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As we approach the new semester, I thought I’d share some tips to help you get off to a good start!

Before the Semester starts

Routine - Try to stick to a morning and evening routine. If possible, set out your clothes, pack your backpack, and pack your lunch the night before. If you’re not someone who does things the night before, develop a system for making things run smoothly in the morning.

I personally don’t pack my backpack the night before. I make a checklist of everything that needs to go into my bag on the Iphone reminders app. Every morning, just check or uncheck everything that’s on your list. This is a quick way to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Organize - I don’t just mean tidy up, but really organize! Take the time to get your desk, bookshelves, room, and bathroom just how you want it. Declutter by getting rid of the things you don’t need. Dust all your surfaces and clean your sheets. If you have time, go through your computer and delete unnecessary files that are slowing it down. Once the new semester starts you will have a clean working and living space and you can stress a little less!

Find a study space that works for you - Experiment with a few different combinations to find what works for you. Desk or floor? snacks and drinks? Candles or incense? Music or no music? Windows open? Having the perfect study spot can make all the difference.

Get all your supplies together - Pick out pens, pencils, notebooks, and a bag that’s functional for you. Invest in a good thermos, water bottle, and lunch containers. (Discount stores and dollar stores are a great spot to shop for these things on a budget!) I try to wait until the first day of my class before buying textbooks so I can see which ones I actually need and the cheapest option for obtaining them.

Once the semester starts

Syllabus - The first few days of school when you don’t really have any homework, go through your syllabi! I don’t just mean read through them once and call it good! Take notes on your syllabi like you would with any other important subject and put the notes at the beginning of your notebook/folder for that class.

Textbooks – Once you find out which books you really need look for downloadable pdfs or people in your class who have the pdf, chances are they don’t mind sharing. Professors also sometimes have a pdf of the book that they will give you if they’re on the nicer side haha.

Make friends in your class - This will save your ass!!! Having a couple people to text if you’re absent or wondering which chapters are going to be on the test is super helpful! You usually end up making friends with the people who sit right next to you so if you want on the first day of class (go ahead and be a little judging a book by its cover) sit by people you think you’d like to be friends with if you saw them outside of school. This helps make it easier to strike up conversations and become study buddies, share notes, phone numbers, etc.

Find your spot - It’s important to have a spot on campus where you feel comfortable studying. It doesn’t have to be the library, take some time to explore areas of your campus you didn’t even know existed!

Study every day - Even if it’s just for five minutes try to study every day! Make your own study guides by writing down vocab words and key points that you can add to as you go.

PREREADING- Chapter pre-reading is your best friend! Make a reading schedule to make sure you have covered each topic before the lecture about it. I know this can be tedious, it’s what I struggle with the most, but it will help you tremendously when you face a difficult topic.

Try to keep your focus during lecture – Some lectures are almost impossible to sit through and your grades can easily reflect that. Take notes to keep yourself busy and try to keep good posture. ALWAYS KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS AND WATER WITH YOU! Snacking is the best way to keep you awake in class. If your teacher doesn’t allow snacking you can drink water whenever you feel yourself falling asleep.

“Befriend your professor”- I’m not saying be a kiss ass, but speak up in class and ask your professor questions! The more chill you are with your professor, the more likely they are to warn you about a slipping grade and give you opportunities to bring it up. Also, you’re going to need some professors to write your letter of recommendations and they always sound better if your professor actually remembers having you in the class. The best part of befriending you professor is that some of them have a literal library of books and pdfs that they’d be willing to share with you if you show interest. This tip is most important with professors who are teaching classes from your major!

Join a club - You have time to be in a club!!! Clubs are a great way to gain leadership experience, get active on your campus, and make friends! I was skeptical at first, but joining a club has seriously been the best decision of my college life!


Don’t overwhelm yourself with your bullet journal! – Remember, it’s only effective if it’s functional for you. Try starting with a minimal layout and adding things as you need them. As soon as you come home from school open your bujo or planner and take a look at what you need to do. You don’t have to start your tasks right away but it’s good to have them in your mind. Leave your bujo open on your desk so that you’re reminded to actually do the things you wrote down!

Start your bullet journal’s weekly spread with Sunday, not Monday - This is totally a personal preference but I’ve found it helps me be more productive through the whole week. When Sunday is at the end of my week I have a habit of not writing in my bujo for it and waiting until Monday to take care of my responsibilities.

Set up an assignment tracker - Write down every assignment you do in each class and the grade you received. This will help you see how you’re doing in each class as well as help you calculate your grade towards the end of the semester. It’s frustrating to rely on the professor to upload your assignment grades online so do it yourself!


Build a morning exercise routine – Find something that works for you whether it’s a 10 minute yoga session or an hour long workout. Exercising in the morning can help wake you up and you should see a positive difference if you add meditation into this routine.

Take Breaks - If you find yourself overwhelmed by studying, take a break! This can sometimes be a slippery slope so set a timer on your phone for when your break is over! It’s best to do something productive during your break because it helps you to stay in an active state of mind. Howevr, there’s nothing wrong with scrolling through tumblr for a while as long as you can switch back to your studies.

READ - Not just for school but books that really interest you. If you’re not a big reader it might be because you’ve yet to find something you really like so keep exploring! If reading is a problem for you try some audiobooks! Reading helps you build your vocabulary and writing skills and it’s a never ending source of knowledge and imagination. Seek out books that will help you gain knowledge for your future career path!

Sleep - The most important and most overlooked thing in any college students schedule! I don’t try to go to bed at the same time every day but I do plan my bedtimes based on what time I have to leave in the morning. Look at what time you need to wake up and go to bed eight hours before that. You might have a different bedtime for every day of the week but stick to that on a week to week basis!

Get 2 hobbies! - One that helps your mind and one that helps your body! For your body try skating, bike riding, running, sports with your friends, yoga, hiking, etc. For your mind try writing, drawing, knitting/crocheting, embroidery, painting, gardening, ceramics, etc.

Hope this helped (:

Morning- the enemy of the majority of the planet. But, I’ve found a few ways to make my mornings a lil smoother.

Bedtime: probably the easiest. I’ve found what makes me feel the most rested is going to sleep at a (mostly) consistent time. An easy way to make sure you do this, at least for iPhone users, is the new Bedtime feature (found in the Clock app) that pretty much reminds you when to sleep. You tell the app how much sleep you need, and it calculates what time you should sleep and reminds you. It’s pretty handy if you’re like me and are always telling yourself “just five more minutes”.

Water!: another really easy one! Water not only helps you stay hydrated, but it can help wake you up too! I recommend putting a glass/bottle of water in the fridge either before you go to bed or when you wake up, so it gets nice and cold and helps wake you up. If you like essential oils, add a drop of lemon. It helps clear all the gunk out of your throat (sorry for people that are easily grossed out!) without being sour.

Other Essential Oils*: Peppermint essential oil is a great way to wake up in the morning. It’s just refreshing. Stress Away™ is great for, like it says on label, reducing stress. It’s a morning essential for me.

Wash your face!: Although you should probably be doing this anyways, washing your face is a great way to wake up in the morning, especially if you have something citrus-scented.

*I only recommend Young Living essential oils. With YL products, you can guarantee that what you are using is 100% therapeutic grade, plus, you can trust that there is no alcohol or chemicals in their products.

-Flower Girl, Emily

study-blr-harder  asked:

What app do you use to edit your photos and make them look all aesthetic? And do you have any tips on how to position the objects and what angle to take the pictures from?? I loveeeeee your blog!!!!

hahhaa omg i always have this struggle too (i think so far i’ve just had fairly good luck) I usually use snapseed and vscocam, as well as the little adjustment bar thingy on the iphone in PIctures


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1. Adobe Lightroom: FREE

*photo above is edited with Adobe Lightroom

This is my ultimate favorite photo editing app. I love the control and options that it gives you. I absolutely cannot upload a photo anywhere unless I’ve used the exposure and vibrance tool in this app. The clarity option is also amazing because it doesn’t make your photos look grainy or too sharp. Another great feature is the options to control highlights, shadows, and whites and blacks in a photo. I pretty much always lower the highlights when editing because I’m able to get a high vibrancy without that white glare. I 100% recommend this editing app. It’s changed my life!


The basic filters in this app is free, but you do pay for any extra filter packages you want. These packages are cheap, and can range from $1-$2. My favorite to use on my instagram is the filter in HB1. I love the brightness and shadows and cool tone in this filter. I believe this is one that you have to pay for, but it’s gorgeous! You can also control how heavy you want the filter applied to your photos. I usually stick to using 6-8 for my photos. 

*photos edited using HB1 filter

3. PicPlayPost: FREE

My favorite collage app! You can mix videos with photos in one collage. I made both collages in this post using this app. The best thing about this app is that has a very easy to use zoom tool. I also really love the ability to change the dimensions of the collage. Depending on the photo, two square (1x1) photos don’t look right in a 1x1 square collage. They get mushed together! You can simply change the dimension (I most often use 16x9 for putting two 1x1 photos together). This was the case in the second collage in this post. I took two instagram photos in 1x1 and put them together in a collage sized 16x9. As you can see, you get the entire 1x1 square photo on both sides. This app also has an incredible amount of collage templates, and some really cool styles.
How Many Fingers Are Behind Me on the App Store

I learned to make an app!
If you have an iPhone, help a girl out!
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your gender?
A: I am female :)

Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 14 (Birthday is on October 15!

Q: Why did you start this blog / Who inspired you to start the blog?
A: I started because I saw people doing aesthetics and was like, yoooo I should do that for Yandere Sim. And boom, this blog was made. 

Q: What applications do you use to make your aesthetics? 
A: I use the iPhone apps “Google, PicPlayPost, Hair Color Booth”. Google is to find the images, PicPlayPost puts them together, and Hair Color Booth adds colors (if I need to)

Q: Who is your favorite YanSim character?
A: I’d have to say the Fun girl really interests me… but I do like Nemesis… hmm. 

Q: What other fandoms do you like?
A: Harry Potter, Disney, Hamilton, Percy Jackson, DC Comics, American Horror Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Parks and Rec.. I also really like makeup. 

Q: What do you look like?
A: I have auburn dyed hair and green eyes :D I’m 5″7 aswell. You can see actual pictures of me on my instagram: @xocaylsxx

Q: What is your real name? 
A: My name is Cayleigh, but you can call me Cayls if you want to :) It’s my nickname. 

Q: How do I make the aesthetics you make? 
A: Check the tag “aesthetic tutorial” on my blog :)

Q: Is this your main blog?
A: No actually, my main is @kittylikescookie but at the time I was fairly new to tumblr and didn’t realize the ramifications of not making it my primary blog v_v

Q: How long have you been a fan of YanSim? 
A: Since the time in 2015 (I think) when Markiplier made a video about it. 

Q: Do you have any other social media accounts?
A: Instagram: xocaylsxx / Snapchat: caylxigh / Steam: kittylikescookie

Q: Favorite TV show?
A: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I will add more if you’d like - just add questions to the replies <3


iOS 10′s Bedtime feature will actually improve your sleep

Bedtime reimagines the alarm clock. Enter how much sleep you’d like to get, and it brings up this circular chart that lets you visualize it. The app will send you reminders a few minutes before bedtime so you have time to settle in. One nice feature is the “night mode” theme, which makes it easier to fall asleep in the first place. By far, though, the best part of Bedtime is the new set of alarm sounds that come with it.

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anonymous asked:

Hey girl! You've inspired me to take more control of my health and eating habits and i have 2 questions for u: 1. Are you worried about getting too restrictive with your calories? How do you combat that? And 2. Once u reach ur goal weight how do you plan to maintain it? Thank u!!!🌸

I use an app called MyFitnessPal (it’s in the iPhone App Store if you have one) you have to make the commitment to follow what you’re eating and add it in. But my calorie count for one day is 1400 I actually eat enough and my meals are well balanced so I make that mark with maybe 200 or less to spare. I also pre-cook some things to eat through the week like chicken and whole wheat pasta is my go-to post gym meal.

As for maintaining my weight, I am pretty lean as is. I just need to get rid of some excess that I wasn’t paying attention too and I’m trying to get back to my prime. That being said, this is a lifestyle choice! I don’t intend on counting calories forever but eating mindfully and in a healthy way 🙏🏽🌟

iPhone Edit: How To

First off … we hit 1,000 followers!! Damn son, that’s almost enough to stop Josh from turning into a Wendigo .. oh wait :(

There will be no iPhone edit from me tonight (ships will be coming tomorrow) but continue reading for the low down on how to make your own iPhone edits!

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Sailor Moon Drops!

💗 This is a new game, the first official Sailor Moon game in a LONG time, for iPhone and android. It’s called “Sailor Moon Drops”. It’s EXACTLY like Candy Crush, but better because it’s Sailor Moon! I was hoping for an actual video game, but I’ll take it! On iPhone, it’s ONLY available in the Japanese app store. There are many websites that can tell you how to use the Japanese store on your phone, but I’m not sure about android. The game is free, and (obviously) not in English, and you have the option of making in-app purchases.

💗I’m not very far in the game yet, but I took the above screenshots. Based on the visuals and some in-game dialogue (i.e. Sailor Mars crushing on Tuxedo Mask) it seems to be based off of the old show and not Crystal.

💗 There’s an in-game event starting today where you can do a special constellation map to get Princess Serenity! You have 10 days to do it.

If anyone has any questions let me know! I don’t feel like translating the whole game but I could do a scene or two, or help explain the rules.

Please add me as a friend! My ID is: cb904a3
[TRANS] 160618 SEUNGHOON FANCAFE UPDATE: The way to make your photos colourful

Hello, I’m power blogger Lee Seunghoon
Today I’m going to reveal how to make your photos colourful as everyone has been curious

First, you have to download the app
The app that you need is Foodie which is ranked at the 20th place in the app store

Next, select the photo that you want to edit, pressing the fork & knife at the left hand corner
Just then, the manager hyung who is sleeping beside appeared

The picture above is taken by iPhone’s camera. 
Just like what you are seeing, although the weather was good but it feels gloomy right? 
So I pressed the filter stick in the middle and clicked on TR1

After that, this picture is whoa GOOD colourful it became beautiful? Right?
If there’s more colours in the picture, it’ll become more colourful
Actually I’m also not a professional so I’m not very sure that why under the comments there will be professionals appearing like bbyung! and will provide better instructions. So now it feels like the flowers behind bloomed more beautifully and the sunny weather is also better pictured

How is it? Easy right?

trans cr: @adorehoon

iPhone memory full? How to free memory on your iPhone

There’s nothing more frustrating than lining up a perfect picture, opening the iPhone’s camera app, going to snap a photo … and realizing you’re out of storage. Memory is important for getting the most out of your iPhone, whether it be for storing photos, apps, music, and so on. The key to freeing up space is deleting your texts and making a change to how you use Safari.

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Why We’re Addicted To Our Smartphones, But Not Our Tablets

Remember all of the wisecracks about executives and their BlackBerry addictions? Back then, constant contact was limited to the few and the mighty — relatively speaking, of course. But now, the last laugh might be on us. In record time, oursmartphones have become indispensable, and as mobile technology has become integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives, our smartphones are shifting from device to dependency.

But while it’s now clear that we are locked in an intense relationship with our smartphones, one has to wonder why this courtship hasn’t turned into a love triangle with tablets. After all, no matter how sleek our iPhone 6 is, our iPad or Android tablet is equally smooth and packed with life-organizing apps.

So, what is it about our smartphones that makes them so attractive? And why is the addiction we feel toward them so much stronger than to our tablets?

Old Habits Die Hard

The average mobile phone user checks their device 150 times a day, and arecent study cited that 94% of college students reported feeling troubled when not carrying their phones with them. 80% of them said they felt jealous when someone else held their phones, and 70% said they expected to have feelings of depression, panic and helplessness if their phones were lost or stolen.

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Whenever I delete an App on my iPhone, the shaking icons make me feel like they’re all panicked over who’s getting deleted. I can relate to the feelings of a psycho killer who has his victims trapped, i’m not sure how i feel about this.

How to get TG Carnaval for iOS devices

For people who want to get the game Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval and are using an iOS device, just follow these steps:

1. Get your iPad/iPhone (it works on both and it requires iOS 7 or higher).

2. Tap the App Store app.

3. Log-in using a Japanese iTunes account. There’s a way to make one without having to use a credit card actually. But if you already have one, log-in.

4. Search for カルナヴァル in the App Store and you’ll see ‘Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval’ listed.

5. Download the app (it’s 70mb but you might want to free up more space due to cache).

6. Wait for it to finish or go read the manga while waiting. c:

7. Enjoy the game!

If you have troubles setting up an account on JP iTunes since it keeps on asking for your credit card info (and you don’t have one), just send me a message (via fanmail since my askbox is closed).

I can send you the account I used or give you a small guide on how I made mine if you wanted it something personal.

Finally finished my gift art for creaseintime! I promised him a picture when he gave me my lovely shiny Buneary on Pokemon Omega Ruby! He said he wanted Chiyo and Nozaki from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun taking a selfie! So of course I jumped at any excuse to finally make some fanart of this fantastic show!!
I’m actually pretty happy with this piece! Adding all the iPhone-y effects was really fun, and made the picture very interesting to make!
Yes, Chiyo did make her and Nozaki her background on her phone. Yes, she did use a doodling app to draw hearts all over it. No, she will never admit it to you.
Thanks again Crease for Blush! She’s still kicking ass on my team! I hope you like this, brah!!

Also in case you were wondering how the selfie happened: