how to make your own laundry detergent

How to adult on a budget for the lazy and new adulting people (by a not-so-adulty-adult)
  • learn how to cut your own hair. If it’s something easy like an undercut or just trimming your ends every month, you’ll look clean and put together without shelling out $20 every month. (my hair cutting stuff cost like $20 total)
  • if you have to go to a laundromat, make your own detergent. Or just in general. It’s about $15 for everything you’ll need and it’ll make you a solid 6-10 batches depending on how many soap bars you get. 1 bar ivory soap or fels-naptha (ivory works just fine tbh. Cheaper and easier to find) Grate that shit. 1 cup borax and 1 cup washing powder. Mix that shit. 1 tablespoon in the wash. Boom. Add essential oils if you so choose. 
  • On the topic of laundry, throw all your clothes in the same load. Use the cold-cold setting and you can put those red shirts in with your whites with no bleeding whatsoever. (read those tags tho. unless it needs special care, most shirts/pants/socks/underwear can all be thrown together)
  • When money is tight for food, rice, 2 pounds of chicken, some kind of stock or bouillon cubes, and frozen veggies make about 2-3 different meals. 
  • Keep a few bouillon cubes handy tbh. Cook rice in it. Make soup. They’re so much cheaper than stock itself.
  • Coconut oil for everything from actual oil to chapstick to cracked skin. 
  • Baby powder makes a fairly good dry shampoo. Put it on your roots, scrub around, brush out. Boom. 
  • Make scripts for all phone calls you ever have to make to make them go smoother. (bills, doctors, work, etc)
  • Fill 1 side of the sink with water to do your dishes and then rinse with the smallest amount of water possible so you dont end up using a lot of water. 
  • helps you find the cheapest gas near you!
  • Aldi has great cheap groceries
  • If you live alone or with 1 roommate, you don’t really need more than 12 megabyte internet speed. By yourself? Don’t get more than 6 tbh. You won’t need it. 
  • Freeze all meats and veggies! Let’s be honest. You wont be eating carrots every day or that ground beef often enough for it to not go bad, Throw it in the freezer. 
  • Dollar store cleaning supplies save the world. Everything there besides liquid soap is basically just as good. (glass cleaner, bleach, magic erasers, so on and so forth)
  • Dollar stores in general. Most things there will do in a pinch. (earbuds and most electronic/battery powered things are a no-no however)
  • Nail polish remover gets hair dye stains. Hydrogen peroxide gets up blood. Milk for ink. Chalk for oil. 
  • Once you finish using a pot or pan, put hot water in it until you’re ready to clean it. Stuff will just wipe off.

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Chloenette Roommates AU?

words: 1120

“If I asked you a serious question, would you promise not to laugh?”

Marinette didn’t look up from her cellphone as she took a long sip of her coffee. “You know better than to hold me up to those kinds of standards.” 

Chloe glared from the kitchen doorway. “I’m being serious.”

“So am I.”


What? I didn’t say I wouldn’t help. But if this is another one of those rich girl questions then yes I reserve the right to make fun of you.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and looked down at the detergent bottle in her hands. “It’s not a rich girl question…” she mumbled. 

“The fact that you’re prefacing your question as such leads me to believe that it is a rich girl question.” 

“Are you going to help me or not?”

“Fine, fine, alright,” Marinette relented. “What’s the question?”

Chloe spun the bottle around and pointed to the directions written on the back. “When they say large load….how are they defining that?”

Marinette raised a brow and looked slowly from the bottle to Chloe’s face pinched into genuine confusion. “You’re asking me what large means?”

Chloe smacked the back of Marinette’s head. “No, you idiot! I mean what does large mean in the context of laundry? Like what’s considered a lot of laundry?”

“Chloe, I don’t know, you just eyeball it,” Marinette said. “You have to see how big the washing machine is. You usually fill it like three quarters of the way up.”

“There are no little lines in the washing machine to tell you where to fill it?”

Marinette unscrewed the top of the detergent bottle and pointed on the inside. “The cap comes with lines, not the washing machine. They can’t do everything for you.” 

“Well why not?” Chloe complained. “I can’t just eyeball it. I’m not some laundry expert. What if three quarters to me isn’t three quarters to you? What if I add too much soap and not enough clothes? I don’t know how these stupid machines work.” 

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In This Quiet, We Can Sleep

Summary: They stay like that for a while, tangled up in each other and basking in the warmth that comes from being so close together. Dan is tracing random patterns on the skin he can see, playing an imaginary game of connect-the-dots with the brand new freckles that have appeared on his lover’s still-pale skin. One of Phil’s hands is resting in Dan’s hair, fingers carding through the curls there. Dan can’t think of anywhere in the world he would rather be.

I’m on AO3 as Ink_on_Parchment! You can read this and my other one there too!

Genre: Fluff

The “Next Episode” screen is waiting on the screen in front of them, balanced on the end table out of the way of their tangled legs and empty dinner plates. It’s quiet in their flat, with the show having just ended and neither of them feeling the need to immediately fill the silence with chatter. It’s nice, just being quiet with each other like this. They haven’t gotten to recently, what with conventions and vacations and traveling, and it’s great being able to just savor it for a while. Dan burrows closer into Phil’s side, smiling softly when Phil just tangles their legs even more and snuggles right back.

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DIY-Laundry Detergent

How to make your own- organic- laundry detergent that’ll be so much better for the environment than the ones you can buy AND be way cheaper.

You need:

  • 1 Bottle (1-1.5l)
  • soda crytals (you only need 2 tbsp BUT I bought a big pack because you don’t get them in small ones here AND it’ll last forever)
  • curd soap (make sure it’s organic, even vegan would be betetr because then it’s the best one for your laundry. I only paid 0.95€ for 100g)
  • essential oil if you want your detergent to have anice smell (I used lemon. Make sure you get pure essential oil)

How to make:

Step 1: grate 15g of curd soap. Put the grated soap and 2 tbsp of soda crystals in a bowl and mix them. Add 340ml /1,4cups of boiling water and stir until the soap has dissolved. wait for an hour.

Step 2: Add another 340ml/1,4 cups of boiling water and stir. You can add 15-20drops of the essential oil, if you’re using one. Let it rest over night. It will get some funny, gel-like texture. Don’t worry, that’s how it’s supposed to be. (I forgot to take a picture, IÄll make one next time and add it here).

Step3: Add another 340ml/1,4cups of boiling water and stir until everything is liquid again. Fill it into your bottle. Done!

I always use 2cl/1.4tbsp/0.7oz for one load of laundry. YOu can always use more if you want/need. If you have stains like the ones on cloth diapers or grass or other things that dont go out easily. you can double or triple the amount.

I’ve tested this detergent for over a month and I’m happy with it. My clothes are clean and smell nice (or they don’t smell if you’re not using any essential oils) and it’s really cheap. Also my rash has gone completely!( I always got small rashes on my arms before and didn’t know where they came from..)

Homemade laundry detergent

So, I saw a post about how millennials are just ruining yet another industry :coughbullshitcough:, and it had a “recipe” to make your own laundry detergent

I’ve done it before, so, I decided to make a picture guide

Start with this:

(Ignore the seltzer. That was for me for later.)

OK, so here we have:

  • Borax  ($3.97)
  • Washing Soda  ($3.97)
  • 4 lbs of baking soda (cheaper in grocery section than laundry section)  ($1.98, basically 50 cents a pound)
  • a Fels Naptha or Zote bar (laundry soap bars; either one will work)  (approx $1 each)

To make fragrance salt crystals:

  • Epsom salt (pharmacy)   ($2.86)
  • Essential oil blend (in the candle/incense section)   ($4.87)

All prices are Walmart prices, because I was there and didn’t want to bother going other places. So, for 1 batch of laundry detergent, it’s about $10-11, and another $9 to make multiple batches of salt crystals (I’m rounding a bit with MA sale tax)

The clear bottle on the right is an empty Purex fragrance bottle from a previous batch of detergent, with the last of that batch

Mix the Borax, washing soda, and baking soda in a pail, and grate your soap. I’d recommend buying a cheap cheese grater from the dollar store just for this, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the soap off

Your alternative is to cut up the soap and microwave it, 30 seconds at a time, to make it dry and crumbly when it cools:

WARNING: It stinks. And that smell will last for a while. Microwaving a bowl of water with vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda for 5-10 minutes, and leaving it for an hour will help. You can do the same with coffee if you have any left over. 

Also, large cubes are better than small cubes, because air flow. And don’t be impatient and do longer bursts:

So, mix it all together:

You can mix by hand, but they’ll get dry and soapy if you don’t wear gloves. I have an old laundry detergent pail with a tight fitting lid, so once everything’s in and I’ve crumbled the soap as much as I can, I can close it up and roll it around. This is a double batch, so it takes a bit over half this pail.

That Purex bottle I mentioned above? It happens to make an absolutely awesome shelf-sized container, and you’d use about 1/3 -½ the lid’s worth of your new soap per load of laundry. So if you want to, buy a bottle or 2 and mix them into your detergent, and reuse the bottles. (They’re about $4-5 or so)

The fragrance salts I kept in a separate bottle, and they were even easier. I poured salt into another Purex bottle (about ½ the carton) and added essential oil drops until I thought the smell was strong enough. Then just shake it up, and you’re done. Add a tablespoon or so to your load of laundry when it starts.

And that’s it! We go through the detergent quickly, but we go through any detergent quickly, because it’s a farm and we have lots of laundry to do. It will still take me several months to go through $20 worth of detergent


Request: Imagine Castiel telling you he fell in love with you when he was human. And still is.
Pairing: Castiel x Reader 
Words: 1,984

Song: Making Love Out Of Nothing - Air Supply (it’ll play an important role)


It was strange. The new nerves Castiel never needed to feel, scattered throughout his skin. He curled his fingers into his palm, squeezing his nails hard enough to leave behind pink half moons. ‘Human’ rolled off his tongue thicker than it ever had before, and suddenly a painful throbbing rose into his head. He grabbed at his temple with one hand, and with the other he shoved open the telephone booth, dialing Dean with dirty fingers.
Weeks later he ended up at the bunkers front door. His trench coat tucked under one arm, and his tie bunched up in his hand. He adjusted the red hoodie and knocked hard on the door; he only then felt the roughness of the wood. As an angel minuscule details like this never passed through him, touch was different.
“Cas?” your y/e/c eyes melted over his, and he swore you were glowing.
“Hello, Y/N” he greeted, awkwardly shoving his coat higher up his arm. You looked him up and down and suddenly everything Dean explained became reality.
“Dean! Sam!” you shouted, and your voice echoed through the war room into the library. He followed you down the stairs, and you could no longer feel his presence. Castiel’s grace used to radiate off of him, now all you felt was the smell of Cheetos.
“What’ve you been eating?” you sat him down and passed him a water bottle. He chugged it in seconds.
“Not much” he looked down at his feet.
“I’ll fix you some dinner” you smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder as you walked past him towards the kitchen. And there is was; touch. It was definitely different according to how suddenly difficult it was for Castiel to swallow.
He ran his palm up and down his jeans as he spoke to the brothers, but couldn’t help but inhale the smell of the burgers you were making. Dean noticed and shook his head, wondering how long it had been since the not-so-angel had a decent meal.
Castiel at the burger in one bite, leaving nothing but a crumb.
“Another one?” you gave a quiet laugh as he nodded. He watched your hair fall over your shoulders as you grabbed his plate, and wanted to reach for your hand as you used it to tuck a loose strand behind you ear. This feeling was bubbling inside Castiel, one he suppressed while he was an angel. Only now did he realize he shouldn’t have. He’s almost sure he knows what it is.
Days passed. The sun rose and set without fail, and as Castiel sat on the steps of the bunker he watched it hang above the clouds.
“Don’t stare directly at it” your voice caught him by surprise.
“But it’s beautiful” he said and you laughed, shutting the door behind you. “Well us humans can seriously hurt our vision. Try looking away and blinking” you sat next to him.
“Ow” he muttered, “There are spots everywhere. I may be injured” he said and you laughed again. He smiled at the sound, the open and unfettered naturalness of it. He would say that every minute if you’d laugh each time.
“How’re you adjusting” you asked, placing your hands on your knees.
“With your food and Dean’s movies, I think pretty well” he looked at you and you smiled.
“That’s good, Cas” you said. His hair was matted down, unlike the spikes when you first met him. His eyes had a newborn innocence now, but millennia of secrets still swirled in the bright blue.
“Dean said we should go out for drinks tonight, you up for it?” you asked a while later and he nodded.
“I would like to try whiskey” he said and you smiled.
“It’s not that great at first, but after a couple you’ll be loving it” you said and stood up, brushing the dirt off your thighs.
“I hope so” he said as he walked behind you and down the metal stairs.
“No way!” Dean shouted as he drove, “Must’ve been someone else” he looked over for Sam’s support, but the entire car was alight with laughter.
“Dean” you said through choking over your own tears, “I saw your face, it was you!” you exclaimed, grabbing your sides. Even Castiel laughed, his smile pressing his eyes shut.
“Why didn’t you tell us before?” Sam asked, finally able to speak.
“I was saving it” you crossed your arms, but couldn’t help cracking another laugh.
“You’re horrible” Dean muttered, making a sharp right.
“Yeah well” you smirked, rolling your eyes. When the Impala finally rode up onto the rocky parking lot, you exhaled, relaxing your entire body.
You pulled your jacket closer against you in the night’s wind, clenching your jaw so you wouldn’t shiver. You looked over at Castiel, who was shaking.
“Oh shit” you whispered, forgetting he could now feel the climate changes. You wrapped your arms around him and walked to the door together. If you’d been able to see his face, you would have seen wide eyes and tensed eyebrows.
“Better bring a jacket next time. Dean probably has an extra leather one or something” you said, swinging the door open. Dean tried to deny it, but you were far ahead of him.
Some eyes landed on you, and yours landed on others. Castiel walked behind you, speaking to Sam about something.
“See ya” Dean said, motioning to some girl by the bar. You rolled your eyes and laughed, “Alright” you said, and watched him saunter off.
You held up two fingers at the bartender, and Castiel took the stool next to you.
“Excited?” you asked in an excited tone, hoping to see the angel drunk. Well, human.
He nodded and curled his fingers around the glass. You clinked your drink with his, and gulped it down. Then he did, and you had to admit the way his adams apple bobbed was hot.
He let out a gasp, then coughed into his fist.
“There ya go” you motioned for another round, and kept the night going. Castiel wasn’t a lightweight and that became quite obvious after his seventh shot. You stopped at four, letting a buzz settle in behind your eyes.
“Another?” he asked and you nodded no, swallowing down a burp.
“But knock yourself out” you gestured and the bartender brought another shot, seemingly amused watching Castiel remain completely sober.
You looked for Dean only to see him outside, leaning over the Impala with some girl. Sam was on the other end, in a booth with a bunch of others.
You spun around wanting to meet Cas’s blue orbs, but hit hazel ones instead.
“Hey there” the man greeted and you smiled to be polite.
“Hey” you said, and tried to look over his shoulder to see Castiel.
“How about I buy you a drink?”
“No, I’m fine” you said. “I’m with someone anyways” you pointed to Castiel, trying to find a way out of speaking to this man. “Right, babe?” you said, and Cas’s eyes went wide.
“What? Uh, yes” he said and you grabbed his hand.
“Whatever” the man sighed and walked away. It had never been that easy before; you made a mental note to always bring Castiel. It then occurred to your that you never took your hand out of his, and that his fingers somehow perfectly fit with yours. He looked down at your hands intertwined and ordered another round.
With the laundry basket on your hip you kicked open Cas’s door to find him entranced in a book.  His room smelled like detergent and old wood, a mix of the only things he had there. It had only been a month, and you hadn’t had a chance to bring him anywhere to buy anything.
Quietly you laid his clothing on the edge of his bed, nearly making it back to the door.
“Thank you” he looked up, “Maybe you could teach me how to do my own?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” you smiled, somehow blushing at his silly question. “Yeah” you repeated as you left his room.
Castiel sat there, staring at his desk as his book began to fall from his loose grip.
It was only a week later that you took Castiel to the nearest furniture store, and let him run wild in the aisles.
You followed him with the cart, watching his bemused eyes scan every item on the shelves. Picture frames, funny statues, decorative pillows, and all different kinds of vases littered the shelves like an indoor garage sale.
He carefully placed a glass fish in the cart and you furrowed your brows at it. Then he took two pillows and shoved them into the cart. They matched your eyes, but that was a subconscious decision on his part.
“How about this?” you help up a lamp, about two feet large. It had beautiful blue glass adorning the brown wood.
“It’s nice” Castiel took it from your hands and into the cart. You continued following him until the cart was over-filled.
“We’ll come back soon, yeah?” you led him to the register and he nodded.
He managed to rack up nearly three hundred dollars, and you handed the cashier a card under the name of ‘Gordon Spear’.
“Just bought a new home?” the grey-haired cashier asked.
“What? Oh yes” you pretended.
“When I moved in with my husband, we bought just as much!” she laughed, “and your guy is quite a catch” she motioned to Castiel who was looking at the wind chimes.
You blushed at her words and grabbed the bags, saying a quick thank you. You walked out into the drizzle, tossing the bags into the backseat quickly.
“How about I drive?” Castiel asked hopefully.
“Do you even know how?” you asked when suddenly thunder hit.
“Never mind!” he shouted over the storm and ran to the passenger side. You ran to the drivers seat and landed, laughing and soaking wet.
“Maybe some other time” you said and he smiled, running his hands through his soaked hair. The drive back to the bunker was mostly silent, except Cas kept playing with the radio controls. Occasionally he’d land a rock station, sometimes a rap one. He finally stopped on a soft rock, and a familiar song played it’s dainty tune through the speakers.
“And I know the night is fading, and I know the time’s gonna fly. And I’m never gonna tell you everything I gotta tell you but I know I gotta give it a try” sang, and you found yourself whispering the words from memory.
“You know this song?” Castiel asked over the music.
“Yeah, it’s Air Supply’s, Making Love Out Of Nothing” you said smiling. You’d listen to this when you were younger, dreaming about a future with someone. Teenage you was amusing.
“I like this” Castiel said.
“But I don’t know how to leave you, and I’ll never let you fall” played, and you listened intently, keeping two hard eyes on the road.
“And I don’t know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all”
The last couple words crackled from the rain, but you sang them nonetheless. The windshield wipers moved at an even pace, and a thick comfort coated the Impala. Once you parked in the garage, you practically forced your feet to get out and continue walking away from the car.
Castiel looked over at you as he grabbed the bags from the backseat, domesticity becoming a familiar in him. His angel self would never be doing this, he’d just teleport it inside. But being human, he got to stop and live every moment he had missed as an angel. Maybe it was better this way, he thought to himself. Back to the basics. 

Part Two

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You never thought you’d be excited for food poisoning. But when the afternoon speaker at your conference was stricken ill with it, it allowed you to catch an early flight home to Niall. You hadn’t seen each other in weeks and he was only scheduled to be home for a few days. Getting to add a few extra hours to that time felt like an early Christmas gift.

You called him right before you boarded, just to check in and make sure he’d be home. You wanted to surprise him. “Just gonna hang out here I think.” You could hear him sigh and you pictured his long fingers carding roughly through the front of his dark fringe. “I can’t wait to collapse in our bed and pass out for about 12 hours babe.  Just wish you were here too.”

You smiled and did a silent little victory dance. He had no clue you were about to fly home.  “Aww I know Ni, but I’ll be home tomorrow. Miss you!”

By the time you landed and caught a car service back to the house, it was nearly midnight.  The house was dark, Niall was surely asleep.  You slipped in the side door, carefully toed off your flats, and dropped your overnight bag.  Unpacking could wait until the morning.  You crept through the house in your bare feet and headed back towards the bedroom.  You could see a faint light from under the door, and as you put your hand up to push it open you heard a moan.  You froze, your brain trying desperately to put the sound in context.  You pressed your ear towards the door and heard it again, along with a faint rustling sound.  For an instant your blood ran cold - you knew you were hearing someone having sex.  But in your heart of hearts you also knew Niall would never do that to you, it wasn’t in his nature.  The voices and sounds you heard sounded slightly tinny and far away.  You realized they must’ve been coming from the speaker on his laptop.  Instantly it clicked.  Niall was watching porn.  

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Chance Encounter Ideas for Your Muses: 

Muse A is checking out at the register, but much to their embarrassment, they are a dollar short. Muse B is waiting behind them, and kindly offers to pay the difference.

Muse A doesn’t know whether the powder or liquid laundry detergent is better, (let alone how to even do their own laundry) so they ask Muse B for help.

Muse A needs to buy alcohol for a party they’re hosting that night, but forgot their identification at home. They ask Muse B to make the purchase for them.

Muse A is whipping around the corner of an aisle with their full shopping cart, and crashes head on into Muse B’s cart.

Muse A has been trying to figure out the difference between baking powder and baking soda for nearly five minutes. Muse B offers their expertise.

Muse A is walking out of the store with a paper bag full of groceries when the bottom gives out, sending everything scattering. Muse B is the only person considerate enough to stop and aid them.

Muse A eats only the healthiest, organic foods. They are stuck in line behind Muse B, who has filled the conveyor with their cache of sugary snacks and processed foods. Muse A is unable to control themselves, and begins to give unsolicited health advice.

Muse A had always heard the supermarket is a great place to get a date. They try the following line on Muse B as they pass each other in the aisles. “The expiration date says ‘best if used by tonight.’ Can I make you dinner?” 

Muse A has been steadily sampling the candies and chocolate out of the bulk section, but Muse B catches them red handed!

Muse A moves to grab the last box of Earl Grey tea off the shelves, just as Muse B reaches for it.