way before back to the notebook.

Inside was a sketch of the whole gang, arms linked over everyone’s shoulder.  Mike, then Stan, Ben, then Eddie, then Richie, Bill, Beverly, and you.  There wasn’t any scenery yet, so far just the basics of each person.  Facial features, clothing, hair.  Richie looked at his own character, his grin in the sketch lopsided, glasses crooked and eyes large.  His hair was even messier than usual and his tee shirt read Loser.  All the shirts had the same logo on it.

“y/n this is so…” He breathed out heavily, for once, not having anything to say.  “It’s fucking amazing, it’s perfect” You blushed deeply and darted your eyes away from his.

“I was going to give it to Bill for Christmas… I mean it’ll probably take me that long anyways and I thought after… last summer it’d be kinda… you know?” You trailed off, not wanting to say the words.  Richie nodded, glancing once more at the page before closing the book.

“I’m really glad you showed me” He said, and you only nodded your head in response, taking the last drink of your cocoa and setting the mug in the sink.

“I should go back to bed” You said, taking the notebook in your arms once more.  Richie opened his mouth, maybe to protest and ask you to stay, or to say he wasn’t tired yet, he wasn’t even sure.  So he sighed inwardly and gave up on finding the right words.

“Yeah, it’s late” He said, and you both trudged on your tiptoes back to the living room where the arrangement of sleeping bags were strewn all over the place.  You looked back at him as you sat down in yours, holding onto your pillow as he settled in again for the night.

“Goodnight” You whispered, and he looked over at you as he took off his glasses and folded them up.

“Night y/n” He replied, and you smiled gently before laying down and getting comfortable.  Richie smiled to himself as well while he laid down and went to sleep.

The next day at school you were all groggy from staying up so late, especially you and Richie.  Which the others commented about numerous times.  But you brushed it off and ignored their ongoings as you put in your locker combination.

“I’m too tired for this” You hummed to Richie, who nodded, eyes shut as his side leaned against the locker next to you.  Only hearing pieces of Eddie yelling at Beverly for her smoking habits.  Not that she cared, but it was funny to get him riled up.

“Oh look! It’s my favorite girl!” Suddenly your locker was slammed shut, and you jumped to see Henry Bowers had wedged himself between your now closed locker and yourself.  You backed up immediately, finding his aroma to be absolutely ghastly.

“Take a shower fuck-bag” Richie groaned

“Fuck off loser, I’m only here for y/n” Henry stroked an oddly gentle hand down your cheek, and you winced with disgust.  “How are ya y/n? I missed school yesterday… did you miss me?” You gagged aloud.

“No Henry, I didn’t miss you” You uttered, yanking your face away from his hand.  “Don’t touch me” You added, hiking the strap of your backpack higher on your shoulder.  Henry smirked, an eyebrow arching tauntingly.

“Come on sweetheart, don’t be that way” He leaned forward to meet your eye level.  “I know all I gotta do is ask you to lift your skirt a little, isn’t that right boys?” Your face fell at the horrible and untrue accusation.  “But that’s alright, it’s nice when they’re easy” His hand was back on you again, toying with the collar of your shirt and trailing over your throat.

“Hey!” Henry was shoved away, toppling to the ground.  “She said not to touch her you fucking pervert!” Your eyes widened at Richie, and your fear only increased as Henry stood up, grabbing the boy by his shoulders and pinning him to the row of lockers.

“You better fucking watch it four eyes!” Henry yelled in his face.  “I’ll fucking gut you-!”

“Mr Bowers?” Richie fell to the floor as Henry dropped him as soon as the scolding voice of a teacher rang in the air, silencing the hall.  “You wouldn’t want a call home would you?”

Henry took off, leaving the Losers alone in the hallway.  Whoever the teacher was, simply turned and walked away as well, not saying another word.

“y/n are you-”

“What the fuck?” You cut off Ben’s almost question as you whipped around to look at RIchie.  “What was that!?” Richie, confused by your sudden burst of anger stood up and scrunched up his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry?” He said sarcastically.  “That asshole had his hands all over you, the disgusting mullet wearing-”

“Well I didn’t need your saving” You said, adjusting your bag, your face fallen as you turned to head away.

“y/n-!” He called but you didn’t even so much as glance over your shoulder.  Just kept on going.  His lips fell to a frown as he looked at his friends, who all seemed confused.

Except Bev, who frowned herself as she shook her head.

“”What’s going on what happened? She.. she’s actually mad at me?”

“No Rich, she’s just embarrassed” The girl said, but his expression didn’t change.

“But she… but I’m…” he sighed, defeated.  His shoulders slumped as he began to walk away as well, wanting to follow after you, but instead heading to class.

He hadn’t meant to hurt you, or offend you.  He was only trying to keep you safe.

Three days passed and you’d done everything you could to avoid Richie, even though you still saw him everywhere.  Walking past your classes, which you were sure was on purpose, in the lunchroom, in your gym class, and you swore that every time you turned your head, he was darting away somewhere.

“n/n? You gonna show me your dresses or not?” Beverly asked you.  You blinked, looking up from where you were sat on the floor against your bed.

“Bev I don’t really wanna go to the dance… do I have to?”

“Of course! Come on it’ll be fun” She said, already opening up your closet to look through your things.

“But… Richie’s gonna be there” You said weakly.  Beverly just laughed, and pulled a dress from your closet.

“This one” She said, and laid a dress off the side of the mattress.  You looked at it for a moment, not remembering having worn it except for your aunt’s wedding.  That seemed so long ago.

Ever since the events last summer, a time before that just seemed like another era altogether.

“Beverly just… no thanks” You mumbled, looking back at her.  She only crossed her arms.

“Come on.  It’s in one hour y/n” She pleaded softly.  “You and I will hang out, and if you want….” She sighed deeply.  “I’ll even make Richie to swear to stay away from you”Your eyes widened a little bit, but she still noticed.  “Even though I don’t even understand why you two are so… I don’t even have the word for it.  Being stupid?”

“I’m ashamed Bev, someone else had to come and save me.  Again.  I’m so sick and-and tired of needing to be rescued!” Your friend frowned.

“Sweetheart, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s what good friends do, we help each other out.  And quite frankly, Richie was right.  Henry was being a creep, even more than usual.  Of course he was in a jealous and protective rage”

“Jealous?” You repeated in a whisper.

“Well duh, the boy digs you” Beverley brushed it off like it was obvious.  “He was just trying to keep you safe is all.  He wasn’t trying to make you feel like a damsel in distress”

You chewed on your lip, now staring at the dress she’d picked out for you as your thoughts ran wild with this new information.

“Fine” You huffed out after a long period of silence, standing up and snatching the outfit aggressively.

Richie did what he usually did at school events.  Or most events for that matter.  He found a seat, and began counting down the minutes until he could go home.

Did he want to be at the school dance? Not really.  Had his friends pretty much persuaded him to come anyways? Yep.  But there he was, sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair at a black and white (and pink? What was this fucking valentine’s day?) themed school dance.  His friends all gathered on the gym floor and dancing obnoxiously to some song he hadn’t heard of before.  All the while he just sat and watched.

All Richie could think about was how maybe if he hadn’t been a dumbass, he’d at least be sitting here with your company.  Knowing that you weren’t one much for getting up and dancing in front of your peers.  His night could’ve been filled with fun conversation and the stupid game of pointing out the best and worst outfits of the night.  But he hadn’t even seen you arrive.

And he was pretty sure that you wouldn’t be.

He’d watched the clock till it was ten minutes into the dance. The boredom was weighing down heavier and heavier and soon he was slumped over his seat, his elbow propping his chin up and his glasses sliding down every now and then from slouching.  Eleven minutes.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourt-

Richie nearly jumped out of his seat when the gym doors swung open, this time not revealing one of the chaperones coming in, but you and Beverly.

And wow, you looked perfect.  And Richie thought you looked like an angel on a normal day.  But this was… this was a fucking occasion he should’ve planned for.

She walked in looking nervous, like she felt out of place.  And to him, she was, she blew away any of the other girl’s who even tried tonight.  Her hair was in curls, some of it pinned back behind her head.  Her dress was a pale pink color that fell to her ankles, sleeves that came almost all the way down her arms, and something in him wanted to touch it to see if it felt as soft as it looked.

Richie blinked, eyes growing even wider behind the thick frames.  He wasn’t even sure if she was real.  He watched as Bev pushed on your arm gently, then nodded towards him.  He almost didn’t redirect his gaze before you’d looked to where she pointed.  Luckily, you hadn’t caught him openly staring.

“Damn it” You whispered, hoping to have gone the night without an interaction.  But it was already too late for that.  “Bev let’s go-”

“No way! You promised me you’d at least try” She reminded, and you winced, glancing back over to Richie secretly.

He was staring straight at you, and was completely obvious about it.  He must not have been able to tell that you were looking out of the corner of your eye.  Because he was still staring at you.

Well, you were staring at him too but that was different.  You couldn’t help it.

“He looks beautiful” Was the first thing you said, and Beverly made a weird sound as she turned to see where your eyeline had fallen.  Her brows rose when her sights landed on Richie Tozier.  Moping like a four year old but staring at you like an old lover.

“Beautiful?” She questioned, her surprised face scrunching up with confusion.  You nodded, turning back to face her, a gentle smile on your lips.  He was in a suit, sort of.  It was a dark grey, but the collared shirt underneath it was white, and his tie was black.

You were pretty sure he’d worn it to Georgie’s funeral, minus the tie.

“Yeah” You answered Beverly, who was now grinning ear to ear whilst you blushed at the sight of Richie all dressed up.  “Nice, he looks nice” You stammered out, and Beverly rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“He does.  You should go tell him”

“I don’t think he’d like to speak to me” You whispered, scared he’d hear, even from thirty feet away.  Your fingers began to twirl and intertwine with themselves out of nervousness.

He still hadn’t looked away.

“I beg to differ” Your friend told you.  But before you could ask her why, Bill and Eddie had walked up to the both of you.

“Hey what the hell’s up with mopey McMoperson over there?” Eddie asked, nodding off towards the glasses wearing boy who was now looking fascinated by the floor.  Bev glared at the short boy, a sigh falling from her lips.

“Could we be anymore discreet?” She muttered sarcastically.

“What? I was just wondering if he’s still all hung up over y/n”

Bill smacked his hand against his forehead, and Bev glanced over at you.  Your face had fallen, lips parted, eyes saddened and staring down at your hands, still locked together in a knot.

“n/n I didn’t mean it like tha-”

“I’m just gonna go sit and drink some punch” You cut off Eddie’s apology with a small mumble, and headed off towards the beverage table.  You swiftly poured a plastic cup of punch then made your way to the empty seats along the side of the gym.  Opposite of where Richie had sat himself.

You passed the time watching the girls twirl around in their pretty dresses and fancy hairdos.  Some wearing makeup you were sure they stole from their mothers vanities.  You picked out the dress you liked best, something blue and frilly.  Pretty, but not over the top like some of the others.  After all, it was just a school dance.

“Why aren’t you dancing out there with them?” You looked up to see Richie standing in front of you.  Your mouth opened, but you were in such a shock that no words came out.

“I-I… I don’t know” You said pathetically, mentally slapping yourself for saying something so lame.

“Well do you want to dance with me?” Again, your brows rose as you were thrown for another loop.  What!?  “I know I’m not ideal” Richie continued.  “But pretty girls shouldn’t sit through an entire dance and watch everyone else” A small smile pulled on your lips at the compliment, and you nodded your head slowly, and he reached his hand out to you.  You took it, ducking your head down so that your blush wouldn’t be seen.

“Thanks” Was all you managed to say.  Your eyes still glued to the gym floors, not realizing he was staring directly at you, with a soft intensity.

“I’ve missed you” He blurted, without thinking, as he always did.  But this was different.  You looked up at him, eyes round as a doe’s, a look of pure innocence and curiosity held in them.  “I’ve missed you a lot” He continued.  “I’ve missed talking to you and messing with you and seeing you draw and even just seeing you in the hallway”

While what he was saying was true, he couldn’t stop speaking.  And he began to freak that this would lead him somewhere ugly, telling you all this.  But at the same time… he didn’t care.

“And after… after all that shit with Pennywise and you and I… we… we got closer and I really fucking loved that because let’s face it! You’re great!” Your lips felt sewn shut, though they had dropped open just slightly.  “ANd you get shit and I don’t… I don’t get it! You get shit from your parents because they think you aren’t good enough but y/n you’re fucking perfect and if you ever believe otherwise I’ll… well I’ll off myself! It’d be the end of the world!”

“Rich…” You said softly, hoping he’d quiet down seeing that other dancing students were now watching this scene unfold.

“No I-! I don’t care! Let them watch I don’t care!” He looked around at all the prying eyes, most of them shooting to look away before being caught.  “And y/n I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I did, and I swear I only did it because I… well I wanted to protect you” He sighed, defeated, and finally quieting down a little bit.  “And I know you don’t need my protection… hell you barely even need me but dammit I need you

Your eyes widened impossibly further, surprised by this confession.  You sniffled, your hands around his neck tightening a little, pulling yourselves closer together.

“Look I… I’ve never done this before, I’ve never even felt this way before but you… you just make it seem natural.  Like I’ve been doing this for ages” Your eyes, wet with tears, crinkled up as a smile tugged your lips upwards.

“Richie you-” Your quiet voice was cut off again.

“y/n I think I’m in love with you” He said, head ducking down so it was ensured only your ears would hear it.  Your noses nearly touched, your head tilted back to properly meet his eyes.  You sniffled again, quickly rubbing your fist under your eyes to stop the tears from falling before holding onto him again.

“Richie” You said, voice weak with a wet laughter.  Cheeks rosy pink with a bashful blush.  “You’re the sweetest trashmouth I know” You whispered.  He smiled lopsidedly, one of his hands on your waist raising to tuck a loose strand of  hair out of your eyes and behind your ear.

“And you are a beautiful stubborn angel” He replied.  You blinked, licking over your lips and biting your cheek to keep from smiling too much.  WIth that, he leaned into you, you barely standing onto the tips of your toes to meet his lips in a soft kiss.

You’d been kissed before, by your parents, a fleeting boyfriend once a long time ago, but this felt so, so different.

Perfect, right.

And when you parted, eyes wide for a moment out of the shock it left you in, Richie smiled at you, leaning his forehead down against yours.

“I think I’m falling in love with you too, Richie Tozier” You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut as you swayed softly to the music with him.

He just smiled with delight, staying silent.

It was comfortable to be silent with you there.

k but in real life he’d be runnin’ his mouth about how hot you are and how much he wants to shove his tongue down your throat, but let’s be real, he’d still be a sweetie

xoxo ~ jordie

Spring Cleaning

A/N: first of all can we talk about how beautiful this gif is, wow. A man. I want to cry. Also, I’ve been gone a fat ass minute so I hope this piece of writing is okay and isn’t wack!!

Request: Can you write something where Harry cant get enough of your kisses and you’re trying to do stuff around the house but he won’t stop and he says something like “please, do it later. I just… cm’ere love and let me love on you.”

Spring cleaning was tedious but you knew it was something you had to do. It was time to dust, wipe and replenish your home to its original state.

It was a time of refreshment is what you liked to tell yourself but you really just like blasting your music for hours as you danced around the house while cleaning.

Throughout the years of living with your boyfriend Harry, you knew the last thing he wanted to do was clean so usually when this time came around, he was either busy with work or he would help clean up a bit before he gives up and locks himself in the bedroom where he would do whatever Harry does. That was the norm with you guys, however, today was different.

Harry was desperate for your attention today of all days. The day when you needed the most space to finish what needed to be done is the day he chooses to be irresistibly clingy. Any other time, you would love this but not today.

You were dusting off the wooden shelves in the living room with a soft song playing in the background when you felt a strong pair of arms from behind snake around your waist. His large hands spin you around to face him and your heart flutters at how close his face is to yours.

“Just one kiss,” he whispers huskily, his lips quickly close the space between the two of you as quick as the words leave his mouth.

His velvety lips melt into yours and it takes everything in you not to collapse right then and there in his arms and let him kiss you for the rest of the day. As much as you wanted that, you also wanted to finish cleaning as quickly as possible so you could get back to Harry without worrying about your unfinished chores.

“Not now, Harry,” you sigh defeatedly when you pull away from him.

“Why not?” He questions, his words muffled as he buries his face in he crevice of your neck.

You have to stop yourself from giving in immediately at the sound of his voice and the way his fingertips were grazing the exposed skin of your stomach.

“I’m busy!” You retaliate for the tenth time that day. You slip out of his hold and hurry over to another part of the house to distance yourself from him until you were done with all your chores.

The bathroom is where you ended up with your Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge roughly scrubbing at the floor of your oversized bathtub. You were left with your thoughts and you secretly wished Harry was in here bothering you again.

It was understandable that Harry wanted your attention so badly, but at the same time, it wasn’t. He got home from the filming of his movie a few weeks ago and of course, he attacked you with all the love in the world but you sort of expected it to die down by now. He’s seen you every day for the past three weeks and now that he was acting the same way as he does the first day he comes back from a long trip made you sort of suspicious.

Harry gave you love and affection all the time, but not this strongly on days where he’s already been with you for a while.

“Found you,” Harry says from the doorway as if you summoned him. “Love, enough’ cleanin’.”

“No, I’m gonna finish my spring cleaning,” you stand up from your spot on the floor and begin walking towards the door to leave the bathroom but Harry stops you with a gentle grip on your arm. He gives you sideways smirk before pressing his lips onto yours.

You couldn’t get enough of this man. Your hands ended up in the tangle of his unruly curls and he backed you into one of the marble top counters in the bathroom, his hands on either side of your face and without breaking the kiss. It was ridiculous how much of an effect he had on you with anything he did.

He somehow ended up lifting you onto the counter and stepping in between your legs, his lips still expertly moving with yours.

“No!” You exclaim, ripping your lips away from his and jumping off the counter. “I’m cleaning!”

Harry watched you disappear out into the hallway, a goofy smile on his lips at how determined you were with your task and because he knew you wouldn’t be able to fight him for too long.

The empty bags and boxes of snacks from your kitchen were thrown into garbage bags as you furiously cleaned out the cupboards. Harry had gotten you all worked up and you knew it wouldn’t be long until you give into him because the way he was kissing you and pleading you made you want to stop doing whatever you were doing even before he did either of those things.

And there he was, reclining on the fridge with his stupid dimpled smile on his face.

“Ugh! I can’t escape you,” you groan, throwing your head back in frustration. “Harry, I told you I’m almost done. Go read a book or watch TV or something.”

“You sound like a mum,” Harry chuckles. “I mean I can make you one tonight if yeh’d let me.”

The empty cereal box in your hand was flung at Harry’s head and it hit him with a loud ‘thump’.

“Ow,” he laughs, rubbing the spot on his head where the cardboard hit him.

“You’re seriously making my cleaning harder than it has to be,” you frown. Harry walks over to you and envelopes you in his arms once again and this time you don’t protest. He begins to pepper kisses along the top of your head to your forehead and cheeks before stopping at your lips. Instead of one long passionate kiss, he repeatedly kissed you in short pecks.

“I have to mop the floors, Harry,” you interrupt reluctantly. “We can finish this later.”

You stepped away from him and instead of letting you walk away, Harry held onto your hand tightly so you wouldn’t.

“Please, do it later. I jus’…” Harry trails off quietly, “cm'ere love, let me love on you.”

“Harry..” You sighed, reaching up to smooth back a curl that had fallen onto his forehead. “What’s gotten into you? I know something is up, I know you better than you think.”

Harry’s eyes are focused on your intertwined hands. He stays silent as he runs his thumb over your knuckles in a soothing pattern and you could tell that he was deep in thought. You lift your other hand and place it on his warm cheek which causes him to close his eyes in content at your tender touch.

“I have to leave tomorrow for interviews, y'know for the film,” Harry admits sadly, his free hand coming up to rest on top of yours on his cheek.

“How long?” You ask, your heart breaking just a bit at Harry’s sudden new trip.

“Two weeks.”

“We’ve been through worse,” you say, trying to make light of the situation. “Two weeks is a walk in the park.”

“Hmph, I suppose,” Harry chuckles halfheartedly. “But I’ll still miss you.”

“And I’ll still miss you,” you respond. “I think my spring cleaning can wait one day.”

“It can but I can’t,” he whispers as he pulls you into a bone-crushing hug. “Are you gonna give me some love then? I swear I can’t get enough of your kisses.”

“It’s like you read my mind,” you smile, leaning into Harry’s welcoming pink lips ready to be met with yours.

BTS Reaction to You Being Depressed & Self Harming

Request: I don’t know if you’re still taking requests or not but if you are could you do the thing where BTS reacts to them finding out about your cutting and depression? I’m sorry if this is to much of a sensitive question to do… It’s totally fine! (:

Note: I was hesitant in doing this reaction but just decided to do it. Just a lil note here to anyone suffering from depression and harming themselves; trust me, I know how it feels - but please, do not harm yourself in anyway. Pain is not the answer, and neither is drugs lol. I know everyone just wants to forget but’s life. Just know that you are not alone, if you ever need anyone don’t be afraid to hit me up with a message! Life is hectic for me but I will try to get back as fast as I can! ((: *credit to gif owners* | REVAMPED

Jin ➳ One day when you two were watching a movie, laying in bed together your long sleeve fell down, revealing the scars littering your arm. You flushed in embarrassment, trying to hide them but before you could; Jin grabbed your wrist. His eyebrows were furrowed and he stared at you questioningly but before he could open his mouth, he saw your eyes brimming with tears. “Ah, no don’t cry..” he said, rubbing your back. He then tried his hardest to make you smile and laugh, but deep down—he was worried. He wouldn’t dig it out of you now, but hopefully when you feel comfortable enough to tell him, he’ll be able to guide you through it.

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Suga ➳ You two were playing basketball together when Yoongi accidentally passed the ball to you way too fast, making you block the ball with your arm. You yelped in pain and he ran to you, hugging you and apologizing to you over and over again. It was then when he tried to pull your sleeve up and you immediately tried to snatch your hand away from his grasp; but he held on tightly while lifting your sleeve. He saw the irritated skin from the impact, but he knew for a fact that those scars lining down your arm was not from the ball. “Y-Yoongi..” You stuttered, embarrassed as he rubbed his thumb on the fresh scars.

“You don’t have to tell me now,” he started, his head slowly turning up to face you, “but please, tell me whenever you’re depressed. I need to know.”

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J-Hope ➳ “What is this?” He asked curiously, bringing the tiny blade up to your vision. Your eyes widened, and you tried to take it away from his grasp but he held it up in the air and away from you.

“Hoseok, it’s nothing. Give it back!” You pleaded. He thought nothing of it until you started to act possessive and when he glanced at your belly, finding the way your shirt lifted and revealed skin from how high you were trying to reach for the thing; his heart felt like it shattered from the realization.

“Why don’t you talk to me?” He whispered. You stopped, your face slowly filling with pain as you saw the usual brightness Hoseok had fade away. “Do you know how much it hurts to see the one I try to make happy do such things?”

Originally posted by ho-seok

RapMonster“Fuck!” You yelled when the glass fell from the top cupboard and shattered onto your arm. Namjoon came in running, finding the blood dripping down your arm while you tried to pick up the glass.

“Babe, don’t touch that!” He yelled, grabbing a towel before running to you and gripping onto your wrist. You tried to tell him you were fine but as he cleaned up your wound and found other fading marks on your skin that he definitely knew the glass didn’t make, he fell silent. You were mortified, and as you tried to speak to him he ignored you; fighting the thoughts that clouded his mind.

“I’m okay, really.” You assured him, laughing softly. You were frightened by how quiet he was being, and you could tell he was deeply hurt. You knew you had some explaining to do later on.

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Jimin ➳ You two were at the amusement park, having a good time and you totally forgot about every bad thing that had made you feel depressed. You were pretending to walk away from him when he started roasting you and when he grabbed the end of your shirt, trying to pull you back to him; he froze when he saw deep lines glittering your torso. “You..” You looked up to him curiously and wondered what he was staring so intently at, so when your eyes trailed down to your scars your heart stopped. You sniffled, getting ready to make a run for it until he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his chest. His arm wrapped around your waist and the other around your neck, to cover your face from others. “I love you so so much, you know that right?” He whispered, holding you tighter. “I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.”

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V ➳ “What’s wrong?” He caught you off guard, and you looked up to him in shock. What was wrong?

“Nothing, why?” You asked. You knew you were lying through your teeth but you didn’t want to burden Taehyung with such things.

He looked down while smiling sadly. “I can read you like a book, (Y/N), I love you enough to know something is wrong.” Your eyes widened before they turned glossy, and you wiped your forming tears away quickly with your sleeve. He began to scoot closer to you on the bed, and you wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. “Talk to me, please, that’s what relationships are for; to carry the weight together.”

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Jungkook ➳ “Why do you keep pushing me away?” Your eyebrows furrowed as you stared at Jungkook curiously, wondering what he could be implying. He instantly pulled you towards him, grabbing your wrist and exposing the marks you tried so hard to hide. You bit your lip, trying to hold in your choked sobs but when you heard Jungkook sniffle, that’s when your walls crumbled down into dust. “Do you know how it feels knowing you can do something to help the person you love,” he started while intertwining his fingers with yours cupping your cheek with his free hand, “but they won’t let you?”

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Distance Pt. 1 (Richie Tozier/Reader)

Originally posted by richiertozier

Part 2

(A/N: This is literally too long and stupid and everyone please make more gifs of the losers club im all out and dying. Anyways I hope I didn’t shit all over ur good idea by writing garbage, anon)

Request: “Richie pushes Y/N away because his fear (that he didn’t share w/ the losers is losing her) and he thinks it’ll just be easier if she hates him. And then @ the resolve, there’s a line from her that’s like “I hate it when you’re not around and that you didn’t call. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close. Not even a little. Not even at all” (from the movie 10 things I hate about you) AND THEN SOME DRAMATIC KISS OR SOMETHING. please and thank you ilysm”

Warnings: Gore. I don’t think I’m descriptive enough for it to be too brutal but everyone’s got their own tolerances.

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3x01: Informal thoughts and screechings

Originally posted by sam-heughan-daily

Here are some thoughts, great moments, snippets of dialogue that struck me, etc, with links to some of my other reactions 


  • Hearkening back to Dougal kiling the wounded after Prestonpans. It feels heinous then; it feels heinous now 
  • ((lovely contrast later of Hal being shocked and offended by the thought of executing a man who was lying down. You’re a good bean, Hal.) 
  • THERE”s that rando redheaded kid from all the BTS shots. We hardly kent ye, little ginge
  • Every single little moan or grunt from Jamie hurts me in such a good way 
  • Charles and his birthday cup. I. CANNOT. 
  • It’s so evident in the filming how small the scottish forces are. So so futile 
  • Jamie literally kills a man with grass
  • Jamie and Murtagh’s battlefield moment. What a sweet, funny moment they shared in the thick of battle. There was no grave ‘I love yous’ (though I would have loved that too). They grinned and laughed. How wonderful is that? 
  • Jamie and BJR lying together through the night is so haunting. Every single position they’re in is just so….dare I say it? INTIMATE? Ugh, so perfectly done, the discomfort and terribleness of that dynamic, even in death. 
  • Ugh, same with that moment they both pass out and they basically fall to the ground cheek to cheek. 
  • BJR DID keep my JimJam warm through the night, though, and put lots of pressure on that leg wound. He gets one single point to Slytherin. 
  • Claire walking toward him on the battlefield but then it’s Rupert. What Jamie’s actually moaning is ‘harshing…my…buzz…..bro…..’
  • OH, but hearing their theme playing absolutely destroyed me 
  • Claire and Frank are every househunters couple. We’re a normal couple on a teacher’s salary. HERE IS THIS MASSIVE PALACE THAT IS SOMEHOW WITHIN OUR BUDGET. 
  • “I mean to rustle me up some vittles”– I mean, Frankie boy, you evoke cowboy culture, and you’re gonna get it. Dinner’s on the fire from now on. You brought this upon yourself
  • “I’ll be happy with whatever you make.” 
  • “Your husband must like it, that’s all that matters, I suppose”. Claire’s face. 
  • Claire trying to believe that Frank’s “Very progressive…very….open-minded”. Oh darling. You’re trying really hard and bless you for it. 
  • MY. GIRL. CLAIRE. READS. THE PAPERS. stay woke, girl, don’t let the misogynistic fuckers get you down. 
  • Honestly they’re laying the misgynistic fuckery on VERY thick but I love it. Ready for Revenge of Claire
  • Claire: “Oh yes…” *teeth gritted* “ I’m VERY happy”. SHIIIIIIIIIT
  • I freaking love how Claire flinches when Frank touches her. Hearkens back to the wedding 
  • “Why change something that works perfectly well?” like…husbands, Frank? Just a guess? 
  • “That’s one the reasons I like this country. It’s young….eager….it’s constantly looking toward the future.” IS CLAIREBEAR IN THE HAM FAM???
  • I’m thinking Claire wanted citizenship as a backup plan, if she ever chose to leave him… and Frank knows it. (I’ll have to think on that some more)
  • I SO love that Frank emphasizes that she CAN leave. I’m still of the opinion that had the fog of depression and grief lifted sooner, she would have. Once the baby was born though, there was enough hope to make her want to try, and then things just get more complicated by Frank and Bree’s genuine affection for one another, closing the window of opportunity for Claire faster and faster 
  • Curious if this Killick guy will take the place of Ewan Cameron in the book (the kiss on the hand is making me curious). (but also nervous because I could REALLY do without that whole reverend/madwoman/strangler storyline)
  • Jamie’s weak “HAH”. I need this gif for laughing while dying scenarios. 
  • Jamie crying for Rupert… oh it hurts. 
  • I need the Gaelic translation STAT. I suspect it’s a prayer? 
  • Frank writing to the reverend–really curious to see how they handle this thread. If he knows so early in the 20 years, it feels even more of a nasty think to do on Frank’s part (to keep it from Claire). But I’m optimistic! wait-and-see. 
  • Hal and Jamie’s and Wallace’s dialogue is like… CRAZILY VERBATIM FROM THE BOOK. WHAT A NICE TOUCH!!!! 
  • “Look….either shoot me….or go away….” (i need this gif too) 
  • “A boy of about sixteen.” Jamie grins “Oh aye….My wife and I had this great roleplay for his benefit…..I actually did most of the benefitting….LORD it was so damn hot that night after we got some alone-time. like HOLY GODSssssssssclaireimiss you so much…..Sorry, what was the question?” 
  • “I willna tell if you don’t” – Jamie you smartass love of mine. 
  • HAL “baby blues” GREY. 
  • Their little moments about the ashtray and not braining the doctor are honestly so sweet and hesitantly hopeful
  • Claire, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for keeping those contraction groans mild and ignorable. This televised pregnancy/labor -phobic viewer thanks you greatly 
  • Where’d she get the red hair?”  SUCH a perfect way to end the ep. All that fragile rapprochement and hope, and a MASSIVE crack re-forms. Sets the tone for their marriage so perfectly. 
kara sevda (3) ↠ stilinski

author ; fessa

rating ; 18+ nsfw

pairing ; fuckboy!stiles X oc!reader

word count ; 3003

warnings ; angst

a/n ; u guys r making me cry with all your support, thank u for all the feedback, i really appreciate it and i love u guys :,) p.s. playlist coming soon

i. ii. - iv.

*not my gif*

kara sevda


1. blinding love;

literally translates as “black love”

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BTS reaction to their GF having anxiety / depression

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction to their gf having anxiety/depression?

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting !’s you’re requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

trigger warning : suicide .

Jin :

You sat on the floor playing with your phone, a message from your mom took you by surprise, it said that she was not doing well. Your heart swelled and you immediately begun to panic. Your chest tightened and tears filled your eyes, your breathing became ridged .

“Y/N, could you come help me for a moment” Jin called for you .

you were unable to answer, but felt like you couldn’t breathe. You held onto your chest and the only sound you made was a slight sob ,

  "Y/N" Jin walked over to you from the kitchen.

 As soon as he saw you he dropped to his knees to make sure you were alright , held you and asked multiple times if you were alright but not words could come out. You felt like you were going to pass out .

“Y/N you need to breathe. Look at me, breath baby” you stared at him, his eyes were filled with worry to the point where tears filled his eyes .

 "Please breathe" his voice cracked, you focused on his face trying to get oxygen into your lungs, and repeated his words over and over in your head. Little by little your breathing came back to normal, Jin never letting you go ,that moment you begun to cry as the thought of your mother filled your head, Jin crushed you in his arms.

 "Please don’t ever do that to me again, I don’t want to lose you" .

Suga :

You passed your hands through your hair for the millionth time, the stress from exams were getting to you. You knew you shouldn’t stress but you couldn’t help it. Only negativity was in your head, all you could think about was failing your exams. Soon you begun to tremble, sweat coated your forehead, your breathing sped up. Yoongi looked up from his laptop at the sound of your labored breathing, put his laptop onto the bed .

 "Y/N?“ He got up and walked over to you. 

The horrified look on your face made his stomach churn .He knelt down in front of you and placed his hands on your shoulders. 

 "What did I tell you about stressing yourself?” He moved his hands to cup your face.

 "Relax, take a deep breath" you nodded trying to calm down.

He stood up and pressed your face into his stomach, rubbed your back soothingly. Your breathing slowed and your mind cleared .This wasn’t the first time this happened but no matter how many times it happens, Yoongi could never get used to it.

 "Come to bed, no more studying tonight" he smiled and you followed .

Rap Monster :

You laid on the couch watching a movie while Namjoon was on the phone with Yoongi. You stared up at the ceiling, your mind wondering, and remembered that Namjoon was going on tour, this is the first time he’ll be going on tour since you’ve been together. You stared at him, could he meet someone better than you?, would he forget about you?, will he not have anymore time for you?. Your mind raced, questions came from all over and clouded your rational thought. The most prominent question in your head was would he find someone better?, he would be traveling all over, meeting many other girls so it didn’t seem impossible. Those thoughts broke your heart, tears streamed down your face. Your head ached, your body felt cold, a sense of loneliness washed over you. Fear consumed you whole. The room begun to spin, you curled into a ball as your thoughts terrorized you. Namjoon looked over to were you laid, he could see that you were shaking, so he ended the call with Yoongi and rushed over to you. You felt his hand caress your arm.

“Baby” his eyes met yours.

He was surprised to see you crying ,so he lifted you, taking your previous position and placed you in his lap. He held you close to his chest, and stayed silent until you calmed down, just being near him eased your mind. 

“I don’t want you to leave me” he furrowed his brow and placed a soft kiss on your lips .

“I promise you I’ll never leave”.

 J-hope :

You stared at yourself in the mirror, you’ve noticed that your clothes have been getting tighter. With a sigh you dropped yourself on the bed, and placed your head on your hands. You’ve never been comfortable with your weight and being teased for it didn’t make it any better.Also ,you haven’t never told Hoseok but you’ve been very depressed lately, ever since you two announced your relationship there’s been a lot of negative comments towards you, many of them point out your weight. It made you feel like the world was on your shoulders. You could never handle negativity well, everyone has their breaking point and you’ve reached yours. You couldn’t stop the tears that begun to flow. A hole burned itself into your soul, you were broken inside and out. Thoughts of suicide were constantly eminent in your head, it seemed like the easy way out but you could never go through with that. You slid onto the floor and hugged your legs, put your head on you knees. Your breathing hitched, you knew your anxiety was taking over ,so you sobbed quietly. How Hoseok could ever love you was a mystery to you .You felt someone sit next to you. You closed your eyes, ashamed of yourself. He slung his arm over you, he hated seeing you sad.

“Jagiya, please look at me” You turned your head hesitantly .

“Why don’t you talk to me?” You stayed silent, there was always that one voice in your head that kept you from saying anything.

 "Are you in pain?, jagiya please let me help you. I don’t like seeing you like this" Hoseok’s normal bright aura was gone .

“Why are you with me?” He cocked his head to the side before smiling .

“Because I love you, you’re perfect to me” You couldn’t help but smile .

You handed him your phone which was on the edge of the bed, and showed him all the distasteful messages some people sent to you. He placed down the phone and pulled you towards him, holding you closely. 

“Don’t you ever listen to them. I love your body no matter what you’ll always be beautiful to me. We can deal with this together” .

V :

You hated having to go to a party with Taehyung, you wanted to stay home but he insisted that you came along. You stood in the corner of the room, Taehyung was pulled away by Jimin a few minutes ago so you were all alone. Some people bumped into you, pushing you slightly. One more person bumped into you making you spill you drink on your dress, the person didn’t even bat an eye. Frustration took over. You made your way through the crowd, the space around you getting smaller and smaller, tried looking for any of the members but to no avail. You accidentally knocked into a man, he turned around and was evidently angry, from what you could understand he cussed you in Korean. You ran away to find an exit, felt like you were being suffocated. You wrapped your arms around yourself, trying to calm down but you felt like you were in a small box. A woman brushed passed you and that was the end for you. Your eyes ran around the room while you begun to freak out, your eyes caught sight of Namjoon but you couldn’t move. Arms wrapped around you which made you jump.

 "Jagiya?“ Taehyung looked at your face, he wiped the tears from your eyes before pulling you to go outside.

The cold air hut your skin, making you shiver. Tae put his jacket over you and engulfed you in a hug. 

"I’m sorry for leaving you” .

Jimin :

Papers were scattered around the room and books were thrown on the floor. You’ve been trying to perfect your project but nothing seemed to work out. You stood in the middle of the room, a paper crushed in your hand, your face flushed and your heart beat was erratic. Nothing you were doing was good enough, it had to be perfect but you just couldn’t do it. You let out a frustrated cry and dropped to your knee, threw the paper out of your hand. You were ready to rip your hair out of your head. Jimin put his hand under your chin and put your head up so your eyes could meet his own. He squatted down and kissed your forehead. The sweetest smile painted itself onto his face, your heart melted.

“Let’s take a break. I wanna take you out to eat”.

Jungkook :

Your mind was a wreck, you had do a public speaking event but the thought of everyone’s eyes on you made you nauseous. Everyone was counting on you to deliver, you couldn’t let them .You took a deep breath hoping everything would go good as you walked out on stage. You put your papers down on the podium, your eyes locked onto the audience, your heart dropped, everyone was looking at you. Your eyes roamed the room but Jungkook was no where to be seen .You could feel sweat run down your neck, you could hear your heart beat in your ears, no oxygen was entering your lungs, your mind was blank. White spots decorated your vision, tried to breathe but to no avail. In the corner of your eye you saw Jungkook, he was the last thing you saw before everything went black.  He arrived late because of practice, came into the auditorium to see you frozen on stage. He made his way over to the stage just before you collapsed. You opened your eyes, the smell of disinfectant hit you making your stomach turn. You felt a kiss on your hand, so you looked over to see Jungkook sitting next to the bed. He looked up at you, his eyes were red. 

“You scared me” You caressed his cheek .

“I’m sorry” He stood up and wrapped his arms around you .

“Don’t scare me again” he whispered into your ear .

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Grumpy Beginnings - Sirius Black x Reader

1. Can I request a young Sirius Black where you both hate each other but run into each other late at night when everyone else is in bed and u end up kissing or something and the next day try to ignore him but he confronts you??? Love your writing thank you
2. Can I request a Sirius black imagine where Sirius black and the reader hate each other because they can’t face the fact that they love each other secretly and too stubborn to face the truth? They continuously argue on silly things but they both get jealous when the other is getting close to someone else and argue on that too. One day James make Sirius realize that he’s in love with the reader and all the fluff! Please?
Warnings: Sarcasm, swearing, my English? 
Gif/Image are not mine/Credits to their original owners
Word Count~ 2.2k

You hated him. Simple as that. You hated him. You hated his personality, his cocky smirk, his attitude. You hated the fact that every girl seemed to be smitten with him, that he slept around that much. You hated his ‘bad boy’ act. You hated his pranks and you hated his guts. You loathed him. Him, his stupid tactics and his cheesy pickup lines. You despised that stupid grin of his when he had made a witty remark. You were repulsed by his gray eyes and his dark locks. You were revolted by his wide shoulders and his toned torso that he would show off whenever he got the chance. Luckily for you, he hated you too and never failed to list all the reasons.
You were currently in the middle of another fight. A stupid one.
“Just stop being an egotistical, narcissistic, self-centered prat for a second. Give me the damn muffin” you said for the fourth time rolling your eyes. He was driving you crazy.
“Get yours” he said with apathy. You felt the urge to bang his head against the table.
“That was mine! You stole it!” you answered exasperatedly.
“Get another, woman!” he whispered-yelled at you, infuriating you even worse.
“Tell me… Is being stupid a profession or are you just gifted?”, you couldn’t help it. If you had held that remark you would have exploded. He looked shocked and then he smirked. Merlin, you wanted to kill him.
“I am busy right now, can I ignore you some other time?” he fired back with a sweet sickening voice.
“Screw you, Black”.
“I intend to ”. You left the Great Hall and if looks could kill, he would have dropped dead.

How thick could he get? Flashing that charismatic smile of his wouldn’t get him out of trouble. He had ruined your date. He had manipulated everything in order to ruin your date. And he enjoyed it.
“What’s wrong with you?” you screamed at the top of your lungs.  How disturbed could he be? Why did he ruin the first date you had been on in ages? He looked so amused that for a moment you felt like strangling him.
“I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter” he retorted nonchalantly. You had used all your anger on the thoughts of what the hell was his problem, so, naturally, now all that you had left was disappointment and sadness. You took a deep breath, pierced his eyes with your glance and tried not to cry.
“What have I done to you to hate me that much?” you asked him softly. He was taken aback, his eyes widened and his face fell. He was about to say something when Marlene sat right next to him, glaring daggers at you.
“Are you surprised?” she spat at you. You saw the look on her eyes, fixed on him. You lightly shook your head, looking at him too.
“No, just disappointed” you admitted and sat down next to Remus. You were really great friends with him. He was always kind and sweet and so understanding. He smiled warmly at you while you rested your head on his shoulder, reading the book he was reading as well.  He had a thing for Muggle books and this was no exception. He also knew about your feelings, even when you didn’t. ‘Stop worrying about people that aren’t worried about you’ you kept repeating to yourself over and over again. Because the truth was… you didn’t hate him. Far from it, actually. You just hated the fact that he will never look at you the way you wanted him to. You were in love with him and his crazy ways, his reckless behavior and his depth. But of course, it was easier to make yourself believe that you hated him when you understood that he didn’t particularly like you. It hurt too much.
“Stop acting so coy. You’re in love with him, you always do those stupid things; You read over his shoulder, you hug each other like he had gone to war. Just tell him, already. He is smitten too” Sirius spat at you two after a while. You were shocked for a moment. When you dared to look at Remus, you two broke into identical grins, trying to contain your laughter.
“We are friends Padfoot. Friends” Remus told him while a strange thought crossed your mind. Why did he care? Was that… jealousy?
“You must be thrilled by Marl’s perfume. It’s not like you are attached to her hip. Oh, wait.” you fired back. However, when she tried to talk, you shush her, sending her a death glare. He was angry and you could tell. Everyone could tell.
“Why are you so annoying?” he rhetorically questioned. You stood up abruptly, standing across each other, anger bottling up inside of you.
“I hate you” you both screamed as you marched out of the Great Hall. Great.

You had missed dinner and now you were too hungry to care about being seen as you crept inside the kitchens. Remus had shown you how to tickle the pear and find the knob. The kitchens were silent. Only two house elves were there, making sure that breakfast would be excellent as every day. You greeted them kindly and after a moment or two, they left, leaving you alone.
You started making hot cocoa to smooth your headache. If you had learned anything from hanging around with a werewolf that had to be chocolate. Chocolate was always the answer. Chocolate understood and didn’t ask stupid questions. You went through the cupboards and found a chocolate cake. Smiling to yourself, you served a slice and sat down to the nearest table. It felt nice. You always like the warm feeling that the kitchens were offering and the serenity that silence provided. Until someone interrupted your daydream, that is. And it had to be him.
Once you locked eyes with each other, everything else became a blur. Nothing really existed but you two. He broke the eye contact first, scratching the back of his neck, awkwardly.
“Um, I didn’t know you were here. I can leave” he spoke softly. You just shook your head, trying to find the courage to use your words.
“It’s alright”. You really wanted to roll your eyes at yourself. Well played. He furrowed his eyebrows but didn’t question it, as he started making himself… something disgusting. Like, how could it possibly taste?  It had fruits and chocolate and cheese and, it was repealing. You almost laughed at that.
As you sat together in silence, each lost in your own minds, you could see that you were two sides of the same problem. And to think, you both thought that love was for fools. How foolish of you, not to realize what fools you were.
He came and sat down next to you. You were eyeing him curiously; mainly because you wanted to see if he was about to eat…that. You knew he was aware of your staring.
He took a bite. It was then that you chuckled lightly. The expression on his face was one of terror. He looked utterly frightened. He swallowed that thing and looked at you, almost pleadingly.
“I know you hate me, but could you please, make me something… eatable?” he asked you politely. You had never had a civilized conversation before. You grinned, trying to fight the urge to laugh as you stood up, complying to his wishes.
You placed before him a cup of hot cocoa and some cake as well. He looked at you with one eyebrow raised as you threw whatever he had made to the garbage. You plopped beside him and gave him a shy smile, taking another sip from your cup. He hadn’t removed his gaze from you and you felt kind of uncomfortable.
“I swear, I haven’t poisoned anything” you playfully told him, prompting him to eat. He gave you an equally playful smile but took a sip from his cup.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love risking my life. But I am kind of running out of life to risk. I am not a cat after all” he said lightheartedly. You knew that he wasn’t a cat. In fact, you knew he was an illegal dog Animagus but you hadn’t told him. That was about to change.
“Oh, I am very well aware that you are no cat, deer. In fact, you must be barking mad to think I wouldn’t know” you told him, wiggling your eyebrows at your own puns. His eyebrows though, shot to the skies and his eyes widened so much that you thought they were going to pop out. You laughed at his expression; a true, rare laugh. A genuine one.
“You-you know?” he asked you, still bewildered. You just nodded your head in agreement.
You sat there, staring into space while he went silent for a moment.
“What’s that?” he asked you, pointing your wrist. Damn, you had forgotten to cover it.
“A tattoo” you answered sheepishly. It was a muggle tattoo and it was a star. Your bones had always cried for the stars. He was amazed and… he was sitting way too close. You could smell his perfume along with his natural scent. You felt dizzy.
“You are distracting me” you admitted looking him in the eyes. Oh, his eyes. Those gray galaxies were holding so many unraveled secret universes. So many things you wanted to know about him.
“Do you want me to stop?” he asked you with a cocky smile. You bit your bottom lip.
“I didn’t say that” you whispered, feeling electrified by his presence. He had that much power over you. You lowered your head, trying to prevent your eyes from meeting his. He placed his hand on your face, gently forcing you to do exactly that. Look at him.
“Why do you hate me?” he questioned tenderly. There were no masks or facades. It was him. Just him. His eyes stripped of everything arrogant.
“I don’t hate you, Sirius. I wish I did” you said in small voice. He held your everything and he didn’t even know it.
“What do you mean?” he continued, a bit more concerned this time. You looked away from his face. Okay, it was now or never.
“I liked you”. Oh Merlin, you were really doing it. You had admitted that-
“Liked?” he asked. Was that sadness in his voice?
“Past tense” you simply agreed. You didn’t want him to know you would never get over him.
“Maybe, if you were looking at me when you were saying that, maybe, just maybe I would have believed you” he commented and you knew he was right. You weren’t -
He kissed you. His luscious lips felt like heaven against yours. You instantly brought your hands around his neck, playing with his raven locks. You had imagined this too many times and yet… it felt even better. Maybe because it was real. He tasted like chocolate, mint and smoke. You were too lost to be found. But you didn’t want to be found if being lost felt like that.
When you parted, because you kind of needed the oxygen, you didn’t really know what to say. You knew, however, that you had been blushing like crazy.
“It was actually James that made me realize that I like you. I always liked you and hating you was the only way I thought off to catch your attention and prevent myself from falling at the same time” he spoke gently. You had to blink a couple of times to actually be sure that it wasn’t a dream.
“Maybe you are so afraid to fall in love because you are terrified by the idea that someone will treat you the way you tend to treat yourself” you found yourself responding. You didn’t know that he could ever like you. In fact, you believed that he wouldn’t. Ever.
He looked at you and you forgot to breathe because that was the way you had dreamt of being looked at. That was the very same glance you wished to experience.
“Can I kiss you? I want to kiss you” he said awkwardly. You would have laughed if it wasn’t for his lips, muffling every sound, making your head spin. He bit your lip, asking you permission. Never in your life would you have imagined that he would ask for permission. But you gave it to him. Anything. Fireworks were going off in every cell of your body. He slid his tongue, slightly fighting with yours but you didn’t care; you just surrendered to him. You melted under his touch. You were too drunk off him to stay away or deny him.
“I have to go” you mumbled against his mouth, as you pulled away. He was about to ask you why, but your yawning made him smile and kiss your forehead. You wanted to spend the eternity like that.

  You hadn’t realized you were avoiding him until Remus mentioned it. You were eating dinner and you had sat as far away as possible without being rude. You were playing with your food.
“You know, you don’t kiss someone and then never talk to them again” he said knowingly. Of course he knew. He was a freaking Marauder. They knew everything about each other. You knew it was wrong but what if he never meant it? What if you were one his many? You didn’t want him to break your heart. You were about to answer but a firm arm was wrapped around your waist, pulling you up from your seat and enveloping you in a bone-crushing hug.
Chocolate, mint and smoke.
You were in the middle of the Great Hall but it didn’t matter because he and his intoxicating self, made you feel like you were alone in the world.
“Why are you avoiding me?” he whispered near your ear but his breath fell hot on to your neck, making your pulse accelerate a bit too sudden.
“Don’t break my heart, Sirius. Please” you murmured in a small voice, frightened that if you said it any louder you would realize that it was a dream. He made you look at him.
“I would never, love. Ever” he said sincerely. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
“Hold me. Just for a bit, okay?” you asked him almost pleadingly. You had it bad. Very, very, very bad. He squeezed you tighter to his body and spun you around. You wanted to laugh and to cry out of happiness. And then he kissed you. And you felt as light as a feather.

tags: @starsepot @kapolisradomthoughts


Pairing: Finn Bálor x Plus Size!Reader

Word Count: 1120

Warnings: language, poor body image, implied smut, fluff

Based on: this prompt

A/N: Hello hello! So once again, life’s been kicking my ass and keeping me from my writing. I’m not always the fluffiest writer, but this was purely therapeutic. And my goodness did this come out fluffy. Like a warm blanket from the dryer kind of fluffy. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this one. And thanks for being patient with a girl.

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor @motleymoose @georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd @racheo91 @daddy-slug @blondekel77 @ambrosegirlforever@romanempire19 @fucking-bandsx @boundtomyfate @hotspurmadridista@florenceivy @geekoftv @behindthesesilvereyes @vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter @wwesmutandstuff @devitt-club @anerdysouthernbelle@thebadchic @baratomaya @jenn0755 @sbethell89 @magical419 @lilyruelas@xxmaddhatter39xx @bouttogolinkurbitch @uniquewerewolfsuit @valeonmars@ryrybebe @wwe-rollins-lover @dasexydevitt13 @officialbroski10-blog@weedman-shitz@justhavingfun123469

(Gif not mine…I just really love it.)

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36. I’m actually pretty cool if you give me like 5 tries to get it right. 
61. Tell me I’m cute or something, so I can roll my eyes at you, but then blush when I think about it later.
74. How can you face the problem when the problem is your face?
76. Read a girl who dates books.

I laughed so much when I read the request for the first time, like you people are amazing :D:D Here you go !! 

Standing in front of the huge mansion, you took a deep breath. “Well people, that’s it, I’ll see you all at the end of the summer, oh my god are you crying, jennifer what the hell, I’m not dead!”- you laughed with your best friend and gave hug a tight hug. She wasnt mutant like you, but to you it never mattered even the slightest.

“Now seriously, why the hell are you crying, it’s not like I’m going to get handcuffed or something, I can go out whenever I want, you baby!”- you mocked her, poking her shoulder, and she just pouted and threw her hands in the air “Ah, it’s just my over emotional ass having a crisis, don’t worry”

Hes, you’ll kind of miss her jokes when she’s not around, but that what phones are, so you just smiled and hugged her once more. “What is it?”- you asked with a knowing smirk, when she made the look of ‘ooh I see a pretty boy and I like it’. She pulled you by the shirt and you almost lost your balance - “What the hell?”- you squeaked, but she shushed you. - “There’s a really sexy looking guy, coming in this was and I think he’s that professor you told me about. No, don’t look ! Just wait until he comes here and act normal!”

You rolled your eyes at her, but kind of felt your heart beat speeding up “I always act normal”- you defended yourself and tried to ignore it her look of total disaprroval and just about then you felt another person’s presence next to you and Good God!

You felt a nudge in the ribcage, when your jaw almost drapped at the sight of the man stadning in front of you. “Hello, I’m Charles, Charles Xavier and you are ______”- what was this guy even saying? Did your ears ran off somewhere or was his voice that hypnotizing, you forgot how to speak.

However another, slightly harder nudge in the ribs brought you back to reality and you smiled quickly, offering your hand “Yea, that’s me” - the friendly expression you pulled off looked convincing, even though your friend knew it actually said ‘here or on the kitchen table?’.

“It will be a very interesting summer”- you heard jennifer whisper to herself with a chuckle and then she left you with your new professor.
So, he was talking, you were talking, showing you around and stuff. But there was something more, how to put it - intense eyes fucking, would be nice. You managed to stay calm and composed, but he managed as well, the bastard. Little did you know, he was actually looking through your thoughts. Literally.

Yes, of course, pretty innocently, just for the sake of ‘the smooth conversation with his new student, who happened to be attractive and stuff.’

Looking though your thoughts was amusing and yet he just liked messing with your brain and made it almost impossible to keep yourself collected, when his eyes and body language are basically flirting with you shamelessly, on the background of his ‘professionally-innocent’ sounding voice.

“Oh God damn it, I can’t even focus on what he’s saying now and I’ll have to get through his classes without drooling all over myself? What now, should I just tell him ‘I’m actually pretty cool if you give me like 5 tries to get it right. ‘ and just hope for the best?” - your thoughts were a hot mess at the moment, while his were just dying to hear some more.

And just then your bloody luck showed up and you tripped, but quickly brought your eyes back to him and kind of smiled. “Oh God I’m a living comedy. Alright _____, get yourself together and bloody face the problem! But how can you face the problem when the problem is your face? Why the hell do I have to blush every time, every time like damn it face - you have to work with me , not against me! Make me look nice and stuff! Wait - did I put on deodorant before I got here? Well grait!”- Your expressions were priceless.

Smiling, then your eyes looked up, then you got slightly confused, kind of trying to bring your hand up to your burning face. 

“Maybe he doesn’t think I’m weird, like what we’ve only talked for like 15 minutes and I bumped into 3 people, triped twice and laughed when he asked me a question. Yeah, I think we’re off to a good start.”- you nodded your head, but quickly stopped, because who the hell nodds their head out of nowhere.

“Just please tell me I’m cute or something, so I can roll my eyes at you, but then blush when I think about it later, so something.  - he chuckled at your desperate thought and decided to end your misery - “Your company was a great pleasure to me and I’d like it if you join me later tonight, maybe a dinner, so I can tell you you’re cute and you can roll your eyes at me, and blush when you think about it later.”

Oh boy, did your jaw drop at those words of his, yes, yes it did! You just stared at him blankly, in amazement and he came somewhat closer to you in a very elegant, but kind of sexy motion and with a suggesting and tempting look on his face procceded to say “I’d love to read your thoughts again, they were…fascinating.”- he breathed and very flirtariously kissed the top of your hand. 

“By the way, ‘Please, read a girl who dates books.’ - that was so cute”- he told you with a smirk and you just cupped your face in your hands, imagining all the things you thought and how you sounded to him. And finally, he leaned down, very close to your ear and whispered “But I’d rather read your lips”.

Low Battery

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x reader

Summary: Set a couple of months after Sherlock comes back, purely because I had a few lame comebacks I had to get off my chest. Anyway, you’re out shopping and your phone dies, and Sherlock panics.

Warnings: Reichenbach feels? Idk, it only mentions the Fall a few times. So unless you’re John Watson, it shouldn’t make you cry.

Originally posted by sherlockedduh

(Not my gif)

You let out a frustrated groan as your phone screen faded to black, not responding when you held down the home button in a half-hearted attempt to switch it back on. Typical.
Shoving the useless device in your coat pocket, you squinted down the road in the hopes of seeing an approaching cab. The rain was pouring down in icy sheets, and you’d been soaked to the skin after just minutes of standing under the bus shelter. This day was not going well for you. First your bus had been cancelled, then your phone died, there were no taxis around, and to top it all off, it just had to rain. Like you said before, typical.

Sherlock let out a shaky breath as he pressed “redial” for what must have been the thirtieth time in the last few minutes. He let out a frustrated, and somewhat worried, groan as your voicemail message sounded again.
“Hi it’s (Y/N)! Sorry I can’t take your call right now, as Sherlock is probably using my phone for an experiment again-“
Sherlock dropped his phone carelessly onto the table, sitting down briefly in his chair before bouncing to his feet and striding to the window to peer anxiously out onto the street. His heart leapt every time a cab approached, and sunk every time it continued past the flat without anyone getting out. He continued this routine for nearly half an hour before something snapped within him.
“Lestrade, I need you out looking for (Y/N). She could be in danger.” He didn’t wait for the D.I to respond before hanging up the phone and dropping it again.

A relieved sigh escaped your lips as a cab pulled up in front of you. Climbing into the back and giving the driver the address, you stretched your legs out in front of you tiredly. You had learned your lesson; never ask Sherlock Holmes if he needs anything from the shops. Most people, normal people, would ask you to pick up a bottle of milk and some bread, but not Sherlock. Oh no. You weren’t sure if your arms would ever get back the strength to pick up a pillow again, let alone the dozen hardback books he’d asked you to get.
The rain was even heavier when you got out the cab at Baker Street, but that didn’t prevent you seeing the flashing red and blue lights adorning the police car parked out 221B. Worry crept into your mind as you climbed the stairs as fast as you could while carrying a dozen books, horrible scenarios presenting themselves as to why the police were at the flat.
“John? Sherlock?” you called, leaving the books in a heap and climbing the inner stairs two at a time.
The pale worried face of the detective appeared on the top landing as he followed the sound of your voice. A loud sigh of relief made his chest heave as he wrapped his arms around you tightly, pulling you impossibly close to him, your cry of surprise muffled by the way your face was buried in his chest.
“Never do that to me again,” he whispered, holding you at arm’s length and inspecting your face for any signs of injury. You frowned, growing even more confused as Lestrade appeared in the doorway beside John.
“What? Why’s Greg here?” you asked. Sherlock tilted his head to the side in confusion, and you sighed tiredly. “Lestrade,” you corrected.
“Oh. You were missing, so naturally I called him.”
You raised your eyebrows, entering the living room to find half a dozen more police officers sitting around. “And half of Scotland Yard as well, by the look of it,” you observed.
“Well, we’ll be off then, I suppose,” Lestrade mumbled, the officers following him out the flat, leaving just you, John and Sherlock.
“Why did you think I was missing?” you asked, peeling off your dripping wet coat with difficulty. You sighed, seeing that your jumper was soaked as well, clinging to your freezing skin just like your jeans were.
“You weren’t answering your phone. Anything could have happened to you,” said Sherlock, as if that explained everything. You raised your eyebrows, laughing humourlessly as you went through to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, leaving the two men in the living room.
“You didn’t answer your phone for two years, Sherlock, and yet here you are,” you pointed out. Even from the neighbouring room, you still heard Sherlock’s sigh and John’s words.
“You probably deserved that one.”
Sherlock knew you wouldn’t handle him reappearing in your life well, but it had been two months now, wasn’t that enough? How long did it take someone to move on?
“And anyway, my battery was dead. But don’t worry, it’ll come back to life,” you said, plopping yourself down on the sofa with a cup of tea cradled in your hands. “Apparently anything can, these days,” you added. John chuckled.
“Before you ask, you deserved that one as well,” he informed the detective. “Well, as long as you’re alright, (Y/N), I’ll be off.”
You smiled slightly at him. “I’m fine, thanks.”
Sherlock sat down in his chair across from you, his clear blue eyes never leaving yours. You sighed, placing your cup down on a coaster and raising your eyebrows at him expectantly. “What?”
“When are you going to move on and accept that I’m back?” he asked. There wasn’t an angry note in his voice, the question was genuine. All he wanted was to go back to life as it used to be, where you made snide remarks in his defence, and never to him.
“I don’t know,” you replied eventually. “It took two years to accept that you were dead, so who knows how long this’ll take?”
Sherlock nodded slowly, standing up and holding his hand out to you. “C’mon. You need to get changed, you’re going to get sick.”
Reluctantly, you put your hand in his and followed him into the bedroom you used to share with him. You didn’t even question the fact that some of your clothes were still in your old bedside table; you’d left them there yourself, not being able to bring yourself to move them out of the room after…it happened.
After Sherlock had turned his back and assured you twice that his eyes were indeed closed, you changed quickly into a pair of black leggings and a baggy jumper you were pretty sure you’d stolen from John. Oh well, with the weight he was putting on in his new life, it probably wouldn’t fit him anymore anyway.
“Well, goodnight Sherlock,” you said awkwardly, moving to leave the room. The detective turned, shaking his head.
“No, you should stay here tonight. You’re still very cold, and the heater doesn’t work in your room,” he said. You frowned; how did he know your heater wasn’t-
“You’ve been stealing John’s jumpers to wear to bed,” he added. “There are two possible explanations. One, that you are secretly in love with our old flatmate and feel the need to wear his clothes for a sense of connection to him. Two, which is more likely, your room is too cold.”
You smiled slightly despite yourself. “Army doctors aren’t really my type,” you joked. “Their jumpers, however, are.”
Sherlock chuckled. “And do you still have a thing for socially excluded detectives?”
Taking a step towards him, you squeezed his hand in yours gently.
“Only the curly haired ones.”

A/N: Hi, me again! I just realised something that I didn’t even write on purpose. “Army doctors aren’t my type. Their jumpers, however, are.” SHERLOCK IS AN ARMY DOCTOR’S JUMPER!!! Someone be proud of me.

The Break // Jughead Jones

Summary: After your mother, Mary, is dragged into the rift with Lucifer you take off for a break from hunting. Coming to a small town called Riverdale you adapt to normal life and get some friends and a boyfriend. They have no idea of your real life until trouble comes.

Characters: Jughead Jones x Winchester!Reader, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Lacey (OFC), Chuck Clayton, Sam Winchester (mentioned) and Dean Winchester (mentioned).

Words: 2512

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or Supernatural in any way, shape or form. I do not own any gifs or images in there either. All I own is Lacey and the reader too.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, blood, monsters, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Lots of requests to do that I’m excited about! This was shit at the end though.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by thecwriverdale

You were staring up at the building with interest given you only had a few weeks in each school you arrived at. This was the first one you could be staying at for an indefinite time and you weren’t sure how you would survive.

“Who is that?” Your keen hearing picked up from a short distance from you.

You shoved the book bag filled with supplies that Sam had helped you pick out with a tense silence between you too. As your older brother he wasn’t excited to not have you close by. The thing was that after your mother was dragged into the rift by Lucifer. Sixteen years ago, revealed to your siblings and you by Chuck, Mary was brought to life in order to make another full Winchester child. You were sure it had to do with the Nephilim that Chuck knew would happen.

“I have no clue Kev.”

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Covergirls don't cry - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: “Hi gorgeous, may I request an imagine with Sirius and shy, slightly bigger Hufflepuff, please? I’m absolutely in love with your writing! xx”

I am not going to say x plus size reader. Plus what? Size? Does it really matter?
YOU, yes you, you are BEAUTIFUL. 
You are worth it. You are more than enough. Size, weight, height…. they are insignificant numbers. Those numbers can’t count perfection! I’m telling you this because I was once in that very same place. And then, I loved me. 
“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.”― dr. Gail Dines
The gifs are not mine. Credits to their original owner. 
Warnings: PLEASE don’t doubt yourself. Please. Other than that, my English and swearing. 

You were not comfortable. 
It was extremely hot yesterday. Like hot-hot. So, naturally, everyone had worn as few pieces of clothing as possible. Except you. You couldn’t bring yourself to get out of your dorm. How could you wear a mini skirt or shorts? You couldn’t.
It wasn’t that you were that chubby. Just slightly bigger than the other girls.  A little more bum, a bit bigger sternum, no abs, no thigh gap. You had a little more going on than you wanted to but even when you tried-and you had tried many times-those pounds wouldn’t go away.  
So, you played sick. You were sick. With this. All of it. There are things you couldn’t tell anyone. You couldn’t tell you how many times you looked in the mirror in the hope that the body looking back at you would be somehow different from the reality. You couldn’t tell anyone how many times you pinched the fat on your thighs and thought “shit”.  You couldn’t tell anyone how many times you thought about your weight, or your waist measurement, or just about your body generally, which seemed to have become a battleground. Too many things you couldn’t tell. You have been told hundreds of times that you should be ashamed of your body, that you should conceal it, cover it, that you should do whatever it fucking takes to make it smaller regardless of the impact on your happiness. And it hurt. It hurt so much, that there were days that it was way too much. Too overwhelming. And the worst part is that you have been told all those things by your own self. Yesterday was one of those bad days. Today was worse.
It was back to being breezy and a bit cold and therefore you could wear clothes that made you feel comfortable and actually go outside. It didn’t really help that you were that shy, either. Or that you had a crush on the school heartbreaker. Yeah, like he would look at you. It just hurt, knowing that no boy could ever look at you like they were looking at the other girls.
You were roaming the shelves of the library looking for the book Professor McGonagall had told you that it could help you with your essay. You were so lost in your own thoughts you accidently bumped someone.
Of course, it would be him. Why the universe would go easy on you?
“Sorry” you hummed as you continued to walk down the aisle looking at the books, not glancing up to look at him.
“No worries.” Sirius said. He took one look at you and that was all it took. You were already nowhere to be seen. He was puzzled. You, on the other hand… you were on the verge to cry. Why couldn’t your stupid body help you for once? You knew all too well the kind of girls he is into. You closed your eyes momentarily to hold back the tears. When you opened them, you were face to face with him. You had to force yourself to be still. His eyes were roaming your body and all you wanted was to crawl into a cave and die. What you did not expect though was the faint blush creeping its way to his cheeks when he looked at your slightly open shirt, just a button or two, really.
“S-sorry. Um… do you know where I can find ‘Circa Transmutatio processus’” he asked you, his voice low and his breath hot. You tried to remain calm.
“I think it’s in the Restricted Section” you said, secretly proud that you didn’t shatter. You couldn’t possibly know this but your voice was the sweetest, most melodic thing he had ever heard. He was amazed by you. His eyes drifting more often than he would like to your lips and your other curves.
“Oh, I see. I’m Sirius, by the way. Sirius Black” he introduced himself with a smirk. Oh my Merlin, that was the infamous smirk. You smiled softly and kindly.
“Y/N, Y/L/N” you answered figuring that it would be rude to leave him hanging.
“You’re beautiful” he breathed out and you froze. His eyes widened.
“I mean your name. Your name is beautiful. You have a beautiful name. Okay. Gotta run. See you around” he rambled while his voice was strangely pitchy. You were blushing uncontrollably and for a second you thought that maybe it was okay to- well, that second was history and your mind was destroying you once again.
You made your way to your room, forgetting about the essay. It’s rather ironic that you liked someone that his last name was actually one of your house colors. The moment you closed the door behind you, all those emotions and all those tears became too much. You collapsed onto your mattress.

The next days were fine. But then, that particular Friday was hot. Again. However today, you couldn’t pretend to be sick. You had to hand in two papers and brew a potion. You simply couldn’t deal with it. So, suck it up and get it done, you commanded yourself. You had mastered to wear a pair of jeans and a see through black loose shirt. It was more than daring but it was hot and you didn’t want to die.
You had managed to blend in until the Potions Class. You walked in late, so naturally, every single person was looking at you.
He was looking at you.
He was here. Damn you double potions. And damn you potions again. The only seat left was next to him. You gathered all the strength you had and made it into the desk.
You sat down quietly and waited patiently for the class to end.  At least that was what you hoped. You were brewing a difficult potion that was toxic if it touched your skin, therefore you were extra careful. Well, that made one of you. Because Sirius was way too caught up drooling over you to actually follow the instructions. And that was when you heard the explosion. Your head snapped towards him. The potion was everywhere. Even on him. Slughorn was fuming and prompting everyone to leave the class. When he turned to you he was outraged.  
“You two clean up the mess you made. Oh, and Y/L/N, help him with the wounds” he spat at both of you, leaving you speechless while he ran off to call Madam Pomfrey. 
“Are you alright? What happened?” you asked him. You were roaming the class to find something to clean up his cuts. So, that was why the potion was toxic.
You found a rag, dampened it with a little water from the sink that was near Slughorn’s desk and made your way back at him. It was awkward. You gently started to clean up his arm which had suffered the worst. You continued to clean each scar carefully. The whole time Sirius was looking at you. You were aware of that. But you didn’t know that he found you breathtaking, mesmerizing, and ravishing. 
“It may hurt a bit” you said as you were about to clean up the nastiest of his wounds. He hissed as the rag was pressed against his scars, but the pain quickly faded away.
You whispered a soft sorry before you got up and dump the rag in the sink. Slughorn could handle it from there. 
“Why did you help me?” he asked softly. If you didn’t know any better your mind would be wondering if he li-no. 
“You didn’t want me to?” you returned the question slightly embarrassed. Maybe he didn’t even like you as a friend. Silly girl, you thought.  You lowered your eyes. This was tough for you. You were taken aback when a pair of lips softly pecked yours. Your eyes became wider than the sun. What just happened? 
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t -”.  You cut him off.
“Why did you kiss me?” you mumbled. Why was he toying with you?
“I like you. A lot” he breathed out. This can’t happen. This can’t happen.  Suddenly all you wanted was to be brutally honest. 
“I am not like them. The girls you go for. And I am not the one for a one night stand. I am not perfect or hot or sexy or skinny with long legs and abs. I don’t have silky hair and I am not…” you trailed off because this was too much. Your vision was blurring. You held back a sob. You were breaking your heart just so he wouldn’t. 
You expected him to say something. He didn’t. He grabbed your wrist, slammed you to his body, cupped your face and kissed you with so much passion that you were sure you’d have fallen if it wasn’t for his arm wrapped around your waist.  After a while, he took a step back and looked right into your eyes.
“Girls want to be called hot. Women like you are beautiful” he said causing butterflies-no. Not butterflies. He caused the whole damn zoo. 
“And oh well, who am I kidding? Extremely hot as well. I mean, have you seen that body of yours? That arse, love, is breathtaking” he said with his infamous smirk while he purposely eyed you.  You let out a genuine laugh for the first time in a while. Things were good.
“But really, you are beautiful. Hell, you are mesmerizing. Don’t ever think like that again. And yes, you are not a one night stand. Be my every night stand?”. You gasped. 

Harry was very good at the art of manipulation. Sometimes, he was too good up to the point where you couldn’t differentiate whether or not he was being genuine or not. You supposed the fact that he was now sort of an actor contributed to how suspiciously talented he was at persuading people to get what he wanted - but out of everyone in the world, the person he liked to get flustered the most was none other than you. He wasn’t doing it because he was a bad person - he just loved you so much, he wanted all of you all the time! 

“Ooh, I’m going to be late to class.” Watching animal documentaries was never a good idea because you always got so wrapped up in them and ended up spending hours surfing the internet in an attempt to answer your question of ‘is a newborn Chinese water deer really small enough to hold in the palm of your hand?’ (Spoiler alert: the answer was yes.) 

“Wha- But you said you didn’t have to go anywhere today…” Harry frowned lightly, pawing at your bum when you leaned over the table to pick up your slew of loose paper and textbooks. 

“That’s what I thought, and then Y/F/N reminded me that we have a test coming up in two weeks and I need to study. I’m sorry, bug. Maybe next week!” You turned to give Harry a pitiful smile, hoping that your cute nickname for him would prevent Harry from pulling out the big guns. 

“But we were jus’ about to get to the good part of the documentary!” 

“Then I’ll watch it with you when I get back!” You patted yourself down to try and find your phone, letting out an ‘ah’ when you spotted it on top of a pile of books. “I’ll only be three, four hours. Five hours maximum.” You waved off, catching a glimpse of a pouting Harry in the corner of your eye. Oh, god. He was about to do something that was going to make you stay, and you couldn’t stay! Where the hell was all your stuff?! You needed to get out of here as quickly as possible! What else could you say to stall?? 

“Five hours is a basically a whole day, and-” 

“How about I bring you your favourite banana smoothie? Y’know, from that overpriced, organic place across from campus.” You smiled, grabbing your car keys off the table as your eyes flickered around to try and find your history textbook - you certainly couldn’t go into class without a damn textbook. 

“I don’ want one.” Harry murmured, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch. “S’not fair, you said we were going to spend today together. I canceled brunch for you! Brunch!” 

“I’ll take you out for brunch next week to make up for it!” You went straight for the door as soon as you gathered all your things, and your fingers had just brushed over the door handle when suddenly you heard a dramatic sob leave Harry’s mouth. 

“Don’ you love me anymore??” Harry cried out, leaning down and covering his eyes with a hand. No. You couldn’t fall into this trap. You had been in this situation before and you knew exactly what to do. You just had to stay strong, confident, and not give in to Harry. 

“Harry, of course I love you!” You cooed, immediately dropping your bags and rushing over to your ‘grieving’ boyfriend. You wrapped your arms around him, rubbing him back comfortingly as he shoved his face into the crook of your neck. The little voice in your mind called you out for giving in so soon, but you couldn’t help it. You didn’t like seeing Harry upset because you were used to him being a ball of sunshine all the time, and knowing that you were the cause of him being sad?? No thank you. (See, he made you overthink and overanalyze which was a key part in how easy it was to manipulate you.) 

“But you always wanna leave me to go ‘n study with Y/F/N…” 

“But you know I obviously want to stay home and watch documentaries with you instead of study…” You pulled Harry away from your neck, cupping his face in between your hands. It was funny how he was supposedly crying thirty seconds ago yet his eyes were as dry as the desert. It was just the puppy eyes and that damn pout that got you every single time. 

“So you should stay home since that’s what you want… Isn’t it?” Harry asked innocently, pulling you closer to him as he sat against the arm of the couch. 

“I mean, I guess, but I do need to study…” It was too late to try and think about leaving the house considering Harry already had you leaning against his chest with an arm wrapped around you. 

“But you can do that at home, can’t you?” Now that you were looking at it, it did make sense to study at home. There were no distractions (besides Harry) around, you could snuggle in bed (with Harry) while reading… Looks like Harry had manipulated you and taken over your thoughts as well. 



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Coach Imagine - Just A Number (NSFW)

-gif source unknown-

Description: Requesta Finstock story where he rejects the reader after sex ‘cus she’s younger but later regrets it (maybe he got jealous or something)

Warnings/Labels: Slight smut, drinking.

Approx. Word Count: 2,200

A/N: I’m ignoring the whole Coach is maybe kind of supposed to be an alcoholic thing in this. Just FYI. Also this should really be a much longer and more detailed story but… it is what it is.

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44335557! (19)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 19 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 1,865

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18  Part 20  Part 21 Part 22  Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

A/N: This is a really short chapter, mostly because I’m really busy and I don’t know if I’ll be posting tomorrow.

You had your books open in front of you, 100 percent ready to revise but you could not concentrate, so many thoughts were buzzing around in your head and so many issues were occupying your mind but the most important was Chanyeol. You looked down at the 3 I.D. cards in front of you, only one of which made sense. Initially you had thought that there was only 1 I.D. card in the wallet, but as you were pulling it out, 2 more fell from behind it. You stared in total shock at the cards and you couldn’t help wondering to yourself whether or not Chanyeol was hanging around with Reiji too. You had a day to ponder over everything and this was the best explanation that your brain was willing to provide.


Someone whispered loudly in your ear whilst grasping onto your shoulders. You jumped quickly as you threw the cards into your bag.

“What’s that?” You turned around to see Minseok standing over you.

“Oh, just some revision flashcards.” You smiled sheepishly up at him as he nodded back.

“Jongdae’s back home now. So I was wondering if you wanted to go and see him maybe.”

“Uhh…” You lingered. “Actually I was going to go to Chanyeol’s to check up on him and Youngjae.” In reality you wanted to question him about the cards because they were making you extremely concerned.

“Well why don’t we go to Jongdae’s first, we can go to Chanyeol’s after; besides it would be nice to meet Youngjae. I’ve never seen him before, only Hani. She’s in love with me; we should get married one day.” He winked playfully.

“You’ve never met Youngjae?” Your eyes widened in shock as you looked up at him.

“No, whenever I go to help out with Hani he’s either at school or he’s locked himself away in his room. But hey let’s go to Jongdae’s now, we’ve got free periods from here on out.”

About an hour later and you were showering Jongdae with fruits and flowers, Ana politely took them from you as she bowed at you quickly also thanking you on his behalf, she hurriedly went to put the flowers in a vase of water, it appeared as though she was looking after him well and you were happy because you believed that Jongdae deserved that much. He had been doing nothing but smiling since both you and Minseok had arrived.

“How are you?” You smiled softly down at him; his leg was outstretched on the bed and wrapped in a bandage, you could see that he was still pale and sickly but he was doing his best.

“Yeah, I’m not too bad. Ana’s been helping me revise.”
You looked at the deck of flashcards sprawled out beside Jongdae’s pillow and nodded.
“I told my parents I was trying to stop a fight and it all went wrong. They believed it, so I’m in the clear for now, anyway… how’s Baek?”

You shifted around uncomfortably.
“I don’t know.” You sighed. You hadn’t spoken to him in a while and it made you feel uneasy to say the least not just because of your feelings towards him, but because of the simple fact that you were friends, you had been for years and now you were painfully aware of the fact that the two of you were drifting further apart; the gap widening day by day this wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. You hadn’t seen Sehun in school today either and you were hoping that it wasn’t because of what had happened yesterday; his awkward and untimely confession. But no matter how hard you tried to push away the thought you knew that that was the case. It made you feel sad because you liked Baekhyun, but he didn’t notice you and so you were stuck being the ‘designated’ friend, you knew how it felt to be romantically insignificant to someone and now it felt as though you were doing the exact same thing to Sehun. You were willing to do everything in your power to make him see all the reasons as to why he shouldn’t like you and you were just praying that it would work.

Sehun’s P.O.V.

He lay there tangled in his bed sheets; a sobbing mess. His face was red and tear stained as he hiccupped violently. The crying had been going on for two hours now and it was a foreign feeling to Sehun, although he got upset frequently he never cried, it was just something his body didn’t really allow him to do. He had just gotten off of the phone to his father who had just informed him that he would be remarrying once the divorce was finalised and over then he hung up the phone, he didn’t even bother asking Sehun how his day was and how studies were going. Sehun was absolutely fuming, how the fuck could his father be planning another wedding when his current marriage wasn’t ever fully over? Sehun hadn’t even met the other woman yet, no doubt she was probably young enough to be his sister just like all the other woman that his father had cheated on his mother with. He yelled out loudly into the dark quiet room, how could they do this to him? All he wanted at this point in time was comfort from Y/N, despite how unconventional his version of comfort was, no talking, no touching, just her presence. But after his stupid mistake that is exactly what he couldn’t have. He fucked up and he knew it and there was no way that she would ever want to be friends again. He hated everyone and everything; he wanted revenge on the world and he didn’t know why, but it was just something that he had to have. He wanted to take revenge on his parents, Ana and Jongdae, Minseok, Chanyeol and his family, Rozz and Nel, Mei, Baekhyun and Y/N. That was the moment when Sehun had made the most irrational decision in his life. Slipping his hands under his pillow he pulled out his phone and began dialling a number.

“Hello? Reiji…I want back in.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

You sat their quietly and patiently waiting for Chanyeol to finish bathing Hani. The time was 5PM, but he tried to get her to bed early nowadays ever since she had become increasingly distressed as of late.

“I reckon Youngjae will be here, you’ll probably get to meet him today. He’s honestly the sweetest kid ever, but he’s still shaken up so be gentle.” You said softly to Minseok who was sat beside you.

“Of course I will, I always am.” He smiled “That’s why Hani loves me.”

You heard two sets of footsteps slowly making their way down the stairs and not too long after Chanyeol and Hani appeared. It looked to you as though she were crying silently but she stopped immediately upon seeing Minseok and began to clap her hands loudly.

“Hey Hani sweetheart.” Minseok walked over to her and enveloped her into a hug, allowing her to run her hands through his hair. When he was certain that she was over he took her hand and led her over to the pen.

“I told Youngjae to come down; he should be here any moment.” Chanyeol mumbled under his breath looking impatiently up at the steps. As if on cue you heard Youngjae slowly descending the steps, his eyes were wide with fear but his features softened upon seeing you. You felt bad for him he was quite clearly still traumatised and plagued by fear of the recent events and it was never going to escape him.

“Minseok.” You called. “Youngjae is here.” You turned your head to smile at Youngjae. “You’ll love Minseok he’s awesome, though I’m not sure you’ll love him as much as Hani does.” You chuckled lightly.
Minseok slowly made his way over to where the three of you were standing, leaving Hani to play around in the play pen.

“Hi.” Youngjae said bluntly as he stared blankly at Minseok, much like the way Sehun would stare at people.

“Wow buddy we need to work on your approachability and kindness.” Chanyeol frowned as patted Youngjae’s shoulder heavily. You looked up at Minseok whose face was pale as snow; his expression was haunting.

“Minseok?” You nudged him in the side.

“Jesus, I feel really sick I need to go.” He put his hand over his stomach.

“Do you wa—”

“I said I feel sick, I’m leaving. I need to go, shit! I’m going to be sick.” Minseok shouted as he covered his mouth running out of the door and slamming it shut behind him. All of you were staring at the door in confusion.

“What did he eat?” Youngjae asked as he slowly turned to look at you, confusion still clouding his face.

“He had a hot curry for lunch.” You said.

“Well there’s your answer then.” Youngjae shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and made his way back up the stairs. You shook your head slowly as though you were shaking the confusion out of your head and bringing yourself to why you were really there.

“Chanyeol I need to speak to you.” You said with a stern voice, your expression was serious now and you were staring at him intently.

His expression had changed too now, to one of fear and worry.

“Why? What is it? It’s not Jongdae is it; I thought he was recovering well.”

You shook your head slowly as you dipped your hand into your satchel.
“No, it’s not Jongdae. Chanyeol, you dropped something yesterday when I bumped into you in the corridor.”  You slowly handed him the plastic wallet containing the I.D. cards, watching his face change as he took them from you, his colour was slowly draining.

“Thanks…” He barely whispered as he looked at you. “The wallet is see-through…I’m assuming—”

“You’re assuming correctly Park Chanyeol. Or should I be calling you Chanyeol Lee or Ten Lee. What the fuck is this shit and why do you have it?!” Your body was shaking slightly and your voice was raised; saliva spraying everywhere. You waited for him to answer but there was still silence.

“Answer me Damn it! You’re hanging around with Reiji aren’t you!? Fake I.D. Chanyeol! Really?! Or are you stealing them? Who are you stealing them from?” You were absolutely raging, heat bubbling from within you; he was really beginning to test your patience. “Answer me!”

“They belong to me! I’m not hanging out with Reiji.” He shouted back, as he pushed your shoulder. “Now shut the fuck up and stop raising suspicions up in here. Shit Y/N, what the fuck is wrong with you, how dare you come in here all guns blazing.”

“What the fuck do you mean they belong to you?” You weren’t letting this go. “You are neither of these people, you can’t be 3 people at once, and you know no one that goes by these names. This isn’t you!”

“Yes it is!” He hissed beside your ear.
“I am Lee Chanyeol and my brother is Lee Ten.”

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BTS Jungkook Imagine/Scenario | Alternate Universe

Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Fluff, angst and a little bit of smut.

Warnings: It may be too much for your heart???

Words: Around 1400

Summary: Jungkook lost his bestfriend 7 months ago in a car crash. While he lost him, he also lost himself. After being in pain for quite some time now, can Jungkook finally find the special sparkle that brings him back to life again?

Note: Surprise! Here’s a little story between you, the reader, and Jungkook. I got inspiration from Pinterest and I’m in love with the concept of it. I hope you will too :)

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Autumn Memories

Pairing: Jensen Ackles

Word Count: 1,281

Warnings: language, ANGST, *other warnings in the tags below* 

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s “Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge” The gif I was given to use is in the story below :) She told me not to kill him, so I didn’t kill him…hehehe

A/N#2: Shout out to @supernatural-jackles for reading this over and I actually made her cry (hahah we skyped while she read it and I watched her cry *evil laughter*) ENJOY! 

Originally posted by all-you-need-is-spn

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