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Count To Ten - Chapter 10

Regina Mills is a homicide detective with a 10 year old son, tough as nail and hunted by a more than painful past. Lieutenant Robin Locksley is a fire marshal also a single parent and both are forced to work together catching one of the worst serial killers Chicago has ever seen. Will they overcome their differences and bring the murderer to justice?

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Regina is shaking all over; the only thing keeping her upright is Robin. Leopold’s grave is destroyed- burnt to the ground. Burnt down by a man who killed five people, burnt down to avenge what her stepfather did to her.

How did he know? She has only told a handful of people.

Her mother, Zelena, David, Daniel and now Robin and she knows none of them told her little horror story to someone else. So how does this fucking sociopath knows her dark painful secret?

And how much else does he know?

She hasn’t said a word yet but she can feel many worried eyes on her. Eyes belonging to her team. Gold got Emma, Neal and Archie and Regina knows she has to tell them, has to explain what the killer means with this letter. She doesn’t want to, doesn’t know if she can but the simple truth is she doesn’t have a choice.

This letter changes a lot. They have a motive now. The killings aren’t random, this is about revenge. An eye for an eye. The cycle of abuse taken to a new level.

“Regina…what does this mean? What he is talking about?” Neal’s uncertain voice rips her out of her thoughts. He is nervous; clearly doesn’t want know but is aware that he has to. Emma is unusually calm, reading the letter over and over again.

She has to tell them- thankfully just them for now, Gold assured her but it doesn’t make this any easier. Regina can feel Robin’s grip on her shoulder tighten for a moment before rubbing soothing circles again. Telling her she isn’t alone in this.

She can do this. She has to do this.

“Regina?” Emma asks quietly as Regina still hasn’t said a word.

“Maybe we should do this later, give Regina some space,” Archie suggests but Regina interrupts him. She has to do this, and not telling it now is only putting off the inventible.

“No we’ll do this now. Its needed information and it won’t be any easier if I have to tell you it in an hour. Let’s just get this over with.”

She can feel Robin come a bit closer but he remains silent. He gets that she has to do this now.

“As you all are aware Leopold was my stepfather and that we didn’t get along all that well.”

Regina takes a deep breath and just says it.

“Leopold sexually abused me in my teenage years and as you can all guess was never punished for it. I’ve only told this to very few people in my life whom I trust explicitly to keep their mouth shut about it. I do not know how he found out about it.”

There is a moment of silence in the room before Neal speaks up

“I’m sorry Regina.”

“I have no use for your pity, Cassidy. I need you to focus. This information changes things, we have a motive now. Let’s use that to take him down.”

Regina is completely calm, mask perfectly in place. She will break down later.

“We will Regina. But we are your friends not just you co-workers. Are you… I mean I know you aren’t okay but… are you okay?” Emma babbles, not sure how to comfort her friend just right now.

“I’m fine Miss Swan. Now stop standing around like a bunch of idiots and get to work.”

Both Emma and Neal nod and figure it’s better to do as asked. Emma squeezes Regina’s shoulder on the way out and Regina manages a small smile. She knows Emma’s past wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns either so the other woman might understand more than she lets on.

“Regina if you want to talk… you have a lot on your plate right now.”

“As I said Dr. Hopper I’m fine. Thank you for the offer though. I have work do to now.”

With that Regina stands up and leaves Gold’s office- Gold, who has stayed mostly silent but she can see his anger on her behalf. She needs a moment to herself. She walks out, walks to the bathroom and locks herself in. Her head is throbbing but it’s nothing against the pain in her heart. Memories crashing down on her, memories of Leopold’s hands on her, of him holding her down, of feeling so damn helpless, of feeling worthless.

She’s shaking, not from fear but from anger. This pain- her past- it is her pain, hers alone and he had no right to use it, to compare them, to justify killing those people. No matter what exactly happened to him, to this person… Ruby and Ariel were innocents and he dared to compare them.

Regina can’t hold back the tears anymore, they break free and god it hurts, everything hurts and she can’t breathe. Can’t till she suddenly feels arms around her, strong arms holding her. Holding her soothingly; arms here to comfort, not to restrain and she tenses up at first, struggles against it (he immediately lets go) but then she hears his voice, his warm and calm voice and suddenly all she wants is to be held. She lets him hold her and cries.

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On CNN it says that 400 white people got killed by police in 2014 and only 223 black people got killed and some who're racist assholes are tweeting the statistic pic and I'm not sure how to retaliate and also it can't be tru ! :/ but it was on CNN

They’re the same ones who bring up crime statistics and talk about per capita but they won’t bring it up here. Tell em that that percent is also disproportionate to the black population. 

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How do you feel about people using one of your Cosplay pics as a background? Not just your kill la kill but ranma and others

Like I am some kind of faux model X’D. I’ve only ever known of friends or my sis & I using our group photos as wallpapers and so on, but I don’t mind if someone out there wants to. For me I always prefer official art or fan art to cosplay pics, but I’m flattered either way!!