how to keep from going crazy when you are alone with a toddler

That’s Preposterous (Derek)

I am so sorry this took so long, and although i have plenty of excuses, i shouldn’t have to use them cause guess what it’s here and it’s turned into 4 things cause I didn’t think you’d appreciate a super long fic

That’s Crazy //  That’s Absur

It’d been six months since Derek put two and two together and made a baby, or well, recognised your baby as his.

It had also been six months since Derek had screamed, roared, hissed, snarled, raged, stormed and shouted at you- which had been quite the experience since he’d done it all from 3 feet away, which likely had to do with the fact that he thought you were disgusting, something he’d mentioned several times in the rant.

It had been six months since Derek had spoken a word to you beyond “Can I have my daughter” and “I’m here to drop off my girl”, as well. You hadn’t missed the way he only referred to her as his, as if she’d magically appeared and hadn’t been shoved out of your body in a seven-hour labour.

“How’s my little girl?” Lydia coos, rubbing the chubby cheek of the raven haired cherub and you swallow hard as she wails furiously. Lydia isn’t perturbed anymore, and continues to coo at her until the little angel gives in and stops crying. “I love her. She’s just like you.”

“Like Derek.” You counter, as you always do when someone compares the two of you. The guilt, which had been eating you alive for the first three months since the revelation, had dulled into a sullen comment every time someone compared you and your perfect baby.

“No, like you.” Lydia coos, letting the infant squeeze her finger. “She’s so picky, she’s obsessed with family and that’s like you.”

“You suck.” You chuckle wetly, sniffling and internally cursing yourself.

“What did you say?” Derek snaps, his voice suddenly behind you and you sniffle once more, quickly wipe away the stray tears and rise to face him.

“Hi Derek, the little munchkins all packed up.”

“What did you say to her?” Derek snaps, ignoring you entirely to keep his gaze and fury on Lydia who scowls at him.

“The first kind word she’s heard in ages, no thanks to you.” Lydia snaps back, white hot fury in her eyes and Derek scowls, but goes silent.

“I- Is everything gonna be okay on your end? I can keep her for another few hours.” You stutter uselessly, having knelt beside the stroller the moment Lydia had turned on him. No point in letting the sweetest little girl in the world notice the tiffle. And you’re not interested in handing your girl over when he’s angry.

“I’m fine.” Derek growls, crossing round the bench and dropping to a crouch on the other side of the stroller. “Hello, my little princess.”

You have to look away, and perhaps block your ears. His face is too soft, his voice too soft, it’s all too much- you’d run for a reason and every time he got near that little girl, the reasons seemed to blow away like leaves, only to stack back up once he had her and you were left alone again.

“I’ll see her tomorrow night at the pack dinner, right?” You ask, sounding like a desperate addict- which is what you are, and he nods curtly. Without another word, he rises and rounds the stroller. As he takes the bag from Lydia, you press kisses everywhere you can reach on the baby, revelling in the laugh it draws from her lips.

“Bye bye.” You coo gently, stepping back and letting Derek wheel her away.

Scott stares at your slumped form on the couch and sighs, before plopping down beside you and offering you some popcorn.

“I was gonna watch a movie, you interested?”

“Okay.” You answer softly, if only so you don’t have to go up to your room with the crib and the baby toys in it. It’s just a few nights, and you’ll see her tomorrow night. It’s nothing.

“She’s with Derek, huh?” Scott says after a few moments and you shrug, staying quiet. You’re not hiding her under the couch. “That sucks.”

“Yeah.” You agree and you glance at him, frowning as you note the real disappointment in his face. He likes her, he likes the baby that cries and screams every time he holds her and wakes him up in the middle of the night. Nature is amazing. “I love you, Scotty.”

“Love you too.”

Bouncing from foot to foot, you stand by the doorway like an excited pup as Scott clatters through the house.

“Okay, I’m ready.” He says, grinning and you fling the door open, bounding down the stairs with Scott hot on your heels.

Your excitement is unstoppable, in just a few short minutes you’ll see your little tiny baby and you can hold her and hear her wail when Scott kisses her soft head.

As Scott pulls out of the driveway, Stiles’ blue jeep comes flying up the road, jerking roughly to miss hitting your car.

“Dammit, Stiles!” You shout, clutching your heart and glowering. In moments, the lanky idiot has transferred himself from the jeep to your car and you wiggle unhappily at the delay.


“Shut up.”

“We’re here!” Stiles announces from the doorway, an angry baby shout eclipsing the greeting and Derek scowls at Stiles from the kitchen.

“She’d just gone quiet, dick.” He snaps, setting a pot on the center of the table and you can see he’s about to move to quiet her but you wave him off. Nearly skipping, you scoop the tiny bundle from the crib and hold her close for a moment, just inhaling and feeling the weight of her.

“Hello.” You coo softly to the quiet baby, “Hello, hello, hello.”

At her gurgle, you hold back a laugh of delight.

“She’s never going to like other people if you coddle her.” Derek mutters sourly and you go rigid. Is- That’s not fair.

“She’s barely a toddler, man.” Scott says quietly, not wanting to interject but he knows you won’t stick up for yourself. All of them know it because all of them know how guilty you are, or at least, all of them excluding Derek.

“And she doesn’t need to like us.” Stiles pipes up like an idiot. His grin is goofy as he comes up beside you and tickles her soft cheek. At her silence, you hide your triumphant smile behind her little body. “And look at that, it’s just you who can’t keep her quiet.”

Derek goes still and you groan softly.

“He didn’t mean it like that.” You put in, but he clearly doesn’t hear you by his lack of reaction.

“She’s my daughter.” He hisses and Stiles shrugs, utterly oblivious with his back to Derek as he continues to tickle to gurgling baby.

“I’m just saying, she has a favourite.” Stiles continues and you smack him hard. “What?”

“Shut up.”

“Don’t act like you don’t agree.” Derek snaps, turning his anger on you and you steel yourself to weather another storm of rage.

“Can I hold her?” Scott asks quietly, giving you a pointed look and you pause a moment before handing her over to him. At her soft complaint, you smile, but not before Scott shoots you another pointed look and your shoulders sag. Apparently, weathering isn’t allowed anymore.

“Alright, Derek.” You say, turning on him as Scott and Stiles scuttle into the other room. “What’d ya say we have a right throwdown.”

“I’m not picking a fight.” He huffs, picking a fight.

“That’s an outright lie and even if it were true, I’m gonna pick a fight.” You shrug, sniffing the pot he’d put on the table and instantly regretting what you’re about to do. So good. “I do agree with Stiles, you’re being a f*cking jerk to me and it’s obvious. She’s a baby, sure, but you didn’t miss anything! She wasn’t quite two months old and you’re acting like I kept her from you for five years.”

“I am not.”

“Shut up!” You shout, turning the heat up. “It’s not your turn to shout at me, you had your chance and you made it all abundantly clear. I’m sick to death of you ignoring me, pretending like there is no history between us, acting like that isn’t my daughter in the other room.”

“I never said she wasn’t yours, you maniac-”

“You implied it ever damn time you saw her.” You scoff, meeting his eyes and trying to ignore the way your heart clenches. “I left because I didn’t think you’d want this, that I didn’t think you’d want me or her or any of it and if you didn’t want us then we’d have a target on our back and no one to protect us. I don’t mean you, Scott.”

You don’t doubt he’s listening and relaying everything to Stiles. Or that Stiles can hear you on his own, even.

“I loved you!” Derek shouts and you laugh, waving off the sentiment.

“You’d never commit, I needed commitment and that’s not you! Being in love with someone doesn’t mean everything goes away, if anything, loving you made it clearer that I needed to get out of dodge. She’s my baby and I had to take every precaution, and that included giving her a life where she never had to know her dad didn’t want her.”

“I do want her! I wanted her even when I didn’t know she existed! I’ve wanted you for years, I even suggested rebuilding the old house to show you I wanted you!” He shouts and you can’t resist rolling your eyes.

“You implied it ever damn time you saw her.” You scoff, meeting his eyes and trying to ignore the way your heart clenches. “I left because I didn’t think you’d want this, that I didn’t think you’d want me or her or any of it and if you didn’t want us then we’d have a target on our back and no one to protect us. I don’t mean you, Scott.”

You don’t doubt he’s listening and relaying everything to Stiles. Or that Stiles can hear you on his own, even.

“I loved you!” Derek shouts and you laugh, waving off the sentiment.

“You’d never commit, I needed commitment and that’s not you! Being in love with someone doesn’t mean everything goes away, if anything, loving you made it clearer that I needed to get out of dodge. She’s my baby and I had to take every precaution, and that included giving her a life where she never had to know her dad didn’t want her.”

“I do want her! I wanted her even when I didn’t know she existed! I’ve wanted you for years, I even suggested rebuilding the old house to show you I wanted you!” He shouts and you can’t resist rolling your eyes.

“You can’t say you want to build a family home and expect me to try and put a ring on it! We were f*cking, not dating, idiot. Not to mention the fact that you told me nearly every day that you never wanted “creep girls leaving stuff at your place” and that you’re sick of people expecting more. What kind of logic is that?”

“I was obvious-”

“In the fact that I wasn’t special because you were still sleeping with other girls all the time? That we used to go to clubs and find people for each other to hook up with?” You snap, cutting him off and he swallows hard.

“Get out.”

“Not without my daughter.”


“We have no custody rules, by all rights, she’s mine. It’s only by my guilt and past affection for you that I even let you have her at all. But I’m done.”

“I’ll fight this-”

“Do it. Try it.” You growl, meeting him glare for glare until you whip around and snatch the baby bag from beside the portable crib. “Scott!”


“I’m not doing this right now.” You answer, your voice starting to wobble and he nods, setting her in your arms and taking the bag from your shoulder.

“Scott.” Derek says nervously but the dark-haired boy doesn’t look up from you. Behind him, Stiles picks up the car seat.

“I’ll return this.” Stiles says sheepishly and you don’t listen for Dereks reply, instead slipping out the doors and trying not to cry on your innocent infants’ onesie.

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Mom’s Blind Date

Requester: Anonthank you so much for your request and I’m so sorry it took me so long to post it.

Characters: single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard (mentioned), Reader

Pairings: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 2412

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56, @mamaredd123,  @my-sharpie-sketches,  @professionalfangirl03, @fangirl1802, @cozyjaws, @attackdogcas

A/N: I hope you like it! This is obviously based on an alternative universe where Jared is not married to his respective and lovely wife, I love Genevieve.

“Who is that sweetie pie I see standing over there?” you heard Jared’s voice from a distance, smiling to yourself you raised your eyes from your script and gave a little nod, almost unnoticeable for anyone on a distance but for your little toddler did saw it and before you knew it she ran across the run to his arms.

You were a new actress for the Supernatural show, it was the 13th season and the second episode was being filmed, so the guys have only known you for two weeks, meaning that they have known your daughter for the same amount of time.

Everyone in your life have always told you that she looked like you, she had your same skin color, nose, lips, hair, basically she was a copy of you but her eyes were gray, like father’s; so when you came to the set with her, you thought your cast mates were going to notice but to your surprise it was nothing like that.

The crew absolutely knew about her since you basically arrived there with them, you were terrified of getting late to work so you always were there at least a half an hour before the rest of the cast, at first you thought it would annoy the crew but your daughter had them wrapped around her little finger and everybody loved hearing her crazy stories.

As any child, your daughter, Katie loved exploring and was very independent, so as long as you gave her permission she would go on little adventures and on the set it was no different. You always tried to keep an eye on her and so did the crew and security.

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Interruptions by a Clown

So this is terrible but I like it.

Here is the summary~~

Jon and Damian have been happily dating for a couple months now.

There is only one problem.

The fucking Joker

Tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies cause I’ve tagged her in the other two and I think she might want to know what’s in store for our two dorks next.


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Arthur laughs, and the next thing I know, he’s wiping my glasses. He puts them back and stares at my face to make sure they’re not slanting. “There you go. That’s better.”

I push them against the bridge of my nose. “Thanks.”

He pulls his hands from the warm pockets of his jersey jacket and wraps them around mine. It’s hard to hate him when he’s like that.

I wish Arthur will let me sleep. I wish he’ll take me by the hand, drag me home, toss our clothes on the floor, and curl up under the sheets until the sun comes up. But he has other ideas.

Street lamps cast halos in the fog, which I’d describe as heavenly if I’m not exhausted from following Arthur around the city while he gets plastered at stupid o’clock in the morning.

“Hey, Alfred?” He looks above his shoulder, his words coming out with mist. His nose is red. “You alright, mate?”

I nod.

Arthur laughs, and the next thing I know, he’s wiping my glasses. He puts them back and stares at my face to make sure they’re not slanting. “There you go. That’s better.”

I push them against the bridge of my nose. “Thanks.”

He pulls his hands from the warm pockets of his jersey jacket and wraps them around mine. It’s hard to hate him when he’s like that.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

Three parties, two fucks, and a bajillion drinks later, I forgot we went to see a band we’ve been dying to see for ages.  

“Loved it,” I say, keeping my eyes on the floor, “Felt like Sziget all over again, don’t you think?”

He chuckles. “Well, this one was completely mental, but Sziget was something else.

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Till I See You Again (part 3)


Summary: Jace Wayland was 4 years old when he first fell in love. When he was 9 years old he lost the little girl he loved and he’s been blaming himself ever since. Seventeen years later a mundane girl with an identifying necklace walks into his life and changes him forever.

Jace Wayland X Reader

Words: 2000+

part 1 

part 2

Author’s notes: Guys this one is so long! Sorry it’s a bit of a doozy. Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate all the positive feedback. It really makes my day.

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The noise of chattering woke me up. My mind woke up first, so I keep my eyes closed as I try to analyze my surroundings. I’m lying down on a bed and there are people close by, talking in whispers. The pain on my hands and my neck is gone, but there is a warm burn on my left forearm, it feels like someone put a hot cup of tea against my skin. A large whooshing sound forces my eyes open and I jump out of bed, ready to defend myself from the strangers around me. I trip over a pair of legs but strong arms grab me before I fall on the floor. I look up to see the same people from the shipyard looking at me with curiosity and the man that sits on my bed smiles. He is of Asian descent but his eyes were yellow, like a cat, and blue fog is coming out of his fingertips. He must have noticed my gawking because he laughed and shook his head towards me.

“If those big eyes become any bigger, I swear they will swallow us all. My name is Mangus Bane, I’m here to help you remember your past. Now sit, before you trip and hurt yourself again.” The man extends his hands and I take them willingly, his eyes seem trustworthy enough.

“Where am I?” I ask as I look down at myself, I’m wearing new clothes and they certainly aren’t mine, I don’t wear this much black. My attention is drawn to the burning sensation on my forearm and I look at it, someone had tattooed my forearm without my consent.

“What the hell?” I yell angrily while trying to rub the mark off my skin. “You tattooed me? Is this some kind of cult?”

“Relax biscuit. This is…sort of a cult, but a very interesting one.” The man smirks and winks at me as he traces his index finger along my forearm. I feel a tingling sensation in my blood and my veins start to glow white. Then everything happened at once.

I was suddenly standing in the middle of a flower field, there was a young woman in front of me, holding a baby and rocking it back and forth as she hums a lullaby. I recognize the song as being Lavender Blue, my fathers used to sing it to me when I was little. I am then pulled backwards and I am now standing in the same field, but this time a little boy with blonde hair was carrying a toddler on his back, they were running through the flower fields. The scene changes again, the two children were a bit older now, and they were sitting under a tree. The boy was holding a long-chained necklace and was placing around the girls’ neck. I recognize the necklace instantly, the amber was unmistakable, it’s my necklace, the one currently in my purse. I fell back on the bed and stared at the mark on my forearm.

“Are you alright?” The girl with long black hair looks at me.

“Ever since I was a child I’ve been seeing strange things. People with other faces, flying creatures. My parents took me to see a psychologist and they diagnosed me of a delusional disorder when I was 8 years old. All my life I’ve been thinking I was crazy.”

“You’re not crazy. You just have the sight. You’re one of us.”

“I….This is all too much.Take me home please. I want to go home.”

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Sam, Meet Sammy

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Reader’s Family

Word Count: 2,293

Warnings: Just fluff, honestly. 

Request: Can you do some cute ass Sammy fluff? His girlfriend takes him to meet her family where he meets her puppy too? And this little fur ball just falls in love with Sam because he got a. “I protect and love your mommy.” Vibe from him. So seeing how well Sam and the pupper get along and realizing she doesn’t want to be without her dog reader convinces Dean to let her take him home with them.

Author’s Note: I am so sorry this is out late. I have a lot of requests to write and to put out. Maybe, later on today, I will put out another fic for you. If you want that, let me know. Please, if you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite!

Feedback is always appreciated

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“I’m really nervous right now.” You said, biting your lip as you bounced your leg.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright. Parents love me.” Sam grinned from the front seat. He was driving the Impala because Dean allowed you and him to go away for the weekend.

“No, I love you. My parents are a different story. Not saying they’re mean or strict but they might welcome you in a bit too much. They might overdo it. My siblings aren’t that far behind. My mom over thinks everything. When she found out I was dating you, she wanted to throw me a party. My dad may act tough in front of you but don’t let him steer you. He’s harmless.” You blabbed on. When you were nervous, you rambled on until someone stopped you.

“My brother may want to beat your ass because he got this older brother protective vibe going on but he’s all talk and no bite. Well, he did beat up my ex boyfriends way before I met you but you’re so big and tall and muscular, he got nothing on you. My sister, though, is a little shit and will try and get with you. She’s just that way. But she’s a teenager and she thinks she can get any guy she wants. Just stay away from her. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe we should turn around.”

You were cut off by Sam’s lips on yours and you immediately relaxed, kissing him back. You pulled away, remembering that he was driving but frowned when you didn’t see the road but your parent’s house instead. Damn, how long were you rambling?

You pressed your lips back to his and he cupped your cheek with one large ass hand, pulling you closer to him. With his lips on yours, you forgot why you were here in the first place. But damn, what you would give to get hot car sex.

You pulled away, tugging his bottom lip as you went. He released a low growl and looked at you.

“We can definitely continue that later. But right now, keep it in your pants, Winchester.” You grinned and got out of the car, taking a deep breath. Sam followed you to your front door and you pushed it open quickly.

“Oh, I forgot to mention…” You didn’t get to say anything else when your golden retriever puppy came running at you and Sam. He passed by you and ran straight to Sam, jumping into his arms. Your puppy wasn’t small by any means but he wasn’t an adult yet.

Sam laughed as he caught to dog, petting his soft fur. Your puppy licked his face all over and Sam laughed more, getting deep dimples.

“Sam, meet Sammy. He reminded me of you thus that is how he got his name.” You laughed, introducing them.

“Hi Sammy.” Sam said with a smile. Sammy barked and struggled to get down. Sam let him down and Sammy ran around him, sniffing him and wagging his tail. He barked happily and went to you. You picked him up and he licked your face.

“He’s my baby. I hate that I’m away from him.” You smiled and kissed his nose before walking inside the house.

“How old is he?” Sam asked, shutting the door behind him.

“Almost 2 years old. I know, he’s so big already but I love him. Mom! Dad! I’m home!” You called out for your family.

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anonymous asked:

hi! how would RFA react to drunk MC talking to random people on the streets?

Just so y’all know: I’ve never drank anything before (because I’m a young lass). So if some of the behavior is wrong it’s because??? I’m 17 and have never drank an alcohol.


  • Must protect!
  • He keeps you away from any MEN because they’re PIGS
  • Someone smiled and waved at you and you grabbed their hand and held it for a solid 10 seconds.
  • He has to pick you up and bring you home.
  • He’ll buy you some doughnuts first, though. 
  • He held you like how one would hold a sleeping toddler to bring them to bed.
  • He puts you to bed and 


  • He doesn’t really know what to do?
  • You two were waiting for Driver Kim outside of a nice, fancy place where you’d had a little too much to drink.
  • And now you were doing card tricks
  • The rich people near you are so fucking confused.
  • They don’t get it.
  • Once you get into the car, he indulges you and you get to do your card tricks on him.
  • Encourages your hobbies, even your drunk ones.


  • She’d put a baby leash on you.
  • She needs to keep you away from people who are just trying to live their lives
  • Talks to you like a toddler
    • “No sweetie, let’s stay away from the nice man.”
    • “Honey, you have to leave them alone.”
  • Responsible™
  • Makes sure you take off makeup/contacts/tight clothing/ties before you go to bed.
    • Also makes you take any medicine you take at night and drink a cup of water
  • Kisses your head and tucks you in
  • What a blessing


  • He’d be kind of very drunk, too
  • So honestly??? He’d be right there with you
  • You guys are the crazy college kids talking to everyone and stumbling around from bar to bar
  • You’d 100% go to a Denny’s and eat so many pancakes.
  • He’d try to carry you home but would stumble and drop you, then fall.


  • Tbh he’s already pretty uncomfortable with you being drunk in the first place.
  • The whole smelling like alcohol thing you’ve got going on brings back a lot of bad memories for him.
  • He just wants to bring you back home and put you to bed 
  • When you start talking to people he’s :/
  • He’s so done dude
  • He’s very uncomfortable and just wants to go to bed baby why are you making this so difficult please just stop talking to people it’ll be okay just come home
  • He sleeps on the couch to stay away from anything that could trigger bad memories.
Shit I want NT people to know about autism

1. It’s not a disease, it’s a functional disability. There is a difference.

2. Please, don’t say “but you don’t seem autistic” to an autistic person. The reason why this is called an invisible disability is because - wait for it - it’s often not visible!

3. Autistic people exist within all the scale of intelligence spectrum. We’re all different, just like you. Most of us are not like Rain Man (Savant Syndrome is very rare and way different than autism, okay?) and if you throw out a package of peas on the floor, we wont be able to count them, just ask ourselves why we are considered disabled and not the moron throwing food on the floor.

4. We can have romantic and sexual relationships, friends and families too. Some of us are parents and doing fine.

5. The math professor you’re passing by in the corridor at university, the cleaner who’s trolly you just saw around the corner, the teenage girl waiting for the bus, the old lady walking her dog around your block, the musician you just heard on the radio, the toddler that seems uninterested in playing with the other kids in the park, the dad who’s always looking at his cellphone, may all be autistic. We are everywhere. We’re different.

6. When it looks like I’m going through the day smooth, it’s because I’ve done rigorous plans to not get a meltdown. And no, most meltdowns are not visible.
7. Being autistic, often means it’s difficult to reckognize feelings and separate them. That’s called alexithymia and that too is different from person to person. Some have more of it than others. It doesn’t mean we have less feelings or don’t feel as strong as non-autistic people. It simply means a lot of us have to spend time figuring out what we’re feeling and why, because our brain don’t tell us that automatically. That makes us feel chaotic, perhaps even frightened. It’s fucking exhausting too.

8. A lot of us hate surprises. That doesn’t mean we’re boring. It means that our brains have a limitied capability to visualize new situations and to shift focus. It can also be extremely frightening and make us feel loss of control, exposed and vulnerable.

9. It’s very difficult to try and tell your autistic brain that, for example, trying new food or going to an unfamiliar place with your friends to have a good time in safe company, is enjoyable. When you have a hard time both visualizing and generalizing, things that non-autistic people think are about the same, could feel like completely different things. We think in details, not unities, and that makes us perceive the world in ways that differ more than the usual differences between people. 

10. We take things literally. Yes, we do. Even people who, like me, belong to the high functional part of the spectrum. We don’t read between the lines, we are often not very good at reading body language, faces or tones of voices. The spoken - or written - words are, for most of us, the one thing communication is about. Don’t get mad at us for not knowing that you really meant “life sucks and I need a hug”, when you said “I’m fine”, okay? 

11. Generally, we care less for emotions than facts. Not because we don’t have emotions or don’t care about others - believe me, we do - but because they are a very uncertain navigation tool for us. It often makes us end up in situations where we come off as cold, indifferent, hard or just socially very awkward. As an autistic woman, this is often way, way more difficult with non-autistic women. I’ve lost count on how many girlfriends I’ve lost because of my inability to read between the lines and their inability to speak plainly.

12. It’s a tricky disability, because it takes so many different shapes. Sometimes it’s not visible at all, sometimes it’s even a strenght. Some of my autistic features, I wouldn’t want to live without. Others have the capacity of literally ruining my life. To be a 30+ female with an objectively smart brain in some areas, that somehow fails miserably with food, cleaning, remembering where things are, keep even basic order, doing the dishes, focus on studies, finishing tasks, shift focus and has such difficulties with surveying, short term memory and sense of time, is not a minor inconvenience - it’s a neverending, daily struggle that drains me and makes me feel like a complete failure. 

Lot’s of girls and women with autism and ADD, never get the help they need, because we’re so good at hiding our difficulties. The diagnoses still very much describes boys and men within the spectrum, but girls and women often have a bit different symptomes - and we’re good at hiding them. Our family, teachers and friends, may not see our difficulties as “real” difficulties, especially not if we are high functioning in some ways. People think that since I read at least five times faster than the avarage person, that means I must be smart in “simpler” areas, like keeping track of time or knowing proper social behavior.

But autism doesn’t work that way and even when our difficulties aren’t shown, they’re still there and make our lives harder than others. It’s not whining, it’s telling it like it is. And if “pull yourself together and just get more organized” helped, believe me, we all would’ve been fucking masters on organizing, planning and prioritizing - and you would’ve begged for our assistance. But, alas, it doesn’t work that way. Do you even think that an autistic brain, who craves logic and order, would freely live in chaos if it could maintain order just by “pulling itself together”? Really? No, I didn’t think so.

The world isn’t nice to an autistic brain. And if you, like me, have been blessed/cursed with ADD as well, the world could be your fucking arch enemy. 

So, if you’re a girl or woman with autism or ADD or both - or just suspect you might have it, or maybe just think “holy fuck, some of this shit actually describes some of what I’m feeling and thought I was alone and just a fucking failure”, I want to say:

You’re not alone, you’re not crazy and you’re not a failure. Your brain simply works different and you have the right to both ask for help and guidance with the struggles that you may feel embarressed about not getting right, and to find ways to use your strenghts and enjoy life on your terms. You’re not spoiled, you’re not a “snowflake”, not a brat or a lazy bastard just because people can’t see your struggles.

Be nice to yourself. For many years, I wasn’t. And sometimes I’m still not. I wake up in the mornings, longing for normality, for control and a quiet brain. I accuse myself, I’m unforgiving and ashamed. And then, when I’ve walked down that spiral, I somehow always get back again.

And I realise I kick ass, for going through life and not giving up. That I’m not a brat for wanting what the people accusing me of being lazy, unfocused, rude or stupid are taking for granted:

a mind that doesn’t constantly, 24/7, does it’s best to fuck up normality in an endless guerilla war you didn’t asked to be a part of.  

dan and phil play the sims 4 #39: a summary


impression of the iconic woman from the simpsons

dan has no care for children and i relate

“… not that you’re children” dan says whilst phil is trying to speak

dig yourself into a hole in your own time stop interrupting him you curly haired lumberjack wannabe

i sound mocking but he actually looks bomb i love it

they both do

“don’t talk about the words. the words just come, they mean nothing… like our lives” also just like the rebrand apparently

briefing on the toddler stage

the lack of skills is going to make me cringe

phil watched the video back just to call dan out, what a guy

they feign surprise that we’re so observant

the parp debate

“… and other things i’m not particularly comfortable with you saying”

“he’s just dead in the bed” // “he’s fine”

phil recalls being in daycare and crushing trucks in sand with his friend owen…. okay boy

can’t wait for the abundance of original characters called owen in fics now

dan just remembers a sandpit

what kind of fancy ass daycares did you two go to i didn’t have any of that shit i just remember all the girls except for me used to fight over the doll pram whilst i sat alone in the corner of the room attempting to read and being sad that i was there

both their daycares were inside and they stank because ‘everyone peed’ …. again what kind of daycare did you two go to

“even though we were three hundred miles and a couple of years apart… we had the same experience” // “essentially that sand came from the same place” i’m so done with these two and it’s not even three minutes in

“fill the bath with fruit loops”

the toddler food glitch is so fucking annoying and seeing it in let’s plays only annoys me more

phil thinks the final bedtime story will be about a dragon

“party miami dad with abs”

“hey dan it’s your ripped jeans, you just need to cut them off as shorts” // “oh my god, yes, and when i have abs i will wear a top like that”

please stop talking over each other we’re not even four minutes in yet this is going to be painful

“that’s kind of dragon, come on, give that to me” the latter of this sentence immediately triggered the 'it’s not the first time he’s said those words’ sensor in my brain

phil wants to change the miami dad outfit whereas dan literally screeched his argument to keep it

phil feels pain in his own stomach watching a simulation on a screen do ab crunches

the excitement over transformation of the day is cute what a cute thirty year old man you are

“that reminds me, you should do transformation of the day, come on, i’ve been waiting” very contradictory but sure okay phil

“time to sacrifice one of our children” the youtube comments are going to have a field day with that one aren’t they

“party dil’s whacking out…”

the draw phil naked music :((((

dan the materialistic man resurfaces

the first singing interlude of the video

“is it dab or usain bolt, scientists can’t tell”

“happy famalamies”

“how does one cake” me on a regular basis honestly

they both agree that blue confetti cake sounds 'birthday-ish’

the artistic prodigy aspiration and the cheerful trait were chosen

“dab - a ray of sunshine running through everyone’s lives”

“i’m like who is this thing in the house” phil lester english university degree holder

lame science jokes from dan there

supportive bf phil is back with a vengeance though don’t you worry

the game spawned him with bunny slippers nice

“he’s growing up before our eyes, dan” fanfic writers have fun

“i’m gonna punch. and i’m gonna punch you, phil. because you’re the only one here” // *phil leans away* “don’t punch ME!”

“amphibians need representation”

cue the 'de-toddling’ decor section

“dinosaurs are still valid”

phil was scared of space print bedding he had as a kid

apparently it included the molester moon so i mean that’s a thing he said

and here’s the creepy speaking in sync thing again. add it to the compilation videos

“easy beans”

a creativity table for children gave phil tingles

the debate over whether or not to give him a tablet is really proving who will be the easygoing parent and who will be the disciplinarian (the majority of the fics were right)

“you-you’re gonna not give someone at school access to youtube? how can they make it through life without minecraft youtubers?” he was speaking from personal experience minus those last three words

i see u howell

phil wants him to draw a vehicle so dan chooses shapes

domestics are on the horizon

“yes this is danandphilcrafts, who’s gonna be sacrificed to satan?”

phil take that reference back before i shove it where the sun doesn’t shine

time to age up evan

quick sidenote have you seen how many dabxevan fics there are bc wow there are a ton, not that i’ve read any but they’re out there

“see i went to cheese and you went to trapeziums… what does that mean, psychologically?” that dan needs to get his well-educated stick out of his ass and realise a block of cheese when he sees it

“all this cake is making me so hungry, dan..”

this whole cake talk is so domestic what the fuck is happening you just moved how are you still providing domesticity

they’re going to get deliveroo cake

i’m surprised we didn’t get a tweet about that crazy night

apparently eliza is a milf according to dan even though phil says he isn’t allowed to say it (make of that what you will, demons)

daddy pancakes

they’re literally providing more weird fic prompts pls stop

“tumblr’s gonna go nuts. they have matching trackies” so we now know what tags dan stalks on tumblr

red apparently reflects evan

the science set is reminding phil of fallout yes i relate what a quality game

this video took so long to summarise what the actual fuck but okay it’s over it’s just the buildup to the outro now

“don’t explode the universe with a chemistry set” wise words from phil there

Daniel Howell - i guess these puns have to be daniel themed now


A Man Of No Consequence, Chapter 12

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW)
COMPLETE. All chapters may contain spoilers!

CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark
CH 12: Breath Of The Glacian
CH 13: Redemption
CH 14: Cure for Insomnia
CH 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Chapter 12: Breath Of The Glacian

“I’m sick of waiting around!” you exclaim, giving the table a little kick, like a toddler having a tantrum. The small, cute cabin has become a prison, an indefinite punishment of isolation.

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tattooedsiren  asked:

Stiles/Derek - there is a drunken proposal but they aren't even actually dating.

I hope you enjoy this, hon! I greatly appreciate the prompt. It’s my first Stiles/Derek, so here’s hoping it’s okay. <3

Poor Coping Mechanisms. Derek/Stiles. Teen.

It’s two in the morning, and the party is still going strong. Stiles is well past tipsy, almost to his final destination of drunk as fuck, when Scott steals the beer out of his hand. He’s so surprised that he just stares for a moment, lips parted, blinking dumbly as his best friend—no, his brother–becomes a thieving thief who thieves.

“Mine!” He pouts and reaches for the beer.

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Puns and Funs.

Bobby x Reader x Toddler Daughter


Being a dad isn’t always fun and game. Bobby runs into a bit of trouble on his bring-your-daughter-to-work day.

Thank you for taking your time to send in your request. I hope it lives up to your expectation. Enjoy!

Originally posted by endlessikon

“You sure you wanna take her for the whole day, babe?”

You groan, sleep clearly evident in the way your voice rasps. A small hum emanate from the hot body you’ve been sharing cover with almost every night for the past 5 years.

“Where are you going? It’s not often I get to cuddle you past 7:00.”

You had been ready to get up when the muscular arm drapes across your torso pin your weary body in place. Laying back down obediently, you have absolutely no grief with a few extra minutes in bed. You have to admit, being a mom and working leave you with next to nothing in alone time with your husband, much less time on your own. Whenever you’re off work, your whole day would revolve around your daughter. It honestly got so rough in the beginning you’d sometimes just cry for no apparent reason. Thank God for giving you someone as supportive and understanding as Bobby. No matter how rough it got, he was never far behind picking up the pieces. The rare chance you get to meet up with all your friends, you can be sure to grin like an idiot the whole entire time from the endless amount of compliments and envies from the girls for having someone like Bobby in your life. 

Sighing contently, you let yourself sink into his enchanting musk and soft bare skin. Despite the sun already playfully dancing around the room, left over cold air from the night wind still lingers. No matter as you got the best heater in the whole world holding you tight in his arms. You’re seriously the luckiest woman in the world. 

“Bobby, you’re sure you can handle her.”

Stirring from his own slumber, Bobby runs a hand through his messy brown locks before sneaking a peek only to see your eyes still close while snuggling tightly against his chest. A small satisfactory smile crack upon the ample lips.

“Yes, babe. You deserve a day off without me or Yebin bugging you hours on end. You haven’t had one since our little crazy bunny was born. Treat yo self, woman!”

You both share a big chuckle, his hot breath fanning against your hair before a searing heat of a kiss burns onto your forehead. Tilting your head back, you share a good morning kiss before just laying still, staring into each other eyes, basking in the rare peaceful moment of just enjoying one another. Things were much simpler when it was just you and him - nothing was on schedule, things happens spontaneously. Yet somehow, you’re both certain you wouldn’t do life any other way even if it meant never having enough sleep because your daughter is an energizer bunny, just like her dad.

Right on cue, as if she has a built in internal clock, you could hear the stomping footstep of the little monster running down the hall, tearing up the quietness of the house. Bobby lets out a big laugh before whispering a countdown.


Just as the last number leaves his lips, your bedroom door swings wide open and in fly Yebin, crashing her tiny body right in between yours and Bobby’s. She giggles up a storm before clambering on top to press kisses on your face. Once finished, her tiny hands grab hold of Bobby’s face, holding it in place as he pretend to struggle out of her grasp before giving up. Now laying neatly on top of his chest, she turns back to you with curious eyes.

“Mum, daddy broken today?”

Yebin’s cute little words shock Bobby out of the trance she had put him in. It always amazes you how in love he is with both you and your daughter no matter how many years had past since you built this little family. Too often you heard of husbands who has no bond with their children. One look at Bobby and you know you will never, ever have to worry about that problem. The boy has to be more in love with Yebin than he ever did with you.

“Wait, what does that mean? Why am I broken? Babe?”

Snickering at his panic, you pay him no attention before turning to Yebin, brushing a few hair out of her bright eyes.

“You’re going to work with daddy today, remember bunbun?”

“OH YEA!” She screams off the top of her lungs before hopping off, jetting back the way she came from just moments ago. 

Finally getting out of bed, you run off to get your daughter ready for the day while Bobby stumble off to get ready for work, lips still mumbling about what could she possibly mean by he’s broken.

Another hour had past before Yebin is happily secure in her carseat while you load the rest of the necessity in the trunk of Bobby’s car. Once finished, you linger for a few more seconds chatting away with the excited little bunny who’s rambling on and on about going to work like a big girl. Giving a quick goodbye kiss to Bobby, both your attention tear away when Yebin suddenly exclaim loudly. 


While Bobby standing there panicking, you laugh your ass off before telling a giggling Yebin to watch herself.

“Why are you laughing? She want to go to the bathroom. Take her before she pee in the car.”

“She said Ewweee, as in gross, as in mom and dad kissing is gross.”

Sighing loudly, Bobby throws his arms up in the air in defeat. Yebin learning to talk had gave him the biggest stress ever as nothing seems to mean what it suppose to. 

“I forgot how weird you guys are. What about this morning? She said I’m broken.”

“Well whenever you’re off work, you tell her you’re not working. Broken just means not working, babe.”

“And here I thought… aye. She got me good, that little one. It’s gonna be such a long day. Okay. I love you. We will be back before sundown. It’s just a small photoshoot today so it shouldn’t take too long I hope.”

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Kismet - Epilogue

I am so sorry for the delay in uploading this. I was just too tired this week to even think about editing it and I wanted it to be good before uploading it.

Title: Kismet

Pairings: Karamel/Sanvers

Chapters : 5/5

Previous: 4


“Karen!  Connor! Stop running!” Alex panted, sweat beading across her forehead. She was fit but as she was only human there was no way she could keep up with her super powered niece and nephew.

They were hell bent on driving their Aunt Alex and Aunt Maggie completely crazy with their antics. This was the last time that she was going to be the ‘cool’ Aunt Alex and let them eat their body weights in sugar and crap especially since they had agreed to take the twins for the week while their parents were finally on a well-deserved honeymoon. Lesson most definitely learnt.

“When’s mommy and daddy coming back? I want mommy!” Three year old Karen demanded, stomping her feet and folding her arms like a mini version of Supergirl. It was almost uncanny with her bright blue eyes and shoulder length blonde curls.

Beside her, her brother frowned and looked like a carbon copy of his father with the stormy grey eyes and dark brown hair that fell into his face rather messily. “Mommy promised me that she would take me to the zoo”.

“And I’m sure she will when she and daddy are back which will be later today”, Maggie added, also exhausted with chasing two super kids around their apartment which was thankfully small.

“Meanwhile, why don’t you two go jump on our bed for a while?” Alex suggested, ignoring the glare from Maggie as the kids cheered and did just that. It wasn’t as if either of them would get hurt if they fell. The only damage they could do was to the bed but Alex had been wanting a new one for a while now anyway. Once she and Maggie were alone, Alex smiled sheepishly at her wife.

“Is this enough to put you off adopting an alien kid?”

“No, I still think it’s important and I know you want to be a mom as much as I do but I definitely think we’ve learnt some lessons from this”, Maggie sighed. “If we get a powered kid, we definitely don’t feed them way too much sugar”.

“I’m going to be turning to Kara for help…like a lot”.

“Yeah, that’s if she doesn’t come back from the honeymoon pregnant with another one”, the cop smirked.

“Don’t even joke about that! The birth was a nightmare”.

Alex remembered when Kara had gone into labour. Mon-El had been stuck on Barry’s Earth after he’d called for help, Kara had insisted Mon-El go, and it was too dangerous to use blue Kryptonite so any pain relief was definitely off the table. Maggie had been the unfortunate person holding her hand (getting it broken in the process) before J’onn took over and her fingers still felt it to this day. Mon-El managed to return just in time, fainting at the sight of his child coming out from his fiancé and Alex was almost knocked out by the baby’s super strong foot as he exited the birth canal. Yep, it was definitely a memorable night.

Suddenly the apartment door opened and Kara’s voice rang out. “Alex, we’re home. Where are my babies?”

“You’re babies are currently jumping on the bed in our bedroom”, Maggie explained flatly just as a loud crash went out.

“Did you guys give them sugar again?” Kara sighed causing Alex to shift defensively.

“You try saying no when you have those two giving you big puppy dog eyes. They definitely take after their parents!”

Kara opened her mouth to respond when Mon-El slipped in through the door. “Don’t tell me that she gave them sugar again”, he frowned, clearly hearing his super kids giggling in the room next door.

“I better go check out the mess. I’ll buy you a new bed Alex”, Kara – Supermom as Alex jokingly liked to refer to her as – vanished into their bedroom.

“We were planning on buying a new one anyway so save your money”, Alex shrugged.

“So how was the honeymoon?” Maggie interjected, smiling at Mon-El who smirked smugly in return. Suddenly she regretted asking.

“It was…productive”.

Maggie shot Alex a pointed look, who in turn shot Mon-El a glare. “You better not have knocked up my sister again”.

Mon-El looked at her in alarm. “I hope not…I mean I’m not against more children but those two aren’t even four yet and are more than a handful”.

“Guess it’s a game of Russian roulette with you two since you constantly forget to pick up your super birth control from the DEO. Don’t think I’m not aware of when your pills need refilling”, Alex chided. She had been their unofficial OBGYN and birth control Doctor for the last few years, making up a specific formula that would help to prevent anymore unexpected babies from happening since she theorised that normal birth control like condoms would not be effective enough for their super bodies.

Her brother in law rubbed a hand over his neck sheepishly “Ah…”

“Daddy!” twin voices chorused and two little bodies appeared and sort of run and flew simultaneously at their father who immediately caught them on instinct and laughed as they held onto hm.

“I’d be jealous if they hadn’t just given me the same greeting”, Kara exclaimed as she reappeared in the room with a large grin on her face.

“I’m just glad that you’re back now and taking these two with you. As much as I love them, they have worn me out with their antics”, Alex confessed as her sister smirked knowingly at her.

“So you wouldn’t be up to babysitting the next one?”

At the same time, Maggie and Alex both bellowed, “Next one?!”

“Ha, just kidding. I overheard you talking and couldn’t resist”, Kara giggled impishly, and completely oblivious to the fact she’d almost given her husband a heart attack while he was in the middle of carrying their toddlers on his shoulder.

“You’re evil”, her older sister glared at her.


Suddenly the conversation was interrupted when Kara and Mon-El suddenly froze. Alex sighed, knowing what was about to happen. “Did you hear that?”

“Sounds like something big is going down in National City”, Mon-El agreed.

“Let me guess? You two need to leave and need the two of us to keep on babysitting the terror twins?” Maggie sighed, already rubbing her forehead.

“We’ll be back as soon as we can. Love you, sis. Kids behave for a little longer alright?” Kara dropped a kiss on their small foreheads before spinning into her outfit and flying out the window, shortly followed by Mon-El who also gave their kids a similar parting.

The children turned to look at their Aunts after their mom and dad had flown off to save the day.

Alex blurted out the first suggestion to come into her head. “So…how about I get us some popcorn and soda and we pop on Moana?”

The mystery

Fandom: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, RPF

Ratings: T

Word count: ~1600

Summary: Darren likes to play detective too.

A/N: This is my desperate attempt to write something not horribly angsty to write anything and my even more desperate attempt to make a friend smile.

Dedicated to a certain someone here. Thank you for all the moments of excellent silliness, incl. the one that spawned this story, and thank you for all the moments in between!

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Nat’s Daycare ~ The First Time

Word Count: 1372

Summary: AU where Baz owns/works in a daycare and Simon has a cute daughter. This has probably been done before, but I like it a lot. :)

Part 1 of ?? (yo this is part 1 |Every Other Time |A Late Time| Even Later |Morning Time |A Date? |Dinner Time |Dining & Bedtime| Boyfriend?| The Morning After |Confusion and Love)


The first time I saw him was at the grocery store. He was talking to one of the workers, polite and funny. The worker pointed him in the right direction, and he bent down to grab something. When he straightened, I saw that the something he was grabbing was actually a someone, a carbon copy of him. She giggled and grabbed at his face, blonde curls bouncing. He chuckled encouragingly, tucked her against his hip, and pushed the cart down the aisle. The worker watched him go dreamily, a light flush colouring her cheeks.

My heart went out to the teen. I knew exactly how she felt. I considered following him, then decided against it. I was already struggling with enough stalker stereotypes as a male daycare worker. What kind of example would I set if I followed someone around the grocery store?

I bumped into him—literally—in the checkout aisle. The girl was running around at his feet, I was mindlessly scanning for the least busy checkout, and we ran into each other.

“Whoa!” She ran into my legs, and would’ve kept going if I hadn’t bent to wrap an arm around her. “Are you trying to escape?” I scooped her into the air, and she shrieked happily. “Here, you might wanna go back to your papa.”

He turned around, relief flooding his face. “Oh, thank god. Lulu, you’ve got to stop doing that,” he chided the girl, even as she reached out to him. “Thank you so much for catching her. It’s getting harder to keep track of my crazy girl.” I detached his daughter from my side and he scooped her up.

“It’s not a problem. I’m glad I caught her when I did.”

He grinned, and it made my heart flutter. Shifting his daughter to the other side, he reached out to shake my hand. “I’m Simon Salisbury, and you’ve already met my daughter Lucy.”

I shook his—Simon’s—hand. “Basilton Pitch. You can call me Baz.”

“It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for grabbing my girl.” Simon turned and moved forward, struggling to get his wallet out. He set Lucy in the seat of the shopping cart for a moment, and she started whining. “Needy baby girl,” Simon grumbled.

“Need a hand?” I offered.

“Um, okay. Mind holding her for just one second? She fusses every time I put her down, and fusses when I pick her up.”

“You’ve got quite a girl on your hands.” I scooped her up once more. Lucy gurgled and slapped at my face with her pudgy hands. Cooing nonsense and bouncing her lightly, I unloaded my basket. The pathetic meals for one I’d picked up made my face burn. Simon finished paying and gathered Lucy out of my arms.

“Once more, thank you for catching Lucy. You wouldn’t believe how much trouble she causes just by being herself.”

“I can only imagine. Have a nice evening.”

“Yeah, you too.”

The second time I saw Simon Salisbury was at the daycare. I was knee-deep in crying and gurgling toddlers, changing one kid while trying to console two others. Normally, there were two other people in the room with me, but today was a rarity. My Aunt Fiona was ill, and Agatha wasn’t supposed to come in until noon. Simon walked in, carrying little Lucy, and the room went silent. Well, in my mind it did. In actuality, the screaming continued. I finished changing the little guy currently on the table (Randall), and scooped another crying kid into my arms. I shifted Darcy into the baby carrier permanently attached to my chest. It came in handy in situations like this, where I had three crying kids and two arms. The rest of the goobers were crawling, napping, or playing, and therefore not crying at the moment. Bouncing three kids and cooing at them, I approached Simon.

“Well hey there, stranger.” I greeted. Simon grinned.

“I thought you looked familiar. It’s no wonder you were able to catch Lucy at high speeds if you’re holding three kids at once.” Billy Junior screamed, and I bent to grab his pacifier from his cubby.

“Your Lucy has nothing on twenty kids at once. Were you looking to enroll her?”

“I was. I love her to death, but it’s getting hard to keep bringing her to work. One of my friends recommended you, although I wasn’t expecting to meet you here, given the name of the center.” Lucy was shifting in his arms, eager to play with other kids.

“It’s named after my mother. She owned it before she passed.” Billy Jr. was done crying, so I let him down, and shifted Darcy out of the carrier.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Simon’s face dropped.

I shrugged it off. “It’s okay. Do you want to let Lucy go play while we take care of the paperwork?”

“Should you leave the kids alone?”

“I won’t. Come on.” Simon bent to drop Lucy and say goodbye, pressing a kiss on her forehead. Lucy wrapped her tiny arms around Simon’s neck for a full thirty seconds, then got distracted and ran off. Simon chuckled, just a little sadly, and followed me to the desk in the corner.

“Oh, clever.” Britney reached for my mouth with her little paws and began pulling at my lips.

“Thanks,” I managed around a toddler’s fist. “So, to properly enroll little Lucy in Nat’s Daycare, you need to fill out just a few forms.” I dislodged Brit’s hand from my mouth, set her carefully on the floor, and dug out a few forms. “The bill comes every two months. Hours are 7 am to 6 pm, and you can drop her off and pick her up at any time during those hours, just make sure you sign her in and out on the clipboard over there.” Biting the back of my pen, I gestured to the clipboard hung by the door. “We’ll add her name to the list by tomorrow. You should put down everyone who could potentially be picking her up or dropping her off on…this sheet.” I pulled out the sheet I was looking for. “Does she have any allergies?” I glanced up from the paperwork, and Simon was staring at me. “Um…”

Simon jumped. “Sorry. I was somewhere else. What did you just say?”

“How much did you miss?” It was disconcerting, having this very attractive young father stare at me.

“I got all of the information about guardians and who can pick her up. Sorry.” Simon flushed.

“It’s all right. I was just asking if Lucy has any allergies.”

“Not that we know of. And I’m not allergic to anything either.”

“Great. You can fill out these forms in here or the next room. I’m really glad you’re choosing us to take care of Lucy. Meanwhile, I have some kids to take care of.” I handed Simon the forms and a pen, and got back to work. While I was checking on the kids, refilling bottles, changing diapers, and whatnot, I picked up the phone to call Fiona.

“Hello?” She sounded stuffy, even over the phone.

“Hey Aunt Fee.”

“Oh, hi Baz. How are things holding up at the center?”

“It’s all right. We’re a little shorthanded right now.”

“Did you call Agatha and ask if she could come in earlier?” Fiona coughed loudly.

“No, I didn’t. I will. And we’ve got a new kid.”

“Wicked! Who?” Fee liked using what she thought were cool terms, but managed to sound like someone stuck in the 80s.

“Lucy Salisbury. Her dad, Simon, is just filling out the forms.”

“That’s great, Baz. Is he cute?”

“A-are you talking about Lucy?”

“Is Lucy a guy?” She deadpanned. Fiona was well-aware of my terminal homosexuality.

“Okay, yes.”

“He is? How old?”



“I don’t know. God, Fee, you make it sound like he’s a target.” I refilled a few bottles for a few kids, testing the milk’s warmth on my arm.

“He is, but whatever. Is Jimmy Lowes there today?”

“No, his mom called and said he was still sick.”

“Little bugger got me sick.”

“Enjoy your day at home, Fee.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She broke into a coughing fit. “Enjoy your target. I love you, Basil.”

“Love you, too.”

Favorite Costumer

Drabble: A Modern AU of how Peeta can’t keep his eyes off a girl that comes to his bakery every day.

From the bakery marble counter, he watches her. She’s beautiful, always is, but today there’s something especial about her. For starters, her hair is not in a braid as usual. Not that he doesn’t like her braid. Actually, he loves it. But today, with her dark waves falling perfectly above her shoulders and a light make up applied to her face, she seems so more mature than she actually is that it makes his heart glow with hope and possibility, even though he can’t. Even though he won’t.

Also, she’s smiling. A lot. Like he never saw before. She also giggles. And it makes his glowing heart do flip flops inside his chest. Because if there’s someone that deserves to be happy in this entire world, this someone is Katniss Everdeen.

He feels like a teenager, spying her like that as she laughs and talks with her little sister. At least, he assumes the light haired girl sitting close to her is her little sister, judging by the way they seem intimate. Although she seems like a sixteen year old girl, when Katniss always talked about her like she was five. Anyway, he can see that she likes this girl, that could or not be her sister, and it makes him happy that she’s happy because he saw her scowl too much on the past couple of years that he knows her.

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Headcanon of Ichigo and Rukia’s first born daughter bonding with her grandfather Isshin and he ends up teaching her habits that Ichigo really wished he could of prevented, or so he says.

“Besides, grandpa told me if we didn’t keep you on your toes you’d end up like some sort of sad couch potato with a bad dad haircut–”

“A what?”

“You know, the kind middle-aged men have when they’re in a mid-life crisis, no purpose in life, receding hairline, balding–”

“Just call me ‘Papa’!”

“The hell?  I’m her father!”  Ichigo scowled as he warily scrutinized his own father’s actions.  Isshin paid him no mind as he made faces at his three year old granddaughter.  She merely blinked at him from his lap, her large indigo eyes wide with curiosity behind the bright orange hair inherited from her mother and father respectively.  "She can call you crazy old man!“

Not at all deterred, Isshin straightened up as he scooped her under her armpits and tossed her with much of his strength, sending her flying well above their heads as Ichigo tensed up, lunging at the pair.  Her giggles were drowned out by the sound of muscle meeting flesh from the solid kick Ichigo delivered to Isshin’s face, followed by his cursing as he scrambled to catch his daughter.

Don’t curse around her!“  

Ichigo soon found himself in a position similar to his father on the floor, his head throbbing.  He quickly shook off the pain in a panic for his daughter’s safety, instantly relieved to see her in the arms of his petite wife as she glared down at him.  His relief instantly turned to anger as Rukia continued to stand on his chest, scowling as he registered the hit she gave to him to intercept retrieving their daughter.

"Damn it, Rukia, I had her–” Ichigo grunted as Rukia’s foot once more found itself planted on his face.

“What did I just say, fool?”  She hissed as she pressed her foot down harder on his face as she placed her daughter down on the floor carefully before turning her attention to her husband.

The three year old giggled from the floor, watching her parents interact with amusement.  Although they argued fiercely and loudly, there was no feeling of trepidation nor did atmosphere ever feel heavy or tense.  Despite her young age, she could clearly feel the passion and strong emotions underlying her parents actions.

“–always have to–”
“–clearly in mid-air and you handling–”


Distracted by the call, the toddler looked around to catch the eye of her grandfather.  He beamed, pleased at his success for catching her attention.  He winked and tilted his head away from the couple.  The toddler tilted her head, mimicking his actions in confusion, her brows furrowing together.

Isshin had to slap a hand over his mouth to keep from erupting in squeals as he barely contained himself from cooing over his granddaughter.  And then suddenly her eyes grew bright with understanding as she ambled over to him, a little unsteadily before Isshin scooped her up and quietly slipped away from the fray.

As Ichigo and Rukia’s voices faded to a steady murmur in the background, Isshin glanced down at his granddaughter and grinned.

“Now, let Papa give you some advice!”

She only looked back, blinking in response but clearly listening.

“Sometimes, I know you feel a bit lonely since they’re always busy, but you know they love you very much, right?”  A nod.  "But sometimes we have to give your momma and daddy some alone time in order to… Help things along!  After all, you don’t want to be alone all the time, do you…?“

Her eyes widened at the implication and she fervently shook her head.

"Then for the greater good, sometimes we must leave momma and daddy alone–but fear not!  Papa is here to keep you company and soon, I am certain you’ll never be alone again!”

She blinked, confusion clearly evident in her expression, but at her grandfathers light tone and encouraging smile, she returned it.

“So while you stay with me, Papa can teach you everything he knows and before you know it you’ll have a brand new brother, or sister, or siblings!!  And then soon, you can teach them what I’ve taught you!”

“Teach me?”  She tilted her head to the side, processing his words as her eyes seemed to light up as she hopped up and down excitedly, “Brother??  Sister??”

“Yes, yes!!  All the siblings you want!  Twins, triplets, you name it–” Isshin supplied gleefully, hopping up and down with his granddaughter, sharing her excitement.

Overhearing the last of his father’s words, Ichigo scowls at his father as he enters the room with Rukia in tow, “What the hell are you teaching her?!”


Isshin later proceeds to teach his granddaughter the sacred tombstone breaking competition for grandmother’s anniversary and annual family picnic along with many other ‘tips’ and ‘suggestions’ he has to offer, much to Ichigo's annoyance.

Ichigo thinks he at least escaped his father’s 'alarm’ strategy, only to find he must now be wary of his three year old daughter jumping on his stomach to wake him up at odd hour shift of the night.  And he can’t lock the door to their bedroom since, well, how could he do that to his daughter?  What if she needed them?  

And as the years go by her technique becomes more refined and even… Life threatening.

Rukia scoffs, having adopted this method herself on days where Ichigo refuses to get out of bed (“Shit, Rukia, it’s 7am on a fucking Sunday….”
“And you want to teach your children that it’s acceptable to lay about in bed being unproductive?”
“And it’s equally productive to sit on the couch watching shitty animated movies about a stupid bunny made for toddlers–shit!  Rukia!”) she claims Ichigo is being a bit ridiculous and paranoid.  It’s not as if he’s ever died from his father’s attacks (“He could have broken my neck if I didn’t have fast enough reflexes!”) although arguably Ichigo could be considered half dead?  Surely his daughter couldn’t be a threat to her own father!

Ichigo is a little worried that in addition to this, his daughter is a bit too competitive at times, although he’s certainly proud of her determination and accomplishments.  

He just had some hope he would have been able to have some semblance of normality in life where he didn’t have to wake up with a start and roll out of bed to avoid his children barreling into his room with a kick aimed at his face or any vital organ.  

“Why don’t you wake your mom up with your attempts at parenticide?!”

“Because they know they won’t be fed if they do,” Rukia mumbles from the lump of blankets and pillows.  “Don’t be so dramatic, Ichigo…”

“Hey!  I can cook too!”  Ichigo argues, but drops it at the deadpan looks from his children and wife.

Grudgingly, Ichigo admits his cooking isn’t nearly as good as Rukia’s.  Not that he’d admit it.

Ichigo often finds he must dodge his children’s attacks, mainly his first born daughter, all throughout the day.  Some attempts seem much more serious than others and he legitimately questions his family’s intention of whether they truly mean to kill him or not.

“Oh, come on dad!”  His oldest daughter frowns at him, crossing her arms over her chest.  "You always say we should protect each other!“

"Exactly!  Protect each other, not try to kill one another!”  Ichigo scowls.  He had just come home, exhausted, only to be greeted by a flying kick from his daughter.  Luckily, already built in with reflexes from such a young age, Ichigo hardly batted an eyelash as he merely dodged his daughter’s kick, hand grasping her leg to use her momentum to twist themselves around as he sets her onto her feet outside the front door before shutting it firmly behind him.

Dumbfounded, she stands at the threshold of their home, her hands still up in front of her chest and clenched into fists.  She snaps out of it the moment she hears the door locked and turns around, shouting as she bangs on the front door.

“Hey!  Dad?!  Dad!”

Ichigo ignores her calls and continues into their home, not at all perturbed about locking his teenage daughter out as he falls back into the couch, sighing in relief.  He was even thinking he might have to criticize how predictable she was becoming.

Minutes later Ichigo wasn’t at all surprised to see his daughter stomping down the stairs to confront him, a few twigs in her hair leaving evidence for him to suspect she probably scaled up the drain pipe and slipped in through an open window.

“You really think I’d aim to kill you?”  She scoffed, her expression haughty and not at all unlike her mother’s,  " I only do it because I believe in you and I know you aren’t weak!“

Ichigo merely grunted, glaring off the side at the snicker he heard from the kitchen.  Rukia, who had come home a bit earlier, was in the midst of preparing dinner.  She caught his glare, but merely smirked as she lifted a knife gesturing to the kitchen.

"Get off your lazy rump and assist me, both of you,” Rukia scolded them, momentarily interrupting their stand off.  The two knew better than to argue with the matriarch of the family and with an unspoken truce they trudged to the kitchen to assist in any way they could without causing a mess of their meal.  

Their daughter gathered up the plates and utensils, setting up the table before casually continuing her defense.

“Besides, grandpa told me if we didn’t keep you on your toes you’d end up like some sort of sad couch potato with a bad dad haircut–”

“A what?”

“You know, the kind middle-aged men have when their in a mid-life crisis, no purpose in life, receding hairline, balding–”

Balding?!” Ichigo interrupted incredulously, scowling as he paused in chopping some vegetables as he reached with his free hand to touch his bangs, “What’s wrong with my hair?”

“Nothing,” Rukia pauses in her own work as she reaches up to run a hand through his bangs, fondly tugging at the strands, “she’s telling you we keep you from getting soft, fool, don’t you listen?”

“Thanks to our family and our efforts, especially me,” his daughter tells him smugly before looking up with him with a serious expression.  "You’re welcome.“

Ichigo can’t help but roll his eyes as he reaches out and retaliates by tugging on the stubborn bang between Rukia’s eyes with one hand while ruffling his daughter’s hair with his other.  They both protest and push his hands away, but they’re grinning as they hear footsteps of the rest of the family entering the kitchen.

Ichigo realizes that a long time ago he did think his father had been crazy and had become annoyed with his antics while longing for a more quiet routine.  He was almost horrified when he realized what his father had influenced and passed on to his children, but he really should have known that he never would have fit a 'normal’ and mundane lifestyle.  

And he really didn’t think he would have had it any other way.

Fic: The Sweetest Sound

A Chris Evans One Shot

Summary: Daddy!Chris has to shave his beard for his next movie role. His daughter reacts to seeing him sans beard for the very first time.

Dedicated to kryka83 for sending in the prompt! Thank you for that. I hope it came out okay. :)

Thank you for reading!


There were many sounds that held the ability to evoke an indescribable happiness within Chris’s heart. His mother’s melodious voice as she sang his favorite childhood lullaby Return to Pooh Corner. The soft snores of his sleeping dog that stayed tucked close to his side. The crackling of wood burning brightly in the middle of a campsite. And the noisy stillness of life he experienced while being surrounded by nothing but trees.

All of these reverberations calmed him, centered him, zapped him back to a tranquility he desperately tried to hold onto on a rainy day.

But nothing - absolutely nothing - could awaken his soul, could shine a light into the darkest corners of his mind and drown out the brain noise, like the sweet, precious giggles of his two favorite girls in the world; his wife and daughter.

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A Hard Bargain - Ch. 5

Originally posted by barrissoffee

Summary: With all the goodbyes said, and tears shed, Kylo’s very public demise goes forward. Though reluctant and absolutely destroyed from within by what she sees, (Y/N) agrees to go with Leia and watch. The evening return to the Resistance is both emotional and exhausting but leads to an unexpected turn.

A/N: Oookay, so I apologize in advance haha the angst is gonna get worse. BUT, I promise I will make it better. You have to read it all the way through to figure out how, no spoilers, but reader will get some peace I promise! 

Also if you’re someone who enjoys pain deep in your heart as you read haha song recs are “Shadow of the Day” Linkin Park and “Let it Go” James Bay. 


Not bothering to open your eyes, you laid motionless, still worn from the events over the past few days. You were physically drained and wanted nothing more than to finally drift off to sleep, which you had been deprived since sitting at Kylo’s bedside. Your nerves were too high and your mind couldn’t process anything aside from the growing anxiety you had with every stitch sewn into him.


“…Why do you stay?”

Arching a brow as you nuzzled your head further into your pillow, you gave Kylo a little shrug.

“Are you really bringing this up right now?”

Turning to look at you Kylo’s lips parted, his eyes slowly growing glossy.

“I killed my own father (Y/N)…and you’re still here. I need to know. …Are you staying out of fear…or something else?”

Finally fluttering your eyes open you saw Kylo come into your momentarily hazey vision. Taking him in you saw the welling tears in his eyes, the way his lips were just barely quivering, the obvious dark circles under his eyes, obvious even under the bandages from his fresh scar. Furrowing your brows at him you shook your head.

“…I understand why you did it Kylo. I don’t have to whole heartedly agree with it…but it’s not my journey. Whether you regret or believe it with every fiber of your being I’ll support you.”

His bottom began to quiver more now as he looked over your face.

“…Even something as monstrous as that…as unforgiveable…and you…you’re willing to stay?”

You nodded as you felt your eyelids attempt to fight off the undeniable craving of rest.  

“I love you…and you do some crazy stuff for love…so I guess that’s my thing.”

As your eyes shut, sighing to yourself, you could hear the stifled whimpers from next to you, the bed lightly shaking with each sound. Slowly opening your eyes once again Kylo was covering the lower half of his face now, hunched forward as the ripples of his pain hit you. Sitting up slowly to join him you carefully brought a gentle hand to his back. 

“I-I killed him (Y/N)…his own son…I don’t know if I can keep doing this.”

“Ssshh…it’s ok…no matter which path you choose, I’ll be there.”

Sniffling he quickly wrapped you into his bare chest with his uninjured arm, holding onto you as if you were his life support. Tears slowly fell atop your head as you just nestled your head against him.

“…Thank you…thank you.”

Placing a soft kiss to his chest with a smile, you let your eyes fall shut once again as Kylo rocked you both.


Looking up from where you sat in the Falcon, you saw Leia, her eyes solemn as she looked over to you. From the energy her presence alone gave off, as well as her bloodshot eyes, you knew she had taken a good long while to relieve herself of her tears before coming to see you. 

“They’ll be…they’ll be starting in 30 minutes.”

Nodding with a small gulp you attempted a smile towards Leia. 


Turning back to looking at the controls laying all in front of you in the captains seat of the Falcon, you carefully ran your fingertips over them. Despite the technology being rather outdated compared to what you were used to, you couldn’t help but admire it.

“Ben used to love sitting up here.”

Watching her take the seat next to you, your brow arched.

“My son…he loved to be up here.”

Smiling to yourself, imagining what Kylo looked like as a small toddler, you turned back to the control panel. In your mind, Kylo likely looked almost exactly like (Y/S/N), the fluffy head of hair, big curious brown eyes and chubby cheeks. To think a man such as Kylo was such a small innocent being like (Y/S/N), was at the least ironic, and heartbreaking. 

“I’m sure he did.”

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Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary: you get your wisdom tooth extracted and the one and only Pietro Maximoff gets the responsibility to look after you.

Author’s Note: I wanted to write something funny to detox my brain. This is my first Pietro one shot and its a fluffy one. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. I hope you find my sense of humour good and this one shot is not a cringe worthy experience for you! (guess who finally figured out gifs XD)

Warnings: none as such, slight state of undress maybe?

Word Count: 1849

Originally posted by ranrightintomyheart

You were walking in the hallway of the tower after your appointment with the dentist. You had decided to visit a dentist when the pain in your jaw had become hard to handle or when you had become too much to handle for the avengers. You had expected to be given some pain killers or a little fixing up but were you wrong, the dentist had first lectured you about your dental hygiene habits and had then broken the news that you will have to get your wisdom tooth extracted. Now it wasn’t the procedure you were worried about, you had some great pain endurance, it was how you would act afterwards on anaesthesia and who would take care of you. You were broken out of your thoughts when tony approached you.

‘are you with me (y/n)?’ he said as he snapped his fingers in your face. ‘wha- yeah, I was just thinking something. You were saying?’ you faced him completely.

‘I was asking how did the appointment go? Can we finally have some rest? I mean evil people we can handle, but you with all your fire and when you are highly irritate able- ‘he let out a deep breath in a mocking manner. ‘hey you can’t blame for that! I don’t just manipulate fire I am connected to it. That’s what gives me the temper.’ You explained. ‘and about the appointment, I am getting my wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow. Surprise! You waved your hands.

‘really? I would totally record it and-‘ he was saying it all grinning but stopped mid-sentence.’ Dammit! we are going on a mission tomorrow.’ He frowned

‘what! A mission!? What about me? I won’t be able to drive! What if I burn something down?!’ You all most yelled as you started panicking.

‘calm down kid, roadrunner is not going he will take care of you.’ he said trying to calm you down. ‘it will also give you time to settle things. You both either flirt ridiculously or try to murder each other. just give us all a break and sort it out.’ ‘what? No we-, ugh, fine.’ You folded your arms. You yourself couldn’t name your relationship with Pietro, it was complicated. Sometimes you were the best of buddies and sometimes you were after each other’s neck. ‘okay, I will get going now. I’ve got some work to do.’ And with that he went away.

They all left later that day leaving you and Pietro alone. You were curled up on the couch reading until a streak of blue appeared in front of you and your book and blanket were taken away from you suddenly.

‘Pietro!!! Give me my stuff back!!’ you yelled as you sat up. Your hair erupting in flames.

‘what? you didn’t see that coming?’ he said with an idiotic grin on his face.

‘as a matter of fact, I did but I didn’t want to melt your fucking face off!’ you said trying to calm yourself.

‘calm down, volcano’ he moved his hands to signal you to calm down and plopped on the couch beside you. ‘so, I will be babysitting you tomorrow, huh?’ he wiggled his eyebrows. ‘I have never seen you drunk it will be fun!’

‘no, it will be anything but fun for you maximoff.’ You faced him and pointed a finger at him. ‘I will get the thing done and you will drive me back and see that I don’t burn something.’

  ‘whatever you say fireball!’ he pulled your cheek and ran out of the room.

The day finally came and Pietro drove you to the dentist’s. ‘you won’t faint or something right?’ he asked in a teasing tone. You glared at him and got in the room.

After some time an assistant helped you out of the room.

‘mr. maximoff?’ the woman who was holding you asked. peitro got up and moved towards you.

‘that’s me’ he said with a small smile.

 the lady helped him and told him how the anaesthesia would be in effect for a longer time as it wasn’t the normal one, you were given a specially prepared one as you neutralised the normal one in a matter of minuets. He listened carefully and helped you walk to the car. You weren’t saying anything you were just doing as told like a robot. He finally got you in the passenger side and got in the car.

‘so how did it go?’ he asked whilst driving. You didn’t reply just looked at him. ‘you know that’s a little creepy, right?’

‘you look nice.’ You finally said in a much calmer tone you normally used with him.

‘what?!’ he grinned. ‘well if I have to be the nanny I might as well make it enjoyable’ he thought. ‘what exactly do you like about me?’

you thought for a while. ‘everything.’ You said with a smile. he felt a heat rise to his face. Was he blushing? ‘what do you like about me?’ you asked sweetly.

‘everything.’ He replied with a small smile and gave you a sincere look.

You wouldn’t remember most of it after all. He thought you were beautiful. You hid your insecurities by making fun of yourself. You were kind with those who deserved it and you were with him when he needed you. He had fallen for you and it was the truth. His chain of thoughts was broken when he saw some people staring from their car windows towards your side. Had they recognized you?

‘I am too hot’ you said as you fanned yourself with your hands.

‘what do you mean? its October and the heat- ‘he finally looked at you and was shocked.

You had taken off your shirt and were sitting in just your bra and jeans. You were moving your hands violently which made it difficult for him to concentrate on your face.

‘WHERE THE HELL’S YOUR SHIRT!!’ he shouted in a high pitch voice. He looked around and tried to cover the maximum part of your body by streching your shirt over you. He did it gingerly but quick as he didn’t want to touch you in a way you didn’t approve.

‘my powers are going crazy.’ you whined ‘my body temperature’s rising.’

‘okay, I’ll figure something out. Let me get you something cold. Maybe it’ll help.’ He said and you looked at him sweetly with your shirt still draped on your body. ‘AND FOR GOD’S SAKE WEAR THE DAMN SHIRT!’ he shouted ‘I am driving and you are distracting me!’

‘really? I have made ‘the Pietro Maximoff’ uncomfortable?’ you said with a teasing grin. ‘what about when I do, this?’ you brought your hands closer to the sides of your chest revealing a lot of cleavage. He glanced at you and the car jerked sideways.

‘WHAT THE FUCK (Y/N)! YOU ALMOST GOT US KILLED! WEAR THE DAMN SHIRT ALREADY!’ he said as he parked the car. ‘I am not driving until you cover yourself up!’ he folded his arms and looked outside his window.

‘why? Because you won’t be able to keep your hands to yourself?’ you wore the shirt and laughed loudly. He smiled but you couldn’t see.

 ‘is that a smile I am hearing? You can look now I am fully dressed.’ He checked before turning fully which made you chuckle.

He then took you to an ice cream shop but had to get out of there quickly as you were making fire butterflies in the car.

‘look piet! It’s a butterfly!’ you said with the enthusiasm of a toddler and made one fly in his direction.

‘yeah it’s a damn butterfly! Here is your ice cream, it’ll help you with your body temperature. And please don’t make more of these, stark will kill me if anything happens to the car.’ He said as he quickly got in the car and handed you the bowl.

‘thanks piet!’ You kissed his cheek and his face turned red. It was the first time you had shared such a kind of touch with him you were mostly trying to punch him. ’you’re so cute all flustered up and taking care of me.’ You gave him a sweet smile.

  ‘I-I am not, ugh, why do I like you so much?’ he said and started driving. Why had he said it out loud? You both didn’t speak till you arrived at the base where he helped you to your room.

 You sat on your bed. ‘you like me?’ you asked just when he was about to leave.

‘ yeah I do, no i-I’ he stuttered and spun in your direction avoiding your eyes.

‘maybe, you need a little push to decide.’ You got up and he locked his eyes on you. you caressed his cheek with one hand and got on your tip – toes.

‘(y/n) I don’t think-‘ ‘shhh…. Stay still.’ you hushed him. you waited for a few breaths, grazed your bottom lip on his and kissed him on the corner of the mouth before you took a step back. You left him with wide eyes, he didn’t know what to do, he craved more.

‘if you want more till tomorrow and think just about me; I am all yours.’ you winked and laid down on your bed. ‘g’night.’

He processed what had happened and ran to his room. The night seemed too long that day. He thought only about you and how he craved to kiss you passionately. All the others arrived at the base and he was up early. He just wanted to go to your room and tell you about his feelings. he tried to be patient but his hyperactivity wasn’t helping.

 You finally walked in the kitchen, the first place you come to after dressing up, muttering something about your head throbbing. You were wearing a deep burgundy sweater and jeans but for him it was still the most beautiful thing you could wear. he immediately got up from the couch where he was sitting with Wanda and vision and zapped to your side.

‘(y/n)! you do remember yesterday, right? Especially the evening.’ He was shaking at this point he couldn’t take it any more

‘hell yeah,’ you muttered as you drank some water. ‘so, what did you think?’ you looked up to meet his eyes. His hair was a mess, his eyes were red and his face had a hint of grey to it. he looked like he had not slept at all.

‘I thought about you. the whole damn night.’ He said using his eyes like mirrors to his soul. ‘I realized how deep my feeling are for you, how you helped me when I needed you, how you called me an idiot every time I injured myself. I realized how much I crave your touch and presence.’ He looked directly in your eyes and you froze for a second.

‘he is not lying! Please accept my love sick brother (y/n)!’ Wanda yelled from the couch and Pietro glared at her. You chuckled and hugged him. When you pulled back he was smiling like an idiot.

‘don’t you owe me something?’ he said with a proud look on his face and his hands folded over his chest. You rolled your eyes and kissed him.

  ‘finally!!’ Wanda squealed. You both pulled back.

 ‘what part of don’t read my mind do you not understand!! Pietro glared at her holding your hands. you kissed him on the cheek finding his childishness adorable. he looked back at you with adoration in his eyes.

hope you liked it!