how to live healthy

Honestly I’m so sick of seeing rich-girl fitness. Don’t show me pretty vegan smoothies in mason jars held by a girl with perfect makeup, a manicure, and a color-coordinated running outfit. Show me diets and workouts that I can manage when I’m working 13 hours days and living on a budget. Show me how to eat healthy when I have 5 minutes for lunch. Show me small things I can do to help my body. Show me workout plans that I can do outside of a gym when I can’t afford a membership. I don’t have time. I don’t have money. Half the time I don’t have the motivation to get up in the morning. But I have a body. I want to be healthy.

You’re not a stupid or a failure, you’re learning. It’s okay to fail, but you have to fail forward. You will feel tired all the time, you must learn when to rest and how to live a healthy life. Master the art of time management. Guard your heart. Never blame others for your mistakes. And lastly, if you feel you’re not growing anymore, it’s okay to let go and be ready for your next adventure.
—   E.J. Cenita

“May I?” Lady Lunafreya asked. She held out her hand.

“Are you… offering to heal me?” Prompto asked, hesitant. Everyone was watching him. He shifted nervously and brushed a lock of hair out of his face. “I’m really grateful but, uh. No thanks? I’m not hurt. But—but I appreciate the offer!” The last thing he wanted was for the Oracle—for Noctis’ friend, the person who had pushed him to meet Noct in the first place—to think him ungrateful.

But Lunafreya didn’t seem to hear. Her arm didn’t waver. “Please.”

Everyone was still watching. Noctis, with his head cocked to the side. Ignis, quietly observing. Gladio, arms crossed, making sure nobody got too close to the Oracle or the King. Prompto didn’t want to be the odd one out.

Lunafreya’s hand looked warm and inviting. So he took it.

Within seconds, Prompto was doubled over, something acidic and awful falling from his lips.

The sensation of throwing up had always been unpleasant.

This was awful.

Despite all that, Lunafreya clutched his hand. Her grip was surprisingly tight, even as Prompto bent over, his free hand on his knee in a last ditch effort to stay upright.

He heaved and heaved and heaved. All he saw was black.

And through it all, Lunafreya held on.

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fun arthritis things
  • being completely stiff first thing in the morning
  • “what was that sound” “my back”
  • not having full range of motion
  • predicting the weather with your knees
  • not being able to hold a pen 
  • “do you need help getting up??” “no no just give me like five minutes”
  • never finding a comfortable sitting position
  • The Limp
You’re not a stupid or a failure, you’re learning. It’s okay to fail, but you have to fail forward. You will feel tired all the time, you must learn when to rest and how to live a healthy life. Master the art of time management. Guard your heart. Never blame others for your mistakes. And lastly, if you feel you’re not growing anymore, it’s okay to let go and be ready for your next adventure.
—  E.J. Cenita

Not a huge fan of the writing style, but this article makes a solid underlying point: whatever the other incentives for building high-rise residential buildings, they’re terrible if you care about the social health of your city. I’m sympathetic to motives like decreasing housing prices in general, but if the tradeoff is between inexpensive housing and annihilating the social fabric, I’m not sure you’ve actually made any improvements to the situation. We’ve known more-or-less how to build healthy cities for decades now, thanks to the work of people like Jane Jacobs; that that Le Corbusier shit still seems to exert a powerful influence over urban planning should be a civilizational embarrassment.

Listen after seeing how dark, healthy, and glowing their skin was last night on live tv, I’ll never be able to look at fan pics the same ever again. The bbmas spoiled me, these new photos have set the bar and none of the whitewashed pics can ever compare tbh


‘’Don’t talk negatively to yourself because you deserve so much more. Treat yourself how you would want to be treated by others — or how you treat others — because you’re an amazing person…I think healthy living is all about finding activities that you love and make you feel incredible. When you love what you’re doing, you’re more likely to feel inspired to keep it up…I really don’t change anything. I stay healthy and active so that I feel my best, mind, body and soul. It’s not about looking a certain way for a certain event. It’s a lifestyle for me.’’

In Sickness and In Health

Based on a prompt request from @like-waves-on-the-beach for some sick!Killian.

Summary: Emma is sick and tired, literally. As always, she perseveres by pushing through her bout of the flu because only Emma takes care of Emma. When Killian comes down with the same flu, how will he handle it? Is he a cut above the average ailing male, or will Killian manage the man flu the same way he does most things… with panache?

Thank you to my beta @xhookswenchx. I appreciate you knocking this out so quickly!!

Rated M

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Emma’s head was pounding, she felt as if it might pop like a balloon at any moment, and her eyes actually hurt. Sitting at her office desk with her eyes closed she softly rubbed her temples.  Who messed with the goddamn heat, it’s freezing! She groaned aloud when she realized even her internal voice sounded whiny and sick. She didn’t dare verbalize any of her complaints, of course; she couldn’t have people thinking she couldn’t handle something as simple as the flu.  This was the third day, and although she wasn’t running as high of a fever anymore, she still felt like shit. The past two days she’d gritted her way through work, not wanting to shirk her responsibilities. This morning she had decided enough was enough. She put on her favorite new blouse, a pair of ultra skinny jeans, and opted to leave her hair down, curling it. She was determined to at least look good if she couldn’t feel good.

“Emma, why don’t you go home and rest? Your father and newest deputy are more than capable of holding down the fort in your absence.” Killian had walked up behind her and was gently massaging the base of her skull.

It felt like heaven as Killian rubbed her aching neck. “Newest deputy, I like that,” she mumbled.

“I’ve heard he’s quite dashing, and rather well endowed,” he whispered into her ear.

Emma laughed then grabbed her head, “It hurts to laugh.”

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tips for being (and staying happy)

  • when things aren’t going well, just stop and remember everything happens for a reason. keep pushing though it, and think of how amazing you’ll feel after overcoming the struggle.
  • stop beating yourself up! embrace your personality, your body, your flaws and everything that makes you, you. It’s OKAY to make mistakes and mess up, try to learn from them not regret them.
  • find little reasons to be happy everyday, like the warm sun on your skin, or the perfect cup of tea you made for yourself last night. it’s often the simplest things that are the most beautiful.
  • compliment yourself and others whenever you can. you’ll feel so much better for it and hey, maybe they’re having a bad day too.
  • don’t bottle up your feelings. scribble it down, scream as loud as you can, or even just take a minute to stop a realize why you feel this way. try to cleanse your mind every now and then -self indulge. whether it’s reading, meditation or taking a warm bath, find time to take a few moments for yourself and to relax.
  • accept that we don’t have control over everything in our lives, yes that can be really intimidating, but it can also be beautiful. relish in the unknown and use it as a reminder to live for the moment, and take risks.

A good 90% of people’s expressed issues with separatism (and here I am referencing lesbian separatism but it applies to other kinds as well, broadly) can be easily boiled down to, “But you owe me your time, conaideration, and labor so stop being mean.” It seems many people’s problem is with the basic idea that marginalized people are allowed groups and spaces, more broadly, things to just themselves, even when those marginalized people are already under constant threat from other, sometimes related groups. When many contemporary popular queer politics are so profoundly lesbophobic, it should come as no surprise that eventually lesbians will do what is best for ourselves and limit our interactions with those politics. This is basic self preservation, and does not need justification as a political decision primarily because it is not done with some outrageous antipathy toward everyone else, but a recognition that it sucks to be a lesbian who has to interact with queer groups and spaces to find some LGBT community right now because these communities are so constantly antagonistic toward us. We have been at the forefront of some of the most prominent and important activism to come from LGBT people, are now, and will always be- excuse us if being spat on constantly by these same groups means we want to have a few Facebook pages, or a few clubs, or a few groups, or a single parade where we are able to feel comfortable and not like we hsve to justify ourselves to people who allege to support us. You want lesbian work, drop the lesbophobia. This is simple. It’s not a matter of what works best for political change. It’s a matter of taking care of ourselves while repeatedly interacting with people who strongly disapprove of us.

This is why I’ve said repeatedly that separatism is, yes, poor politics- I am a Marxist, which necessarily means I should stress broad political movements as key to praxis, coalitions are just better suited for bringing about mass change, I do not think that only people I personally like and get along with deserve liberation from capital, etc- but a really powerful tool for organizing ones personal life, because the second I started prioritizing my relationships with other lesbians, and then to some extent with other women generally with bi women prioritized well above straight women, I just added so much depth to the way I see myself as a member of a group of really wonderful and powerful women.

I just don’t think it is at all a coincidence that you also see separatist strains pop up among other marginalized groups- women broadly including straight women, trans women specifically, black lesbians specifically, black people broadly, and so on- and see the same sentiments expressed in each case that they’re tired of doing work and being neglected. If these strains distress you so much (which is your personal problem and should be dealt with as such- don’t like separatism then don’t become a separatist) then you should work on eliminating the very real need for them so they stop being a lifeline and become another in a broad array of healthy options for how we live our lives.