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I am proud to say that I’ve successfully drawn every single armour set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

  1. Gerudo
  2. Zora
  3. Desert Voe
  4. Ancient
  5. Hylian
  6. Snowquill
  7. Barbarian
  8. Stealth
  9. Climber
  10. Radiant
  11. Rubber
  12. Flamebreaker
  13. Soldier
  14. Wild
  15. Tingle
  16. Champion
  17. Dark
  18. Fierce Deity
  19. Hero
  20. Sky
  21. Time
  22. Twilight
  23. Wind
  24. Phantom

Here are the individual drawings if anyone is interested:





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Has anyone talked about the fact that prior to 6x15 Emma was wearing flouncy loose girly things with her hair up and looking open and more vulnerable and when she thought Killian left she’s right away back to her turtlenecks and hair worn down like a shield. Anyone talking about how she slipped right back into her armour and clothing that makes her feel protected and closed off from people like she wore in earlier seasons because I do and I have a lot of feelings about it

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Top 5 SNK chapters

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

1. Chapter 82.

I love it for this…


and this.

The chapter shows just how far every single one of our protagonists have become.

Eren is fierce, but not out of control.

Mikasa is worried, but trusting.

Armin isn’t 100% confident in himself yet, but brave.

This is incredibly satisfying, not just from the awesome action perspective and humanity finally defeating the big threats they have, but more importantly character development. 

The following chapters show that Eren and Mikasa act better as soldiers and fighters, but their feelings still interfere with their duty in different ways now than before and prior to this we see that while Armin is brave, he is still not a perfect leader.

The fact that Eren takes down the Colossal Titan is a great thematic statement by itself - perhaps, even if just for now, Eren and humanity itself has won against it’s weaknesses?

2. Chapter 66.

I love this chapter just for Historia’s action of defeating her father and her statement about each and every life having a meaning and being true to yourself. It’s a very powerful thematic statement.

I was thinking about where I should put chapter 71 in this, so I decided to put it in a tie with chapter 66 because they have similar statements about each and every life being valuable despite how “great” someone is or what they have achieved. You don’t have to be great for your life to matter. You are fine just for existing and giving your best.

3. Chapter 14.

This is the chapter (more exactly the anime version of this chapter - episode 13) that got me hooked on the series.

It’s just the simple statement of keeping up the fight within a cruel world so it could eventually become better that grabbed me. It’s a very strong statement.

4. Chapter 42 (43-50 as an addition).

Not only is it a very unique reveal that doubled as excellent characterization and a great fight, it fully introduced gray morality into the series - we had some of it with Annie, but this fight and the aftermath told us that the people on the other side of the war, this conflict are people, too. That “evil” is often more complex than just bloodthirsty beasts or cartoon villains.

3. Chapter 33.

This is still the most effective plot twist in the story to me. It fits together with everything we knew before perfectly, while also being something that had probably the least bit of foreshadoowing out of all the twists we had. It just plain makes sense if you look at how the Armoured and Colossal Titans attacket first - why would they only break down the gates?

Well, because the walls have Colossal Titans in them!

Taken 30 minutes apart, these photos show two very different women. One risked her country, her credibility and everything she loves to build a better future for her people. She didn’t succeed as well as she wanted, but everything turned out okay. The other risked her sanity and livelihood to build an experience her people would enjoy and speak of for years to come. She succeeded.

Sometimes I’m not really sure which is which, but I’m happy either way. Sometimes I forget how small I look without armour, weapons, make up. It’s also worth noting I have a mild concussion in the second photo and don’t remember it being taken. Woo, sword fights.

Grand Marshall Erin Westwood of Averland at Swordcraft Autumn Quest 2016 in Victoria, Australia. Photo by the fantastic @theprohobby


* painting and picking your shield
* picking a sword or axe or both to what feels more comfortable and suitable
* having practical armour
* hand to hand combat
* learning how to make a strong and compatible shield wall
* listening to tales of great shield maidens
* “Good, but hold your ground more firmly.”
* “Don’t back down from anyone. Especially not men.”
* following Lagertha into battles or war, no matter the reason or cost
* “Be careful.”
* “Only fight if you know the odds are in your favour.”
* “We will sacrifice to the gods to keep you safe.”
* standing guard and being involved with everything
* Astrid and Torvi showing you the ropes
* Lagertha treating you as a daughter or lover (your choice)
* fearing for each other’s life in battle
* protecting each other in battle

Things That Are Probably Useful- Info Masterpost- Part 1

I’m slowly going through all of my likes/bookmarks in an attempt to clear them out and make them somewhat coherent. 
This is mostly for my own use, but hey, maybe someone else will find it useful.


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General Tips

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119. Personnel are to stop worshipping the Commander as if he were some god of war. Please refer to him as ‘Commander’ or 'Sir’. Not as 'Master Commander’, 'the Man with the Plan’ or 'the Great Commandy One’.
119a. Operatives claiming to hear the Commander’s divine will are to be reminded that they have all received subdermal radio implants during their first week of induction at X-COM.
119ai. Similarly, Operatives are to be reminded that increased accuracy is more likely the result of the improved barrel linings and electromagnetic plasma confinement arrays than 'the Blessing of the Great Commandy One’.
119b. Despite the increased enthusiasm, Operatives are to stop referring to EXALT Insurgents as 'heretics’, 'infidels’ or 'worshippers of a false god’. You should be aware of the irony of that last statement.
119c. Even if he were a god of war, attempting 'appeasement sacrifices’ of half a dozen women sneaking into his room is not appreciated.
119ci. Even if they were all volunteers.
119cii. Even if the brunettes all dressed up like Dr. Vahlen sans turtleneck (or only in the turtleneck).
119ciii. Even if the second group found out how to make Carapace Armour 'look so sexy it should be illegal’.
—  Things XCOM Operatives Are Not Allowed To Do

Mitsun and Yasu’s Goddess of War gacha is coming to Tenka!!

*furiously starts saving pearls for Nobubu*

Please, Tenka artist, y’all are probably the original artists anyway so that’s how you can edit things easily.


I want to learn how to make armour and swords just so I can be that person. Like when my kids have friends over their parents will ask “what were their parents like” and the little kid will just say “ONE OF THEIR MOMS MAKES SWORDS AND THEY HAVE LIKE 8 SETS OF ARMOUR IN THE LIVING ROOM”

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Hello! Brief question for you, as I trust your information a little more than my Googling skills. Do you know how long it would have taken for a set of plate armor to be made?

Brief question, not so brief answer (EDT to insert break - I should have done this before posting something so long.)

I couldn’t find a quick response in any of my books or on-line, so I decided to find out for my own information as well as yours. Hope it helps! :-)

Time to make armour would vary: how much and what quality of armour was needed, was it to be plain or fancy, off the rack or made-to-measure, what the work queue was like and who was placing the order (an Emperor, King, Duke or whatever would be bumped up the queue, a country knight would take his turn.) Here’s the Metropolitan Museum’s answer (number9 - the others are equally interesting and useful.)

Simple “munition” armour for vassals, retainers, lackies and henchmen would be helmet, breast- and maybe back-plate, (or that odd lower-abdomen plate the “plackart” worn under a studded brigandine) and maybe some limb armour. Look at what’s worn by the upper-level rank and file in medieval paintings of battles. (Image from Paradox)

Modern Czech armourer Wulflund suggests 2-4 weeks for a helmet, but a large, well-established period workshop could turn out a complete set of munition kit in just a few days, either because they already had the stuff in stock or had part-finished pieces in the warehouse….

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Hey guys! Many of you have been asking how I made the chainmail for my Geralt of Rivia cosplay so here’s a little guide I put together on how to make armour using the 4 in 1 chainmail method. Let’s get started!