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bmc headcanon

whenever rich admits his full name is ‘richard’, michael starts making ‘dick’ jokes. and one day he makes the iconic joke of, “how do you get dick out of richard?” and just as rich is about to combust, jake replies, “you ask politely”

rich is a blushing mess, michael is wheezing with laughter and jeremy is trying to make sure his boyfriend isn’t dying


hi I made wirt pride flag icons bc I’m fuckin trash :)) and since I now know how to make icons I’ll probably make more with other characters because I’m in a shitton of fandoms but anyway,, rb or © me if you’re using these k thanks byE

also shoot me a msg or send an ask if you want one with another flag or just a plain color bg alright coolio

anonymous asked:

hello! i was wondering what program you used to make icons and/or if you knew any good programs that are free

hey! i use photoshop cs6 to crop and edit all my icons. you can find torrents of this online if you don’t want to pay £300 for the program - do be wary of some torrents though! if you message me privately i’ll link you to the one that i use (it comes with instructions of how to install too!) and it’s worked perfectly for me for years with no issues.

i have a tutorial of how i make my icons in ps here

some free programs i used to use for icon making were things like picmonkey but i know that site has changed now and they only give you a free trial when you use it.

i suppose it depends on what type of icons you’re looking to make! i personally feel as though you can really use any program and make good icons if you utilise the space you’re given! 

i edited this cap in picmonkey and it was waaay more straightforward than photoshop. i’ll put the original cap below too!

the only thing i’d say about picmonkey is that when you go to save your edit, the quality drops a lot more than with photoshop (or at least to me it looks that way???) but in all honesty i think your best bet is to find a cracked version of ps or try out picmonkey and if you like it then you can get a membership with them. i’m not sure how much it is but given what they offer in terms of editing i don’t think it’ll be that much.

if you follow a process of uploading a cap into a program as simple as mspaint, i think you could definitely use the paintbrush tool to paint around the area you want in your icon with the colour you want and then load it into any online picture editing space you can find and just play with filters! you can then crop your icons to the appropriate size you want (atm i use 350x350 but i’m close to changing that)

honestly it’s how you choose to make the most of your tools that counts!


gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”

hunk doing the thing

i’m screen capping season 2 to make roleplay icons and I CAN’T GET OVER HOW CUTE HUNK IS WHEN HE DOES THE THING WITH HIS HANDS WHEN HE’S SCARED ITS TOO CUTE 

actual magical boy hunk


just kidding keep it up LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS

also his hair looks so flawless in his bubble like super cute A+++ cute fluffy hair hunk



omg could he get any cuter? probably IM NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON YET

bonus pic of hunk probably wanting to do the hand thing but not scared just quite enough for it so he’s just got them there in front still super cute yes gold stars for hunk!!!!