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“ Anyone, shake me up, wake me up from this endless nightmare. If my wish comes true, my life, I trade in for your pain. How long do I wait until my prayers reach the sky? 

Well, here we are, a RELATIONSHIP CALL! This post aims to look for muses to form meaningful relationships with. Whether it be friendship, enemies, or anywhere in between, this post exists as a means to let me know if any of you are interested in making a connection with this crude shrine maiden.

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& when ryan and gavin get together ryan does everything in his power to help gavin forget about his ex because he doesn't want to feel like gavin is still stuck on him & gavin finally realizes how the relationship is supposed to feel

oh yes.  Ryan wants to wipe every memory of that prick from Gavin’s mind so that he doesn’t fall into the moments of self doubt about whether the problem was him, or not.  But the way Ryan makes him feel… It is something totally different from his last relationship.  And that is when he realizes that’s because Ryan is different and just truly too good for him

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Relationship status: living with my boyfriend.
Favorite color: purple! I think.
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, without a doubt! lipstick just confuses me. how do people make it look so good? my lips are so dry and gross that it looks like it’s flaking off tbh.
Last song you listened to: I Caught Fire - The Used (the emo child in me continues to prevail)
Last movie watched: Um, Pacific Rim, I think. That was like two weeks ago. I’ve just been watching loads of television. The last show I watched was Futurama, last night.
Top three characters: Uh. Oh no. This is difficult. These answers are probably not completely accurate, but: Castiel (Supernatural), Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies) and Dana Scully (The X-Files). 
Top three ships: Of all time? I have no idea. Three that I’m pretty into currently, however are Betty/Veronica (Riverdale), Allison/Kali (Teen Wolf) and Andrew/Neil (The Foxhole Court). 
Books I am currently reading: I haven’t really been able to stick with a book lately, for some reason, so I’ve just been reading true crime books a lot. 

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This right here.

This is SO important.

When Yurio showed his ‘true agape’, Yuuri and Victor weren’t resentful, or intimidated, or anxious, or all that other crap you usually see between rivals.

They were genuinely happy for him

They were proud of how far he has come since they last saw him, they were excited for his performance. 

They know they’re much older, they know this is Yurio’s first time competing alongside the ‘grown ups’. And they fully support him. As it should be. 

And the way they turned to each and reacted at the same time… God, it just gives them the whole ‘real couple’ thing. 

I dont know if i make sense im just so emotional right now and im so happy this happened 

i love yuri on ice and the relationships portrayed here i love it so much 

Mun VS Muse — send a symbol!

😊 = What makes the mun and muse happiest?
😭 = What makes the mun and muse the saddest?
😡 = What makes the mun and muse the angriest?
👻 = What is the scariest thing to ever happen to the mun and muse?
💙 = What is one thing that can calm down the mun and muse? Is it a person, thing, or place?
💚 = What is one thing that makes the mun and muse jealous?
💛 = How would the mun and muse describe their best friends?
💜 = How would the mun and muse describe their relationship with their parents and/or siblings?
❤️ = How does the mun and muse approach romantic relationships? Is either currently in a relationship or do they have a crush?
💩 = What do the mun and muse usually do when they feel bad?
🛍 = What sort of things do the mun and muse usually shop for? What is the last thing either of them bought?
🗺 = Where would the mun and muse like to travel to most? Have they ever traveled away from their home city/state/country?
🚿 = Do the mun and muse have any bathing routines? Any habits like singing in the shower?
🎈 = How do the mun and muse react to surprises? When is the last time either was surprised and what surprised them?
🎁 = What sorts of gifts do the mun and muse like? What were the last gifts they gave and received?
📚 = What sorts of books do the mun and muse like to read? Do you they have a favorite author or book?
📕 = What was the last book the mun and muse read? What genre was it? How would they rate it? Are they currently reading anything?
🎮 = What genre of video games do the mun and muse like best? What are their favorite systems and video games?
📻 = What music genre do the mun and muse listen to the most? Any favorite bands?
🎸 = Can either the mun or muse play an instrument? Which one(s)?
🍳 = What are the mun’s and muse’s favorite foods?
🍎 = What do the mun and muse like to eat for a snack?
= What drinks do the mun and muse like best? Do they prefer cold or hot drinks?
🥂 = How is either the mun’s or muse’s alcohol tolerance? What are their favorite alcoholic drinks?
💫 = How does either mun or muse handle being sick? Do they need someone to take care of them, or are they capable of taking care of themselves just fine?
🐯 = What animals would best be associated with the mun and muse?
🌙 = Are the mun and muse more morning, day, or night people? When are they the most relaxed? When do they get the most work done?
🎨 = Do either the mun or muse have artistic talents? What are they?
🎬 = What genre of movies do the mun and muse like best? What are their favorite movies? Do they prefer watching alone or with others? Do they prefer watching at home or in the theater?
💮 = What are the mun’s and muse’s opinions of each other?
🍀 = Who is an important person in both the mun’s and muse’s life?

I wonder if this was scripted–this little kiss Mon-el stretches up to give her to end the scene. Like, do they get directed to do things like this quick peck or the kiss on the check previously in the episode, or is it just Chris x Mel having great chemistry and working really well together? The karamel relationship feels so real because of the attention to detail we’ve seen in each of their interactions, and I’m sure that the credit goes to Chris x Mel for that. I often take for granted what it means to have this relationship ship seem so natural and real–that it means Chris x Mel have a strong, natural chemistry as people and as actors, and they really care about their characters’ relationship portrayal. All these small interactions they have really authenticate the relationship. I love these two, and I love them togther.

I salute your integrity and patience; your sense of commitment on making sure that your significant other feels secure and will stay significant in your life and relationship as long as it lasts. How you’re adjusting (if you’re in a new relationship) and how well you’ve adjusted (if you’re in a long term one) your daily schedules just to communicate with them. And how you’re incorporating them in everything you do—whether you send them a selfie of you doing your job or drinking coffee—just to make them feel that they are a part of your everyday routine even if they’re miles and miles away.

Being in a relationship is never easy, but when there’s physical distance in between, maintaining one is an altogether different experience. You feel like the world is against you. You have to constantly hear and battle criticisms because long distance relationship is not a real relationship is what they say. So sometimes you’re urged to prove that yes, it is! Because what else could you call yours? You go to your Facebook profile and post screenshots of your Skype dates and tagging your significant other just so you could get people’s whispers of negativity off your back, because your relationship will last and you’re working on it.

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I was thinking about it obviously, because they set up this big mystery, and I was like, “Oh, they’re going to kill Wes. That makes sense.” I thought they were maybe going to kill Wes the end of last season, because there’s so much story, and they go through it so fast. But the thing that has me more interested than that is we were talking about an idea of having just little instances of Wes with other characters prior to it, just to see another side of his relationship with other characters. That intrigues me much more, because the thing I was thinking about recently was like, “How funny, Wes is never going to X, Y, Z, like finish law school or do this.” I mean, are they ever going to finish law school? How does the show operate outside that? I’m sure they will work it out if they get to it. But I was, like, “He’s never going to get his happy ending. He’s never going to come out of it. That’s kind of sad.”

Green Day Asks
  • I tried to make these as least cliche as possible lmao
  • 1,000 hours: How long did your longest relationship last?
  • 21 Guns: What was your first breakup like? Describe it in 10 words or less.
  • 21st Century Breakdown: Do you ever wish that you were born in a different year or era? Why? What year?
  • All By Myself: Have you ever been stalked? Explain.
  • Are We the Waiting: Are you waiting for something right now?
  • Bang Bang: Have you ever used any sort of weaponry, for sport or otherwise?
  • Before the Lobotomy: What's your happiest memory?
  • Blood, Sex and Booze: Are you into any unusual things in a relationship, sexual or not?
  • Bouncing Off the Wall: What kind of kid were you in elementary school ("the class clown," "the nerd," etc)?
  • Christie Road: Is there a certain place you feel happiest at?
  • Church on Sunday: Could you ever date someone with completely different religious views?
  • F.O.D: What do you want to say to your ex?
  • Fucktime: How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  • King for a Day: Have you ever crossdressed?
  • Longview: What motivates you?
  • Makeout Party: Describe your first kiss.
  • Oh Love: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • St. Jimmy: Did you ever have an emo phase?
  • The Forgotten: Name a movie with a soundtrack you like.
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends: What's your favorite month?
  • We Are the Champions: What's your favorite cover of a song?
  • Xmas Time of the Year: Do you celebrate Christmas?
  • Viva La Gloria / Little Girl: Have you ever ran away?
If you’re an professional/student/beginning/aspiring animator

I’m writing a mini-thesis on animation, not only the basics of actually animating (Illusion of Life) but also how animation brings people together from everywhere of all ages. How our interpersonal relationships can develop and how our morality can develop from themes from these creations (Avatar: the Last Airbender). How it creates communities and lets people share in mutual thought.

Basically, if you could do me a huge favor and reblog with the reasons why you love animation/anime/any animated media. If you feel comfortable enough for a mini-interview please message me. I swear I’m not a spam bot.

Please and thank you!!!


How to keep the signs:

Aries: Never question their motives, especially in front of other people.

Taurus: Be stable because the last thing they want or need is someone that’s all over the place.

Gemini: Keep things light and playful because they like to joke around so they don’t need someone who gets offended easily. 

Cancer: Do your best to understand and accept their mood swings without thinking they’re overreacting. 

Leo: Shower them with love and affection on a daily basis because this sign will not fight for your attention.

Virgo: Make them feel comfortable, especially when they start to overthink things.

Libra: Learn to compromise, you two might not always agree on things but at least give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Scorpio: Let your actions speak for themselves because once you lie to them it’s hard for them to ever trust you again.

Sagittarius: Support their adventurous spirit. Learn that you can’t control them no matter how hard you try.

Capricorn: Take responsibility and don’t focus too much on the “what ifs.”

Aquarius: Be flexible because the last thing they need is someone controlling and clingy. 

Pisces: Be attentive because they really don’t ask for much and it’s really not hard to please them.

Punishment (Yoongi x Reader)

Pairing: Yoongi/Suga x Reader
Rating: M
Gerne: Wouldn’t you know it? It’s smut.

Words: 2,614

Warnings: bondage, orgasm denial, etc.

Summary: You want to have sex. Yoongi wants to nap. You’re having none of it.

A/N: I literally wrote this in one afternoon. smh I don’t think it’s my best work but it’s something. Anyway, Reblogs/Comments/Favs always appreciated!

When you’d started dating Yoongi you’d known of the fact that he is lazy. On his time off he likes to lay in bed and do nothing—maybe he’ll read a book and make some ramen or take a shower, but that’s it. He cherishes his off days like an old man, and sometimes that upsets you honestly.

Your relationship has lasted this long because 1.) You understand how Yoongi’s mind works and how busy he is and 2.) You’re pretty easygoing yourself. However…you have needs. And you know he has needs too, so sometimes you just don’t get it.

“I’m not really feeling it right now,” he tells you, yawning as he turns on his heel and swaggers back towards your room. He flops face first onto the mattress and you stare in appalment.

“Come ‘n nap with me,” he grumbles into the sheets at seeing your unhappy look, and you scoff.

“Enjoy your nap Yoongi,” you say, tone clipped as you turn away and trudge into the living room. You hear him mumble something in your wake but, of course, he doesn’t get up to come after you. Yoongi hates confrontation, after all—and you’ll get over at some point, just like you always do.

But…not this time, you decide. Not this time—not when Min Yoongi had just showed up to your apartment without warning and passed out on your bed. If he had brought food or had even kissed you and suggested a movie, then maybe you would’ve been in a better mood, but without speaking more than a “hello” he had dragged himself into your room and promptly passed out.

Think again, bitch.

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About the Mila crush thing...

What saddens me about this fandom is that people don’t even want to consider the idea of Yurio and Otabek being just friends. A solid friendship based on mutual trust and understanding is just as important as a romantic relationship. If Kubo and Director Yamamoto will make them canon in the future, I support it even though I don’t really ship them. Scrolling through the yoi tag makes me realize how underrated friendship is. Romantic relationships can come and go as we mature but true friendships last forever. Also, there’s nothing wrong with straight couples being shown in YOI, I’ve seen posts about straights being called out for being heteronormative, and that they should go watch something else. Please don’t be so rude. The same people who would like the idea of Mila and Otabek being a couple most probably adore Victuuri. No one is trying to force their heteronormative beliefs on anyone. Stop being so negative. Let’s respect the creators of YOI. Also, Mila seems to know a lot of things about Yurio. If Yurio really thinks more of Otabek than just a friend, rest assured she won’t get in between them. She’s a sweet character not some backstabbing bitch.


It just kind of conjured up all these feelings of anxiety I had in a relationship where everybody was watching, everybody was commenting on it. You’re constantly just feeling like, ‘Are we out of the woods yet? What’s the next thing gonna be? What’s the next hurdle we’re gonna have to jump over? Are we gonna make it to next week?’ It was interesting to write about a relationship where you’re just honestly like, ‘This is probably not gonna last, but how long is it gonna last?’ Those fragile relationships … It doesn’t mean they’re not supposed to happen. The whole time we were having happy memories or crazy memories or ridiculously anxious times, in my head it was just like, ‘Are we OK yet? Are we there yet? Are we out of this yet?

let's talk about Ursa for a minute

I’ve heard a lot of people blame Ursa for the emotional damage inflicted on Azula. And while I agree that how Ursa treated Azula had a negative effect on the way she turned out, it’s unfair to all characters involved to look at their relationship in a vacuum. The Royal Family is very complex, and it’s important to consider the context before assigning blame for Azula’s situation.

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another very important thing i wanna point out is, isak taking time away from even to get educated about bipolar is also SO important because it’s gonna be what distinguishes even/isak from even/sonja.

even feels as though sonja controls him, like she’s breathing down his neck all the time. that’s not healthy. even if sonja means well. which she does. she’s looking out for even. but even feels suffocated.

if isak gets this right, and takes time away from even to fully gather as much information as he can with regards to supporting even, then isak will know exactly when to give even room to breathe, and when to be right beside him, so that even doesn’t feel like he’s being controlled by isak too. that is what will make them have that understanding, something that is so key for a long lasting, loving, healthy relationship.

guys, do you see just HOW HEALTHY of an approach this is that skam are taking? this is the BEST thing isak could do for him and even right now, for the long run.

  • the fluffiest boyfriend to ever exist
  • so loving, kind and generous when it comes to you
  • makes sure you’re always happy + healthy
  • you doing the same for him, bringing him food all the time and making sure he eats it
  • you probably have to fight taehyung for him
  • taehyung is like the third person in your relationship
  • omg like that post ‘this is my bf jimin and his bf taehyung’
  • kisses all over your face every morning
  • you’re always poking at his cheeks
  • telling him how cute he is
  • you don’t fight often at all
  • but when you do it’s usually over something pretty bad and lasts a few days
  • you’re the first one to break bc jimin is terrifying when he’s angry
  • lots of make-up sex though
  • sex would v often
  • it doesn’t matter where you are, he’ll have you against any available surface
  • the boys complain abt how loud the two of you are
  • jimin’s smile is even brighter when you’re around 
  • he promises he’ll marry you one day

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Why is it always dean and cas fighting though.. :'( like sam will forgive cas the same day and talks to him but dean and cas keep snapping at each other and doing the silent treatment for days? do they want to make sam and cas the bigger friendship or..?


Oh dear, haha! I get what you’re saying, but quite the opposite, actually. Especially in last night’s episode. :p

To be completely honest; I’m not always a fan of the bickering and snapping between them either. It depends on the context and how they’re selling it, it’s not always satisfying to think about it as ‘cute’ and ‘married’ when your favorite characters treat each other that way, I get that.

But I think that the great thing about how they show the Sam/Cas relationship as compared to the Dean/Cas relationship, is that it’s a never ending mirror that just screams “THESE TWO RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT THE SAME”.

Tonight’s episode made that blatantly clear, yet again; Sam’s reaction to Cas breaking the deal with Billie (the reaction of a concerned friend who is still capable of rational thought and communication), and Dean’s reaction to the same thing (the reaction of someone worried sick about the person they love, to the point where all rational thought is gone, and it makes him angry that Cas could put his own life at stake for them (for Dean)).

And we’ve been there before in different situations, take episode 11x18 “Hell’s Angel”; Sam is capable of thinking rationally, to come up with plans, whereas Dean is completely acting on his emotions. He gets angry at Sam, at Crowley, at the world. He stands there crying out Cas’ name beside that circle of fire while Sam quietly waits and assesses the situation to see what can be done.

Because it is NOT the same.

Why are Cas and Dean always bickering like that while Sam remains the calm and sane one? Because Dean just can’t think rationally whenever Cas is involved. Like at all. And he can’t talk about his emotions most of the time, so he just gets angry. Not because he doesn’t care, but because he cares too much.

Anyway, the great thing about this is; it’s probably been discussed a million times before, the parallels between the Sam/Cas and Cas/Dean relationship, but getting back to the point: it IS frustrating when they bicker and fight and bitch at each other. And the thing is, usually we have to meta it away. We talk about all of the above ^^^ and we say hey “it’s just because they care about each other to the point where it breaks them”. Which is a great theory that I’ve always completely accepted for my sanity’s sake, BUT it sometimes sucks to have to fill in those blanks all the time. It SUCKS to see your favorite characters flip out at each other all the time with little to no background or context as to why they’re doing it, because at the end of the day there’s no scene that confirms it or says it out loud because apparently no one on this show likes to talk about feelings. :p

And then along comes 12x10. And they’re at it again. And Sam seems to be way more forgiving than Dean. So what’s different this time? At the very end, Dean FINALLY does what he should’ve done all those times when it mattered. He communicates. And he says to Cas, on screen, for all of us to hear “I’m not mad… I’m worried”.

Confirming all of the above: at this point Dean would die before letting Cas die for him. Which ironically is double confirmed in the same episode when Dean doesn’t use the symbol to banish Isham, even knowing that saving Cas would mean that Dean himself was going to die. 

And in Dean’s eyes Cas ‘screwed that up’ with the Billie thing, and Dean feels like he’s lost either way if something would happen to Cas because of it.

So whereas Sam might be sad and concerned about the consequences that breaking the pact with Billie might have for Cas, Dean is already absolutely devastated at the mere thought that it might result in him losing Cas, and this is why he -unlike Sam-, just can’t deal with it like a normal human being. 

Which, as a Destiel fan, makes me laugh and cry at the same time, lol!


  • yuri knows how much victor loves his dog and THATS SO SWEET AND INNOCENT
  • their gut reaction is the well-being of the other person. like victor’s concerned about yuri without a coach and yuri’s concerned about victor without his dog
  • and victor knows he fucked up BIG last episode and would rather stay with his bf to reassure him “no I’m never leaving you” than check in on his possibly dying dog
  • victor’s previous interactions with yakov tells us he’s super anxious about talking with him at all and he loVES YURI SO MUCH HE APPROACHED HIM OUT OF THE BLUE AND WAS LIKE “HEY YAKOV WANNA BE YURI’S COACH FOR A DAY???”