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Mystic Messenger Doujinshi : 707 After Story



HELLO EVEYONE  ! ! ! ! ! I’m back ~~~ and I will bring you a new doujishi  ! Please enjoy xD
This time i drew meticulous than the previous time. Hope you love it .

୧ (๑> ᗨ <๑) ୨  ୧ (๑> ᗨ <๑) ୨ ୧ (๑> ᗨ <๑) ୨

  • I can only post 10 original pictures, and I do not know how to post more … so I insert images into text, which makes the resolution of the image smaller
  • I will re-up 8 last original pictures in the other post for people who want to repost my art. ( Let’s check my tumblr )



707′s Doujinshi : “Reset” (full)

And here we have everyone’s favorite trickshot-performing and vlogging dadbro!! 🤙🏻💚

Chase’s snapback was a bit of a nightmare to work with (hats aren’t really one of my strong suits), but I still had a lot of fun drawing him!!

(Also please click on the image for better quality since Tumblr likes to make bigger pictures all blurry and stuff.)

@chase-brody-protection-squad @therealjacksepticeye @markired

Me: it’s cute when people refer to their favorite characters as their children, but I’ve never felt that way about a character, no matter how much I like them. Perhaps I simply don’t consume media in the same way as my peers.

Assassination Classroom:

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Me: my son

How To Make Cute Binder Covers

Find a pattern that you want to use- you can find them on google, tumblr, pinterest, anywhere really. Make sure the photo is vertical so it’ll cover the whole binder cover. (that’s why i searched ‘for iphone’) 

Save the image. Then open up Word and insert the image. Maximize the image so it covers the whole paper.

Click 'insert shape’ and add the rectangle. Place it where you want and stretch it out so it creates a space for the label. 

Add a text box and just write the name of the subject. You can change the font, size, color, to whatever you want.

Then all you have to do is print and put it in your binder! You can see how mine came out here.

Hi! My names Mikyla, I’m 14 and I’m pan!

I’m looking to make friends,or maybe something more. I’m down for long distance, just not too long.

I live on the west coast of Canada on an island down by Washington

I like to play basketball, watch horror movies and read. My favourite tv series are The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Stranger Things and Gotham.

If you want to chat, message me on one of my social medias! (snapchat or instagram will get you the quickest reply)

Snapchat: mikyla_kang

Instagram: lockernumber125a

Tumblr: shy-pickle

(I tried inserting an image but you all know how flimsy Tumblr Mobile is)

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How did Mod Evansen and Jonas make their picture things in theMod description?

Hello!! We each drew our own icons in Paint Tool Sai, then we made the backgrounds transparent. We also shrunk the images down. We then inserted the images straight from the Tumblr page description using the camera icon! -Jonas

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Hey❤️ I first wanted to say that your drawings are SO AMAZINGLY CUTE AND AESTHETIC, keep doing how you’re doing! So I have a lil question, how do you save your pixel art that it doesn’t get blurry AND how do you create gifs (when I save something as a gif it doesn’t work)? I hope you can help me and I’d appreciate an answer a lot 🌻🖤


if you save your picture as a gif or a png it wont be blurry. but if you want to keep it looking crisp when uploading to tumblr, you will either need to make the size of your saved image match the default size of your dash (right now it’s 540px wide, but in the past it has been 500px), or, make a text post, insert the pixel art as an image, go into the markdown editor and save! 

in terms of how you create gifs, do you mean, how do you animate images? I know you can do it in Photoshop, but I don’t have that so I use either GIMP or ULEAD GIF Animator. try searching on youtube for a tutorial!

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how is it gonna mess up roleplaying? has anything specific been changed to impact it?

Mostly just aesthetically. Inline images (including small GIFs and icons) are now maximised, like so:

It mainly just looks horrible.

However, this can be avoided by blockquoting the GIF or icon. Just press this button:

…before inserting your image.

U P D A T E:

This problem has been fixed, to my knowledge.