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Earth Food [Voltron HC]

A/N: just some blurby head canon about members of Voltron and earth food.

Warning: Some cute but messy shit


  • Definitely misses home cooked meals the most. 
  • Loves food in general and has no discrimination 
  • But he really missed some of his favourite samoan dishes
  • He almost replicated suafa’i (banana soup) but the banana looking plant turned his soup green and bitter and gave him the pukes
  • Never
  • Again.
  • So the moment he got his hands on some real bananas (he tested it) he was flying back to the castle to make batches and batches of his favourite soup.
  • Leftover bananas went to making poi (banana pudding) that he had to hide from Lance because Lance fell in love with it. 
  • The soup weirded him out because “Hunk, my dude, I love your cooking but banana isn’t supposed to be in soup.” 
  • And after Hunk gave him the “Then don’t eat my cooking and go sip on some space goop” response, Lance shut up and drank his soup. 
  • Also cookies.
  • Hunk really missed actual cookies that wouldn’t turn into teladuv lens substitutes. 


  • All though the Italian “memes” that Lance kept making bugged her to no end
  • She would never let Lance make any about Italian cuisine. 
  • Her mother made the best zeppolis but her grandpa knew how to cook up the best eggplant risotto 
  • Matt brought some leftover for Shiro once and he had tears in his eyes at how delicious it was.
  • Sometimes Pidge would just sit in her room and drool at the thought of her family’s cooking only to curl up and think about how much she missed them
  • She was in no way a great cook nor was she a terrible one, but she didn’t want to butcher her nonno’s delicious cooking like that so she only ever watched him cook. 
  • So for her birthday one year, the Hunk and Shiro went to Earth on a mission to get the recipe from Nonno Holt and Mamma Holt and tried their best to make Pidge’s favourite dishes for her birthday. 
  • Pidge teared up a little bit and gave her constructive criticism but loved the fact her friends went through all that trouble (and the two hours of “yes i’m fine, yes she’s doing great actually, so we’ve been busy saving the universe it’s no biggie” explaining their disappearance and their adventures to the Holt family) just to make her favourite foods. 


  • Okay but Keith lived in a shack in a middle of the desert
  • His favourite food was probably sand and a few occasional tumbleweeds 
  • Keith knew how to cook basic meals
  • But it was a real hassle to take his hunk of metal through the desert and to the nearest town/city for groceries EVERY week, so he would stock up on canned foods and other non-perishables for majority of his meals.
  • He hated beans at first but grew to love them over the course of a couple months.
  • His favourite were Campbell’s Chicken Wild Rice Soup and Chef Boyardee’s Mini Ravioli
  • Space didn’t really sell canned food
  • Although the space goo was probably the most nutritious food he’s had since his Garrison days
  • He still missed his cold ravioli.
  • Coran knew exactly which space mall would have most of the ingredients for the ravioli and with the help of Pidge’s knowledge on just how thin the dough should be, Hunk cooked up a giant pot ravioli just for Keith. 
  • Keith cried thanked the three and took the whole pot with him to his room and that’s where he stayed for the next two days, groaning in pain from all that ravioli


  • His Earth dish was Fricasé de Pollo
  • A stew made up of chicken, potatoes, onions, peppers and peas.
  • Lance usually only cooked small meals for his siblings and cousins when he took care of them and everyone loved his stew.
  • It became his most favourite dish to cook and possibly the only thing he remembered how to cook by heart.
  • So after meeting Kaltenecker, Lance would search every space mall the team would stumble across to find the one that sold the most ingredients for his stew.
  • He could only find the vegetables
  • But one day, a farmer from a planet Voltron just saved, offered the team a variety of sustenance from their farm. 
  • Lance made do with the chicken-ish looking bird and the spices that Hunk hid. 
  • The flavour wasn’t on par but the texture and color turned out just fine
  • The team was in awe with Lance because there is more to him than terrible pick-up lines and his sharpshooting skills. 
  • The team always tried to remember to pick up similar stew ingredients when they could so Lance could make stew more often. 
  • Cooking the stew for his space family kept Lance sane and made him feel at home. 


  • As a kid, Shiro always went to school with a bento box for lunch (forkin’ fire me)
  • Shiro missed the way his mom would set up his boxed lunches with cute-faced onigiris and shaped-fruits
  • But he tried not to dwell to much considering he’s been gone from Earth a lot longer than everyone else on the ship.
  • However on the days Shiro found himself at his weakest, on the nights he couldn’t sleep, he would think about how his mom used to bring him a bowl of miso soup to lull him to sleep. 
  • Shiro might have been the oldest paladin but his cooking skills were abysmal. 
  • He decided to buy a small fish and a white brick thing that the space mall workers were promoting as “healthy and good for cooking” (presumably tofu?) and stole some water kelp Lance had been hiding for his face masks to make his soup. 
  • Of course it wasn’t exactly miso but the broth turned out alright and Shiro felt accomplished for making himself some soup that reminded him of his mom. 

Princess Allura/Coran/Mice:

  • Whenever this time does come, I can picture the paladins taking Allura and Coran to a fair or carnival and that’s where they will try their first Earth Foods.
  • Authentic carnival junk food.
  • churros, mini donuts, pretzels, hot dog, corn dogs, pizza, snow cones and anything from the candy bar.
  • Allura’s favourite was the caramel apple
  • Coran’s would be kettle corn AHAHAH KETTLE CORAN 
  • The mice loved cotton candy
  • Coran tries to make his own kettle corn back on the chip
  • He was never allowed to do such a thing ever again.
  • Pidge taught Allura how to make caramel apple and it turned out a lot harder than it was supposed to be
  • Mice got sick from all the sugar but they turned out alright.

HAHA this was lame I’m sorry! Also excuse any weird errors, I didn’t bother checking this on grammarly and my keyboard liked to autocorrect every thing.


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