how to know who unfollowed you

hey guys! we just wanted to state that neo-nazis are not welcome here and if any of you happen to support a certain neo-nazi artist, unfollow us please!
and we’d also like to state that every single person who actively reblogs from said artist is HATED by both cecil and carlos because cecil is canonically jewish! it’s true, guys. he told me.

I’m honestly sick to the stomach and so disgusted in reading that fans are disappointed in Liam and that they no longer support him due to the baby-bomb. Newsflash, it ain’t up to you decide how Liam (or any of the other boys for that matter) lives his life. He’s a grown-ass adult who knows what’s he’s doing. He’s happy, Cheryl’s happy, they’re happy and that’s all that matters. I’ve actually unfollowed a majority of fans because I’m so disappointed in the way they’re behaving. Liam deserves all the love and support in all the world because all he’s ever done is make fans happy.

Literally all of the Trump supporters I know of were POC. I’m talking family members and friends, in California. Mexicans and Asians. I do NOT know a single white person who voted for Trump. Like fuck if -I- voted for him, either. But we really need to stop with this divisiveness and finger pointing and need to step up as human beings and be examples of how to be instead of this “unfollow me now” bullshit and other similar outbursts. Own this the fuck up, America. People assumed that their opposition were a bunch of two dimensional villains instead of asking WHAT HAPPENED, by immediately judging others. You have created/become villains. This shit ISN’T WORKING. YOU ARE STILL DOING IT. FUCKING STOP. Whether or not you want to believe this, the reality is that the people who voted opposite of you are still complex human beings, and nothing will change for the better until you understand that and act accordingly.

The world is not black and white, but here comes Tumblr, screeching as if it were, 24-7.


It’s important to endure the four years and create a culture that isn’t gonna spite people into protest voting and voting to spite dicks on the Internet. How the fuck do you think we got in this shit in the first place?? Things don’t begin and end with voting alone, it’s important to foster attitudes that create a desire for cooperation in people, which is THE OPPOSITE of what happened this election.

This election was close, incredibly close. It will be of service to you to look at how we managed to elect Obama AND Trump, without jumping to a conclusion (“The racist patriarchy!”) which is too convenient. Not if you really want this fixed.

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. Don’t sit on your moral high horse thinking that you didn’t contribute by virtue of voting Hillary alone. YOU’RE STILL DOING IT. “Tell POC why you hate them,” NO. It is not that simple (see the beginning of this post.) “Third party voters can fuck off–” NO, fucking stop right there, everyone has the right to cone to their own conclusions, that’s what a fucking right to vote IS. Stop acting like you’re entitled to other people’s votes. The simplistic way in which people are prescribing intent based on candidates is juvenile and WHY this will continue unchecked. Take a good hard look at your fucking self and examine how you treated someone who disagreed with you during this election cycle, because you can be sure as FUCK that this sort of treatment contributed to voter outcome, and if you continue this way, it will CONTINUE to be your fucking fault, too. Do you think people coming out in droves to vote is somehow not related to this?

So if you’re gonna be one of those people who say, “I’m disappointed in you America,” include the people who also voted for Hillary who thought it was a good idea to condescend and simplify the people they disagreed with into straw men this whole time. When you say that America fucked up, include yourself. This world is lacking love and understanding. That means bigots, but it also means you and me and every other average person. At some point, we have to look past the wrong that was done to us enough to see how we’re making others suffer. If you can’t do that, then this will just get worse in the future.

(And I’m sick of people putting so much faith in these fucking shitbag politicians. Year after year, even.)

I don’t know if anyone actually cares or has noticed but I haven’t been on here in ages and its really difficult at the moment, so if there is anyone who cares or gives a shit, here’s why. I was caught doing some stuff I shouldn’t have been doing and my parents took most of my shit. I probably wont be on tumblr for another several weeks so just letting you know. Unfollow me, I don’t give a shit, but I will be more active when I get my things back but i’m not sure how long that will be, another month I guess. I will be checking my inbox every now and again so send away if you need anything. Until then, merry Christmas, whatever you’re into, catch you fuckers later.

Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you all so much for all of the lovely art and well wishes people sent in/tagged me in, it was so overwhelming and unexpected in the best way possible ^///^ I feel very fortunate that so many people are such sweethearts and took the time to create such beautiful works of art.

With that being said, even though his birthday is over I’m still going to post them and thank people for it, because people took so much time and love and care into creating them and to want people to know just how much I appreciate their effort :)

So if you’re someone here who may not be super interested in seeing all the sparkly fanart (which of course I don’t blame you for) this is just a friendly reminder that I tag ALL fanart with the tag ‘fatal error fanart’, in case you want to unfollow that tag or whatever. Because I’m absolutely going to ooh and aaah over what people made, and if you’d rather just know when comic updates come out then that’s okay! There’s a fanart page of the blog for easy access to it anyways <3

Have a great day folks~


over 51 million voted trump, I wonder how hitler happened but I’m seeing history repeat itself right now… The amount of racism shown on this map is Insane, I will never understand how people could be so Cruel to other people and vote for someone who stands for discriminating against so many… The things trump stands for are repulsive, to name one is he supports conversion therapy! A vote for him is a racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, transphobic vote. The fact people support it is terrifying ! To anyone from America following me, if you voted trump go unfollow me and have fun explaing to anyone you know that’s gay, trans, female, black, Latina/Latino, or Muslim about why you did what you did and I’m just going to put it out there- you’re not going to be forgiven, you don’t deserve forgiveness. You voted for a death wish for anyone that’s female, black, latina/latino, muslim and or LGBT+. I’m beyond proud to admire people who stand for what’s right, who stand for what they believe in - like hannah hart, grace helbig, mamrie hart, Tyler Oakley, etc. I don’t only support them because they’re talented and they all have amazing personalities but I also support them because I agree with alot of the things they stands for. Whether its spreading love and kindness, LGBT+ rights, human rights, Ending gun violence, etc the list goes on. We need to Love one another, support one another, give peace a chance and stop spreading hatred..

Hey guys, I’m going to be as direct and as professional as possible: if you don’t like my theories, unfollow me. Theories are the point of my blog. I come here to think. I post my deductions. I conspire with other theorists for months on end to come up with ideas, all for fun. I’ve never cared how many followers i have. The 8 anons not having the balls to unfollow me or provide counter-arguments but would rather tell me I’m reaching and to tone it down, you’ve completely missed the point of *my* blog. And I’ve been around long enough to know that when big-name Sherlock bloggers find my ideas and like them, suddenly people who didn’t take me seriously change their minds. Huh. Crazy. I will continue to post whatever I want because we’re trying to work together to beat the clock. Maybe I’ve got something right that another person can bounce off of, and together we can create something bigger. Good theorists criticize each other only constructively. Only people who can’t do that feel compelled to enter the ask box anonymously to voice their grievances and dissent. With that in mind, I’ll be turning off anon when i get home. Sorry to the many, many others asking actual questions and saying nice things, I just can’t keep up.

If anyone feels the need to come into my message box with anything besides constructive ideas or respectful dialogue, you will be blocked. I went from 0 followers 12 months ago to 11,000 right now. I blog exactly the same way. Nothing is going to change that.

kin drama is the absolute funniest thing to ever exist…. like when did we as a society go from embarrassing teenagers yelling at each other for stealing art over the internet

to embarrassing teenagers listing 30 characters as literally them and telling all their friends to unfollow people who like the same characters and having breakdowns over this shit

like. take a step back. take a step back. i know people use it for coping but take a step back and realize that neither you nor the greasy 14 year old on the other side of the monitor is literally sans undertale, holy shit, you just like the character how has this become an excuse to fight over the most MEANINGLESS thing possible

i have to unfollow/unfriend anyone who posts “just wanted to say how lucky and grateful i am to have the perfect relationship with the perfect man I love you so much Jeremy you’re my entire world baby I am so lucky” every single day like we fuckin get it bethany you’re lucky and blessed we KNOW. this is not the content i come online to see either wish for death or exit my space immediately

Small update for anyone who hasn’t been around: Tumblr has updated. You can no longer like, reblog, edit posts, edit themes, or delete posts from your blog itself. You can now only follow/unfollow someone and get redirected to the dashboard. Basically if you’re trying to reblog something from a blog that doesn’t have their own like or reblog section in their theme, you’re screwed. I don’t know how many people have been hit with it yet, I have on both of my blogs but some people may only be getting it now. I’ve messaged Tumblr asking how I reblog from someone’s blog now and am still waiting on a response. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Still unfollowing people who are whining about queerbaiting and bad mouthing the creators of this fantastic show, Sherlock. I had no idea I followed so many pushy, rabid tjlc fanatics. And I’ve heard that horrible tweets were sent to the director of The Final Problem on twitter and I know he closed his Twitter account. I’ve seen them complaining about how awful TFP is, but you know what? If they had actually got their Johnlock kiss in the episode they would all be yelling about how great it was. I honestly believe if we never get another series of Sherlock, it will be more due to the rude and nasty behavior of this group of Pushy Jlockers who are not even fans of the show than to any kind of scheduling conflicts with the cast. I do know the Pushy Jlockers call non-Johnlock shippers “casuals”. Well hell, if being a “casual” means you respect the shows creators, care about what they are really writing about, care about all of the characters and their stories and not just about the one and only thing a Pushy Jlocker wants, then I guess I’m a proud casual. I love this show though and I sincerely hope we get more series.

(None of this rant is directed at the super lovely Johnlocker’s I follow who I know just enjoy their ship and aren’t pushy. You know who you are. I’ll get off my soap box now.)

fuck it i dont care if i get hate for this, im already getting it so what the hell lol

seeing posts abt young girls being ‘forced’ into beauty pagents really bothers me…. it just seems like an attack on femininity because everyone seems rly ok with girls doing sport stuff when theyre young like skateboarding, fighting, wearing stereotypically male clothing. like, these things are ok, but you can’t hate on one and glorify the other, it just shows how misogynistic u really are

so keep posting abt it bc at least that way i know who to unfollow :)

this is the last thing im posting about this bs

- ks is nasty. it romanticizes abuse, is ableist as fuck, and is all around a shitty comic. fans have also romanticized the relationship and added a whole new level of nasty.

- that being said, im not trying to convince people to hate it. i dont give two shits. my only request is that people who read or support it unfollow me.

- the only exception to the above is if you’re an abuse survivor, are reading it as a coping mechanism, and don’t post about it publicly. that’s it. stop sending me “my circumstances are x y z can i still follow??” bc im trusting you to know if you fit those requirements and funnily enough my survivor ass doesnt wanna read graphic depictions of people’s abuse

don’t try and convince me to like the story. don’t write paragraphs about how wrong i am. i don’t care, at all. i won’t be answering any more asks about this topic unless i think they need a response. thank you to those who’ve respected my opinions and good night

I’m not about to unfollow any mutuals who are blaming third-party voters for supposedly handing over the election to trump but seriously you guys have so much misplaced anger like if we could direct that towards the correct perpetrator do you know how much more productive we could be

ok i’m not posting this ask, but an anon really came to me in my ask telling me they ship larry and then proceed to say “how do you know larry isn’t real? troye sivan doesn’t talk about his boyfriend!” first off, how dare you try to compare an actual lgbtq+ couple to some sick fantasy in your head. how dare you compare an actual GAY guy and his boyfriend to two straight men who have repeatedly said they are NOT together. u really tried it anon lmao but honestly unfollow me. i don’t want to see that type of trash in my ask box again. i’ll tell u one thing, troye has stated he doesn’t discuss those things, because it’s no one’s business at all. the fans know what they know. his boyfriend isn’t really as famous as he is either. of course neither have chosen to mention the other much, it’s called having mutual respect for each other. plus, even if it’s 2017, being gay is hard still, especially with the direction things are going in the world these days. anyway DON’T EVER FUCKING TRY TO COMPARE A FAKE SHIP TO ACTUAL LGBT STRUGGLES, COUPLES, ETC. AGAIN TO ME. goodbye 

You know, I love my mom…but she is so problematic. First, she wants to try and tell me how I should conduct myself on social media (not be too gay) because she can’t handle her coworkers and friends knowing that she actually has a non-straight child. Simple solution: unfriend and unfollow me. She wants me back in the closet, that’s apparent. On top of that, she has also told me if I fall in love with someone who isn’t white then I can consider myself disowned. It only adds to the stress I put on myself.

♔ ♔ plisstsky’s follow spree! ♔ ♔

i’m going to keep this short and sweet because i really have nothing spectacular to say.  we all know how follow sprees work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  i did some (early) spring cleaning and unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs and those who just didn’t post my current interests!  so reblog if you post any of the following and i’ll give your blog a look!

  • haikyuu!! (extra points for stage play!)
  • yuri!!! on ice
  • yowamushi pedal (extra points for the drama series!)
  • tbh sports anime in general
  • fullmetal alchemist
  • d. gray-man
  • noragami
  • shingeki no kyojin (for my sideblog)
  • ah fuck it, anime in general

extra points if you tag posts (especially political posts because i am Tired™ of drowning in them) also if you’re a creator of any kind that’s cool too, i write fics and we can #suffer together.  if mutuals could give me a hand and boost this that would be awesome!

I know all these political posts may be annoying. I dont usually post a lot of that stuff here but like I wanna make it clear in my own words just how important it is to vote.

Ive reblogged multiple posts about WHY its so important to vote Hillary and I’ll keep posting so hopefully more and more people see it. Unfollow if you like but at least understand that Im not trying to force some political agenda down your throat. Im scared.

Look, most of my loved ones are minorities in some way or another who will be affected if Trump is elected. I am terrified for them, Im terrified for myself and my girlfriend. I hope by now you realize why.

I know this all sucks, we dont have good candidates but please consider that one candidate is fit to be president the other HAS NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK HE IS DOING!! He got his twitter taken away folks and that just like the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you hate Hillary, I dont like her either, but after researching the third party candidates I have little to no confidence in their abilities. Not to mention most conservatives will vote Trump. We cant afford to split our vote, not now.

Please consider these words, please please please go vote Hillary, I know you may hate it but please protect my family and friends.