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Since You’ve Been Gone -- A Brittana Valentine’s Semi AU (Updated Daily Until Valentine’s Day)

A daily (until Valentine’s Day) updated work! “It’s been one year since Brittany stormed out of the door and left Santana to head to New York City. Things had been looking good for the pair with their wedding day only a few weeks away, but when Brittany got a new job in New York that would have meant a fast track for her career, Santana let fear keep her on the West Coast. On the anniversary of their engagement (and with the help of her friends Mercedes and Sugar), Santana has to put everything on the line to win Brittany back, and show her how much she’s missed her since she’s been gone.”

The phone had been ringing for about 45 seconds before Santana managed to untangle herself from the blanket, dig under one pillow (wrong one), another (another wrong one), and then finally flip herself upside down and slide a hand under a bed. It stopped ringing and she pulled it blurrily up to her face.


‘One Missed Call’ flashed harshly back at her. Of course, she should have been up. It was almost ten. But her job kept her up late most nights, and she’d gotten used to sleeping in, even on her days off. The call looked like it was from Mercedes, and she wondered what her friend would have to tell her in the middle of the day. She’s rubbed a hand through her thick, dark hair. Mercedes had only been back in the States a couple of months, but they wanted her for a production of Dreamgirls. She’d killed it in the West End for the past year, and now investors were scrambling to get some of her talent across the pond. She smiled thinking about Mercedes. She was so proud of her. In the meantime, the rehearsals had been running her friend ragged. She barely had time to chat as opening night got closer, but Santana had understood. She was about to call Mercedes back when the phone began ringing in her hand. She nearly dropped it again, before getting her bearing, and pressing Accept.

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anonymous asked:

how does length of the show features into endgame arc specs? I'm here since s8 and I remember ppl had the same talks back then; canon Destiel, ending copendendency, Sams endgame and a "three arc story structure" but with eath renewal goal posts kept being moved ("they just streched act 2 into 2 seasons") but in the end fizzled into nothing cause with no clear end in mind it seems like we wont ever meet this magical "endgame" and now we are back where we started and why would it be different now


“The goal posts keep being moved”. Of freaking COURSE they do! Cos we don’t know when endgame is! That’s kinda the point…

So that’s why we have had repetitions of character arcs, as @mittensmorgul says, it’s like a spiral of narrative because we see things again and again but every time it’s a little more because they can’t just retread, so it’s slightly different and it moves slightly closer and it all builds up so it could happen if this or the next was the last season but it keeps getting renewed so… yeah they end up kind of backing themselves into a corner where, eg, they had to stall the story for example with the MoC arc which stalled Dean’ progression. Season 11 basically takes up Dean’s narrative from the… end season 8? Where he had his regression arc to codependency with Sam and low self worth and came out the other side (which is what we are getting with Cas right now).

So of course at some point we will meet this magical “endgame” because we will get to the end of the show! We are absolutely not back where we started, I mean, Dean, Sam and Cas have all changed since we first met them, they’re getting towards their individual endgames but this happens in ups and downs where at various points if they needed to they could have tied them up but they are renewed so we are instead moving steadily along closer and closer, in the spiral, with some ups and downs to keep it going but we are still not at the ENDGAME because we are not at the END.

It’s so frustrating sometimes I write my heart out (and other people do obviously, but I’m talking about myself here) about ENDGAME and STORYTELLING and how the characters have to be at their own individual endgame to have a relationship that makes sense and can be GOOD so Destiel shouldn’t be canon until ENDGAME because they are not at their individual endgames yet then people are like “well if it didn’t happen in season 8 it won’t happen now” and its like JEEZ did you not pay ANY attention to what I JUST SAID?

So yeah, at the MOMENT I and many others are working off season 14 probably being the end and this makes sense with how they’ve set up Jack as the catalyst for all their endgame arcs, enabling them to take the final leap and absolutely this is set off by Dean’s arc coming to a climax in 12x22.

If Dean hadn’t had this I wouldn’t be so positive about it coming to a close so soon, but because Dean is, lets face it, the main protagonist, it’s hella hard to keep the show going if he is “sorted” while the other two aren’t. They could, it just depends how they are going to do it but imo it makes most sense that s12 was all about Dean metaphorically (and lbr, seasons 6-12 basically were all about Dean with side snippets underneath of Sam and Cas of course, but over the top it was the Dean show imo) and season 13 will be heavily Cas/Sam focused with Sam finishing up the last season as the main focus after being the in theory main focus of the start of the show - tying it all back up into the circular narrative and mirrors that SPN loves.

I hope that all makes sense. Basically yes they could keep going and we could get more regressions / down turns to keep the story going for more seasons but as it stands I’m currently working of season 14 as endgame and hey if that changes then my spec will change, but right now everything is playing towards that narratively and in interviews etc so… I’m going to stick with it for now.

1st pic: After failing on my 1st try (molding box leaked and silicone didn’t cure), I didn’t bother anymore building a molding box. I’ll use 3 plastic cups for the box and focus on getting the right amount of silicone and its catalyst mix first. My objective was to get my mold cured! For half cup of silicone, I used ½ table spoon (tb) of catalyst in the 1st cup, ¾ tb in the 2nd cup, 1 tb in the 3rd cup. I made them in the afternoon and the next morning, the silicone in the 1st cup didn’t cure, the 2nd and the 3rd were cured. I ripped open the cup and took the silicone out. I noticed the 2nd mold was more elastic than the 3rd. So finally, I found the right amount of how much catalyst I should use to make the silicone rubber cured.

2nd pic: Just to make sure the silicone cured right to the core, I cut it open. I cut it in wavy form because it will close the mold back tighter when I pour the resin into it. And yep, it was cured to the core!

3rd pic: Based on the successful recipe on cup no. 2, I made another mix. This time I used an old owl plastic figurine which I had sprayed all over with clear lacquer. The mold was cured nicely and I could take the owl out without problem.

Next goal: Buying resin and trying to find the right amount of resin vs catalyst so that the resin will cure. I will use the same empirical method again (with 3 cups) to get the enlightenment. After I find out the right amount of both of them, I’ll make another mix to be poured into the owl mold. Wish me luck!!

About Anakin’s prosthetics

Like, I get it okay? I understand the desire to make Anakin “young” again by using technology or the Force to “make him whole.” I get it.

But I still really don’t like it.

Anakin isn’t “whole” because he needs to really on technology to function?

Anakin isn’t “fully Human” because his limbs are robotic and needs a machine to breathe for him?

Anakin being “more machine now than man” is a driving force that makes him “twisted and evil”??

Yeah, how about, no. 

Anakin is still fully Human even if his limbs are not organic. Anakin isn’t twisted and evil in part because of his non-organic body parts. 

Sure, it can be said that Obi-Wan didn’t mean those two things are connected, but this is coming from the man who says “it’s only a droid” when Anakin told him he wanted to go look for R2 when there was a really chance that R2 was dead. Who only wanted Anakin to look for R2 when he revealed that he never wiped R2′s memory. Of course, it makes sense to Obi-Wan to wipe the droid’s memory, it’s only a droid after all. It doesn’t matter, it can be replaced. 

Anyway, I bring this up because I’m reading a fic where Anakin was “restored” with all his limbs, the ability to breath, and the appearance of someone in their twenties. And, instead of Obi-Wan being all “you must kill your father, Luke, you can not save him” he was open to the idea that Anakin could be saved, or, at least, not go back to Palpatine. 

Yeah, it’s a fanfic, it isn’t canon. But I’m not convinced that canon!Obi-Wan wouldn’t have taken this attitude in such a situation.

Obi-Wan dissociated Darth Vader from Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader = evil half machine. Anakin Skywalker = good old friend. If Vader was made to look like his old self, I think Obi-Wan might have been more open to his potential redemption. After all, the suit only made things easier for Obi-Wan to separate Anakin and Vader; if Vader looked like Anakin then Obi-Wan would be confronted with the truth that Anakin Skywalker = Darth Vader. 

And this is part of the reason it is so important that fanfic writers, in my opinion, not make Anakin into his younger self (physically) in order to redeem him. (This can also be said as an award for his redemption, but that one is more complicated.) 

Not having all your limbs does not make you less. Having to rely on technology to help you through everyday bodily functions does not make you less. Needing life support does not make you less.