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So, since it is autumn now I thought I could make an autumn themed edit. This time I drew trees with A and Aro-spec tops. I made the stem the lgbt+ flag to show how we stand on that foundation and are part of the community. I also included an edit where A and Aro-spec leaves are falling out of an Asexual and Aromantic tree to show that these orientations belong to the Ace and Aro spectrum. Each of the trees are transparent so you are more than welcome to use them as icons if you would like (You can also use the first two as banners if you like)! Just be sure to credit me ^^.

Disney Princess Hairstyle Masterpost

Transparent Princesses in the Banner

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora
Snow White
Netflix Phone Conversation

FYI for those who might be interested.

@our-connection-is-a-miracle and others have offered helpful suggestions as to what to say in emails. I used those ideas, and others, in the #renewsense8callparty and I thought I’d note them here in case anyone found them useful for them to use as well: 

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🌊DNI Banner Tutorial🐬

I was asked by someone how i made my banners, so I thought i’d share a bit of what i know in a small tutorial!

I personally use an app called ArtStudio for IOS. It costs some money but it works really well! It can be done on pretty much any art softwares!

First, you need a background that you’ll use (if you don’t wanna draw one) and a transparent image that you’ll want to use if you want to have a character in your banner! Here are the pictures i’ll use for this tutorial:

A farm background

And our good old friend Knuckles, bringing back a good amount of fruits and veggies that he harvested from his fields

First thing you’ll want to do is have the background you’ll use as your canva

Then what I do to get the exact banner dimensions is I import the banner on top of the background

The banner size will reduce but don’t worry we’ll scale the banner so it becomes big again later

Now what we wanna do is select the borders of the banner we just imported

When that’s done, move the banner up or down depending of what you want to be in your banner

When that’s done, crop the picture to the selection by pressing “crop to selection” in the Image section, and then delete the banner you used to get the dimensions

So it looks like this!

So we got the banner! Great!! But now we wanna make it bigger, because if you’re gonna put the transparent image in right now, it’ll look all pixely like this

Not good ey? So what you wanna do is resize the image by pressing “resize” (and not “canva size). Usually i do 2500px by 400px for my banners, it’s big and just enoughto get a good quality!

So now when i import my transparent image in it looks good!

Much better in fact! Now select the picture and move and scale it around how you want it to be! And then, pick a color and write your DNI! Usually my template goes as such:

“Please do not interact if: dd/lg, cg/l(re), kink, nsfw/18+ only, exclusionist, TERF, truscum, aphobe, agere society (Liltot, Tinyroyals etc)”

But you can shape it however you want it to be!

It’s so hard to read… barely readable right? That’s why we’ll do white borders around! Fuse the text layer with the transparent image layer and do “alpha to selection” so it selects everything. Afterwards, choose the “border” option and set the borders to 7 so it has sort of big borders. Then choose the “feather” option and put it at 4. That way the borders wont be hard pixels. Make a layer underneath the one with the transparent image and the writting and color in white!

Looking good, right? Now if you want you can play with the opacity of the white border to make it less apparent while making the text still readable. Save in PNG then you’re done!!

Congratulation!!! You got a nice DNI banner with a farmer Knuckles on it! Now you can use it on your posts to keep it safe!!

Here’s a few things to remember while making a DNI banner:

MAKE IT READABLE. Don’t do extremely pale/pastel colors on a white background with a small/hard to read font. You can do pastel banners but try to make them readable! That way people who interacts without your conscent can’t use the “I couldn’t read your banner” reason. I know it’s aesthetic but the purpose of a banner is to be read!

•Write as much options as you can while still making it readable. If you just write “dni if k!nk”, some people like in “sfw d/d/l/g” will say theyre not k!nk and reblog anyways because they’re “sfw”. Write as much as you can while still keeping it readable and fancy. Also, putting too much can make it too clogged so write the main people you don’t want interactions from!

•If you’re gonna use someone else’s art on your banner, please, please! Write a credit to the artist on the banner. Find a small spot on your banner and write “art by *artist username* on *Platform where it was posted*”, like in this banner that i made a while back:

On the bottom left you can read the credits. Make sure it’s on it so people know it’s credited

So that’s all the tips I have!! Have fun making banners my friends~!!!

A transparent banner to show just how invested you are in that one music video everyone keeps talking about

so I finally reached 4500 followers this morning and as promised I’m going to do a tumblr awards I haven’t done one in so long 


  • Must be following me 
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  • Best Modern Anime Blog (anime from 2000-present) 
  • Best Retro Anime Blog (anime from 60’s-90’s)
  • Best non-anime blog (includes fashion and photography)
  • Best Theme
  • Cutest Blog
  • Coolest Blog
  • Top 2 Overall Faves 


  • A feature on my blog during the whole month of January
  • Promos from me anytime you ask during the month of January
  • A follow from me
  • Help with your theme or any banners you need to help with (like im nt good at codeing but I know how to use a custom made theme to its A+ use) 
  • Stuff Made By Me ( I can make transparents, edits, pixels, drawings, and I probably can find your some quality official art for something if you are looking for some)

This ends at the end of the year I will announce the winners on the 1st of the new year 


Benefits of joining THE FIRST CLASS NETWORK (2nd Generation):

-You will make 15-20 NEW FRIENDS

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-You have the chance to also join a facebook group (if we all decide to make it)


-Please be following me, satisfly (I’ll check!)

-Can reblog as many times as you want

-You can like, but only to bookmark. Likes won’t count! 

-Must be modern/fresh

-You have to be active in the group! If you aren’t, I will give you a warning message and maybe kick you out of the group! Sorry, but I want the group to be really active and fun :) The main reason I have to do a second generation is because everyone became inactive or changed blog styles

-For a better chance tag me in a post! I track the tag satisfly , and thefirstclassnetworksecondgeneration :) Please include why you want to be chosen, how you can help the network become better, and make sure to tell us a little bit about yourself too! 

Extra Information:

-The network is here, and it’s still under construction

-I made the banner myself and it is also transparent!!

-If you reblogged last time and didn’t get in you can still reblog again because there’s a chance you might get in this time! 

-I will be choosing when I am happy with the notes, or when I have free time! 

-I want this group to be really fun and exciting, so please stay active! 

Much love, satisfly 

so my organic ass recently hit 2k, so that’s exciting. thanks for liking my blog enough to stick around! i really didn’t think that i could get two thousand people to like my blog, BUT I DID AND OH MY GOD THAT’S EXCITING. if i could i would bake each and everyone of you a cake, but two thousand boxes of cake mix is about five thousand dollars and i only have a dollar and fifty cents, sorry. thanks harryshandles for making this lovely banner, i love you, my mickey mouse, and i really appreciate the corn in the background and how long you took to make louis’ ass transparent :~)

i also have to thank all the people who make my dash so lovely, so here we go.


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