how to make blue roses


Ran into the lovely @yukipri at Katsucon! *O* I’m so glad I chased you down for a business card haha xD She was the sparkliest Yuuri ever (the lights omggggg how *A*) So stunning!! I too must learn how to make gorgeous toxic glowing blue roses for another time~! 💕


Brace yourself, boy prince ‘cause true love’s about to hit you in 3, 2, 1…

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Okay but how much u wanna bet that when aqua and topaz get back with Steven to say it's rose quartz, the diamonds get upset because wtf??? We asked for humans and u bring is this??? Do u know how triggering rose quartz is you imbeciles I'm trying to make blue better not worse omfg

im DYING to see their faces when they see Steven. cause they were probably told ahead of time that Aquamarine got Rose Quartz, and you BET this is NOT how they expect him to look like. Yellow would probably be like ‘is this a fucking joke???’ and Aquamarine will be all sweaty and yell at Steven to take his shirt off, a very odd scenario if you dont have any context. 

i keep listening to this remix of what’s the use of feeling blue and i’m not sure if it’s making me want to make a yellow diamond or a blue asdffgh

“How did they make blue diamond sympathetic?”

1) Greg stated that Rose starting a war was a mistake

2) constant attention to Blue Diamond crying

3) getting a song DEDICATED to blue diamond’s emotions with her attempting to comfort yellow diamond

4) nobody except Ruby (who is often painted as over dramatic and irrational) cared to mention that Blue diamond was a bad person

5) Greg actually sitting down to talk to Blue Diamond about losing loved ones

6) Historical Friction (aka an episode claiming that no matter what sort of bad shit you do, you’re automatically a good person as long as you have some redeeming qualities or are sympathetic)