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They met up over winter break.

Kei’s trying his best to school a face of indifference but he can’t because Kuroo’s here and Kuroo’s standing right next to me and Kuroo’s taking a selfie with me and Kuroo and Kuroo and

I apologize for the delay! I started this about two weeks ago, but then I suddenly got really, really into needle knitting and neglected to work on it (I am currently donning my freshly knit teal garter-stitch scarf I named Orange. I am content and currently in the middle of a cream-coloured mistake-stitch scarf (◡‿◡✿)). 

I drew this in celebration of my city finally getting some epic snowfall. I’m so excited for the holidays!

I used FireAlpaca to make this! Thank you to the anon who recommended this software to me ( ˘ ³˘)♥, I quite like it.

Thank you reading and uh, looking at my drawing teehee



Want a cosplay? Can't afford it? Don't have the skills?





You’re sitting there on your laptop, looking at all these amazing cosplays–look at the detail! Look how expensive it must all be!! That could never be you… or could it?

That’s where I come in, your friendly neighbourhood fairy cos-father!!

All I need from you is:

The costume you want: Tell me the name of the character, from what fandom, and if applicable, which specific outfit! Sending your favourite reference pictures (even of other cosplays) is encouraged!!

ALL your measurements: And I mean all!! I’ll need circumference of head, circumference of neck, width of shoulders, circumference of bicep and wrist, length of arm, length of leg, bust, waist, hip, thigh circumference, calf circumference, ankle circumference, overall height, and shoe size! The more measurements I have, the better your cosplay will be!!

A list of any materials you want used: If there’s one part of the costume you KNOW you want to be silk, or PVC, or chiffon, or unicorn hair, or anything–tell me!! Get specific!

A way to reliably contact you: Snapchat, Skype, tumblr IM, text, carrier pigeon, just make sure you’ll check it often!!

An address to ship the costume to: Whether it’s a P.O. box or a cruise ship, if you can get to it, I’ll ship to it!



People in not-so-good financial situations should still be able to have fun and dress up!! If you can only pay me 10 dollars a month, then let’s do it until we reach the (ALWAYS affordable and adjusted to your income) total price!! OR, maybe you have things you want to TRADE!! Got some cool stuff you never use, that I may be interested in?? SHIP IT MY WAY, WE’LL CALL IT SQUARE!!


SNAPCHAT me at: kit.oliver or SKYPE me at: kitkatcandyboy to get YOUR costume started NOW!!

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Do you think after the proposal and like who knows how the rest of the season/maybe next season is going?? But do you think we'll see a CS baby in the future?

I think the foreshadowing is there, and the writers pretty much spelled out the milestones for us in the season 3 finale. The edits are not the same size and sorry about that. I had a massive brain fart.

Let’s start with the moving in foreshadowing. 

Killian talks about the cost of real estate, it’s aimed more specifically at NYC, but he knows how expensive it is, because he probably looked.

In season 5, we get confirmation that he’s looking for a place to live with Emma and Henry. We get confirmation of that when Henry shows Emma the newspaper he and Killian were looking at.

Season 6, Emma asks Killian to move in with her.

Emma finds her mother’s ring. She isn’t looking for it, she basically just stumbles upon it.

In season 5, we get Killian giving Emma a ring as a reminder that he loves her and that he’ll be waiting for her to come home.

In season 6, Emma accidentally finds the ring Killian bought for her, and he proposes.

In season 3, after Emma knocks Marian out, Killian tells her he always knew there was a little pirate in her. Yes, it’s a callback to episode 2x06, but considering what we got during this finale, it can also be interpreted as something more.

In season 5, we get this;

And sure, this scene we have flown completely under the radar had it not been for the script tease we got. In fact, we got a whole production with the nursery in the Underworld.

So yeah, I think the foreshadowing is there, the writers laid out the blue print, but whether they execute or not remains to be seen.

It’s like the show went out of its way in season 5 to remind us of the season 3 finale, and now those milestones are being played in season 6.

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Kagami and Himuro (together) with their best friend and also crush at Tomorrowland (the musical festival) (。’▽’。)♡

I want to go to Tomorrowland one day but the tickets!! They’re way too expensive T-T And for anyone wondering how it looks like? Watch this aftermovie from ‘16 and enjoy it. :) -T-chan


He has been waiting for the festival whole year ahead. It was funny seeing him groaning and whining in annoyance and irritation that he always missed getting the tickets. After all, they were sold out in minutes on the sites the moment there was announcement they got tickets. It frustrated him until this day, when he finally got two tickets he so much begged for.

I got them!” He yelled, his hands in the air like he just won a trophy. A wide smile was crossed over his lips before he turned your way, to his best friend, who also happened to be his crush. “You’re coming with me, right?” He asked.

“Sure, sure,” You laughed only to widen your eyes when you realized what he just asked. “W-what?” You stuttered, looking into his red eyes that showed no room for argument. “I-I can’t just… I can’t afford to go to Belgium! That’s like…half of the world!” You claimed. As much as you wanted to go as well, you couldn’t afford it. You weren’t rich like Kagami was.

“I’m paying.” He said determined.

“K-Kagami…” You tried to argue, but it was impossible. “How can I pay you back?” you asked after the staring competition that didn’t last a minute.

“You can pay back by coming with me.” He grinned.

The songs and music you heard from the entrance made your stomach clench. You had a soft spot for electronic music and seeing Kagami already smiling widely beside, you couldn’t help but smile as well. Three days of being at the biggest music festival? What more could you ask for?

“Here,” Kagami spoke and held your hand, making your eyes wide. “So we won’t get apart. There are a lot of people here during weekends.” he said and made your way towards the main concert stand, sun slowly disappearing behind the horizon. The day turned into the night as the fun and music continued.

You danced with the beat of the music, singing the songs you knew by head without caring for your surroundings. Even if you wanted to, Kagami wouldn’t let you. You let yourself be swayed within the music, enjoying every second of it. Kagami was behind you, keeping an eye on you as he danced along.

Time at that moment was forgotten for both of you.


When Himuro walked to you with an idea for going on a music festival, you agreed. The only thing he failed to mention you was the fact that it was Tomorrowland, in Belgium and for the whole weekend.

“Oh my god…” You murmured wide eyed once you stood at the airport, staring at your ticket while Himuro was smiling at you with most innocent smile he could ever give to you. “Is that why you didn’t tell anyone else in fear that I’ll decline if I ask your friends?” you asked, your eyebrow raised and arms crossed over your chest. “And the reason why mom and dad looked so worried yet happy at the same time?”

“Among other things,” He answered, his sweet, innocent smile still present. “I wanted to go to Tomorrowland and I thought why not asking you too?” he said and took your hand, walking towards the exit, leaving no room for argument either. You were going and if you liked it or not. Not that you were against it.

Your heart was beating against your chest fast and hard, like it was trying to get out, as you jumped up and down on your place. Himuro didn’t hide his smile as he kept his eyes on you, just  a bit afraid you would slip away if he looks away for a moment.

“Do you like it?” He leaned towards you, asking rather loudly due to loud music.

You turned his way and grinned. “I love it!” You claimed and held his hand, dancing with him. You laughed when he grimaced, but followed your steps and moves. You didn’t care if your hair was messy or if your clothes were getting dirty or wet from all drinks spilled and the rain the fell few times over the day. You had fun and that was all that mattered to both of you.

Even though you met a lot of people from all over the world it was still nice to be alone every now and then. Needless to say, you felt glad he pulled you along without letting you argue to stay back in Japan.

An Important Post

Ok I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while and something’s finally given me reason to so here we go, buckle up kids.

The accent market has gone to shit. There, I said it. 

The “5-10 print customs” thing is crap. Limited run/retiring accents are one thing, but honestly with most of these it’s just an expensive circlejerk status symbol. “Look how many customs from ____ I have! I will trade them but only for other 5-10 print customs so I feel exclusive!”

It leads to people taking advantage of artists, which is shitty. It’s bad enough that a lot of the time accent artists don’t see half the profit their works earn on the secondary market. It’s stagnated the market; good luck trying to find stuff for less common breeds or that isn’t the same boring #aesthetic. Personally, I feel like exclusive customs should stay as either 1-2 prints, or come with some sort of no-resale rider. If you change your mind and want to resell it one day, I mean, fine, but don’t take that as a chance to make an extra 10kg because you’ve got another status symbol to pawn. 

I have heard of accent artists having a commissioner auction a custom and then splitting the profits. And that’s cool. I like that trend. I don’t blame artists for wanting to make customs. They tend to be one of the few things on FR that command a fair price for the time investment. But when it gets to the point that people aren’t buying regular-run accents, but will fall over themselves fighting for custom slots, there’s a problem. 

And don’t get me started on the entitlement I see sometimes. Artists are not obligated to make customs for you, and they’re certainly not obligated to put in a ton of work in for you to take your extra copies and make a ton of money off them.

Stop being shitty to artists. Stop trying to take advantage of custom makers. You know who you are, and I know who you are, the same little circle of users with too much real cash to spend on a dragon game, and yet still you feel the need to be greedy. 

Yes, a lot of this is stemming from a series of incidents with a single person, but I’m vagueing about it because someone involved wants to stay out of drama. If I know you and you are that thirsty for details, I will discuss privately. 

TL;DR the accent market needs to stop doing what it’s doing. 

Boo it’s me. Sorry it’s bad quality, but look what I have :>

It’s a dictionary of 9000 Luxembourgish words translated into different languages (including English) and it is so ridiculously difficult to find at a cheap price. So when it popped up on Amazon UK for £4.50 I was like ??? Yes ??? and quickly snapped it up.

(To give you an indication of how expensive, look at the price HERE now).

Sorry I did kinda come here to show it off because it’s great, it’s a nice book. You can buy a 6000 edition one as well I believe, if any of you at all have an interest in Luxembourgish!

Looking High Dollar on a Low Budget

When you’re new as a Sugar Baby it can be really hard to find your first Daddy, this lifestyle has a steep learning curve. On top of that, when you’re trying to attract money you have to look the part. A girl who looks broke is going to stay broke. Since I have a lot of unused cosmetology training I thought I’d compile a few of my best low budget beauty tips so you can look like the expensive, luxury woman of his dreams.

There are three things that will cheapen any look immediately, no matter how much you actually spent on it. Bad eyebrows, cheap or unkempt nails and skin or hair that’s in poor condition. Keep those three in check and your entire ensemble will seem so much more put together.

Bad Eyebrows

Ooooohhhhhhh boy. There are all kinds of bad eyebrows. The good news is that there are also all kinds of good eyebrows and maintaining them can be super cheap!

So, for the majority of people your eyebrows should enhance your face but not take center stage. That doesn’t hold true for every look but if you’ve got one of those looks that can rock some outlandish eyebrows I’m going to assume you’re an eyebrow goddess and don’t need my advice anyway. For us mere mortals we’re going to aim for a solidly middle ground, they should be groomed but not overdone.

A few things to avoid: 

Over plucking eyebrows. Razor thin eyebrows don’t usually look natural and can draw a lot of attention to themselves. 

Under plucking eyebrows. Take care of those strays! Try not to let those bad boys get too crazy.

Overdrawn eyebrows. Avoid super sharp lines and block-filled eyebrows.

You want to aim for a natural brow shape that flatters your face. There tons of tutorials floating around on the subject so if you’re new to maintaining your eyebrows I suggest looking up some videos on grooming and shaping.

Now, if you’ve got awesome, thick brows to begin with you may not need to fill them but otherwise filling them correctly can really polish off your makeup. Like I said, avoid drawing hard, dark lines when you’re filling your eyebrows. If you don’t have the extra funds for eyebrow pencils you can just use a small brush and some eyeshadow for fill. Try to use a matte color that is a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color, you’re aiming for fullness not darkening. 

And remember, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. You want them to look similar but do not expect them to be a mirror image of each other. You’ll drive yourself nuts.

Cheap Looking Nails

People see your hands a lot. Every time you shake hands, gesture while speaking, use a fork, touch someone, etc. your hands are in the spotlight. Keeping them looking pristine is one of the BEST ways to make yourself look pulled together. If you don’t have the cash or inclination to get your nails done professionally it’s entirely possible to give yourself an expensive looking mani pedi.

First things first, avoid touching your cuticles unless you know what you’re doing. You can get infections that way and that’s definitely not nice looking. The majority of men will never ever notice your cuticles.

Pay attention to the length and shape of your nails. Don’t let them get too long and don’t trim them extra short. If you like longer nails I’d suggest filing them into an almond shape, here’s handy tutorial for how to do that yourself. If you favor shorter nails give the squoval shape a try, which is basically just flat across the top with nice rounded edges. Here’s how to do that. Obviously you also want to avoid hangnails, ragged edges and such.

I would suggest always going with painted nails. Unless you want to take the time to buff your nails or just have crazy gorgeous nails naturally a few coats of polish just looks nice. The best color choice is going to vary a lot from person to person based on style and skin tone. If you’re really unsure, sheer nudes, reds and pinks are pretty safe for everyone. I like to pick colors based on my wardrobes color pallete. As an example, my wardrobe is black, cream and grey with cobalt and rose gold as accents, I do my nails in cobalt or a sheer pearl color most of the time. If you rock a certain color all over your wardrobe, absolutely incorporate that into your polish choice!

Chipped, cracked polish does not do you any favors. Cheap polish or laziness are often the culprit here and the solution to both is the same. It’s totally fine to cut costs on your color polish. It’s fine. It may be harder to apply but if you’re careful you can make it look good. The one thing that will take make that cheap polish work for you is a really good top coat. If you’ve only got a bit of money to spread around, cut corners everywhere but the top coat, you want to splurge for that. A quality top coat will do beautiful things to the gloss, smoothness and longevity of your nail polish. I personally like Revlon’s Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.

Hair and Skin Ills

Ok, this is a huge topic and I definitely can’t cover everything here. My #1 budget hair and skin solution is coconut oil. I use that shit for everything.

Chemical or heat damaged hair? Dry, frizzy hair? Comb some coconut oil through it, toss a towel on your pillow and sleep on it. Wash it out in the morning and enjoy your shiny, soft hair.

Dry skin? Massage coconut oil into your skin before you hop in the shower. The warmth will encourage your skin to soak it up and you won’t feel greasy when you get out.

Part of my daily beauty routine is a facial massage, it encourages blood flow and lymph movement and helps keep the skin glowing, acne free and keeps wrinkling at bay. I take a dab of coconut oil and spend about two minutes massaging it in small circles all over my face, afterward I wash my face as normal and go about my routine. This is also an excellent way to remove your makeup!

It can also be used for cuticle care, oil pulling, as under eye cream and probably lots of other things.

I see a lot of people suggesting exfoliation to keep your skin soft and while that’s fantastic on occasion you don’t want to overdo it! Exfoliating too often or too vigorously damages the skin. Staying hydrated, avoiding sun damage, and moisturizing are much more vital to your daily beauty routine and skin health. Exfoliate about once a week and avoid sugar or salt scrubs, they’re too harsh and cause abrasions that can lead to infections.

The final trick that I’m going to suggest for hair and skin needs sucks. It really does but it works so well. Cold showers are AMAZING for your skin and hair. Dousing yourself in cold water for a minute or two at the end of your shower does a few things. It will close the the cuticle of your hair, leading to less frizz and more shine. It will also stimulate the blood and lymph fluid to move away from your skin toward your organs in order to retain heat. This is great because more lymph and blood circulation means more cell turnover, healthier skin, improved immune response and can actually stimulate changes in body composition by signaling to your body that you need more brown fat (the good stuff) rather than white fat (the harmful stuff). Not only that but cold showers have been shown to help alleviate depression, improve stress responses, help with insomnia, improve mental alertness, aid in digestion and tons of other things. Basically it’s torture and it’s so fucking good for you. Yes, I do in fact use this tip. Every day.

Edit: I forgot to mention, a cold shower will also make your boobs perkier by tightening the skin and increasing collagen production. 

Anyway, I definitely had more to add to this in the makeup department especially but this post has gotten crazy long so I’ll be splitting that into another post. I hope you guys find some of this helpful, feel free to add your own tips and have fun making yourselves look extra fine.


messing with new brushes; @feynites have some ancient birdbrain doobles :>