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Hey, I have a cosplay question for you - I saw where you posted your voltron paladin armour tutorial, but how did you make your bayard? I'm a tall girl that wants to do Pidge, so to make up for how I'm taller than she is I want to have a kicka-- bayard. On a completely separate note, I adore dandelions and wish I could draw as well as you do!

aaahhh, I know I might have some in progress photos either in my cosplay tag or on my instagram (  

I just used the same material as my paladin suit plus a strip of wood. the handle was a little more technical but I don’t really have the time to explain it right now

Taken 30 minutes apart, these photos show two very different women. One risked her country, her credibility and everything she loves to build a better future for her people. She didn’t succeed as well as she wanted, but everything turned out okay. The other risked her sanity and livelihood to build an experience her people would enjoy and speak of for years to come. She succeeded.

Sometimes I’m not really sure which is which, but I’m happy either way. Sometimes I forget how small I look without armour, weapons, make up. It’s also worth noting I have a mild concussion in the second photo and don’t remember it being taken. Woo, sword fights.

Grand Marshall Erin Westwood of Averland at Swordcraft Autumn Quest 2016 in Victoria, Australia. Photo by the fantastic @theprohobby

Just had a thought about 8th Edition

So I would love! To get a 40k app with all the rules for all the models just like I have for Age of Sigmar but… What about ForgeWorld models? Sure they added the AOS Forge World models into the AOS app but there are like 25(?) AOS models that Forge World do… How many 40k models do Forge World make? How much do the Imperial Armour book and the campaign books cost… 

I just can’t see it happening… :(


How To Make: EVA Foam into Leather - COSPLAY

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Hello! Brief question for you, as I trust your information a little more than my Googling skills. Do you know how long it would have taken for a set of plate armor to be made?

Brief question, not so brief answer (EDT to insert break - I should have done this before posting something so long.)

I couldn’t find a quick response in any of my books or on-line, so I decided to find out for my own information as well as yours. Hope it helps! :-)

Time to make armour would vary: how much and what quality of armour was needed, was it to be plain or fancy, off the rack or made-to-measure, what the work queue was like and who was placing the order (an Emperor, King, Duke or whatever would be bumped up the queue, a country knight would take his turn.) Here’s the Metropolitan Museum’s answer (number9 - the others are equally interesting and useful.)

Simple “munition” armour for vassals, retainers, lackies and henchmen would be helmet, breast- and maybe back-plate, (or that odd lower-abdomen plate the “plackart” worn under a studded brigandine) and maybe some limb armour. Look at what’s worn by the upper-level rank and file in medieval paintings of battles. (Image from Paradox)

Modern Czech armourer Wulflund suggests 2-4 weeks for a helmet, but a large, well-established period workshop could turn out a complete set of munition kit in just a few days, either because they already had the stuff in stock or had part-finished pieces in the warehouse….

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I think what is often forgotten when people talk about the Dragon Age franchise is the armour. By which I specifically mean female warrior armour. Gone are the ridiculous fantasy trope of breast plates with actual breasts. Instead you have high profile female characters like Aveline,


and Leliana (in Inquisition)

whose armour is not sexualised in the slightest, without going into the whole argument about how that would make exceptionally weak armour. Basically the armour for all characters, with the exception of Iron Bull, is practical and unsexualised and that’s just fantastic considering fantasy settings are generally awful for sexualising female characters. 

Confession:  If Iron Bull had a dragon that he tamed I wonder if he would buy it pink armour and I wonder how long it would take to make armour for a fully ground dragon. Iron Bull is awesome and I share his liking of pink and dragons although pink is a third or second favourite colour. I like that he is mildly in touch with his feminine side. He’s great.



I only need to coat it with the protector and fix the problems that magically hid during the process coz I’m sure there will be many… but hey!! it’s done!!!

I will try it on soon (eventually) coz I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to wear it in the near future. It’s definetely an uncomfortable messy cosplay, so I can’t bring it to a too crowded comicon and with no outdoor location, nevermind it’s too hot to wear so definetely it’s got to be winter. I think February. Will probably make a photoshoot earlier than that, but when the weather cools off I will post a few pics of the whole thing on me! Just so happy I finally did it!

Asking the most important questions in the Andromeda Galaxy...

Bioware, I don’t give a flying fuck that I can see Ryder’s pores in 4K, no time for that bullshit, answer this instead please:

• Can I still do sick flips in the Mako, and run over wild life?

• Will you finally add proper alien Romance Scenes? No more awkward ass head butts and unnecessary fades to black after a sultry look? If I have to witness Kaidan’s ass damn it I need the witness the entire variety of the universe! It’s only fair!

• Can I have more hair????

• Normal human looking eyebrows?!?!?!?

• How about the armour? Can I still make a Golden Ryder? Or how about acid yellow with violent pink accents Ryder?

• Inventory in general??? I need matchy matchy armour and weapons for the entire Squad. Because when I walk in, I want the entire planet to know that shenanigans are about to occur.

• Finally *in a small voice* can we get some Turian and Quarian love? So I can stick them in the team and pretend they are Garrus and Tali whilst gross sobbing about lost youth?

Eagerly awaiting your responses.


Hey guys! Many of you have been asking how I made the chainmail for my Geralt of Rivia cosplay so here’s a little guide I put together on how to make armour using the 4 in 1 chainmail method. Let’s get started!