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As a part of my Birthday Prompt Party, Scintilla is dedicated to @dat-town who has requested #14 “What are you afraid of.” “You.” with badboy!Young K where the girl asks the question. Hope you like it, dear! <3

Words: 1580

Genre: angst (?), slice of life

Main Characters: Kang Younghyun/Young K x OC

Setting: dystopian, epidemic AU

Triggers: -

Scintilla (noun): a tiny, brilliant flash or spark; a small thing; a barely-visible trace

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4 Ways to Introduce Kids to Electronics

Interested in electronics, but don’t know where to start? Begin to become a circuit bender with these few tools. Learn how to work motors and LEDs, create amplifiers and intelligent machines.

littleBits: The fastest way to get acquainted with electronics. LittleBits allow you to easily explore a circuit board by moving around magnetic pieces that snap together. Make synthesizers, games, prototypes, and more with littleBits. 

Arduino: A company that makes circuit boards and an easy programming language to make any electronic project imaginable. Arduino is perfect for all skill levels and can be used simply to control LEDs or to control a robot. 

Learn to Solder: Soldering allows you to secure the wires on your project. After playing around with Arduino and littleBits, use soldering to finalize your electronics creation.

Circuit Bend a Toy: All electronic toys are great starting points for an electronics project! Pull apart any toys that light up, make noise, or move, and you’ll find a circuit board that you can repurpose.