how to laugh like a pixie


She is a little fireball of delight, laughter, noise, and excitement. This little treasure is loud, excited, fun… and  you know when she is quiet she is up to no good. She has a bit of a temper, so whatever you do, do not put her in a cage. She needs freedom to fly. When she gets mad, her wings set alight. Her pixie dust is blood red. You will likely come home to a messy house, she loves getting into everything


She is a little earth princess and she will enjoy as much time as possible out in your garden to dance amongst the flowers. She makes music when she flies and will be found getting into your make up and beauty products. She would love a home filled with candles and fragrance. And the little pixie loves cookies. She loves to relax with you on your days off. Get her a hammock to sleep in so she can hang it between two sunflowers


She is a playful and mischievous little pixie who is here in a moment and vanishes in the next. She is a clever creature who will be found flittering amongst your bookshelf and tip toeing through the encyclopedia. She will help you with your homework and enjoys going to school with you, hiding in your pencil case and listening in on the learning. She knows how to make you laugh and giggles as she flies. Her pixie dust is the colour of teal


This cuddly little pixie is a delicate delight who loves cosying up underneath your blankets and sleeping most of the time. She prefers to stay indoors and likes to flitter around your photographs. When she cries, she sprays a lilac perfume, but her laughter is a melody, and she is happiest when surrounded by your whole family. She has a way with babies and likes to sit on their nose and play. This little pixie needs a lot of affection and to be reminded she is safe and loved. She really fears being abandoned. Her pixie dust is the colour of light purple


She is very playful, a flittery childlike pixie who requires lots of love, kisses and cuddles. She will become fiercely protective of you in times of danger.  She will lose her sunlight without adequate devotion and affection. She has a bright yellow aura and glows in the dark. She may be found rummaging around in your precious jewellery. Her pixie dust is the colour of the gold. She will love playing with your pets and giggle her heart out around children. You will need to remind her everyday how beautiful she is


This flowery little pixie petal is very clever and loves nature. She will need lots of time outside amongst the wildlife and also loves cosying up with a book. She is a very talented pix and fixes anything you have broken. She also has a great knowledge of medicine and will be of tremendous help when you get ill. She needs a lot of reassurance because sometimes her anxiety can get the best of her. Better for somebody who likes to keep their room very tidy. Her pixie dust is the colour of lime green


This precious little pixie is charming, cute, and very friendly. She will need somebody by her side at most times and may get scared or sad when she is left alone for too long. She will be found getting amongst your make up, beauty products, and she loves to be read to - especially Disney fairytales. She makes beautiful sweet music whenever she flies. Her best friend is Cupid. Her pixie dust is bright fuchsia 


She is a solitary and moody pixie who needs a lot of alone time and space to fly away into her own world. She will be a lifelong healer and devotee to those who love and respect her, and she will teach you more about the hidden secrets and magic of the universe than any other! She may be found flittering away in your journals or secret safes and enjoys heirlooms. She will also enjoy the night and prefer to stay awake in the dark. She likes to sit near crystals. Her pixie dust is bright purple.


She is a fun, frivolous, and funny pixie who enjoys traveling with you and sleeping on a globe. She loves to tip toe along the countries in the atlas and enjoys watching documentaries with you. She needs a lot of freedom to fly and flitter amongst flowers and nature. Good for a person who has a puppy - she loves dogs. Perfect for a frequent traveler or a backpacker. She knows a few different languages. Her pixie dust is the orange of Jupiter. She is a lucky charm


She is a dainty little creature who likes to keep busy and occupied. She would prefer a home that is in order and will be found sitting on the edge of the clock hands bouncing as the minutes tick by. She will help you with your homework and always stay up later than you so you are protected while you sleep. She likes to think herself as your parent. And take her out in the snow.. she is a snow angel. She has a halo ring around her like the rings of Saturn. Her pixie dust is sparkly silver


She is a clever little creature who enjoys swimming in chemistry sets and flittering around your textbooks. She likes the warmth of the laptop and likes to sit on top of your iPhone. She has a great knowledge of the world and can answer anything you inquire. The pixie has trouble sleeping and has some strange domestic habits. You’ll never have to use power again - she has her own electricity. Her pixie dust is baby blue


She is a water baby pixie who needs frequent time around the ocean and see her mermaid friends. She will frequently go missing flying in the direction of her daydreams but bring back a well of mystical and enchanting stories. Lots of love and reassurance required. She sleeps often and will often be found in slumber under your pillow. Her pixie dust is lilac and turquoise. When she flies, you can hear the sound of harps. If you can’t find her - check her bed

The Patronus (Remus x Reader)

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Eight days have passed since Y/N heard that her aunt died. She was really close to her, and the hole in her chest doesn’t seems as it ever will be filled. Y/N refused to talk to anybody. She was curled up on her sheets, all day, missed all of her classes. She only went to the bathroom. Her roommates brought up food for her every day, but the meals mostly remained untouched. Her friends tried to talk to her, but after she shouted at Lily and told her to get out of here because she doesn’t need any help, they gave up. They decided it’s better to leave her alone for a few days. It was a Monday afternoon when she finally decided to went down to the common room. It wasn’t only because she started being better, it was also the guilt. Why was she so mean with her friends? They only wanted to cheer her up.

After she brushed her hair and put on some fresh clothes, slowly walked down on the stairways. Only a few students were in the common room, along with Remus, who sat near to the fireplace while he was reading. He didn’t even notice her until she sat down next to her. The boy’s lips slightly parted, he was clearly surprised, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey Remus.” – Y/N whispered with an almost invisible smile. She was afraid but also glad to see her best friend.

He put his book down on the table. – “Y/N! How are you?”

“Better.” – she said, and after a bit silence, she countinued louder and faster. – “I’m so sorry. Sorry for ingoring you guys, I know you only wanted to help me and support me… I was awful. And Lily…” - but at this point, Remus cut him off.

“Stop. Don’t apologize. I’m sure Lily understands what is happening with you. We’ve just really worried about you.”

Y/N smiled, tears were in her eyes. – “I could really use a hug right now.” – she muttered almost inaudibly. Remus didn’t say a word but hugged her immediately. His warm, thight hug made her cry. The last few days was the lonelinest period of her life, and Lupin’s hug made her realized that she’s not alone but also she has the best friends in the world.

“By the way” – she started after she can finally breath. – “Where are Sirius, James and Peter? Up to something again?”

“Detention. They put cornish pixies on Snape’s shoes and robe pockets.”

Remus was serious, but Y/N started to laugh. Honest, loud, cheerful laugh. Lupin melted by this. This was the sound that he loved to hear, this was the laugh that he fell in love with every time, this was the sound that always make him smile, even if he was in his biggest pain.

“I missed that tone so much.” – he whispered while Y/N stopped.

“And I missed you so much.” – she hugged him again, not so thight but really soft.

The two talked until it was the middle of the night. The common room was long-empty, while they still sat next to eachother on the couch. Talking about small, ordinary things was good for her. Remus told her how Snape’s face looked like when the cornish pixies stole his socks and his wand, how he ran after them, and how Sirius looked when McGonagall said they’ll got a full month detention. They talked about school and the exams, and Remus told her that he finally managed to produce a full, corporeal patronus.

“Oh, how I envy you! I wish I could do that too, but the only thing I can produce is a little silver dot. Maybe my patronus is an ant or a flea.”

“You probably didn’t choose the right memory. It has to be powerful, not just simply happy. I can help you… if you’d like.”

“You mean right now? I don’t think I can do that after…” - she stopped, but Remus continued while he stood up.

“But yes you can! I know you aren’t in your best mood, but you’re strong, and if dementors will appear, you’ll probably feel yourself much worse than right now. Just choose a memory, a powerful and happy one, and let it fill you.”

Y/N stood up carefully. She still didn’t know what will be the memory. The latest events of her life darkened everything, and if she thought about her family she only felt herself worse. Only her friends made her feel better. And that thought was the point when the girl looked up on Remus. The tall boy with his big, friendly eyes and his warm smile made her so happy. She take out her wand and thought about not exactly a memory, but about him and how she feels when he is around her.

“Expecto Patronum!” – she yelled, and a wolf ran around in the room instantly. Her eyes widened open as she looked up on him; he had a similar reaction. The wolf stopped in front of them and then it disappeared.

“Ermm… it was a… it’s a… so…” - he whispered, but then continued louder as he sat down on the couch. - “… see? I knew you can do it!”

“I… yes.” – she smiled and sat down next to Lupin. – “So you’re just going to ingore the fact that my patronus is a wolf?”

His cheeks blushed; he was so adorable. Y/N didn’t want to push him, he was shy indeed, and she didn’t want to make him feel more unconfortable. She leaned closer to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. Remus started to rubbing her back and gently kissed her forehead. His other hand rested on her thigh, and Y/N smiled onto his neck.

“Anyway” – he started, looked up on him – “I didn’t see the others come back?!”

“Eermm… I did. Surely they didn’t want to interrupt us. Sirius even made kissing noises. I was wondering why you can’t notice.”

“Oh, Godric.” – she rolled her eyes. While they talked there were only a few inches between them. Lupin smiled and Y/N bit her lips, looked down on his.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Please.” – she sighed and already started to leaning over to him and press her lips on his. He was slow and gentle, and Y/N felt that his face getting even warmer than usual. It felt just right, being on his arms and kissing him while her heart almost popped out from her chest. She smiled onto the kiss and Remus followed, mildly pulled away before he kissed her again; deeper, with more passion but still gently.

Tomorrow morning she woke up in Remus’ lap to the voice of Sirius and James clapping and cheering very loud.

“Just about time, darlings! “


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Headcanon: Trixie is totes jealous of Sunset and also kinda has a crush on her so she tends to copy or try to one-up Sunny like she got a pixie cut after Sunset and BSOD'ed for an hour when Sunset told her it looked good. SO Trixie tries to win Twilight away and flirts outrageously with her and Twilight gets really flustered and Sunset isn't jealous at all and laughs and joins in and flirts with both of them so Twilight blushes until she glows and Trixie is super flustered and frustrated over it

What a mess omggg Trixie just be yourself ;u;

I like how Sunset is just oblivious to what’s happening and ends up stealing every woman’s heart regardless.

[SUMMARY: Rubys brother Jesus comes back to the hilltop bruised up with Daryl and Rick by his side. Ruby is very protective of Jesus and automatically isn’t welcoming to these men although Jesus insists that they’re trying to help their group.]


Daryl and Ruby.

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Swipe Right

Day 4 of @deanxkatherine-af‘s One Week Writing Challenge. This is another sweet, sappy one. I make no apologies. 

Title: Swipe Right
Prompt: “We met on a dating app.” 
Author: @sunriserose1023
Warnings: AU; possibly too much cute?
Summary: Innocent questions bring up surprising aspects of your past.

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Midnight Luxe (Part 2)

Originally posted by mayfifolle

(Part 1) (Part 3)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: University AU/ Angst / Smut

Summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook. The alluring and beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show, the man who turned your life upside down. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

Inspired by the anime/manga paradise kiss :)

Driving with Jungkook in his expensive open top car was perhaps the most liberating experience of your life. Your palms sweated against the black leather clad seats as your hair blew wildly in the wind.

Streetlights morphed into a blur as Jungkook sped down the road. He gripped the steering wheel tightly within his large hands and his eyes flitted over to you every so often, you felt so completely exposed being trapped in the gaze of his  beautiful knowing eyes. He didn’t smile at you, nor did he frown, instead he wore a facial expression that could almost be described as sultry, everything about him oozed sensuality, even when he wasn’t trying.

Already you were completely entranced.

The way Jungkook drove was wild. He was going so alarmingly fast and it set your heart hammering even harder than before. You had to stop yourself letting out a cry of panic as he flew over a speed bump, your body jolting upwards violently as he did so. It continued on like this, him rushing past red lights, going over the speed limit and you were pretty sure he almost killed about three pedestrians.

“I got my license three days ago” Jungkook announced with a smirk.

“Really? I never would have been able to tell” you replied, voice laced with sarcasm.

Even talking to him without your voice wavering proved to be difficult. He let out a small chuckle at your words, the melodic noise echoed through your mind even after he’d stopped.

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Imagine: You’ve been telling some of the Lost Boys the stories about Peter Pan that you heard growing up, and Peter confronts you about it. Drama (and a game) ensues.

*You have magic in this imagine.

You were walking through the woods, long after everyone else had gone to sleep.

As you approached a clearing, Peter appeared in front of you.

“Y/n! Just the girl I wanted to see,” he says.

“Oh? And why is that?” you ask.

He leans against a nearby tree, “I hear you’ve been telling the Lost Boys stories.”

“I have.”

“About me,” he adds on.

You nod, “I thought that they should know what other people think you’re like.”

“And what do they think?” He quirks an eyebrow.

“Well, to be honest, I was always a fan of yours. You were my favorite bedtime story, and I must have seen your movies a million times,” you admit.

“What am I like in all these things that made you love me so much?” he asks, smirking.

“For one thing, you were very charming. The girls would always fall in love with you; Wendy, Tiger Lily, even Wendy’s daughter Jane, I think. And you would go on and on about ‘faith, trust, and pixie dust’. You taught everyone how to fly, by thinking happy thoughts.”

You pause for a moment to see him deep in thought, brow furrowed.

You feel the tension in the air and can’t help but wonder if he was ever like that, if Neverland was ever such a place.

You break him out of his reverie by adding, “And you had the most adorable little hat too, I’d love to see you in that.”

He laughs, “Oh really?”

“Yes, of course! As a matter of fact, I made one. It was supposed to be for Caden, as he practically worships you now that I’ve started telling him those stories. But, I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Then, with a wave of your hand, the aforementioned hat appears on his head.

You try to keep from laughing, but can’t help yourself.

He yanks on it, but it won’t come off.

“What did you do?” he cries, expression torn between horror and amusement.

“The only way you’ll be able to take it off is if I let you, which I don’t think I ever will. You look very cute, if not slightly ridiculous.”

And then you burst into fit of laughter once more.

“Fine, if you won’t let me take off this awful hat, let’s make it a game. How about you give me a…kiss?”

“Alright, I suppose that’s fair,” you say, “But, in the stories, you don’t even know what a kiss is.”

“How fortunate for you that I do in real life,” he says, chuckling darkly as he walks towards you.

You lean up and press a kiss to his cheek.

“There,” you say.

“That wasn’t a real kiss!” he protests.

It’s your turn to smirk.

“You didn’t specify, how was I supposed to know?”

“You’re going to pay for that one, y/n. If I have to wear this horrific hat, you get to be my Wendy,” he says.


He flicks his hand, and suddenly, you’re in a old fashioned cream-colored nightdress, ankle length and covered with lace patterns.

“I look like my grandmother!” you exclaim, “All I did was make you wear the hat, it’s not like I’m forcing you into those tights,” and then you pause as the evil thought enters your head, “Or am I?”

You wave your hand, and almost immediately, he’s wearing his cartoon namesake’s collared green shirt and slightly darker green tights.

He looks down at himself in disbelief.

You can barely breathe, you’re laughing so hard and have to lean against a nearby tree to keep from falling over.

“You are awful, truly awful, y/n,” he says, but you can tell he’s trying to keep from laughing as well.

And then, his eyes alight with a new found idea.

“I’m wearing the hat, I’m wearing the entire absurd outfit. I think you owe me a real kiss for this, y/n.”

“Really? I don’t think I owe you anything, because the way I see it, I’m doing you a favor. I’m enlightening you in the world of fashion! Personally, I think you should dress like that all the time.”

He shakes his head, chuckling softly.

“Why are you so afraid to kiss me? Scared that you’ll like it?”

He places his hands on your waist, pulling you against him.

“No, I’m scared that after this, I won’t see this side of you for a long time. I’ve always wondered if you were ever like the Peter Pan in the stories, and you are, you just hide him away. Why?”

“I don’t know, y/n. But maybe, I’ll let him show a little more often,” he murmurs.

And then his lips are pressed against yours,  his mouth warm and soft as velvet.

Your hands reach up to tangle in his dark blonde hair, and he smiles into the kiss.

When you break apart, he says, “Do me a favor, love, and don’t tell the Lost Boys a story about this.”

A/N: Hi, I hope you enjoyed the story! Please like and reblog, and also send in imagine requests, I want to know what you guys want to read!

I recently watched both Disney Peter Pan movies and immediately fell in love with his adorable outfit, especially the hat. 

Thanks for reading!

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*slides u $20* so... more peter pan AU headcanons?? (I LOVE YOU. AND YOUR ART STYLE GOD BLESS)

*slides money into purse*

More Peter Pan AU headcanons, you say?


By now I’m pretty set on Tink!Tsukki. He would make the saltiest, sassiest little pixie, right? and can you imagine him in a tiny green dress with little cotton fluff pom-pom shoes?? just let me die I know Tink is really fond of Peter in the film, whereas Tsukki…tolerates Hinata (and is perhaps fond of the team in his own grumpy way), so I’ve been trying to work out why he would stick around with Hinata and the other lost boys. I think perhaps Hinata did something huge for him, like saved his life maybe, and he feels the need to stick around to pay that back? Or maybe his saltiness got him in trouble with the other fairies and he was banished and Hinata took him in. Whatever the reason, he feels some sort of loyalty to Hinata and the lost boys - but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna be super friendly to any of them or put up with their nonsense. 


Yamagichi tags along with Kageyama and Lev when Hinata whisks them off to Neverland for their adventures. I mentioned Yamaguchi’s motivations here very briefly, but I totally think he would be fascinated by Tink!Tsukki. Like, why the hell is this small, angry attractive pixie hanging out with Hinata, whom he obviously doesn’t like very much, but holy shit his sarcasm is hilarious I need to know more about him

I like to think that despite how he feels about the rest of the lost boys, Tsukki always has time for Yamaguchi, who perhaps gets a little overlooked because the others are so rowdy, and that Tsukki enjoys that he can get a little bit of peace and quiet with Yams. 

They probably sit in a corner together and have a good snarking session about everyone else, and laugh themselves stupid. 

[thank you for the lovely message - I hope this is what you wanted! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ]


okay so I know I just said that I am not allowed to write FF but… fucking teen wolf. the sciles angst is too much. So, here, just take this too. More angst.

[Based off the previews for future episodes of season 5. Angsty but I fix it at the end. Sciles Bromance (or more if you want to read it like that!)]

When he is five years old, Scott finds him standing at the edge of the sandbox, frowning down at a lopsided castle.

“I made a mistake,” Stiles admits, pulling a leg back to destroy the whole thing.

“Okay,” Scott replies. “I’ll help you fix it.”

And he does.

Rain destroys their castle so the next day they have to start all over again, but that doesn’t seem like a problem either.

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title: i call your scars beauty lines (you call my freckles stars)
pairing: ginny/luna
word count: 1468
summary: after the war, nothing feels right without luna
for: @hpfemslashsecretsanta & @timeturnr

Ginny doesn’t realize she needs Luna until she’s lost her.

They’ve made it through sixth year, her previously off-and-on again relationship with Harry has been patched and she’s happy, God, she’s happier than she could ever imagine being, but when they finish seventh year, Luna takes off.

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That’s right, I’m back at it again. With wings this time! And legs! (Pixie boots were kinda a given)

Heh, but yeah. Last picture I drew for you, I was so grateful that you actually responded to it. And I’m.. again.. very blunt. Though, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately in how I’m going to say this, but I should really stop over thinking for my own good and just say it.

Your art inspires many and kinda speaks to me in a weird way. Like.. shows your personality a bit. The little #tags you write, here and there, are quite enjoyable and sometimes even make me laugh and/or smile. 

I don’t know you, but I can tell you’re an amazing, kind, talented, and over all great person. I’d love to get to know you better. Though I’m pretty sure I’m to shy to do this kind of thing like.. ever. I can’t shake the feeling that we could be pretty great friends.  

Sorry for my overly awkward and pretty awful proposal to initiate a friendship, but it’s all I got.

Well that and bad puns, but that’s about it. <:0)

Mika-Rin’s Enthusiasm on The Path of Becoming Idol-Charming All Titans

[translation: yusenki]

From SnK Gag Drama CD - みかりんの熱狂アイドル道~すべての巨人を魅了して

Characters: Eren, Mikasa & Jean (Mention of Armin as script writer)

Note: Manzai is one of Japan’s stage comedy, more info can be read Here

Thanks to naruniverse who requested on this track

Intro by Armin:

Survey Legion is the organization of man-kind’s last hope and their specialty in eliminating titans made them the man-kind’s strongest military force.

Mikasa (M): *barge in* EREN!

Eren (E): What is it, why are you so flustered, Mikasa? *gasp* Don’t tell me, it’s the titans?!!

M: In the next service recognition party “laughing competition”, which will be held after the long distance formation training, I heard that you will be performing Manzai with Jean

E: Ah…about that… It was decided by the lot drawing… No choice about it..

M: Eren… You better give up on performing Manzai

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Misadventures #23
  • INTP: You know, people -- especially grandmas -- tend to think I look really sweet and innocent.
  • INTJ: You're KIDDING.
  • INTP: No, why? You don't think so?
  • INTJ: HECK no. I guess I could almost see it, but your eyes completely ruin it.
  • INTP: How so?
  • INTJ: They have a mischievous spark to them. It almost makes you look like a pixie or a sprite.
  • INTP: I kind of like that... Are you good at reading people's eyes?
  • INTJ: I think so. The ENTJ's eyes always light up with joy when they lie to me.
  • INTP: Let's see if I can make it go away. What should I think about?
  • INTJ: Try bunny rabbits.
  • INTP: All right.
  • INTJ: Ah, that's bet- OH, NO.
  • INTP: *laughs* Why, what happened?
  • INTJ: It got better for just a moment, but then it became worse than usual. What were you thinking about?!
  • INTP: Well, first I was thinking about bunny rabbits, but then I started thinking about killing bunny rabbits.
  • INTJ: ...
  • In Retrospect: This is why we can't have nice things.

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fave anon again: you know that scene from community where the guy comes back with the pizza and everything is on fire and there's screaming and an ambulance is on its way? that, but with the gang. (bonus points if it ends with a kiss)

Jack left for ten minutes. Ten minutes. Six hundred seconds. Just long enough to hop in the car and pick up the pizza from just down the road. There is no way that is a large enough period of time for all of this to happen.

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The signs laughing
  • Aries: shakes head and softly laughs with a charming smile
  • Taurus: covers their mouth
  • Gemini: looks away and chuckles
  • Cancer: looks you in the eye and smiles like they're so proud of you for your good joke
  • Leo: "ehe." but with a winning smile
  • Virgo: closes their eyes and laughs genuinely
  • Libra: crinkles their nose and laughs really breathy
  • Scorpio: Widens eyes like they're shocked at how funny u are
  • Sagittarius: throws their head back and the whole restaurant looks over
  • Capricorn: Blows air out their nose and smiles and ur not sure if they actually think youre funny or not
  • Aquarius: laughs like they get the joke on some other level that you wouldn't understand
  • Pisces: giggles loudly and clearly like pixie rain sunshine
Not The Time To be Jealous

simpledaydreamer, here’s your story for my follower milestone project! You wanted a flashback fic, preferrably from Neverland. As you wish.

(also on and ao3)

Emma opened the exit door of the diner that led to Granny’s porch, looking for some fresh air and for her boyfriend. She spotted him sitting at one of the small round tables with his back to her, a glass of beer in his hand. He wasn’t alone; sitting beside him, also with her back to Emma, was Tinkerbell. She froze to the spot, not wanting to disturb, but also a little curious.

“Is he good to you?” Killian asked.

The blonde fairy chuckled. “You sound like the brother I never had.”

He tilted his head. “Well, we are old friends, right?”

Emma could see Tinkerbell’s profile in the moonlight when she turned to face Killian. “Friends?” she echoed in an amused tone, stretching out the word, then she shrugged graciously. “I guess you could say that. Who would’ve imagined it?” Emma held her breath without even being aware of it; she’d always been curious about the earlier relationship between her pirate and the fairy, had always suspected that in their shared past there had been something going on between them that went beyond a mere platonic friendship. But she’d never explicitly asked, and Killian had never offered specific information. She felt guilty for eavesdropping, but… damn. It was stronger than her. Was she going to find out now?

“So,” he replied, “is he?”

Tinkerbell smiled down at her own beer. “Yes, he is good to me, Hook.” She raised her glass in an inviting gesture. “Looks like that happy ending thing turned out good for both of us.”

Killian smiled and touched his own glass to the fairy’s. “And it didn’t even take pixie dust.”

Tinkerbell laughed softly, the sound of her voice doing her name justice. “We both got very lucky.”

He tilted his head again. “Aye, that we did,” he replied fondly, “and I still have no idea how I deserve it.”

Emma blushed, and her feeling of guilt doubled when she heard what he’d said. Whatever had happened between him and Tinkerbell, back in Neverland, held no importance. None. Especially not today, when they were celebrating Tinkerbell’s eve-of-wedding party. She quietly retreated towards the door, praying that they wouldn’t notice her – and they didn’t. She didn’t hear Tinkerbell’s answer, but she was certain it was a reassuring one. Suddenly, a memory flashed through her mind… a memory of a day long ago…

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Pair of Aces

A first-round draft choice from Connecticut who loves the big city. A converted infielder from a tiny town in northern Florida with hair like a rock star and a Rookie of the Year Award on his mantle.

Meet the Mets’ pair of very opposite aces.

While Northeast-chiseled Matt Harvey (Mystic, Connecticut) and country-quiet Jacob deGrom (Deland, Florida) may not agree on the best way to wind down off the field, they will have to figure out a way to share the title of staff ace on it.

“I don’t even want to say No. 1 and No. 1A in this case,” Mets manager Terry Collins said. “It’s No. 1 and the Other No. 1.”

That is a situation that can ease the organizational jolt suffered with the injury news about Zack Wheeler, who probably could audition for the role of the other Other No. 1.

“That’s the kind of stuff they have,” Collins said of Harvey and deGrom. “Obviously, they are two different guys with their own way of going about things, but when they get on the mound with the lights on, and the batter is in the box, they step it up. That is what the fans come to see.”

But as talented as the two are, they couldn’t be more different. Need proof? Just look in the Citi Field parking lot where Harvey’s Maserati sits next to deGrom’s pick-up truck.


Well, Harvey was a first-round pick from the University of North Carolina, an ACC powerhouse whose every move gets followed by pro scouts.

Then there is deGrom, who played shortstop until his junior year at Stetson University and only moved to the mound because the club didn’t have a closer. And, most scouts only took notice of his MajorLleague prospects when the lanky righthander faced off against future All-Star Chris Sale in a midseason matchup.  

Still not convinced?

Okay, Harvey tidies up the dugout after deGrom spits sunflower seeds all over the place.

No, just kidding.  But, what about the fact that the clean-cut Harvey looks like he just stepped out of the dressing room of one of Manhattan’s swankiest suit shops when he strolls out of his midtown apartment to head over to the Garden to catch a big Rangers or Knicks game in the offseason?

Then, there is deGrom and his shaggy hair that easily could be spotted when he heads for his quiet DeLand, Florida home with his wife, Stacey, in his finest t-shirt and jeans. That’s easy to spot if the paparazzi can even find DeLand on a map. But really, it shouldn’t be hard. After all, it’s just a stone’s throw from Crows Bluff and not that far from Mosquito Grove.


Ok, then how about this. DeGrom and his wife own a “Morkie” dog – a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie – named Pixie that nearly fits in the pitcher’s palm.

“Yeah, I can’t see Matt ever getting a dog like her,” deGrom laughed. “But, she can get after it. She has quite the feisty side.”      

If that’s the case, then the idea a dog takes on its owner’s personality might not really hold true for Pixie and deGrom.

“Jake is one of the most laid back guys you’ll ever meet,” Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud said. “I asked him about his honeymoon this off-season and he tells me he did nothing. And I believe him. He probably did nothing.”

It’s confirmed. DeGrom did nothing.

“We just got away from everything for a while,” deGrom said of his November honeymoon. “Nothing really special.”

And the opposite end of the spectrum is Harvey, who spent his offseason in snowy New York rehabbing every morning at Citi Field because he didn’t want to leave the city.

“I love the city,” Harvey admitted. “Everything from the energy, to the people, to the food. It’s a great place to live and play.”

Even if it’s some drive to Crows Bluff.  

As different as Harvey and deGrom are away from the field, the dissimilarities end there. On the mound, the two are strikingly similar.    

“You know what you get from both those guys,” Mets captain David Wright said. “Lots of zeroes, some broken bats and a real good chance for a win.”

The Mets two young stars aren’t afraid to share ideas with each other, continually going back and forth about all things pitching.

“We constantly bounce things off one another, talk about what a hitter likes to do in a certain count, things like that,” deGrom said. “I had never seen Matt pitch in person before this year, so even that experience is a plus. Just to watch how he repeats his delivery, or how he’ll attack a hitter. Every little bit helps.”

That’s a similarity d'Arnaud sees between Harvey and deGrom—their intensity.

“You got two guys who are absolute competitors who just want to go out there and beat the other side’s best,” d'Arnaud said. “That swagger and that focus. They both are into every single game, every single pitch. And they want to go nine every time out. I almost cringe when Terry comes out to take the ball from either guy.”

Collins, unfortunately for him, agrees with d'Arnaud.

“You better believe it’s a fight when I go get that ball from either of those two,” Collins said with a grin. “And then I know they’ll be waiting in my office after the game to tell me why they could have gone another couple of innings. But you want that. You want a guy to never be satisfied. You want him to believe he is the best. And those two believe that.”

That trait isn’t easy to find in a player, Collins said.  And the good fortune that both of the Mets’ cornerstone pitchers have it isn’t lost on the Mets manager. Even though the duo had different upbringings, backgrounds and stories, that confidence trait blossomed in the two through the same means: family.

Harvey says his father, Ed, a longtime coach at Fitch High School in Connecticut and former UConn centerfielder, instilled a confidence in him early in life.  

“Even from a young age, he would let me practice with his teams, so I was playing against much older kids,” Harvey remembered. “He would always tell me not to be intimated, to believe I was the best guy on the field.”

It’s that mentality that Harvey takes into every one of his starts. While an upper-90’s fastball and a devastating breaking pitch certainly help the cause a bit, Harvey believes the mental side of the game is just as important.

“A lot of guys have great stuff,” Harvey stressed. “But, you have to trust that stuff, too. You need to believe that you can get any hitter out at any time.”

DeGrom credits his father for his quiet intensity, remembering how he and his dad, Tony, would play a game of catch in the yard. He would require Jacob to hit the glove every time.

“My dad would always tell me if I’m going to do something, do it to the best of my abilities and trust people will notice you,” deGrom recalled. “I’ve taken that with me from Little League to the Major Leagues. Give it my all and stay humble.”

Based on Harvey’s work so far, he definitely learned well. Actually, so did deGrom. They both get A LOT of hitters out. But, it is the way that each guy goes about their work that impresses Collins so much.

“They’ll get a big out, or fan the other guy’s clean-up hitter to strand a runner at third and they’ll just calmly walk off the mound,” Collins said. “No big display or anything. They are just really good professional pitchers doing their job, going about their craft.”

It might be hard for the duo to stay humble if they keep having the success they’ve enjoyed so far. Harvey started the 2013 All-Star Game while deGrom was the National League Rookie of the Year last season.

You can certainly add success to the list of similarities.

pixie-dustss  asked:

I wish Hiccup was a real person! He is such a lovely guy. His character is really complex. People misunderstood him and disappointed with his decisions that we know were not always perfect. But throughout the 1st movie until 2nd movie, we see the journey of a little boy becoming a leader. That shows to be a leader takes time, reaaaaaally long time to shape the person in personality and mentality. Hiccup inspires me with his will to never give up <3 His sad faces tho, break my heart everytime </3

Watching the story of Hiccup’s personal journey is emotional, indeed, full of heartbreaking and heartwarming moments, full of complexity, full of character depth and growth and change. What is so wonderful about Hiccup is that we see a deep but comprehensible complexity to his personality, even as he changes as he reacts to new events within his life. It does make him feel very real.

In a way, Hiccup is real. We audience members can interact with him on a much more personal, intricate, intimate level than we do with people who do live or have lived. We could never watch Cleopatra on screen (only fictional representations of her at best). But we can watch what is authentic, unaltered Hiccup on the real screen. There’s no guess of interpretation - it is him. He has been given life, breath, understanding, by the script writers, by the animators, by his voice actors in every language. It is true that we cannot reach up and touch Hiccup as we can a family member, but we can get a true heart and true understanding for who he is.

Fiction is powerful. The story is real. And through it, once the story is real, the characters become real, too. They are real to us. They are real in our minds, our imaginations, our understandings, on the pages of the book, on the screens of a theatre. I’m so thankful we fans have had the opportunity to meet Hiccup, as he is, for the wonderful expanse and extent to which he’s real. It’s no wonder we laugh and cry with someone like him.