how to make a cursor

NDRV3 cursors


I decided to make some NDRV3 cursors uwu

here’s how to put them in your tumblr theme (its easy!) vvv

first, go into ‘‘Edit Theme” and click “Edit HTML”.

look for “<style> and </style>” in your HTML and paste this code up in between there vv

*, body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(Cursor URL Goes Here), auto;}

right click on the cursor you want and copy the URL
then you can replace “Cursor URL Goes Here” with that URL

click “Update Preview” and then “Save” and that’s it!

(if you have any questions feel free to ask!)
- Mod Maki

TUTORIAL #1 : How to make a cursor
  • Open a new file (120x120 max)
  • Then, write the text or post the photo you want
  • Delete the background
  • Put the cursor and save it
  • Open your file on tumblr, tinypic or anothers websites
  • Then, put this code : <style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(CURSORURLHERE), auto }</style>
  • And replace ‘CURSORURLHERE’ by the picture’s url
  • Then go to customize page > HTML code and put the code after <head>

I hope it helped you, if you have any questions feel free

This is a master post filled with helpful links to stuff such as cool websites, YouTubers, music, free streaming of shows/ movies, etc. I hop you can find something you like or learn something new! Please note a lot of these links are from other master posts that will be linked and credited. If I used some from one of your master posts you can message me to delete it.



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See coping tools section also

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See coping tools section also

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What To Watch (English, free streaming except for Netflix, not100% virus free or legal)



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Personality quizzes

Only if you’re really bored bc this is very time consuming

For the traveler

Some Inspiration

More Masterposts (references for anything that wasn’t mine)

I hope you found some cool new things and I will plan on making a new master post in a few months! If a link isn’t working message me with the title of it and I’ll fix it asap or include it in the next master post.


Here’s the full recording of the speed painting I posted earlier today. No commentary or music added this time but I hope this will still help some of you peeps in how to mix and blend colors. Sometimes you just gotta observe how others do it.

Also I do not know how to make the cursor visible when recording with OBS, should look that up :o

My most important lesson at primary school

Well, excluding, like, basic social skills. And reading, reading is super useful.

So, I’m about 11 years old. I’m sat in a classroom. It’s maths. And in front of me, a teacher is pulling a large carrier bag off of a weird newspaper and glue covered box. I can tell this is meant to be a *big reveal*, and the time and energy which has gone into this contraption is, well it shows effort. But crucially, it’s a big ugly box with two toilet rolls sticking out of it, one from each end.

The teacher is proud of this prop. She has definitely made it herself. I didn’t go to the best of schools, I suspect others may have had this lesson with something a bit more refined. Maybe with glitter. Maybe less obviously falling apart and hastily taped together in the car that morning. She takes three notepads, sticks one to the first tube, another to the box itself, and a third to the second tube.

“This is a magical machine” She says, smiling, and a bit worn out from carrying the box into the room.

“These notepads represent values, VJ, give me a number”

“8?” (VJ is scared, like all of us, he’s a bit worried because of the whole ‘magic’ thing)

“OK, 8.. so we write that on the ‘in’ tube, here,” she motions to the tube that definitely fell off on the way to work this morning, “Sarah, give me a sum we want the machine to do..”

“multiplied by three?”

“Good. OK, so we write that on the paper on the box itself. ‘x3′.. excellent. OK.. so Michael, what number comes out the other tube?”

“24!” (yes, an exclamation mark, I was exceptionally proud of my hard won knowledge of the times tables)

“And that comes out there. Do you all understand that, the machine takes a number, does a sum on it, and out pops the answer. Magic”

Putting aside my frustration that my own contribution was brushed over in favour of complimenting her own invention, I spent the rest of my lesson doing my own machine solutions. Changing the sum to make a new output. Knowing an input and an output, and working out the sum.

It’s not a bad way to introduce kids to algebra. What I didn’t realise was that the teacher’s magical machine was a computer. She never called it that, I guess because we would have judged the masking tape even more harshly when asked to directly compare it to our megadrives. But line up a few hundred of those magic machines and you make a calculator.. a few hundred million and you have a videogame.

I’m writing all this, because every time I need to work out how to fix a problem (today, making the editor cursor feel good on the Vita’s thumbstick) I still find myself using the metaphor of that bloody box.

“What do we need to write on the side of the machine to get the output we want, Michael?”

God I love programming. So glad that teacher made that box.


Tell me what you want them to say and what colour background you want (if you want a background that is), or it can be a picture of something I don’t mind, I made the one on my blog but I can make better ones. 

You have to be following me and message me the details of your cursor and I’ll make it for you and give you the code which you will paste in your description