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Originally I just wanted to doodle Nepeta, but then I forgot her horns and just made it humanstuck!

Yondu cheering you up when you're sad would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaawwww Yondu 😊😊I’m sure we all really needed this guys!! :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him noticing when you’d smile less, your sighs and watery eyes and asking you if you’re fine, only to feel his heart tearing apart when you’d simply look away and try to brush him off

-Him just wanting to see you smile again at him and starting to follow your gaze, making him constantly move around you and for you to crack a little smile as you ask him to stop

-Him surprising you by grabbing both your hands and just wishing for you to smile back at him, saying that you’re so much prettier when you smile, all while calling you his “cute little bugger”

-Him trying to change it up and make you laugh with his bad humor, saying that if you don’t smile or at least let him know what’s going on, him and the other crew members will eat you up alive

-Him getting you a surprise trinket and showing it to you with a smile, saying that it reminded him of how cute you are, only to end up bragging about it and such just to try and get your mind off whatever was bothering you so much

-Him sitting down next to you and showing you his Yaka arrow and how it works with his fin and all, making you slowly forget your problems as you end up getting fascinated by him

-Him getting the other crew members to help him to cheer you up and organizing a party with most of the things they could find that resembled a party on Earth, making you smile to see how much they all care for you

-Him casually mentioning he’s “Mary Poppins” and that he’s supposed to keep you happy by his side, making you laugh and usually it leading to you telling him about pop culture references on Earth

-Him stealing or taking away Peter’s walkman away from him, saying he needs it because it’s important, only to put the headphones over your ears the instant he sees you and plays some cheerful music before encouraging you to get up and dance with him

-Him wrapping his arm around you and pulling you close to tell you that he only wants the good and beautiful things for you and that if he could take all your sadness for himself he would

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The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Sheridan Ford, ed.
New York: Frederick Stokes & Brother, 1890.

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In the sensory part of the Evolution AU, wouldn't Lance's sense of smell be heightened when under water similarly to how sharks abd other fish can sense immediate differences in the water?

Lance has a…. unique physiology.…. 

Because he breathes from his rib cage directly, his olfactory senses are not connected to his lungs but have a separate organ housed in his nasal cavity that can detect scent changes. To smell things he has to scent them which requires very little effort and basically works on a constant basis, but he can actively shut them off if he doesn’t like a certain smell. Unlike humans who have to breathe in to smell things, even the smallest scent change and Lance will notice it. It’s not something that overwhelmed him though, as the scents outside of the water don’t smell very strong, they are just unique and it’s easier for him to distinguish where each scent is coming from. 

Because his mouth and nose aren’t connected to his lungs, he also has two vocal chord-like organs that vibrate at will to let him speak. They give him a range of noises he didn’t have as a human which is how he makes the clicks and pops and dolphin squeaks. 

His “head fins” are echolocation based and will click for easy echolocation. However he can also use his voice pops and clicks, but his head fins are much much quieter for stealth. Likewise they and his ear fins pick up vibrations with his fins to give him a very clear idea of his 360 degree surroundings at all times. 

His arm fins sense water temperature but the two thin fins that branch from his tail sense heat disturbances at a very minute level. 

Since changing Lance has spent actually only a small amount of time in the water and it’s usually to sleep or have fun in the pool (both places have water monitored so temperature changes are rare and the pools are kept clean so there’s not much to smell). His hover bracers keep him afloat even outside of the water so typically he’d rather hang with his friends and has not had the opportunity to smell or use his senses when heightened. When he goes to the Me’revid planet, THEN he gets to have a lot of fun with the scents, water changes, temperatures and the like. 


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Oooooh, this could be interesting.


- He’s a very outgoing merman. Very playful as well. He likes to swim with the dolphins. (His dolphin impression is spot on oh my gosh)

- Also has a pet dolphin he named Olaf. (I wonder why)

- Him and Olaf go on lots of adventures together. They are the most active mermaid and dolphin in the entirety of Atlantis.

- While searching for an island to relax, they discovered a man washed up on shore, who Lefou later discovers turned out to be named “Stanley”.

- Stanley escaped from a big pirate ship, where he was going to get killed if he didn’t join the crew. But he declined and jumped off board.

- He reanimates him, they slowly fall in love, Lefou kisses him so he’s able to breath underwater… (Yes I’m taking that from PotC4) And they live happily ever after.


- He’s actually quite shy (in the way of he never talks to people). Not used to getting attention, and just kind of swims in the background of the other fishes.

- His three sisters are the most popular mermaids though, so sometimes it’s kind of difficult staying out of the spotlight with three famous triplet fishters. (see what I did there? no? ok)

- He was set on a journey to save said sisters from pirates though, and even though he doesn’t always get them, he loves them more than anything.

- When he gets there, he sees his sisters and tries to save them from Captain Gaston and his crew. While doing this, he notices one of the Captain’s people looking very concerned, not wanting to do this. This is Lefou.

- Lefou is Captain Gaston’s right hand man, kind of takes charge of the ship when Gaston does important business (and with that, it probably means Gaston is making love to a wench or two)

- He’s a closeted gay man, with a big crush on his captain and the horrible things he does annoy him a lot but he goes a long with what he’s saying because of said crush.

- He notices Stanley saving his sisters, and (fuck all of this shit) he decides to help them. Stanley looks at him with hope, love and he thanks him.

- They share a look which could be described as love at first sight.

- You can decide what’s next. ;)


- These cuties share a home (and Olaf)

- They were very scared of what everyone would’ve thought of their relationship, because they are (quite literally) the very first gay merman couple in the seven seas. But everyone’s so supportive because they love them and they’re glad they got eachother.

- Stanley’s three sisters teach them how to make flowercrowns, but they get creative and make flower belts, flower fin-accesoires, etc etc. They end up with flowers all over their bodies and tails but it looks so pretty.

- They like to go swimming in dangerous places (they’re both daredevils, even though Stanley needs some encouragement first.) Like, there’d be a place where there’s like mini twisters and all that stuff and it’s the most fun thing ever.

- Plus, if it goes out of hand, the one can always save the other, and they’d call eachother their hero and just anndkncnaskl

- They also like to just sit in their home, cuddling their Olaf in silence. It gives them a sense of “this is real. this is us. our life is perfect and we get to live it together. the three of us!”



“Deadly cursed Siren/mermaid” Halloween make up~☆

So ive made a new pair of fins (they are blue this time YEY) and this time not homestuck relate xD 

If you want to have a close look AT the fins go to my Instagram–> “mad.pie ” and watch the short vid~☆

AND I know alot of you have asked for a tutorial on how I made my fins, and I will make one surely. BUT right now I just want to make a few more to show during the tutorial WICH can be helpful for you guys before you cake your own~☆ uvu 

Barisi Episode Tag, 17x21

(9.2K. Inspired by my fever, by the way Sonny and Barba’s relationship has evolved this season, by Sonny’s character development and by Barba having more feelings than he knows what to do with.)

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Sonny doesn’t even know what he did. 

All he knows is that Barba is icing him out again, and it sucks.

Just when they were starting to get along, too.

Just when they were starting to make progress.

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Ambitious experimental and morphological studies of a modern fish show how developmental flexibility may have helped early ‘fishapods’ to make the transition from finned aquatic animals to tetrapods that walk on land.

The origin of tetrapods from their fish antecedents, approximately 400 million years ago, was coupled with the origin of terrestrial locomotion and the evolution of supporting limbs. Polypterus is a ray-finned fish (actinopterygians) and is pretty similar to elpistostegid fishes, which are stem tetrapods. Polypterus therefore serves as an extant analogue of stem tetrapods, allowing us to examine how developmental plasticity affects the ‘terrestrialization’ of fish. How else would you find out what behavioral and physiological changes might have taken place when fish first made the move from sea to land over 400 million years ago? putting a fish walking on land.
To find out exactly what might have happened when aquatic animals first moved to land, Researchers took 111 juvenile Polypterus senegalus a fish species that goes by the common name Senegal bichir, or “dinosaur eel” — and raised them for eight months in a terrestrial environment. This environment consisted of mesh flooring covered in pebbles and just 3 millimeters of water — a precaution that, combined with water misters, prevented the fish from drying out. The researchers also formed a control group using 38 fish growing up in their usual aquatic environment.

Dinosaur eels also have gills, but they breathe at the surface regularly to increase their oxygen supply. They also occasionally use their fins to walk on land. Results raise the possibility that environmentally induced developmental plasticity facilitated the origin of the terrestrial traits that led to tetrapods.

Feet or Tails: Part Nine

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader, little bit of implied smut at the end…but depends on how you view it/think

Word Count: 1646

Author: Gwen

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

“You’re a merman.” Your words hung in the air for a moment with neither of you moving. You stared at him like you finally saw him for the first time. It all made sense now, all the puzzle pieces connected.

When you didn’t say anything else Gabriel finally spoke. “That’s it? You’re not gonna freak out? Hit me or yell?” He took a step forward, not even covering himself up.

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I'm planning to cosplay shark trash, but I have no idea how to make the tail and the dorsal fin especially, and I really like how yours came out.. Can you make a tutorial?

Ahhhhhh!! Anon-kun! I’m really flattered (////v////)

Well, the real challange was the wig, the tail is basically just making a huge tail plushie with a belt.The patterns were really improviced too (WELP)

As for the wig, gladly! I even took WIP pictures so it’ll be easier to explain.

The wig was made along with vatrushkaya, she made an Idate wig before we made the shark twins, without her experience it would’ve been impossible!

Picture spam under read-more!

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