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100% crops of my piece for @born-to-make-history-zine , which is now open for preorder! everything looks so so so so beautiful (so much that i had to do a second piece altogether bc i was feeling not up to the standard) so please consider supporting!


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Here’s a video series that I’m starting on Youtube about making zines. This video goes over how to make a 8 page zine out of one piece of paper. (sorry about deleting earlier, but I noticed that some of the clips got deleted so I had to go fix that. ) 

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I hope this isn't a weird question but how do you make zines? Are they expensive to produce? Thank you so much in advance I love your art so much :)

hi there! zines can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to produce. think of them as copied booklets, so you can use a photocopier, risograph, home printer or professional printer to make copies.

i mostly use a laser printer with scanner function to copy my zines since i was tired of going to copy places with broken photocopiers. tried using a colour printer to do some but ink gets used up pretty quickly and gets expensive…

i make master copies by hand, cut and paste onto sheets of paper ready for photocopying. i make a dummy booklet containing the same number of pages i’m going to have on the master copy, so i can figure out which pages will sit next to each other. 

my advice would be to buy/read lots of zines and figure out what kinds of zines you like best, layouts, design etc. 

stolen sharpie revolution is a useful guide on how to make a zine which you can purchase from alex wrekk’s website:

my room mate & i are trying 2 make a zine about how to apply makeup for ppl with facial “deformities” (i was born w / cleft lip @ palate) or physical disabilities (she has a hand tremor) & we need people to contribute their tips & we wanna do interviews and basically have resources available to people who want 2 wear makeup but youtube tutorials are not inclusive & rarely provide helpful advice. so if you wanna help pls message me !!! we want this to be as inclusive & informational as possible. spread the word!! this is a necessary thing 

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Hi!! I was curious as to how you assembled the zine ?? ( I really wanna make an e-zine but I'm not sure how to assemble the actual thing shdjsnd)

Hi anon!

We used the software, adobe InDesign. It’s used for designing magazines, pamphlets, brochures, basically anything with multiple pages. You can create spreads (a full two page horizontal sheet, 17 x 11 inches is what we used for 8.5 x 11 inch pages) and design them based on what you want each page to look like. We assembled everything digitally that way (cover art and graphics/lines within the pages by me, and the beautiful layout by Cat) and then emailed the file to the printing company that printed them out into glossy magazines :) Cat may have more to add, but this was our general process. Here’s a tutorial if you are interested:

I wish you best of luck with making an e-zine! If you need any additional help or advice, don’t hesitate to ask! ^^ 


Have you ever wanted to know how to make a zine? We got you covered
thoughts and tips on zines!
Thinking about zines! Usually if you’re thinking about zines, you’ll have a topic and idea in mind already, if not, then that’s step one! Past that, zines can have many variations in how they're organized, but make sure you address these points when organizing a zine and managing artwork: Is the

Hello! I get lots of questions about zines and organizing them, so I made a doc and FAQ with some thoughts and some guides to them!

Please note this is NOT a comprehensive or strict rulebook for how to make zines- this is all based off my experiences only. This is a long post so I hope a part of this will help y’all out!


‘One Beat Zines’ Are a Self-Publishing Feminist Powerhouse

Comic artists Julia Scheele and Sarah Broadman head up One Beat, so I sat down with them to discuss the formation of the collective and the rise of independent publishing in the UK.

VICE: How did the formation of One Beat come about?
Sarah Broadman: We wanted to have an outlet that was fun. We knew, after putting together Double Dare Ya, that we wanted it to be a place where people who aren’t on the comic scene could bring work. It can be difficult to get creative things out there; we just want to be a vehicle for people to do that.

Julia Scheele: At zine fairs, girls would ask me how you get started making zines and comics. I found myself trying to explain to them how I started, which was just to grab a pen and paper and put something shitty together.


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If you were to do a second issue for this zine, how would you make it different from the first one?

Xenia and I haven’t discussed this much yet. Speaking on my behalf, I think I would like to have an overall theme for the next zine. The current one doesn’t have a theme, so the artists were free to draw anything related to Berserk. We didn’t choose one for the “Awakening to a Nightmare” zine because we wanted the artists to have as much freedom as possible with it. I also think something like having mini-comics included in the next one would be really cool too!
- Shirley

I definitely agree with the overall theme idea!! We didn’t quite expect to get the opportunity to make a second one, so we thought that the broader the topics in Awakening to a Nightmare, the better, but focusing on a specific theme or arc or even character in the future would be fantastic. I personally think the post-Golden Age arcs, especially Fantasia and Millennium Falcon deserve all the love they can get what with no notable anime adaptation for them in sight.
- Xenia



Rookie Yearbook – Advice, how-tos, and tips for teens with Lena Dunham, Jack Black and Dan Savage, and others

Rookie Yearbook One
by Tavi Gevinson
2014, 352 pages, 9 x 10.9 x 0.8 inches (paperback)
$21 Buy a copy on Amazon

Despite being aimed towards teenagers, you will find that Rookie Yearbook One transcends this terrific yet troublesome age group with content that also appeals to adults. Featuring everything from “people reviews” to material provided by celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Lena Dunham, Daniel Clowes, Dan Savage, John Waters and Jack Black reminiscing about their high school days, as well as essays about The Golden Girls, tips on how to survive a small town and advice about making your own zine – this book covers an amazing array of topics.

While the content is great, the imagery is even better, as colorful collages, impressive artworks and stunning photo shoots leap out at you from each and every page. The book even comes with fun bonus material such as stickers, a pop-out paper crown and a 7” flexi disc containing songs from the Dum Dum Girls and Supercute!

This book is a popular source of inspiration for those working in creative industries, but after looking through its pages it is easy to see how such a publication would appeal to the masses, including the young and not-so-young alike. Rookie Yearbook One fans will be delighted to know that Rookie Yearbook Two and Rookie Yearbook Three are also now available, following on from the first edition’s success. – Melanie Doncas

June 29, 2015


I’ve always wanted to make the Field Guide art book that is my long-ish term project a weirdish coffee table book size, because I really like how they look. I’ve been trying to make a smaller zine version just to get work started on it(and also to have a free zine of my work to hand out at SDCC), and the size issue had been bugging me, because I like tiny zines! But - I figured it out! I’m making a zine at 6″x6″, but with 6″x12″ full spreads! And, when I print an art book, I can reuse some of the zine pages that way!

Anyway, here is a bit of a preview of what I’m working on. I really like the look of layered paper and notes, and I have a whole lot more random ephemera to scan in to make these pages. 

pompadour delinquent zine

hey hey hey im thinking about making a pompadour delinquent zine (HOW COOL WOULD IT BE!!!!!!!!) and im wondering if there was anybody interested to participate ??? please let me know by voting on this link if you can, or shoot me a message if youd like !! If you dont mind, please reblog and let others know??

EDIT: votes are closed the project WILL happen

I kind of want to draw every FF9 monster

Also I was thinking about how fun it would be to make a zine where everyone draws a monster from like any final fantasy game kind of like in their own interpretation or style (though I’d have to have just one artist per monster so it’s not like 20 cactuars)

Anyway this is a magic vice, they’re very annoying. I hate the monsters that run when their HP is low.