how to install themes

How to install Tumblr theme code

View the new video instructions, via Olle Ota Themes:

Step one: Get the theme code

Generic Tumblr theme code

Tumblr theme code is provided in a number of ways (it should look something like above). It may be hosted on Pastebin or distributed in a text file by the theme maker.

Step two: Copy all the code

Generic Tumblr theme code

You should highlight all the code contained in the file or website that has the theme code (use the shortcut “ctrl + a” (Windows) or “cmd + a” (Mac OSX), to make sure you get everything).

Then make a copy of the code, either by right clicking on the text then selecting ‘copy’ or by using the shortcut “ctrl + c” or “cmd + c” (Mac OSX).

Step three: Enter the Tumblr customizer

1. Log into Tumblr and click on the ’human’ cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column.

2. Click the Edit appearance option.

3. Click Edit theme

Generic Tumblr theme code

Step four: Edit your HTML

Generic Tumblr theme code

Click on the “edit HTML" text.

Generic Tumblr theme code

Step five: Paste in new code and save

Delete all the existing text, in this section, then paste in your new theme code ("ctrl + v” [Windows] and “cmd + v” [Mac OSX])

Generic Tumblr theme code

Be sure to ’Update Preview’ and save!

anonymous asked:

Hi! How did you install the custom fonts on your themes? Because I can never get those to work.

basically you have to upload these font files to dropbox and then insert it in a code, which usually looks like this: 

@font-face​ {
src:url('URL OF FONT HERE');

a dropbox link would look like this:

but what you do is you change that to like so (don’t forget to remove the “www” and “?dl=0″ parts):

@font-face​ {

then put that code somewhere in your css, and when you want to use it just put the name of the font where you want to have it. ( ex. font-family: ‘arial’; ). you can find a few examples here of some ready-to-use codes for font faces. 

REMEMBER THOUGH: you need to make sure that the fonts you want to use in particular are available for use; read the copyrights and licenses that each fontmaker provides and follow that. if they’re available for personal use and you just wanna use it for your own blog and nowhere else, then go for it but if you want to distribute them (i.e. include them in a theme you want to release) you have to read through it and see if the maker allows you to redistribute it. if they don’t allow it, don’t use it. this is just so you can avoid any legal issues and it’s basic courtesy/respect to the original creator. i’ve seen so many people host fonts or reupload them to share but not a lot of people keep this in mind. hope this helps!


anonymous asked:

Hello! I am looking for themes that have a navigation page, or even a tutorial on how to make one would be okay. I as just wondering if you might have some. :)

That is just a sample. There are 7 pages of navigation page themes right ~here~. Some people have deactivated but the code should still be up on this blog.

If you need a tutorial of how to add links in to a theme, then go ~here~ as I did a guide on how to add more links into a navigation page theme.

Hope that helps.

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