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Namjoon might not know it? But he was born to b a dad. Like have you Seen??? The way he dresses and talks and acts and Just. Jgfjfjrkrjjrjrjrjrhehfgrgfehdhejfhejfhr

Namjoon as a baby:

Namjoon: d-duh-duh
Namjoons dad: say daddy for me namjoon
Namjoons dad: one more time! U almost got it bud!
Namjoon: dy-di-disappointing
Namjoon dad: what did u
Namjoon: u heard me
Namjoons dad: son I don’t-
Namjoon: it’s disappointing how u lived ur life to please others. I wish u followed ur dream instead and lived your life freely. Stop putting people’s opinions of you on a pedestal. You have one life to live one heart to give. Do it without regrets.
Namjoon: d-DadA
Namjoons dad: single tear rolls down cheek


Lea Michele Reveals Her Fitness Motivations and Opens Up About Her “Personal” Music

Lea Michele isn’t depriving herself.

The singer-actress sat down with E! News’ Sibley Scoles and opened up about her secrets to living a healthy life style and how she uses her music as an outlet. No stranger to Soul Cycle or Los Angeles hikes, the “Love Is Alive” singer tells Scoles that she uses fitness to treat herself!

“I love working out. I work out to feel good but also so I can eat whatever I want,” she admits. “I want to be able to enjoy myself. I’m Italian. I like to eat big meals. I love red wine. And you know also when you’re traveling and stuff like that I like trying new restaurants and going on adventures, so I can’t limit myself.”

Like any healthy lifestyle, however, Lea has foods she tries to avoid. “I’m good in the sense that I’ve never eaten fast food. I do not drink soda. I don’t eat candy,” she shares. “Like my house is healthy, so when I’m saying I’m eating a lot it’s like good food that’s worth it.”

In addition to feeling her best, Lea shares she’s also living her best. “I feel like I’m in such an incredible place in my life right now, and there’s definitely those personal songs on the album and especially my concerts,” she says of her music. “I break down the songs and I tell everyone what they’re about, so that’s where I get really personal and that’s where I open up.”

She continues, “I try to keep my life as private as I can, but my music is where I really open up, and maybe we’ll Taylor Swift a few people left and right.”

Ever since meeting Emma Roberts on Scream Queens, the two have been BFFs. Lea couldn’t help but gush about her sidekick, who she says always is by her side to support her and make her laugh.

“It’s so fun,” Lea gushes. “The problem though is that Emma and I—we laugh—we have to like, I’ve done scenes where I have to pinch myself because we will laugh and we won’t be able to contain ourselves.”

She adds, “She’s the absolute best.”

Lea Michele’s 2017 Intimate Evening Tour kicks off May 1 and her new album Places will be available on April 28.

People have to realize we are all humans here and we all make mistakes. If the person tries to apolgize and move on the most logical thing you could do would be to leave them alone and let them try again. After all humans have the possibility of learning with their errors. I find amazing this mob mentality and how a  group of roleplayers can make life a living hell for a single roleplayer just because of a small mistake. And insult the hell out of them and then turn around and pretend to be saints.

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you should humble yourself a little. your not that great and im not that great either. im sure your pretty or what ever but your not all that lol. and its a dick move to brag about beng happy when everyone around you isnt. just saying you should learn not to be so coky.

Hi anon! I’m just gonna go ahead and show you why your opinion on how I should be living my life is both misguided, unasked for, and quite frankly very bitter of you! 

First and foremost: I don’t brag about happiness. Someone asked me how I was doing, and I told them. Compared to how I felt when my uncle recently passed, I feel elated, and I won’t hide my happiness because you, I’m guessing, are not happy. That sounds like a you problem. Anyhoots. 


Conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.

Let me start with cocky. You’re confusing cockiness with confidence. I’m the bomb like tick tick, anon, there’s no disproving that, because if I believe it to be true, it’s true. Cocky is saying “I’m better than you. I’m prettier than you. I’m smarter than you. I’m more than you.” Which, can’t possibly be true or false, because beauty is relative, someone could find me more beautiful than one person, and someone else could find me less attractive than another person. It’s a matter of opinions, and opinions hold no truth or falsity. 

If you’re asking me to stop being confident in myself and in my womanhood, I kindly refuse. I will not stop looking at myself as if I were a goddess, I will not stop loving me, I will not stop singing the song I sing because you….well I don’t know what you want. You want me to hate myself? You want me to…not notice that my ass was molded by the gods? You…want me to not love my thick thighs, or the hue of my skin, or my soft curls, or my plush lips? You want me to not love my chocolatey eyes, or the flutter of my laugh? Or the wiggle in my step? You’re asking me not to love all of this? How could I hate any part of me, dear anon? It makes no sense to hate such beauty! Foolish. 


Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

I have never liked people telling me to be humble. Sure, a cocky person may need to humble themselves, because they are no better than the people they find unworthy, but I won’t think that my beauty is less than what it is. I know that I am somebody, and I’ll never stop being somebody. As the late great James Brown would say: SAY IT LOUD! I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD! 

I’m too proud to be humble. The word you were looking for is:


courteous, kind, and pleasant.

Being confident and gracious is a deadly combination. Finding beauty in others and yourself, treating those around you with respect, and also respecting yourself by realizing that you are beautiful? Yes, that’s the life I strive to live. I’ve never been fond of bullies, I hate excluding people, and I KNOW that I’m not any better than the person next to me, as I know that they aren’t better than me.

In closing, I am “all that”, dear anon, I thought you knew?

Have A Nice Day

*Hides face* I’m such a procrastinator. I really should have put this up yesterday morning. I’m a bad person, sorry.

Word count: 1600 (with lyrics)

This is for @chaos-and-the-calm67 . This is a lovely Dean fluff-ish story with some Bon Jovi. Sorry I’m so slow! It got a little away from me, but I’m not changing it now, so here you go!!

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Your alarm rings through the air, waking you from your peaceful sleep. Instead of turning off the radio right away, you listened for a moment. A familiar song pumped through the speakers.

Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
Who, are you to tell me if it’s black or white?
Mama, can you hear me? try to understand
Is innocence the difference between a boy and a man
My daddy lived the lie, it’s just the price that he paid
Sacrificed his life, just slavin’ away

When you couldn’t place the song, you turned it off and rolled over, deciding it was not worth it to get up yet. Even though you had slept through the night, you didn’t feel rested. Pulling the covers over your head, already falling back into unconsciousness, your phone rings.

“Urgghhh,” a deep groan came from beside you. “Make it stop,”  Dean pulled his pillow over his head. You weren’t the only one that didn’t sleep well.

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Imagine Kris biting off a little bit of his chapstick. It’s… delicious. He’s enraptured by this taste sensation. And, oh, that texture! What a world he has been opened up to. How did he ever live—really live—before this moment? It’s like life has been renewed, or, like, remastered in HD or something. Is life already HD? He’s not sure. He’s eaten seven tubes now. He feels a little woozy and a lot sick.


kellie: you know… you really changed my life.
parker: how so?
kellie: i was gonna live in a little shack with my plants for the rest of my life. i was gonna just fuck around with science in a house for one.
parker: really?
kellie: yeah. i guess you changed me for the better. i’m glad i met you.
parker: so am i level 7 boyfriend yet? can i unlock the tragic backstory?
kellie: mAAAYBE~

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Can I have somthing with Gyro being saved some how by his s/o and living a happy domestic life after all the sbr was done with. Please?

[ Oh no this is so pure! I’m glad you gave me a chance to write domestic headcanons ahhhh best headcanons!]

- It was his S/O who found him washed up on the beach. Que your concern, possibly even screaming, before patching him up, dragging him to the hospital and you doing your best to revive this half dead man.
- In a few months of intense care, you realised you loved this man and he was grateful. With the time he spent with you he fell for you too. Soon enough the two of you got married and then came the start of the perfect domestic life.
- Gyro loved it. He brought you back with him to Naples and introduced you to his family, and soon enough went back to working and he loved coming home to you more than anything else.
- Before he leaves and whenever he came back he would always great you with a hug and kiss. Regardless how tired he seems he made sure to tell you that he loved you before smooching you hard.
- On good days, he might come home happy, picking you up and giving you a spin before putting you down for a quick kiss. Even on the bad days, he’d come home to give you a sorrow filled kiss, but seeing you never fails to cheer him up.
- If you enjoy cooking he sure as hell didn’t mind letting you cook, regardless if its good or not, he loves the love and effort put into it. However, if you didn’t, his Italian genes never failed him, he’s great at cooking up a meal for you. 
- On weekends if you wake up late, be sure he’ll cook up a nice breakfast in bed for you, pancakes, waffles, toast, anything you like he’d make. Gyro loves watching your pure excited smile when you wake up to the smell of good food.
- Chores however are still split evenly amongst the two of you. You cook, he’ll clean. He buys the groceries, you’ll cook. Taking turns to take out the trash and all. You often ask him to let you do the work since he’s tired when he comes home but he always refuses telling you you need the rest too.
- Even watching him do chores is adorable, he’d sing his own songs and do a little dance while sweeping the floor or washing the dishes and its the cutest sight. 
- If you offer to help him out, he’d either reject or let you help only if you promised to do a little jig with him. Even after that you’re now the target for his horrible jokes and pranks. Slapping your ass with his wet hand after washing the plates ect.
- Of course the first thing the two of you did when you bought the house was buy a king sized bed to lounge in. So sleeping with Gyro was always the best. Warm hugs on cold nights, the safe embrace of your partner every night just made him so happy. 
- Sometimes, you wake up to him happily humming one of his own songs as you lay on his chest, with him telling you things like how grateful he is while saying a melodious Good Morning, somehow singing it into the song.

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"that wouldn’t have been the narrative that you adopted. pls go back to mags now and never come back" like the narrative you have that she can never have a break and only devote her life to giving you shit? Can you ever give Taylor a break? This isn't even about shipping at this point. Let her be in London, or Paris, or Alaska who the hell cares it's the fact that you go in every day begging for Taylor to give you something because your own life is sad. Let her live her life where/how she wants

i just like her music and don’t believe she’s in a secret relationship 

I was tagged by the awesome @littlenerdyemopeanut to do this

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

1. sketch book

2. books

3. charger

4. Like 50 markers and pens

5. Eye liner

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1. Art

2. Tv

3. Huge bean bag chair

4. Like six pairs of converse

5. Like 90 something books

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

1. See my chemical romance live

2. Be an equal rights activists

3. Be in a band

4. Dye my hair something crazy like blue or something

5. Be there for someone and help them realize how great they are and that life is worth living.

Five things that make me happy:

1. Concerts

2. Being there for people

3. Helping strangers

4. The show Supernatural

5. My friends

Five things I’m currently into:

1. The show How I met your mother

2. The band Three days grace

3. Classic rock

4. The video game galaxians. Because my aunt just got one of those old huge arcade game machines and that’s my favorite game on there.

5. Learning a lot like crazy.

Things on my to-do list:

1. read

2. Buy like 15 books

3. Save money

4. Walk more

5. Download music

Five things people may not know about me:

1. I used to self-harm a lot

2. I’m staying with my aunt because my mom just got back from a mental hospital and we don’t have the best relationship.

3. I hate peanut butter

4. I’m homeschooled because my moms crazy, overprotective, and thinks that everyone who goes to public school is a horrible person and a bad influence

5. I like photography



magnus playing with his rings

literally every character this season: how does it feel to be on the sidelines, victor? how is it to watch your long-time rivals perform from the audience? how do you feel about having your records broken? 

victor: could you take a picture of yuri and me with my phone?????