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Merrill + mirrors (not just the eluvian)

Merrill has never been vain, and the only mirror she remembers among the Dalish was one woman’s prized possession, a polished bronze disc traded for an exorbitant price at the last Arlathvhen.  Now, though, she finds herself sneaking glances at puddles and shop windows, holding up copper vessels in the market, staring at the crazed, cloudy surface of the eluvian.

“How did I get so lucky, kissing such a beautiful woman?”

She wants to see the face that made Hawke say it.

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ohmygod i love your blog so much! can you do headcanons regarding how the rfa + v and saeran would react to an mc who's never even kissed anyone before? lol i'm the only one out of my friends who's never been kissed and sometimes i feel so inexperienced 😔

(≧∇≦)/ You guys are so sweet to meeeee, aaaaaa!

And anon, don’t worry too much about it! The time will come, okay? I managed to uh…Do the deed more often than kissing. In fact, I’ve only been kissed once… orz I feel inexperienced too, but trust me, all those feelings go away when it finally happens, okay? 

It’s just another life experience we haven’t really gotten to have, yet! But we’ve experienced a lot of others to make up for it! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و


- Is there a way for him to actually have heart eyes?

- But no, he doesn’t mind. He thinks it’s super cute. How in the world did you manage to keep getting so adorable?

- “You’ve just been saving it for your Prince Charming, right~?”

- (Zen not everything is about you i s2g)

- After the two of you have your first official date, (Going to his secret spot and having a nice picnic he set up for the two of you), he’d want to end the date with a sweet kiss.

- He’d pull you into a light hug, brushing the hair away from your face, looking at you with such love in his eyes.

- “Princess, can I kiss you?”

- (What a dork)

- You shyly nod, and he gently presses his lips onto yours, only continuing the kiss when you try to kiss back.

- “Let’s hope we can share a lot more new experiences together, babe.”


- He….He’s only kissed his pillow at times

-(Seven said it was a good trick on learning how to kiss better!)

- But, when he finds out you haven’t kissed anyone either, his nerves quickly go away.

- He holds your hand and sheepishly rubs the back of his neck.

- “I haven’t either, but…I’m glad it’ll be with you.”

- The both of you are blushing like crazy.

- But when it comes to the two of you kissing for the first time, it’s sudden. The two of you were just spending time together- walking, window shopping, holding hands

- You were gushing over the view since it was such a nice day, and how happy you were warmed his heart

- He ended up just kissing you without thinking about it- Too infatuated with you

- When he pulled back, he’s instantly blushing and apologizing

- But he shuts up when you pull him in for another kiss


- You were shyly explaining how you weren’t used to dating whatsoever. That you were just inexperienced completely.

- “I mean… I haven’t even kissed a guy before.”

- Seven just looked at you sweetly, “Hey, me either.”

- (Seven i will personally kick your ass)

- He’d just say a few jokes to help ease your nerves. I mean, he hasn’t dated either, or really touched anywhere in that area. It’s cool, he’s okay with you not having much experience either!

- He even makes a puppet with his hand. “This has been my kissing partner for a while. You can try it too!” (Cue him kissing you with his hand like a puppet.)

- Your first kiss is one lazy morning- The two of you cuddling together. He’s whining because he doesn’t want to get out of bed. “You’re so comfyyyy~!”

- He’s so cute. Without thinking twice, your heart swelling with love, you end up kissing him.

- He’s surprised, but instantly kisses back.

- The two of you giggle a bit when you pull away, but continue to cuddle and share a few more smooches


- When he kissed you in the apartment, he had no idea he was your first. It explained why you were so red-faced over it. He just thought it was because he was being, ah, ‘smooth’?

- He doesn’t mind it. He actually thinks it’s a bit cute every time you get red-faced over it.

- He can’t say much either. He’s only had a few, erm, unwelcomed kisses from a few women.

- Yours was very nice, very welcoming.

- So, when you admit that you don’t really know how to kiss people, and you’re embarrassed about him kissing you so suddenly, he just kisses your forehead.

- “I think this is one of those ‘practice makes perfect’ situations, mc.”

- Ah geez

- He doesn’t mind you practicing on him, as long as he gets to do the same to you

- With maybe things more than just kissing…


- As soon as you even say the word ‘kiss’, she’s blushing

- Sure, she’s had a few bits of experience, but…Not with a woman.

- How?? Do you kiss?? Women??

-(Like you do with everyone else, jaehee)

- She doesn’t mind that you haven’t kissed anyone. It’s makes it a little less unnerving for her. I mean, you don’t have anyone you can compare her to, then…?

- She’s Panicking.

- But, when it does come time for the two of you to kiss, it’s a bit sudden.

- The two of you were closing the cafe for the night. Your first full work week! As Jaehee is checking the papers, she nearly starts crying from how happy she is.

- Profits are good, the shop isn’t going to go in debt within it’s first week, everything is just. Working.

- And she has you to thank for it.

- The two of you are hugging, and she’s just laughing and wiping away her happy tears.

- “I couldn’t have done this without you, mc. Thank you so much.”

- And there it is. Such a sweet kiss from Jaehee- She even tastes a bit like honey from a tea she was drinking.

- She pulls back, blushing a bit, but she smiles as soon as she sees you beaming

- She’s just! So happy!


- When you admit it to him, he blushes a bit, just smiling.

- “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, Jumin hasn’t kissed anyone either, and he’s older than you.”

- V….

- But he just pulls you into a hug.

- “I think it’s sweet that you trust me enough to tell me, and for me to possibly be your first.”

- When it become long enough that the two of you are going to be a thing, especially for a while, he decides to try and have a romantic evening with you

- He’s a bit well off, thanks to his family and photography skills, so the first kiss you two share is on the way back from a photo trip, on a boat he’s rented for the occasion.

- The sun is setting, your hair is blowing slightly in the wind, and he just can’t help himself from hugging you.

- When the two of you pull back, and you share a sweet gaze, he ducks his head and presses his lips against you. Giving one, two, and three kisses in a row.

- “I hope that was sufficient enough. You taste so sweet…”


- Baby is completely red.

- He… Doesn’t know how to kiss either. I mean, his busy life barely allowed for those random hook-ups, and he definitely never kissed those women.

- “It’s…. It’s not a big deal, mc. I, uh…Haven’t either.”

- Oh my god he’s so embarrassed telling you, but… You look a bit relieved, so he relaxes a bit.

- Yeah, it’s not a big deal. If he doesn’t think it’s bad you haven’t, you think the same for him…Right?

- The first time for the both of you is when you were cuddling with him on the couch. You were running your fingers through his hair, him humming a bit of appreciation from laying in your lap.

- He really liked relaxing like this- Watching a movie or just relaxing in silence. It helped him feel less anxious.

- He turned to lay on his back, looking up at you for a bit- His own fingers tracing lines on your free hand

- Slowly, he leans up and pulls you into a kiss. It’s a bit awkward due to the position, but the intention of showing his love is very clear

- He pulls back, his cheeks slightly pink. 

- “I…Love you.”


Bet he’s off to the side thinking, “Ugh, you children are disgusting just kiss the girl you won’t get the chance to later, Robin.”

Damn, she’s hot

Summery: You’ve been taken hostage and Bucky has a mission where your being held.

Word Count: 1,300+

Warnings: Themes of torture, death, guns, heights(idk if this is a trigger).

A/N: So this is my largest one shot so far, idea and proof reading from  @helllaellla AKA biggest cutie pie ever. Its kind of fluff, idk what it is really. *gif not mine. 

Key: Italics are Bucky’s thoughts. Speech with brackets are Russian (I don’t speak Russian and didn’t want to use google translate).

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

The mission was simple. Get in the building, get the information and get out. No unnecessary deaths and all hostages saved. Since Bucky knew the complex he was obviously Fury’s first choice, but Steve and Natasha were on standby.

‘You ready, James?’ Natasha called out from the cockpit. Bucky looked down at the vast white of Siberia and sighed.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be, Natalia!’ He shouted back. He looked over his shoulder at Steve who offered him a hopeful smile.

Despite being a supersoldier and master assassin Bucky was afraid of heights (he did die falling of a moving train). But he knew the mission had to be completed and he was best equipped for it. So he swallowed his fear and jumped out of the jet that was circling his target.

‘Okay, Barnes. Wait to open your parachute, we don’t want them spotting you’ Bucky could hear Maria’s voice through his earpiece. Modern technology is amazing. ‘3-2-1. Now!’

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alex - keeping her eyes closed for like thirty seconds after a kiss like the lil gay ass kid she is

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH i’ve made two different gifsets showing it it’s my absolute favorite sanvers kiss Thing. alex is still so surprised and taken aback by how good it feels to really kiss someone you care about, how good it feels for her to be kissing a woman. she’s feeling for the very first time how a kiss should feel, and she’s letting herself relish in that sensation, doing her best to lock it in her memory. it’s so good, so new, so unexpected to her that she feels the need to keep her eyes closed, like it’s a dream, like it’s something she’ll find out didn’t actually happen if she opens her eyes.

it makes me emotional i hope she keeps doing it.

send me a character/ship + one of their moments

“Tom teaches Chris how to kiss a woman”. [ Tom / Chris - One shot ]

Based onImagine: Having to kiss Chris on-screen while dating Tom.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: This was supposed to be an extended imagine but ended up being slightly longer. :}


Tom walks into her trailer.

The make-up artist, Jamie, is using a brush on her face but stops to look at Tom with a raised eyebrow.

She opens her eyes and follows Jamie’s line of sight.

-Tom! He’s fine, Jamie. He’s my boyfriend.

-Hello, darling. –Tom says approaching her and kissing the top of her head.

-What are you doing here? –She asks as Jamie gets back to work.

-I got to the theater and they said rehearsal had been canceled. I thought I could visit you and be a spectator. –He says sitting on the couch across from her.

The smile on her face fades as soon as she hears Tom’s next words.

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Taehyung Scenario: Severely.

Request: Helloooo~ Can I request a scenario? Please? :) I want a very dramatic angsty scenario of Tae, where you find him cheating on you and you run away but you get hit by a car and you end up in the hospital? But with a happy ending please :3

Genre: Angst / Drama

You didn’t know exactly when you had started to drift apart, but as days went by you felt your boyfriend farther and farther from you.
You were on your way home where he was supposed to be waiting for you, a part of you longed to be with him, just get there to be in his arms; but another part of you dreaded it, like you knew your fragile relationship could break apart at any second. 

You clutched your purse on your lap, you were on a taxi, not wanting to wait for the long line for the metro you decided to take this transport for the day, but you wondered if the taxi driver could see your watering eyes.

Just thinking about Taehyung made your heart hurt, you two were such a great couple but it appeared routine, work and life had made a big impact in your relationship. You wondered if it was because you had moved together, your mother had advised you to not do so until you were married, but you loved him too much and he loved you, you didn’t want to spend too much time apart and moving together seemed like the right decision. Now you were wondering if that could be one of the causes for your growing distance.

Lowering your head you cleaned away the couple of tears that were starting to escape from your eyes, you felt pathetic, you couldn’t even hold your emotions in public, but the thing was that the weight you felt was so terribly oppressing it didn’t give you much choice but let it out while you could. 

Because this was only when you were alone, you didn’t cry in front of Taehyung, even less you said anything about your fears or your hurting relationship. You tried to smile and caress his hair as always, not giving a hint of what you were really feeling inside, you had to be strong for the sake of your relationship, if you acted like everything was ok then everything would eventually be, or so you liked to think. You tried to not think of him texting away on his phone when he thought you weren’t watching, you tried not to think of him going to sleep without you. Taehyung used to always wait for you to go and sleep together, but not anymore.
Feeling a lump of your throat you fought the necessity to sob loudly, you were on a taxi, and besides you were already arriving home. Checking the time you breathed in deeply,  it was 6:30 of the afternoon, Taehyung would surely be there by now. You had to put a good front for him, for both of you.

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Push and Pull

“I know what you just saw but it’s not what it looked like” Taecyeon pleaded.
“Oh what a classic line, and I’m supposed to believe that?”
Everything was fine until now. You and Taecyeon were at a party of his friend’s and were having a great time dancing and socializing, having a few drinks here and there until you saw something you couldn’t even believe.

After dancing for a bit you both decided to sit down a take a break.
“You want something to drink?” Taecyeon asked you as the song ended.
“I was just going to ask you the same thing” you said with a laugh.
He laughed with you and said “Great minds think alike” before heading heading towards the bar area.
In the meantime you made your way to a large leather sofa that looked incredibly comfortable. You sat down and took a look around at the party once more. You didn’t really know anyone there but Taec stayed by your side the whole time and saved you from having to endure any awkward small talk by yourself. While looking around at all the decor and the other guests your eyes found Taecyeon. He was talking to a woman, which is something that you usually wouldn’t mind, until you saw how “friendly” they were being with each other. They were sitting at a couple of stools laughing together while she had her hand on his upper arm and he playfully nudged her with his elbow.
Although it wasn’t anything too big, you weren’t a fan of how touchy-feely they were being so you decided to go over to the bar and have him introduce you to her.
But as you were just about to reach the bar what you saw made your stomach turn. The woman he was talking to kissed him, right on the lips.
You froze mid step in complete disbelief.
Taecyeon’s eyes met yours and it took everything in you to just turn around and leave instead of closing the distance between you and him and causing a scene. You squeezed past the guests and headed towards the front door as quickly as possible, just wanting to be out of this place and away from Taec. You could feel him trying to catch up to you but you didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say. What excuse could he possibly have for letting some else kiss him?
As you got outside you felt a strong hand grab your arm and turn you around.
“________, please. I know what you just saw but it’s not what it looked like” Taecyeon pleaded.
“Oh what a classic line, and I’m supposed to believe that? It looked like you and someone else were kissing and there’s absolutely nothing you can say to change that.”
“Okay, that is true but she kissed me! I had no idea she was gonna do that, I swear. You know I would never do something like that.” His voice sounded sincere but it just didn’t make any sense to you.
“That’s a little hard to believe when you two were being all touchy-feely right before she kissed you. Just leave me alone, I don’t wanna hear anything you have to say right now” you said as you pulled your arm free from his grasp and walked to your car before he could speak again.
You got in, started the engine, and sped off.
You really wanted to just go home and forget about what happened but you knew Taec would get there right after you and try to convince you that he really didn’t kiss her back and you were not in the mood to deal with that right now. You drove around not really sure what to do until you saw a sign for the club that your best friend worked at and found a place to park.
As soon as you got in you were relieved to see she was working at the bar and ran over to her giving her a big hug as always before sitting down and telling her what had happened.
She listened intently and waited till you were done speaking before she said “Wow. I don’t even know what I would’ve done if I were you. But honestly, maybe you should hear him out. From what I’ve seen of him when you guys are together he definitely doesn’t look like he would do anything with another woman.”
“I know” you sighed “but I saw what I saw. Right now, just thinking about him makes me think of him kissing her and it makes me angry. I just need a moment before I talk to him again.”
She nodded her head in agreement “Thats probably a good idea. Well, want a shot while you’re here?” she said with a shy smile while presenting you with a shot glass and a bottle of vodka.
“A shot would be great right now.”
Somehow “a shot” turned into two shots and then three and four which was more than enough to make you drunk considering you had a couple drinks at the party earlier.
“My best friend” you called out singsong “I’m gonna need one more shot.”
“_______, you said that after your last shot and now you’re drunk. I’m not giving you another one.”
You tried to say “What? I’m not drunk” but it sounded more like “What? I’m no skunk”
She laughed and said “Yes I’m sure you’re not a skunk. Do you want me to call you a cab home?”
“Home? No way! I’m gonna go dance.”
You could see she was about to say something but stumbled your way to the dance floor before she could speak.
Dancing was always fun for you and it was even more fun when you were drunk because you could dance all night and not feel tired at all. You sashayed through the crowd until you found the perfect spot to dance and let loose.
It wasn’t long before you were moving completely in sync with the music, feeling it’s vibrations run through your body. It was almost as if your mind and body agreed to sober up enough to dance well but not so much that your mood would be killed.

You were entranced by the way the neon laser lights seemed to dance on your skin with you when you felt a pair of strong hands grip your waist. You were ready to turn around and tell whoever was touching you to back the hell off but you knew these hands.
Your friend must have told him you were here when she saw how drunk you were.
“What are you doing here?” Taecyeon whispered in your ear “you should be at home with me so we can talk about what happened.” You could tell he was annoyed and almost laughed out loud thinking about how annoyed he would be once he heard what you were going to say.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You should’ve just called your new girlfriend over and continued your make out session”
You twisted your waist out of his hold and danced past him, stealing a glance to see he was definitely annoyed and shocked.
It was time for him to have a little taste of his own medicine.
When he finally snapped out of it and turned around to see where you were he saw you approaching another man. You noticed he had been checking you out earlier and figured he wouldn’t mind dancing with you.
You looked back at Taec to make sure he was watching you and sure enough he was.
Without breaking eye contact with him, you reached up to bring the man closer to you and brought your lips to his ear to ask him if he wanted to dance.
Taecyeon was furious and you were loving it. Maybe now he would understand how you felt when he kissed that woman.
You watched him advance toward you while you danced making sure to give him a full show and making him even more angry. He reached you in no time and yanked you away from the guy much to his confusion and disappointment.
You let him lead you outside to your car with a proud smirk knowing you had made your point.
“Keys” he demanded.
You fumbled around in your jacket pocket and handed him the keys. For some reason he unlocked the back doors and motioned for you to get in. You were about to ask why but his facial expression told you it would be better to just get in.
He got in after you and immediately pinned you down to the seat with the weight of his body.
“What are you-”
He kissed you roughly not letting you finish your question.
“You’re really something else, you know that?” he said against your lips.
“I told you she kissed me not the other way around. I pushed her off but you were already turning around and didn’t see that. Now you’re here dancing with someone else and you’re making me insane.” His eyes were blazing at the point as they stared into yours.
Oh. Well you weren’t expecting that.
“How was I supposed to know” you mumbled feeling embarrassed.
“You would’ve known if you had let me talk. But now” he spoke quietly as he whispered in your ear “now we have another problem.”
He pressed his hips into you and you gasped feeling how hard he was through his jeans.
“Seeing you dance like that already made me want you but seeing you dance with that guy” he shook his head making his lips brush against your ear and causing a shiver to run through you.
“Now I can’t wait. It seems like I need to show you you’re mine so you’ll never forget it.”
“But we can’t do this here”
“Mm, we can, you just can’t be too loud” he teased as he kissed down your neck, biting and sucking.
A long moan escaped your lips and you knew there was no use fighting what you both wanted. You brought your fingers to his hair and pulled him into a heated kiss that he deepened even more. This kiss was different than your usual soft and playful kisses, it was passionate and a fight for dominance over the other. He wanted you to submit to him but you weren’t going to give in that easily.
He bit your bottom lip causing you to moan into his mouth and grind against his erection.
He let out a groan before pulling you up to take off your jacket and unzip your dress letting it fall down your hips and exposing your breasts.
You arched your chest up allowing him to kiss and suck on your breast while he brought his hand to the other and pinched your nipples gently.
As you reached for his shirt to take it off, his free hand grabbed yours and held them above your head.
“No no, I’m in charge, babe.” he said as he moved away from you. You grimaced at the empty feeling he left until he pulled your dress off completely and started to leave kisses down your stomach and your hips, then your thighs and going back up the same path ignoring the part of you that wanted to feel his lips the most.
You bit your lip in an attempt to hide how much you wanted him but you knew he wouldn’t go any further until you begged for him.
“Please, Taec. Don’t tease me.”
“But it’s so much fun to see you worked so worked up already” he chuckled and you could feel his lips brush past your already wet core.
Your hips intuitively moved upward but he moved away faster than you.
“Baby, please. I’m sorry for making you jealous I just- I need you. I need to feel you.”
You saw him smirk before he bit down on your inner thigh and pulled down your underwear.
He flicked your clit with his tongue and you let out a silent scream desperate for more.
He immediately sucked on your clit as he held your thighs apart preventing you from moving while he continued sucking and licking.
The combination of his tongue and not being able to move was driving you insane and you couldn’t control the loud moans and whimpers that escaped you. You were so close and he knew it.
His tongue left you causing you to whine and reach out for him.
“Ah ah” he teased while sitting up out of your reach “you have to earn it.”
Within moments you had stripped him down to his boxers and pulled them down freeing his erection.
Now it was your turn to get him worked up.
You pushed him onto the seat as you brought your knees to the floor of the car and slowly moved your hand up and down his length. He let his head fall back and groaned, already leaking pre cum from teasing you for so long.
“Taec, baby” you cooed waiting for him to lift his head and look at you. As soon as his eyes met yours you took his length into your mouth flattening your tongue as you went down making his eyes flutter shut in pure ecstasy. You loved seeing him so overwhelmed with pleasure just by your mouth and you took him even deeper earning a small whimper from him as he tangled his fingers in your hair and held you there.
You swallowed around him making his hips jerk up into your throat before you brought your lips up to his tip almost releasing him completely. Knowing how close he was, you sucked his tip hard and dug your nails into his thighs before moving off of him and giving him a wicked smile.
He opened his eyes and looked at you with confusion before realizing you did exactly what he did to you.
“Oh, you’re gonna regret that” he said with an equally wicked smile before pulling you up and onto his length in one move.
You cried out as he filled you up completely and he whispered in your ear, “We’re just getting started.”

Two Sinners and Tiny Demons | Oneshot.

pairing: Taehyung x Reader
words: 6799 words
warning: Mention of miscarriage and cheating.

genre: angsty, fluffy, with a dash of smut
a/n: This took two full days and im proud since its my longest fic yet. Shoutout to my sister for editing it for me, crying over it, and helping me pick who it should be

he was your sun and your moon and everything in between and now he was nothing but a ghostly memory and a few pictures on your phone.

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In 1986, Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis, a psychiatrist and expert on violent behavior, interviewed Ted Bundy four times per the request of his defense lawyers. These interviews were conducted in an effort to overturn his conviction by determining whether Ted had been mentally competent to stand trial in the Leach case or not. Dr. Lewis also interviewed Ted’s mother, his aunts, and some other family members who remembered Ted as a toddler while he and his mother still lived in Philadelphia. On January 23, 1989, the day before Ted’s execution, Dr. Lewis visited with him for more than four hours. Lewis later wrote in her book, Guilty by Reason of Insanity, that as she left the interview room “he bent down and kissed me on the cheek. With that I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek exactly as he had kissed me. And that is how I became the last woman to kiss Ted Bundy.”