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Tumblr makes it look really low quality, but they’re fine if you click on them~ :)

Tutorial time! Here’s a quick hair tip tutorial for eat-my-shxrts (I’m working on the eyes/facial features one, but since I finished this one I thought I’d post it :) Hope this is helpful, I wish I was better at explaining how I draw XD

I also included a process gif! Featuring some of my faves with varying hairstyles~ :) <3


@skipoverthispls asked me how I did the hairline for gahyeon so I made this crappy how-to thing.

Doing this sorta thing is actually really useful, not so much for other people, but for me, because sometimes I’ll do something that I consider really good, but then I’ll immediately forgot how I did it. 

Granted, I’m no hairline master, but this is better than what I’ve done in the past.

I guess if anyone wants to ask me how I draw something in particular, send an ask or whatever and I’ll try and get to it :)


There was an attempt


In a vague attempt to feel productive I thought I’d make up a quick and dirty “How-to Draw Braids” thing. I hope you can read my horrendous handwriting…

I hope it’s useful to someone! Braids are so much fun to draw, honestly, and the world deserves more art with pretty braids in it.

Oh, and if you want to draw Elsa-style braids, simply draw the pattern upside down. Easy-peasy!

Let me know if this helped! Show me your results! And remember, practice makes perfect. :)

How To Girl: Highlighting and Contouring #HowToGirlNyc

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I love you zen fanart so much! Do you have any tips on how to draw his hair?? whenever i draw it it doesn't look like him at all 😅😅😅😅

Ahhh, thank you so much! <3 Ahah, I know exactly what you mean; Zen’s hair was a nightmare the first time I tried drawing him. You’ll have to bear with me; I’m not that good at explaining things, but here’s how I usually go about drawing Zen’s hair.

We start off with our bald model. (’:

I lower the opacity so that it’s easier to see where I’m drawing. I start off with the bangs. Zen’s hair parts to his right side of his face. You have a large block of bangs in the middle of his face, a smaller collection to his left side of his face, and a much smaller collection to his right. His side bangs(? is that what they’re called?) sort of have a flare to them, and though most of his ears are covered, they should still be somewhat visible.

I draw the rest of the hair. He has smaller strands that sort of jut out where his hair parts.

He has layers, so I choose a “focal point” where his hair parts and draw several strands that spread out from that point.

More of a personal preference, but I love the sight of Zen’s hair over his shoulders. Makes me weak every time.

Erase the parts that are covered by the hair, and there you go. I hope I was able to be of help. Share that Zen fan art anon! <3

It’s ur girl Jennie 🍄 

edit: I know this one isn’t that good but it was my first so bare with me

PLEASE DON’T DELETE CAPTION** This is what waist length 4c hair looks like 😊🙌🏾. Subscribe to my YouTube for tips on how to grow out your hair!(Link in bio). I’ve been natural for 4 years.


Stop Treating Black Women Like We Exist To Be Mammies For A White Woman’s Mixed Children

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I feel sorry for these biracial children that have to deal with all of this chaos. They are the only ones I feel sympathy for in this.

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Look, Sharena has pink tips in her hair, like how Alfonse has blond tips, only you can’t see it well. I just wanted to make them more visible. I just wanted everyone to know she has pink in her hair;;;

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I really like the way you draw hair!! Do have any tips on how t draw hair?? -dino anon

Aaaahhh Im rlly bad at explaining and I çever rlly had this problem so i cant rlly give tips dkkdksis
But there’s this vid of an artist that I love so yeah, i hope it helps 😭😭😭😭💓💓