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Dad had always taken pride of being in an excellent shape for his age. “How many fifty year olds have a six pack like this?” He would often brag, lifting his fitted tanktops and showing off his flat, chiseled stomach.

As expected, such a good looking man like him never had a hard time finding a partner for a hot, sexy time. I guess that at his age he had convinced himself that he was safe from the most natural consequence of sex: pregnancy.

He angrily admitted it to me one day. Summer was around the corner and he was looking unusually bloated. “Having trouble cutting after your winter bulk?” I teased, poking a finger into his not-so-flat-anymore middle. 

“I fucking wish!” He complained. “Guess there is no point in hiding it. I got fucked knocked up!”

“You what?” I asked, shocked. “How? When? And who…?”

“How do you think it happened, dumbass?” He almost yelled, slapping my hand away of his gut and tugging his t-shirt. “Three months ago. Some dude from Growlr did it. And the motherfucked blocked me afterwards.”

“Holy shit.” I said, having trouble believing it.

“It’s the worst thing ever.” He continued. “I’m tired AND hungry all the time. I’ve put on twelve pounds already, and that’s on top of my bulk. I’m going to end up fat as a fucking cow.”

July came around and dad kept growing every week. One morning, I dashed into his room after hearing an unusal amount of loud swearing coming out of it. “Is everything ok?”

Dad’s eyes shot daggers at me from across the room.”Nothing is fucking ok!” he yelled furiously. “It just took me ten fucking minutes to button this jeans. I have already pissed like four times since I got up two hours ago. And I had breakfast like twenty minutes ago and I’m already starving again. And I’m only six months along” He sighed, defeated. “I’m turning into a fat, useless, pregnant pig.”


Chestfeeding…A Journey…

I knew long before I got pregnant with Lu that if I ever had one, I wanted to nurse my child, even as a teenager when I still had breasts (the primary source of my dysphoria at the time) it was something I thought about, but of course it was never of major importance. And now I have a precious little girl…seven years after top surgery, and I’m nursing/chestfeeding her. Let me tell you, it is hell some days as I don’t want to be bothered with the task, particularly when we are in public…but overall, I wouldn’t give up this experience for the world.

–Some background here, yes, I lactate, that is possible since it seems to confuse many people. Chestfeeding is a gender neutral term, same thing as breastfeeding & nursing.–

I’ve taken to logging and tracking Lu’s feedings since I started chestfeeding her. Things such as, is she having trouble latching, how long did she feed for, is my supply low, and if it’s hurting me on a scale of one to ten (the days directly after birth were off of that scale, I’m happy to report nothing past a 5 has been logged this month). It’s been such a helpful tool for me to normalize chestfeeding being a part of everyday life, despite the sometimes exceedingly uncomfortable circumstances like the flight to  Disney where I had no bottles on me… but it’s otherwise been an amazing experience of bonding with Lu and embracing my postpartum body more and more each day. I’ve mentioned it once or twice that Lu is a rainbow baby, after my miscarriage I became a bit of a gym rat and worked out probably to the point where it was unhealthy, but at the time after losing Sprout I just felt like my body was useless, especially with the added weight. Working out was my way of adding value to myself and probably compensating for the baby that I never got to meet in some sense. However, now I’m able to see my body as valuable and of importance, extra weight and all (no matter how much I miss my six pack). And I truly have Lu and chestfeeding to thank for that, everyday I am able to provide for Lu in a way that no one else can. And while I don’t have a full supply for her it is still something I’d choose to do again in a heartbeat. The frustration of this factor still doesn’t detract from the intimate moments of nursing with Lu as I’m lucky to even have the opportunity.

I’m still on this journey, not sure how long I want to chestfeed for, unsure of how long I can even keep it up before Lu doesn’t need me anymore…but I am reveling in the priceless moments I get to spend with my daughter while chestfeeding where only she and I matter in that time & space.

Much Love-

Kingdom: Calm Before the Storm

Felt confident enough to post again!

Warnings from the prologue still apply! A bit more gore in this one but nothing too bad! It’s right before shit hits the fan so let’s go.

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I know I am difficult to love. And I know very well that you think you’re difficult to love as well.

Darling, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. When I am crying, and shaking, and screaming, and breaking, your sweet words and understanding nature help me.

It doesn’t matter if you have a flat stomach or not, because, I have your radiant personality to hold onto.

Your heart is clearer and your eyes are brighter than the skin, you think, is dull and battered.

It’s you that I want.

We have our days when we feel insecure, but babe, always know that I am happy to have you in my life, never mind, not your ‘perfect’ body.

You are beautiful, and NO, I am not referring to how thin you are, or if you have a six-pack or not. You’re beautiful because you’re kind and caring and helpful and loving and I’d rather have a person with a good heart beside me than a person with just good looks.

#4 (4 Times Derek Knew He Loved You)

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Summary:The fourth time Derek knew he loved (Y/N).

Pairing:Derek x Reader


Fandom:Teen Wolf

You and Derek were having your classic fast food dinners.

“I’m still surprised that you eat all this junk food but yet still have a six pack”

“Determination is key,(Y/N).”,Derek said pointing a fry at you.

“Bull.I think you can be the most determined person in the universe but still be a fattie.”

“Well then how come I have a six pack,then?”

“Steroids. Wolfie powers. I don’t know. Something not natural.”

“Now I’m calling bull.”

“Oh brother!”,you said as you threw a fry at Derek.

“Ohhhh. I know you did not just throw a fry at me.”,Derek said.

“Ohhhh I think I did,buddy!”,you said.

Derek threw a fry at you and you did the same.

This continued all night and you laughed and laughed.

And Derek realized he could have fry food fights with you the rest of his life.

To Derek,you displayed humor.

Okay but I think Luke would adore his plus!sized girlfriend. Like he would be so happy to show her off and he’d love her so thoroughly and tbh just be the best? Like imagine laying in bed with him one night, and maybe he’s feeling a lil insecure because of his tummy and you are just laying together and he’d be venting about how he wished he could have a six-pack and lots of muscles and it would make you a lil sad because you knew you were lovely but you wondered if maybe you weren’t enough for him. So when he’d stop talking and realize you hadn’t said anything he’d ask what was up and you’d say something defensively like “It’s not the worst thing to not have a lean stomach” and instead of being a dick about it and getting into a fight his eyes would widen and he’d immediately start being like “No no babe, I love you you’re perfect” or whatever and you’d spend the rest of the night cuddling and eventually you’d kiss down his belly and make him giggle and idk maybe even end the night with a blow job or him eating you out something who knows

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I’ve spent years despising my stomach and how “fat” it looked. I dreamt about having six-pack abs with no fat to pinch whatsoever. For some reason, I equated six-pack abs with being beautiful and fit.
Fast forward to 5 years later, and I am finally accepting and embracing what my stomach looks like. I’ve learned–through way too much trial and error–that I am personally not able to achieve six-pack abs while simultaneously being healthy. I’ve also realized that YOU CAN BE FIT WITHOUT HAVING A SIX-PACK.
So what I’m trying to say is that I have never been more physically healthy, mentally healthy, or fit than I am right now, and guess what… I HAVE SOME FAT AND MUSCLE ON MY TUMMY! I’d rather enjoy a quesadilla with my best friend and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with my boyfriend than worry about whether or not it will affect how toned my stomach looks the next day. How freeing it is to be able to eat what I am in the mood for AND be fit. It’s okay to not be perfect!! You can still be beautiful, fit, and healthy without a fat-less stomach!!

Okay I'm about to spit some real shit again so get ready

Okay this shit with Got7 is hella fucked up and we can ALL agree on that! I’m just gonna go down the line of fuck ups and talk about them all individually and give my insight on the whole situation!

Okay starting off with Yugyeom! You guys we have to understand that he wasn’t born and raised in the States like a good handful of us were! Over in Korea he’s old enough to drink and have adult fun, he doesn’t fully know the life of an American! We can’t get mad at him for underage drinking because I bet he doesn’t even know that you have to be 21 (International age) in order to drink!!! Also all of this bullshit with his stomach?!?! ARE YALL FUCKING SERIOUS?!?!??! How would y'all feel if your non toned and no six pack having tummy was exposed to the world and thousands of people were bashing you for it?!?! Exactly! You would feel HELLA shitty and HELLA insecure and I’ll bet money that the people who are talking shit on Yugyeom’s stomach can’t even come close in comparison!!!

Secondly, Mark and his 🐍friends🐍. Honestly I just can’t wait for the day Mark realizes that these people aren’t his real friends and drops every single one of them. I can bet that ALL of them knew what they were doing when they put this bullshit on Snap

Lastly, BamBam! I AM NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM SAYING THAT WHAT BAMBAM DID WAS OKAY that was for all you people that jump to conclusions too damn fast Anyway! I really do hate the fact that BamBam said that word with such nonchalant confidence! And I honestly dislike Mark’s friend for teaching it to him, but there honestly isn’t a way where he can take it back and that’s okay because now he can learn from his mistake and never EVER make it again! Now before y'all get all “Well he should’ve known better!” NO HE SHOULDNT HAVE! HE DOESNT LIVE HERE, HE WAS NOT RAISED HERE, HE DOESNT KNOW ALL OF THE CONTROVERSY THAT SURROUNDS THAT WORD!!!! Like honestly this is the same guy that was afraid to do finger hearts because he thought it was offensive and had to GET REASSURANCE FROM FANS THAT IT WASNT!! Do you really think he would say it if he knew it would be offensive?!?! Didn’t think so. As FANS we need to educate him, he obviously loves not only the black culture but his black fans as well and we can see that through everything that he does! So stop fucking bashing him and start fucking educating him

I lied this is the last thing I wanted to say: To everyone who has sent or has thought of sending BamBam a death threat or has said that he needs to be kicked out of Got7, FUCK YOU!! Y'all are complete trash!

I’m done guys, I just needed to get this out of my system because I’ve seen a lot of shit on Twitter and it made me so upset. I honestly hope that this gave some people who are SEVERLY pissed off some insight. But anyway sorry if I offended anyone but these are my opinions and if you don’t like it, don’t read it 💋💋💋

Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: sexual frustration

Knowing Shizuo didn’t like to gamble, Izaya figured that this was an easy way to get him to do laundry for the next week.

Whoever caves in to the other’s seduction first had been the premise, one that Izaya said with a sly smirk and feathered touches to Shizuo’s jaw. Being half asleep and deliriously happy from the strawberry milk Izaya had brought him, Shizuo agreed before promptly falling back into unconsciousness right after he’d finished his beverage.

And the next week, Izaya tried every seductive tactic he could think of. He walked around with boxers low on his hips, he laid on the bed so the hem of his shirt revealed a pale midriff, he ran his hand through his hair, he licked his lips. He kissed Shizuo everywhere on his face except his lips, he moved gracefully and languidly into and out of of his lap, he “accidentally” forgot to get dressed after showering.

He kissed Shizuo so much that their lips bruised and lungs ached, that nails clawed at skin and arms encircled waists, but every time they were about to go further, Izaya would skip back with a smirk and murmur that ‘Shizu-chan doesn’t get to win!’

Shizuo’s retaliations never came, to Izaya’s surprise. He never tried to seduce him, but it was then that Izaya realized the blond seemed to be able to turn him on just by existing.

By smiling, by smirking, by laughing, by staring. Shizuo turned him on the way he came out of the shower in just his boxers and towel around his neck, the way his lean muscles moved as he opened the refrigerator, how a lightly defined six pack looked bare without Izaya’s nails having left red welts on it, how fair hair was meant for pale fingers to tangle in.

Shizuo’s cologne was intoxicating and every kiss made it harder for him to pull back and the feeling of his rough calloused hands was addicting to the soft skin of Izaya’s waist and hips.

Izaya’s heart would always race and he’d be shaking, arousal almost painfully hard whenever he walked away from Shizuo, smirk dropping the moment his back was to him. He’d swear, knowing that his resolve was dropping, that feeling Shizuo’s flesh against him was more than worth having to keep doing the laundry.

But by the time Izaya talked himself back into resisting him, he walked into their bedroom to see Shizuo undressing from work. His bowtie hung around his neck and the first few buttons of his dress shirt were undone, sleeves pushed up to his elbows, untucked from his pants. One hand was pushing his hair back, revealing a forehead that had only a few strands of blond brushing against it. An unlit cigarette hung from his lips and his unbuttoned vest hung on his lean frame, brow knit as he read a receipt.

“Oi, Izaya! Did you know the milk store upped their price?! What the fuck! I’m going to—!!”

But before he could finish his angry rant, Izaya had shoved him down onto the bed and rasped ‘you’re not taking anything off’ as nimble fingers were graceful in undoing his pants and reaching for the lube.

Laundry’s not that bad.

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hold up, since you workout a lot, do you have a six pack?

Naturally – I have a six pack; you have a six pack; everyone has a six pack; humans have six packs.

To say that we don’t have a six-pack is erroneous, because that’s how we are built as humans. It’s not always about making them visible – indeed, even the abs can be weak, yet visible and sexy – but how much we can strengthen them. So not really, mine are not all that visible; mine are powerful however, and I do work them out quite a lot. B)

When one strives for strength, it’s not always about making your muscles visible or having a slim muscular body to prove that you are strong. 

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I'm sure you've heard about whats happened, senpai, and I would like to know you're opinion on the matter

Anonymous said:Um, have you seen the Bambam stuff yet ??

Aish… I had a feeling someone might ask me about this… First of all, I don’t condone what Bambam said at all; however, I don’t fully believe it’s his fault either. He didn’t grow up in America, so doesn’t necessarily know the connotation of the N word. On top of that, he has probably heard it a lot in American music and Americans saying it themselves. Instead of hating on him, I think it would be more important to teach him what it means, so he doesn’t misuse it again.

Now the Yugyeom stuff makes me angry. For someone to shame Yugyeom for his tummy is inexcusable. First of all, how many of us have six packs or are in the best shape of our lives? Second of all, have you seen the way he moves? There is no doubt that Yugyeom is in amazing shape. He has a little tummy. So what? As for the underage drinking, well, I don’t really judge him for that either. He is Korean, and I know that at least in Korea and Japan, underage drinking isn’t a big deal at all. On top of that, I know a lot of Americans drink underage, too. As long as it’s in a safe environment and no one is drinking and driving, I don’t think that’s a big deal.

I know my opinions my be unpopular with this whole situation, but that’s honestly how I feel, and I would appreciate it if a big debate didn’t happen on my blog over this. Everyone is entitled to their opinions still.