how to make thai rice pudding

Shinee 5 Trying your foreign cooking

Them trying your cooking from your foreign country for the first time     -Anon


  • What is this?
  • Knoephla?
  • Knoephla soup?
  • Why is this so good and creamy and
  • This is German soup?
  • Wow
  • Makes you make it for him all the time
  • Esp. when he has long rehearsal days bc it is cool cold too.
  • 100% in love with it
  • Makes you cook him more German food when he is feeling adventurous.
  • “It’s like I’m in Germany!”


  • What the H E c K is Klub?
  • Potato dumpling stuff?
  • Okay,
  • Tries it even if it looks kinda weird.
  • REally likes it.
  • He asks you to make him it whenever he gets a cold or a sore throat.
  • Will beg for it too
  • Why aren’t you this good at cooking everything else?
  • Apologizes.
  • Loved you and all your Norwegian food.


  • Your mom used to make these for you
  • You know the recipe
  • #CrepesforBreakfast
  • Buys a ton of different topping to try
  • Tries to speak French with you
  • You laugh at his accent.
  • Lots of instagram pictures of you cooking crepes
  • Boomerangs of him flipping a crepe
  • More cute picture of aesthetic breakfast set up with tons of crepes.


  • Doesn’t care how many pounds he is going to gain
  • Fry Bread is the shit
  • American Indian Fry Bread is something you used for tacos or cinnamon bread
  • He is in love….
  • With the food tbh
  • 14 fry bread tacos in one week.
  • You end up cutting him off after he learns how to make it himself and starts to make it for all of SHINee.
  • Wanted to start a fry bread food truck.
  • “People would love this!”


  • Picky Eater™
  • “Oh my god why is this pudding black?”
  • He didn’t want to try your Black rice pudding bc he’d never even heard of it before.
  • After you begging him, you get him to try it.
  • He loves it.
  • Can’t get enough.
  • Takes a little tupperware container of it with him when he has to eat on the go.
  • Loves helping you make it too.
  • He wants you to make some Thai dishes he hasn’t tried yet.
  • Thinks you’re magical bc he likes everything you make.

A/N- I didn’t know what foreign places to take the foods from, so I used my ethnicities and used ceratin dishes my family makes.

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