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Mystic Messenger Doujinshi : 707 After Story



HELLO EVEYONE  ! ! ! ! ! I’m back ~~~ and I will bring you a new doujishi  ! Please enjoy xD
This time i drew meticulous than the previous time. Hope you love it .

୧ (๑> ᗨ <๑) ୨  ୧ (๑> ᗨ <๑) ୨ ୧ (๑> ᗨ <๑) ୨

  • I can only post 10 original pictures, and I do not know how to post more … so I insert images into text, which makes the resolution of the image smaller
  • I will re-up 8 last original pictures in the other post for people who want to repost my art. ( Let’s check my tumblr )



707′s Doujinshi : “Reset” (full)

Me: it’s cute when people refer to their favorite characters as their children, but I’ve never felt that way about a character, no matter how much I like them. Perhaps I simply don’t consume media in the same way as my peers.

Assassination Classroom:

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Me: my son

anonymous asked:

Hi ! How do you post pictures with your A03 fics? I have no clue how and I found the most perfect picture for the beginning of one of my chapters and I wanna post it with it. Help , also I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I read you so much like I almost have parts memorized!!!!

Sorry anon for the late reply. So this is how it goes, two steps:

Step one: you find the image you like online (google pinterest, tumblr, etc) right click on it and “copy image address/url”

If it’s not online, you gotta upload it somewhere, what I usually do after I make my picture board is to upload it on Tumblr for the Tumblr post or upload it on my pinterest. :) then copy the URL

Step two: You go to AO3 and on the chapter body, you have to choose Rich Text. You’d get many insert options and choose the insert image and paste the image url there. like this:

That’s about it! Sorry for the shitty image quality, it was taken a while ago when I was showing a friend the steps. I hope it helps. thank you for the ask and the compliment. It means a lot that you like my stories :)

Anyone else who wanna try this for their AO3 posts?

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hi ^_^ ive seen these around tumblr for a while so i wanted to ask how do u put ur images to the right side of ur about and stuff? thank you

its easy ^__^ 1st u insert a regular img of any kind! 

<img src=“” />

it will look like this in html!!! all u hav 2 do is type this between img & src:

“align=right” or left, or center :3 like so:

<img align=right src=“” />

then ur done! easy peasy! msg me if u need more help!!!

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Once again, this may seem like a silly question but I notice you using line dividers in some of your posts, the kind that doesn't require a read more link. How do you add the simple kind of line dividers in a Tumblr text post? I'm unable to find it.

Not a silly question at all! 

When you lick on an “empty” line in the text box (meaning there is no text or graphics), you get a pop-up either to the left of the text box or to the right of the text box (the former being for askboxs and the latter being for text posts.) This is the same pop-up that allows people to insert images or a read-more into text posts too. In this pop-up, click the straight “line” option. It’s just an image of a line, but it inserts the line divider you see me using in my replies.

Alternatively, you can also hold down [ Control + Shift + L ] to create a line divider. 

I hope this helps!

Why Peggy/Gabe

This is a post designed to get you to ship Peggy/Gabe since only two people replied to my post asking where the Peggy/Gabe shippers at.


GABE JONES. Ain’t he fine? 

(Gabe Jones was portrayed by Derek Luke in Captain America: the First Avenger.) 

The comic book Gabe Jones was a member of the Howling Commandos since their first issue in 1963. Making him Marvel’s first real black hero (though not a superhero since the Howlers had no special powers.) 

In fact, the creation of Gabe Jones was so revolutionary that the printers initially assumed he was a white dude and he looked like this: 

PEGGY CARTER. She’s cool af. 

In the comics, Peggy was a French resistance spy called “Agent 13.” She had a dalliance with Captain America but he never knew her real name. 

Obviously, the MCU canon has changed this so that Peg and Cap worked together for years. But it also means that Peggy worked with the Howling Commandos for years. So in the MCU, she met Gabe much earlier than she did in comics continuity. (Remember, the Howlers were under Nick Fury’s direction, not Cap’s.) 

In Agent Carter, Peggy has the respect and the trust of the Howling Commandos. She can just call them up and they’ll come and help her out. I would’ve loved to have seen Gabe in the Howling Commando episode because more Gabe is always good. But also because he would be facing the problem of coming home too–she’s a woman and he’s black. 

They could bond over their shared frustration with the government agencies they work for not letting them advance, and over their shared grief for the “death” of Captain America. 

In the comics, Peggy meets Gabe when she decides to join SHIELD like her (then) sister Sharon Carter. She is in her 40s at that time and Cap thinks she’s too old and will hurt herself. Not Gabe. 

[[Insert image of Peggy and Gabe beating up Hydra guys. Peggy says they’re surprised a woman in her 40s is capable and Gabe is like, “Yeah they were always surprised when I beat them in the war or whatever.” I saw this panel recently on tumblr WHERE IS IT?!? Google search has failed me.]]

Nick Fury made Peggy and Gabe partners for a time. And they fell in love. Of course the best part was how mad it made Red Skull. 

Since Nazis hate “race mixing” (and still do, according to the Jessica Jones showrunner) it makes me happy to think of Peggy dedicating her life to stopping Hydra and then in her spare time, pissing them off some more. 

Now, for the MCU, Peggy gets married. This presents a problem for Peggy/Gabe shippers because there were laws in place in the 50s that kept mixed race couples from getting married in most states then. However, they could have found a place (like Washington, DC that would’ve made the union legal.) And, perhaps this is me reaching, I think it’s a bit odd that Peggy never says who her husband is, nor does she take his last name in the interview Steve watches at the Smithsonian. 

Like maybe she’s married to Gabe Jones and it’s not a secret but not something the Smithsonian is cool with advertising. 

We also know that Gabe was for sure one of the soldiers she mentioned as being saved by Cap in her Smithsonian interview. She mentions the 107th. Those are the Howling Commandos. Gabe is a Howling Commando. 

How To Make Cute Binder Covers

Find a pattern that you want to use- you can find them on google, tumblr, pinterest, anywhere really. Make sure the photo is vertical so it’ll cover the whole binder cover. (that’s why i searched ‘for iphone’) 

Save the image. Then open up Word and insert the image. Maximize the image so it covers the whole paper.

Click 'insert shape’ and add the rectangle. Place it where you want and stretch it out so it creates a space for the label. 

Add a text box and just write the name of the subject. You can change the font, size, color, to whatever you want.

Then all you have to do is print and put it in your binder! You can see how mine came out here.

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how is it gonna mess up roleplaying? has anything specific been changed to impact it?

Mostly just aesthetically. Inline images (including small GIFs and icons) are now maximised, like so:

It mainly just looks horrible.

However, this can be avoided by blockquoting the GIF or icon. Just press this button:

…before inserting your image.

U P D A T E:

This problem has been fixed, to my knowledge.