how to make animated gifs

for todays 1 day 1 shouritsu i tried animating for the first time!!

(ritsu voice) who the hell is thi– oh its suzuki!

its not done yet and theres quite a few parts i want to fix and i want to color it but im just really excited about making characters move ;__;

wanted to doodle a lil thing so i doodled away
should probably add more frames and color and stuff but I’ll do that at some other point in time lol

A super rough Anastasia & Dimitri line test! <3

Dusted off my animation degree after 5 years of of not using it cos there’s something fun about animating a musical based off an animation! And by fun I mean FML what did I do with the last 10 hours of my life, I’m going back to bed forever.

Reblogs are loved but please don’t repost this artwork or remove the caption!

more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames