how to live life like a unicorn

I am constantly amazed at the amount people in this fandom who can’t seem to understand that things/emotions aren’t black and white. You can be pissed at how Louis situation effects his promo and how his team is the root of that AND still be excited about the music he has coming.
You can point out the obvious bullshit without it making you miserable/generally effecting your mood at all. Yet people still don’t get this and try to shame people into just enjoy it man it’s what Louis would want!

It’s terrifying to me that people willfully shut off their eyes and brain in order to pretend the other stuff isn’t happening in order to live in their pretend world of unicorns and sprinkles where everything is wonderful and perfect. Who does that benefit? How does that make you happy? Since when is ignorance bliss? And please tell me you don’t live your life like that in the real world.

Anyways, I’ll continue to call the bullshit bullshit and I’ll continue to want better for Louis and I’ll continue to enjoy his music and support his career. Because I’m an intelligent person who is capable of both.

Here's some advice for everyone out there

Don’t be afraid to say no.  Honestly you just make yourself sad if you say yes to things you don’t wanna do, and YOU are the greatest investment for your life, so don’t do that to yourself. Oh yea, that person is gonna be sad alright but no-one’s gonna remember how many times you said “no” because they are too wrapped up in their own lives. Therefore there is no reason to keep worrying about what they think because you are that badass bitch and you ain’t gotta give a shit about anyone but yourself.

Request: Can you please do a Tom Riddle imagine? 

  You had always been curious about Tom Riddle, the boy who kept to himself but had an undeniable charm to him. Granted, this only came out when he wanted something but it was hard to ignore. The two of you were members of the Slug Club and in the same year but had yet to talk.

You were somewhat of a book-lover and were often to be found in the library and, you noticed, Tom had been spending an increasing amount of time in the library. And this was where you were now. Deciding that now was as good a time as any to introduce yourself, you made your way over to the restricted section.

“Tom?” You tried to get his attention – and succeeded; he looked up at you as if he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. You smiled in amusement. “I just wondered if you’d like some help finding a book. I know this place like the back of my hand.” Still looking panic stricken he shook his head and, sensing that you had picked a bad moment, you nodded curtly and made a move to leave.

Apparently changing his mind, Tom said,
“Wait, actually, Y/N?” Ah, so he knew your name, that was a good sign you told yourself.
“Yes.” You responded.
“Do you know anything about living forever?” What an odd question, but in fact you did. A little taken aback you said.
“I do, but I can only tell you if you promise you aren’t secretly a goblin because, Merlin’s Beard, the Ministry was not happy last time.” He laughed, you hadn’t seen him do that before. His face became infinitely more beautiful.

The two of you settled down in a cosy, quiet corner of the library and you prepared to tell him.
“Okay, so the way I see it there are 4 ways of living forever. The first is unicorn blood. Nasty stuff, it gives you this sort of half live. You can’t die but you aren’t really alive so it’s more a case of not-living forever, but I guess the fact that there’s a forever at all in that bargain is enough for some poor, misled people.” You paused to process your thoughts, Tom seemed interested enough though, so you continued. “Way Number 2 is the Philosopher’s Stone. It produces the Elixir of Life which can be turned into gold or drank to keep you alive. It keeps you alive in as much as you don’t age or develop illnesses but as soon as you stop taking it you become just like any other man. You become completely reliant on this stone. It can drive people mad.”

As you took a momentary break Tom posed you a question.
“Would it be advantageous to take both?” It was a fair point, you’d never thought about it.
“I don’t think so the Elixir of Life trumps all poisons and, in a way I suppose unicorn blood is just that. To kill something so pure puts a curse on you but I think that the Philosopher’s Stone is more powerful.” He nodded with what you were fairly sure was genuine interest. “The third and, I would like to point out, the worst way to live forever is through horcruxes, but I think you already knew that didn’t you?” You smiled knowingly.
“How did you know?” Tom asked, astonished.
“Because the Restricted Section was the first place I looked for them too. Anyway, horcruxes. You have to split your soul and trap it in something. You do this by killing someone. Each time you do so you soul splits. I don’t think it’s worth it. You gradually become less and less able to feel.” You shuddered a bit.

“What was the last way?” He asked.
“Don’t laugh.” You pleaded. He creased his eyebrows.
“Why would I laugh?” He quizzed.
“Just promise.” You persisted.
“Okay, okay!” He conceded.

“Love.” You said frankly. “The last way is love.”
“I don’t understand.” You sighed.
“Well when people say love is eternal they aren’t joking. Think of all the stories. No one remembers the name of the bad guy. Do you know the name of the wizard Merlin defeated? I doubt it. We remember the people we love and we tell their stories, in that they are immortalised.”

“Wow.” Was all that he could say. “I never thought of it like that.” His eyes were  thoughtful for a moment and then his winning smirk made an appearance. “What do you say, Y/N, fancy making me immortal?”


I remember you telling me, in our last trip to neverland
That you were gonna be my best friend
Through all the bends and till the end
I thought you had seen all the shades of this world finally
And that you had found your key

That day, for me, you had already proved that you are divine
And now I had a best friend through all of time
Time to do what I do best
Cos now I had everything that including my shrine

My unicorn you didn’t just show me rights and wrongs
You showed me how to live and love when the whole world is wrong
Forever I will be in your debt
For you’ve been through the most, under my wrath

Here’s to hoping someday
You will be back doing what you do best
Running around colouring the universe
Giving life to extraterrestrials like us

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So this is a fic I wrote based off of a prompt I saw on @omeliafics

I really connected with it and wanted to write it, so here’s my “comeback” fic “Confession.” Hope you like it. :-)

Amelia sipped a bit of her champagne from the cool glass as she plopped down on the couch. It was just a bit too bouncy, probably because it’s an old couch that Owen restored after finding it in an abandoned area of the hospital. Amelia cringed, hoping no wine from her glass would splash out. She was awaiting a call, so as soon as the familiar, almost annoying tune rang out from her phone, she jumped to press the green answer button. When a familiar face flashed across the screen, her grin filled her whole face.

“Charlotte!” She cheered, glad to see her friend. “Don’t you look great.”

“Great? Pshh. More like exhausted. You know people usually say it gets easier as they get older, but I disagree.” Charlotte laughed at herself a little along with Amelia.

“So how’s the married life?” Charlotte asked, probably expecting to hear all about the great sex and romance of Amelia’s relationship.

“It’s uh… nonexistent.” Amelia’s face lowered upon talking about it.

“What do you mean?” She asks.

“I mean we have a lot going on. Owen just got a bombshell dropped on him, and before that I wasn’t even at home. I went back to be with him to support him. But we sleep miles apart in our bed, we don’t touch each other, we act like… friends. Maybe not even friends, just acquaintances.”

“What kind of bombshell?” Charlotte is always curious.

“His sister is alive, who everyone thought died years ago on the field in the army. They found her alive and she’s home in a facility. It’s taking a toll on Owen.” Amelia explained, her face reading all of the guilt and sadness she felt for her husband.

“And what about you? How do you feel?” Charlotte asked.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Michael and James ships mcbender and cherik. James leans on Michael's shoulder and they smile blissfully. My life is complete. I don't care how the writers write xmen. cherik is canon as long as the actors say it's canon because cherik is getting married in america with rainbows and unicorns over their heads because charles will love erik no matter how much he hates him despite his on going shit about killing humans even if magneto finds a wife and go live in the woods like clint barton and starts a family or whatever shit cherik is still canon

@teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship asked: How about some Loser Bronze broshipping shenanigans? Jabu and Geki with 20: “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.”

(Like I told you, Teary, I’ve never written Geki in my life, so here goes nothing, lol. Also featuring a sneaky-ass Wolf with a camcorder. One of those big old shoulder ones, because this is the eighties. WE DIE LIKE MEN.)

Jab really shouldn’t have fallen asleep in the common room of the Bronze dorms that he shared with Ichi, Nachi, Geki, and Ban. He knows better, in theory. You only get an uninterrupted nap if you go to your own bedroom in this house of hooligans. Anyone sleeping unprotected in the common room gets pranked, that’s just how it works. Jab himself has done the pranking!

But he’s exhausted, from rigorous training and then a surprise nighttime guard shift. He’s tired, the late morning light is warm, the couch is obscenely comfortable-

He falls asleep.

When he wakes up it’s with an almighty squawk, falling off the couch and scrubbing a hand over his ear. He sees the culprit almost immediately, and glares, trying to untangle his legs. Geki grins unrepentantly down at him, and Jab sees Nachi fleeing with a cackle, faithful camcorder in hand. That asshole! Jab’s going to break that goddamn thing, prized possession or not.

“What the fuck, Geki?” He grinds out. Geki grins.

“You know the unwritten laws of this dorm.” He replies serenely. “Also, you should really clean out your ears.” he wiped his hand on his jeans.

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.” He growls, too tired to really formulate a decent argument. Geki looks unsympathetic.

“You’re lucky it wasn’t Nachi. He wanted to cover your hands in shaving cream and then tickle your face. Go sleep it off, in your room. I’ll get you for dinner.” Geki laughs, clapping Jab on the shoulder, and Jab sulkily slopes off to his room. How come Nachi never gets caught out there, anyway? He’s got loads and loads of blackmail material on all fours of them, how come they don’t have any on him? Admittedly, he’s the only one who actually owns a camcorder. Stupid sneaky Wolf…

He falls into bed and sleeps it off, waking in the mid afternoon, before going out for something to eat, grimly prepared to endure the teasing.

My Tomione/Volmione fic rec list

Okay … so, I figured I should do this for easier referencing in the future. This list will be edited when I run into other fics that I enjoy … or when my mind remembers them.

Please take note that other than a few exceptions, most of the fics that I enjoy do not have the following:

1) Super-powered Hermiones

2) “I’m a sad boy” Toms

3) “I can kick everybody’s ass” Hermiones

4) “I’m a perfect little angel who can do no wrong” Hermione

5) “It’s everybody else’s fault except mine” Toms

I feel that it’s prudent for me to add that personally, I’m not one who reads or writes fanfics to learn and teach about how to live a better life with the perfect set of morals. A lot of these fics that I like to read are dark and don’t paint the world in a rosy hue filled with unicorns and rainbows. If I’d wanted that, I can go and read regency romances. :)

More power to you, if you enjoy them, but as Serpie said on another occasion, “THERE SHOULDN’T BE A WARNING on EVERY story that Voldemort is EVIL! There should be, however, if he is NOT. As then, it’s OOC.”

With that said, my all-time faves are stories by the following authors:


Lady Miya



I’m not a huge AU reader, but I would recommend anything by Winterblume, uchiha.s, and ibuzoo.

With one-shots:

Sionnain used to write wonderful one-shots for the ship, too, but it seems like she’s drifted off to another fandom nowadays

They Don’t Understand by dest-unknown

Now, for less dark Tomiones, I would recommend fics from Flaignhan. Her Toms aren’t weak or nice, but they’re not irrevocably evil either.

I would also recommend the fics that are written for our Tomione challenges, and they can be found on AO3 under the account Tomione_Forum.

Hannibal Re-Catch: Sorbet

Welcome to my recap of Episode 1.07 of the first season of Hannibal.

This week, there’s another fake accidental Chesapeake Ripper on the loose, who’s harvesting organs and NOT DOING A VERY GOOD JOB AT IT. What an idiot. Instead of getting all murder jealous, Hannibal takes this opportunity to kill, cook, and eat everyone in the Baltimore area that happened to look at him funny in the past two years. Jack’s having some bad dreams (join the club, dude). Franklyn likes cheese (and Hannibal) A LOT. And Will is just kinda there, quietly hallucinating in the background.

Join me as I revisit the episode Sorbet and view it through the lens of the entire series thus far. So DO NOT read this if you haven’t watched all the way through Season 2, unless that’s your scene, then have at it!

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anonymous asked:

hi you usually post really good fanfic recs so i was wondering if you knew of any good like sasusaku married life fics?

hi there! well, i’m not sure i know many fics of that sort, but here are the few i have read, plus some post-canon ones in which they live together, eventually get married, or form a family and all that :)

If I Should Have a Daughter

If I should have a daughter,
I will not buy her Barbie dolls
because I don’t want her to grow up
thinking that in order to be pretty
she has to be skinny and blonde and tall.
Instead, I will buy her Play Doh and Legos
and lots of papers and art materials
so early on she would know
how much potential she holds in her hands
—how much one person could create
with the very little that was given.
And while I will be always ready
to offer hugs, Band-Aids and ice-creams,
I will teach her how to swim
without floating devices,
how to bike without training wheels,
because that is how you learn:
between headaches and heartbreaks,
between falling down and getting up,
between making and correcting mistakes.
I want her to know that the only way to learn
how to keep your head above the water
is to be in the water and
the only way to learn how to balance
is to experience imbalance
and instead of prohibiting her to play outside
I will let her bask in the sunlight
or dance under the rain so she could realize
how much of life doesn’t happen indoors and
that you can only truly know the world
by going out and leaving your comfort zone
so while little I will teach her how to be comfortable
with the things that make her uncomfortable
or the things that make others uncomfortable
and I will show her how to wear her fears
like a badge, her weaknesses like a medal of honor
because the first thing you should do
to gain confidence with yourself
is to get intimate with your limitations
and get to know them like a childhood friend
And I will not use Santa Claus or Bogeyman.
I will not talk about fairy tales or children’s stories.
I will not teach her to expect prince charmings
and happy endings by playing damsel in distress.
Instead, I will talk to her about behavior
and maturity and responsibility like an adult
because that is how we grow—through honesty,
and honestly, should I get a chance to be a kid again,
that is how I would want
to be reintroduced to the world
no sugarcoating, no glossing over, just the truth
about the consequences of my actions.
I will not shelter her
from the cruelties of this world,
instead I will teach her
how to build her own shelter,
how to do her own homework,
how to fight her own bullies
and how to live her own life
without expectations other than her own.

—Mark Dimaisip

note: This is inspired by Sarah Kay’s “B”. I will probably expand this later to a longer poem. What do you think?

So my tattoo is basically all healed, and I’m still so in love with it. This is more than just a tattoo to me, it’s what Paramore has taught me over the past 7 years that I’ve been a fan.

When I was younger, I was very lonely. I didn’t have many friends, and I had this paralyzing fear that I would never be good enough. When I heard Paramore for the first time, I felt understood. I felt like I wasn’t alone with my thoughts and feelings anymore. There were people that understood pain, and loneliness. They understood how it felt to have your heart broken.

Each Paramore album has gotten me through each phase of my life, and I’m forever grateful for the lyrics that have provided me so much solace. I would not be the same person I am today without them.

To me, this tattoo is a reminder that life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, but if you can work through the pain that comes with living, you’ll experience the joy and knowledge that comes with healing. Thank you Paramore for showing me that.

Chapter 39 *Final Chapter*

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Tyler P.O.V

“What Poppie?” I asked as I answered the phone. I held it between my ear and shoulder as I changed Asia’s diaper.

“Damn, thats how you greet your lil bro” he said pretending to be hurt.

“Im sorry, Im just doing something at the moment.” I said as I tossed the old one in the trash then got a fresh one.

“Changing diapers?” He said.

I paused what I was doing. “How did you know that?” I asked looking around the room to see if he had any bugs in here. He is my fathers son so he would do some shit like this.

“Cuz I can smell that shit through the phone fam!” He said then started cracking up. I just chuckled.

“Na but I heard you open the trash so that was my first guess.” He said.

I nodded my head like he could see me. “Hows my little fatty anyway” he asked.

“Bein bad, ever since she started walking she been gettin her hands on everything.” I said as she looked up at me smilling.

“Aww yep she definitely your kid. You was the same way. All you did was throw a nigga toys in the toilet and shit.”

“You ripped the heads of my barbies!” I said.

I heard him laughing eventually making me laugh. My brother was mean to me back in them days. We never use to get along until I hit highschool.

“So wassup? Why you callin outta the blue moon?” I asked.

“Shit you say that like its a bad thing. Atleast I call!” He said, i rolled my eyes. “But on some real shit how soon can you get to Atlanta?” His voice sounding more serious then before, which only meant business needed to be taken care of.

“Why? Something with the warehouse?” I asked a little worried.

“Look this is something I’d rather talk about in person.” He said.

“Aight, well I can be there by Saturday then. And don’t be on no funny shit Pops.” I said.

“Naa this is all business. Real talk, ill see you then.” He said then the line went dead.

A million an one things started running through my head. I had no clue what the fuck could be going on down there. Why couldn’t he tell me over the phone? This nigga actin like someone after him, which I hope is not true. I really don’t wanna have to kill anyone.

Im tired of this lifestyle. Killing and handling drugs for a living is not wassup anymore. I don’t know how my dad did this shit for so long. I want to get out of this but most of all I want Chris to get out of it.

He has so much potential to be something great. He’s smart, good looking, and talented as hell,but every time we get on the topic he makes up some bullshit excuse about how the game is all he knows.

What he fails to realize is that WE GREW UP ON THE SAME DAMN BOAT! Both me and Chris grew up knowing only the Cartel. So if I can do something with myself and actually fulfill my dreams why can’t he?

I don’t want Asia nor Royal to grow up living this kind of life style. Yea from the outside it looks like its all peaches and cream but the grass is always greener on the other side. Having people constantly running in and out of your life is not a fun experience. I don’t know how much I wished I was a regular kid like the ones I grew up with. I shouldn’t have to worry about my life at the age of 10 and I don’t want the for my daughter.

I want her to grow up different then her parents. Most importantly I want her to be something in life, to mean something in this world and not just be a walking threat like her mother and father.

But truth is, is I can’t help who I am and Chris can’t help who he is either. Once you grow up in the game, theres no way of leaving. Yea you could claim you left but you always have the deaths over your head, the eyes looking after you, and your finger permanently on the trigger. The game is a cruel world but thats the one place where you can actually find the people that will ride or die for you, fam or not.

“Why you cryin?” I head Chris’s voice say, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I hadn’t even realized that there were tears running down my face. I sniffled and quickly wiped them away.

“Uh it was nothing.” I said. I knew he wanted to know more but every time we get on the subject one of us either ends up pissed off and usually its him.

“Baby just tell-”

“It was nothing okay!” I said cutting him off.

I sighed. “Aight then.”

“Um I need to go to Atlanta this Saturday.” I said, changing the subject.

“What for?” He asked as he turned his face up.

“Because I want to visit my family. I miss them.” I said sugar coating it. I didn’t want him to know he whole thing because i lnew he would flip.

“Okay, well you want me to come with you-”

“No! Umm I kind of want to go alone.” I lied.

He mushed his eyebrows together.”So are you going to take Asia with you?”

“Na she’s still to young to be riding planes. So I figured you could watch her.”

“Well if your not gone be here I was goin workin. And ain’t no way in hell im takin her to the warehouse.”

“Well then take her to your moms. You know how much she loves her.” I said as I picked up Asia and put her in her crib.

“Aight then, imma miss you though.” He said as I walked up to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck.

“Really? You know we never got to celebrate after my party.” I said with a smirk. He picked me up and I immediately wrapped my legs around him.

He carried me out of Asia’s room and down to ours. After layin me down on the plush bed he tackled my neck with kiss. He quickly took of his shirt as I took of mine, leaving me only in a thong.

“Remember when I said we were gonna try for a second baby?” He asked then pecked my lips.

“You really want another? ” I asked.

“Hell yeah, I want you to have all my babies.” He said as he moved my thong aside and shoved to finger inside me.I couldn’t even respond to his statement.

“Fuuck.” I moaned out as my back arched off of the bed. I could tell I was about to reach my climax. Just as I was about to cum Chris pulled his fingers out.

I looked at him like he lost his damn mind. He sucked on his fingers he cracked a smile.

“Come ride this shit ma.” He demanded as he dropped his sweat pants, letting his dick spring to attention.

He layed on the bed as I slid of my thong, tossing it to the floor. I crawled on top of him and hovered over his manhood. I eased myself down on him, but of course him being him slammed be down.

I hissed in pain. “Chris!” I yelled.

He chuckled. “Its not funny. That hurt! ” I said as I slapped his chest.

“Im sorry baby but you can’t expect a nigga to wait for ever while you take yo sweet time. A nigga got needs.” He said.

Sometimes I can’t stand him.

Chris P.O.V

“So nigga wassup.” Ty said as he plopped down in one of the seats that sat infront of my desk. I had just dropped Asia off at my moms and to say my mom was excited was an understatement.

“Shit nothin. Tyler’s visiting the fam for a couple days so I’m just trynna get some work done.” I said.

He nodded his head. “Thats coo’. So hows parent hood?”

I chuckled. “Man harder then I thought it would be.” I said honestly.

I didn’t think that it would be this hard. I can only imagine how these single parents do it.

“Yea I felt the same way when Mj was born but don’t worry, shit will get easier.” He reassured me.

“It got easier for you?”

“Naa but im hopin it will.” I chuckled.

For the rest of the time we just talked about random shit, just catching up. We really haven’t talked ever since the kids came around.

“Hey man have you ever thought about leavin the game and startin up something different.” He said, changing the subject.

I sighed a little. Right now he was starting to sound like Tyler. “Right now you startin to sound like my girl man.” I said making him chuckle.

“She brought up?”

“A few times.” I mumbled.

“So has Ash. But seriously though, have you ever thought about it?”

“I mean yea its came across my mind a few times but I can’t just leave this shit behind. All of this has made me who am to day. The game was like a father to me growin up. This was all I had. I can’t imagine this shit not being in my life like it is now.”

“I feel you and everything but you could give a better life to ya baby girl. Sometimes you can’t just think about ya self man.”

“Nigga whats the worst that can happen to her? Im tired of you and Tyler sayin that shit. She got it good now!” I semi yelled.

“Nigga money can’t make up for every fuckin thing! You got two prime examples of how she could fuckin turn out! You want Asia to grow up like Tyler? Cause thats the fuckin road she going to be heading down if you stay in this shit! I get that the game has helped you out back then but you need to focus on now! You got a whole bunch a fuckin opportunities in front of ya damn face but you gone turn it down for this shit? Get the fuck outta here. I swear if I had everyone handing me offers like you I would jump out this shit in a heart beat, but only because I want better for Ashley and Mj.”

“The fuck you trynna say? You leavin the game now? Nigga this the only shit you know, all this shit right here is who the fuck you are so don’t try to come at me like you a nigga standing out looking on the inside. You know good and damn well you get in this shit there aint no leavin. You still gone be the same old Tyga! You don’t get to make up how the game goes. It makes up you.” I said.

I understood where he was coming from but he needs to understand that life aint gone be all unicorns and rainbows. You still gone have them same nigga’s after you, you still gone have them live that you took, and you still gone have you gone on the same damn trigger. You can’t just up and leave with out there being consequences.

“Man fuck this, im tired of tryin to get through to you stubborn ass. Either you can see where this shit takes you or actually do something that will benefit your fams.” He said and with that he walked out of my office.

Something told me that, that would be the last time I would see him in this warehouse but I didn’t want to believe it.

I can’t just leave this life behind like its a piece a cake. Everyone make it seem so damn simple but its not. But at the same time I don’t want Asia to grow up like her parents, dealing with drugs and guns for a living. I can see Asia being just like Tyler and that literally scares me shirtless. Deep down Tyler is worse then me. I wasn’t born into this like she was. She didn’t have a choice like I did and I don’t want Asia to feel like she doesn’t have a choice, like she had to follow the footsteps of me and Tyler.

I would be lying if I said a part of me doesn’t want to leave this shit behind. But im afraid. Yea Breezy is scared. Scared that imma fail in what I do or more importantly fail in life.

On cue my Iphone rang breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked down only to see the number thats appeared on my phone for the past 2 months now. I knew that if I answered the call there would be a strong possibility that my life could change.

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Tyler P.O.V

“Soooo wassup, why am I here?” I asked, crossing one leg over the other.

Ive been in his office for about 30 minutes now and all we did was catch up but now it was time to get to the real reason why I was here. I aint leave my babies for something we could have did over the phone.

“Well I got some interesting shit to discuss wit you” He said as he leaned back in his chair.

He was about to speak again until the door flew open. “Daddy!” A little girl called out from behind me. The voice sounded all to familiar.

“Hey, com’re baby girl.” He said.

Soon I saw Mercy run from behind and into Poppie’s arms. He pointed to me, getting her to look at me. Her eyes widened once she realized who I was.

“Auntie Ty Ty!” She screamed making me chuckle.

“Hey Mercy!” I said as she got out of Poppies lap and ran over to mine. I quickly picked her up as she ran into my arms. I tackled her face with kisses as her giggles filled the air. I missed this little girl to death.

Out the corner of my eye I saw Mercy’s mother sit in the chair thats was next to mine. “Tyler.” She said plainly.

“Jessica” I said the same way she did.

I wasn’t to fond of her just like Poppie wasn’t either. Like he says all the time, the only good thing that came outta them was Mercy.

“Ion know why the fuck you sittin down for like we friends. You may leave.” He said.

She rolled her eyes.“Look Poppie im not hear to argue with you. I need to talk to you about some real shit.”

“Okay.” He said waiting for her to go on.

“Alone.” She said then looked at me.

“Bitch just ask me to leave damn. Trynna throw hints and shit, com'on Mercy.” I said as I stood up and took her little hand.

When I walked out the door I accidentally ran into some one. “My fault ma.” I heard the New Orleans accent pop out.

I quickly looked up to see who it was. “N-no it was my bad.” I said.

“Hey August!” Mercy said excitedly.

“Wait, aren’t you that-”

“Yea and hey princess.” He said to her.

Why never thought I would see August Alsina….in Poppies warehouse. As a matter of fact why is her here?

Before I could asked the door swung open, revealing a angry Jessica. “Com'on Mercy.” She said as she snatched her hand from mine. I should knock her ass out but the little one is here.

While she stormed off me and August walked into Poppie’s office. “August! Wassup nigga.” Poppie said, standing up.

After a few minutes of them talking we all finally sat down. I didn’t know August was still in the game and I damn sure aint know he was with Poppie.

“Alright Tyler back to what we was talkin about. I know dad was talkin about opening a bunch of warehouses but never got to it.”

I nodded my head. If this nigga was only gonna tell me about another warehouse he could of most def could have been said over the phone.

“Well im gonna open one in New York but imma need someone to run it… and I want that person to be you.” He said.

“WHAT?” Both me and August said in unison.

My head immediately snapped in his direction. I know why I said what, but why did he?

“How you gone let a girl run the warehouse? You said that I could!” He shouted.

I wasn’t even going to let what he said phase me. I want to run this warehouse but how would that look to Chris. How am I gonna tell him to get out of it when im only getting deeper. Plus its in New York, meaning we would have to move there.

“Nigga shut that shit up, thats my sister. Of course imma let her run it. But its all up to her. Do you wanna run the warehouse in NY?”

Chris P.O.V

“Chris im glad you could finally meet with us. We’ve been calling you for months now.” Tina said as we both took a seat on the couches around the comfortable office.

All of this was foreign to me. I didn’t know what to expect. All they said is that they wanted to meet with me.

“Well thank you for having me. And I know iv'e just been really busy but why have you guys been calling so much?” I asked, curious as to why they were blowing up my shit.

“Well a couple of months ago there was a video put up on YouTube of you singing. I don’t know if you knew or not. But um after seeing that video and reading all the comments and the views, I figured we had to snatch you up.” She said, making me kind of feel good about my self.

“But yall only saw one video. And how did yall find me?" 

"Well after seeing that video we searched all over for you. High and low until we finally got to someone that was connected to you. They lead us to you. And one video was all we needed to see.”

“Um if you don’t mind me asking, who was it?”

“Uh I think his name was Michael.” She said.

I nodded my head, clenching my jaw alittle. “Don’t be mad at him though. You should actually be happy, not to many people get this offer.” She said.

Just as I was about to come say something, someone came threw the door. “Oh im sorry.” A strong Caribbean accent said.

I looked back only to see Rihanna herself standing in the door way. Damn, she was badder in person. “Hey Rihanna."Tina said.

"Hey T, um do you know where the studio is?” She asked her. we made eye contact for a little while but it felt like a long ass time.

“Uh two doors down.” Tina said.

“Thank you.” She said then walked out the room, making sure to close the door behind her.

“So imma just get to the point. We want you with Jive Records. You have the look, you have the voice, and I can see you doing it big in this business. Like Michael Jackson big.”

If I were to take this offer a lot could change. I could make a lot of people in my life happy. Michael was right, I don’t want my little girl to grow up like her parents, I want her to do better then us and have much more options then we did.

But I can’t just up and leave the game like it never did shit to me. Its the reason who I am today. I can’t just throw my who life away like it never mattered.

“So what do you say Chris? Do you want to sign to Jive Records?”

anonymous asked:

What is it you love about each WINNER member?

This ranks high in the “hardest questions I’ve ever received” chart hahah 

I’ll try:

  • Seungyoon: he’s someone who never complains about the hardships he goes through. He just works harder. He’s a great leader and is capable of making great songs, which is something special. He’s really mature for his age and I feel a connection between our family backgrounds. I totally respect him.
  • Taehyun: I envy his strong attitude. He had troubles in the past, his family situation isn’t that good either, but he comes off as strong and proud (even arrogant and bitchy at times) while he’s actually really sensitive. This double personality makes him really special. Plus he’s really gifted, there’s basically nothing he can’t do or that he wouldn’t try. 
  • Mino: his personality is my favourite thing ever. He keeps the group together, cheers everyone up during darkest times. He’s that kind of person everyone needs in their lives. Plus, he’s really straightforward and sold everything for his dream. He did everything he could, he lost weight, he got into different companies. He failed and got back on his feet again. Also, he was bullied just like me, so I feel a strong connection with his background. 
  • Jinwoo: he’s innocent. As everyone says, probably because he lived on an island, almost outside of the real world. He’s caring and he’s a great friend. He’s naive, he’s like a unicorn basically. Very rare to find these days. He always smiles no matter what, he just makes you so happy just by looking at him. He’s the hardest of hardworkers, inspiring, in a way. He’s the one person you need at any time of your life. 
  • Seunghoon: he’s a role model. I mean, everyone is good at saying ‘I have a dream, I would love to do this and that’ but how many really work their asses off to reach it? This counts for Jinwoo as well. But Seunghoon is just too much. I want to be like him tbh looool and even if during WIN he always looked gloomy, thanks to winner tv I could find out his true personality and he’s just so ador(k)able. You can totally feel the happiness for the debut, he’s always cheerful and smiling all the time. And he’s such a genius as well - his choreos… damn boy how do you even come up with those ideas? I love how it’s not just about sharp movements and cool stuff. He tells stories with his body, how cool is that? 

I feel like I didn’t say enough but I’m pretty confused right now because I’ve been writing for the past few hours and my brain melted, sorry >.<