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To: KPop Tumblr / From: An Angry Black Girl

WARNING: This is a RANT. If you don’t want to read this, or you don’t want to have to sit through my deepest disappointment and the annoyance that has been dwelling within me for the longest about this; please just scroll right past this and you will be a-okay.

- Admin Dayna

Okay so, I know I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to avoid the topics of racism and culture appropriation within K-Pop because the list goes on forever, and as a black girl with anxiety and depression, having to constantly speak up against these things get extremely tiring and weigh heavy on me. But the reason why I’m deciding to write about this now is because I’ve been seeing certain things floating around in the K-Pop side of tumblr that’s quite honestly being left untouched and I just… I really can’t sit back and let it not be known.

I want to first start off with my deepest concern for the constant validation black girls seek on tumblr about whether or not so-and-so or such-and-such Idol group likes black girls. We see videos on Tumblr and YouTube quite often of compilations of idols interacting with black girls, overthinking and overplaying said interactions/conversations and romanticizing it to gain some sort of self-worth from said videos. As if these girls need confirmation that they are beautiful and can be loved by anyone. Which really hurts because what other race of girls has to sit down and ask themselves if the person they’re interested in likes their race and not them, themselves. The only time that I see anything in regards of afro-fans within the K-Pop side of Tumblr is when the blog specifically caters to said race – which truly bothers me because then my race often times get sexualized in said blogs. We should be able to intermingle no matter what our races. POC girls are of the norms, bruh like tf?

Which leads me to this topic: Black Girls – or more so Black Culture – are used as props within K-Pop so often that when I try to express my distaste towards a certain idol or a certain music video, I get backlash for it from stans because they’re so blinded by either; A) The need to be loved and noticed by their biases despite the fact that their bias is using them as an object to enhance whatever aesthetic, concept, or audience they’re trying to appeal to, or B) the aggression or culture appropriation either doesn’t affect them or is so trivial (yet very wrong) that it ends up being dusted under the rug because “they don’t know better”.

But the thing is, some of these idols have been overseas, worked overseas, lived overseas, that they have been exposed to these things already, so the truth of the matter is, they do know better. So many idols have been called out for saying certain words (for example dropping the word nigga around as if they know what it’s like to be followed around a store just in case you decide to steal something, or to have an irrational fear of authority figures just in case they go ape shit and decide to shoot you unarmed) or carrying out certain actions (for example, painting their skin black and over drawing their lips, and pretending to know what it’s like to struggle out in these streets and use our means of coping – music – as a source of entertainment and costume). It is 2017, they have social media, and so many idols before them have made these mistakes before that there is just no fucking excuse anymore.


What lead up to this rant was the fact that Jay-fucking-Park, took a revolutionary name brand and rode it out for his own fucking label. Jay Park has taken NWA (Niggas with Attitude) and turned it into his own NWA (New Wave Attitude) and I am incredibly pissed that he would do that because Jay Park SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

The entire purpose of Niggas with Attitude was to reclaim and expose the hardships, stereotypes, and struggles of black people who find themselves cornered and stuck in the ghettos that they were forced into, and explain to the mass audiences why black people are “always angry”. Why black people “always steal”. Why black people “always do drugs”. It’s because majority of us don’t have a choice. We don’t have the same resources and do not know anything beyond the struggles of the streets because we’ve been cornered and kept there all our lives.

Now here is Jay Park, a man who has been exposed to black culture, knows black people, love black people, taking such a powerful name brand and turning it into some whimsical ass whatever-the-fuck for the hype or the wave and shit – completely dismissing the historical importance of the original NWA in music.

This shit ain’t no fucking joke. This shit ain’t to be messed with, b. Gangsta rap, hip-hop – just rap in general isn’t a fucking game. It comes from starvation. It comes from self-hate. It comes from poverty, and degradation, and discrimination. Hip-Hop and Rap became what it is because black people were too broke to afford instruments and shit – we had to use our voices. Because music was all we got. From the slave trade to now! It ain’t shit for people to be twisting up for their own fun like this.

Put some respect on our names or get the fuck out!

Now we got people like fucking Keith Ape running around snatching up Atlanta’s trap music calling it “noisy rap”. We got fucking Taeyang saying “he wanna experience black people’s pain”. We got Jackson and Jooheon making a fucking fool of themselves (bless they souls man, don’t even come for me because Jooheon is my ultimate bias, y’all know this. i fucking love him and Jackson but they were wildin’) claiming that Jooheon is like “the Korean Kendrick Lamar”. Like the fuck they know about Kendrick Lamar? The fuck they know about “The Blacker the Berry, the Sweet the Juice”? The fuck they know about “Nagus to Niggas”? The fuck they know about “How Can I paint a picture, when the color blind is hanging you?”

What does Jay Park know about “Fuck the Police”?

Black people aren’t props.

Stop protecting y’all biases and get with the shits bruh.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a blessed day. Love you.

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Headcanon that after MC and Saeyoung establish their relationship, they are always…like ALWAYS trying to get Jumin and Zen together.

They’d make bets on it. MC bets they’ll sort their feelings out in the next RFA party, they just have to leave them alone. Saeyoung bets that they’ll start making out in one of their fights. The whole RFA starts making bets as well.

Saeyoung gets the brilliant idea of leaving them alone during the next party.Or better, locking them up. So the party elevator ‘Had a manufacturing problem’ and both Jumin and Zen were stuck in it for like three hours.

After it gets fixed, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Jumin and Zen just act as cool and collected as ever, which seemed suspicious according to Saeran (he’s a major JuZen shipper let him be) but MC and Seven just shrug it off, and go home very bummed out because their otp didn’t turn canon.

But then, around 3 in the morning, Zen calls MC (because they’re bffs) and tells her is something very personal. She steps out of the bedroom and Zen confessed that in the middle of blaming Jumin for the whole elevator mumbo jumbo, they started kissing. MC tries to be as calm as possible and hears Zen explaining how it was the rush of the moment but it felt good, how Jumin held him and how their moves were in total sync.

MC hangs up and starts screeching very loudly, so much Saeyoung and Saeran wake up scared shitless. Even Robot Cat wakes up.

Saeyoung: Babe…whats wrong?!?!?!
Saeran: You look pale as shit
MC: they made out…
Saeyoung and Saeran: ?????!!!
MC: jumin and zen…they made out in the elevator…I got a call from zen…-
Saeran: SEE??? I TOLD YOU!!!
Saeyoung: screeching.mp3
Robot Cat: screeching(cat remix).mp3

And then they start dancing like little fangirls before promising to not tell anyone else, and after that they go to sleep.

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Top 10 (or 5) quirky habits Yuuri and Viktor love about each other and find really adorable

Top Quirky Habits Yuuri and Viktor Love About Each Other:

10) Yuuri loves dancing and he’ll usually automatically start swaying to a beat when Viktor puts on music in the apartment, or just straight up start dancing if he feels like it. Viktor has been pulled into many many impromptu dance sessions by Yuuri and he loves getting spun around the apartment by his husband

9) Viktor is a massive book collector and has a huge amount of his apartment dedicated to his bookshelves. He loves old editions of classic books and reads a lot for fun. Yuuri thinks it’s really adorable and buys him special editions of books a lot for his birthday

8)  Yuuri keeps a lot of photographs around the apartment which was a habit from living away from home for so many years (he kept a lot of pictures of his family and old friends in Detroit and updated it all the time as everyone was growing up). Viktor takes lots of pictures but they all stay on his phone and he didn’t used to put up personal pictures in his apartment as it often reminded him of how lonely he was. Having Yuuri come in and start hanging up pictures of the two of them together and their friends and family made him really happy and made the apartment feel much more like a home

7) Yuuri eats katsudon every time he wins and Viktor loves the habit of coming home after a competition and helping Yuuri make it to celebrate

6) Viktor talks in his sleep. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Usually it’ll happen when they’re cuddling together and he’ll often say things like Yuuri’s name, which Yuuri loves

5) Yuuri loves the sun and whenever it’s a sunny day he’ll drag Viktor out to go on walks or even just sit in the park and soak up the sunlight. Viktor is usually much more absorbed by how gorgeous Yuuri looks in the sunlight than in enjoying the sunshine himself

4) Conversely, Viktor loves the snow and every time it snows he drags Yuuri out to enjoy it which often develops into a snowball fight or tackling each other into the snow. Yuuri loves how carefree Viktor is like that and how much fun they always have

3) Viktor speaks in Russian a lot when he’s tired or just woken up and his brain isn’t fully switched on yet. It’s usually a lot of incoherent mumbling, even when Yuuri is fluent in the language, and Yuuri finds it adorable

2) Yuuri sings under his breath all the time when he’s not thinking about it, in the shower, when he’s cooking, sometimes even when he’s running or skating. Viktor loves it because he loves hearing Yuuri sing

1) Both of them turn into cuddle monsters when they’ve been apart for long periods of time. There’s nothing either of them love more than coming back from an event when they’ve had to be separated and running into each others arms, then going home and cuddling some more until they go to sleep

BTS reaction to them accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O

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You’re not home enough anymore, with your america and Australia tour I feel like you’re never home” You quietly said to Jin after he had noticed something was wrong and forced a reason out of you, 

What do you expect Y/N? It’s my job, of course I’m gonna be away for long periods of time! I told you that when we first started dating!” He scoffed

I know! I just…I just didn’t expect you to be away from home that much.” You meekly spoke “I miss you a lot when you’re away

I miss you too, but I’m not sure why now, as all you do when I get home is nag!  I’m glad to be away from you now when I next go back on tour!” He shouted.

You took a step back, hurt beaming in your eyes, “I didn’t know you felt that way, I’m sorry.” You whispered

No,no, no. It’s be who should apologise, I shouldn’t have said that, I was way out of line, I love you more than you’ll ever know! I should be grateful I have someone like you to care about me.” He spoke and you nodded your head in agreement 

Listen, how about today hang out, just the two of us and take lots of pictures for you to look at when I’m next on tour so we don’t miss each other as much, ok?

Ok” you smiled “oh, and by the way, I love you too” 

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All he ever does is work on his music’ you thought to yourself, you thought he needed a break so you quickly got some food together and went over to his studio, and there he was silently bopping his head to a new track he was working on. 

  You knocked on the door and he quickly whipped his head around to face you, “Hey, Y/N what are you doing here? I’m busy” he spoke in a harsh tone 

Yeah, I know, I came here to bring you some food so you can take a break.” 

He let out a sigh “Listen, I’m not in the mood right now, just leave the food here and go.”

You shook your head and walked over to his desk putting the bag of food down waiting for him to eat, “Did you not hear me Y/N? I told you to leave! Are you deaf or something?! No, maybe your just stupid and annoying!” He shouted

You flinched at his words and left the room without saying another word. It wasn’t until you got home when you noticed you had been crying the whole way home, which would explain the sympathetic or weird looks you were getting on your way home. 

You must have been home for less than 30 minutes when you heard your front door open and close, you looked up and saw Yoongi standing there with a bouquet of your favourite flowers, “I’m so so so so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean what I said, you’re no where near stupid, you’re the most caring girlfriend ever and I’m the stupid one for saying that.” 

You smiled at his words while he wiped away your tears “I ordered some takeout for us, so get changed into your pyjamas and we can snuggle and chat all night? OK?” 

You softly giggled while nodding your head and swiftly got up to changer your clothes, excited to be spending a lot of time with Yoongi.

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Rap Monster

You had noticed that he spends 10x more time with his group than he did with you, he’s the leader so it’s his job to spend a lot of time with the other members, which you understand but that doesn’t mean you were too happy about it, you wanted as much time with Namjoon as his members got, on one of his rare occasions home, you told him you needed to talk to him and that’s how ended up in this predicament,

Listen, Joon, I, uh, I want to talk to you about something.” To say he looked worried after you said that was an understatement, “I was um, wondering, if you could, um, maybe hang out with me a bit more than you do with the boys, we haven’t spent a full day together for months, and I feel like we’re drifting apart.” 

He looked down to the floor and back up, looking at you in disgust “Y/N! What are you talking about?! I’m their leader! We’re like brothers of course I spend time with them! I also like them a hell of a lot more than I like you!” 

His words shocked you more than anyone could possibly think, your eyes full of hurt, just as a tear was about to escape you heard him sigh, “Y/N, I… I didn’t mean that, I’ve just been so stressed lately, with the comeback looming closer and closer I just thought you’d understand more that I need to be with them more than ever right now,” you were about to chime in saying you did understand but he kept on talking. “Please just remember but i love you a lot and nothing will change that and we’ll never ever drift apart ok? I’m sorry for making you feel that way, I love you so much.

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J Hope 

You and your boyfriend Hoseok were out shopping for a dress for your friends wedding. You had tried on numerous of dresses, none suiting your style or the dress code. 

You were currently in the dressing room trying on the dress you thought was perfect but when you walked out Hoseok had a less than impressed look on his face, 

That’s not the one” he blatantly said 

Really? How come? I thought this one was perfect” 

He scoffed “I don’t know if you’re joking or not, it’s obviously not the right dress” 

I’m 100% serious. Why don’t you like it?” 

It makes you look a little pudgy that’s all” he explained

Oh” was all you could say as you walked back into the dressing room, you took the dress off, letting tears silently fall down your face. 

Does he think I’m fat?’ You thought to yourself, you sat on the stool crying to yourself. 

You must have been in there a long while as you heard a faint knock at the dressing room door,

Y/N, are you ok? You’ve been in there for a while now.” You heard your boyfriend say, you quickly wiped your eyes and replied with “yeah, don’t worry, I’m fine” 

He sighed, “Y/N I can hear in your voice that you’ve been crying, please let me in” 

You quietly got up and opened the door to your worried looking boyfriend, 

Y/N! What’s wrong?! Why have you been crying? Did I say anything?” 

You nodded your head and he quickly pulled you into a hug “Is it what I said about you being pudgy?” You nodded again “Awww, Y/N I didn’t mean it, truth be told I thought you looked amazing in it, too amazing” You looked up at him with confusion, “If I looked amazing in the dress then why did you say I looked fat?” 

I didn’t want other guys to see you in that dress” he sighed “I know it’s stupid but it’s true, but now I think you should get it, you look genuinely beautiful in it and I can’t wait to show other guys how lucky I am to have such a beautiful girlfriend.

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You walked into your bedroom where you found your boyfriend standing in front of the mirror critiquing himself, 

Hey baby, what are you doing?” 

Be honest Y/N do you think I’ve gained any weight recently?” His question took you by surprise

What? No of course not!” 

What would you know?” He scoffed “You don’t know anything, do you?” His words laced with anger

His angry words took you by surprise “I guess not” you quietly said as you walked out of your bedroom into your living room to cool off before you say something you regret.

It had been a couple of hours when Jimin walked into the living room with red eyes and a sniffy nose “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out like that” He apologised, 

It’s ok, come here” you motioned for him to come over to where you were sitting and you quickly engulfed him into a hug, “Why do you think you’ve gained weight?” 

Because I was looking on twitter and a lot of people say I’ve gained weight and I was beginning to think they were right.” he sniffed 

You haven’t gained weight, but even if you have it’s no big deal, it’s perfectly ok to fluctuate in weight and there’s nothing wrong with it ok?”  

He softly nodded “Ok

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You entered your apartment, the one you shared with your boyfriend of 2 years, he was a godsend, most days but today was one of the days when just got on your nerves. It was eerily silent when you walked in which was really strange considering whenever you got home he’d shower you with lovely greetings. You took off your shoes and you got suspicious when you saw his shoes also by the door, so you knew he was home but where was he?  ‘Maybe he’s taking a nap you thought to yourself’.

You quietly tiptoed throughout your apartment being careful incase he was indeed asleep. You slowly opened the door to the living room when a all you felt was cold water pouring onto you “WHAT THE-TAE!!!” You screamed while he stood their laughing like there was no tomorrow. 

You should see your face Y/N it’s honestly a picture right now” He continued laughing. 

THIS ISN’T FUNNY TAE” you shouted to him. His face fell when he realised you didn’t see the funniness in his ‘prank’ 

God Y/N get a sense of humour, it was just a joke why do you always have to be a downer? God” He said to you bumping our shoulder as he left the room, you just sighed to yourself quickly finding a towel to dry yourself off, you felt a bit bad as he didn’t mean any harm by it, it really was just a harmless prank. 

You were about to open your bedroom door when it swung open revealing Taehyung “I’m sorry” you both said in unison. You both let out a little giggle, “You go first” he said, 

you nodded “I’m sorry for not finding the prank funny, I just wasn’t expecting it,that’s all” he then nodded 

I get it, I’m sorry Y/N, it was a childish prank and I wasn’t thinking at all, you probably had a stressful day at work you didn’t need this” 

You pulled him into a big hug rubbing his back “It’s ok, I forgive you” 

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You had woken up at around 3am to see that a) you had fallen asleep on your sofa and b) that your boyfriend Jungkook was still awake and was still working, you shook you hair and slowly got up to go to your actual bed but before you left your living room you spoke up to Jungkook “Hey Kook, why don’t we both go to bed now?” 

He looked up at you not realising you had awoken “I didn’t know you were awake, you go to bed, I’ll be there soon” 

Why don’t you just come now? With me.” 

I still haven’t finished what I’m doing here, don’t you listen? I can’t just get up and leave my work.” He stated “like I said, just go to bed” He spoke with an annoyed tone. 

You mumbled a slight ‘ok’ and then walked into your bedroom and fell asleep straight after your head hit the pillow. 

You were awoken the next morning by Jungkook holding a tray full of food, “here I made you this to apologise for me being grumpy last night, works just stressful is all” 

You nodded your head understandingly “I get it, but if it gets really stressful you can tell me about it ok? Instead of bottling it up and lashing out at people” 

He then nodded as a reply “I definitely will from now on, I’m so lucky to have you in my life, I love you” 

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@ask-kimdaily I cannot express how thankful I am for the fact that this one got here in one piece and not lost in the got dang mail like the zine (I’m still hella bitter at usps fite me) Also I’m v thankful that your lovely art has blessed the bts side of my shelf I’m love you <3
I put the sticker on joonie’s frame cause that’s exactly how I feel: how dare this ball of sunshine and life look this cute in my house- what a pleasant outrage!

Thank you for all your hard work Kaye, keep up the good work buddy!


New Young Adult Novels Releasing Today! (October 3, 2017)

Wow. So many new YA releases today! Will you be reading any of these? Have I missed any new releases? Let me know!

First in a Series/Standalones: 

  1. The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli
  2. Top Ten by Katie Cotugno
  3. Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore
  4. 27 Hours by Tristina Wright
  5. Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me by Carrie DiRisio
  6. Far From the Tree by Robin Benway
  7. Among the Stars by Gwen C. Katz
  8. Shadow Crown by Kristen Martin
  9. That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston
  10. Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush
  11. Remember Me Always by Renee Collins (Not Pictured)
  12. Strange Fine by Tommy Wallach (Not Pictured)
  13. Everything Must Go by Jenny Fran Davis (Not Pictured)
  14. Jek/Hyde by Amy Ross (Not Pictured)
  15. The Devils You Know by M.C. Atwood (Not Pictured)


  1. Ringer (Replica #2) by Lauren Oliver (Not Pictured)
  2. Akata Warrior (Akata Witch #2) by Nnedi Okorafor (Not Pictured)
  3. Haunting the Deep (How to Hang a Witch #2) by Adriana Mather (Not Pictured)

Happy reading!


I stole the fingerless kitty gloves from on of my friends today XD

Slightly reluctant to post this here because I’m just starting out and there’s so many talented artists on tumblr that I can’t really compare to them, but we all gotta start somewhere. Here is Vex'ahlia, probably my favourite half-elven ranger ever.


“If a female warrior like her existed in real life…”


This is how the woman that is on the picture that is hanging in BS’s bedroom looks. So not only does this mean that he keeps the portrait of her hidden in his closet as an altar of her awesomeness, but he also made her into a main character of his game and has her larger-than-life billboard hanging in the lobby of his company so everyone could admire her awesomeness! MH brings hero-worship to a completely new level!

BONG SOON IS MIN HYUK’S MUSE, GUARDIAN ANGEL, SLAYER OF HIS DEMONS, HIS HERO AND HE IS HER BIGGEST, MOST DEVOTED FAN who made her pretty much immortal! BS has always wanted to create a character that was based on her without actually knowing that MH already did it!

And the fact that now they meet in front of it is so freaking symbolic!

You Are Loved | Jily

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies….

They don’t talk about it at first. They go into hiding and they unpack the boxes they had just finished unpacking a few months back and they don’t talk about it. Because how do you go about it? How do you sit down and talk about the idea that your unborn child is meant to save the world?

So they put dishes in the cupboards that are not their cupboards, and they paint the walls of a bedroom that is not theirs, and they rearrange and rearrange the furniture in a living room that is too small, too empty and not theirs.

They had to go into hiding of course, and that meant moving and that meant packing and unpacking- something they had just done since they got married in August and moved in together then. And they had been happy there. They had been building their home and this new place, this is not home and it won’t ever be home no matter how many flowers Lily puts on the kitchen table and no matter how many pictures James hangs on the wall of their family.

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like, mark was rambling about how in acd watson has an unframed picture of some rando guy hanging on the wall and he showed the corresponding unframed pic near their 221b breakfast table…….. he was playing with some canon-related props with steven “like they’re our toys”, stuff that probably no one will ever notice slfjs;kd pleas these loser nerds did tfp for a reason

Sprace Apartment Headcanon

Uummmm so I’m super new here and have no idea what in doing but bear with me - Spot and Race looking for their first apartment.

Race is super excited because HOLY SHIT he’s done college and moving in with his boyfriend and everything is so new and amazing and EXCITING.

Spot just sighs and talks to the landlord about practical stuff like heating and rent and all that while Race is absolutely bouncing off the walls, opening and closing all the cupboards and running back in every so often to update Spot on something cool he found.

They both have certain things that the apartment they pick will have to have - for Spot its that the doors and windows all lock properly and they have to buzz people in to get into the complex.

All Race wants is a good view of the stars and the city, and to be somewhere close to a park and trees, it reminds him of when he used to go to the country with his family during the summer before his parents split.

Both boys agree that the building has to be wheelchair friendly so Crutchie can come up whenever he wants.

They eventually find a loft apartment on the top floor of an old converted warehouse. It’s a bit draughty and daunting at first, and it takes Race a few days to convince Spot that this is the right place, but he manages to persuade him to at least go back and have another look. Race arranges for it to be just the two of them without the agent this time (Davey works at the agency so he pulls a few strings).

The two of them spend almost the whole day there, Race guiding Spot by the hand while telling him all the different ideas he has for the place, what colour he’d paint the bedroom, where they’d hang their pictures, how he’d arrange the open plan living area.

Race can see the cogs start to turn in Spot’s brain as he slowly warms to the idea. Spot is in awe of how animated and excited Race is about the apartment and starts to see the place in a different light.

By evening, the two of them are just lying on the floor with the setting sun illuminating the apartment, making the dust dance and swirl and painting everything in shades of gold.

They return again a week later, keys in hand, and start planning everything. All the gang come over to help them decorate, and pretty soon the place is transformed. They’ve left the exposed brickwork in the living area and furnished it with whatever they could find in thrift shops or scrounge from the others.

None of the others can believe how lucky they were to get somewhere so airy in New York for so little - sure it’s not the best of neighbourhoods but it could be a hell of a lot worse.

The first week mostly consists of of Race cooking massive breakfasts for everyone before they set to work on the place.

By evening everyone is usually exhausted so they pretty much always end up asleep in a heap on the floor.

Spot gets the lads together when Race is at work to set the place up for a house warming party. Race can’t believe it when he comes home - Spot isn’t usually the romantic, spontaneous one but he’s absolutely nailed it.

Their place becomes the unofficial hangout area for everyone because it’s one of the few places they all fit.

They always keep a key hidden somewhere so that even if they’re not home, if one of the boys is having a hard time at home, he can come and crash at theirs for a while.

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Hello there! I'm attending two cons in the next few months and am now investing on a new way to display my work. One thing I'm not sure is how I'm going to display my stickers. Usually I make 20 to 30 designs and would like to know your opinion on displaying them on my wire cubes! ;u; Do you have any other ideas besides that one? I've been checking your blog and it has been really helpful so I thought about asking something myself! Thank you in advance!

Glad to hear that the resources on this site are helpful! :)

For your display, to come up with solutions that work for you, I recommend taking a step back and considering the basics. Essentially: Look at your specific situation. Brainstorm ideas by looking around for inspiration. Try it. Evaluate it. Repeat.

Let’s walk through this below.

Your situation
Your products. You mentioned stickers and 20-30 designs. There are lots of other aspects that will affect your creative and practical choices. How big are they? Are they a stiff/sturdy material (maybe they can go in a bowl or a sectioned tray like people do with buttons, and not be destroyed from people ploughing through them), or are they really thin and floppy? (maybe prepackage them instead or put them on a backing) Are they grouped together logically in any way? (Are they all individual? Do or can they come in sets? Maybe you display a few together distinct from others) And it’s not just about your stickers -  think about all of your products together. Your display should work as a whole. You don’t want your products blocking or competing with your other products.

Your display. Do you know how big your space will be? Is there something behind you? You mention wirecubes - is there a reason they need to go on wirecubes (maybe there is, I don’t know what the rest of your display is built around). What other surfaces do you have to work with? What other things do you have - boxes, bowls, frames, stands, stools, contraptions, anything - around the house or that you could access that could be useful?

Brainstorm ideas.

If you haven’t already, I suggest checking out the displays tag to start:

We have a lot of other articles covering display considerations too. And think about great displays you see - at artist alleys, in retail stores, everywhere.

Don’t box yourself in either. Take inspiration from people who are making, doing and displaying different things too. Just because someone is selling, say, keychains and not stickers doesn’t mean there are no ideas that could be useful for you! Or just because no one is doing it, doesn’t mean you couldn’t. Maybe they just haven’t thought of it. A big part of creativity comes from combining unexpected things together.

It could be a brilliant solution hiding in plain sight! Or maybe it’s actually a terrible idea. You won’t know until you…

Actually do it. That’s the best way of seeing if it all looks good together and works, or if it all falls down and all your stickers go flying as soon as someone breathes on them.

If it doesn’t work, why not? What happened? What could you do to improve it? Try something else. Tweak and repeat until you like it.

It’s best to do your testing before an event. But, you should also know that it is super common, practically guaranteed, that you’ll will create a setup at a convention that changes throughout the course of the event or even the same day. This is very true for experienced artists as well. 

A convention experience is a living, breathing thing. Every event and venue has different traffic flow conditions. You’ll set up your display and realize you can’t see anything when you sit down. You’ll put your most eyecatching thing on one corner only to realize most people are coming from a direction where they only see the back, and end up reorganizing your table to mirror everything. You’ll create a wonderful standing contraption only to realize the tables at this event are too thick for your clamp to stay in place, or the table is too high so no one can read your sign because it’s vertical instead of flat with the viewing angle. People fiddle with your display while looking at your products and you have to come around and straighten things up, or reposition things so that it’s less conducive to getting messed up. You sell half your stickers (yay!) and need to shift things around to fill in the holes because now the display looks really awkward. Or whatever! Rearranging happens allllll the time. Be flexible!

Here’s an example of a quick idea from reading your question and running really quickly through the framework above. This may or may not work for you based on details of your situation I don’t know about, and there are other ideas that may be “better” for you, but I want to take us through the thought process. 

My immediate thought about wirecubes is that visually they’re basically a bunch of lines. It’s like looking at a gate or a fence or prison bars. So unless the product blocks out the lines and the gaps (like a big flat print) it can be easy for it to get visually busy and lost, especially at a distance.

20-30 designs also sounds like it could up lot of real estate (depending on size) if you laid them all out side by side or hung them straight on the wires. Or if the stickers are very very small, they’re going to be super hard to see. And so many little pieces sounds like it could be a big pain to setup every time.

If you really need them to go on the wirecubes, maybe we can recreate the effect of a big flat print by sticking a bunch of stickers on a bigger flat surface (like a board) that you can then mount on the wirecubes. Let’s say you could group your stickers in attractive sets of 5 or 10, so you could have 3 or 4 nice flat collections of stickers all prepacked and ready to hang up like picture frames.

So how might we do that? And how safe/sturdy/nice looking would this be? Well, for the backing, we could use cardstock or cardboard or foamcore or heck even flat pieces of foam material to keep it light. We could wrap the backing in a nice fabric or patterned paper to make it pretty and match other colours on your table. Then you could attach your stickers - pin them? Tape them? Then you need to figure out how to attach the boards to your wirecubes. Make holes or add loops and tie with ribbons or string? Or zipties? Or maybe massive rolls of duct tape?? All these are little decisions and everything adds up to create something for your brand, your aesthetic.

When you try it, you might find - this takes too long to set up. Or I can’t get it to hang straight. Or it’s too heavy. Or this is a nightmare to take apart. Or this looks great! Why don’t I do this with other products I have too!! And so on. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. 

Remember - when it comes to advice, ANY kind of advice, everything is generalizations and someone else’s experiences based on their own specific situation. Use it as a framework, as a starting point to think about what applies to you and what makes sense for you. Take what you need, leave what you don’t. Keep learning from your experiences and tailoring it even more for yourself. And that’s how you’ll move away from generic solutions and create a display that is distinct to you, your needs, and your work as an artist.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your table, we’d love to see what you come up with!

Because I'm Me , I'd Do Anything for You

Okay so first things first this is my first legitimate post on my choices blog. It’s also my first time sharing my work on a public domain, but I’ve had this rolling around in my head all day. I also have wanted to participate in the Choice Carnival so here I am. 

@hollyashton and @pb-boeboe this is my entry for the sixth choices carnival I hope this a nice way for me to introduce myself to the fandom :-)

  • Summary- AUish where Zig takes up photography and can’t get over MC. He pines, and she gets married tada.
  • Pairing- ZigxMC (not really lololol) & JamesxMC
  • Rating - T (I guess I think I said a bad word or two oops)

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