how to make a gif tutorial

Hey friends, Meg here! For awhile now I really wanted to make a post about how much I appreciate/read/save every tutorial recommendation I get! Unfortunately, one tutorial each week means it can take awhile to work through them. I just wanted to make sure no one feels that their recommendation was ignored, and thank you for your patience in working through the list!

Pixel Art Tree Tutorial

When I first started out doing pixel art I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to make trees. So now that I’m a bit better, I’ve decided to make my own! 

For this tutorial, you’ll need some sort of digital art program. You probably shouldn’t be looking at digital art tutorials if you don’t have a digital art program. I use Pro Motion, but I’m pretty sure that Gimp and Photoshop work too. 

For space-saving reasons, I’ll put the rest beneath the read more

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A lovely anon requested I make a tutorial for how I made the gifs from this gifset. I decided to create a new gif that mimicked the style of the gifset so I could take those reading the tutorial through the complete process. All you need is adobe photoshop, a basic level of knowledge of the program, and patience!

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I got a request for a tutorial on how I make these pieces. I know it’s not exactly the same, but here are some progress gifs for recent pride galaxies!

You can see that they all kinda follow the same steps: a general shape, then successive layers of refinement and detail.

shhh…it’s okay…it’s okay…you’re safe.

something inspired by papercutting art i’ve done in the past irl. the “glitter” was fun to draw, i might make a tutorial on how to make one of these. :Bc

                                                  Collage Tutorial
                                           how to make these edits?

hello whoever is reading this! multiple people messaged me asking to make a tutorial for my siren!sehun (and other halloween series)-edits, so i decided to make this tutorial! it’s probably easier than it seems, so let’s start right away!

warning: this tutorial consists pictures to support the explanation! 

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Sketch 122: Isabelle Kart!

My friend Albert got the Zelda and Animal Crossing DLCs for Mario Kart 8 when I came over to play his Wii U. I couldn’t resist making a happy driving Isabelle for my first gif coming off the back of Inktober. She’s too cute!! ^^

Also, some lovely people were asking me if i would create a tutorial showing how I make these animated gifs. I now have a TUTORIAL BLOG, check it out and ask me things!