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reasons iron man 3 matters:

  • male superhero having panic attacks 
  • anxiety being portraited as a serious issue 
  • tony being able to prove he is iron man with or without the suit
  • foreshadows that the actions of our heroes have consequences
  • shows how racist terrorist themes are used to install fear and violence 
  • tony hangs out with a kid most of the movie and it’s great
  • breaks the damsel in distress model and makes pepper save the day 
  • speaking of which she has powers and is badass 

peachystorm  asked:

hi! im a new simblr, can you give me any advice to start off? i love your page and theme, by the way. :)

Sandy’s Masterpost for starting a new Simblr! 👍

Welcome to the community! I’m so glad you like my blog! Just a few months ago I was also new to the community so I know how daunting it can be! Below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful tips and links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other new/aspiring simblrs! Obviously, everything is subjective- what works for me might not work for everyone else!

🎁 The Basics:

  • Make your tumblr a seperate tumblr, not a sideblog under your main/personal blog. It will make everything easier in the long run, trust me!
  • Use your description to advertise to others what you and your blog are all about. Also having either your URL or your avatar sim related will quickly advertise to others that you’re a simblr! 
  • Enable replies and asks in your blogs settings, if you want people to be able to interact with you and your posts! Bare in mind an interactive simblr is much more approachable!!
  • Keep it sim related! A few personal posts every once and a while is perfectly fine, but post a lot of unrelated stuff you could lose followers. 
  • Network! Follow other simblr’s, like their posts, leave friendly and encouraging comments! Making friends in this community is a sure-fire way to get started. I would be nowhere without my simblr friends!
  • Don’t become disheartened if it takes you a while to take off! Every simblr grows at a different rate.
  • Don’t mistag your posts! Failing to tag your NSFW content or tagging posts that aren’t cc posts as ts4cc will make you very unpopular.
  • Keep your blog atleast 80% original content! It’s much easier for a blog that tries to be original to gain traction in this community! 
  • Don’t get caught up in how many followers/notes you have! Just post what you post because you love it! Don’t worry what other people think.
  • Everyone at some point or another will recieve anon hate. It’s sad that there’s so many negative people out there, but my advice is just to delete it. If you do want to post it, handle it with grace and dignity! (think of Audrey Hepburn!)
  • This is more a personal one but: try your best to avoid the drama!!
  • Finally, treasure your followers & always stay humble!

🎁 Common Simblr Terms Explained:

  • NSFW: Not safe for work. This is used for any posts that contain nudity of adult themes! It’s very important to tag these posts.
  • WIP: Work In Progress. This can refer to any sim related project that is unfinished. 
  • WCIF: Where Can I Find? If someone sees a peice of CC in one of your posts that they like they may send you a ‘WCIF’ through your ask box, they’re simply asking where they can find that certain peice of cc. Not all simblrs agree to answer WCIF’s but it’s certainly very nice to!
  • MM: Maxis Match. Refering to custom content that matches the general aesthetic of the game.
  • Alpha:  Refers to hairstyles that don’t fit the aesthetic of the game, as they have alpha layers which allow certain parts of the mesh to be transparent. This is what makes alpha hairstyles more realistic looking.
  • Clayified: Refers to Alpha hairstyles that have been retextured to look more maxis match. 

🎁 Tagging Posts:

🎁 Queues, Drafts, & Scheduling:

🎁 Setting Up Your Theme:

🎁 Editing:

🎁Screenshot Tips:

🎁Helpful Tutorials & Guides:

🎁 Managing Your CC:

🎁 Places To Upload your CC for download:

🎁 X-Kit (optional):

🎁 Reshade (optional):

This is everything I could think of! I hope something here helps you get started! If you’re hoping to be a story based blog I’d reccomend checking out my storytelling masterpost! Otherwise, good luck love!! 💖

jessiphile  asked:

can you explain what fate/cu chullain is you seem very passionate and I’m curious :o

I SURE CAN!! fate/series is a large collection of works written by kinoko nasu and his friends. it started with a visual novel called fate/stay night in 2004 and has since then expanded to have many different installments across many different forms of media, perhaps most notably the mobile game fate/grand order which quickly rose to the top 5 or 10 or so best grossing mobile games in the world despite only being available in japan until about half a year ago. most installments are only loosely connected, taking place in roughly the same world rather than being direct sequels, although there are a few that do need to be read/watched/played in order. you’ve probably seen a picture of saber at least once in your time on the anime side of the internet, and this is the series she’s the cashcow of.

the premise of the series is that a bunch of magi engage in a ritual called the holy grail war, in which they summon legendary heroes to fight for them so they can win the holy grail, a mysterious item said to be able to grant any wish. the form the holy grail war takes and just how badly it gets derailed is different with every installment, but common themes across the series are self sacrifice and what it means to be a hero, recovering from trauma and learning to be your own person, and how history is doomed to repeat if people aren’t willing to learn from it. the series can get really heavy but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and strong whiplash between extremely lighthearted domestic scenes and “great googly moogly it’s all gone to shit” is a series staple. nasu is also known for having a very recognisable and somewhat peculiar writing style in that he loves to go on long exposition tangents and explain his metaphors with other metaphors, which can be deterring to new readers but at this point reading roundabout explanations is like coming home to me. a good way to test the waters and see if the series is something for you is to watch either the fate/stay night [unlimited blade works] anime from 2014, or the fate/zero anime from 2012. zero is the prequel to stay night but was adapted first, so it doesn’t particularly matter which one you watch first cause they each raise questions the other answers. 

cu chulainn is one of the more prolific characters in the series and my absolute favourite character of many years now. he was a secondary antagonist and occasional ally in fate/stay night and has since then popped up multiple times in other works, also alternating between ally and enemy. he’s a cheerful dude who goes with the flow and gets along with people easily regardless of the side they’re on, which contrasts with his ruthlessness and endless thirst for glory on the battlefield. although easy to get along with and massively loyal, he also carries a huge warrior’s pride and doesn’t deal well with having that pride challenged by tasteless orders or particularly snide remarks. he’s a tragic hero who was prophecised to die young and spent nearly all his life fighting wars caused by the petty jealousy of the higher-ups and being forced to kill people he likes, but while by all means he should be wanting the grail to redo his life and fix his mistakes he’s actually perfectly content with what he achieved despite everything and only joins the wars because he likes to fight and it’s the best way to meet strong opponents. his bad luck is legendary and he’s almost never gotten off well in any of his appearances but he always gets to be really cool before kicking the bucket so overall he’s pretty okay with it because he’d rather lose with style than win without honour.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm kind of new to this whole legacy thing, but I've been working on one for a while, and I've been wondering how you make your meet the family page? I've tried to look at a few different simblrs, but I still haven't managed to figure out exactly how to make them/find the format for one. Do you have any advice for that? Thanks so much for reading this, and have a wonderful day!

Hey Non! Sorry to get back to you so late–I wanted to write up a longer tutorial but time has gotten the better of me.

So, I know me and a bunch of other people use this code here for our family pages (you can see it in use here, here, here and here). I know I like it because you can write lengthy character descriptions in them.

@prism-pop is a wildcard and she went with this one for her character page. It’s another good one (those filters!! I love the ability to filter for character pages).

This tag on theme-hunter is a good place to start! I personally like more minimalist themes with an ability to filter (love me some filters), but it’s your page so you can do you haha!

If you’re not sure how to install a page theme, there’s a tutorial here as well. I hope this helps–if you want, I can do up a more in-depth tutorial that goes into EXACTLY what I do for my page–from fiddling with the code to making the portraits, but I figured that’d be a little boring to read/watch/listen to. 

how to remove the “install theme” button in a “zen themes” theme!

If you have a theme made by “zen themes” I know what you’re thinking: FINALLY…Finally someone smart enough to figure out how to remove the “install theme” button. Now, personally, for my blog I like to give at least one form of credit to the creator of the theme I’m using. So, I decided to keep the “©” button at the bottom of the screen. But the install theme button was just so… there. It was just annoying and noticeable. Now I must say, whoever makes the “zen themes” is a frickin’ genius. They REALLY hid that button. It took me literal hours to find where the coding of “install theme” button was located. BUT I FOUND IT. So you’re fucking welcome. And finally, after this long introduction, which I’m hoping you actually read because of what I’m doing for you, here are the steps of how to remove the “install theme” button in a “zen themes” theme:

step 1:
press the button “edit theme” on your tumblr homepage.

step 2:
press “Edit HTML” under “custom theme”

step 3:
press “command + f” on a mac computer (not sure how to do it on other systems) to pull up the search box within the custom html.

step 4:
type in the search box “.js” to find something that looks either exactly like or similar to this:

step 5:
copy that URL and put it in another tab. Copy the code that shows up on that page.

step 6:
in an application such as “notepad” (any app that saves javascript/.js files) paste the code that you copied in step 5.

step 7:
again, press “command + f” (or go to “find” under the “edit” tab at the top) and type in the following:

a.insertBefore(n,a.firstChild),r=i.createElement("div”),n.appendChild®,r.innerHT ML=“<table><tr><td></td><td>t</td></tr></table>”,s=r.getElementsByTagName(“td”),s[0].style.cssText=“padding:0;margin:0;border:0;display:none”,

step 8:
when you find it, DELETE IT.

step 9:
then save the document as “anything.js” (not .txt).

step 10:
go to:

step 11:
upload the .js file you just created at that website.

step 12:
copy the static code that the website creates for you. replace the .js code that was originally in your theme with the code you just created on the website.

press “update” and it should be gone! If it doesn’t work for you or if you have any questions, message me:)

bang-tan-fan  asked:

Your blog rate idea sounds so cool and I’m super curious so here’s mine Jungguk 🥰 and chocolate covered strawberries Ps go easy on my wed theme I have no real idea how themes work 😂😭💕

aww thank you, babe!!  💞

blog name: okay | cute | i’m jealous, gimme your name!

mobile theme: nice | adorable | fantastic!

website theme: alright | sweet | who’s your theme dealer?!

posts: random | nice | relateable

following? hell, yas! | no, sorry!

anything to add? i’m in love with your mobile theme and tbh, you’re one of the first blogs i started following when i started my tumblr and slipped into the bts fandom, so i look up to you so much!! 💜 about the website theme: i recommend theme-hunter, if you want to change it up. they have such nice themes and post a lot about how to install themes and stuff! 

personal drabble: “Why did you think eating chocolate during a heat wave is a good idea, Jungkook?” You ask with a stern look at the brown haired male, who returns your gaze innocently. Although your question is hypothetical, Jungkook still retorts: “Firstly, it isn’t only chocolate. Those are chocolate covered strawberries! How can I resist them, even when it’s dyingly hot? And can’t you just throw my shirt into the washing machine instead of making such a fuss?”

Rolling your eyes, you hold up his chocolate stained white button up shirt. “This stain won’t fade, even if I throw it into the washing machine! Your dressing staff will be so mad at you!” You explain trying to work on the stain with cold water and a bit of spot remover.

“I’ll just tell them, it was Taehyung’s fault.”


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Okay so I really like your art so I was wondering if it would be okay to draw you? Idk you're a qt and I'm sorry if this has already been answered I couldn't find anything about it in the faq I'm sorry by e

ahh sure if you want omg

Anon: Hey how do you install the redux format for a blog?? 

do “edit theme” from your blog and you copy paste the code in the HTML (after deleting the previous code)


So after this ridiculous and totally unnecessary large (and shitty) graphic, I can only say that I am completely speechless. But really speechless. I am somehow managing, more or less, to juggle between seven blogs and still keeping my sanity, but I never really thought that I would have first of all that many followers on an OUAT OC blog (1.5k you guys are crazy I’m telling you!), and second that my other canon blogs would also get loads and  loads of followers and people to rp with. Some of you also may know that I manage bornxfice, captxinjones and ofexorcisms besides Andrea, but for those who didn’t: SURPRISE! ^.^

Anyho, before I ramble away again, I decided to make a joined follow forever/bias list (and try to keep this post as short as possible >.>) for all of my four blogs. Now since I don’t rp with everybody on all blogs, the bias lists will be categorized by blogs, from the one who has the most followers to the one who has the least followers. Some of you might be on the bias lists of more blogs, so keep that in mind. Thank you all so so much for sticking with me and following me throughout my blogs. 

But before I start with the bias lists, I have to mention somebody really really important to me first.

                           The Ultimate Bae: hookedpirate

I’m pretty sure most of you, if not all, know this person here. But let me tell you how much this person actually means to me. We met three years ago through a Harry Potter post-MiM (Magic is Might) group roleplay. I still remember that our characters did have a bit of a rocky start, but we grew closer and closer as we started to talk ooc through messages and we clicked almost instantly. I was over the moon to meet somebody from Germany! We began to rp more and more through messages then and it sort of became our routine, I know that we would stay up till early in the morning and keep on writing over and over again. And eventually it all turned into a great friendship despite the fact that we never met in person except for that one time when we first talked to each other via Skype with camera on.

Nina is the reason why I am on tumblr in the first place. She showed me how everything works, taught me how to install and customize themes… Everything I know about tumblr, I have to thank her. And I realised just what a good friend and person she is when we both got involved in countless dramas on tumblr. Nina is a person who will always stick to her friends and defend them, never once did she turn her back on me and left me when I needed help. She is always there to comfort me, help me no matter what it is, she puts up with my complains and whining all the time and even though we do have small arguments over really banal and ridiculous things sometimes, she always forgives me as I always forgive her. Come to think of it, we sometimes even act like an old married couple.  She and I have so much in common, we even think the same most of the time. She’s my long lost sister, my soulmate, somebody I can always rely on. And even when the whole world would be against me, I know I can always count on her. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you so much for everything. ♥

                                      princessandreaofnaos (1500 followers)

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