how to make rose water

Making Rose Water

Making rose water is actually more simple than you think. Rose water can be used in multiple things such as love spells, self-love, attracting love, etc. The things you will need are:

- Rose Petals
- Rubber Band to seal the rose petals in the coffee filter(optional)
- Coffee filter for a quick tea bag(optional)
- Water that fits your purpose (I’m using rain and moon water)
- Sealable Jar

First, collect your rose petals. The more petals you use the more potent the water will be. After you’ve done that, put your rose petals in the center of your coffee filter and fold it up to create a tea bag, use the rubber band to seal it off. If you dont have a coffee filter or don’t want to use one, you can always just let the rose petals stay in the water loosely.

After you’ve made your tea bag, you can put water in a Sealable jar. You could use a variety of waters that fit your purpose. I am using moon and rain water for this. Once you have an amount of water that you are satisfied with, add in your tea bag and seal off the jar. The lid is important because the water will evaporate if you dont put one on. Now all you have to do is wait 1-3 weeks depending on how potent you want your water to be.

Blessed be!

How to make rose water

You will need:
Rose petals (fill your bottle a third of the way)
Sugar or salt (1/8 tsp)
A spray bottle (I used an old perfume bottle)

Shove your rose petals in the bottle, filling it a third of the way. Fill rest of the way with water, shake, and let that sit for a few hours.

Rose water is proven to reduce inflammation, acne, rosacea, tone the face, and tighten pores.

You may choose to charge the water with an attraction spell before use, but you could also use this as a face mist like I do, or a perfume. It works either way.

anonymous asked:

how do you make rose water?!

It’s Real easy !! You get a few roses I measured 1 and a half cups of water per ever ½ cup of roses, but I threw in an extra rose just to be safe and you boil the water before adding the petals and then you just let that boil until the water turns reddish or the petals start losing color!