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Manners are free...

I’ve been working at checkouts in a supermarket for almost half a year now, and a few months ago i got a pretty rude and impatient customer.

This lady comes up with her shopping and just shoves her entire basket on the belt, with a ton of items inside. That’s rude in itself, it would’ve taken under a minute to dump her things on the belt, put her basket underneath the till, and it would’ve helped my items per minute too (we’re monitored on the tills). I was a little annoyed but it’s not the rudest thing she did.

I say ‘hi, how are you’ since we’re all encouraged to as a part of our job, and she slams her purse down, ignores me, and makes a show of opening her plastic bags and looking away from me. I’m a little more annoyed but i don’t say anything.

So after i have to reach in the basket for each thing it means i take longer than usual, and i can hear her huffing and getting annoyed, and then she pays for her stuff, almost twenty pounds, IN CHANGE.

I’m counting all her change and puting it in small stacks so it’s easier for me to remember how much is there, and as i get to the last of it she clears her throat loudly so i look at her and she just looks back, saying nothing. I forget how much i counted in my hand because of this and i say ‘sorry, i’ll be a second’.

She has the nerve to say ‘didn’t your mother teach you to count?’ and that was the last straw. I say ‘my mother taught me even the poor have no excuse’. She just looks at me like i’m crazy and asks ‘what’s that mean then?’

I look her dead in the eye and say ‘because manners don’t cost a penny.’

She went red and looked really uncomfortable, then scurried off as soon as she got her receipt.

Next time be polite to your cashier, manners are free…

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Attention Tantrums
 "Mum,“ your daughter wriggled around in the built-in seat of the shopping cart as she tried to reach for a row of lollipops, “lollies.”
“No, no, honey. You’ve got blueberries,” you tapped on the case of berries as you gently pulled your daughter’s stubby arm back to her side as she whined and shook her head.
“No, lollies!” Your daughter complained, wrinkling her nose and continually shaking her head.
“They’ll ruin your teeth, baby,” you frowned as you squeezed a few avocados, checking how ripe they were.
“Please, mum? Please, mum?” Your daughter questioned, tilting her head in the process as you selected the avocados you wanted and put them in a plastic bag.
“I already said no,” you shook your head at your daughter as you softly let the bag of avocados drop into the basket section of the cart. Your two year old shrieked at this, making you give her the stare you had learned frightened her into behaving.
“They didn’t have the red ones so I got the yellow peppers, instead,” Harry’s voice spoke from behind you just as he rounded the corner to see you staring at your daughter as she started to weep and wipe her eyes, softly sobbing at your angered features. You weren’t exactly fuming or anything, you were just tired of your fussy daughter.
“Thanks,” you cleared your throat as you turned to take the bag of yellow bell peppers from your husband and place them in your shopping cart.
“Why’re you crying, love?” Harry frowned as he made his way towards his weeping daughter, his hand going to hold the back of her head as his long thumbs went to sweep the salty tears from your daughter’s rosy cheeks.
“I want lollies,” your daughter whined, shrugging her shoulders in discomfort from being buckled in her seat, restraining her from reaching what she had been asking you for. You silently watched out of the corner of your eye as Harry plucked a lollipop from the line of candy and handed her one, making her passionately shake her head at Harry, pouting her cutest smile.
No,” she grumbled, crossing her chubby little arms as she shook her head.
“Why?” Harry tilted his head, curious to know why his daughter hadn’t taken the candy.
“Let her be,” you sighed, turning as you threw another bag containing vegetables into your cart, knowing how difficult your daughter had been acting all day.
“D'you want a different flavor?” Harry bent over as he cooed at your daughter, only making her shake her head more.
No,” your daughter pouted as she furrowed her eyebrows at Harry.
“No?” Harry mimicked your daughter as he pressed his larger forehead to your daughter’s tiny one, shaking his head in the process before his hands snuck under her arms to tickle her. “No?” Harry smiled as your daughter squealed and laughed at his tickles as he nuzzled his nose against your daughter’s little cheek as he continued.
“No,” your daughter cried out as she slowly became angry and started pushing Harry away from her, “‘top it.”
“Kisses,” Harry tapped his cheek as he turned for your daughter to kiss his cheek.
“No,” your daughter pouted as she shoved Harry away with her palms, starting to grumble and whine, “mum… Mum, help.”
“Leave her alone, babe,” you warned, knowing how your daughter could be when it came to her being grumpy.
“'Top it! Don’t like you! Don’t like you,” your daughter yelled with one last shove, making Harry step back before your daughter broke down in tears, “mummy.”
“Sh,” your furrowed your eyebrows as you paced towards your screaming child, her fists wiping her tired eyes as she cried. After unbuckling the safety belt of the seat, you quickly hoisted her up and out of the cart before forcing her head down on your shoulder to muffle the screams she was emitting as she cried.
“Could you just check out for me? I need to put her to sleep,” you grumbled as you bounced in place, trying to sooth your daughter into calming down.
“Yeah,” Harry finally choked out with a little nod of his head before you thanked him and rushed your tired daughter to your car, putting her to sleep the moment you closed the car door. Before too long, Harry came along with your groceries, making you buckle your daughter into her carseat before getting out of the car to help Harry pack up the baggage. A silent car ride later, you pulled into your driveway before Harry parked the car and the two of you starting unpacking.
“Could you take her in?” You squeaked as you loaded up on the bags, trusting in your strength a little too much. After getting Harry’s approval, you made your way inside to drop off the first load of groceries before your daughter’s screams sounded and you rushed out to see her fighting off Harry.
No! I don’t like you, I don’t like you! You’re mean! Leave! You’re not my mummy,” your daughter groaned as she kicked at her father.
“Y/D, stop it,” you ordered as you pushed Harry aside and grabbed your emotional two-year old before turning and taking her into the privacy of your home where you could safely put her to bed and then help Harry with the rest of the groceries. Before too long, you had made your way downstairs to see Harry sprawled across your living room couch as he flipped through television channels.
“Everything’s put up,” he croaked, his eyes never leaving the television screen as he sent a nod behind him, towards the general direction of the kitchen.
“Thanks,” you breathed out, padding over to where he sat and joining him on the couch.
“It doesn’t seem as if she’s taking to me as easily as we thought,” Harry spoke up after a few minutes of watching television.
“She’s just not familiar with you, yet. It was just me and her for seven months. She’s still trying to adapt to having you back,” you shrugged, yawning as you reclined, laying your legs over Harry’s thighs.
“Yeah but I’ve been home for two weeks, now,” Harry turned to look at you as his palm slightly raised, his fingers twitching as he awaited your response.
“She’s a mommy’s girl,” you shrugged once more as you settled into the couch.
“She hates me,” Harry sighed as he threw his head back to stare at the ceiling.
“She does not,” you rolled your eyes as you stretched your legs.
“She told me so,” Harry widened his eyes as he turned to look at you.
“She’s three,” you responded, staring at Harry’s hurt features.
“Well, I need her to like me. It makes me feel bad when she treats me as if I was some stranger. I helped make her,” Harry sighed as he bowed his head to stare at his fumbling fingers.
“You’re trying to be her friend,” you rolled your eyes as you sat up, “you’re her parent, though. She’s supposed to hate you and make your life hard. She does that to me all the time.”
“She’s my little baby, Y/N. I don’t like being her punching bag,” Harry frowned at you.
“You don’t think she’s roughed me up before? The thing with Y/D is, you have to show her she’s the daughter and you’re the parent until she’s mature enough and disciplined enough to know what’s not okay,” you explained with a shrug of your shoulders.
“I don’t know how you do it,” Harry shook his head.
“It’s parenting, get used to it,” you laughed as you craned your head up to peck his lips.

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