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When you lowkey realize that April 2016 marks Ouran High School Host Club's 10th Anniversary

Demelza is a literal street urchin, who from the age of 8 raised her younger brothers while her father drank all their money away, then would crawl back and beat her black and blue. She had no shoes, no real clothes for herself and lived off scraps. When she meets Ross by chance she manages to scrape a bit of education together, learning to read, write, read music and play the spinet. When she married Ross she moved into a completely different  standard of society and as such had to learn how to do things like dance, embroider, host dinner parties and the correct way to poor tea. As well as run a household, whilst doing most of the chores, run the farm, most of the estate, sometimes the mine while Ross is away and raise 4 children! She is an incredibly accomplished women with a lot of personality and wisdom and humour. If you find that “boring” I would hate to see what kind of freakish standards have to be set to impress you.

But you know, there is a mediocre white guy on a horse we could all be frothing at the mouth over…. 

It’s Too Early for This (Pt.II)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: College AU. The reader’s roommate drags her to a party and then disappears into the crowd within five minutes of their arrival. An irritated and bored reader, who didn’t even want to be at the party in the first place, runs into that insufferable yet cute boy Dean from this morning’s psych lecture. The reader starts ranting to Dean about how annoyed she is and how boring the party is, unaware that Dean himself is the one hosting the party. Inspired by a post found on Pinterest. 

Word Count: 1486

Warnings: language, steamy makeout session at the end

You stormed into your dorm room and slammed the door with a frustrated shriek. “Damn girl, what’s got your panties in such a twist?” your roommate asked. “I’m tired and annoyed and people are assholes!” you snapped. After this morning’s psych lecture, your day had only gotten worse; you were so distracted by the interaction with Dean that you accidentally ran into someone on the way to your biology lab and spilled your coffee all over your favorite shirt, which resulted in you being late and missing the lab’s introductory lecture. Then you didn’t have time to get another coffee before your history class in the afternoon, so you fell asleep and the professor called you out on it. All this because of stupid Dean and his stupid leather jacket and his stupid green eyes. 

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Lea Michele Hosts Engagement Dinner for Former Glee Costar Becca Tobin – Get All the Details!

Lea Michele knows how to host a party!

The Scream Queens star threw an intimate engagement dinner for her former Glee costar Becca Tobin and her fiancé Zach Martin at Fig & Olive in Los Angeles on Monday night.

The 20 person dinner was held in a private dining room from 8-11 p.m. where guests, including Cara Santana, sipped on red and white wine and piscine cocktails along with crostinis, kabocha squash risotto and apple tarts for dessert.

“Lea was in such bright spirits and couldn’t be more thrilled to have thrown such a stunning dinner for her best friend and Becca’s ‘love of her life.’ They were all seen Snapchatting away, having the times of their lives,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

The friends met in 2012 when Tobin, 30, joined the cast of Glee as new Cheerios leader Kitty Wilde.

At the event, Michele, 30, was also spotted making a champagne toast. “She wished the two of them the most happiness in the world and also said how lucky they were to have each other,” an insider reveals to PEOPLE.

In May, Tobin announced she was engaged during an episode of her LadyGang podcast. “Every single person thought I was kidding. I thought he was kidding when he had the ring in front of my face! I thought it was fake,” she said.

Her engagement news came nearly two years after Tobin’s former boyfriend, nightlife entrepreneur Matt Bendik, was found dead in a Philadelphia hotel room.


7KPP Week Day 4 - Present

In present time Alexia is enjoying spending time with many different people she considers her friends. She is curious of their cultures and history. When she hosts parties she can see how different people can enjoy talking with each other and she is happy. She thinks “Ah so this is how Katya must have felt when she gathered all those people to meet here”. All of this makes her more confident that peace can happen, she just have to try to make them see. Jasper, Sayra and Ria are helping her and gives her strenght by being by her side no matter what.

Safira is spending time by training and talking with Zarad (yup I ship them I planned differently but it happened and now I can’t do it differently). I think both of them are learning to trust each other. She already trusts her personal servants but out of habit taken from the court, she is still looking for any mistakes in people’s behaviour. She learns how to open up to people. She was always the performer thus she always played a different role. Now that I think about it - this also fits to growth (but I will try to draw somethin different).

Also I draw MC from Jiyel and Corval because I wanted to create a story. But someday I will draw my other princesses from other countries

>:3c i was tagged by my mOTHER @vav-gav to put my music on shuffle, list the first 20 songs, and then tag 10 people okay here we go

1. seven nation army - the white stripes | 2. campus - vampire weekend | 3. cosmic love - florence + the machine | 4. satisfied - sia feat. miguel & queen latifah | 5. bite - troye sivan | 6. stardust - mika | 7. find a way - safetysuit | 8. addictive - royal republic | 9. watch me rise - mikky ekko | 10. travelling at the speed of light - joywave | 11. starboy - the weeknd feat. daft punk | 12. princess of china - coldplay feat. rihanna | 13. home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros | 14. never quite free - the mountain goats | 15. i should go - levi kreis | 16. how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds | 17. porcelain - mika | 18. crawl (carry me through) - superchick | 19. long way down - robert delong | 20. prom song gone wrong - lana del rey

anyways ??? what the hell is my music taste lmfao okay i tag?? @lovphobia | @simon-snow-salisbury | @miememegan and anyone else who wants to, just say i tagged you, yaaaa

The look on Arcus’ face said more than enough on how he felt about hearing the news. “Hufflepuff hosts the big V-day party this year?” He drawls out, but there is an odd mirth beginning to morph onto the edge of his dry chapped lips. A chuckle slips out, and then another, seconds ticking by before he is guffawing as if it was the funniest thing he had heard all year. “You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me right now!” With a roll of his eyes, the Gryffindor moves to drop lazily into the chair presented before him, body sprawling out, long legs taking up as much room as they can. “I might have to skip out on that festivity this year.” His voice sound dull and uninterested despite the amusement showing across his face. “Puff parties are not my kind of parties. Especially one for Valentines Day.”

How to talk to strangers in social situations

It’s ok and socially expected to initiate conversations with strangers at certain kinds of gatherings. If a lot of people who don’t know each other are at the same gathering, and there is a social element to the gathering, it’s considered normal to initiate conversations with strangers.

Some examples of this type of environment:

  • Parties
  • Conferences
  • Freshman orientation
  • Kiddush after services at a synagogue

A script that usually works well for initiating conversation with a stranger:

  • You: Hi, I’m [Your name].
  • They will usually reply: I’m [their name].
  • Then the next thing you do is ask them a question that is slightly, but not very, personal based on the context
  • Then they usually answer and ask you the same question
  • This tends to result in you discovering something of mutual interest and having a conversation

Some examples of contextually appropriate questions:

  • If you’re at a party someone is throwing: “How do you know [host’s name]” usually works
  • (Even if they don’t actually know the host, this still usually works because they can answer something like “Actually, I came here with my friend.”)
  • If you’re at a conference: “What brings you here?” usually works. (And will usually get to an area of mutual interest quickly, since being at the same conference with someone implies that you care about some of the same things).
  • This is a better question than “What do you do?” because asking about someone’s job as an initial question is often interpreted as you asking them “Are you high status enough that I should bother talking to you?”. “What brings you here?” is more neutral
  • If you’re at a kiddush at a synagogue: “Are you a member here?” usually works, so long as you’re not asking it in an accusatory tone. 
  • If there’s a bat or bat mitzvah, “Are you relatives of the bar/bat mitzvah?” usually works (even if you’re not and they’re not. The question works no matter what the answer is
  • At freshman orientation or similar: “Where are you from?” usually works well as an initial question.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve met before, you can still introduce yourself. This is a script that works:

  • “I’m not sure if we’ve met before - I’m kind of bad with faces. I’m [Your name]”.
  • Then, if they don’t know you, you can use the usual script.
  • And if they do know you, then they’ll usually explain the context you know them in.
  • And then you can talk about that.

tl;dr It’s ok (and can be fun) to initiate conversations with strangers at parties and conferences and suchlike. Scroll up for some scripts.

Anyone else want to weigh in? What are some initial questions that work in other contexts?

How to host a Victorian garden party, according to Louisa May Alcott

As shown in her short story “Perilous Play.”

1. Break out the pot-laced brownies.

2. Appoint one person to stay sober to protect everyone’s virtue.  (They will secretly also eat the brownies.)

3. Roll around on the grass giggling at each other’s jokes.

4. Go sailing.

5. Almost get in a wreck because of how incredibly high you are.

6. Confess your passionate love that you’ve held back due to wanting to be a respectable lady.

7. Wake up engaged and agree that a splendid time was had by all.

A belated Christmas gift arrived today! I cannot get over how cool these book plates are. I need to host a dinner party or something now :)

**EDIT: I guess my parents found these at which is a restaurant supply store– Just looking around online though, it seems like you could find them a few different places.**

Yet another reason to dislike The Donut

So I was thinking about how Duncan threw that party at The Grand in 2x06…

How shitty a boyfriend do you have to be to plan to host a party on the night your girlfriend’s dad is running for reelection? Especially when that girl is Veronica Mars? (If nothing else, we know V would have been talking about the election ad nauseum. Duncan should have known when it was.)

And secondarily, how shitty a boyfriend do you have to be to not cancel said party when you realize that this is a conflict?

If Keith won (which V totally thought was going to happen - hello, surprise balloons at the office!), wouldn’t you assume she’d want to be spending the night celebrating such a huge victory with her dad? If he lost, wouldn’t you assume she’d want to spend her time consoling/cheering him up (or at least not surrounded by a bunch of drunk teenagers she still claims to hate*)? Why force her to have to consider you/your party as a another option at all, Duncan?

*In the deleted scenes from this ep, Veronica actually spends her time at the party sitting in Duncan’s shower stall, depressed. Although, this is in large part to do with Logan getting rearrested as well.

The party/election dynamic is even stranger when you consider that supposedly Keith Mars has absolutely no beef with Duncan Kane. Clearly it wouldn’t have been a problem if Duncan had attended the Mars family election party, but instead he wasn’t there supporting his girlfriend or her father, he was off affirming his social status.

Ugh Duncan, I just don’t get you! Every time I think I can’t like you less, there you go again, proving me wrong.

I ultimately preferred Stanford dragging Stanley away, but I had to draw at least one panel’s worth of Ford with Darwin’s blissed-out expression.

Johannesburg’s massive FNB Stadium, 95 000 ecstatic fans Saturday night (March 28) showed One Direction’s remaining four members – Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan – that broken hearts should go to South Africa.

Because South Africans know how to host a party, crisis or no crisis.

The perimeter of the calabash-shaped arena we – known as “Soccer City” – began to fill from 12 p.m., suggesting that One Direction without Zayn Malik had not dampened the city’s enthusiasm. As queues of preteens, teens and tolerant parents ate farm sausage rolls, their custom T-shirts and signs reflected 1D excitement. Hardly the Zayn-related woe we’ve seen on social media.

You see, South Africans are resilient. (It’s a coping mechanism.)

The concert kicked off with a good-but-not-great opening performance by local star and 2013 winner of SA’s Got Talent Jonny Apple, whose on-stage persona needs work to live up to his strong vocals. He could perhaps learn a thing or two from his special guests, X Factor SA 2014 winners FOUR.

There was some retro in-between music, perhaps to entertain the parents, including “The Macarena,” “Single Ladies,” “You’re the One That I Want” and theFriends theme song. Baffling, right? So when Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall bounded on-stage at 8:30 p.m., the darkened arena erupted.

Of a smooth 23-song setlist, highlights were “Steal My Girl,” “Midnight Memories,” “One Thing,” “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Through The Dark” and “Story of My Life,” plus the accompanying stage design, 3D motion design and hand-drawn animation of London’s Studio Moross.

The boys were typically high energy. Harry swaggered and flipped his hair. Niall strummed. Louis smirked prettily. Liam spun his microphone. But while their spirited performance was received to deafening delight, there were four surprises about the first appearance of 1D since Zayn’s exit.

1. Liam cried.

At the start of “Through the Dark” Liam was teary, his voice broke and he walked off-stage – an unusual move for the one band member who doesn’t even do bathroom breaks. Harry draped himself fetchingly in the South African flag (as a distraction?) and the boys soldiered on until Liam’s return.

2. They were very, very, very grateful.

The band in concert mode is usually wide-eyed and appreciative of their fans. It’s their thing and it’s sweet. But Saturday night, in what must have been a very difficult night for the foursome, they fed off the love, with constant thanks and compliments to the Joburg crowd.

“Thank you for choosing to spend your evening with us,” Harry said, “You have no idea how much we love you right now.”

Harry and Niall were wowed by the venue: “Is this where the World Cup Final was held?” And then, the trump card: “South Africa, you are my favorite audience,” said Liam, “This is literally my favorite gig so far.” South Africans love being the darling.

3. No one mentioned Zayn.

The performers made no mention of their missing bandmate so, barring the odd un-edited promo video before the opening act, Zayn’s only representation was on merchandising. And homemade fan T-shirts identifying “Zayn’s Girl.”

4. They’re whiter-than-white.

Okay, this one isn’t a surprise. But in a country where there are hundreds of skin colors between white and black, and where Saturday night’s crowd represented most of them, One Direction is now noticeably pale-skinned.

In all, Joburg had a blast. The “new” One Direction put on a full-scale production, the fans loved it and the ratio of selfie sticks to bare midriffs came in at a comfortable 1:3. It seems, in South Africa at least, that we’re through the dark. But then, South Africans are irrepressible. Much like 1D.  x