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Imagine Jazz Finding Out A Lunar Goddess Likes His Music

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When Jazz had busted out his custom made guitar and broke into song, he wasn’t expecting anyone to be listening, much less impress them. But even more less than that for that anyone to be a Lunar Goddess. He was stunned when she appeared fully before him, to involved in his lyrical voice and the strum of his instrument to focus on hiding her form. When he stopped she frowned and floated closer to him pleadingly.

“No, no! Please don’t stop! I wish for you to…to…”, the Goddess struggled, trying to figure out how to describe the action he was doing mere moments ago.

“Sing? Um…play?”, Jazz offered a bit hesitantly.

The glowing woman brightened up and clasped her hands together.

“Yes! That!”

Jazz looked her up and down, all of this happening a little fast and out of no where. But with a shrug he picked up his pick and continued from where he stopped. Hey, who was he to deny a goddess?!

“Oh oh

I’ve been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror

And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer

But my breath fogged up the glass

And so I drew a new face and I laughed

I guess what I been saying is there ain’t no better reason

To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons

It’s what we aim to do

Our name is our virtue

But I won’t hesitate no more, no more

It cannot wait I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me

Open up your plans and damn you’re free

Look into your heart and you’ll find the sky is yours

So please don’t please don’t please don’t

There’s no need to complicate

‘Cause our time is short

This, oh this, this is our fate, I’m yours”

A squeal left (y,n)’s delicate lips as she clapped at Jazz’s performance, the later making a motion of tipping a hat; something he picked up on Earth. When the applause and what not had ended, (y,n) let out a heavy sigh.

“That was amazing. What do you call it?!”, she asked with curiosity.

Jazz raised an optic ridge very much confused,“Which part?!”

“All of it?”, the Lunar Goddess held up her hands just as unsure.

Jazz thought for a moment before making an o shape with his mouth. “Oh, you mean sound!”

“Sound?”, (y,n) inquired with wide eyes.

Jazz chuckled,“You’ve really never heard sound before?”

The Lunar Goddess shook her head no.

“In space there is no noise; no sound. It’s vast but deathly silent. I’ve never even heard my own voice before now, but it’s nothing compared to all you just did.”, (y,n) informed, dismissing her own cords.

Jazz frowned at this. He thought she had a beautiful voice, and if there was one thing this bot knew was great digs, and her voice happened to be the best so far. With a soft grin he spoke as smoothly as ever,“You’re right. You’re voice doesn’t compare, because nothing can compete with its melody~”

The Lunar Goddess was confused for a second, before catching on that the Autobot was flirting and felt her cheeks start to warm up. How could anything, even her own voice be more lovely than the sounds he had just made? She wasn’t complaining though, what Goddess didn’t love being praised after all?!

Jazz shifted to sit beside (y,n), making her blush deeper at the close proximity, and surprising her when he put his guitar in her lap. He reached around her to position her arms the right way for holding the stringed instrument with a friendly, but slightly cheeky smile.

“Here, how about I teach you some kickin’ tunes. Though I’m sure with your voice they’ll be even cooler than before~!”

This bot sure knew how to whoo a Goddess didn’t he?


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T'Chillmonger definitely sounds cooler, also T'Cherik just makes me think of Cherik (Charles/Erik) but pronounced very slightly differently.

Haha yeah that’s what I said too :P

I was sold at first because it sounds funny and i’m all about the terrible ship names (sorry, brenda), but…. pls…. t’chillmonger….. p l s 

hahahah <3

Anonymous said:

That fucking trailer, and i am DECEASED! How dare it not be February already! *keels over in dumpster*

asdkghjadflkjk dude same, I haven’t even been able to do anything today other than rewatch that goddamn trailer over and over again! 

Is2g it looks so fucking epic and cool and so colorful even???? like one of the things with Marvel is that their movies are always kind of dull-looking for a superhero movie that’s, y’know, supposed to be flashy and all (with the exception being GOTG and maybe the new Thor movie, we’ll see), but this goddamn movie looks 100% perfect in every single way and oH MY GOD I’M SO READY BUT SO NOT READY AT THE SAME TIME AAAAAAAAAA

Hufflepuff Struggles

You instantly get a look of ’…ew, really?’

People think you’re not being serious.

You’re suddenly less kick-ass in the eyes of your Slytherin friends.

You get linked to this video. Every. Damn. Time.

Everyone expects you to find their shit.

You also hear “What the HELL is a Hufflepuff” more often than you care to count.

You have to list off any noteworthy Hufflepuffs in order to make your house sound cooler.

No matter what you say, your friends will still think Hufflepuff sucks.

You’re always trying to explain how Hufflepuff has the best qualities of every house.

People think you’re in the “leftovers” house.

When you tell people that Hufflepuff has an adorable name in French (Poufsouffle), people think it’s even more terrible.

You have to constantly remind people that honey badgers don’t give a crap.

Yellow and black don’t go with ANYTHING.

Whenever you DO where yellow and black people just think you’re a sports fan from Pittsburgh.

Every true Hufflepuff you know tries to say that they’re really a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw hybrid. No, HuffleClaw is NOT a thing. Nor is a Gryffinpuff, or a Slytherpuff.

When your Slytherin friends have kids they say things like “Man, I really hope my boys aren’t Hufflepuffs”

But in the end, you know that you and your fellow Hufflepuffs will always be unrecognized BAMFs.

Nico frowned at the newspaper that had somehow mysteriously appeared on top of his toast that morning. This was dumb. This was ridiculous. This was unacceptable. No, Nico wasn’t part of this, he wouldn’t just accept this blatant act of silliness. He crumpled the paper into a ball and hurled it against a nearby wall.

A nearby wall that happened to be Jason Grace, hair still wet from a shower and dawning ridiculous lighting bolt print boxers and a white t-shirt, one hand occupied with a bowl of cereal and the other catching the newspaper without missing a beat. Stupid superhero reflexes. 

“What’s up, buttercup?”

Nico intensified his glare, “You didn’t just say that.”

“Nah,” Jason moved a chair back with his leg and sat down across Nico, “I totally did. I was considering ‘good morning, sunshine,” but felt as though that’d be too forced.“

"It would have been. That doesn’t make the alternate any better.”

“I’ll try harder tomorrow then.” Jason grinned, and Nico fought back an upward twitch in the general area of his mouth. Stupid morning person Jason and his damn contagious smiles. Nico was convinced his actual super power was aggressive chipperness. “What’s this?”

“Don’t read that.” Nico snatched for the paper, but Jason had already flattened it out and was scanning the headlines. Nico really hated Jason’s smiles, especially when they turned into the mock-mocking cocky, lopsided grin he was wearing now.

“About time,” Jason laughed, “She gets all of us, eventually. I told you-”

And told YOU, Jason Grace. I don't do nicknames-”

“Secret identities! Different, besides, it’s not that bad. Zoe’s not cruel, she wants to please her readers.”

“Seriously?” Nico scoffed, “It sound so…so…14 year old goth angsty fanfiction handle.”

“Mmm, I don’t think so. It makes you sound edgy, mysterious…”

“Trying too hard and stupid, you mean?” Nico grabbed the paper again and glared at it. He was sort of wishing for Leo’s pyrokinesis right now. “Wraith. How dumb. It makes me sound like a Nazgul! Ugh.”

“Nerd.” Jason grinned again, “Nico di Angelo, aka Wraith. Nah, definitely sounds cool. Especially when you’re on the same team as "Tinkerer” and “Captain Neptune”.“

"Anything is cooler than Tinkerer, Jason. Besides, it’s more of a villains name, it makes me think of-” Nico’s face fell as he thought of his father, another reminder he couldn’t escape his family name. Jason noticed.

“Hey, hey. It’s nothing like that. Don’t worry about it, it’s just-”

“Me, now, isn’t it? That’s what Reyna said. We don't get to decide." 


“Whatever.” Nico waved his hand, pushing his toast towards Jason. He wasn’t that hungry any more. He threw the newspaper in the trash. “I already said, I don't do nicknames.”