how to make chocolate covered strawberries

How to make study dates more about studying (and have fun at the same time)

7 useful tips on spicing up and/or sweetening the productive study sessions with your luvah 🔥

  1. If a class includes requires reading, curl up on the couch and read aloud to each other. If you have the time to goof off a bit, read it in funny accents or voices, just for shits and giggles.
  2. It’s a no-brainer that during a study date, you’ll need some snacks. Stay productive and spice up the date by feeding each other *healthy* and romantic food like chocolate covered strawberries or dark chocolate in general.
  3. Use each other as a reward system. For every maths problem you correctly complete, you get a kiss or a hug or a neck massage.
  4. Go somewhere to study together. Have a picnic in the park or visit your local coffee shop and type away while playing footsie under the table. New environments are exciting and refreshing and add a sense of occasion to an otherwise boring cram-marathon.
  5. Make a game out of it. If you two have the same assignment that has numbered questions like maths, see who can correctly answer the most amount of questions in a limited amount of time. This will introduce competitive motivation and help identify where the holes in your understanding or process may be, as well as make it more fun.
  6. Make it a group date. Invite another couple(s) to join you to pool resources in case they can help you with an assignment, and to make it more fun.
  7. Flashcards can be fun with a partner, and bring in the aforementioned reward system. Boom. You’ve got a nice and steamy game show

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Ok but please consider sincerely three having date nights once a week and alternating who picks the date like first week is Evan, next is Connor, then Jared, and then all three of them agree on something special at the end of every month (because lowkey they probably got together near the end of a month and thats kind of how they celebrate their love)

it gets long and gay oops

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RFA+V+Saeran Proposes to MC

A/N: This wasn’t requested but the ideas have been in my mind for a while so hey why not


  • The lil bean was a nervous wreck omg
  • He’s going to ask you to be married to him for the rest of your lives that’s a lot of pressure
  • “Zen, I need help I’ve never proposed before”
  • Of course you haven’t, idiot”
  • He’s trying so hard to come up with a really cute way to propose
  • But all the ideas he comes up with aren’t good enough
  • He asks literally everyone in the RFA and almost spills to you in the process oops
  • Jaehee knocks some sense into him saying that no matter how he does it, you would say yes
  • Yoosung gains a lot more confidence after that and immediately knows what to do
  • He decides to go for the traditional proposal at dinner instead of going all out
  • You go out to a really nice restaurant for dinner and you can tell something’s off with him
  • When you’re both chilling in his house, you ask him what’s wrong
  • Immediately starts stuttering like crazy
  • Eventually, he takes a deep breath and just goes for it
  • “MC… Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been nothing but kind and understanding towards me even if we were strangers. I found myself falling for you fast and I knew I wanted to protect you and make you happy. I still feel that way. These past couple years have been nothing short of wonderful and I hope you think so, too. And I hope that we could have a lot more years like them in the future. So…”
  • At this point you’re both tearing up but he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring with a shaky hand
  • “Will you marry me, MC?


  • You know how he is
  • Obviously he’s going to want to make the most romantic proposal in the entire world
  • He’s got this super extravagant plan in his mind and it’s going to be perfect
  • Until it isn’t lol
  • He took you out to a romantic picnic at your favorite park
  • We’re talking candles-everywhere-as-the-sun-sets-while-feeding-each-other-chocolate-covered-strawberries kind of romantic
  • He cooked the food himself
  • Since you love to hear him sing, he serenades your favorite song to you
  • Everything is going just fine until the nerves start kicking in
  • The plan was to propose after the song but you’re giving him this really sweet and loving look and he loses all composure
  • He starts blushing and his breathing is uneven and his palms are sweaty
  • knees weak arms are heavy
  • You realize he’s struggling to say something you encourage him while waiting patiently
  • He takes your hands in his to calm himself down a little
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I absolutely love everything about you. Like the way your nose crinkles when you laugh or how you nag me to take a break if I work too hard and how you sing to yourself whenever you cook or how you snore a little bit when you sleep haha… I love how supportive you are. No matter how tough the situation is, you’ve always defended me and stayed by my side. But most importantly, I would love it if you would continue to stay by my side.”
  • You watch as he gets down on one knee, a shy smile on his face as he pulls out the ring
  • “How about it, MC? Will you marry me and stay by my side for the rest of our lives?”


  • Cool and calculated on the outside, a Hot Mess™ on the inside
  • She does a really good job at keeping the proposal a secret from you but as they day looms closer, she becomes a nervous wreck
  • She starts messing up customer’s orders, drops a plate or two, ya know
  • You’re worried about her but when you ask about it, she quickly brushes it off
  • This isn’t normally like her so you know it’s something bad
  • At the end of the work day, you suggest that she relax a little bit before you two start closing
  • She agrees but goes to the back of the kitchen to get some food for you two
  • When she brings out a slice of cake for you to share, you ask her what’s wrong
  • She fidgets with her sleeve as her eyes fixate on the cake that you’re in the middle of eating, avoiding to look you in the eyes
  • “There’s nothing wrong, I promise. It’s just… I really love you, MC. More than you know. You’ve helped realize that I need to follow my own dreams and take more risks instead of taking it safe.” She looks around the shop. “I mean, you helped me open up my own coffee shop! But one thing you helped me most on is love. Because of you, I took a chance and fell in love. With you. You not only helped me achieve my dream of owning my own cafe but also my dream of finding someone who could love me.”
  • You watch as she looks back down at the cake you’ve forgotten about
  • As you look down, you can see a shining diamond hidden in the pastry
  • “Can you help me achieve one more dream and marry me?”


  • pretend the good ending of his route doesn’t exist lol
  • This man wanted the best and only the best for you
  • But he knew you preferred the simpler things in life
  • so he decided to cancel the raining rose petals and doves lol
  • Instead, he decided to take you out to your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • But obviously he made sure you had the entire restaurant to yourselves
  • He’s a little nervous but not so much because come on
  • He wouldn’t propose unless he knew for a fact that you would say yes
  • So dinner goes by without a problem and you two are just enjoying the quiet company of each other
  • But when the waiters bring out dessert, he gets a little fidgety
  • When you ask him if he’s okay, he takes a deep breath and starts the speech he prepared ahead of time
  • “I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life. You are so patient and understanding with me. I was so… isolated before I met you. But you’ve taught me to accept my own emotions and learn to love. I love you, MC, with all my heart.”
  • Jumin moves to stand up and kneel down next to you, pulling out a velvet box and revealing the ring inside
  • “All I want to do is to make you happy. You deserve the best life possible and I’ll do anything to ensure that. But will you give me the best life by becoming my wife?”


  • this is gonna be chandler and monica style from friends get ready
  • It’s been a while since the whole Mint Eye thing and Seven had been thinking of proposing to you
  • But he’s Seven so he’s really scared that you won’t say yes since he believes he still isn’t good enough for you
  • You knew that he wanted to marry you and why he was so hesitant so you decided to break tradition
  • When Seven came home from running errands, he found you in the living room surrounded by candles and looking really nervous
  • He sat down next to you on the couch and noticed you were tearing up
  • Seven goes into PANIC MODE
  • He starts to ask questions and see if you’re hurt or if he did something or what but you shut him up
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I know you’re afraid of this whole “love and relationship” thing but I want you to know that I love you more than anything else. To prove to you that I will never leave you…”
  • You start pulling out the ring you bought for him but at this point you’re full on sobbing and shaking you can’t speak 
  • This boi is tearing up but he gets the idea and helps you out a bit
  • “I knew I wanted to marry you since you stuck by my side even after going to the Mint Eye. You’ve made me become a better man in more ways than I can count. I’m sorry it took me so long and made you wait, but I love you, too.”
  • He looks you in the eyes as you both take a deep breath before saying at the same time:
  • “Will you marry me?”


  • V wanted to be creative with his proposal but nothing too extravagant
  • So he decided to make it a little sentimental instead by using his photography skills in the process
  • You were out with some friends so he asked Jumin for some help with the set up to which he gladly agreed
  • When you got home, you found a photo taped to the front of the door of you and all the other RFA members
  • Below it was a note saying “The first party and first time we met.”
  • You smiled as you took the photo down and saw more taped along the hallway
  • Each had notes underneath life “Our first date.” or “Taken after we said our first ‘I love you’s’” or “First time I ever saw you.” or “The day you moved in.” 
  • The photos led to the backyard and when you went outside, you saw V standing in the middle with a big smile on his face and you walk over to him
  • Before you can ask him what all the fuss was about, he kneels and begins speaking
  • “You are truly a blessing in life. In my life. You are so patient and kind and understanding and generous without asking for anything in return. I wanted to show you how much I love you and somehow give back for all the kindness you’ve given me. All the photos you have are from moments I hold close to my heart. I hope that we have more photos to take in the future.”
  • You watch him pull out the ring as you hear a snap and see Seven off to the side with a camera
  • “MC, will you marry me and make more memories with me?”


  • You had been together for years and it was a slow and steady relationship 
  • Sure you wanted to marry him but you didn’t mind waiting and giving him time considering everything that he’s been through
  • He wants you to be by his side since you’re the only one that really understands him
  • You’re both cuddling on the couch and watching a movie like any other day
  • It was your turn to pick the movie so you choose this romance movie Jaehee recommended
  • it’s not a zen movie *gasp*
  • At some point, the two main characters get married and you don’t think much of it
  • Saeran, however, has got that scene stuck in his mind
  • Once the movie ends, he asks you if you liked it
  • When you say yes, he just nods quietly and bites his lip
  • You know that’s a nervous tick of his but you don’t want to press him if he doesn’t want to share
  • You’re about to get up to get food when you hear him mutter something
  • It was so quiet so you ask him to repeat it
  • “Let’s get married.”
  • He’s looking at you straight in the eye and you know that he’s completely serious about this
  • You can’t help the grin on your face as you give him a kiss
  • “Okay. Let’s get married.”
Shutter Speed Ch.1

Amature Photographer in Need of Model for Experiemental Career Starter

Are you looking to get a jump into a modeling career? Or do you just like having pictures taken of you? If either of these apply to you, this listing is perfect for you!

I am an “amature photographer” looking to build up a portfolio, and I am in need of the perfect model for it.

You don’t need to have experience with modeling for this gig. I am not looking for a runway model or anything. You just need to be able to sit still and listen to any directions I may give you.

Dress and makeup will be left to your discretion. Details on that will be further discussed when chosen, as well as details on payment.

All I need from you right now is to reply to this with a sample picture (nothing fancy, just need to see how you look on camera), your first name and email address, and 3 facts about yourself.

Excited to meet you all through this lovely website.


“Is this stupid? This has to be stupid, right?”

Archie doesn’t even look up from his spot on the couch, eyes trained on his phone. “No, Jughead. This is not stupid.”

“Do people even go on Craigslist anymore? Will people even answer? I probably sound creepy, honestly. Arch, this is stupid, why did you talk me into doing this? I’m horrid at photography!” Jughead throws his head down onto the desk, groaning loudly. Archie sighs heavily and gets up, walking over to his best friend and reading the ad over his shoulder.

“Jug, this sounds just fine. Yes, people still use Craigslist and no, you are a great photographer. You won the county fair’s photography contest three years in a row. You beat the photographer for the daily paper!” Archie slaps his friend’s back enthusiastically, eliciting yet another groan from him. He rolls his eyes and moves his finger to the mousepad on the laptop, hitting the post button before Jughead rethinks anything. “There – the replies will come in in no time!”

Jughead lifts his head to look at the screen, groaning once more and slamming the laptop shut. He looks up at the tall redhead, shooting his best evil glare. “Have I ever told you that I hate you?”

Archie grins down at him, swiping the beanie off his head and ruffling his hair, earning a very manly squeal from Jughead. “You love me and can’t live without me. Now how about we order a pizza and play video games for the rest of the night?” He laughs as Jughead steals the hat back, already walking to the kitchen for the takeout menus they keep stashed in a drawer.

“Only if you’re buying!”

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(s) =smut  (f)=fluff  (a)= angst  (k)= kinky (y)= yaoi 

Monsta X


Jagiya, wake up~

Wonho the savior

Truth or Dare (Wonho X Reader X I.M) (s)

Playing with fire (I.M) (s)

Im trying to protect you (I.M) (s)

I own you (Shownu) (s)

Teasing Minhyuk (s)

Focus on meee (Jooheon) (s)

Work hard, play hard (Shownu) (s)

Its been a rough day (Jooheon) (s)

Long time no see (I.M) (f) (s)

No more nice guy (Minhyuk) (s)

Jealous I.M (f) 

Dominant Shownu after you put on make-up on him as a joke (s) (f)

Wonho’s shy and innocent gf that accidentally turns him on and he snaps (s)

Minhyuk and his gf arguing but she wont look at his eyes (f)

Play fighting with I.M (s)

Jooheon trying to make you feel better when you are sad (f)

Hyungwon faking his feelings? (f)

Kihyun and you as enemies but he likes you (s)

Shownu cuts your hair (f)

Minhyuk doesnt love you anymore? (f)

Minhyuk sits you on his lap and things get heated (s)

Dont play with me (Shownu) (s)

Call me oppa (I.M) (s)

Skip class for Jooheon (f)

Candles (Shownu) (s) (k)

First time with Jooheon (s)

Ramen Criminal (Wonho) (f)

You got it twisted (Hyungwon) (s)

Fooling around (Wonho X Reader X Shownu) (s)

Little push (Shownu) (f)

Chocolate covered strawberries (Wonho) (s)

Damn Right (Minhyuk) (s)

Take it (Shownu) (s)

Anything for Daddy (Jooheon) (s)(k)

Better (Jooheon) (s)

I promise (Shownu) (a)

Dont lie (I.M) (s)

Do you think this is funny? (Jooheon) (s)

Gone (Wonho) (a) (f)

You drive me crazy (Kihyun) (s)

Movie night (I.M X Reader X Minhyuk) (s)

Fake Feelings (Shownu) (a) (s) 

Perceptions (Minhyuk) (s)

Show me how much you want me (Jooheon X I.M) (s) (y)

Fake Feelings Pt.2 (a)

I cant have it both ways (Jooheon X Minhyuk X I.M) 

Make it feel better (Jooheon) (s)

We got married (Jooheon) (f)

Im okay going to hell, as long as im with you (Shownu) (s)

Fruit bowl (Minhyuk) (s)

Treat (Wonho) (s)

Flirting (I.M) (f)

Defy me and see (Jooheon) (s)

Are you mad bro? (Jooheon X Minhyuk)

Call me daddy (Minhyuk) (s)

Dinner? (Wonho) (s)

Baby Boy (Wonho) (f)

We dont have much time (I.M) (s)

Not the time nor place (Jooheon) (s)

Lost control (Jooheon) (s)

Lies (Hyungwon) (s)

Impatient (Jooheon) (s)

Lesson learned (Shownu) (s)

Let me make love to you (Shownu) (s)

Enough (Wonho) (s)

Mommy (Wonho) (s) (k)

Shower Sex (Minhyuk) (s)

Take your punishment (s) (k)


Jooheon when he wants to have sex with you for the first time in your relationship (s)

When you saw Wonho with another girl on his lap (f)

Jooheon is having a bad day at practice and you try to cheer him up (s)

I.M when hes “excited” to see you (s)

Jooheon is having a rough day and you want to cheer him up by showing his a cute lingerie (s)

I.M is “excited” to see you later on (s)

MX send a dirty word on accident because of auto correct (s) 

Kihyuk naughty texts (s)

Shownu naughty texts (s)

Jooheon meets you at MAMA’s and would like to get to know you

MX teases you when they heard you having hardcore sex with Changkyun (s)


MX reaction to you turning them on and trying to leave afterwards (s)

Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl 

You leaning in to kiss them but you get shy and pull away (f)

MX reaction to you trying to carry something heavy 

MX reacting to you getting mad at a game you lost and throw the controller at their crotch on accident slight (s)

You tuck them in but they fake it and have their laptops beside them

MX reacts to you jumping on them when you feel frisky

Most to Least (MtL):

MtL to dating an Asian girl that doesnt fit the k-beauty standards

MtL to mind their s/o smoking 

MtL to date a girl who is shy at first but gets more outgoing later on



Spicy Chicken (Mingyu) (f)


Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl (half of seventeen members) 



First times with Yugyeom (f)

Promise (Yugyeom) (f)

Am I a joke to you? (JB) (s)

Teen Top


Keep your eyes on me (CAP) (s)

Styles & Co - Part 6

Authors note:
This isn’t as exciting as the last chapter, but my ideas are all over the place and I can’t piece them together. Up coming chapters will have a little more spice to them, hopefully. Enjoy, and thank you for reading!! Xx

I leisurely wake up, feeling the bed cool and empty, the unexpected noise downstairs making my heart race.

“Harry?” I summon, carefully getting out of bed, grabbing Harry’s business button up from the floor, sliding it up my arms to keep me covered.

At least I managed to put on a bra and underwear after our crazed, dizzy, intimacy.

“Damnit!” I hear Harry curse from downstairs and I carefully make my way to the staircase, walking down them as my eyes adjust to the lighting, “Harry, you okay?” I call after, making an effort to find where he is and what the hell he is doing at an ungodly hour.

“Fucking, fine.” He grumbles from the kitchen with a temper.

I walk in and see him at the fridge, “What’s wrong?” I rub the sleep from my eyes, adjusting my eyes to the lighting of the kitchen.

“You had to get a fucking tree and stick it in the bloody way.” He broodily mumbles, “I come down to get a drink and I stumble into a fucking tree.” He ill-fatedly chews one’s words, and I can’t help but pay attention to the low cut sweatpants that are exposing his ‘V’ line and teasing me with how low they’re hanging.

“Harry, please calm down,” I whisper with a sigh, knowing he’s just exhausted and cranky.

He lets out a heavy sigh before he turns to face me, “come here.” He instructs with authority. I can’t help but bite my lip and walk closer to him. “I’m not going to bite you, come closer.” He chuckles, his voice not as raucous.

I step closer, unsure of what he’s going to do. He looks down at me before pulling me in for a kiss. A very unexpected kiss. “I’m sorry, I’m just—” I gently cut him off,

“Grouchy? Sleep deprived? A moody jackass?” I smile at him, admiring his darling eyes that are shining more of a soft blue than a green or grey.

He rolls his eyes, “I was going to say exhausted,” his hands pull me closer formerly gently pressing to my arms that stay across my body, stopping the unbutton shirt from exposing my body. “But, I guess a grouchy—ass, is close enough.” He smirks with a cocking grin.

“Whatever you’re thinking. No.” I instantly shake my head, conscious of the appearance of those glistening eyes, “Baby, I can’t sleep.” He pouts his lips, gently moving my arms, releasing my grip on the shirt to expose the undergarments under it.

“That’s too bad, Styles.” I speak in a low voice, giving him a tender kiss on his pouty lips, “you’ll have to do a lot more than that, my dear.” I wink, observing as he bites his lip with great devotion.

His smouldering eyes look with a fixed stare into mine. it takes everything in me not to give in.

What fun would it be if he didn’t have to work for it? Foreplay and teasing is something I cherish, in particularly when he can’t withstand my inclinations.

“Making me work for you, again?” He tilts his head to the side, his hand effeminately pressing to my exposed skin.

I grin, giving him a nod, “always. But, I have to be awake again in two hours so I’m going back to sleep, you should do the same.” I inform him, observing as his eyes roll and he again begins to pucker those lips.

That pout can make my heart melt in his hands with ease. “Harry.” I heave a sigh, my arms wrapping around his neck, “We could just stay awake.” He presents as an alternative mischievously, placing a seal of love to my lips, “Of course if you want to.” He mumbles against my lip, biting my lip mildly before pulling away, beginning to entice me all over again. Damn his desirability.

“Harry.” I sigh, “I’m tired and so are you. We have work.” I mildly press, and he nods.

We’ve already had sexual relations once, and that was enough to satisfy me and wear me out. Another round of shaky, wet thighs and dizzy sensations wasn’t what I was looking for when waking back up.

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Valentine's Day Gift HC

~What should you get for your hero this Valentine’s Day?


  • He hates Valentine’s Day. 
  • But he’s a fan of the little things.
  • Give him a handmade card, homemade lunch shaped like a heart.
  • Tell him you love him. Sometimes it’s hard for him to remember that people still do.

Soldier 76:

  • Loves white chocolate 
  • Homemade cookies are also an easy way to his heart especially if they’re heart shaped. He’s a sucker for homemade anything.


  • A nice bottle of sake is good (helps drown out his sorrows) 
  • Or if you’re trying to win his heart, make him chocolate he’ll be touched by it.


  • He’s more of a nature person so flowers work well especially if they’re not cut. He hates to watch them die. 
  • Sentimental things work too. Origami hearts that he can unfold and inside is something you love about him. give him a box full of reasons you love him.


  • Give him roses, he won’t be expecting it Everyone always gives him candy or cards. Be the person that gives him flowers and he won’t know what to say. This is good. Keep him on his toes. He’ll want you more.
  • Hanzo wrapped up in a bow works too.


  • Give him heart balloons. He’ll attach them to his arms and ride around all day with them. He’s so happy.


  • She likes chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Organize a picnic. Just sit and talk. Do something peaceful. It’ll help her feel mellow and calm. She’ll appreciate it. 


  • Big man means big box of chocolates. 
  • He loves almonds in his chocolate. 
  • Just spend time with him. Cuddle on a couch. Kiss him. He loves being showered with as much affection as he gives.


  • Heart shaped cake. She likes cake. 
  • She also loves sentimental things like a collage of pictures of the two of you. 


  • Doesn’t particularly like chocolate but loves roses. 
  • Also a sucker for a well thought out card that has all your feelings in it. 


  • Emily has this covered but if you must, don’t give her chocolate she’s hyper enough. 
  • Give her a homemade valentine with a pun on it. 


  • Peanut butter chocolates are he way to his heart.
  • Homemade treats also show him how much you care. Make Banana muffins!!
  • Help him out while he’s tinkering. Be there for him to bounce ideas off of even if you have no idea what he’s talking about. He likes the company. 


  • Likes dark chocolate.
  • Also chocolate covered strawberries. 
  • Just spending time with her is enough. She cares about you. Sit and ask her to tell you a story about the past. She loves to reminisce about the way things were before everything. 


  • Get him a valentine that can sing. He’ll play it until the battery dies. 
  •  Big fan of dark chocolate and marzipan.


  • A box of chocolates works best and maybe a coffee. 
  • Take her somewhere she’s never been and the two of you can go exploring. She loves learning new information. 


  • She loves coffee favored chocolate. 
  • Just go to the nearest store and get as much discount candy as you can. She’ll love you even more when she sees the giant bags of sugar you’re bringing her.
  • Buy her a new video game and play with her. 


  • If you can make a valentine explode/ shot flames/ erupt in fireworks, do it.
  • If not, you’ll have to get creative. He’s not the biggest fan of flowers or cards. 
  • Go rob a bank with him. 

Road hog:

  • Candy works but also normal food. 
  • Give the man home cooked meals and kisses. 
  • Tell him you love him. It’s more than enough for him. He’s content. 


  • Give her a pop up Valentine’s Day card. It’ll make her smile. 
  •  Really just about any gift will make her smile on Valentine’s Day. 
  • She’s just happy someone’s thinking of her.


  • Leave him alone. His wife is his valentine.
  • He won’t say no to free chocolate though. (Give him some extra to give to his kids)


  • A sucker for teddy bears. The bigger the better.
  • Spend time with her while she’s doing other things. 
  • Hold her feet while she does sit ups and kiss her when she comes up. 
  • Offer encouragement. You love her. 


  • Loves chocolate with praline in it. 
  • Prefers to be alone on the holiday. Give the chocolate and go. She’ll be grateful. 


  • Give him a singing valentine. 
  • He’ll mimic the song if it’s simple enough. 
  • Lay out some birdfees for Ganymede in the shape of a heart. They’ll both love it. Be kind to the omnic.

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Auradon Prep 2 : Tom Holland

prompt : part 2 to auradon prep “based Disney Descendants, you are a new student from the Isle Of The Lost, Y/N Hearts, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. Tom, the son of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, quickly becomes your best friend. You both have some sort of attraction for each other as soon as you met, but don’t put it into action because of your friendship.” a year after you and tom get together , you finally voice your doubting thoughts to mal on why tom would want to be with you ?

words : 781

pairing : tom holland x reader

request : none

warning : kissing ????

a/n : finally got around to writing the second part to this after finishing re-reading the first descendants book ! onto the second , hopefully i’ll finish the second and third before descendants 2 comes out on friday !!

A year later, you and Tom were still going on strong, and you’re both completely happy with who you were convinced was the love of your life. And he was, don’t get you wrong. Just, sometimes, she feels like she isn’t good enough for him.

For example, he has to deal with you getting used to living in Auradon. You’re almost completely situated, just not used to customs. You aren’t used to dinners with people close to each other, or going to class every day, or completing homework, or participating in school activities. Not to mention dress codes, formal balls, or the new food.

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Worth The Wait

Summary: Jensen plans on cooking dinner for the reader on Christmas Eve. But she has plans of her own.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,470

Christmas Request by: @atc74

“Hi sexy.” Your boyfriend whispers into your ear when you hug him hello.

“Hey.” You giggle as he tightens his arms around you making it hard to move.

“Jay! I wanna go see my baby!” Jensen finally releases you from his grip then he follows you down the hall.

“There he is!” You squeal running into the living room. Jensen’s dog Duke jumps up from his bed and he bolts in your direction.

“Such a good little puppy, huh? Yes you are!” You praise scratching behind his ears when he falls to your feet.

“I swear you only date me for my dog.” Jay playfully scoffs as he takes in the scene before him.

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Feels Like Home

(Teen Wolf) Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: You and Stiles celebrate your 6 month anniversary, and he asks you an important question.

Word Count: 981

Y/N= Your Name

A/N: So this is my first one, I hope you like it and I hope to write more soon. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


“Babe please just tell me where we are going” you whined as you sat in the passenger seat of your boyfriend’s jeep.

“I told you it’s a surprise” Stiles smiled as he put his hand on your thigh. You loved when he did this, just that simple touch made you feel warm inside, made you feel safe and happy. You leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek as he continued to drive his beloved blue jeep.

You sat back in your seat and closed your eyes, quietly humming along to the music on the radio. You loved this, just you and Stiles driving around with the radio on, it’s one of the places you felt happiest, in this jeep, with Stiles, you felt safe and warm and happy, things that are easy to lose out in the real world. You couldn’t help but smile. Every now and then you would hear Stiles start to hum to the music, and sometimes he would even start to sing along. This just made you smile even more. 

You opened your eyes as you heard the jeep coming to a stop. A smile came to your face as you recognised the place, “Our place” you whispered mostly to yourself. Stiles must have heard you because he leaned in and gave you a soft peck on the lips. His lips, you could kiss them all day, just the feeling you got when your lips touched, moments like this, you felt safe and warm and happy. “I love you y/n” he whispered. “I love you too Stiles” you said back, and you sure did mean it.

You and Stiles had come here for your first date. That was the night you had your first kiss. It was also the night you officially started dating. That was about 6 months ago, and to think of everything you have been through since then, with all the supernatural business in town. You are so lucky to have Stiles with you. 

You and Stiles walked hand in hand to the small clearing in the woods. When you got there, Stiles set up a small picnic, he really was amazing, he had thought of everything. He set up a picnic blanket and pulled out some food he had prepared. 

The two of you laughed and talked while you snacked on the food Stiles had made, ham and cheese sandwiches with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, your favorites. 

You were so grateful for everything he has done to make today special, especially with all the drama going on lately. You loved how he always knew exactly how to make you feel better and he never failed to make you feel special. This was one of the many reasons you loved Stiles Stilinski.

“Happy 6 month anniversary babe” he said as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. Oh shit, you had forgotten that today was 6 months since you and Stiles had started dating. He had gone to so much effort to make today special and you didn’t even remember it.

“Stiles you know I don’t celebrate these things, we agreed we would wait until a year” you pleaded, hoping he would accept this. You were telling the truth, you normally didn’t count anniversaries in months, but you also didn’t want him to know that you had forgotten.

“I know, but so much has been happening lately and I just wanted today to be special” he said grabbing your hand in his. “Plus I wanted to give you this” he said pulling a silver chain out of his pocket. It was a silver necklace with a beautiful little wolf pendant on the end of it. “No matter what happens, I wanted you to remember the past 6 months together, and I thought this was the perfect gift to symbolise the last 6 months” he sweetly said while moving behind you to put the necklace around your neck.

“Stiles, thank you so much it’s beautiful, I love it” you smiled. “I love you” you turned to look into his amazing caramel eyes. Those eyes, they were the kind of eyes you could get lost in, you have many times. When looking into Stiles eyes, it was easy to forget the outside world, all the stuff the two of you have been going through, all the supernatural dangers. Looking into Stiles eyes you could only see good, and you saw the future the two of you had. His eyes were warm, they made you feel warm, they made you feel safe and happy.

“No matter what happens in this town y/n, I will always love you and I will never let anything happen to you” he said cupping your face and placing a soft kiss on your lips. “Next year when we go away to college I don’t want to have to be without you, you are my home, move in with me? I don’t care what city we are in as long as I am with you”.

“yes yes yes” you cried, a little too loudly, while tackling him in a bear hug. You couldn’t wait for next year; you have never been so sure about something as much as you were sure that you wanted to be with Stiles.

He laughed and pulled you into his arms. His arms, you loved when he held you tightly. You felt safe in Stiles’ arms, safe from everything in the outside world. Like you were in your own little bubble. A bubble where you were safe and warm and happy. Stiles’ arms felt like home. After all, isn’t that what home is? A place where you feel safe and warm and happy. Stiles made you feel all those things. That’s when you realised, no matter what happens, as long as you have Stiles, you will be ok. Stiles is your home.  

Started As A Stress Reliever (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Summary ~ It was meant to be just a simple picnic in the park but you can’t help over hearing the other couples conversation.

Words - 1133

Request ~ No

Warning ~ Describes a verbally abusive relationship (Not Stiles and Y/N) 

These were the days I lived for. Just sitting in the middle of the park having a picnic with Stiles. We had been pretty stressed lately with all the shit happening in Beacon Hills, Stiles had noticed that I had become more anxious than usual and like the awesome friend he had asked me on a picnic date.
I sat cross legged with his head in my lap as I traced shapes on his forehead. He had brought sandwiches that we ate early now we were just sat in silence occasionally Stiles would tell me a joke but other than that it was just peaceful. I leaned back on my hands and stared at the clouds partly listening to the couples conversation beside me.
“Babe what are you doing?” I heard a male voice say.
“I’m just grabbing another chocolate covered strawberry” She replied.
“Do you really think you should do that?” He asked.
“I spent 2 hours at the gym today”
“Yeah there is a reason I told you to do that. Listen I am only trying to make you the best you can be, no one likes roles and thighs touching” He laughed slightly.
I couldn’t help myself. I turned my head completely staring at him. She looked so upset as she wrapped her arms around her exposed legs. She was absolutely beautiful how the hell could he find anything about her to criticize. I couldn’t hold back.
“Hey what the hell is wrong with your eye sight that makes you think that there is anything wrong with her body?” I asked.
“Excuse me. Are you speaking to me?” He said angrily.
“Of course I am speaking to you. How on earth could you look at that girl and see anything but beautiful. People like you are the reason eating disorders are started.”
“Why don’t you just mind your own business? This is my girlfriend, I am trying to help her but you can go ahead and take my advice as well”
“Don’t you dare speak to her like that” Stiles said sitting up.
“Why don’t you gain some fucking brain cells and realise that you are a fucking idiot. And don’t you worry about my body cause I love myself, my thighs touch because they are sexy” I shot back at him, I turned my attention to her. “Sweetheart I know you may think that he is your prince but you could do so much better I promise. You are so out of his league and that I probably why he is trying to change you because he is scared that you will realise how much better than him you are and you will leave. Please don’t listen to the words he says. The remarks he makes, no matter what they are about, are wrong. You are beautiful, your body is perfect and you are strong enough to live with out him. So please stand up from this date and go home and eat some chocolate covered strawberries and love yourself because you deserve it” She stared at me tear brimming in her eyes, she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by him.
“Stop feeding her lies. She is a fat bitch everyone can see it. She is lucky enough that I am with her cause no one else would ever want to go near her. Just looking at her you can tell she is a weak, clingy bitch” He was now standing up looking down at me.
“How fucking dare you speak about her like that?” I said standing up. “I swear to God I am going to rip your eye balls out of your skull and shove them straight up your ass so you can watch as I rip you from the inside out” I growled.
“Wow wow Y/N” Stiles said turning me around to face him. “You are turning, calm down”
“I don’t know what’s wrong with you but stay the fuck away from both of us” He grabbed her wrist force fully pulling her up from the ground. “Come on move” He shoved her hard making her stumble forward.
“Yo man don’t put your hands on her like that” Stiles piped up.
“She is my FUCKING girlfriend and I will do what I want” He replied before slapping her hard on the ass.
“I told you not to put your hands on her like that. Don’t touch any woman like that”
“What the hell are you going to do about it you skinny little piece of shit” He said stepping forward. Stiles’s reply was more physical then it was verbal as he starting throwing punches at the guy landing nearly all of them. For a guy who claimed sarcasm was his only defence he was doing a really good job at beating the shit out of this guy. I had moved towards the girl wrapping an arm around her.
“Please let me walk you to your car” I pleaded.
“Okay” She said in a sigh. I placed my arm out touching Stiles shoulder. He dropped his hands to his sides looking at me.
“Lets go” I said picking up my bag. I held her hand all the way back to her car Stiles beside me every now and then he would look over his shoulder and smile.
“Thank you” She said as she sat in her car seat. “I knew that he wasn’t good but he just made me think there was no other options for a girl like me” A single tear rolled down her cheek.
“Trust me with the perfect ass you have there are hundred of option for you” I smiled. “If you ever need anything give me a call” I said giving her my information.
“Thank you again. You two are certainly a power couple” She smiled.
“Oh we aren-” Stiles started but I interrupted him by just thanking her before she drove away. “Why didn’t you correct her” Stiles asked.
“Because” I started but in the moment I thought my explanation would be better explained by actions. I leaned forward placing my lips on his. He responded immediately placing a hand on my lower back pulling me closer. After a couple of seconds we parted and stared at each other.
“Why now?” He asked.
“I have never been anything but myself in front of you Stiles you have never made me feel self conscious and I guess I never really realised how rare that it” I fumbled a little with my words.
“Well in that case I have a stress reliever that is way better than a picnic” He laughed.
“Shut up” I said reaching out to slap his chest but he caught my hand pulling me into his arms for another kiss.

recordsofme  asked:

one word prompt for skimmons Housekeys

five keys that daisy gives jemma and one key that jemma gives daisy

Jemma follows Daisy down the street and into the hardware store without really paying much attention.

She’s making notes and jotting down a list of the things they need to do for their first project in biology, so she doesn’t really put two and two together until a key hanging from a plastic tie drops on top of her tablet.

Jemma makes a noise because the metal could’ve scratched it and lets the key fall into the palm of her hand.

She looks up at Daisy brows furrowing, but before she can ask, Daisy turns around and starts walking out of store.

Jemma hurries after her, and ends up catching her outside in the corner standing in line for the ice cream vendor.

“Hey!” Jemma says as she passes two people in line after Daisy who grumble at her. She ignores them and steps up beside Daisy.

Daisy gives her a look out of the corner of her eye.

Jemma tucks the tablet underneath her arm, and motions her other hand with the key in it.

“What’s this for?”

Daisy turns to her then, and raises an eyebrow. “You’re always talking about how I keep losing my locker key…”

“Because you do,” Jemma interrupts her.

Daisy rolls her eyes. “Yeah, okay. That’s why I’m giving you a copy.”

Jemma gives her a confused look, “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Daisy rolls her eyes, again.

“You never lose your keys.”

“But we’re not talking about me,” Jemma says feeling a little wrong footed.

Daisy sighs exasperated and orders both of them ice cream since she’s up next.

She pays and takes the ice cream from the vendor before handing Jemma her strawberry cone and taking a bite out of her marshmallow, chocolate and peanut and covered in sprinkles chocolate monstrosity.

“You’ll have my key,” Daisy says in between licks of ice cream as they walk back towards Jemma’s home. “That way if I ever lose it…”

“When,” Jemma interjects under her breath.

Daisy shoots her a look from the corner of her eye, and rolls her eyes once again.

“Fine, so when I lose it, you’ll have the spare.”

“That actually makes sense,” Jemma says haltingly. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are?” Daisy asks.

Jemma stops walking giving her an incredulous look.

Daisy bursts out laughing. “The look on your face!” She continues walking, eating her ice cream and chuckling.

Jemma squeezes the key in her hand tightly feeling the teeth biting against the skin of her palm and follows after Daisy because it’s what she always does.

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My bucket list ideas!

Hi! My name is teenytinymixture and I do videos on youtube for my bucket list ideas! Go check the channel out and if you like it then go subscribe!

Also this is a list of what I have on my bucket list! Enjoy! and give me some awesome bucket list ideas, challenge and dares!! 

Bucket list ideas


Leave inspirational quotes everywhere (20/04/14)

Leave a note in a library book for fun (22/04/14)

Be able to do a one handed push up (26/04/14)

Do 100 sit - ups challenge in 5 mins (04/05/14)

Do a handstand (04/05/14)

Make a rubber band ball (30/04/14)

Leave a nice note on someones window/door (30/04/14)

Sticky note a car (28/04/14)

Bubble bath with clothes (13/05/14) 

Write: this way to the Ministry of magic in a public toilet (13/05/14)

Put up a “Lost dog” poster with a picture of a cat on it (14/05/14)

Have a tidy room (13/05/14)

Make “open when” letters (10/05/14) 

Post funny jokes on parked cars windscreens (12/05/14)

Bread challenge - 30 seconds without water (20/05/14)

Eat a lemon without pulling a face (18/05/14) 

Milk & coke (18/05/14)

Burn a dandelion (16/05/14)

Tie wishes to a tree (30/05/14)

Drink a glass of coffee ( 16/05/14)

Watch ‘The bucket list’ (15/05/14)

Put a message in a telephone box (21/05/14)

Try and balance as many books on your head as you can - 7 - (20/05/14)

Paint each nail a different colour (20/05/14)

Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning (01/06/14) 

Write notes and put them up around your town (30/05/14) 

Keep a blog about the bucket list (30/05/14)

Send a message in a bottle (14/06/14)

Try yoga (22/06/14)

Write 'you’ve got one unread message’ on a postbox (26/06/14)

Get some chalk. Play hopscotch and draw (14/06/14)

Poker face challenge - you have to pull a straight face while friends try to make you laugh. See how long you last (21/06/14) 

Just draw with chalk (21/06/14)

Go for a walk around your town (29/06/14) 

Do a handstand against a wall (29/06/14)

Not done! 

  1. Crave my name in a tree
  2. Make a video at 1:00am 
  3. Do a 365 day photo challenge 
  4. Steal someones boxers
  5. Mix two milkshakes and drink it 
  6. Do a gummy bear challenge 
  7. Eat a cake without using my hands just my face 
  8. Eat a whole jar of nutella 
  9. Have a nice long chat with the trees 
  10. Eat an onion 
  11. Have someone smash a pie in my face 
  12. Sneak a love letter into the one I love’s pocket 
  13. Destroy a watermelon 
  14. Vlog for one week 
  15. Throw paper planes off a bridge
  16. Have a bbq on the beach 
  17. Wear a fake moustache 
  18. Make 365 day 1 second videos 
  19. Text “I hid the body” to a random number 
  20. Mentos & coke
  21. Jump in puddles 
  22. Paint with bubbles 
  23. Water balloon target practice 
  24. Let go of 1oo balloons all at once 
  25. Make melted art 
  26. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  27. Eat sushi 
  28. Fill eggs with paint and toss them at a canvas 
  29. Eat a whole roll of hubba bubba at one time 
  30. Make lemonade 
  31. Buy flowers for someone for no reason 
  32. Make a giant sandcastle 
  33. Try a juice cleanse - get a bottle and put water and fruit in it 
  34. Learn how to mediate 
  35. Eat a box of raisins in 30 seconds 
  36. Eat a whole sugar dount without licking my lips 
  37. Down a yogurt 
  38. Drink vodka with a straw 
  39. Make jello worms - put jello in straws 
  40. Laser beam challenge 
  41. Glow in the dark bubbles - cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution 
  42. Eat only fruit for a month 
  43. Prank your friends by freezing mentos in ice cubes and make them time bombs 
  44. Eat a whole watermelon with a spoon 
  45. Try butterbeer - Harry potter 
  46. Go to London 
  47. Make a dream catcher 
  48. Go on holiday with my bestfriend 
  49. Go on holiday with my boyfriend 
  50. Make rainbow roses 
  51. Achieve six pack abs 
  52. Benchpress my own weight 
  53. Climb a spiral staircase 
  54. Do 25 straight pull ups 
  55. Do 10 push ups for 10 days 
  56. Exercise for 3 months 
  57. Take photos in a photo - booth 
  58. Make a daisy chain 
  59. Paint rocks with nice messages on them then leave them for people to find 
  60. Make a collage 
  61. Go to the pub 
  62. Build a snowman 
  63. Wear a boys jumper 
  64. Glow in the dark bowling (using water bottles and glow sticks) 
  65. Sit on a rooftop 
  66. Run through a field of flowers 
  67. Make tie - dye shirts 
  68. Complete an 1000 piece puzzle 
  69. Roll down a hill 
  70. Put a random items in peoples shopping trolley 
  71. Get buried in the sand 
  72. Walk behind a stranger and copy them 
  73. Accomplish three pull - ups 
  74. Complete the 100  pull up challenge
  75. Baby food and baby drink challenge  
  76. Saltine cracker challenge - six saltine crackers in a minute without water
  77. Go 30 days without sugar 
  78. Be a tourist in your own town 
  79. Climb a tree 
  80. Release sky lanterns 
  81. Try different teas 
  82. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back 
  83. Pose with manicans 
  84. Solve a rubix cube
  85. Roast marshmallows 
  86. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies 
  87. Drop a water balloon of a tall building 
  88. Do an infinity sign with a friend 
  89. Make a gummy bear and sprite popsicles 
  90. Build a gingerbread house 
  91. Drink form a coconut 
  92. Do cotton - ball challenge 
  93. Do make - up challenge 
  94. Sit in a trolley and get pushed around in the shop 
  95. Go into a bed store and sleep on the bed 
  96. Flour bombing fight 
  97. Make a blanket fort and sleep in it 
  98. Do a cartwheel in a shop 
  99. Prank someone 
  100. Glue something (pound) to the ground and watch people try and pick it up 
  101. Do a music video
  102. Be blind for a day 
  103. Spend a whole day bare foot 
  104. Put on sunglasses when it’s raining 
  105. Do a twenty - four hour silence 
  106. Do something for a homeless person 
  107. Go camping 
  108. Order room service 
  109. Try 10 new fruits 
  110. Crazy glue something in a weird place 
  111. Fly kites 
  112. Walk around a shop with pink fluffy bunny ears on 
  113. Always try different food 
  114. Try deep friend mars bars 
  115. Do a halloween prank 
  116. Get a flat with my boyfriend 
  117. Go to Disneyland 
  118. Got to Italy ( Dream ) 
  119. Go to a concert 
  120. Own a “nemo fish”
  121. Go to a build a bear factory and build a bear 
  122. Do paintball darting 
  123. Breath in helium 
  124. Have a kitten 
  125. Vist a chocolate factory 
  126. Use a fake name in starbucks 
  127. Dance in a fountain 
  128. Try every flavour of vitamin water 
  129. Make jello shots 
  130. Try macarons 
  131. Try chocolate covered bacon 
  132. Try American food/drinks 
  133. Eat with chopsticks 
  134. Make smoothies 
  135. Try every Ben & Jerrts ice cream flavour 
  136. Go on a road trip 
  137. Have a dog for it’s entire life 
  138. Go mini - golfing 
  139. Have kids 
  140. Write something in we cement 
  141. Play messy twister 
  142. Participate in a charity events 
  143. Get married 
  144. Go bowling 
  145. Go paintballing 
  146. Order pizza 
  147. Swim in a baby pool full of ice 
  148. Crave a pumpkin 
  149. Learn how to bake 
  150. Have a pizza day 
  151. Make a pizza from scratch 
  152. Travel places 
  153. Have a picnic 
  154. Have a paint fight 
  155. Put soap into a fountain creating bubbles 
  156. Stomp grapes 
  157. Camp on the beach 
  158. Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming 
  159. Learn origami 
  160. Jump into a pool of whipped cream 
  161. Put mud on me then get water over me 
  162. Teepee something 
  163. Invent a new pizza 
  164. Learn how to use a pogo stick 
  165. Make something out of playing cards 
  166. Disney song challenge - give 10 Disney movies and you have to remember the songs from the movies 
  167. Movie quote challenge - Give 25 movies and for each movie you have to give a quote in the accent of the actor who said it 
  168. M&M challenge 
  169. Try mikado, strawberry and cream 
  170. Explore a cave 
  171. Write a love not on the bathroom mirror 
  172. Create an ice - cream flavour 
  173. Bake cupcakes for my friends 
  174. Go to a cheesecake factory 
  175. Bake a kitkat cake 
  176. Own a minion toy 
  177. Make a snow angel 
  178. Plant a tree 
  179. Have a hippy day. No phones or electronics. Sleep outside and eat only organic food 
  180. Finger paint 
  181. Try long-boarding
  182. Have a girls night
  183. Throw a dart at a map and travel to that place wherever it lands 
  184. Ride in a red London bus
  185. Vist pixar studios
  186. Participate in a colour run
  187. Go on a date to the zoo
  188. Explore a castle
  189. Have a silly string fight
  190. Watch the fault in our stars
  191. Go to vidcon
  192. Blow bubbles inside a bubble
  193. Place flowers on peoples doorstep
  194. Make an oatmeal face mask
  195. Write a fan letter
  196. Eat dinner outside
  197. Learn how to shoot the cap off of a water bottle
  198. Make 3 kinds of lemonade (strawberry, lemon and raspberry)
  199. Potato printing
  200. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  201. Read the hinger games books
  202. Have a sandball fight
  203. catch a ladybug
  204. Make flower headbands
  205. Make flubber
  206. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  207. Put grapes in the sun and see if they turn into raisins
  208. Do a cartwheel
  209. Learn how to play piano
  210. Wear as many glow sticks as possible
  211. Make a tire swing
  212. Shower under a water fall
  213. Go to starbucks everyday for a week
  214. Take webcam pictures at the Apple store
  215. Feed the ducks
  216. Play frisbee
  217. Pick strawberries
  218. Hula hoop
  219. Go to the aquarium
  220. Write 5 (nice) letters and put them through peoples letterbox
  221. Scream at the top of your lungs
  222. Make a banner and hang it somewhere public
  223. Put random stickers on cars
  224. Hug a tree
  225. Write memories on a white top
  226. Connect a whole bunch a straws together, then drink a can from across the room 
  227. Hang our shoes on a telephone wires 
  228. Throw confetti onto cars from a bridge 
  229. Get a 'stay positive’ shirt 
  230. Attend a gay pride parade 
  231. Own a charm bracelet 
  232. Buy cinnamon candles 
  233. Try frozen watermelon 
  234. Draw funny faces on all eggs in my fridge
  235. Sandboarding
  236. Make little paper boats and float them somewhere outside
  237. Paint yourself
  238. Drink from a chocolate fountain
  239. Slide down grass in cardboard boxes
  240. Mikado & ice - cream in a jar
  241. Drink colourful cocktails
  242. Vodka soaked watermelon
  243. Buy a pair of white shoes and write on them everyday
  244. Randomly start dancing at random times
  245. Wear two different shoes for the whole day
  246. Catch a fish with our bare hands
  247. Do 200 sit ups
  248. Make pottery
  249. Do some science experiments
  250. Go on an ice - cream date
  251. Lean to knit
  252. Have a pillow fight
  253. Hold a butterfly in my hands
  254. See the big ben in London 
  255. Play catch with eggs
  256. Play real life fruit ninja 
  257. Watch the clouds 
  258. Watch a sunrise or sunset 
  259. Blow bubbles 
  260. Buy converses 
  261. Build a ship in a bottle
  262. Make rainbow fruit kebab
  263. Own a rainbow umbrella
  264. Make soap
  265. Become a nanny 
  266. Go fishing
  267. Try bubble tea
  268. Jump in a foam pit
  269. Get a teddy from an arcade machine
  270. Eat frozen yogurt 
  271. Make a olaf mug
  272. Eat a wonka chocolate bar 
  273. Go to harry potter world 
  274. Collect herbs 
  275. Burn sage 
  276. Dance in the rain 
  277. Learn sign language 
  278. Play tennis with apples 
  279. Start a fire without matches 
  280. Participate in a zombie walk 
  281. Learn how to juggle 
  282. Learn how to roller-skate 
  283. Go on a hike 
  284. Eat cookie dough 
  285. Read every novel written by Stephen king 
  286. Sit in a field of lavender
  287. Own a pair of doc martens 
  288. Be a gamer on Youtube! 
  289. Make a glow jar
  290. Watch baby turtles hatch 
  291. Make homemade jam 
  292. Own a pair of black milk leggings 
  293. Go to M&M world 
  294. Have a lord of the rings movie marathon 
  295. Make homemade yougurt 
  296. Go to a fireworks display 
  297. Be a vegeterian for one week 
  298. Do a mud run 
  299. Put handprints somewhere around your town with paint 
  300. Make a daisy chain crown 
  301. Play with sparklers 
  302. Start a wall collage 
  303. Buy a venus fly trap 
  304. Take old toilet paper rolls and cut out eyes in them then place glow sticks in them then place them in random bushes late at night and freak people out 
  305. Glitter balloons 
  306. Buy a polaroid camera
  307. Get a disney balloon
  308. Make a memory jar
  309. Cuddle by the fire
  310. Jump in a pile of leaves
  311. Go on a breakfast date
  312. Own a gameboy colour 
  313. Build a book fort 
  314. Own a snow globe
  315. Take a selfie with a cactus
  316. Walk bare foot through a forest 
  317. Own a pair of superhero underwear
  318. Eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting 
  319. Make a jar of lucky paper stars 
  320. Buy a new pair of uggs boots for winter 
  321. Try every lush bath bomb
  322. Remember to stop and smell the roses
  323. Go to aquarium
  324. Make a lava lamp 
  325. Make body butter
  326. Own a hunger games bracelet 
  327. Own combat boots
  328. Take a picture half over and half under water
  329. Make homemade candles
  330. Bake nutella cupcakes
  331. Cook everything in the unofficial Harry potter cookbook
  332. Help the environment
  333. Pull an all-nighter
  334. Shake a soldiers hand
  335. Eat at one of chef Gordon Ramsay restaurants
  336. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  337. Collect Disney stuffed animals
  338. Go to a spa 
  339. Drink a Martini
  340. Vist the beach everyday for a week
  341. Bob for apples
  342. Go indoor rock climbing
  343. Have a glowstick fight
  344. Play in a giant ball pit
  345. Throw a bucket of water at someone
  346. Try eggnog
  347. Go to a forest in fall
  348. Collect train tickets
  349. Donate gifts to children in need
  350. Make someone less fortunate smile on christmas
  351. Go to the circus 
  352. Bottle feed a baby lion
  353. Catch every Pokemon
  354. Complete skyrim
  355. Spend a weekend in a hotel with someone I love
  356. Do a take what you need poster
  357. Hand out smiley faced balloons
  358. Get a henna tattoo
  359. Swim in jello
  360. Go eye bombing 
  361. Spend a whole week with my bestfriend
  362. Eat ice - cream out of a coconut 
  363. Throw a boomerang
  364. Prank call people
  365. Go on a shopping spree with my bestfriend
  366. Try oreo cake
  367. Make and try bacon pancakes
  368. Go fall candle shopping
  369. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  370. Ride the London eye
  371. Shower outside
  372. Dip dye my hair
  373. Go on a date
  374. Go to comic con
  375. Improve my flexibility
  376. Learn how to do a backflip
  377. Make a slip n' slide
  378. Shave my head for someone with cancer
  379. Take a photo at the perfect moment
  380. Kiss under mistletoe
  381. Learn how to pen spin
  382. Sleep in a car
  383. Sleep on a hammock
  384. Use glow paint
  385. Run for race for life
  386. Sleep in a teepee
  387. Vist Westminster Abby
  388. Own a sexy lace dress
  389. Write on a snowy car window
  390. Own a goldfish
  391. Breathe in helium, then walk up behind someone and say "follow the yellow brick road"

zzxya  asked:

Shieth; Two leaders of rival kingdoms/planets (if you wanna stay closer to canon), can only meet in a hidden garden/planet to be together ^^

“It’s been two weeks.”

He heard a disembodied voice from behind the flora, a large shadow moving into the dim light. Shiro looked the same, but infinitely more tired. Keith could see how much he’d aged in so little time and he had a hard time not reaching out to him. Their boundaries were still a little iffy. Like last time, he could have sworn Shiro would hug him but had only turned away with a sad smile.

Ruling a planet unwillingly was very hard.

“Seems like two years,” Keith answered. He felt a little high at the sight of his companions large shoulders glowing in the light. He’d missed him so much. Had dreamt of the hug that never happened. “You look like you could use some sleep.”

“Couple of years worth,” Shiro agreed. “I’d take a power nap if I could, but Queen Regent Allura is doing her best to keep this planet together.”

“Isn’t that your job?”

“You’d think, right?” He laughed, throwing his white hair out of his eyes. “We all knew though, that she’d be the true ruler. I’m just a face for the people.”

“That’s not true,” Keith sighed and sat on the stone bench hidden in the brush. “You know it’s not.”

“Yeah,” Shiro exhaled harshly as he sat next to him. “I know. But I don’t want to talk about my job or… life right now. How are you? Two weeks is too long.”

Keith felt every atom in his body vibrate at Shiro’s arm next to his own. He was so close. All he had to do was throw out an arm and hold Shiro. He could pass it off as a friendly good-to-see-you hug.

“Lance has been keeping me together, honestly.” Keith didn’t hug him. “But I’ve made a lot of progress. Next month we’re passing a law to cut taxes on the lower class. We’ve found the funding elsewhere.”

Shiro’s smile was as bright as the moon above them. Keith seriously regretted that not-hug.

“That’s amazing! I’m guessing that’s why this truce conference has been called? I was thinking of just coming to visit you anyway if the weeks kept on creeping by.”

He didn’t have anything to say to that. What was there to say? ‘Please visit me. Just stay. Let Allura rule and I’ll let Lance take full control. We’ll take our spaceship and run.’

“I’ve missed you, Keith.” Shiro admitted quietly, looking away and into the moon. “Honestly, those months together during my coronation… I can’t even tell you how much I miss… just… us.”

“You’d think our planets old civil war would have made us less than friends.”

“I don’t think there’s any reason in the galaxy that could make us less than friends.”

‘I can think of a reason to make us more,’ Keith thought wistfully. Shiro laughed suddenly and Keith prayed he hadn’t said it aloud.

“Except if you keep insisting chocolate is better than strawberries.”

“It is!” Keith snorted, desperately trying to keep his heart under control.

“Okay, well how about this?” Shiro curled his arm around Keith’s shoulders, pulling them together. Gesturing to the sky, he said, “Chocolate covered strawberries!”

“You may be onto something,” he admitted. The control was gone, never there. His heart was burning against his ribs, frantic to get closer to Shiro. “You’re smarter than you look.”

“Are you suggesting I look stupid?”

“Ehhhh,” he wiggled his hand in the universal kinda-sorta gestured. Laughing when Shiro looked very offended, Keith dug deeper underneath his arm. A very necessary action. Yes. He knew these things, as a ruler. “Oh come on, you I know I love your stupid face.”

Shiro pulled him closer.

“Yeah. I do.”

Wammy boys & junk food (& a few curiosities in between)

• Matt and Mello having snowball fights while Near sits in a corner secretely making snow angels when nobody’s watching (and secretely thinking, well, this is stupid, but i can cross it off my list. yes he has a list. don’t ask) and L sprinkling snow on his chocolate cake to make it an ice cream cake (because despite liking pastries so much and being smart he has no idea how they’re made)

• Near eats only ramen once in a while. When he remembers.

• Watari making carrot cake and banana bread and strawberry milkshakes for L at least twice a week to trick him into eating some fruits and vegetables

• Matt making a rectangular rice cake and covering it in dark chocolate and Mello finding out only after the first bite and screaming MATT YOU FUCKER I SWEAR TO GOD NOT THIS AGAIN while Matt laughs hysterically

• Mello secretly watching a few tutorials on cake decorating and then one day he goes to Near and hes like YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK OF YOUR STUPID TOYS? THIS. and he bites into a robot made of fondant icing while Near watches horrified

• Matt has a giant bubble gum dispenser which he refills every week. his idea of a nutricious meal consists of an open faced sandwich covered in mayo (“there’s eggs in it so it’s gotta be healthy right?), bacon (“proteins”) and some cereal/granola crumbs (“fibers”) (because Mello eats all the good big-lumped cereals and granola and never replaces the boxes with new ones.) 

• Matt once tried to quit smoking but his sugar levels almost killed him from all the lollipops he ate on a regular basis to stop the cravings for cigarettes so since then he hasnt tried to quit smoking again. he still has a couple of lollipops now and then in between meals

• Someone once heard Watari say to Roger: “I have no idea why we still keep two darn international chefs and a few sub chefs around when obviously theres no reason for any of those things.” That’s the only time Watari cursed (and called two human beings “things”). the person who heard him (besides Roger) is now dead. The two occurrences may or may not be related.

Bts reaction to you having a stressful week

Anonymous said: Bts reaction to their s/o having stressful week :( im having one

Hope youre ok! thank you for this request it was fun to write


He would notice immediately when something is wrong. The moment you don’t respond to go good morning text with your usually response he’ll be over with some fast food breakfast and rose. “Good morning princess! I hope this will cheer you up” he’ll say in a bright tone. He’ll try to act extra sweet and even do some of the house chores while you sit and relax in a bath he prepares for you.

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When you started becoming snappier and more angry than usual Suga senses something was up. He sat you down and demanded you told him what was up in the sweetest way he could. When you told him how stressful this week was for you he decided the best thing to do was run you a hot bath with some scented candles. He tried to give you a back massage but he was so bad you just ended up laughing at how useless he was.

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Rap monster:

He would try to get to the source of the problem. Did you have exams? Was something happening with your friends? Whatever it Was he wanted to solve it as quickly as possible. He would let you tell him everything, venting all your anger and stress out as a way to calm as Namjoon figured out a way to solve the problem.

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He would be extra clingy and sweet. Anything you asked him to do he would do, its 2am and you’ve ran out of coffee? Hes on his way to the store in seconds. He understands how it is to be stressed and would do anything to calm you even just a little bit. You would never hear him complain once, he would always have that bright smile on his face for you, making you feel better.

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He would be an absolute sweetheart, trying to make you as de-stressed as possible he would cook you your favourite dinner and make you and him sit down and watch your favourite movie. “Come on babe. Let’s go chill for a few hours” Has say wrapping his arm around your shoulder pulling you into the living room where he already had extra blankets and popcorn out. 

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Even though v is seen as the hyper active one he would be very worried when you’re not being yourself. He’s take you to the side and ask you very seriously what was the matter. He would try to best to solve the problem as quickly as possible all while going back to his silly self covering you in kisses and snuggling up to you whenever he could

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When jungkook found out how stressful your week was he would try not to show it, he would just do little things like make sure the house chores where done when you got home, filled the fridge with your favourite food. Thins to make your week just a little bit easier. When you’re sitting on your desk doing work he’ll come in with a hot chocolate for you and some strawberries before kissing your forehead and leaving the room.

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Cooking with Tom

Author ladyoftheteaandblod


And now on the BBC “Cooking with Tom” 

The voice over lady seems to be having a rough day.

 (Strike up the theme tune and away we go. I could have done the voice over for any show and I get this, every week the torture of watching him, the god of the apron, strut his stuff….shit time to speak)

Ladies tonight on cooking with Tom, Tom will cook up a lamb shanks, with baby Roast potatoes, spinach and baby carrots.

( Shit nearly said Shag instead of shank, but let’s face it who really gives a toss what he cooks. As long as we get to look at those long fingers handling the food, twirling his utensils and chopping things up nobody cares. If he licks his body fingers like last time I’m done.

Oh god the camera man’s gone for the butt shot as he goes to the fridge. Bloody sadist, that shit does it on purpose. Last week he zoomed in on Toms rear as he bent to put his spotted dick the oven)

For this week’s dessert he will be whisking up a  raspberry mousse with sponge fingers on the side.

(Fuck that means he’s using cream. Whipping cream!

The thought of him and me with that bowls content and all the things I would really love to do with that white fluffy stuff. How I would love to lick it off his….. Maybe I should just do the voice over for country file.

Look at him running his hands over his neck as he explains how to make those sponge fingers, he bloody knows what he’s doing. You should be on the porn channel you bastard!)

As ever Tom will have one lucky lady from the audience to help him hold his equipment, as he beavers away in his steamy kitchen. She will get to see close up his amazing talents in the kitchen.

(Who writes this script? I bet it’s him. Mind you last week’s girl burnt herself stirring his hotpot, and by the way this one’s looking at him she’s about to go the same way.

He was so sweet about it, he kissed her burnt fingers and looked into her eyes as he apologized, then gave a speech about safety in the kitchen in that chocolate voice of his. The lady that cleans up after did say there were some very odd prints on the work surfaces after filming last week, I wonder what they got up to?

Look at this weeks girl all eyes and boobs Keep your eyes on the food you lucky bitch.)

Tom will help take you through tonight recipes so when your man comes home, he’ll have something hot and filling to look forwards to.

(Yes it’s me on heat and as for food it will be a meal for one from the freezer because after doing this, all I’m good for is being bent over the work top and shagged and that only happens if hubby has nothing else is going on, on his Facebook page. Oh god I need that man and his dipping sauce) 

Tom will give you tips on how to whip your cream to perfection. Just look at that hand action ladies, this is what you are aiming for to get the perfect consistency.

(Trust me I’m watching that hand action and my cream is already whipped)

His sponge fingers are firm to the touch but soft on the inside, this means they have a little resistance when you bite into them, of course some of us use them to lick off the mousse first but that’s up to you.

(I demand to know who wrote this I’m gonna kill him! Get Hiddleston off the telly I need to be able to think again….shit look at his tongue wrapping found that sponge finger….don’t you dare lick off the cream that just ended on her nose…….OH SHIT! THATS IT I’m out of here that bitch did that on purpose)

Next week on cooking with Tom he’s going to show you how to cook and eat asparagus in Parma ham. Sticky barbecue, ribs the kind that you eat with your fingers as the sauce drips down your chin and chocolate covered strawberries. So to help you get through that make sure you have yet another set of batteries ladies because I’m off to my dressing room right now for some me time and I am sure you are too!

(Yes I know I’m sacked I should have stuck to news night….I need a lie down get me my rabbit!)

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picture not mine I just played with it and the thoughts it started.

I’m a simple woman. All I want to read is about is Sidney in Geno’s shirt, lying on his stomach and half on top of Geno, feeding him chocolate covered strawberries and giggling because this is so over the top an indulgent and he loves Geno too much to care, and then Geno proposing to Sidney in the next scene in an extremely romantic way. 

(Bonus for the entire Pens team bursting in when they hear Sidney say yes to the proposal with champagne and pop out streamers/confetti, then making simultaneous noises of “Oh, God, they haven no pants on–” and Sidney yelling, “What the hell? Get out of my house! How the hell did you all get in?”)

Baby Kicking

Imagine Muse A of your OTP is pregnant. Muse A complains to Muse B that they can’t get any sleep because the baby has been kicking Muse A nonstop since last night. So, Muse B gathers Muse A in their arms, sits them on their lap, and rubs Muse A’s stomach to help them feel better. x

“Your baby kicks a lot, you know.”

Percy chuckled as he entered the kitchen to see his 27 year old pregnant wife sipping a large cup of water. He walked over and pecked her lips.

“So suddenly when the baby kicks a lot, its mine?”

“Yes,” Annabeth replied getting up from her seat to grab the bag Percy was holding. “She’s been kicking all day while I tried to take a nap. I think it’s because she missed her Daddy,” she cooed  as she rubbed her belly. “What took you so long anyway?”

Percy hummed as he wrapped his arms around his wife’s midsection and peppered kisses on her neck while she took out the contents in the bag. “You’d be surprised how hard it was to come across chocolate covered strawberries. Every bakery in the area seemed to have run out or they weren’t the ones you wanted. I told you you should’ve just made them. Would’ve saved you two hours of baby kicking.”

“You know I can’t cook well. I’ll find a way to mess make a mess of the kitchen, somehow.”

“Not true. What about all those times you made me breakfast when we were younger?”

“That’s not really cooking, Perce. Anyone can make waffles if they just follow the instructions correctly.”

“Yeah, but you made them blue. No one ever makes pancakes the right shade of blue except for you and my mom,” he whined.

“You’re ridiculous, you know that?”

“That’s why you love me,” Percy replied, pressing another kiss to her collarbone. “So, did you miss me while I was gone, baby girl?”

Just as Percy said that, he felt a push against his hand. “So you did miss Daddy then, huh?” he cooed as his hand rubbed around Annabeth’s stomach.

“She’s definitely going to be swimmer if she keeps kicking like that. And a daddy’s girl. She loves it when you talk to her. Makes me wonder if she’ll have any traits of mine when she’s born,” Annabeth joked.

Percy laughed along with her and she turned around so her arms were now wrapped around her husband’s neck. Percy placed a lingering kiss to her forehead before moving down to capture her lips in a sweet, chaste kiss. They broke away when they felt the baby kicking again.

“She’s going to be a beautiful girl,” Percy praised and placed another peck on Annabeth’s lips, “a smart and beautiful girl just like her mother. You know the best part though?” he asked, pecking her forehead, “she’s ours.”

She sighed happily, “Yeah. Ours.” Another kick. They both simply laughed.

“Okay baby girl, that’s enough now,” Percy said to her stomach and rubbed his hand where he felt the kick. “Daddy’s home now so you can stop bothering Mommy, okay? We both love you very much but she needs to eat and sleep now.”

He peppered many kisses against her stomach as the baby kicked a few more times and finally settled down. Annabeth’s hand covered his moments later, fingers interlocked and stroking each other’s.

A few more months and she’ll be right here with them.