how to make a collage

[that i am changing]

aka: yeah so i made a roguejedi moodboard to go with my fic because clearly this is the BEST USE OF MY TIME THIS MORNING. *facepalms* okay everyone, back to work :P 

(there is a not insignificant part of me that is like “remember how you used to make collages back in the day? you are moderately older and wiser now. 

and you understand adjustment layers now.”)


Queens instagrams the day before the cast announcement vs. the day of the reunion.

sometimes i’ll caption things as “this is the worst thing i’ve ever drawn” but honestly never doubt my ability to sink even lower



nerdy-geek  asked:

Question for Mod Tom, in some of the recent aesthetics you've done you put in gifs, I make aesthetics as well! How do you put in gifs? If you want to tell that is, thanks!

Oh, you mean the stimboards? Theres multiple things you could be asking so I’ll just answer all three.

1. If youre asking just how to make stimboards, just make a post, and instead of inserting a picture collage, just insert several gifs!
2. If you’re asking how I made the gifs, I actually didn’t. I’ve been collecting them on my computer for like a year?? But they mostly come from tumblr stim blogs. I love stim blogs so much like holy shit
3. If you just want to know how to make gifs, you can just look up “gif maker” and insert the pictures/video you want to make a gif of. ^^

I hope this helped! If it didnt, feel free to shoot me another ask. 
-Mod Tom ^^

                                                  Collage Tutorial
                                           how to make these edits?

hello whoever is reading this! multiple people messaged me asking to make a tutorial for my siren!sehun (and other halloween series)-edits, so i decided to make this tutorial! it’s probably easier than it seems, so let’s start right away!

warning: this tutorial consists pictures to support the explanation! 

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Hey there I noticed that you have said several time that if you do think that you can’t control then in the neutral/pacifist route its Frisk, and in the genocide route is Chara, but there is evidence in the game against it: the dummy, I don’t have a screen shot of it (because I don’t know how to make a collage, or got to every single mad dummy fight) but I do have a picture from the coding (thanks to Undertale Science) how hard you punch the dummy is something that you can’t directly control but is still done by the same persone (Frisk) this shows that not all actions you can’t control are by either by Chara or Frisk, and if this changes without having Chara’s control some (if not all) of the Genocide actions could still be Frisk! But why? My theory is that based on how sans described LOVE, and how the more you kill the more you distance yourself. I think Frisk’s LV is starting to make him less interested in the monsters, stepping on their puzzles, making weird smiles etc… What do you think? I am very proud of this, its my first theory


(undertale spoilers)

That is correct, the higher the LOVE the harder Frisk hits the dummy, and the narration steadily transitions from feeling “bad” to not caring to feeling “good.” This is one of the few situations affected by LOVE level and not kill count.

As you mentioned, Sans explains that a higher LOVE will make it easier to hurt others. This is definitely paralleled in the interactions with the dummy.

The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself.
The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt.
The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.

Interestingly enough, Sans never mentions that a high LOVE can make killing feel “good.” Enjoying violence goes beyond mere apathy, and based on how much smiling happens in the genocide route, the dummy punching seems to be a sign of Chara’s influence more than Frisk. It’s possible that as Frisk “distances” themself, it leaves more room for Chara’s personality to show through. It also bears mentioning the dummy punching commentary becomes more vague about who the feelings may belong to, transitioning from “You feel bad” (implicating Frisk) to a cryptic “Feels good.” 

Whereas these feelings could belong to Frisk as you said, contextual evidence supports that these feelings belong to Chara, even in neutral routes.  Based on this, we’ve concluded that the dummy punching is both a measurement of LOVE and a sign of Chara’s influence over Frisk.