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“I scared you away.”

Pair: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: “I scared you away.”

Warning: Language, making out, mentions of sex, brief violence, some crying Bucky.

Word Count: 1492

P.S ~ May or may not be typos. It might suck, because it’s my first Bucky one-shot. 

Credit to the owner. Gif is NOT mine.

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Here you were in a dark, and dimly lit room once again, he was there with a blank stare. You thought about the many times the two of you have been in this position. Trying to not make it noticeable that you’re always trying to figure him out, that you’re studying who he is. Today, you were thinking about when he was basically an experiment, they use to re-boot him, like he was a robot…no a toy. How could you make a human being into a toy, someone who once had feelings, was diminished to nothing but an object of their dirty deeds.

“Aye, I’m talking to you.” A familiar voice says, before a sharp pain is felt across your right cheek.

“Did you just slap me?” You yell, looking towards him.

“I was talking to you and you wouldn’t respond.” He says, the venom of anger seeping from his every word.

“That doesn’t mean you just slap me.” You retort, more calmly this time. “And with your metal hand at that.”

“Your father told me to train you, so that means you are not here to daydream.” He says anger evident this time.

“You’re not my father’s puppet, you’re not anyone’s puppet.” You say, trying to reason with him.

“Listen just get ready to spar.” He says going over to the cage in the middle of the room. “NOW!!!”

Walking over to the cage you give Bucky, one last glance before walking inside.

“Since you’ve already wasted 10 minutes of my time and practice time.” He pauses closing the gate door. “The rules are different first to tap out loses.”

“Whatever.” You say rolling your eyes.

Five minutes into this so called sparring match, and your back was already pressed against the metal of the cage, with Bucky’s forearm pressed against your neck, cutting off all oxygen to your airway.

Tapping his shoulder signaling you had, had enough.

Letting you go, he goes over to the other side of the cage grabbing a bottle of water, first drinking from it then pouring the rest of the contents on his head, and down his body.

He was a legit work of art, built like a Greek god.

WHAT THE HELL, you curse myself, not two minutes ago did this man have his forearm pressed against your neck now, you’re fantasizing about him. Though I mean who wouldn’t, the way his metal arm contracted and the deadly look in his eyes, created pools of wetness in your panties.

“You ready to go again.” He says, walking towards you, the wet tank top clinging to his body outlining every muscle, and with each step you felt your knees go weak.

Before your body took over and you pounced on him, you exited the cage and walked out of the training room. With your back pressed against the door, you let out a sigh of relief, quickly getting up and sprinting to the elevator when you heard heavy footsteps and Bucky’s cursing draw closer.

Once you’d finally made it in the elevator, you pressed the button to your floor quickly, leaving the doors to close just in time.

Making it back to your room, you close your door and head straight for the bed, flopping down on it.

You sat like this for what felt like five hours, sighing and screaming into your pillow. Getting up from your disheveled state, you head to your walk in closet and go to where you keep your undies, then straight to the bathroom, where you ran a nice relaxing bath.

Sitting in the bath, contemplating probably every life decision you’ve made since Bucky’s been in your life. Like you should definitely hate him for some of things he puts you through in training yet, you sit here fantasizing about the man. Though…you are mad at him because he won't…open up to you. He’s been here for 6 months and has warmed up to everyone EXCEPT you. What was wrong with you.

A creak of the door breaks you from your train of thought. Looking over your shoulder, you see Bucky standing there with unreadable eyes, but his emotions you could feel. Anger, Lust, Pain.

And once he notices you’ve noticed him he scurries away from the door, quickly getting out and putting your underwear on, as well as your robe.

You enter your room to see Bucky sitting on my bed, with his head in his hands.

“Buck, what’s wrong?” You ask, sitting beside him, putting your arm around his broad shoulders.

“N..nothing, it’s nothing.” He says trying to get up only for your hand to stop him.

“Bucky we both know you’re lying, now tell me what’s wrong.” You say, feeling his hand relax, in yours.

“I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, and I scared you away.” He explains, before sitting in the position he sat before. “That’s why I keep my distance so I can protect you.”

“You di…didn’t hurt me Buck.” You say, with a sincere tone. “I just had a lot on my mind and needed a break.”

“NO!!! Admit you think I’m a monster, and it’s true, I am.” He yells sorrowfully. “And it’s all I’ll ever be.”

“Buck that is not true. You’re an amazing guy, and personally the kindest trainer I’ve ever had.” You say trying to calm him.

“You don’t even know half of things I did in my past.” He says, silently sobbing in his hands.

“And I don’t need to know anymore than I already do, because when I look at you I see Bucky, not The Winter Soldier, because that wasn’t you, Buck… this is you.” You say as you grasp his face in your hands.

Looking at him you could tell he was speechless, trying to find words to refute your argument, but he couldn’t because when he looked at you he could see the sincerity in your eyes.

Then it happened a kiss was planted on your lips, it was gentle but passionate. It was something you’ve only ever dreamed of.

When the kiss was over, he looked at you searching for an answer in your face, quickly getting one when he sees the smirk spread across your face.

“I’m still a bit rust…” He tries to finish, only to be cut off by your lips smashing into his.

This time instead of a gentle kiss, it was more passionate more lust filled. Before you know it you’re straddling his lap, playing with his hair, while his hands wander over and across your body. You moan as his hands make their way to your ass and start to kneed and grasp at each cheek, giving your ass a quick but effective slap, every now and then.

In response you grind your hips into the the growing erection in his grey sweats.

“Ahh..Bucky fuck.” You curse as he pulls away and starts leaving marks only any exposed skin he could find.

Both of you break away when you here a knock at the door, leaving you two a heaving mess.

“Aye, Sergeant Barnes in there with?” Your eldest of two brothers asks, from behind the door.

Getting up from the position you were in, on Bucky’s lap, you go and open the door letting Y/B/N in.

“Oh good, well Buck dad needs you.” He says.

“Okay.” Bucky says, getting up quickly and going towards the door and stopping, turning around giving you a smirk.

He then proceeds to leave the room.

“Did you fuck Sergeant Barnes?” Your brother asks, with a smirk on his face.

“No, you fuckface.” You say, smacking him on the back the head.

“I don’t think my face is the one that’s going to be fucked tonight.” He says, before bursting into laughter.

“You know most brothers would be mad that their sister is involved with an older man.” You say giggling at how odd he was.

“Everyone knew it was going to happen, so much so we all placed a bet.” He says, fiddling with the teddy bear on your nightstand. “I had $100 riding on you two lasting for 3 months, but you know you screwed me over.”

You two were now laughing hysterically.

“So I have to know, who won?” You ask through fits of giggles.

“Uh..I think dad did.” He says, throwing the teddy bear at you.

“Dad!! Placed a bet.” You say shocked and in disbelief.

“Come Y/N, as soon as you two saw each the sexual tension filled the room.

“Shut up.” You say, sitting at your vanity.

“I will give you some advice.” He says, before beginning to exit your room, “Make sure you use protection, I don’t think I’m ready to be an uncle.”

“Shut up.” You giggle.

As you try to do your make up, all you could think about is Bucky and the make out session. Ugh, and that smirk. Gosh… this man is going to be the death of me.

END NOTE ~There might be a part two.~

So i saw a post a few days ago about neurotypicals who say that stim/fidget toys make you *less* focused and how fucked that is and it got me thinking of an analogy.

So you know when you try on a friend’s glasses and you can’t see shit???? Their glasses make your vision worse, right? But you realize that it’s because YOU DON’T NEED THEM. You might mention or make a joke about how blurry things are for you, but you still understand and appreciate that the glasses help your friend see, even though they aren’t good for you personally.

So when you try your friend’s tangle or fidget cube and claim, as a blanket statement, that it makes you *less* focused and that your friend should stop using it for that reason?? You’re being just as much of an asshole as if you tried on your friend’s glasses and said “wow, you know these ACTUALLY make your vision WORSE, right???” because you’re assuming that your experience is the same as theirs when it’s really, really not.

Back at it again with @sm-dc ‘s Bakery AU! Here are some previous doodles I’ve done for it, but I never doodled Viktor bringing in Makkachin to meet Yuuri!

I love going to bakeries and cute shops that have a special jar of dog treats–IT IS SO CUTE. Yuuri’s bakery would 10000% have one of these jars! And they would all be Makkachin’s! 

but how about lance making a huge stuffed toy for himself to sleep with

it’s a copy of his Lion, of course, with as many details as he could master, very soft and perfect amount of squishy

Lance sleeps with it every night, hugging tightly, and it makes him feel less alone

Keith knows about it and mercilessly (but friendly of course, cause they’ve become best friends and love each other dearly and also there’s something blossoming between them) teases him

one day Lance has too much of his jokes and sews a Red Lion toy for Keith

Keith scoffs and, of course, accepts the gift, but doesn’t even put it on his bed, just beside it

Lance pouts and constantly reminds Keith to at least pet it, if he is not going to sleep with it (which is its primary function) and says it was made with love

(keith manages to walk out of the room fast enough so Lance wouldn’t see his blushing face)

comes a time when Allura sends Lance on a solo mission

the mission goes very bad

all the paladins rush to the rescue, fighting tooth and nail, but they’re too late

the worst thing is, they can’t even retrieve Lance’s body, cause it’s buried deep under planet’s lava-covered ground

no one says it out loud, but they’re pretty sure the quiet muffled noise at the back of their heads, sad mourning sounds, is Blue’s equivalent for crying

Keith comes back to his room, feeling numb

when he lifts up his blanket, he sees his Red toy lying on the side, one huge plush paw covered by a piece of paper

it’s Lance’s handwriting

it says, ‘Sleep with her until I get back from the mission! <3″

Keith sobs. he pulls Red to him and wraps his arms around her.

she’s as soft as Lance promised.

Keith thinks about how Lance’s lion toy will never be hugged again by him.

from this night on Keith sleeps with two lions in his bed.


@gothtistic-stims I found a tutorial for how to make those cube things!

ngl, Sabo’s bounty was a bit of a letdown… i mean, he is the Second in Command to the World’s Most Wanted Man?! so i was expecting a much higher bounty, but i guess perhaps Oda didn’t want there to be a huge gap in the bounties among the ASL brothers…

anonymous asked:

so i am writing an autistic character in a dystopian future setting, who comes from a desert colony who doesn't have any metals or electricity, and hardly and advanced technology, obviously no industry. I'm trying to think what kind of make-do stim toys could they make themselves to stim with.

I really like this question and am happy to tailor my answers more specifically to your scenario if you let me know what senses your character would want to stimulate and what materials are available.

Also, you have said that there is no industry, but I don’t know if all individuals are completely self-sufficient, or if there is some kind of society where there is an exchange of goods and services among the people - would your character be able to trade with someone who had access to tools, or who could give them some materials? Additionally, I don’t know how long your character is willing/able to spend making stim toys - humans are very resourceful and a lack of modern technology would not necessarily stop them from creating complex items. However, making more complex objects is likely to be very labour intensive, especially if knowledge about materials has been lost, and if living conditions are tough there might not be the luxury of dedicating time to making anything complicated.

Anyway, here are some ideas of items that should be relatively easy to make, depending on what resources they have available:

Sand - if it is a sandy desert, there are lots of possible ways of incorporating into the character’s stimming:

  • Running it through their fingers, feeling it drain away and watching it fall
  • Rubbing sand against a hard surface to make a noise and feel the texture
  • Sand in a container - shake the container for the sound and the feel
  • Sand in a container with a hole in it - watch the sand drain away (like an hourglass)

There are lots of ways of making a container - a shell with a beeswax seal stopping the opening, a small bag sewn shut, a hollow stick with the ends stoppered, bone with the marrow removed, a found container left over from before everything went all dystopian.

Similar ideas can be done with small pebbles/shingle instead - maybe they could have a bag of pebbles that can be shaken, or manipulated, or emptied out and sorted.

Musical instruments - there are lots of simple instruments that can be made:

  • Drumming against an object
  • Bone whistle
  • Playing the bones (it’s like playing spoons)
  • Mouth bow
  • Mouth harp/jaw harp (these are a very good stim, you can feel the vibration along your jaw)
  • Rough object, draw stick against it (a bit like a guiro)
  • Shells, seeds, or stones with holes in - thread onto rope/string/vine and shake to rattle - can also be used as a fidget by moving beads up and down along the string
  • Castanets (made from shells maybe?)
  • Dried seed pods that can be shaken like maracas


Note: don’t try these chews yourself! I am thinking of a post-apocalyptic dystopian future and I don’t know how safe these are in reality. If you, the person reading this, think “hmmm, I would like a chewable stim toy”  then please buy one that you know is safe and made for humans, don’t just try to cobble something together yourself!

  • Beeswax chew
  • Rawhide chew
  • Some roots, bark, and branches could be used safely - eg. liquorice root, cinnamon sticks
  • Some plants might be used as chewable drugs and be a cultural norm in the society you’ve created (like paan, khat, coca), which your character might use, or might make their chewing more socially acceptable 

Useful stims

Your character might be able to stim in a way that produces items that they might need or be able to trade.

  • They might be able to hand-spin fibres into yarn. It is pretty easy to make a drop spindle, which would mean that your character could spin yarn and enjoy the twisting motion. Hand spinning can be frustrating at first, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it can be good.
  • A bow drill or pump drill is good to stim with. Again, there can be an initial hurdle with learning to use the pump drill, but it makes a nice rhythmic motion and can make a nice noise as well. Your character might be able to use the drill to make items to sell, or might just choose not to put a stone drill bit in and do it just for the rhythm. This video shows the process of making drills without using modern tools (note: video has no talking, but the subtitles/captions explain what is happening in the video).
  • Sandstone can be used for filing/abrasion, and your character might enjoy the repetitive movement. If they do, they might spend time using their abrasive stone to make objects that they can trade or use.


  • Waving fingers in front of eyes
  • Tying knots in rope/string/vine/hair/etc.
  • Using a feather to stroke face
  • Playing with clay - clay will dry out, but the dried out clay dust could be combined with oil so that it acts more like plasticine
  • If there is access to clay, they can also make small objects like buttons or beads and then pit fire them, then use the beads on bracelets or in their hair.


I will leave you with some questions:

- Are there any objects already made within their society? For example, prayer beads are used in various cultures

- Are there any old objects left from the past? Can they salvage objects or materials to use for making things?

- (This last question is me being curious and is not strictly related to the topic at hand) Why is there no metal???

Good luck with your story!

-Mod Snail

Just a small note that, even though you’re probably aware of that, body stims/ stimming with objects which have not been designed as stim toys can be enough and an autistic person doesn’t *need* stim toys usually (unless they fulfil very specific sensory needs which are difficult to fulfil in another way), even though they’re always fun!

-Mod Cat


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

Can we discuss Ty Blackthorn’s character development between CoHF and LM? He went from a ten year old who wouldn’t let anyone but Livvy touch him, who screamed and hit out at anyone who tried to get close to him, and turned into a 15 year old who is eloquent in expressing how he feels, who has developed coping mechanisms and who is a model of strength a younger version of himself could probably never imagine. The boy who Julian pulled glass from the hand of after he punched a jewellery box has become the Ty who has spent years working to find coping methods like headphones and fiddle toys. Honestly, I’m so emotional about how proud that makes me.

Predator - (M)

Genre; Smut 

Length; a tad over 2,000 words

Kink(s); Daddy kink, sadism, impact play, mild predator/prey play

Originally posted by frostyjeon

Hoseok swiftly moved over to you, grabbing a fistful of your hair; harshly tugging it to force your gaze up to his.
“You know..” He began in an animalistic growl that made your stomach tighten, “I fucking hate when you act like a brat..”

Just as you opened your mouth to speak, Hoseok shoved you onto the floor- hooking his long digits around your leather collar; propping you up on all fours before leading you down the lengthy hall into y'all’s shared bedroom.

Though he shared the dorm with his band mates, he had no shame in your lifestyle whatsoever. In fact, he didn’t care whether they watched him force you crawl or while violently face fucking you- in instances like these, you were nothing but a bratty little slut that needed to be put in her place.

As the two of you made it to the bedroom, he harshly yanked your collar; the snug leather choking you slightly as he dragged you back up to your feet with complete ease.

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How to make a bad impression on a mother, self-insert-version:

Went to McDonald’s to grab me one of those ice creams I love so much. In front of me was a mother with her little girl – around, four, five years old, minimum – and they were grabbing a Happy Meal for the little one, and the girl was already squeaking in joy of the toy she would get.

Now, I don’t know if it’s always like that, but here in our country, girls get the more “girlish” toy with their happy meal and boys the more “boyish” toy.  

And that little girl wouldn’t have that.

“Mommy, they gave me the wrong toy!” Already having ripped open the package to her meal to see what toy was in there. Looked like something from the Nerf-toys, in a crazy pink color. Like, BRIGHT pink.

“No, sweetie, they didn’t, that’s the toy for girls.”

“But I wanted the other one! The blue one!”

“That one is for boys, sweetie.”

And I, being a complete menace sometimes, throw in loudly, “You know, I also like blue a bit better than pink.”

There was a pause as the mother stopped counting her money and turned to me, already looking as if she wanted to yell at me, but her girl was faster, beaming up at me, “Blue is my favorite color!”

“Really?” I played along, as if I didn’t see that every bit of her clothes had at least a tiny bit blue in it. “Mine, too. Pink is cool, but blue just beats pink for me.”

“For me, too!”

And now the saleslady chimed in, looking just as amused as I felt. “If it’s just about the color, we have the same thing in blue. I can get it for you.”


“But that one is for boys,” the mother insisted, looking insecure by now.

And the saleslady looks at her, completely deadpan, and goes in a voice that says Are you kidding me “It’s the exact same toy.”

“Yes,” a guy behind me said, joining in. “But it’s blue. That’s so much better.

And then the girl started chanting, “Blue toy, blue toy,” and the guy behind me and I laughed, and the saleslady went to exchange the pink toy with the blue toy.

Left the McDonalds with only a little bit of anxiety after being in the center of attention, a feeling of victory and a sulking mother sitting in a corner with her happily babbling little girl who was aiming with her blue toy and waved after me and I think that’s all completely worth the hate of one weird mother.


Anonymous said: lazy/rainy day smut with luke!!


The rain hit the windows as the steam from the tea rose into the air. The iconic movie of Valentines Day played on the TV, as I got cozy in the blankets. Luke came downstairs in grey sweatpants making my mind wander. “Hey, eyes up here pretty girl,” Luke snickered. I shook my head, “sorry.” I moved over so Luke could come cuddled with me. “So what are we watching, pretty girl?” He asked. “Valentines Day.” I answered. I laid my head on his chest as his hands ran through my hair.

Luke’s hands roamed around my body, making me shiver under his touch. “I was thinking about you this morning,” Luke whispered. I hummed in response, “how?” He lifted my head up, making me face him. “How much you love my fingers, how I can make you cum in seconds,” Luke toyed with the top of my shorts. I felt myself grow wetter with his words. 

“How my cock fills you up all the way and how you feel empty without it,” His hands tugging my shorts down. “Luke,” I whimpered. “What is it, pretty girl?” Luke said, moving me to his lap.

My lips ghosted over his when he finally closed the gap between us, by bringing our lips together. His fingers circles my clit, making me whimper in his mouth. I started kissing Luke’s neck as he moved to the inside of my panties. “Fuck, you’re so wet baby,” Luke moaned. He teases my entrance with his finger, slowly entering it. 

I moaned when Luke started to move his fingers at a fast pace. My back arched into Luke, my breasts on full display. “Cum for me pretty girl, you can do it,” Luke encouraged. “Mmm, Luke fuck,” I moaned. He started attacking my neck, leaving his marks all over me.

“Come on pretty girl, let it go like a good girl,” He smirked. And with that, I released all over his fingers. He brought his fingers to his mouth tasting my juices, “You taste so good princess.” I immediately kissed him, tasting myself on him. I sunk to my knees, removing Luke’s sweatpants along with his boxers. “You know what to do, pretty girl.” Luke said.

I took his cock in my hands, slowly stroking it. I licked up the base of his cock, taking everything I could. “Fuck,” Luke moaned taking my hair in his hands. I bopped my head slowly, stroking what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“Faster baby,” Luke growled. I moved my head faster, becoming a little sloppy. I licked the tip, swirling my tongue the way he likes it. “Okay, okay, okay,” Luke pulled my mouth off him. “C’mere, baby, lay down,” Luke said. I lied on the couch, waiting for Luke. “Luke please, fuck me,” I whined. Luke smirked to himself, positioning himself in front of my entrance. Luke slowly entered me, knowing I hate the anticipation. “Fuck, move please,” I moaned.

“You’re such a good girl.” He said before kissing me. His hands massaged my breasts before kissing each one.  My whole body was shaking in euphoria. He fiddled with his lip ring as he pounded into me in full control and concentration. His movements where slow at first, but soon he shifted my legs changing positions getting a better, deeper angle. 

Both of us were a moaning mess. My eyes grew heavy and I felt my second orgasm of the night nearing me. My nails raked down Luke’s back as I moaned out loud. He caught on to my signal before mumbling that he was close too.

I released, clenching around him setting off his orgasm. He thrusted sloppily, milking his first and your third before pulling out and falling next to me. “Mm, I’m sleepy,” I whispered. “Let’s take a nap pretty girl,” Luke kissed my head before we both drifted off.

Is no one else gonna talk about the very accurate kind of alien-racist propaganda that is taking a mutant revolutionary, executing him, then marketing a line of plushies portraying him as an exaggerated, barely-trollian monster? Because I know it’s a joke but it’s also so, incredibly Condesce.

(Small disclaimer: this post is gross and somewhat akin to irl racism, wrt racist caricatures. It’s not supposed to be cool and good. Alternia sucks.)

You tune into your local TV station on a Saturday morning to the sound of a familiar jingle and a peppy, midblood-but-not-too-midblood announcer:

[Upbeat music] New from Crockercorp Industries - it’s My Pet Suffererbeast!

Featuring interactive toy design, you can let your Sufferer free, or keep him locked inside! But be careful - you never know what kind of mischief your Sufferer might get into! [Cut to a broken vase, with a child innocently convincing their lusus that the Sufferer doll did it. Both shrug to the camera.]

When it’s time to punish him for his crimes… find a special surprise inside! [Child’s voice: “Wow- it’s an arrow!”]

My Pet Suffererbeast. Available at select retailers, brought to you by Crockercorp Industries. Accepting bootleg merchandise is treason under imperial code AA-134.