how to have your life ruined in one lesson

There is no use in anything I do - Part 3

Summary: Since y/n doesn’t seem particularly interested in ever talking to anyone at Xavier’s school, due to her fear of making people do things they don’t want to, Charles Xavier decides to give her private lessons in order to help her control her mutation.

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Words: 1047

Warnings: None

The following weeks you got better and better at not accidentally making people spill their most private secrets. The risk was great, as the second you started actually talking to people outside of class, they all asked you for samples of you powers. It was weird and it made you very uncomfortable, though none of them seemed to notice. You refused to force a 15-year-old boy with a fear of heights to climb up a tree, even though he practically begged you to do in, for whatever reason. You were not going to be responsible for that broken leg. You made a guy jump on one leg for an entire day. Just because he asked you to, of course. He probably regretted his demand five minutes into the day. 

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Why people leave.

I know how much you hate people for leaving, especially to the good and favored ones, right? We all do hate it. In fact, it is a damn suicide to realize and accept that this day forward, you’ll have to wake up and continue for living not having these bunch of people around anymore and you just have to swallow the truth up even if it hurts like hell and rips your heart out big time. That’s just it, it really happens.

But come to think of it, not all the people just come, ruin your life, teach you lessons and serve as your wake up alarms and inspirations, and go as if no damaged has been done. They come with a purpose and go because of reasons. That is why while you still have them, cherish them, make them feel as if you are lucky and happy to have them, be honest and don’t give them even small reasons not to trust you.

Do not break their hearts. Do not do something stupid that could mean losing them because sometimes it is not their choice to leave you but yours. Unknowingly, sometimes, it is likely our fault why people leave. They leave not because they want to but because they have to, because you give them reasons to leave, because they have been hurt too much that staying any further means dying. Do not just blame people for leaving. Do not hate them for leaving.

If by chance that people close to your heart suddenly leaves you, without even giving you a hunch why, evaluate yourself. Know if you have really treated them right for them to act like that. Rant accordingly. Do not curse them for doing that if you knew you are the asshole one. It is not just you who will be hurting if they leave, they also do. Rational people do not just leave you without enough reasons. If you really want people to stay in your life then give them reasons to stay, not reasons to leave.