how to make flower crowns

ok you know that ‘make the princess laugh and you can have her hand in marriage’ thing?

imagine so many come in.

they try, so hard, to make her laugh.

she just sits there, morose, ignoring every man who tries to coax a smile.

one day she’s sitting on the balcony. she just looks so sad.

of course that little thief tries to make her smile.

a girl who goes through the (semi public) royal gardens every day to pick flowers, even though technically only the royal family is allowed to do that. 

she sees the princess while she’s picking them up to sell on the streets, and she’s just… so sad. this princess needs someone to cheer her up.

and she tries. she’ll do silly dances when she comes in, she’ll bring up frogs from ponds and act out comedies, she’ll make flower crowns and exaggerate just how hard it is.

the first few days, the princess doesn’t even look at her.

then she starts noticing. this girl, trying so hard to cheer her up. she probably hasn’t even heard of the hand in marriage thing, she doesn’t know she’s trying so hard for nothing.

but she does it anyway.

one day, the princess starts talking to her as she does these things. “You do know that it’s useless?”

“What?” the thief says. “No way! I’m going to get you to laugh!”

“The best jesters in the kingdom have tried, don’t bother,” the princess declared pessimistically, staring down at the girl.

Then the thief puffs out her chest, “Of course I am! I’ll find the best jokes, even better than the jesters have found! I’ll… fight a fire breathing dog for them!”

There’s no laugh, but the corner of the princess’s mouth twitches. it’s sad how she thinks she can make me laugh…

the girl keeps trying, for years, making more silly stories and trading flowers for jokes rather than food or money. the princess slowly realizes the girl is getting closer and closer, asking her for responses in knock knock jokes and encouraging her to speak when she wouldn’t respond immediately.

the princess eventually had the girl hanging from her balcony, holding on tight to the rail and feet wedged between the columns, grinning and telling yet another iteration of that already old chicken joke.

the princess has been smiling, slightly, but she mostly just looks unresponsive. the girl is happy, it’s better than looking so sad, like she had been years before.

the girl moves on to puns, pointing at the exotic lunch the princess was eating. “Why do the melons have to go to get married? They cantaloupe!”

“You only know that word because of me,” the princess snarks, but there’s a small smile there, a bit of happiness. This little flower girl, this thief has grown into an amazing friend, a wonderful person who genuinely just wants to help. she doesn’t know of the deal, only nobles and jesters could know, not the commonfolk.

“Well, it makes quite the pun,” the girl says, proud of her joke. a smile! what an accomplishment!

“Say…” she continued, “What would you call a princess who got swept up in conversation a thief?” she pulled a flower out of her pocket, waving it in front of the princess’s face. the princess’s eyes crossed to see the flower before they rolled at the obvious setup.

though, it was interesting that it obviously involved them.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, sighing in preparation for another horrible pun. “What?”

the girl grinned. “A pretty theft!” she exclaimed, ticking the flower against the princess’s nose.

the princess froze for a moment, stunned. she had been complimented a million times over, called graceful by etiquette instructors, been called beautiful by many a suitor, been called wonderful by her mother before… she stopped thinking about that. 

she had never been called pretty.

she burst into laughter at the commonplace compliment, as if she was some sort of milkmaid who had somehow grown up to be good looking! it was ridiculous, the notion, yet somehow it had her blushing all the same.

then she suddenly stopped, realizing what she’d done.

the flower thief was staring at her in amazement, a blush of her own speckling her cheeks. her flower tilted out from in front of the princess’s nose, as if it had it’s own amazement.

“Wow…” the girl breathed. she’d never heard something so beautiful in her life.

The princess was silent, knowing what she had just done. She had just laughed for the first time in years.

The girl may not have been aware of the arrangement, but she was quickly swept up in it. A maid had heard the laughter and burst in, to find the thief and the princess, caught up in each other’s eyes, reveling in what had just happened.

The wedding was beautiful, a flower filled affair, a wonderful nod to how it happened. The king was so happy to see his daughter with someone who made her smile for once, tearing up as they were wed.

The princess’s laugh was still incredibly rare. She still had a hard time smiling. But a well timed joke from the girl– no, her wife– and another flower that had a hidden meaning behind it, than maybe, maybe you would hear it.

After all, the princess had finally laughed with the one she loved.

Moariel Headcanons

🌸 Moana as a child growing up playing with a little girl in the waves

🌸They can never get close though, seeing as Moana can’t breathe underwater and Ariel doesnt last too long on land

🌸Moana teaching Ariel how to make flower crowns

🌸But you know that Ariel gets to distracted by Moana to really pay attention

🌸When Moana sets out to find Maui, Ariel tags along, swimming next to the boat

🌸Ariel pulling Moana out of the waves during the storm, making sure she’s alive

🌸Moana thanking her with a gentle hug ( that has Ariel smiling for days afterwards)

🌸Ariel teaching Moana how to sail, how to use the sea

🌸Moana blushing whenever Ariel tries to teach her simple things, hands grazing and sitting in silence

🌸Moana teaching Ariel the stars, noticing the sparkling in her eyes as she stares up at the sky

🌸Ariel hugging Moana after her and Maui get out of the Realm of Monsters, grateful she’s ok

🌸Ariel gaining her legs from Te Fiti as a gift for helping her restore herself

🌸Their first kiss is on the shore of Montunui

🌸it’s sweet and soft, like the ocean breeze on a summer day

🌸Ariel traveling with Moanas family to Te Fiti’s island

🌸Moana and Ariel cuddling on the shore, watching Grandma Tayas sting ray pass

🌸just ocean girlfriends being ocean girlfriends

Shance Valentine Special

A random Valentine’s day AU for y'all! Warning: sugar. Diabetics should proceed with caution.

Shiro owns a small flower shop. Valentine’s day coming up so he has to hire an assistant for a few weeks to help carry the load. That’s where our dearest lance comes into the picture.

Lance is a struggling college student (yet again lmao), and he sees an ad for a job paying 15$ an hour where all you need is to know how to make bouquets and flower crowns properly. Lance sees an opportunity, calls up his little sister, and spends 3 hours learning how to make flower crowns to get the job.

The next day he walks into the flower shop like waddap I got a big cock- uhh I mean flower. I mean I know how to flower. I meAN I’M HERE FOR THE JOB HI MY NAME IS LANCE (listen, Shiro in an apron, sleeves rolled up, the entire place smells like flowers. You would shit your pants as well)

Shiro tests him and wow, the kid is a little clumsy but he knows his shit and his colors pallets! Hella aesthetic!

Consider Shiro impressed.

Consider Lance hired.

Consider them both crushing.

They click immediately, with Lance’s constant babbling and Shiro’s vast general knowledge. Lance snarks about rude consumers after they leave, and Shiro always shakes his head, amused, because he already knows better than to let them get to him in any way.

They flirt, obviously. Lance keeps bringing up how they’re each other’s Valentine date seeing as they’re going to be spending it all together, working. Shiro chuckles and tells him it’s not a proper date, and it’s sad he’s been treated so poorly he thinks it qualifies as a date.

Lance almost suggests Shiro should show him what a real date looks like.

Shiro almost asks him out on a date.

But they don’t, because it’s still too soon. They’re still very unsure of the other’s feelings, even though Shiro keeps catching Lance glancing his way, and Lance definitely notices the way Shiro finds the smallest excuses to sling an arm around his shoulder, grab his wrist, bump their hips when they work side by side.

They feel it, but they don’t know for sure, and so they pine, and wait, and pine some more.

Valentine’s day!! Exhausted, Hands full of tiny thorn stabs, smelling like flowers and sweat, our boys finish the day. As of the next day, Shiro won’t need an assistant anymore. This would be the end. As they clean up and organize things for tomorrow, these facts hang in the air like a suffocating blanket of truth. They’re quiet, not because there is nothing to say, but because they both WANT to say something, they want to say a lot of things, but they can’t. The feeling grows heavier and heavier, they both work slower and slower, dragging out the moment they have to go home.

But no matter how much they stall, eventually the work is done. Nothing to do but close the door and go home. They stand, hesitating, outside the door, shuffling their feet and gathering their courage. Then suddenly, together they speak:

“Shiro, I-”

“Do you want to maybe go to a-”

They both shut up and chuckle, gesturing the other to go on.

Lance is staring at Shiro’s dimples as he speaks, because he’s too embarrassed to meet his eyes. “I… uh… Well,” he scratches behind his head, “I thought maybe you’d like to do something? This weekend? Like a movie or-”

“A date?” Shiro injects, eyebrows raised.

“I- well- uh… Yeah?”

“Then yes.” Shiro smiles wider and Lance is momentarily blinded but he really doesn’t mind because HOLY FUCK Shiro just agreed to go on a date with him WHAT WOULD HE EVEN WEAR- His thoughts get cut off by Shiro asking, “Where are we going?”

To which Lance has to admit, “I have no idea, I didn’t really think I’d get this far. I wasn’t planning on you saying yes.”

Shiro frowns. “You value yourself way too little. But it’s okay, we can work on that. And by then, I’ll show you a real date, how does that sound?”

And honestly, no sound has been sweeter to Lance’s ear than those words. Well, except maybe the “I do” Shiro says at their wedding a few years later.

Live Life Golden Part 8

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2994

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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a random list of all the sawamura eijuns that i think about

  • sawamura eijun with his hair pushed back 
  • sawamura “wait i have to pet this dog and play with him a little bit before i move on” eijun 
  • sawamura eijun: great with kids, or just one of the kids?
  • of course i know how to make flower crowns! i have wakana teach me after all!” 
  • sawamura “forever singing doing menial tasks” eijun 
  • sawamura “im not a genius but i sure as hell am so much better than all you baseball idiots in all the other sports gah hahaha” eijun 
  • sawamura “i know a shitload of useless facts and home remedies that work 100% of the time” eijun 
  • sawamura “let me warm up your bed when you have a cold” eijun 
  • aka that is in fact a real thing. 
  • alternative medicine major, sawamura eijun. university au. in which eijun loves taking care of his sick flatmates because this means a chance to try out all these home remedies he’s come up with. and oh my god, they all taste so disgusting and sometimes they’d much rather stay sick than have to drink that weird concoction eijun’s made for them. but holy shit, it actually works. 
  • literature major, sawamura eijun. i just love eijun + books. as much as i love eijun + shoujo manga, i love eijun + classical/historical literature more. i thought it was adorable how he was reading the book of five rings during his yips. i actually tried to read that book, and holy hell it was boring af. and remember the time he tried to pick up crime and punishment ???? 
  • sawamura “i turn to books for inspiration whenever im doubting my abilities” eijun. 
  • sawamura eijun the human heater. in which everyone loves to cuddle with eijun during winters because his body is so damn warm. 
  • sawamura “what do you mean get a dog?! i promised my childhood dog that i will never ever replace him! we spent every minute together and now he’s gone up to doggy heaven. i can’t just get another dog” eijun. 
  • sawamura “talking to plants will make them feel loved and grow stronger” eijun. 
  • sawamura “sometimes haruno and wakana sends me american pop music videos and i like to sing them during practice and copy their dance moves. im actually very good at singing and dancing. holy siht did you know i could do this?”  eijun
  • oblivious flirt and forever charming random girls w/ his brash yet sunny personality 
  • sawamura “all the moms love me” eijun. 
  • what the fuck sawamura? are you just plain stupid or actually a genius?” 
  • “yeah i know how to knit! what of it?! my obaa-chan said being able to create things with your bare hands is very manly! even wakana agrees!” 
  • sawamura “sometimes i use wakana’s name to stop kuramochi-senpai from teasing me of these random hobbies he deems as ‘girly’” eijun.

“What is this sorcery?”

I want Aerith to teach the boys how to make a flower crown and I want Zack to be ridiculously good at it while Cloud just doesn’t get it

little doodle because reasons

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it’s been so long since I’ve done a serious edit…
I can’t figure out how to make it look…. better, so take it as-is I guess

KamiAso flower-crown edits, bc those were so cute

Ahem, in response to my previous angsty NIghtsilver thing, let me compensate with fluff:

- Peter and Kurt h o l d i n g h a n d s

- Peter and Kurt brushing fingers for just a little longer than strictly necessary

- Lazy afternoons lying outside in the park when the sun is warm and the air is calm and the grass is soft and the other is so beautiful

- Kurt wants to learn how to make flower crowns and Peter just so happens to be blessed with a little sister, so they both end up with crowns of daisies in their hair

- Peter who really likes having his hair played with somehow lets it slip and of course Kurt will oblige (and a certain speedster learns that he loves playing with the Amazing Nightcrawler’s tail, so they will spend entire nights just revelling in each other’s touch)

- Peter wants to learn German because daddy issues and bless his heart he’s actually trying (even though he’s terrible)      

- Peter introduces Kurt to all of his music collection

- A L L O F I T

- Kurt making hot chocolate for both of them and he reads while Peter hogs the telly that’s supposed to be shared by all the students (”they should be studying, man, not watching TV!”)

- They go to a cute café just because Kurt was interested and Peter just watches the little blue furry thing be adorable and wander about like an excited child with an oversized drink that is probably way too sweet

- First kiss!!!

- The two of them deciding on doing it properly, like, days in advance

- Staring at each other awkwardly while holding hands because they wouldn’t know what to do with them otherwise and just waiting because they’re too embarrassed to do anything??

- And then Peter, being the rash being he is, just kisses him very quickly but Kurt is so surprised that he instantly bamfs away (and then bamfs back, even more flustered than before despite that being seemingly not possible and apologizes and asks to do it again)

- Hesitating to come out because it’s?? Wrong?? And they’re afraid of being ostracized but hey if the lingering gazes in the halls and the extra affectionate touches weren’t enough to make it obvious they got mind readers in this school and Jean is extra disappointed because seriously, every single person in this place is a freak with powers and they’re afraid of being judged because they like guys? Really now?

- One of the two gets wounded in battle and the other watches over him like a hawk and keeps fussing over the little injuries even when the doc says it’s fine

- General Nightsilver fluff, please appreciate this pairing yes thank you

Okay so I talk a lot about Grantaire and trans boy Enjolras having a child but please take a moment to imagine -

- Their son with a mop of dark curls and Enjolras’ eyes being a force to be reckoned with because he has Enjolras’ temper and conviction but armed with the wit and sass of Grantaire. 

- Enjolras and Grantaire getting a phonecall from his confused teacher because ‘We asked the children to draw a picture of their family and there’s a LOT of people in this picture?’ because small citizen has included all of Les Amis. 

- Feuilly teaching him how to make paper fans and origami swans that end up being left everywhere around the house and the Musain and basically everywhere.

- Bahorel who, as the tallest member of Les Amis, lifts the little one onto his shoulders during meetings so he can watch his papa speechify even though he’s too young to understand what Enjolras is getting so riled up about.

- Jehan teaching him how to make flower crowns. It becomes mandatory for Les Amis to wear them during meetings. Enjolras manages, somehow, to look terrifying even with a badly made string of daisies in his hair.

- Enjolras being interrupted mid-speech by small hands grabbing at his pants to get his attention and being proudly presented with a drawing his son has made. Enjolras for once in his life dropping everything to praise him and kiss his forehead before firing right back into his rant with his son in his arms like nothing happened. 

- Enjolras coming home one day to find the kitchen is covered in paint. Grantaire is covered in paint. The child is covered in paint. ‘We made posters for your rally!’. Soon Enjolras is also covered in paint.

- Combeferre gets him one of those star projector things and he adores it and makes his parents leave it on for him every night when he goes to sleep.

- Courfeyrac hosting tea parties with him, in full princess regalia. Enjolras is outraged by the implication that his son is being taught to be sympathetic towards the concept of monarchy (He goes off on a rant about abuse of power that Courfeyrac and Small Citizen do not listen to as they are quite busy eating imaginary cake)

- Grantaire absolutely adoring his baby and proudly proclaiming that he was the best thing he’s ever made, joking that he’s his ‘masterpiece’. Grantaire slowly getting better at loving himself because this small child looks at him with so much awe, like he’s the greatest thing in the world, and it’s impossible not to believe it sometimes. 

- Marius and Cosette babysitting him. Cosette thinks he’s a darling and Marius is slightly intimidated by him because this small human has Enjolras’ genes and that’s terrifying and also oh god if he loses so much as a hair on his head I’ll have to face Enjolras’ wrath…small child think Marius is hilarious.

- Eponine who is the best babysitter ever as far as the child is concerned because she always sneaks around sweets (I mean nobody has to know she shoplifted them, she can’t exact afford luxuries) and sometimes her little brother comes over too and he’s so much fun…

- Joly being the baby’s favouite doctor to go to because he manages to make shots not scary because afterall ‘Joly was the gayest of them all’ 

- Joly, Chetta and Bossuet looking after him some days and having the best playdates known to man that always go a little awry because terrible luck manages to befall Bossuet, usually in harmless and comical ways. 

- Trans girl Chetta who helps Enjolras explain the gender thing to him, and proclaims herself fearsome mother bear to him should anyone ever give him any trouble. 

- E and R’s son growing up fully aware of the situation with Enjolras and being taught about gender at a young age. He gives a very serious speech about it in his class when he gets questions about why he doesn’t have a mother. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Flower Crowns

3.2k words, G rated

Scorpius and Albus sit in a meadow on a sunny day, make flower crowns, and talk about how much they love each other.

This was basically written just to make up for the terrible angst in my last fic. It’s also a companion piece to @platinasi‘s beautiful art. I hope it delivers pure fluff and great joy.

Thanks to @abradystrix for betaing this for me, despite having spent the day battling inclement Scottish weather. It’s always super appreciated. <3

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Prince’s crown

Credence Barebone x Reader
Prompt : “Hey I was just wondering if the Credence imagine are still open ? There is just this idea that I can’t get out of my head where Credence go on a walk with the reader and she show him how to make a flower crown and they end up making themselves  flower ring and collar with a lot of fluff” by @alicia5833
Words : 830

Originally posted by hardyness

You were looking to all the sides of the alley, searching for him. You knew he could be late or even not coming, but you knew he would manage a way to. Credence was constantly getting out of that bad woman, Mary Lou Barebone’s, hand to meet you. You met him during one of her speechs of NSPS and would have passed right through it, if it wasn’t for the boy.

You remembered the boy’s cold hands touching yours and your shoocked face making him apologize. You gave him a comfort smile and took one of his flyers, just to be kind. That was when you saw his wounded hand and gasped, he tried to cover at your sigh but you touched him so gently and kindly, he looked lost. You asked him to come with you, secretly, to take care of that because it would infect if he didn’t. He tried to refuse properly but your soft words and kind smiles made him ponder, and, in the end, he accepted.

Then you two started to see each other constantly, without his “mother” knowing it, of course. You didn’t want to but felt attached to him very quickly. The absence of love and kindness on his life making you stay with him as long as it was needed. You could see he was pure, lovely and kind and didn’t deserve any of this. So you stayed for him and you became friends.

“Y/N?” His voice reached you and you cleared your mind while looking at him. He seemed to be bending his body, in a way of making him invisible and that made your heart ache. “You seem thoughtful.” He pointed and you smiled at him.

“It’s nothing, Credence.” You took his hand slightly and he shivered at your touch, even after all this time. “Shall we go?” He nodded, not being able to answer.

You two walked quicly, your hands intertwined making Credence’s mind go crazy about it. His heart jumping at his chest and his face reddish, conscious about his skin into yours. The warmth making him feel something he never felt before.

When you two got to the park, you headed him to a place only you knew. It was a glade covered by flowers of every color. The sun going through the leaves of the trees, giving a beautiful shine to it. He looked at you, in the middle of that place, and he knew it, surely, that was the most beautiful view his eyes had ever saw.

“Do you like it?” You turned to him, a big grin on your face.

“I-it’s so b-beautiful…” He gazed at you, his eyes deeply staring at yours, a thank you and admiration clear on his look. “Thanks for sharing this place with me.”

“Oh, you’re welcome, honey.” You sat on the ground and took a strange thread, he had never seen and started to put flowers around it.

“Y/N?” You looked at him and nodded so he could proceed. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing a flower crown. Do you want to see how it does?” He nodded and you motioned to him to come closer, what he shyly did.

After teaching him how to do to it, he started working at his own and you finished yours. When you looked at him you saw his face concentrated on his work and smiled at how beautiful he was. You gently put the flower crown you made on his head and he looked at you questioning.

“Every prince needs a crown.” Your comment made him blush and you smiled at him, a grin full of love, passion, kindness and respect.

He looked at you and finished doing what he was doing and you let him in peace, looking around and smiling at the view. Suddenly, you felt him approaching you and putting the flower crown he made on top of your head, a shy smile lighting his face

“S-so it does a p-princess.” He spoke softly, almost a whisper. You felt your face a little bit redder but smiled gently at him back.

In the end of the day, you were all covered in lots of flower things, such as rings and collars. You two were laughing out loud. Credence, for the first time, feeling able to be really happy. You looked at each other and realized it was time to go. Unfortunately, he had to leave most of the things you have done to each other there, hiding a single flower you gave him underneath his coat. You don’t realizing how much that made his day, his life in general, so much better.

When he came home and, luckily not being beaten up by Mary Lou, he went to his room, locked the door and laid on his bed. He took the flower of his coat and looked at it with love. Silently, he thanked for whoever was there for bringing you to his life.