how to laugh like a pixie


She is a little fireball of delight, laughter, noise, and excitement. This little treasure is loud, excited, fun… and  you know when she is quiet she is up to no good. She has a bit of a temper, so whatever you do, do not put her in a cage. She needs freedom to fly. When she gets mad, her wings set alight. Her pixie dust is blood red. You will likely come home to a messy house, she loves getting into everything


She is a little earth princess and she will enjoy as much time as possible out in your garden to dance amongst the flowers. She makes music when she flies and will be found getting into your make up and beauty products. She would love a home filled with candles and fragrance. And the little pixie loves cookies. She loves to relax with you on your days off. Get her a hammock to sleep in so she can hang it between two sunflowers


She is a playful and mischievous little pixie who is here in a moment and vanishes in the next. She is a clever creature who will be found flittering amongst your bookshelf and tip toeing through the encyclopedia. She will help you with your homework and enjoys going to school with you, hiding in your pencil case and listening in on the learning. She knows how to make you laugh and giggles as she flies. Her pixie dust is the colour of teal


This cuddly little pixie is a delicate delight who loves cosying up underneath your blankets and sleeping most of the time. She prefers to stay indoors and likes to flitter around your photographs. When she cries, she sprays a lilac perfume, but her laughter is a melody, and she is happiest when surrounded by your whole family. She has a way with babies and likes to sit on their nose and play. This little pixie needs a lot of affection and to be reminded she is safe and loved. She really fears being abandoned. Her pixie dust is the colour of light purple


She is very playful, a flittery childlike pixie who requires lots of love, kisses and cuddles. She will become fiercely protective of you in times of danger.  She will lose her sunlight without adequate devotion and affection. She has a bright yellow aura and glows in the dark. She may be found rummaging around in your precious jewellery. Her pixie dust is the colour of the gold. She will love playing with your pets and giggle her heart out around children. You will need to remind her everyday how beautiful she is


This flowery little pixie petal is very clever and loves nature. She will need lots of time outside amongst the wildlife and also loves cosying up with a book. She is a very talented pix and fixes anything you have broken. She also has a great knowledge of medicine and will be of tremendous help when you get ill. She needs a lot of reassurance because sometimes her anxiety can get the best of her. Better for somebody who likes to keep their room very tidy. Her pixie dust is the colour of lime green


This precious little pixie is charming, cute, and very friendly. She will need somebody by her side at most times and may get scared or sad when she is left alone for too long. She will be found getting amongst your make up, beauty products, and she loves to be read to - especially Disney fairytales. She makes beautiful sweet music whenever she flies. Her best friend is Cupid. Her pixie dust is bright fuchsia 


She is a solitary and moody pixie who needs a lot of alone time and space to fly away into her own world. She will be a lifelong healer and devotee to those who love and respect her, and she will teach you more about the hidden secrets and magic of the universe than any other! She may be found flittering away in your journals or secret safes and enjoys heirlooms. She will also enjoy the night and prefer to stay awake in the dark. She likes to sit near crystals. Her pixie dust is bright purple.


She is a fun, frivolous, and funny pixie who enjoys traveling with you and sleeping on a globe. She loves to tip toe along the countries in the atlas and enjoys watching documentaries with you. She needs a lot of freedom to fly and flitter amongst flowers and nature. Good for a person who has a puppy - she loves dogs. Perfect for a frequent traveler or a backpacker. She knows a few different languages. Her pixie dust is the orange of Jupiter. She is a lucky charm


She is a dainty little creature who likes to keep busy and occupied. She would prefer a home that is in order and will be found sitting on the edge of the clock hands bouncing as the minutes tick by. She will help you with your homework and always stay up later than you so you are protected while you sleep. She likes to think herself as your parent. And take her out in the snow.. she is a snow angel. She has a halo ring around her like the rings of Saturn. Her pixie dust is sparkly silver


She is a clever little creature who enjoys swimming in chemistry sets and flittering around your textbooks. She likes the warmth of the laptop and likes to sit on top of your iPhone. She has a great knowledge of the world and can answer anything you inquire. The pixie has trouble sleeping and has some strange domestic habits. You’ll never have to use power again - she has her own electricity. Her pixie dust is baby blue


She is a water baby pixie who needs frequent time around the ocean and see her mermaid friends. She will frequently go missing flying in the direction of her daydreams but bring back a well of mystical and enchanting stories. Lots of love and reassurance required. She sleeps often and will often be found in slumber under your pillow. Her pixie dust is lilac and turquoise. When she flies, you can hear the sound of harps. If you can’t find her - check her bed

I feel like Alice Longbottom loved her short hair and Augusta insisted that a pixie cut wouldn’t look good with a wedding dress but Alice never listened. When they were admitted to St. Mungo’s, Alice’s hair grew, no one touched it. What difference did it make if it was long or short, she wouldn’t realise. Around the time Neville was old enough to remember his visits to his parents, Augusta went a day before and talked to Alice, softly, sincerely and she asked her if she could cut her hair. Alice didn’t reply but didn’t fight either.

“I know this is how you would have wanted Neville to see you,” she said as she softly brushed Alice’s hair to the side and she started cutting, Alice stared in the distance, aware of her hair falling but giving no reaction whatsoever.

After Augusta was done, she cleaned room with a lazy move of her hand and after she kissed Frank on his pale forehead, she softly brushed her hand on Alice’s shoulder.

“Alice dear, see you tomorrow,” she said with a smile and she could swear she saw Alice’s lip curl up as if she wanted to smile but Augusta shook her head and left because it was impossible.

But for one moment, Augusta felt like it was the day her son got married and the white dress on Alice wasn’t a piece of cloth given by the hospital but it was a wedding dress, she felt her eyes burn but she pushed her shoulders back, lifted her chin up and walked out of the closed ward hoping for once, Alice felt somehow that she was more than enough and pixie cut looked good on her.

Augusta laughed faintly at the thought of how Alice would have snickered if she heard Augusta say pixie cut suited her and slid into the closest Floo. 

It’s Goin’ Down Part 2

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Summary: Peter Pans daughter goes to The Isle of the Lost and meets Harry Hook. A month later he moves to Auradon

A/N: Part 1 Prequel slight warning: make out session

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🐝 Are the most curious towards humans of all the Fae

🐝 Are very mischievous

🐝Don’t intentionally hurt people out of malice (unless someone did something very bad to them), but are pranksters and sometimes they’re pranks might hurt others

🐝Like to do things just to see how a person would react

🐝Like to hide things as part of a joke but will always return them by the time you really need them

🐝Like to play around with pets. So if you see you’re pet playing around seemingly by themselves, they may be playing with a pixie

🐝Love to give gifts to those they belive deserve them, and show off things they made to people they feel are deserving

🐝Are very childlike so patience should be used with them

🐝Like shiny things as gifts, including glitter

🐝Love to be around children and babies and make them laugh and smile

🐝Are very good at charms and glamours

🐝Love to explore and go on adventures

🐝Are actually more humanlike in they’re mannerisms than faeries but are still under the fae umbrella

🐝They reside in gardens, shrubs, hills, woods, meadows, and tree stumps

🐝Although they differ from Faeries, they are involved with them. They are often a part of a court as they love company.

The Patronus (Remus x Reader)

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Eight days have passed since Y/N heard that her aunt died. She was really close to her, and the hole in her chest doesn’t seems as it ever will be filled. Y/N refused to talk to anybody. She was curled up on her sheets, all day, missed all of her classes. She only went to the bathroom. Her roommates brought up food for her every day, but the meals mostly remained untouched. Her friends tried to talk to her, but after she shouted at Lily and told her to get out of here because she doesn’t need any help, they gave up. They decided it’s better to leave her alone for a few days. It was a Monday afternoon when she finally decided to went down to the common room. It wasn’t only because she started being better, it was also the guilt. Why was she so mean with her friends? They only wanted to cheer her up.

After she brushed her hair and put on some fresh clothes, slowly walked down on the stairways. Only a few students were in the common room, along with Remus, who sat near to the fireplace while he was reading. He didn’t even notice her until she sat down next to her. The boy’s lips slightly parted, he was clearly surprised, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey Remus.” – Y/N whispered with an almost invisible smile. She was afraid but also glad to see her best friend.

He put his book down on the table. – “Y/N! How are you?”

“Better.” – she said, and after a bit silence, she countinued louder and faster. – “I’m so sorry. Sorry for ingoring you guys, I know you only wanted to help me and support me… I was awful. And Lily…” - but at this point, Remus cut him off.

“Stop. Don’t apologize. I’m sure Lily understands what is happening with you. We’ve just really worried about you.”

Y/N smiled, tears were in her eyes. – “I could really use a hug right now.” – she muttered almost inaudibly. Remus didn’t say a word but hugged her immediately. His warm, thight hug made her cry. The last few days was the lonelinest period of her life, and Lupin’s hug made her realized that she’s not alone but also she has the best friends in the world.

“By the way” – she started after she can finally breath. – “Where are Sirius, James and Peter? Up to something again?”

“Detention. They put cornish pixies on Snape’s shoes and robe pockets.”

Remus was serious, but Y/N started to laugh. Honest, loud, cheerful laugh. Lupin melted by this. This was the sound that he loved to hear, this was the laugh that he fell in love with every time, this was the sound that always make him smile, even if he was in his biggest pain.

“I missed that tone so much.” – he whispered while Y/N stopped.

“And I missed you so much.” – she hugged him again, not so thight but really soft.

The two talked until it was the middle of the night. The common room was long-empty, while they still sat next to eachother on the couch. Talking about small, ordinary things was good for her. Remus told her how Snape’s face looked like when the cornish pixies stole his socks and his wand, how he ran after them, and how Sirius looked when McGonagall said they’ll got a full month detention. They talked about school and the exams, and Remus told her that he finally managed to produce a full, corporeal patronus.

“Oh, how I envy you! I wish I could do that too, but the only thing I can produce is a little silver dot. Maybe my patronus is an ant or a flea.”

“You probably didn’t choose the right memory. It has to be powerful, not just simply happy. I can help you… if you’d like.”

“You mean right now? I don’t think I can do that after…” - she stopped, but Remus continued while he stood up.

“But yes you can! I know you aren’t in your best mood, but you’re strong, and if dementors will appear, you’ll probably feel yourself much worse than right now. Just choose a memory, a powerful and happy one, and let it fill you.”

Y/N stood up carefully. She still didn’t know what will be the memory. The latest events of her life darkened everything, and if she thought about her family she only felt herself worse. Only her friends made her feel better. And that thought was the point when the girl looked up on Remus. The tall boy with his big, friendly eyes and his warm smile made her so happy. She take out her wand and thought about not exactly a memory, but about him and how she feels when he is around her.

“Expecto Patronum!” – she yelled, and a wolf ran around in the room instantly. Her eyes widened open as she looked up on him; he had a similar reaction. The wolf stopped in front of them and then it disappeared.

“Ermm… it was a… it’s a… so…” - he whispered, but then continued louder as he sat down on the couch. - “… see? I knew you can do it!”

“I… yes.” – she smiled and sat down next to Lupin. – “So you’re just going to ingore the fact that my patronus is a wolf?”

His cheeks blushed; he was so adorable. Y/N didn’t want to push him, he was shy indeed, and she didn’t want to make him feel more unconfortable. She leaned closer to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. Remus started to rubbing her back and gently kissed her forehead. His other hand rested on her thigh, and Y/N smiled onto his neck.

“Anyway” – he started, looked up on him – “I didn’t see the others come back?!”

“Eermm… I did. Surely they didn’t want to interrupt us. Sirius even made kissing noises. I was wondering why you can’t notice.”

“Oh, Godric.” – she rolled her eyes. While they talked there were only a few inches between them. Lupin smiled and Y/N bit her lips, looked down on his.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Please.” – she sighed and already started to leaning over to him and press her lips on his. He was slow and gentle, and Y/N felt that his face getting even warmer than usual. It felt just right, being on his arms and kissing him while her heart almost popped out from her chest. She smiled onto the kiss and Remus followed, mildly pulled away before he kissed her again; deeper, with more passion but still gently.

Tomorrow morning she woke up in Remus’ lap to the voice of Sirius and James clapping and cheering very loud.

“Just about time, darlings! “


mini rant

this like 40 year old i work with is an insecure self righteous power tripping iamverysmart sociopath that has to laugh after every rude thing he says because he doesnt know how conversations work,,,,, im an 18 year old 5’5 girl with a baby face and a pixie cut whos been working here 3 days stop trying to be threatening its not working

Summer (Part Four)

Requested by anon

Hi love, just wondering if you would be willing to do a Harry hook imagine set in neverland where the reader is peter pans daughter and meets Harry but they don’t know who each other are (Harry is without his hook for some reason etc) and they fall in love but discover who each other are after it’s too late? Love your writing so much!!!

Summary: You had always wanted to go to Neverland and when your father refused you decided to take matters into your own hands. Little did you know that on that island you would meet the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Characters: Harry Hook, reader (daughter of Peter Pan), Ben, Gil, Audrey, Evie, Mal

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2594

A/N: FINALLY! So sorry this took so long but I had a bit of writer’s block but I’m healed now lol. Check out some amazing aesthetics for this story here and here made by two wonderful people aka @blog-lady-vi and @spencer-stilinski. Also I made some parallels between this story and Grease: you/Sandy, Harry/Danny, Gil/Kenickie, Audrey/Rizzo, and Evie/Frenchy so you can find those here.


Requests and tags are always open (find my prompt list here and song prompts here)

Part One (x) Part Two (x) Part Three (x)

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“How long has it been again?”

“Eight months,” You sighed into the phone, knowing perfectly well what Audrey would tell you.

“Hun, no offense, but he’s a guy. Who’s to say he hasn’t moved on already?” You could always count on Audrey to be honest with you about anything. Even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

“You’re probably right” You sighed. Even through the phone Audrey could hear the sadness in your voice.

“I could be wrong. It happens occasionally” She said making you laugh. “So who are you taking to Cotillion then? What about Eddie? He’s cute”

“True. But I heard Kata asked him a couple days ago and I don’t want to get involved” You told her.


“That could work,” You shrugged, not caring that she couldn’t see you. A knock on your door made you look away from the pile of homework on your bed. “I’ll call you back, yeah? Someone’s here”

“Alright. We’ll continue this talk later then” You could hear the smile in her voice and it made you laugh. With one last goodbye you stood up and went to open the door.

“Y/N you have to help me,” Mal burst out as you opened the door to your room. “I can’t do this. I don’t know why I ever thought I could,” She cried. You frowned softly and opened your arms, offering her a hug. She quickly walked into them and you let her cry for a couple minutes.

“Now I see why everyone’s always hugging you,” She mumbled making you laugh.

“Do you want to talk about it?” You asked her, sitting on the edge of your bed.

She sighed, refusing to sit down and instead opting for pacing around the room. “Ben found out I’m using the spell book to help me and he got mad. I also may or may not have tried to spell him”

“Tried?” Was all you commented.

“It didn’t work too well,” she huffed before plopping down on one of the chairs. “You have to help me get to the Isle”

“I don’t know if I can,” You bit your lip, thinking for a bit. For Mal you would, the pixie dust you had would help get you there and back before anyone noticed. But you also had Ben and the rest of your friends to think about. They wouldn’t react well to Mal being gone. And there was also the part of you that was selfish. You were saving the pixie dust to get to Neverland again. To see him again. And if you used it now you’d have none left to get back to Neverland. “Mal that’s a big decision you’re making”

“Please, Y/N,” She was actually begging you to take her. You couldn’t believe it. “I don’t belong here. The Isle is my home and I’m just going to end up messing everything up for Ben again,” You sighed when she looked up at you. You knew there was no way you could say no. “Please?”

You huffed before digging through your things for the small jar of pixie dust. “Fine. But you owe me big time”

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Small Start

A/N: Boku no Hero Academiya (Kirishima/Bakugou) -  28. “Did you know you look adorable when you’re being tickled?” - I’ve always thought mini-tickles were cute (lolol look at the Hinata-thing I reblogged). Result = Random bnha fic and I have no regrets.

Summary: When Bakugou arrives at school, sized like a tiny little pixie, things are turning out a lot funnier than he had expected. Well, not funny-funny, but in the end it’s him who laughs the most. 

Word Count: 1588

Bakugou panted as he hung from the wall, his tiny legs dangling beneath him. Clenching his teeth, he pulled himself up towards the window. He was gonna commit some murders. Murders! Those damn elementary school kids. How dare they attack him with their useless quirks? 

Bakugou was merely the size of a hand right now. Just because some random kid ran over to him:

“TAG!” and before he knew it after that single touch his world was huge and he was, well, this small. He! Bakugou Katsuki, minimized by some kid!

He refused to let anyone see him like this, but he also definitely could not skip class and have everyone advance with their theoretical skills while he would stay behind. Na-ah. Not gonna happen, and definitely not because of that stupid minimize-quirk kid. How long was he going to stay like this anyway? This was no joke!

After having blasted himself towards the school, he had hurried to climb the wall in order to avoid having to walk like this through the school and with dangers of getting squished, or worse, seen by others.

“Ah s-shit!” he cursed when he reached the window which was sadly closed. So far his plan to sneak in like a bug and… He raised his tiny eyebrows when he noticed Deku was already in class. Of course that loser came early like this. He was sitting at his desk, reading in that stupid notebook. Bakugou sighed. He didn’t want anyone to see him, but if someone was going to see him it’d better be loser-Deku since he wouldn’t have to feel any shame towards him anyway.

“Deku! Fucking Deku open up!” He banged the window, made tiny explosions and a whole scene until Deku finally noticed him. His bright sparkly eyes widened, as well did his mouth.

“Eh? Kacchan!?” He rushed towards the window, opened it up and watched how a pixie-sized Bakugou stepped inside.

“Not. A. Word. About this,” Bakugou warned, but apparently his size caused Deku to not take him seriously at all, and before he knew it he swept him off his feet. Literally.

“Hey! Wha- the fuck, let me go! Let go, I’ll kill you!” Bakugou protested when Deku lifted him by his collar to study him closer.

“You’re tiny,” Deku stated the obvious, and a devious huge finger suddenly poked his tummy. Bakugou blew out a whole lot of air and started a renewed string of curses:

“NAh! Damn hell stupid idiot I know I’m tiny! F-fucking let go of me! Don’t touch me!” He kicked his legs, the panic rising. Shit, if the others in class would arrive… If anyone would see him like this…

“Good moooorning!” Bakugou froze in Deku’s grip. Shit. Shit shit shit, noooo not.. not him! Anyone but him!

“Ah, good morning Kirishima,” Deku said casually, turning around with Bakugou still dangling between his forefinger and thumb.

“Hey, what’s that?” Kirishima already had his eyes on the hysterical mini-Bakugou in Deku’s hand, and Bakugou panicked and struggled even more.

“GAhh! Let go! Noooo!” he yelled when Deku simply held him up for Kirishima to see.

“It’s a pocket-sized Bakugou,” he said with a careless shrug. That fucking…!

“Oh! Ohoho! If it isn’t a tiny little blasty Mcsplode!” Kirishima said, and Bakugou tried to run for his life but the lively red head already took him from Deku and he ended up sprawled in his hand.

“Now how did you end up like this mister? Don’t tell me the mini-kid got you there?” Ack. He knew!? An elementary kid wasn’t supposed to have a reputation while all Bakugou was known for was ‘the kid who was captured by’–

“HA!” A ticklish shock pulled him back out of his thoughts, and he looked up in shock. Kirishima poked Bakugou’s tummy just like Deku had done, but then he wiggled his finger a little and Bakugou tensed up, his own tiny hands gripping Kirishima’s finger in an attempt to get him off. 

“No! Nohoho – wahait! Stop that don’t touch me!” Bakugou huffed, but a laugh suddenly came out of him and he squeezed his eyes shut. 

“Watch it, Kacchan’s ticklish Kirishima,” Deku warned carefully. Well he shouldn’t have! Fuck him! Bakugou turned his head and glared at Deku, raising a fist as big as a bread crumb and shouting:

“SHUT YOUR STUPI - ahahaah no! Nohoho shihihit!” he laughed when Kirishima tested Deku’s words by wiggling his finger against Bakugou’s tummy again. Blushing, Bakugou convulsed entirely and hiccupped, squeaky giggles mixing with his angry laughter as he was being tickled mercilessly by this evil giant. Uh oh, he was in big trouble.

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Midnight Luxe (Part 2)

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(Part 1) (Part 3)  (Part 4)  (Part 5)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: University AU/ Angst / Smut

Summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook. The alluring and beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show, the man who turned your life upside down. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

Inspired by the anime/manga paradise kiss :)

Driving with Jungkook in his expensive open top car was perhaps the most liberating experience of your life. Your palms sweated against the black leather clad seats as your hair blew wildly in the wind.

Streetlights morphed into a blur as Jungkook sped down the road. He gripped the steering wheel tightly within his large hands and his eyes flitted over to you every so often, you felt so completely exposed being trapped in the gaze of his  beautiful knowing eyes. He didn’t smile at you, nor did he frown, instead he wore a facial expression that could almost be described as sultry, everything about him oozed sensuality, even when he wasn’t trying.

Already you were completely entranced.

The way Jungkook drove was wild. He was going so alarmingly fast and it set your heart hammering even harder than before. You had to stop yourself letting out a cry of panic as he flew over a speed bump, your body jolting upwards violently as he did so. It continued on like this, him rushing past red lights, going over the speed limit and you were pretty sure he almost killed about three pedestrians.

“I got my license three days ago” Jungkook announced with a smirk.

“Really? I never would have been able to tell” you replied, voice laced with sarcasm.

Even talking to him without your voice wavering proved to be difficult. He let out a small chuckle at your words, the melodic noise echoed through your mind even after he’d stopped.

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loonyloopylisa  asked:

College au? Meeting bc they're wearing complimentary costumes.


Bucky had almost stepped in when he saw sexy batgirl, the first time. She wasn’t sexy batgirl in the way of most sexy costumes, in the way of the sexy crayons mackin’ on each other in the hallway, or the sexy red and gold robot guy in the booty shorts who kept hittin’ on Stevie. She was sexy batgirl in that she was wearing a comics-accurate batgirl costume and she was, y’know, sexy - and more than capable of handling the drunk fratboys who had decided to hassle her some. Thirty seconds after he considered helping out, he was hauling their groaning bodies out onto the porch, kicking ‘em down the steps and telling them they weren’t welcome back. 

“Yo, Dick,” someone called, and Bucky whirled around, expectin’ to see one of the jerk fratboys’ jerk friends, his hands curling into fists automatically. It took him a second to spot the guy, ‘cos you just didn’t expect - he was perched on the arm of a streetlight like it was a park bench, cute green pixie boots kicking back and forth and silky yellow cape flapping a little in the wind. 

“How the hell -” he muttered. “Get down from there! You’re gonna cause property damage,” he hollered up at the guy, who started laughing straight off. 

“You’re worried about the goddamn streetlight?” he choked out. 

“You got your dumb ass up there, no one else’s fault if you get hurt,” Bucky said. 

“Well ain’t you just the milkman of human kindness,” the guy said, leaning back in a way that had Bucky lunging forward, ‘cos his asshole tendencies were pretty much all talk anyhow. He watched, open mouthed, as the guy grabbed the streetlight with both hands, let his ass slide off and hooked his knees over it, hanging down like he was a goddamn trapeze. 

His hair was too light for his costume, but the rest was accurate, down to the tiny green trunks and the flesh colored pantyhose. Bucky had gone for the unquestionably cooler version, skintight and black and blue, but this guy’s Dick still managed to be incredibly hot. 

Grayson. His Dick Grayson


“Get your ass down from there before you kill yourself,” he yelled, and the guy threw him an inverted salute before doing something incredibly gymnastic that ended with a tuck and a roll and a grin way too close for Bucky’s state of mind. 

“The big brother thing part of the costume, Nightwing, or does it come natural?” Robin asked, and close up he was a lot bigger than he ought to be, in that costume. He smirked a little with half his mouth, and paired with the costume there was something a little filthy about it. Bucky licked his lips. 

“Brotherly ain’t exactly the word,” he said, daring, and Robin’s eyes darkened. 

“Fuck it,” Robin said, and the arm he wrapped around Bucky’s waist was muscular as all hell. “How often d’you get the opportunity to make out with yourself?” 

Amnesia - Carlisle Cullen x Reader - Part 3

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 Fandom: Twilight

 Pairing: Carlisle x Reader


 One year, seven months, and I’ve learned their secret. It’s a bit difficult to hide it from me, as they’ve all admitted that they care too much to have secrets. We’ve also moved. I was so fearful that they’d leave me behind, even at their reassurances that they wouldn’t, and Carlisle had woke me from multiple nightmares where they’d abandoned me, he held me until the early mornings. Things were beginning to change, progress, and the thought scares me.

 Sitting at the counter, Esme starts frying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while Alice and Rosalie talk about their outfits for tomorrow at school, and Emmett and Jasper are playing video games in the next room, while Carlisle and Edward face off in chess at the table across from Alice and Rosalie. “You’re cheating, Edward.” I hear Carlisle warn.

 “Sorry, Carlisle.” Edward answers as I huff, looking out at the rain sullen window. “Just because you huff and puff, doesn’t mean the rain will go away.”

 “Sure sure.” I mutter, when Alice hops up, spinning me around in the stool with a magazine in her hands.

 “What do you think about this outfit, Paisley?” Alice asks, and I look down at the plaid skirt, black shirt, and ratted hair with a skull and cross bones pin in it, the girl sporting it has her tongue out, and the rock on sign on her hands.

 “I think that you’d find the outfit for less at a thrift store.” I answer, flicking the page where the price is, $39.95, in bold print.

 “Really? Other peoples clothes?” Alice asks, causing me to look at her with an eyebrow raised. “No, it’s not that, I just mean-”

 “Look, life isn’t all about money, you know. It’s about love, and happiness, not everything that is expensive, is worth it.” I explain carefully, causing Alice to smile, hugging me before she wanders back to her seat.

 “Don’t forget, we still need to go to Seattle, and get supplies for your room.” Esme reminds, causing me wrinkle my nose in distaste as Esme dish my food. “You’re not going to continue sleeping on that air mattress, Paisley.”

 “She could always bunk with-”

 “Edward.” Carlisle hisses, causing me to frown, looking at the doctor and Edward locked in a glaring match. “That’s not something for you to bring up.

 “She deserves to know.” Edward points out.

 “Both of you,” I hop off the stool, walking over to them, my arms crossed over my chest. “enough.” Carlisle’s liquid golden eyes meet my oceanic blue orbs, the emotions swimming there as he smiles at me, makes my heart skip and stutter for a bit. “It’s just that I’m not going to ever be able to pay you guys back, you took me in when I had nothing, and you’ve supplied me with everything ever since.”

 “You don’t have to pay us back, Paisley. You’re family.” Carlisle grabs my hand, smiling at me as my heart start to hammering, my face starts to burn as I simply nod, turning to walk back over to my seat, dropping into it as I hear Edward chuckling, causing me to pick up a chip from my plate of food, and chuck it at him, causing him to blink at me.

 “Stay out of my head, Edward.” I warn, causing him to huff at me.

 “I wasn’t in your head.” He shoots back, causing me to raise an eyebrow at him. “I was in his.” He points to Carlisle with his chin, causing my brows to furrow. “Alice.” Edward warns, causing me to glance at the pixie-like girl, who deflates, dropping back onto the couch with a frown.

 “How are you with color schemes, Alice?” I finally ask, changing the subject since I know they aren’t going to drop the subject of my room for long.

 “Oh,” Alice chirps, sitting up again. “I plan all of the weddings we have!”

 “Weddings? As in… multiple?” I inquire.

 “We don’t always pose as family, Paisley.” Carlisle explains, causing me to let out a laugh, and nod.

 “Right, that’s still strange.” Carlisle chuckles.

 “You get used to it.”

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OKAY BUT I'm one of the people who follows your Snapchat AND EVERY SINGLE TIME you speak I still can't get over how cute your voice is, like it's super adorable AND THEN YOU LAUGH OR GIGGLE and i just.... SIN MOTHER HOW DO YOU SOUND LIKE A PIXIE?!

It honestly baffles me too. Like, I am a BIG PERSON. I’m 5′6″ and 200 lbs and I feel like I should have the voice of a grizzled sea captain to match my #aesthetic but alas, I was born a pure soprano with a weird squeaky laugh *shrugs*

A Sweater for the Magister’s Son

a sweet autumn-related Pavellan short.  pre-romance, featuring friendly playful banter between Dorian and my Inquisitor Pixerys Lavellan

“Dorian,” asked Pixy, who was in one of his inquisitive moods. “Is there Autumn in Tevinter?”

Next to him, the mustached mage grumbled and shivered and shuffled his heavy boots against the crisping leaves.

“Like any proper climatic region,” he replied loftily, ever the wellspring of Tevinter-related trivia regardless of what mood he was in.  "Our seasons come in two flavors - Dry and monsoon. Never has Tevinter been so blessed with this ungodly occasion which you call Autumn.“

I like it,“ Pixy remarked brightly, gazing out over the Hinterlands. "It’s bright and sunny, but the heat isn’t blistering like it is in Summer.  Everything smells all nice and earthy. You can find mushrooms during this time of year.  Oh, oh! And pumpkins!”

“How lovely,” Dorian mumbled, not quite sharing Pixy’s enthusiasm. “Are you not the least bit cold?”

Pixy shrugged.  Notably, he was garbed lightly in a linen tunic and trousers just cut above the ankle.  Dorian meanwhile, was dressed up and down in his usual robes, and had layered up with a fur-lined cloak for good measure.  And even then he was still shivering pitifully.

“We could always go back to camp,” Pixy suggested.  "They must have finished setting up the tents by now. We can sit by the fire, get for you some hot soup, maybe a blanket…” His voice lowered into a mumble.  “…Maybe get cozy in one of the tents…“

"Hm… perhaps in a moment.”

Pixy then noticed that Dorian was only paying half-attention to him.  Instead, he was staring out into the Ferelden landscape the same way Pixy had done just moments before.

“I’ve read about how the trees this far South turn hue as the seasons change,” he remarked quietly.  "But I never realized that even in a place of such damnable cold… that there could exist such color.“

Pixy blinked, then smiled.  "Yes. It is quite nice, how everything looks so warm and golden even as the days get colder.  …I like the red, myself.”

Dorian hummed in response. Both the Herald and the Tevinter Altus stood together at the overlook, admiring the sunlit, color-blown woods in wordless awe. 

It lasted for exactly a minute.

“Right. I’m done,” Dorian announced, turning a heel. “I’ve filled my quota of admiring the rugged inhospitable wilderness for today.  Time to escape this blasted cold!”

He began marching straight back to camp, leaves crunching along the way.  

Pixy laughed and followed with a bit of a skip.

“Dorian, do they have sweaters in Tevinter?” he teased. “It’s a favourite among us Southern barbarians, you should really get acquainted some time.”

Kaffas!” Dorian snapped through chattering teeth.  "I KNOW what a sweater is! And you’ll have to wrestle one over my frostbitten corpse before I’m seen wearing one in public!“

"Aw,” Pixy giggled.  "What if I hand-knitted one especially for you? Would you wear it then?“

Dorian grinned back at him.  "I’m certain my frostbitten corpse will make an effort to negotiate.”

Things My Sister Said Watching Strange Magic

After Walking In During The Halfway Point 

*snorting/laughing during nearly each of Thang and Stuff’s lines*
• “I have a feeling that this was a movie that wasn’t made, y’know, in America. Not an American movie.” “Well, it is. Its from George Lucas.” “WHAT?!” 
•“This was out in theaters? Really??? I don’t remember that…” 
•“This is what kids watch now on Disney Channel? Remember when we…”(*a brief splashing around in the sea of 90′s nostalgia*)
• Roland: “Thank you, tiny rabbit!” *laughs and repeats “tiny rabbit”*
*Marianne talking about her own heart break*
(hissing to me in realization) “I think she’s talking about the prince riding that squirrel!” 
*Marianne slips from the flytrap, Bog catches her* “If she falls, she has wings….?”
I, knowing she has a fair point, throw up a hand, and she laughs.
*Bog and Marianne fly through the thicket* “I think they’re gonna end up together…”
• *Marianne loses the flower Bog gave her* “Oh, the memento of their love is left in the web…”
(Gosh, Care, how poetic of you…)
• Griselda: “Hey, I used to be hot!” *HUGE GUFFAW*
*the castle collapsing/ Bog’s sacrifice* “Yeah, that would kill him. You ain’t gonna fly away after you’re trapped in a skull.” 
*about Sunny and Dawn* “He’s really short.” “He’s an Elf.” “And she’s a…pixie?” “A Fairy.” “Huh.” 
*Roland talking* “He sounds like Harry Connick Jr.” 
• Thang: “Are you a girl?!” Stuff: “Isn’t it obvious?” “HUH.” 
 *crowd starts singing Tell Him* “They’re meddling meddlers…”
*pointing to Bog* “Who is he supposed to be?” “What?” “Who is he supposed to be???” “Oh! A Goblin.”  

And, finally, the quote that sums up her whole experience: 

• “I get that this movie is called Strange, but this is very very odd.”

But on the whole, not at all negative! I’m quite happy! 

Come With Us

Originally posted by moon-leviosa

You were walking alongside a few of your other Slytherin classmates when suddenly you felt two pairs of arms lift you up and carry you to an abandoned corridor. You didn’t bother to struggle since you automatically knew whose arms those belonged to. As soon as your best friends set you down, you asked “What the hell you two?” the two gingers looked at each other, you could practically feel their excitement radiating off of them. 

“Come with us.” they both said. “Where?” you asked, they were practically jumping up and down when you asked the question. “Out of Hogwarts and to our new joke shop in Diagon Alley.” 

“Real funny guys, but you and I are still in our 7th year. There is no way Umbitch would allow us to leave.”

“That’s why we’re not asking her, we are simply leaving and never coming back.” they said. 

“Do you mean to tell me that you guys are dropping out of Hogwarts?”


“Count me in.” You weren’t going to ask about money, you knew they were smart. They wouldn’t leave Hogwarts unless they could financially support themselves. Besides, you would jump at any chance to get away from Umbitch and blood and house discrimination. Fred and George embraced you they both hugged you tightly, ever since your first year of Hogwarts you three have been as thick as thieves. They were the first ones to not care about your blood status, to them it didn’t care that you were the first Muggleborn to be sorted into Slytherin in the past hundred years. 

“Ok fella’s since we are leaving we need to go out with a bang, do guys have any idea’s?” You asked. 

“dear (y/n) did you not expect us to have already have a plan that included you in it. tsk tsk, we are disappointed in you Miss. (l/n).” Fred said, you poked his side and laughed. Fred and George both explained how you guys would leave and you couldn’t help but love it.

“Alright, is everything in place?” they both nodded. “Let’s do this and hope Umbitch doesn’t get her beefy hands on us.” you said and slightly laughed. On the count of three you three you let out the first fireworks that would catch Umbitch’s attention. Then you let out a small pixie like firework that would lead to more fireworks. Amongst the discord you felt a bitter sweetness, this was your final goodbye to your home. Although you never got on with most of your house mates there were a few who you would miss, but not as much as you would have missed the twins if they would have left you behind. 

As one of the last fireworks broke all of the rules that hung on the wall and all over Umbitch you three rode your brooms outside and the final firework left a single W signifying the Weasley name. It didn’t matter to you that your last initail wasn’t there. Because either way you felt like you were part of the Weasley family. 

(hey this isn’t the end, I am going to make this a series. like days in the shop and such. I just had such a good time writing this that I thought I might as well make it a series.)

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hi!!! ive been kinda down recently and i need some cheering up so i was wondering if u had any headcanons on my fav trans girls jason and percy?!? thanx

Aw, I hope you feel better soon, and I sure do! I already have some trans girls Jason hcs here and one for Percy’s name here but I will always find more ways to talk about my daughters

  • When Jason finds out that Percy is trans she almost cries because finally, there’s someone who’s trans who she can talk to
  • While on the Argo II they have sleepovers where Percy teaches Clio how to paint nails, put on lipstick properly, how to braid her hair, and they talk about people they like, and Clio finds it’s so surreal because she’s never had the opportunity to fully feel like some silly teenage girl… and she loves it
  • They both find braiding hair really relaxing, so whenever they’re stressed, they’ll search out the other and ask to braid their hair
  • Sally and (trans woman) Paul(a) adopts Clio and immediately help her just like they helped Percy
  • Clio adores Sally and Paul and honestly sees them as her parents, and is just so moved to see an older trans woman in a happy relationship, being apart of a happy family?
  • Clio isn’t actually really girly, but she can’t help but love it when Percy drags her along to do something like go watch awful romance films or go clothes shopping
  • She was highkey terrified when she met Thalia again and had to explain that yeah, it was her, she used to be Jason, but Thalia was playfully just like ‘wtf you’re taller and prettier than me? Sis, we need to have a talk’ - basically she was super chill and Clio was so surprised and happy
  • AND LET ME HAVE THIS IDEA of Artemis offering Clio a place in her Hunt and subtly hinting that she knew Clio was trans and that made no difference, that she was a girl and so was just as deserving of a place as Thalia and that just… it hit her hard, and she was over the moon, even though she had to decline
  • The first time Clio went to Pride she literally cried and laughed and smiled and clung onto Percy for dear life
  • They go every year wearing matching shirts because they’re like that
  • Clio loves how she actually feels like she’s allowed to show how much she loves her friends and hug them and hold their hand (like she absolutely loves being able to hold Percy’s hand as they walk down the street without anyone throwing slurs)
  • As she begins to become more comfortable with herself, she finally gets a pixie cut, and along with her HP style glasses she literally looks so beautiful, like someone who’s picture you would so use in an aesthetic for your favourite character because she just looks that pretty Percy is so gay for her
  • She discovers that she really really likes flower crowns, and floral patterns, and looks amazing in them
  • The first time she feels confident enough to wear a suit has everyone shook because damn she literally looks like a goddess, everyone is in awe
  • She’s super protective over Percy because even though she knows Percy can handle herself, she looks so pretty and sweet and she’s soo much shorter than Clio
  • So yeah, Percy looks like some pretty delicate mermaid (with the body of Samantha Wright) who dyes her hair a thousand different colours and loves wearing seashell jewellery, but will break your wrist if you’re transphobic
  • She transitioned early on thanks to Sally being the best mum ever
  • She can run in heels and can totally use them as a weapon if needs be
  • She was honestly so happy to have met Clio too, even with Paula as her mum too, as it was nice to talk to someone who was trans and her own age
  • Percy adores friendship bracelets, she will make and give one to everyone she loves
  • It was a bit awkward when she bumped into her namesake, but ‘Phone was honestly just flattered so it’s all good

This is all I can think of at the moment!

[SUMMARY: Rubys brother Jesus comes back to the hilltop bruised up with Daryl and Rick by his side. Ruby is very protective of Jesus and automatically isn’t welcoming to these men although Jesus insists that they’re trying to help their group.]


Daryl and Ruby.

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A Court of Spring Stars pt. 16

Word Count: 2193


Lena rushes out of the meeting and I follow her despite the protests of the High Lords and Ladies - the meeting was not officially adjourned but I honestly don’t care. I find her leaning against a wall breathing heavily and clutching her stomach.

I rush to her and cup her face in my hands. “What’s wrong, sunshine?”

Her eyes are as wide as saucers as she says, “I just … Oh Cauldron, I just - I actually spoke to my father like that. I talked back to him.” Her eyes widen impossibly more and her breaths come in fast heaves. “I commanded a deal out of him. I made demands. To him.”

She pushes away from the wall and starts pacing up and down the hall. “He’ll kill me. Cauldron, I’m surprised he didn’t just kill me in front of all of you.” One of her hands moves up to cover her mouth. “I can’t believe I just did that. I think I’m going to be sick.”

The girl who opened the door for us walks up to Lena and puts a gentle hand on her shoulder. “How about I show you to your room, my lady?”

Lena nods and I follow them as the girl starts leading her up a staircase and to the end of a hall. She opens a door and leads us into a small bedroom that looks more like a closet. A small, one-person bed is in the corner and that’s it.

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*in Mal and Evie’s room, our now back to normal age VKs and AKs are finally starting to stir*

Mal: Ow. What hit me? …And why is my bed broken?

Evie: Not so loud, please…

Jane: Mmm *notices the crocus flower stuck in her dress, then looks at Carlos* Did you give me this?

Carlos: Dunno. But it’s pretty - suits you.

Jane: *sleepy smile*

Jay: Get a room.

*door opens and then slams shut, making all the kids wince* 

Harriet: Well, look who’s all finally waking up!

Uma: Ugh, be quiet-

Harriet: No, I don’t think I will. You ‘orrid kids gave me your worst yesterday, so I’ve got NO sympathy for ye today.

Harry: Ugh, what happened last night?

Gil: Were we drinking?

Audrey: Couldn’t be! I don’t drink!

Ben: Neither do I, but I’ve never had a headache like this.

Harriet: Some magic nonsense that left all of ye small children and I got stuck with ye. 

CJ: And really? You’re sixteen, learn to live a little.

Freddie: Seriously. 

Mal: *smirks a little at Harriet* Sounds like you had a worse day than we did.

Harriet: *fake laughs* Oh, you laugh it up, pixie. Ye know what *I* think would be funny? *throws the curtains wide open where it’s a BEAUTIFUL bright day in the pastel nightmare that is Auradon, immediately the kids are groaning and trying to look away*

Mal: Okay, okay, I’m sorry! Shut the curtains!

Harriet: No. 

Mal: They say *I* was evil. 

Jordan: Yeah, I’m calling it - there is NO WAY a hangover is worse than this.

Ally: I can’t imagine that either.

Zevon: Speaking of hanovers, how do you not have one? *picks up a flask near him and shakes it* This is like, half empty.

Harriet: I did have one. There’s an easy cure for it - drink more. Meanwhile, if I’m lucky, you’ll have magic headaches for a long time.

Lonnie: That’s mean!

Harriet: Good!