how to live healthy

Honestly I’m so sick of seeing rich-girl fitness. Don’t show me pretty vegan smoothies in mason jars held by a girl with perfect makeup, a manicure, and a color-coordinated running outfit. Show me diets and workouts that I can manage when I’m working 13 hours days and living on a budget. Show me how to eat healthy when I have 5 minutes for lunch. Show me small things I can do to help my body. Show me workout plans that I can do outside of a gym when I can’t afford a membership. I don’t have time. I don’t have money. Half the time I don’t have the motivation to get up in the morning. But I have a body. I want to be healthy.

Like the litteral moral of Yuri!!! on Ice is : sacrificing your self for others is unhealthy and toxic as fuck, don’t do it ! 

And that’s so beautiful because everytime Yuuri tried to self-sabotage under the disguise of “nobly sacrificing himself because he’s not worth it anyway”, Victor came out with a big sign saying “NO”

This whoel relationship was like a big punch in the face of all the “I am only my romantic relationship” it was amazing. 

So people, enjoy your romantic relationships, enjoy the joys and fight through the sads. But never ever ever let it become the only thing you are. Nor expect it to be the only thing your partner should be.

Yuuri litterally tried to Icarus his way back into his ivory tower before finally realising that he had a real human being in front of him and that he deserved to be considered as one and not as a fear or a fantasy.

When you’re in a relationship there’s two people. Don’t forget yourself in it and don’t forget your partner in it.

Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is just so healthy in so many different aspects. Not only has Viktor proven time and time again to motivate Yuuri to do his best and not give up on skating, but even in the little things, which are sometimes the ones that matter most. If it hadn’t been for Viktor’s comment to Yuuri before Minami’s performance, the poor kid wouldn’t have been able to get over his nerves. He would have been just like Yuuri was in the past. It cost Yuuri nothing to motivate him but a simple statement and this meant so much to Minami, with Yuuri’s support he was able to skate at his best. This anime is just so amazing because it shows us how one simple gesture, (or in the many cases with Viktor) one simple touch can encourage a person to do wonderful things and to be the best version of themselves they’ve ever been. 

fun arthritis things
  • being completely stiff first thing in the morning
  • “what was that sound” “my back”
  • not having full range of motion
  • predicting the weather with your knees
  • not being able to hold a pen 
  • “do you need help getting up??” “no no just give me like five minutes”
  • never finding a comfortable sitting position
  • The Limp

Hey loves! Today I’m sharing with you my hands down most requested video ever :) Since I posted my first morning routine almost 2 years ago, I have been asked non stop to film a night routine as well. And since you know how much I love DIYs and life hacks I decided to make a night routine and include a bunch of awesome life hacks and DIY projects as well! You will find more than 30 hacks and DIY ideas in this video :) Me and my boyfriend worked so hard on it, so I really hope you enjoy it. As always, thank you so much for watching and being the most amazing viewers ever. I love you guys and I wish you a fantastic year 2017! HUGS

tips for being (and staying happy)

  • when things aren’t going well, just stop and remember everything happens for a reason. keep pushing though it, and think of how amazing you’ll feel after overcoming the struggle.
  • stop beating yourself up! embrace your personality, your body, your flaws and everything that makes you, you. It’s OKAY to make mistakes and mess up, try to learn from them not regret them.
  • find little reasons to be happy everyday, like the warm sun on your skin, or the perfect cup of tea you made for yourself last night. it’s often the simplest things that are the most beautiful.
  • compliment yourself and others whenever you can. you’ll feel so much better for it and hey, maybe they’re having a bad day too.
  • don’t bottle up your feelings. scribble it down, scream as loud as you can, or even just take a minute to stop a realize why you feel this way. try to cleanse your mind every now and then -self indulge. whether it’s reading, meditation or taking a warm bath, find time to take a few moments for yourself and to relax.
  • accept that we don’t have control over everything in our lives, yes that can be really intimidating, but it can also be beautiful. relish in the unknown and use it as a reminder to live for the moment, and take risks.
do you need help with the effects of abuse?

we talk a lot on tumblr about tagging triggers, and being triggered, but we don’t talk a lot about how to be free of our triggers. 

we talk a lot about feeling suicidal, and joke a lot about wanting to die, but we don’t talk a lot about how to feel safe being alive, worthy of being alive. happy, joyous, free. 

we talk a lot about having zero self-worth, and depending on other people for any self-esteem or validation, and thinking we are a burden on others, and repelling them and avoiding intimacy and avoiding confrontation and all of the other ways we try to control all the things that make us feel threatened. and i can say that cause I have totally one million percent been there. all of this. 

but. for most of us, the adults in our lives were supposed to teach us how to cope in a healthy way, and instead they, maybe unintentionally, fucked up our ability to cope with even seemingly minor things? 

so we have to help each other. so this is what we’re gonna do. 

the reason mod R and I started this group is because the twelve steps have helped us so incredibly much with all of the above. with, basically, cleaning up all of the damage that has been done to us, (and the damage we’ve done to ourselves in the aftermath), so that our trauma is no longer driving everything.

trauma is like driving a car that has really messed-up alignment and suspension. the car looks fine, but it pulls and swerves in horrible ways and jolts you really hard when you even go over a little crack in the road. 

so we’re gonna do a step workshop! right here on this tumblr. and that will take you through the 12 things that you can do, that will fix that alignment and suspension. 

basically: we will post information and instructions for each step. you don’t HAVE to do anything, we’re just showing you what has helped us. if you want to work the steps, message us and we’ll help, because there are a couple of parts that you do with another person. 

you can totally create a new account or a sideblog so that anything you ask here isn’t connected with your main. you are also of course welcome to just read and ask questions. 

answers to questions like what is asa, is it religious (no), who can be in asa, what kind of abuse “counts” (anything), and how does this group work can be found at these links.

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- mod D


Every teenager deals in his or her own sexuality and has to face it and figure out how it can coincide with the rest of their lives in a healthy manner. And try to navigate it in our modern society, which is wrought with stigma and taboo and repression, and sort of as a result, these inner monsters that some teenagers really struggle with.

New year resolution 2017

1. Vegan for a year (( and more hopefully! )
2. Learn how to speak Spanish // any tips or help is thoroughly needed : how do I prepare ??
3. Lose 20lbs of weight
4. Live a healthy and positive life and remove all negativity
5. Get into my first choice uni to study philosophy!!

My how far I’ve come… In happiness and confidence, let alone everything else!

It’s quite funny, I’ve just had a bit of a turning point in the way I respond to advertising by the dairy industry.

Like there’s a coffee machine in front of me with a dairy advert playing on a screen on the front with things like ‘none of that artificial rubbish, 100% healthy dairy’.

And normally I would be sitting annoyed thinking like 'how dare they call their products healthy, how can they live with themselves knowing what they do’ and all the usual jazz, but today is different.

I looked at the advert, watched it through, and just laughed

And then I thought to myself 'it’s okay dairy, you keep trying.
It’ll be over soon.’