how to hard boil an egg

How to give constructive comment to fanfic/fanart creator

Now, we fanfic/fanart creators love sexy comment on our work, but sometimes I see that people just don’t know how to do it properly. Here’s a little guidance on how to do it, if you see something that we can improve you can:

- State what is in our work that you think can improve

- Give us the link or reference to where we can research

- Or just send us heart and watch as we blushing so hard we can boil an egg with our faces.

Example: “I like your work so much, however sometimes the line are quite weird, do you mind re-reading your work after you finished it, or get someones proofreading it for you?”

“I think you can improve with body drawing by doing this research on this page, you can learn so much on that!”

If you criticize our work based on your ego or you just want to feel better about yourself because I don’t know, you just like to bully people like:

“Being an amateur suck you should stop”

“Maybe No hope no fear will be better if you know how to spell”

“Dude you have issue you should go to therapy”

I saw some cyber-bully around Tumblr lately I shit you not I don’t like it. If you want to be critical you’d better be less self-centered, if you don’t like something just be polite and leave, because there’s other people out there that loves it.

Better to say nothing than sprouting nonsense. Keep our fandom healthy.

Decisions, decisions ...

If you could only read one book from now on, which would it be? 

 This is a question that often gets asked in my circle of friends, usually after a few drinks, and my answer is always the same – I would pay someone to bind all of Terry Pratchett’s work into one ginormous book just for me. 

When that doesn’t pass muster and I am accused of cheating (which I usually am) I then have to choose between Terry’s books. And that, I have to say, is a much more difficult proposition. I know some people say “it doesn’t matter, it’s Terry, you can read any of his books time and time again and find new angles and puns and other titbits of information that you didn’t notice before” and that’s all true but … despite it all, it matters to me. 

When I look at my Pterry shelves my choice of re-read is significantly dependent on the mood I’m in and what feelings I’m looking to calm or invoke in myself. Do I want to remind myself of how I felt when I first fell in love with the Discworld? If so I need Reaper Man. Do I want to be reminded that it’s possible to find your purpose and get your life together even when your world seems to have gone to the dogs? Then I need Guards! Guards! Do I want to find the courage to keep making the choices that I know need to be made, day after day after day? Then I need Carpe Jugulum or A Hat Full of Sky. Do I want a reminder why organised religion just does not do it for me? I need Small Gods. Am I hankering after a seriously good laugh set in the Discworld equivalent of Ancient Egypt? Then Pyramids is taken from the shelf. Is it Christmas? I need Hogfather … I could go on. And on. And on. There is not a single book of Terry’s that doesn’t resonate with my soul for one reason or other. 

However this form of questioning does not help me narrow down my choice of one book at all and for years I um-ed and ah-ed and then hand-waved and said I couldn’t choose and no-one could make me. 

Until one day someone turned the question on its head and instead asked “If you were told you could never read anything ever again, which book would you be most upset about?” 

And I immediately said “Night Watch”. 

No hesitation - no um-ing and ah-ing, no trying to bend the question to my will – just an instinctual response that had nothing to do with my mood or wanting specific things and everything to do with the sick feeling the thought of never reading it again produced in my stomach. 

This book, to me, is the epitome of Terry’s writing and the epitome of what a story can be. There are so many strands to it, so much depth and feeling packed into its 480 pages that I cannot imagine not being able to return to it at will to mine it again and again for every nugget of truth, punnery and glorious understanding of the human condition. It is both an origin story (for Vimes, for Vetinari, for Ankh-Morpork as we know it), a continuation of the Discworld series and Vimes’ story, and a commentary on – amongst other things - civilisation, revolutions, how we know who we are, and why some of us continue to make the right choices over and over again, no matter how hard they are. 

This book helps me make sense of the violence in the world, makes me want to be a better person, and is the reason that each year, on 25th May, I pick a sprig of lilac from the tree growing in my garden and have a hard-boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast. 

It also contains such gems as: 

“He hated being thought of as one of those people that wore stupid ornamental armour. It was gilt by association”

“The Assassin moved quietly from roof to roof until he was well away from the excitement around the Watch House. His movements could be called cat-like, except that he did not stop to spray urine against things”


“‘I get it,’ said the prisoner. ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?’ ‘If you like.’ said Vimes. 'But we’re a bit short staffed here, so if I give you a cigarette would you mind kicking yourself in the teeth?’”

And now I’m turning the question over to all you lovely people reading this, but adding a specifically Pterry angle:

If you were never able to read another book written by Terry Pratchett again, which one would you be most upset about?

Do reblog and let me know – sharing the love of Pterry is a wonderful thing!

I Promise

Prompt: Cassian and mom bonding times.

A/N: It has to start sad, I’m sorry. 

- - - - - - -

He closely watched the woman work around the kitchen, he was drawn to her wings. They laid differently than the other females’ wings in the camp.

His curiosity go the better of him as she handed him a plate of yellow blobs and bread, “You’re wings, they are different.”

She smiled sweetly at him, there was a sadness to her voice, “I’m lucky, my mate arrived just before they clipped my wings. I’m still able to fly, but the full story is for another time.”

He knew that she did not want to talk about it and he did not blame her. Instead he dug into his warm breakfast and almost cried when he picked up the bread and realized it was soft. He had never had fresh bread. He didn’t know how she felt the wave of emotion coursing through him, but she did.

She looked at him with piercing hazel eyes, it felt like she could see past the worthless bastard everyone told him that he was, “It will take some getting used to, I know. I grew up as a seamstress and we had hard times, but I can’t imagine how hard of a time you have had.”

“What are the yellow blobs? They taste fantastic.” He was not sure how to read her face, “scrambled eggs.”

He had had boiled eggs and if he was not lucky enough to start a fire he would eat them raw. He had no idea that eggs could taste this good.

They sat there silent for a while, their silence broke with her voice just above a whisper, “I know I cannot ask it of you to be his friend, but could you help him? I know to you it seems like his life has been easy and really it has been, but it will not always stay that way. There will be a day that his court will want to kill him even if he was not a half-breed. Our people will never fully accept him. The courts outside ours will eventually sense the power growing in him and send assassins before the threat comes of age. He will fight, there will be a day that he will have to fight, just as you have had too.”

He knew nothing of the court outside this camp, and he did not doubt the threats that Rhysand would face. For her, for this woman that has shown him  a night of kindness, he would do anything. “I promise, I will help him anyway I can.”

She smiled at him before she returned to the kitchen.

Cassian’s Savior Part 1: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

Cherry (Part 24)- wolf!jikook story

“Easter’s in four days!” Placing the hard-boiled eggs onto a plate, Jungkook’s mother pushes it towards Jungkook, who’s got stickers and cups of dyed water surrounding him. It’s in the middle of a sunny afternoon, the house warm and air smelling of cooked eggs. “I can’t believe how quickly time passes!”

“It’s crazy,” Jungkook admits, taking an egg and plopping it into a cup of red water. Just yesterday he was celebrating his seventh birthday with his friends. Now, he’s nearing his eighth birthday and growing taller each day.

“What’s crazier is that Jimin’s not come over yet and asked to play. You two are so cute, y’know? Practicing soccer, drawing, watching movies together. I wish I had a friend like that when I was younger.”


Alright, so she’s not half wrong. However, this is what’s actually occurring:

When they practice soccer, their knees green and necks sweaty, somehow Jimin ends up hopping onto Jungkook’s back and tumbling them both onto the ground. Jimin’s got his body above Jungkook’s, eyes examining every feature of his face carefully, smiling while he does it. Then they kiss, and Jimin does this thing where he whines and his tail smacks against the grass. Those are the messy kisses, lotsa tongue and French toast, but it’s just a part of Jungkook’s training.

The afternoons that they draw, Jimin and Jungkook lie underneath the tree in Jimin’s backyard, the bark blocking their bodies from the adults. There, with their paper and charcoal beside them, Jimin always holds his hand and kisses his fingers. Jimin’s said the phrase “I love you” the most underneath that tree, when they both feel lazy and full from dinner. Sometimes they exchange rings just to imagine what their wedding will be like because, really, it’s going to happen sooner than later.

Watching movies consist of cuddles, nuzzles, and Jimin marking him. Whenever he’s coating his scent on Jungkook and he receives a nip or squirm in reply, Jimin growls until Jungkook stills. Usually they’re just low, warning growls, but there was one instance where Jimin had become particularly aggressive. It was the day him and Yugyeom made a nest together at school, and Jimin had immediately smelled the other wolf’s scent on his body when Jungkook swung open the door in greeting.

No, he wasn’t growling. He was snarling.

Jungkook was a little frightened when Jimin marked him, the way his teeth were nipping a little too harshly and the anger-scent coming from his body. He’d received a sharp bite on his neck when he’d tried to squirm out of the blankets. When he’d began to cry, fat tears streaking down his doughy cheeks, Jimin’s eyes immediately softened and he’d drew him close. For hours they cuddled in blankets, Jimin whispering apologies in his ear while rubbing his ears and back, eating cookies and watching cartoons.

Well, if this behavior isn’t a clue! His teacher said that, as a wolf became older, their instincts take over. Alphas are supposedly very possessive of their mates.

Does it mean that Jimin’s an Alpha?

Does it mean that… Jungkook’s his mate?

As if on cue, the doorbell suddenly rings. When Jungkook stands, his mother tells him to sit, already on her way to the door. “Hi, Jimin!” she awes, voice echoing throughout the house. “Oh, look at your outfit! You’re growing up so much, dear!”

Curious over her squawking, Jungkook glances up from his egg decorations to find Jimin, his cute mochi Jimin, wearing a sleeveless shirt, a hat, and basketball shorts. They’re not like his other clothing, the ones that are baggy around the stomach and arms. This clothing suits him well, expensive deriving from the name brands printed in black cursive.

Jungkook’s ear flicks when Jimin hugs him from behind, chin digging into his collarbones.

“I missed you,” Jimin whispers, inhaling and deeply sighing.

“It’s only been a day.”

“Still. I always miss my Jungkookie.” Sliding a chair against Jungkook’s, their arms touching, Jimin sits and stares at the eggs curiously. “Are you coloring them?”


“Boys, I’m going to be outside for a moment! Behave!” his mother calls.

Right as the door closes, Jimin cups Jungkook’s cheek and kisses his lips. “I love kissing you,” he mumbles through kisses, hands intertwining with Jungkook’s. “I can’t be good around you!”

When they disconnect, their lips make this weird smacking sound, causing heat to crawl into Jungkook’s cheeks.

Rubbing his thumb against Jungkook’s cheek fondly, Jimin merely laughs and grabs an egg.

music to bang whores to: a playlist inspired by frank reynolds

track listing:

1. bad to the bone- george thorogood & the destroyers 2. young lust- pink floyd 3. crazy train- ozzy osbourne 4. tutti frutti- little richard 5. 24k magic- bruno mars 6. dirty work- the rolling stones 7. how blue can you get?- b.b. king 8. billie jean- michael jackson 9. manic depression- the jimi hendrix experience 10. suicidal thoughts- the notorious b.i.g.

i love eggs, charlie. and i love crabs, i love boiling denim. and i love banging whores. i love fanmixes.

(the title was @macdennisreceipts‘ idea lmao it’s so good)

top 5 exchanges between numberoneyuurifan and THEREALnumberoneyuurifan

(I wasn’t even doing the top 5 meme? but somebody asked superman for this and then she asked me over skype and here yall are haha)

  1.  that time they ended up arguing about whether multiverse theory existed while on a tangent about yuuri being the greatest in all universes and if that meant there was a universe where KATSUKI YUURI DIDN’T EXIST and then they were both too sad thinking about that so they agreed to disagree and also to agree we’re not actually sure if it was an argument or just them agreeing with one another?
  2. The Great NOTP Off: Plisetsuki vs Viktuuri Edition that resulted in the second 10k THEREALnumberoneyuurifan Viktuuri Manifesto
  3. that one time they got in an argument about whether borscht was better with smetana or potatoes and everyone was really confused about why they were arguing about THAT? until they started arguing about which one yuuri katsuki would enjoy more and then it all made perfect sense (katsuki1 replied to your post: It’s best with hard boiled eggs, obviously)
  4. the time they teamed up to roast katsukisuxx and it resulted in said user deleting their tumblr account
  5. one time THEREALnumberoneyuurifan posted a drunk text post about how they were really sad “that people didnt think viktor deserved yuuri because viktor seems really nice and yuuri loves him and they are getting married and why are people so rude to poor viktor nikiforov???” and instead of being an antagonising little shit numberoneyuurifan just said “fuck the haters dude” and sent him some of the Top Secret Viktuuri Stash from the rink
    (numberoneyuurifan: this is uh. paparazzi bullshit don’t show anyone else here you go
    THEREALnumberoneyuurifan: oh wow what great angles! whoever took these is a genius to rival even phichit chulanont!
    numberoneyuurifan: now you’re just being dramatic knock it the fuck off)
bts as types of boyfriend texts

taehyung: the one that texts you at 3 am with weird ass questions “why does boiling water make pasta soft but an egg hard?” “tae, its 3:23 am can this wait” “but how deep does a pan have to be in order to be a pot”

namjoon: the one who texts you every five minutes to make sure you’re hydrated, healthy, sleeping well, and doing what you’re supposed to be doing “isnt it 4 am for you?” “how did u know” “jAGI GO TO SLEEP” “but” “sleep”

yoongi: the one who constantly texts you to tell you that you’re on his mind and sends you pictures of everything that he does throughout the day so its like you’re with him the whole time

jimin: sending you 3000 videos of him screaming at Jungkook or messing around with his hyungs and asking you like 92340923 times a day if he’s cute and telling you you’re cuter every time 

hoseok: the type that doesn’t really like texting but will text you when you’re busy and usually spams your phone with missed calls because he would rather listen to your voice and your laugh when he talks to you

seokjin: sending you a bunch of his selfies that he took with all of the snow filters and a bunch of lovey dovey videos of him confessing his love all over again with the members all groaning about how cheesy it is in the background

jungkook: sending you blurry pictures of himself and every now and then a really nice picture but its just mostly meme faces and talking about the weirdest things like his hyung’s legs or something but rarely showing lovey dovey affection through texts besides the occasional “i miss you” and “i love you”

The new season of Mad Genius Tips is here! This time out, F&W’s Justin Chapple reveals the brilliant, timesaving cooking hacks he learned from chefs at this year’s Food & Classic in Aspen. First up: Jamie Bissonnette’s “wicked quick” way to chop a ton of hard-boiled eggs for a super-fast and easy egg salad. All you need is a baking rack, a mixing bowl and a small plate. Watch the full video here

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How does Nazarick celebrate easter?

In-game events were a big thing in Yggdrasil and naturally everyone in the guild paid the microtransaction costs for event specific crystal data.  Nazarick has dynamic,event based decorations that are reminiscent of easter with a horrific touch. Easter related horror was one of Tabula’s guilt pleasures.  He loves the gap moe of innocent holidays being turned into horror shows. 

I’m getting a bit side tracked by nostalgia.  For the sake of morale, Easter was celebrated normally with the consumption of large quantities hard-boiled dragon eggs,  the celebratory beating of the dragonlord pinata and hunts for prize filled eggs.  

  • Akashi: Tetsuya, what are you thinking right now?
  • Kuroko: Excuse me?
  • Akashi: It's just hard to predict what you are thinking.
  • Aomine: That's a shadow for you. It's so unpredictable.
  • Akashi: That's true. But we like to know what you are thinking.
  • Kuroko: Well.
  • Kise: Hold on! I know what we should do! Let's guess what he is thinking!
  • Everyone: What?
  • Kise: Whoever guess it right, can have a nice date with Kurokocchi!
  • Kuroko: Kise-kun...
  • Aomine: Rice cakes!
  • Kagami: Basketball!
  • Akashi: Akashi Seijuro.
  • Midorima: Oha Asa.
  • Murasakibara: Cake.
  • Takao: HAHAHAHA.
  • Kise: .... You guys aren't taking this seriously.
  • Aomine: What about you? Guess it.
  • Kise: Well, it could be related to his drink. You know, the vanilla milkshake.
  • Midorima: Could be accurate. And Takao, why are you laughing?
  • Takao: No, no. That's my answer, Shin-chan! He might be laughing right now.
  • Midorima: Nonsense. Why would he laugh in his mind?
  • Takao: He doesn't want to offend you all.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: No one is even right, though.
  • Everyone: !!!
  • Kuroko: I'm thinking about how many hard boiled eggs should I bring for the party tomorrow.
TalesFromTheFrontDesk: How much can you not care?

Okay, I haven’t heard this one yet…

So I walk into the room to setup breakfast. It’s continental so no cooking. And I see a large stack of boxes from the delivery. No big the full time breakfast person was off yesterday so they usually leave the paper/plastic for her to put away. Upon closer inspection the stack included breakfast sandwiches, already hard boiled eggs, milk and yogurt. So they left food out overnight.

By: FDNerd

Who’s the Best?

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Kihyun x Reader



Word Count: 1207

Author: Admin Jay

“I’m so hungry” Shownu said after Monsta X practiced their dance routine for their next comeback. He continued “What do you guys want to eat?” wiping the sweat of his brow. Everyone shrug their shoulders. “I want some ramen” Wonho spoke first with his hand raised. All the members sighed or suck their teeth. “You always want ramen, can we please decide on something else?!” Minhyuk exclaimed laying on the floor.

You came by Starship Entertainment to find everyone lying around on the floor. You entered room happily , “Hi, everyone!”. Everyone rushed to greet you. It was great to see everyone. One guy pushed his way past them to get to you. It was Kihyun.

“Hey sweetie” you smiled embracing him in a hug. “I’ve missed you” he whispered in your ear. “I missed you too” whispering back. He leaned in to leave a soft kiss on your lips.

“Ewww, get a room,” Jooheon giving you two a disgusted look. Kihyun rolled his eyes. “We’re trying to find something to eat for dinner”.

“Pizza?” you suggested. Everyone sighed. “Chicken?” Everyone sighed more expect Kihyun. ‘What’s wrong with chicken?” he said defensively. “I’ll eat sweet and sour chicken” Jooheon said raising his hand. “We’re tired of that, I want some cookies” Hyungwon announced. “At least my choice is better than cookies” Jooheon argued back.

“I can cook something for you guys” you offered. They lifted their heads and smiled at you.

“Woah, woah, woah, are you sure you want to cook?” Kihyun asked.

“Yes, I’ll do it” you positively said. “Can you cook better than me?” he asked smartly.

“I don’t know, maybe” you smirked at him. “Alright let’s decide, who can cook better then” he said everyone.

“You’re on” accepting his challenge. You guys headed to a nearby food store to grab some groceries. You guys head back to the dorm.

“Alright it’s eight of us, let’s split into teams” Shownu suggested. “Y/N and Kihyun will be the team captains”. You both went on separate sides of the room. “Who’s the judge?” I.M asked. “I’ll do it” Minhyuk cheerfully volunteered.

“Now why do we have to be in teams?” Jooheon whined. “Why don’t Y/N and Kihyun cook for us and we all can judge who cooks the best?”

“You want to eat don’t you?” Kihyun snapped back. Jooheon grew quiet. “Babe, that will actually make it more interesting though, they could write on sheets of paper of the person who cooked the best” you supported.

“What are the prizes for the winner?” Kihyun smirked at you. “Well, the winner gets all the praise” you answered. “Awww, that doesn’t sound much fun” he continued “How about the loser do all the dishes, and for a whole week does whatever the winner says?”. Kihyun walked towards you with an intent to intimidate you. You rolled your eyes. “Fine” you said.

He smiles and grabbed all the pots. “We’re going to have ramen tonight then” you said excitedly. “YES, finally!” you heard Wonho shout from the living room as the others signed in disgust.

“You scared?” Kihyun asked pulling his ingredients out.

“No” you answered confidently.

You grabbed a second pot to make hard boiled eggs. Your chicken broth and soy sauce came to a boil, you put your shrimp in and turned the heat down to let the shrimp cook slowly letting the broth absorb the flavor. You stirred while looking over to Kihyun doing the same thing however you saw chicken.

“Getting nervous?” Kihyun provoked catching you peeping over. “No” you said focusing on your pot. He kept smirking to himself.

While the shrimp was cooking, you decided to chopped some scallions for last. You stirred the ramen into the broth and turned the heat down further. “Need help?” Kihyun came over to you. “No, why are you getting nervous?” you sarcastically asked. He started to looked concern. He didn’t know you knew how to cook extremely well. Every date you two had, it was at a restaurant.

You were almost finished and decided to pour everything into smaller bowls for everyone to get a sample of it. You decorated each bowl with bits of scallions and split a boiled egg.

Kihyun was decorating his bowls with scallions and mushrooms. You narrowed your eyes at him. His chicken ramen smelled great. You were beginning to doubt yourself.

“Alright guys, time to eat” you announced in the living room where they were too focused on the videogame. You grabbed the controller from Minhyuk’s hand and paused the game. “Awwwwhhhhh, why did you do that?” they whined. You folded your arms, “Because it’s time to eat”.

They hurriedly followed you into the kitchen. “Everyone gets two bowls each. My chicken ramen and Y/N shrimp ramen. Eat well.” Kihyun instructed. Everyone was enjoying the ramen, you didn’t know whether it was really good or were they extremely hungry.

“That was amazing you guys!” Wonho said patting his tummy. “Is there any more?” Wonho wondered. “No, that’s it” you answered. Kihyun passed around paper and pencil and said “Write the name of who the winner and place it at the center of the table, Y/N and I will leave the room for you to decide”.

You both left. “Do you really care about winning?” you asked him. “No, besides it’s nice to know that my girlfriend cooks just as good as me” he kissed your forehead. You smiled. “I love you no matter what?” you whispered and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“Alright, we voted” Shownu spoke.

The papers were in a pile at the center of the table. The moment of truth. You lifted the first paper, it went to Kihyun, you made a pile for his name. Kihyun picked the next sheet of paper, it was your name. Third paper, Kihyun. Fourth paper, Y/N. Fifth paper, Kihyun. There was only one paper left, Kihyun lifted the final paper. He froze. He smiled, you instantly became disappointed, he handed the paper over to you. Only to see your name.

“You won Y/N!!!” I.M shouted.

You smile gleefully at the others as they gathered around to praise your cooking. “We decided to let you win, because not only was your cooking amazing, we’re also got tired of him saying how he’s the best cook out of all of us” Minhyuk declared.

“I am and you guys are lousy cooks” Kihyun protested.

Kihyun smiled at you and embraced you in a hug. “Sooo…how does it feel to be the loser?” you asked. “It’s not bad” Kihyun said. “Ohhh really? Well remember, you have to do everything I say” you snickered. His eyes widen in horror. “What are you planning?” he worried. “You’ll see” you teased.

A two days later….

“Babe, I love you” you said using aegyo. “I love you too but I can’t do this” he insisted. “Yes, you can, now eat!” you urged before the food gets cold. “How’s my cooking?” Minhyuk asked cleaning the dishes. He nodded his head in disgusted approval trying his hardest not to spit the food out. “Remember babe, you have to eat everyone’s cooking for a whole week”.

Thank you so much for reading. Please support Monsta X. I love them dearly. Stay tuned for more writing soon. I’ll be posting a BTS Rapmon smut. Jazzi requested me to write one. I will do my best. Thank you! 

okay listen up y’all if you don’t know about towndré take a SEAT

So I’m revisiting TURN 3.02, and holy hard-boiled eggs, y’all – I knew André was weirdly shippable with Bobby T, but I’d forgotten just how much.

The fact that this ship is even on my radar is 100% @capetian​‘s fault, by the way. She is the captain of this tiny beautiful rowboat of crack. But is it just crack? Is it??? Cause like, let’s No Fear Shakespeare this business:

A: “Dare I try my luck against the devil’s?” [translation: can i get lucky w/ u]
T: “Don’t tell my partner, but luck has little to do with it.” [oh you think i’m gonna put out just cause ur cute, guy? step up your GAME] 
A: “Rivington’s your partner?” [shit he got a bf??]
T: “I have an interest in the establishment.” [yeah that’s right i don’t need no man to “provide” for me, MMKAY]
A: “And you are an entrepreneur.” [oh BUSINESS PARTNER whew]
T: “I suppose you could say that, yes.”
A: “I’d be proud to.” [i think ur  g r e a t]

T: “You are a poet as well as an artist.” [maybe this guy’s worth my time after all??]

T: “I fear I am keeping you from a more engaging conversation.”
A: “I’ve already had that conversation. I require more monastic pursuits these days.” [i have been Hurt™]
T: “Fortunately, your monastery is in your head, allowing rapid egress as mood or conditions warrant.” [yeah but you don’t need to stay hurt wink wink]
A: “I forgot to ask your name.”

…Is this not supposed to sound like flirting? Cause this is flirting. When you go over to a stranger in a tavern, ask if you can join him, and then immediately start complimenting one another and bantering and being like, “Nah, forget about my hot ex, tell me more about you~~ 😉  😉  😉 ” …?

…That’s flirting, John. That is how we flirt.

And then, later, Andre first tries to buy Robert a drink before uttering THAT FAMOUS LINE:

T: “I have a weakness or two.”
A: “I hope none of them are women.”

I feel like I should point out that this exchange takes place in 3.04, btw – an episode devoted almost entirely to two plotlines (Annlett and Ben/Sarah) about a patriot and a loyalist engaged in a

~*~ star-crossed romance. ~*~

Maybe … just maybe …Towndré est réel.

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Rip Alpinesquid ????-2017 "It was Egg-cellent"

All yolks aside, it’s egg-traordinary how we made it this far, and although I’m omelettin you guys think I’m hard boiled or maybe just a rotten egg who’s scrambling for pun, maybe it’s time to let go and crack open a new me

I dedicated this third inktober day to @cursetale and little Sanzu. 
Behold, the weird looking ‘feathery’ big-ass-egg machine that I gave him.
The process takes just a little longer than expected though.  ┐(´∀`)┌

Todays meal plan, Yoga and Things I’ve learnt this month!

Woke up bright and early - (8 am, not so early and not so bright in UK)

but hey! It’s the state of the mind that counts.

 Breakfast - 2 bananas, 3 tablespoons of ready oats, 2 tablespoons of chocolate protein shake, 1 tablespoon of sugar-free peanut butter, cup of skimmed milk (blend, blend, blend)

Lunch - Mashed avocado, boiled egg, can of tuna in spring water and lots of greens!

Snack - Kiwi, strawberries/whatever fruit i can find/ blend blend blend

Dinner - Polenta, cheese and carrots!

Snack 2 - Pecan nuts/Pistachios/ any nuts


I’m currently doing Adriene’s 30 day Yoga Challenge - and I am in love. As someone who’s been a “gym addict” for some time now, I didn’t expect to fall in love with yoga. Amazing core - this way comes!

Motivation is the key

- Water is your new best friend

- “When you finish your meal, how does that make you feel?”

Think hard - maybe tired or even guilty - OR

Happy, full of energy, ready to conquer the world? - Then eat some more!


Moments (Part 8)

Characters: Jensen x Reader; Jared Padalecki; SPN Cast members

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Summary: Attending a convention has always been a dream - and that dream is now a reality. Little did you know a clumsy run-in would lead to meeting one of your favorite actors. Who knows what the weekend will hold.

A/n: Fluffy feels. So many.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Catch up here: Moments Masterlist

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“I know that the whole point—the only point—is to
find the things that matter, and hold on to them, and fight for them, and refuse to let them go.”  
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium   

“So… you ready for that drink?” Jensen asked.

“Absolutely.” You replied, fully ready and willing to exit from behind the curtain of the ballroom and sneak from the hotel.

Before you could move, Y/f/n’s voice boomed from behind you, “Hold up there, sir. I need a conference with my bestie before you sweep her away.”

“Dude…” you said through gritted teeth. “What are you doing?”

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