how to make banners in photoshop

I got a request to explain how to apply a doodle gif texture, and since I couldn’t find a tutorial, I decided to make one myself! I will be explaining (with lots of pictures) how to apply the hearts gif shown in the banner. I used the hearts gif from this doodle pack.

What you will need: photoshop. I use cc 2015.
Difficulty level: ★★☆☆☆

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anonymous asked:

How did you make your banner for the fairyfloss legacy?

In photoshop I made an image that was 540 pixels wide, and then used the rectangle tool to make the long rectangle in the center, and I double clicked on that layer and in layer styles put a gradient overlay over it, and I change that for every generation. Then I used the text tool to type out fairyfloss, set the color, moved it where i wanted, and put a white stroke around it in layer styles. Then I changed the colors and saved multiple versions of it. 

bulletproofjournaling  asked:

Your graphics are so cool!!<3 May I ask how you make them? I'm trying to make some banners for studyblr masterposts but I have no idea where to start~ thanks!! ♪( ´▽`)

hello, thank you!! (*~▽~) i use photoshop cs5. here’s a tutorial-thing on how i made the icons:

I HOPE THIS HELPS EVEN A BIT have fun making banners!! i look forward to seeing your masterposts around ♫꒰•‿•๑꒱

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love the banner you use for your posts! How did you make it? Was it photoshop or something free, 'cause I'm not allowed to buy anything but I really want to make my own decent looking banner :(((

Thank you so much <3 ! I actually use gimp which is free to download! I’m putting the instructions under the cut

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anonymous asked:

how do you make your logo/banners/headers/etc?

hey anon! instead of studying for the SAT, which is tomorrow, which is what I should be doing, here I am, ready to answer your ask!okay, so 

  • I make my graphics via Photoshop CS3 (an older version of photoshop tbh)!
  • if you do not have photoshop, i have a masterpost of photoshop alternatives right here!
  • if you want to know how to make similar graphics like mine, i have a tutorial on how to do that right here!
  • a quick rundown of how i make my stuff is literally
    • choosing a font (either handwriting/scripty font or a blocky, square but organized font)
    • and choosing the right colors
    • and putting them on a white background
  • if anyone else is interested i can make another tutorial on how to make a more “complicated” or a graphic with more steps than just text and a background! (anon, if you want this, pop me an ask and i’ll gladly give you a tuto)
  • but otherwise, as long as you follow what my tutorial (linked above) says, you can make graphics like mine!
  • also, i made a quick header as an example. 
    • it’s a red/pink background with text and two white lines. 
    • i duplicated the text and put them behind each other (stacking them)
    • and changed the colors from dark to light. 
    • and then i added two white lines just for the hell of it
    • and that’s it!
  • idk if this helped, anon, but i hope it did?

i’ll probably make another tutorial about making graphics but it’d be nice if you guys told me if you want me to make one (means i’ll throw it out faster haha)

hope this helped, love! xoxo


Oh wow, thanks for the interest! I doubt I’ll be making custom runes/banners because I’m a procrastinating busy college student, though they are pretty easy to make. As for how I make them, let’s talk about the tiny ones. 

First grab a template (I’ll post them a bit later), open it in an image editing program of your choice, (I use photoshop for all my stuff) and zoom in real close, like 1500% or something. It’ll look like this:

Then, draw your symbol using a 1px brush:

Make a new layer under the lines, and color the thing!

And last, add some glow (layer overlay)

And you have your runestone

Quality is very shitty, fitting for a shitty person.

Ahem, hey guys, Elsa here!!! I’m very proud to say that this account, was able to reach a milestone~! I’m so happy, confused as well, but happy none the less. 600 followers. Six-hundred followers. Six-hundred people thought that, “hey, this person pretty cool, follow.” Like whaaa?? That’s amazing. Or at least, to me, that’s amazing. I know, I know, I say that I can’t do shit; but the reason is that I can’t grasp the fact that it’s just me & the way the blog looks that you guys follow. 

I don’t do them gorgeous gifs/edits tho I want to learn how to or those beautifully written fanfics; It’s just my comments on these six boys. That’s it. & the fact so many of you guys keep sending me all these kind, too-good-for-my-heart messages honestly means a lot to me; & for that I thank you.

Anyways, I’m glad to be making this follow-forever list~ so go follow all these amazing beauties cause they’re awesome.

Special Shoutout to @aztro & @sailorjoonjams for helping me out with photoshop so that I can make the banner!


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Tutorial on how to make a really nice futuristic banner~ Hope it’s going to be useful!

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Okay, so on the first note I couldn’t make any cool banner for this because I am very untalented in the world of photoshop and editing pictures. So this just gets a basic title. On the second note, a lot of you don’t know me and I don’t know you but all of you have made my tumblr experience worth while. I came here and I didn’t know anyone or how to do anything (granted I still don’t) but I have found so many people that have all the same interests as me and I’m so glad. Whether I know you, or I don’t I am thankful for each and every one of you and just know that each and every one of you mean something to me and have done something for me in some way. So thank you guys, all of you. <3

My lovely gladers: 

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(Following the link, you will find personalized letters for each of you. x)

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For the record, all of you are absolutely  awesome and I would love to talk to each and every one of you. <3

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As it was said before, a lot of you I have never talked too but I do secretly admire you from afar and you guys have helped me even if you don’t know you have. Maybe with a fic, a post, an edit, or a video. Or maybe just showing up every now and then. I have no doubts that you are all amazing people and if I could get to know each and every one of you, I would be glad to have gotten that chance. Your appearance on my dash could change my mood in the matter of seconds. I wish I could somehow take the time and thank each one of you individually. I love all you guys, I hope you know that. Thank you for making my experience here such a great one. <3 (I am so sorry if I forgot anyone, if I did I will update it if I figure out I forgot you. Thanks guys)

Hey guys! So I reached 200 followers a while ago, and I finally decided to stop being lazy and do a follow forever! Thank you so much for all your love! You guys really do make my day, and I love all the cute asks and messages I recieve from you guys! ♥ Sorry if I forgot anyone >< and for the crappy banner thingy otl >< I’m still a nube at photoshop, so please bear with my crappy photoshop skills ;_;

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Skeletonmikes “I’m too cool for banners” follow forever!

aka: i dont have photoshop and also i really dont feel like making one

so to celebrate recently hitting 400 followers I decided to do a follow forever! (sorry if I follow you and you weren’t mentioned I promise ily very very much)

@lovefeelinglikewar- Probably one of the best friends I’ve made through this site, I remember both of us lost followers at first because we had to talk through text posts! Love you for your great plots, and for just being a great friend in general (also thanks for all the Jalex)

@plantfandomlife- How long have we even been friends, omg. I love you so much, and I’m gonna meet you someday without a doubt. You’ve always been there for me whenever I need it and have supported me through everything <333

@geradslay- ok we really don’t talk much and I wanna change that because you’ve supported my blog a lot and seem so nice. You were also one of my first like… 50 followers too?? anyhow you’ve been here a while and have always been amazing

@skaterzack- I remember when we first started talking, it was because you and Kari spammed me with fetus Zack pictures! Even if we don’t talk very much now ily lots and hope you get to fight meet Zack someday

@pouronemorechaserforme- you corrupted me

@halloweenbarakat Another from the old Zack Merrick squad, I haven’t been able to talk to you much Gemma but we stay mutuals and you’ve always been really supportive of me <3



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So yeah thank you all for keeping my dash alive, active and also for being hella rad

how to make gifs on gimp 2.8 (a mediocre tutorial) part 1

we gon start with a bouncing ball bc thats like the easiest animation out there

okay imma start by creating a new image, but if you want ur animation to be over a certain background image, you can hit open and choose a pic

using the paintbrush tool, i made a lil ball at the side of the screen where its gonna start in the animation

like so

then u need to open a new layer, so the ball can show up in a different place when its moving cross ya screen

make sure to change the fill type from “transparency” to “white” if you dont want the first layer to show up too

then ur gonna have 2 layers in ur layers window, and the new one should be selected (if not, click it to select)

theres a lil eyecon (see what I did there) next to the pic of the layer, and if you click it, that layer will be invisible. do that (but still have ur layer selected)

it should look like this

next you’re gonna have to draw the ball in a different spot. I made the new layer invisible, so you can see where the ball was before while you put it in a new place (so dont be alarmed when you dont see the new ball you draw on the second layer)

if you go back to the layer window then, and click to make it visible again, the new ball position you made should show up and the original will be hidden

<(new ball position)

now the first part of the balls path is done, and after that its just repeating those few steps over and over

so go to layers>new layer, and make the new one invisible

and then just keep drawing the ball in a different spot

over and over and over until u get ur ball across the screen or like you want to end the animation

(I ended up with a whole lotta layers)

when ur ready to save, go to filters>animation>optimize for gif (you should always do this with your gifs before you save because it fixes them to take up less data)

after you do that, it should open a new window thingy with ur gif (the layers will look different, bc its getting rid of all this extra stuff the animation doesnt need)

< like dat

after that ur really really ready to save. go to file>export as…

and make sure the image will export as a .gif file

then this new window will come up and make sure the “As animation” box is checked (otherwise the gif wont move)

(I like to uncheck the box that says “GIF comment” because I want people to think I create my gifs with elf magic and not free photoshop programs)

(you can also change the delay between frames to make the gif faster or slower- you can do this at any time, even after the gif is saved. Just open it in gimp again and resave it this way)

when ur all done u get this lovely lil ball bouncing across the screen like so:

good luck friends

merry crisis! ok so this is my first follow forever and i thot i should make it bcs 2015 was wild as fuck !!! also i learned how to copy and paste on photoshop so i had to make a banner. anyway yea i really love all of yall even tho no one talks to me on this site

i bolded the ppl who i love a lot! but first i gotta mention these 2 hoes

@gentlegg : when the hell are u gonna delete its been 2 yrs and u still show ur face here. jk i love u a lot and even tho ur hoe ass forgot that u invited me to ur christmas party. thanks for listening to me scream about zarry when no one else would ur a #tru friend.

@theofficialrock : u almost gave me a heart attack 2 years ago when u asked if i had a blog i was gonna cry but here we r. thanks for texting me those messages so i can add them to my banner and thanks for not unfollowing me when i became a 1d stan :~)

mutuals ! (faves are bolded) 

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non-mutuals !

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if i forgot u sorry! this took longer than i thought dam. anyways have a good rest of the year and 2016!