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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)


Ok, so there is this bit in the ‘Alive’ short I have never understood.

Widow lands on a guards shoulder, dips down with him, shoots another guard, flips onto a hand to shoot another, uprights then kicks the shot guard.

Except I could not understand why she kicked the shot guy, So I watched it in slo motion and I suddenly realise just how badass this woman is.

So as shown in the pic above, she lands on his shoulders and shoots the guy.

However she does not bounce off into the handstand…




I am speechless, she literally downs three guards in the space of a few seconds before shooting another three.

and she does it by throwing a guard with her legs-upside down.

Did Talon give lessons in 'how to kill your enemy in the strangest way possible’?

Riddle me this

Genre: Hitman!Luke, Gang!5SOS, smut (yea basically mature content.)

Words: 26,334

Pairing: Reader x Luke

You’d think killing your sworn enemy should be easy. Then how come it’s not?

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Hi arabian-batboy. First of all big fan, Second, Jason Todd was killed at age 15 and wandered the world till he was about 16 until Talia found him and Ra's gave him a dunk in the Lazarus Pit. Now, if we are going by current DC timelines, which are admittedly vague, Damian would be about 5 or 6 years old when Jason was resurrected. Now Jason spent at least a year and maybe more at the compound and Tahlia was shown to care for Jason like her own son so at some point he and Damian meet right?

Trust me when I tell you that you just can’t figure it out no matter how much you try. DC has changed ages, events and timelines so many times over the years that you just can’t keep up with it.

Now, Jason did die at 15, that’s a fact. And we also know he spent at least 3 years dead before he came resurrected, so he was probably 18 (But at the same time still 15?) And then he spent sometime on the street before Talia took him in, we don’t know exactly how long he spent on the street but since Talia found out about him immediately after he got hospitalized then I don’t think she really wasted anytime on getting to him, so my theory is that he spent maximum of a few weeks or months there. And then it’s canon that he spent one year being with ToA where they tried to undo the brain damage he had but to no avail, so after that Talia finally threw him in the big L pit where he did regain conscious, so at the time of the dip he was at least 19 (But still 16?). And then of course he found out about Bruce replacing him and blah blah, so he spent even more time with ToL, so he can be thought things he doesn’t already now (How to kill your enemies 101), and you can see in a flashback (In a comic that bad-written Talia so much that I can’t even say its name) We have seen that he traveled to many places and have done many things, but what is interesting that the seasons in that flashback didn’t change that much, so taking all that into account I think that his training and preparations looked like it would take approximately 2 years. And then when all of that is done he would show up as Red Hood in the Under the Hood comic where he was probably 21 year old (But still 18 inside). 

Now it’s very hard to determine when would Damian fit in there, he showed up in 2006 at 10 year old just a few moths after Jason showed up in Under the Hood at 21 year old, so in my theorized timeline there’s 11 years difference between Jason and Damian, and in that timeline Jason has been with the LoA from when he was 18 until he was 21, so at that time Damian was probably 7 year old when Jason first came to them and almost 9 year old just when he left them.

So anyhow, where are all of the Fanart and Fanfics about teenage Jason and 7 year old Damian meeting each other at??

I love raids. But I always fuck up the One Particular Boss™

Feat best commander Aishe (I forgot about the tag bdhxhxjjs, @that-mesmer )

And my dearest samarog kiss partner fave engineer Lucio, @satansbooty

Well, that’s the most heartbreaking chapter of SnK since chapter 48

(for me anyways.) Child soldiers… Reiner’s awful father and Reiner’s desperate, childlike hope, and seeing that same innocence reflected in Gabi’s desire to inherit the Armored Titan… and Reiner pushing Falco to do for Gabi what Marcel did for Porco… it’s all so brutal and so unfair.

And if you think about it, the people on Paradis too use child soldiers–of course, there is the (important) factor that they are clearly being used to save their people as opposed to forcing children to commit genocide against their own people, but it’s so tragic that they’re in that position in the first place. And while the people on Paradis are thus far, far more sympathetic than the Marley (who currently have little sympathy from me), it adds to the already present theme that in war, you become like your enemy (like in how Bertolt, Reiner, and Annie killed Marco, and then the Survey Corps killed Bertolt in a clear parallel scene).

War is cruel. War is especially cruel to children no matter what side they’re on, and that’s true in our world and in SnK. The whole situation is just very sad.

Someone please stop the Marley from hurting any more people.

If something is made of dream, how are you going to kill it apart from waking up? If your enemy is made out of dream, how are you going to kill it? Silver bullet? No, you can only kill it by waking up.


For the 10 MONTHS marriage of Dersha , here a little prompt. Dersha just got engaged but unfortunately , right after Derek was going into the playoff. This is how Ahsha deal with her  Playoff Blues 

The concept of this story is a little different because I aim to stimulate both , your reading  and your vision at the same time. It does have some really sexual content ( neither throught words or image) . If you’re brave enough haha let me know if I succeed to create the effect I wanted, if it add a little something or not , and if you would like me to do more Visual Fanfic. Enjoy! 

THE PLAYOFF…This exciting period where only the best team of the NBA made it. That time where the championship and the title never been so close. That phase where every supporter was neither testifying their favorite team ascension or their downfall. The principle was really clear 6 or seven game , consecutive against the same team to reach the top two. It’s the most ecstatic period of the all basketball season but what the public doesn’t know was what was hapening behind. For the player, it was representing a huge moment of stress, harder work and practice , bigger performance on court. If the end was approaching, it was definitely the last sprint who matter. After winning their first ring last year , the Los Angeles Devil became the team to defeat. And it hadn’t been easy task. With the powerful trio Zero, Terrence and Derek , the all season was a runway of their win. They reached the playoff with no difficulties. But the things with sport….never release your effort. The playoff was an all different kind of game and unfortunately, with all the energy the Devil used to be Kings, the last couple days had been difficult for them
It was on every news paper and NBA journal , the Devil were in difficulties since the first series of the playoff against a talented team the Raptors. No one could have predict it but even if they won the first game of their series, the gap wasn’t as spectaculary that everyone expect. Even worse, they lost , from close the second game. Terrible news , the Raptors won the third game. It needed some maths to understand the matter of danger but not only the other team was running their series, against the lastest winner but if the Californian team was loosing two more games, it will be the end for them. So the danger was really there. and real. We can even imagine the stress the team was having on their shoulder. The all devil nation was counting on them. What we also do forget about the playoff is one rue, as long you win, you host the game. And since they were loosing, the devils were in Canada since a while now. 9 days exactly. Can seems not that much, but it was for newest fiance. Yes… Derek proposed during their cruise break. Ahsha had been the happiest with that magical proposal. So for her, even 9 minutes was too much , let alone 9 days in another country.
The bell of the mansion sound and how she heard it from all the noise was a miracle. Ahsha fully took possession of her new home now, the mansion. Who wouldn’t  ?! It was Kyle with no surprise. The blond girl saluted her best friend before reached the others in the living room. As often that she can, Ahsha was having the girls over , some neighbors, friend, people from the arena to watch the Devil game in the roman residence. Most of the time it was friendly and amusing, casual , but with the pressure of the playoff, everyone was eating on their nails. The game started and everyone hold his breath. At any point the Raptor were making we could hear some loud breath. It was ugly to watch. Even more when you related , personally, and intimately with one of the player. Ahsha wasn’t seeing the game like the rest. All she was eyes on was Derek, how he frown his eyes brow who was testifying of his anger, how his muscles were flexing anytime he was waiting on the ball and no one was giving to him. She could read on his lips the ‘fuck’ he was saying anytime the other teams score.

’ It seems like the Roman Emperor is completely out of his shoes’ said one of the commentator
’ The number just fall , it’s official , this is the worse game of Derek Roman in the all season ’

Couldn’t they hear how hurtful this comment were ? The female Alpha woke up in Ahsha. Derek was bad enough to have to hear this. She knew him like nobody else and even if she wasn’t a centimeter close to him , she just could sense how he was feeling right now. Playing ball was almost everything to him , win was in his blood , she could testify because he was always winning in the bedroom. Derek was just like that , he doesn’t like to lose. His ego was probably hurted to the hell and his biggest critic was himself. He will be hella hard on himself .

’ And another lose for the Devil. It seems lie they left their talent in Los Angeles. It’s getting hot for them because if they lose the next game , that will be it for them ’

On the big huge screen, Ahsha and her audience saw the red and black players, going to the locker room , all head down. She knew what it mean , her man won’t be back anytime soon. If they would have win this game, their asses would have been in the plane in a hour, but since the winner host the game, they will stay in Canada. The next game of the series wasn’t until two days…It was meaning more days away. Los Angeles , at the Mansion, or in Canada , the mood was the same, defeat. What the hell was going on with the champion.
“ You should call your dad Ahsha ” Sloane proposed. In this hard time and defeat , he will use some comfort from his daughter. Even if Ahsha didn’t think about call her father first.

The defeat was affecting every fiber of every person. Dinner never been more silent at the restaurant hotel. It became heavy. No once in the competition they lost two games successively , even less three. The threat was above their head, if they weren’t winning the next two games , they can say bye bye to the title. On the Table, Pete’s phone vibrated.
“ That’s your fiance ” he said , showing to Derek. Having some news from his baby was always making him happier.
“ I’ll take the second turn ” Derek teased. Every time the boys were away, Ahsha was trying to call them when they could answer. It actually something she had from her parents. Sloane knew what it was to be with a player, what it involve and now her daughter was getting deeper in that life. She was about to marry Derek. She stayed with her dad on the phone just couple minute, enough to show him support. When players were loosing, it was also a lose for the coach. A team was like a little family . Ahsha didn’t had to wait two detonation that she already heard her man breath.
“ Babe ?” he said , him too was kinda hurry to talk to his baby
“ Hey love…how you feel ?” Her voice , to the other side of the phone was making all the difference. He was already feeling better why Ahsha knew she was walking on eggs. She wasn’t sure if Derek will want to talk about it or be distract.
“ It suck Ahs’ for real , I don’t know what the hell is going on with us, we’re just not to the level  ”
The fiance could heard exactely what she expected. Derek was disappointed , hard on himself . Auto critic and out of option. He was frustrated and angry , really. He didn’t want to yell on the phone but he wasn’t satisfy on how they were playing. Sometime…your worse enemy is yourself.
“ You guys killed it all season Derek , of course you’re exhausted now. Don’t push it too hard in practice. I think what you need is rest , clear your head instead of constanly thinking about the win. Remember your passion love , remember why you play let your heart be on the court and you will shy like always ” Ahsha said. She heard some light noise in the background which was indicate he was moving. Indeed , he was walking to his hotel room. Derek wanted some intimacy and lay down on his bed. Having Ahsha on the phone, while they were apart, was like listening to a calm song, or the wave of the ocean. It was his peaceful place when he was on a away game.
“ I knew I proposed to the good one ” he teased her. The player didn’t need to say so but he will take Ahsha’s wise word and advice. She was right in some way. He was so focus on the competition that he was distract from the actual game. Also in LA, Ahsha was on their bed, laying down, feeling the absence of her favorite human being with depth. What he said remembered her their recent engagement, and she looked at her ring, to her finger, the argent thing who was surrounding it
“ And you , how are you ? Did you had a good day ”
The devil girl really wanted to be strong and sound like she was ok. Several time they had this conversation and be away for a game wasn’t what people can imagine, what the athlete partner can think. Even if they could , they weren’t having parties in their room , they weren’t joined with girls, in light outfit and the alcohol wasn’t flowing like the rain. It was the playoff, the biggest moment of the championship. They needed to keep all of their strength. They needed to be support and cheer up. Really didn’t need to feel guilty for being away. But Derek and Ahsha also wanted to be honest with each other. At a period of their relationship , having Derek leaving became unbearable for Ahsha and she suffered of several breakdown, didn’t open up to her man and just ended up arguing all the time
“ I’m good, I had everybody over tonight and we watched the game ” She started “ but I miss you. Derek… I terribly miss you. I just want  you to be here, and be in your arms. We just got engaged, like 9 days ago. I wished we’re still on that cruise babe” At least she didn’t cry , she kept her tears for herself but the truth was out. The transition between the break and go back to the game hadn’t been easy. From being alone, on a boat , having for only company the blue of the ocean, the warm of the sun and the exotism of the food, now Ahsha was in LA and Derek in Canada
“ I know babe… I know” He said. Right now , he just wanted to hug his babe “ But look at this , as soon that I’m back , we can go celebrate. You know that we actually never…celebrate our engagement at home. Maybe we can fix this too” He was having his suave voice on. The charming and seductive voice… Celebrate wasn’t meaning, celebrate. It was meaning sex. 9 days apart, 9 days without sex. Also a long period.
“ Go kick some ass for you can come home and we celebrate”
They stayed on the phone until Ahsha fell asleep. The playoff blues wasn’t cool , but what is also involving great  reunion

2 days later

Derek Roman is in fired! Another three point’
’ The Roman Emperor is going down for his title. He is UNSTOPPABLE’
’ The devil aren’t ready to give up to the ring. I repeat…the devils are not ready to give up! It’s a win! Next Game on the Los Angeles floor’

5 days later


That night , at the Rome , the audience and crowd was just ecstatic. From a really bad beginning , the team was now on the duet who will fight for the win. The title was that close to them. And the night was about to be promising. Couple dances move, good mood, some drink and inapropriate kisses Derek finally decided to bring his fiance back home. The man didn’t forget about their ’ celebration’ . he got rid of his clothes himself and  he was just in boxer , waiting on his prey to come out from the  bathroom of their bedroom

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Tom Riddle's Guide on How to Get a Boyfriend:

The following is an excerpt from ‘Tom Riddle’s Guide on How to Get a Boyfriend’:

Step 1) Try to kill him.

Step 2) Fail to kill him.

Step 3) Raise him and teach him how to kill your enemies.

Step 4) ? (Involves alcohol, ropes, coercion and some indecent behaviours.)

Step 5) Lives happily ever after, while ruling over the world. #Winning

(Found on the end notes of Chapter 17 in “Forever is a Long Time” by coconut90.)

Tain: Is He Really A Monster?

Oh boy, look at this big ol’ can of worms I’m about to slice open! Let’s see how many followers I lose for this one.

It seems to be an almost universal thing in this fandom that Tain is hated. He was a cold, abusive, man who wouldn’t even claim his own son–or was he? Before I dive into this anymore I am going to say this: I do not condone abuse. Abuse is wrong. I’m not defending abusers. I am simply interested in laying out the information and seeing if we might be able to look at them in a more objective, logical, manner.

Fandom pretty much accepts that Tain is the Asshole of All Assholes, that he was abusive and unloving to Garak, and caused his claustrophobia, among other things.

The claustrophobia issue seems the easiest to address so I will attack that one first.

The commonly accepted thing in fanon is that Garak’s claustrophobia stems from Tain locking him into closets as a punishment when he was a child. I’ve even fallen into thinking this too as it is very easy to go along with these things when they are so widely reinforced.

But Jerry, you say, Garak SAID that Tain locked him a closet when he was a child. Yes, he did… Garak says many things, and very few of them are true. I think it’s very, very, likely that this was a lie and here’s why. Garak mentions the closet story as an explanation for his claustrophobia while he’s having a ‘therapy’ session with Ezri. Garak doesn’t like Ezri. He’s told her off before. He’s not an open person AT ALL. He has no reason to be honest with her. He’s far closer with his friend Bashir and he lies to Julian all the time. Do we REALLY believe that Garak is going to be truthful to Ezri during a therapy session? He’s already told her he doesn’t have daddy issues (I think he does, just maybe not the ones people generally think of) so contributing his claustrophobia to his father? He’s telling Ezri what she wants to hear. Garak knows how to play the game, and he’s playing it.

Furthermore, Garak speaks about the root of his claustrophobia another time, and oddly enough this seems to get ignored in fandom because… well… it’s accepted that it was Tain’s fault.

The second time we hear an explanation for Garak’s claustrophobia is when he’s ALONE, having a claustrophobic attack, and talking to himself. Now, in which scenario is Garak more likely to be truthful? When he’s in a ridiculous therapy session with someone he does not like nor trust (okay, who does Garak REALLY trust?), or when he’s alone and already panicking. It’s very difficult to lie when one is panicking, and what reason would he have to lie about that when he’s by himself? In this scene Garak mentions when he was held captive and the walls were moving/collapsing on him.

If we’re going to dissect Garak’s lies and truth… it seems pretty obvious which of these is more likely to be true.

Going on from the talk of Garak’s lies… we all know that Garak lies. We know to listen to him differently because any truth he is speaking is wrapped up in all of this other stuff. We know we can’t take it at face value and we have to tear it apart and really think about it to figure out the heart of what he is getting at.

I wonder how Garak learned to lie so well? Do we think that someone taught him these skills? Who would have been his teacher… obviously that would have been Tain. So if we know and accept that we have to read Garak with these special lie/truth goggles, then we probably should be looking at Tain in the same way. Ouch, right? If we give Tain that same glance… it might just show us something that’s not as big of a monster as fandom wants it to be.

Now, I’m going to give some examples of how this could be true when looking at Tain through ‘Garak goggles’.

Enabran Tain:   Oh, don’t thank me. I’m not doing Garak any favors. He doesn’t deserve a quick death. On the contrary, I want him to live a long, miserable life. I want him to grow old on that station, surrounded by people who hate him, knowing that he’ll never come home again.
Dr. Julian Bashir:   What a lovely sentiment.
Enabran Tain:   And it’s from the heart, I assure you. 

This sounds like a very awful thing to say about your son. Everyone hates Tain for saying this. We hear it and immediately want to punch him in the face because WE LOVE GARAK and we MUST PROTECT HIM. But wait…

If we are looking at these statements the same way we’d look at them if Garak said this things what would we see? After all, Garak’s said nasty things that we don’t believe as being true, right? Like his whole ‘I hate this place and I hate you’ speech to Julian. It’s not the best comparison because yes, Garak is coming down off of his wire, so he’s very angry and out of it. But nobody in fandom believes that Garak really hates Julian. So, back to this Tain thing. How much of what Tain is saying is true?

“I want him to live a long life. I want him to grow old.”

What if that is the truth in that paragraph? The truth that is surrounded by all these hard, cruel, cold things? Well WHY would someone’s father say that if they loved them? Tain’s the head of the Obsidian Order, that’s why. He talks about sentiment, how it cannot be afforded, yet Garak has always been his weakness.

The fact that Tain wants Garak to live is repeated again later on.

Enabran Tain:   Elim - promise me one thing.
Elim Garak:   I’m listening.
Enabran Tain:   Don’t die here. Escape. Live.
Elim Garak:   Let me guess - so that I can make the Dominion pay for what they’ve done to you?
Enabran Tain:   You wouldn’t deny an old man his revenge, would you?
Elim Garak:   I’ll do as you ask - on one condition: that you don’t ask me this favor as a mentor or a superior officer - but as a father asking his son.

Don’t die here. Escape. LIVE.

Tain is dying, and he says this to Garak. Garak’s next line makes me wonder if Garak is covering for Tain’s ‘weakness’ by saying ‘oh let me guess so I can make people pay’ and Tain remembers his mask and says, yes, you wouldn’t deny an old man his revenge, would you? If you listen to the tones of their voices during those lines it really sounds this little cover that they are holding up to remind each other that Tain doesn’t like this idea of ‘sentiment’. I’m not sure I’m explaining that well or not but… listen to the tone of voices there. Then Garak’s tone and demeanor changes to something very serious. He wants to address Tain as his son. Things are getting real, we’re lowering the mask a bit again because there’s not much time left.

Enabran Tain:   Elim - remember that day in the country? You must have been almost five.
Elim Garak:   How can I forget it? It was the only day.
Enabran Tain:   I can still see you… on the back of that riding hound. You must have fallen off a dozen times. But you never gave up.
Elim Garak:   I remember limping home… You held my hand.
Enabran Tain:   I was very proud of you… that day…

This conversation is always a hard one to watch. It’s painful. Garak does have his daddy issues. He would do anything to gain this man’s approval. He wants very much to please his father, and to have some sort of acknowledgement that he was a good son. Tain begins on this story about ‘that day in the country’. How can I forget it? It was the only day.

I always found the wording in the line ‘it was the only day’ a little odd. I couldn’t figure out why. It just seemed like a strange answer from Garak. But finally after puzzling over it, I think I may have figured out why. I don’t think that nice day in the country exists. Obviously that is my opinion, but again, we have to take into account how Garak lies, and who he learned to lie from, and both of these liars are holding a conversation with each other so what is really happening?

More double talking and tidbits of truth wrapped in stories, as Cardassians do. Garak asks Bashir to come to his shop and buy a suit, but that’s not what he wants. Another odd part of the conversation to me was always “I was very proud of you… that day”.  Everything Garak says is very deliberate all the way down to word choice, tone, inflection, and pauses. Tain speaks the same way. He adds on ‘that day’ after a pause that is pretty drawn out so that it almost seems awkward. Why the pause? Because he’s still keeping the little riding hound story going and hiding his truths in there. I think that maybe the important bit of the riding hound story is this:

You never gave up.

You held my hand.

I was very proud of you.

“You never gave up” is pretty self explanatory: Elim, you have never given up, no matter what has happened to you.

“You held my hand”: Enabran, you were my mentor, my teacher. You metaphorically held my hand.

“I was very proud of you”: Not just on ‘that day’. Really. I was very proud of you.

This is how Cardassians, or at the very least, how Garak and Tain speak. They speak in riddles, metaphors, pauses, nuance, and lies.

You may still be asking some questions, though. If this is possibly true that Tain is not this ‘monster’, then why did Tain exile Garak? Exile was HELL for Garak. WHY would Tain do that to him if he gave a damn?

To protect him.

But why would Tain refuse to acknowledge Garak as his son? He does this even on his death bed at first–’But you’re not my son!’ he says, in an almost panicked, NOT vicious or hateful, voice.

To protect him.

Being head of the Obsidian Order is dangerous. It is not only dangerous to that head, but it is dangerous to the family of that head, and anyone that person cares for. Cardassians are vicious and ruthless. How better to hurt your enemy than by killing off his child? Family is everything.

Tain denies that Garak is his son. But he doesn’t kill him (even though he says ‘I should have had your mother killed before you were born’), he does not orphan Garak and turn him out onto the streets, either. Tain keeps him close in his own home. Tain sets him up with parental figures. Even if Tolan isn’t Garak’s father, even if Garak’s parents are a lie, he still at least has these adult parental figures who care for him in his life. He is given a surrogate family. He is raised with food, clothing, and shelter.

Tain even makes sure that Garak has a future by teaching him himself, and bringing him into the family business, so to speak. Now, I’m not saying it’s a good thing to mold your kid into being a spy, assassin, etc. I’m not saying Tain did EVERYTHING out of the GOODNESS of his heart. Garak was useful to him too. Garak was a tool. Tain knew there was potential there and he wanted to use it and maybe it’s likely that he would have liked to have seen his son take his place as head of the Order when he was too old to continue. A lot of parents are like that–they put that kind of thing onto their child. 

In this way Tain kind of reminds me of a godfather–not that kind of godfather, but a mafia godfather. To outsiders that life seems harsh, ruthless, dangerous, not something most of us would want for a child, not something most of us would want our parents to do to us. But… this is just sort of what Tain does. If you’re a mafia boss or a career criminal you are used to training people to do these things, you are used to death, and violence, and danger. That’s just the life. That’s just the way it is.

This doesn’t even take into account that we’re speaking of a whole other alien culture here. It seems to me that Cardassians and humans do not often think the same way–different morals, values, brain wiring, cultural/societal norms, etc. Of course there are exceptions to anything. But out of all the Cardassians we see, how many of them seemed very concerned with the sort of morals humans do? How many of them seem to view death, or killing, in the same light as humans do? There are some, yes. But a lot of Cardassians seem to be just wired with this ‘do what you have to do’ attitude.

You do what you have to do to climb the ladder of power and gain respect if you’re Dukat. You do what you have to do for Cardassia if you are Garak, and Damar. You do what you have to do for your family.

Which leads me to one last thing.

Why does fandom really want to latch onto and support Garak’s ‘tragic backstory’? There could be many reasons. It is true that characters often become more easily to relate to when they have something like this, but maybe Garak doesn’t need it. Do people support it to give Garak an ‘excuse’ for some of his actions? Probably–but I think doing too much of that takes away some of Garak’s Cardassian-ness. Oh, I think a bit of it can be applied–as I said I do think Garak does have some daddy issues. I’m not saying that all of Tain’s choices were ‘good’ (whatever ‘good’ means) or that some of them did not give Garak some issues. It seems obvious that Garak REALLY wants yadek’s approval. He really wants to be a good son. He needed to hear before Tain died that Tain was proud of him–so one could conjecture it’s quite possible that Tain was not the type of mentor to tell Garak that he was proud of him, that he’d done a good job, and Garak has needed to hear it from Tain that he was a good son.

Garak’s drive is always that more than anything else I think–to be a good son to Tain, and to be a good son to Cardassia.

He doesn’t need a tragic backstory to excuse the things he has done in his past, or to make up for them, or to place the blame elsewhere. Garak has done horrible things. Does he feel guilty over any of them? Maybe. Probably. But he did them and why…

For Cardassia. Because Family is Everything. Because Garak is a Cardassian.

Is Garak a monster because he’s done these things? Yes, and no. Is Tain a monster for the things he’s done? Yes, and no. It depends upon whose eyes you are viewing from… from Federation eyes, or Cardassian eyes. Everything is subjective. I think if we take off our human-emotional goggles and re-watch these things while thinking like a Cardassian we will find that there is a LOT more to these stories and words than what meets the eye. Don’t accept every word as the truth. Read around it, above it, below it, behind it. To understand a Cardassian you have to think like one and if we do that… then I think we might find ourselves a little closer to the truth than we were before.

How Signs kill off their enemies.
  • Aries: Bullet between the eyes, but with a wooden bullet (because of astheics)
  • Taurus: Thrown off a moving vehicle into a perfectly positioned wood chipper
  • Gemini: Limbs ripped off and slapped silly with their own arms
  • Cancer: Spiders?
  • Leo: Giant Jenga tower made of cacti falls on them
  • Virgo: Any way the Brother Grims would kill someone
  • Libra: Poisoned their double-shot extra whip soy milk mocha latte
  • Scorpio: Hitman that does impressions of various English Prime Ministers
  • Sagitarius: A secret combo-move from any Street Fighter game
  • Capricorn: Killed by kindness
  • Auqarius: Hunger Games: The Musical
  • Pisces: An act of God not watching the stove