how to grow vegetables

Container Gardens for Vegetables

When you can’t dig, plant a container garden!

1. Weeding is easy.

2. You can place the pots in the sunniest location that you have, even if that space isn’t conducive to digging.

3. You can use containers that you already have, or try and rustle up some free ones (just make sure that they are large/deep enough for what you’re growing, and that they haven’t been used for anything toxic).

4. Make sure to cut drainage holes in containers that don’t have them.

The best container gardening book that I’ve read so far is The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible: How to Grow a Bounty of Food in Pots, Tubs, and Other Containers by Edward Smith. He shows you how to alter common containers for drainage and self-watering, and teaches you how much space you need to grow specific vegetables.

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Hey! Are you still going on with your altean Lance Story or did it finish already? Or don't you post because of that field trip thing? :/ Still, just so you know I love your art!

I might continue it but it’ll be a sketch. and I can’t tell you when. sorry. I actually do whatever I want to on this blog. You’ve to put up with me. a bit.

and my field trip… turned out it’s not THAT bad. Saw lots of beautiful things. too bad the weather is very hot and it rained!

btw men with vegetable are pretty nice. today I’ve learned how to grow SALAD in … this thing. ( idk what it’s called.)

Lance teaching Keith how to do it would be nice too… YvY

The First Harvest and Gardening Tips

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Here are the photos that I took around a month ago, when I realised my apartment garden was long overdue for a clean up, reshuffling and harvesting!

Trying first hand without any previous advice or research into growing homegrown vegetables, this is the result of diving eyes closed straight into gardening. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my few months of a first season gardener, specifically for vegetables. 

Lesson #1: make sure containers are deep enough for root vegetables like carrots to grow!

My carrots as you can see here, are severely deformed. So much so that Gareth refused to eat them and some colleagues thought they looked “cancerous”.

You definitely don’t want to frighten your loved ones by feeding them grotesque looking vegetables! Easy fix - make sure the land or pot you grow them in have plenty of room vertically for the carrots to shoot downwards.

Lesson #2: water deeply and for seedlings, regularly!

I grew both these carrots and spring onions from seeds I purchased from Bunnings. When you first plant them in soil, make sure to water until water just starts to drain out of from the bottom. And then repeat, repeat, repeat everyday after. Keep feeding the seeds water until shoots start to sprout and flower properly.

Once a decent growth has spurted, make sure you water deeply, completely drench the plant and let the water drain freely. That’s what I mean by “deeply” - and if you’re not sure, stick your finger a few centimetres into the soil and if it’s wet then you don’t need to water it. Realistically, you shouldn’t need to water it for the following couple of days since it should still be relatively wet further down in the soil around the roots. And remember, if it’s rained, it means it can be a lazy day for you because nature has done the job for you!

Have you tried growing vegetables from seeds at home? What works well and what doesn’t? What are your lessons learned from gardening?


8 Vegetables to Start a Winter Garden Indoors

Sometimes the winter can stop us from eating fresh veggies, but there are some hearty plants that can survive in the semi-harsh climates of your kitchen window even in February. Here is a list of great plants to grow inside in the winter.

  1. Carrots
    External image

    Packed with vitamin A, full of beta-carotine, and a great anti-inflamitory, carrots are a wonderful vegetable that is super fun to grow. There are more types of carrots than you probably realize, making them great for a garden with limited space. There are even some carrots that only grow a couple inches deep so you are able to plant them under very limited circumstances. Plus, since you eat the root once you eat the carrot, you can swap them out for something new without too much investment in sill-space.

  2. Salad Greens
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    Romaine, Spinach, Arugula, all great for the winter window garden and for your health. Dark leafy veggies are a powerhouse of good nutrients and fuel. Plus you don’t lose the plant after you harvest as long as you only eat the outer leaves, allowing the middle to live on and grow more salad!

  3. Basil
    External image

    This is my personal favorite herb. So versatile and so delicious. Fresh basil turns up the flavor on your favorite Italian or Thai dish plus it smells great. It is full of vitamin K and has anti-bacterial properties, making it a healthy addition to your diet.

  4. Kale
    External image

    Kale is one of the easiest winter greens to grow. It is hearty and versatile, good for a raw salad or a side of cooked greens. Like other dark leafy veggies, Kale is high in iron and has wonderful inflammatory properties.

  5. Ginger
    External image

    This is a new one I’m going to try tonight! Apparently if you put a piece of ginger from the grocery store into water or moist dirt with the freshest ends sticking out, it will start to grow more ginger and begin to develop roots. Ginger has been popular for centuries as a stomachache cure and an anti-inflamatory, plus fresh grated ginger tastes great in a stir fry!

  6. Rosemary
    External image

    Rosemary is easy to grow and turns into a little bush that resembles a Christmas Tree! Great as a tea, in a soup, or on top of potatoes, rosemary is a pungent and wonderful addition to winter recipes. It also improves circulation, helps with digestion, and like other green leafy-s, is an anti-inflamatory.

  7. Green Onion
    External image

    Like ginger, all you need to grow a green onion indoors is a green onion and a cup of water. The Vitamin A and K in these green garnishes promotes good bone health and eye sight.

  8. Chilli Peppers
    External image

    Chillis are a colorful and exciting addition to the indoor garden space. Pick from a variety of different chillis to spice up your meals and your window sill. Also great for clearing your sinuses when you get the winter flu.

When you go to start your garden be sure you have drainage for your plants by either having a pot with holes at the bottom (and a dish to catch water) or by placing pebbles at the bottom of your pot. Also be sure to pick a place with plenty of sunlight to compensate for the indoors.

Get creative with your containers! An old coffee can or a cool old toy can make for a unique and stylish accessory to your apartment that is also fun and practical.

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Tell me some of your favorite fluffy SPN head canons

Oh boy, don’t get me started…

*Cas deciding to stay with the Winchesters after everything is set and done.

*Cas deciding to become human and the Winchesters helping him adapt.

*Cas deciding to remain an angel, love with the Winchesters and help/heal people.

*Cas and Sam growing a vegetable garden together.

* Dean teaching cas how to cook.

*Mary living in the bunker and no more secrets kept, except for birthday surprises and freshly made pie.

*Sam finally getting a dog. And maybe getting a girlfriend. Though I would love for Jess to come back. Hey, if darkness brought back Mary, somehow Jess can come back.

*Dean and Cas sharing a room.

*Family movies night. And Cas and Dean snuggling on the sofa while Mary sit in an armchair and Sam sits against her legs and she braids his hair to Dean’s amusement lol.

*Dean bringing some papers from the city hall for Cas to sign. ‘Would you like to be a Winchester on paper, Cas?’ ‘Oh, Dean…Yes! But is that okay?’ 'Just sign the damn papers, cas’

*Cas adopts a cat or cats.

And these are just a few 😊 Thanks for asking.

Loving the sun ritual

The sun is not often paid as much attention as the moon in witchcraft. Yet the sun is so vital to our very existence, so vital to the health of crops and so vital to the flow of energy on our planet. The sun brings us precious vitamin D, which is really important for those who suffer from depression and osteoporosis, keeps us warm, and brings us blessings of the harvest. If you live in the city, it’s very hard to know and understand how important the harvest time is. Most of us live in cities where vegetables and fruit are no longer seasonal but are available all year round, and super markets are chock-full of produce all the time. We no longer hunt and gather, and most of us no longer live on farms and rely on the crops for our sustenance in the same way we used to. It is only when we give offerings to the sun and meditate on it’s blessings daily that we can come to be mindful of how lucky we are to have the sun and how much it controls our life even if we live in a city. We can not escape the flow of nature, even in a city. Unfortunately many of us living in cities have become out of touch with the natural cycles of this earth simply because of where we live.

This is a simple ritual to get you more in tune with the energy of the sun. Do this daily in view of the sunrise and outside if possible. If your home prevents you from seeing the east, or you simply cannot get up at sunrise without 5 million cups of coffee, then you can build a little shrine to the sun using a mirror and some objects that remind you of the sun and perform the ritual at this shrine when you wake up. If it is easier for you all together, you can switch to performing this ritual at sunset.

You’ll need:

A yellow candle

Copal or Frankincense resin (if you have incense sticks that is fine too)

A small amount of citrus fruit, water, and rice (or bread) to give as an offering

1. Facing east (or west if performing this at sunset) light your candle and the resin and allow the air to become fragrant. Allow the smell of the incense to fill you and bring you a sense of happiness.

2. Meditate for a few minutes on how the sun blesses you every day. Think of how the sun is busy throughout the day growing your fruits and vegetables, growing your wheat and rice, creating rain, keeping you warm and helping plants create fresh air for you to breathe. 

3. Offer the food and water to the sun with gratitude. Bow deeply and thank the sun for all it does through the day to help you live happily. 

You will begin to learn through this ritual how incredibly blessed you are. You have some of the simplest reasons to be happy because of the sun!

Count your blessings! Be thankful! Start with thanking the sun! 

Stormy Seduction

Here’s a continuation from my last timeshift for Klaroline AU Week, which can be found here

Caroline tilted her head back and drained the goblet down to the dregs, some of the wine trickled down her chin and she wiped it away with her hand.

Before her, the bonfire roared proudly, the wood bursting from the heat and the sparks flying up into the night sky.

The star studded night sky.

How many times had she looked up at those stars and found comfort in the fact that if nothing else, being able to see them was breath-taking?

Too many nights to count.

And she would have traded every moment, every memory of those stars to be nine hundred years away, in a world of light pollution, of smog, one or two visible stars at night and her family and friends around her.

But no matter how hard she wished, she always woke up in tenth century Mystic Falls.

Seven hundred years before it would even be called Mystic Falls.

When she had first woken up and found herself staring at long-haired Klaus, she’d assumed it was some kind of trick and been ready to attack him or run away from him until she’d found herself shaking from the cold.

And vampires didn’t feel the cold.

When she’d managed to recover from that shock, she had gone straight to Bonnie’s ancestor and asked her to send her back to the future.

Only to realize that Ayana didn’t speak a single word of modern day English.

Of course, Caroline didn’t speak tenth century Maybe-Danish- Maybe-Norwegian- definitely not Italian or Spanish- either. Nor was there books or even rolls of parchment in the village for her to learn from, because both were too precious and she didn’t even know the alphabet to begin with.

So that had been a massive setback and she’d been stuck trying to learn word by word, picking up objects until someone told her what it was and she tried to remember.

That is, after everyone had stopped being frightened of her.

Turns out, tenth century superstitious people who already had two witches in the village got a little spooked by women falling from the sky, for the first few weeks, the only people who’d been willing to go near her were Klaus and Rebekah- and Rebekah had only gone near her to touch her dress and jewellery.

Neither of which were all that useful to her surrounded by dirt and huts, so she’d given them both to Rebekah and got a woollen dress as trade. Much more practical.

As far as Caroline could figure out, in the beginning, the people had just assumed that when night fell, she would disappear or find somewhere else to sleep, when she’d finally located the hut belonging to Klaus and his family- figured the biggest one in the village and been right- she had been cautiously welcomed in and offered food.

An hour later she’d been throwing it up on the edge of the village.

Twentieth century stomachs weren’t built for tenth century food and the way it was cooked.

She’d been stuck chewing herbs and what few vegetables Esther grew and she’d had to wash them in the Quarry before she could keep them down.

There wasn’t any room to spare with Klaus’ family, so she’d been housed with the chief of the village, an older man who every night had told her stories about his dead wife. Not that she understood any of them, but it was nice to just listen.

At least she thought it was his wife, might have been his son or daughter or maybe even his horse.

The language was really confusing.

And she didn’t always have time to learn it because once Esther had seen that Caroline needed food and clothes to survive, she’d taken her under her wing and tried to teach her the same tasks that every woman in the village had to perform.

She’d had to learn how to grow vegetables and herbs- although she was the only one who ate vegetables the whole year around and not just when meat was scarce. She’d had to learn how to wash and pick wool and how to handle the farm animals that Klaus’ family kept.

She’d also had to learn pretty quickly not to get attached to them, because anything that she named one day she could be expected to kill the next and prepare for eating.

The work was exhausting but sometimes she welcomed it, the callouses on her hands, the strain in her back and the dead sleep she fell into at night.

At least then she didn’t have time to think about how much she missed her friends and family.

And now heartbreakingly lonely she was, how isolated when she could still barely speak more than a few sentences and could only understand people if they spoke very slowly.

She senses someone at her shoulder and turns around to see Rebekah smiling, her hair decorated with vervein and that always made Caroline smirk.

Klaus would have been the one to braid the flowers into his sister’s hair, sitting there patiently and weaving each one carefully into her golden strands. Caroline remembered the first time she had seen him do it, when Rebekah had put on her gold dress and he’d decorated her hair.

Mikael had broken his arm for that.

The third last time he had raised a hand against his step-son.

Caroline looks for him now and sees him sitting with the older men, keeping the left side of his face away from the fire. It was still tender and the scar hurt him badly in the cold.

She looks for Klaus and sees him leaning against the white oak tree, nibbling on some salted meat. His hair falls over his shoulder and he looks so human as he stands there, so innocent and fragile.

She hands Rebekah her cup and slips away from the bonfire, moving into the darkness and into the edge of the field where she’s pretty certain the Grill will be one day.

She hears footsteps behind her and turns to see Klaus having followed her at a distance.

He’d done that a lot when she’d first arrived, trying to figure out what she was, and late at night he would look for her, make sure she was home safe.

He looked at her with worship in his eyes and his hands always trembled when he touched her.

He was in love with her.

And she?

She was just tipsy enough and lonely enough that this seemed like a good idea.

She holds out a hand and he comes forward hesitantly, climbing the slight incline slowly and his eyes search the area, not yet used enough to the idea that he was safe around anyone but his siblings.

When he is close enough, he reaches out and takes her hand, linking their fingers together, their calloused, warm fingers and she tugs him forward, smirking as he bumps into her. His body is hard underneath his tunic and pants and she wraps an arm around his back to keep him against her.

He gasps and she smiles at his innocence before pressing a kiss to his lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth and sliding it against his. Klaus seems stunned but eagerly reciprocates, putting his free hand lightly on her upper arm, his thumb rubbing small circles through her tunic.

When she breaks for air, she wipes some of the spittle from her lips and feels her body growing warmer in spite of the cool autumn night. She puts her hand on his shoulders and pushes, making him fall a step back and frown in confusion, hurt flickering through his eyes at her apparent rejection and she rolls hers in frustration.

She points down to the ground before remembering that gesture wasn’t universal and tries to remember which of the three words for down she wants to use.

She gives up quickly and kneels down on the grass, waving her hand and he finally understands, kneeling down beside her, about to wrap an arm about her shoulder but she pushes him down onto his back.  

This doesn’t need any translation.  

She pushes his tunic up and over his head, baring his chest for her appreciative eyes, and she runs her hands over the bare skin, flicking his left nipple playfully and he hisses at the sensation.

She straddles his waist and works on her own tunic and shift, tossing them aside and letting Klaus’ shaky breath and dart of his tongue across his lips as he sees her breasts go straight to her ego.

She realizes a bit late that she’d have to move to get her pants and shoes off and rolls off him into a sitting position, lifting up her hips to push the fabric down and from the scrambling behind her, she reckons he’s doing the same.

Naked, she’s barely turned back to him when starts kissing her, hungrily, eagerly if not expertly, his hands hovering at her shoulders until she takes them and puts them on her waist.

They fall back to the ground, Klaus not letting his back hitting the earth distracting him from kissing her, breaking only to turn his attention to her neck and she reaches down to take his penis into her hand, stroking her finger along the length and squeezing it gently.

It’s hard before she is even finished, beginning to press against her thigh and she lifts her hips to press a finger to her clit, rubbing it until she’s aroused and she pushes Klaus’ shoulders so he’s lying back down and straddles him, having only one moment of doubt.

It disappears quickly.

Everything that Klaus was going to take from her and her friends nine hundred years from now.

Was it really so bad that she’d take this one thing from him?


She positions herself and sinks down onto him, taking him to the hilt and digging her nails into his hips as she hummed with delight, he wants to thrust quickly but she holds him in place, shaking her head and setting the pace, moving slowly at first, getting used to the feel of him hot and hard inside her. When she wants to move faster, she puts her hands on his chest and quickens her pace, throwing her head back and breathing in the night air as she felt the coiling in her stomach.

Out of nowhere, lightning flashes across the sky and makes them ghosts, dead things joined together for all eternity.

Sweat coats their bodies and grass stains their legs green, Caroline orgasms and her clenching muscles milk Klaus’ climax from him.

Wearily, she lays across his panting chest, her hair tumbling into his face and he carefully tucks the strands behind her ear or across her shoulders. She knows she must be heavy for him, but if she lays in the dirt she’ll have to wash herself properly tonight and she’s already exhausted.

Klaus reaches past her and picks up his tunic, draping it over her body and wrapping his arms around her, he peppers her temple with kisses and his hot breath tickles her skin.

“Caro,” he murmurs in her ear, “Caro…line.”

She smiles at that, her name was difficult to pronounce for the villagers, who’d taken to calling her Karo. He must have practised.


i really want to have my own garden someday even though i’m shit at keeping plants alive. i want to grow basil and rosemary and parsley and mint and my own tea and tomatoes and bell peppers and i also want sunflowers

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What about aside from volleyball UshiYama talks about gardening/planting? Yams is definitely interested in flowers/flower arrangement/flower language, Ushi definitely knows how to grow vegetables and the likes, and both exchange their knowledge with each other and fall in love with each other

Oh, they both are so into talking about gardening.

I can see them talking about anything and everything. Yams would definitely be the most talkative out of them and I think Ushi would be fine with indulging him in whatever Yams wants to talk about. It could be baking, gardening, astronomy, places they’d like to travel to, etc, etc.

i was going to wait to share this until i posted my big po town analysis but like… i just couldn’t wait okay

i finally fucking made sense of po town

because let’s be real. it wasn’t really making any sense. why was team skull able to overrun it and so easily just keep staying there? why didn’t nanu REALLY care much? why is it always raining so goddamn hard?

tapu bulu is extremely notorious for being against land development (seeing how it’s described as being lazy and just wanting vegetation to grow all over the place it makes sense). it obliterated ula’ula’s thrifty megamart after it was built. surely that’s not the only thing it’s done.

now imagine you are whoever decided to build po town. it wasn’t that long ago, the place doesn’t actually seem very old and that wall is pretty high tech. you build this neighborhood and a wall around it because you know the tapu isn’t going to like it and will probably want to destroy it. you didn’t think CURSING THE LAND WITH PERPETUAL HEAVY RAINFALL was a possibility (hell, maybe it even asked tapu fini for help there because it’s so lazy). so the people who moved in eventually had enough with the rain in their supposed little paradise and just up and abandoned it.

nanu’s still tasked with protecting the land, but he’s honestly like why the fuck? so team skull comes along and yeah they’re annoying delinquents but ya know what? at least somebody’s going to make use of the place

so there you have it. it’s possible all of this will be proven incorrect in the anime, that in the games this whole thing about po town was just laziness on the developers’ end. but for now it’s a plausible headcanon that’s going to help me sleep at night

My parents are teaching me how to grow vegetables and I love them both but I also wish I could bury myself and grow into something better

But that’d probably be a conversation killer so I’ll keep it to myself

On Self Reliance and Empowerment

Being an immigrant—and not being allowed to lawfully access the labour market for long stretches of time over a three-year period—is what really got me thinking seriously and practically about my own long-term food security. I started reading and studying about food forests and edible landscaping, and began using the place at which I am living as a repository for edible germplasm. Whenever I’ve had a little money from doing things like delivering papers, or selling things I’ve grown, I’ve invested in seeds or plants. I started learning permaculture skills through free internet tutorials, and learning how to build all sorts of things out of free raw materials. It’s become an all-consuming passion: my small rebellion against a State that makes life difficult in order to try and edge me out.

I’ve learned how to be alone, and how to be ok with that, and even enjoy it. I’ve learned how to grow and schedule enough vegetables to put something on the table every day, for a family of four, during the spring, summer, and autumn. But mostly, what I’ve learned from this experience is that the right or ability to participate in economic activities is not guaranteed, and I need to be prepared for those situations in which I am denied both the ability to work, and any form of welfare.

I think the resurgence of interest in homesteading, survivalism, and bushcraft comes from a place of extreme economic uncertainty. Most people I have talked with who have made a point of learning these skills have had experiences like mine: experiences that left them feeling disempowered and more than a little helpless. Every time I’ve learned how to do something for myself (and others), I’ve felt more empowered. I’ve heard it said that these personal modes of ‘opting out’ of the system aren’t intrinsically political or radical, but in my case: they certainly are, because for me, there never was a choice to ‘opt in.’ My bank account almost always hovers around zero, so I’ve had to make a meaningful and productive life for myself that doesn’t include very much economic or social participation.

When I was reliant on the State and commerce to do something as basic as feed myself, I was extremely disempowered. I was at the mercy of government and corporate interests—because I had to be—in order to put food on the table. There is a constant gnawing fear that comes with living that way; I wondered things like: “are the pesticides on my food giving me health problems over the long term?,” “how is the worker that grew this produce being treated?,” “how many miles did this blueberry travel to reach me?,” “what’s the impact of all this plastic packaging?”. Now that I am learning the skills I need to get by on my own when ‘Shit Hits the Fan,’ (or even when things are fine) I don’t feel so anxious. I know exactly where those endives, artichokes, and onions come from, because I’ve been there every step of the way.

I also don’t feel so complicit in the exploitation of others, and the exploitation of the environment. If I need flour, I now know how to make it from acorns or chestnuts. If I need to cook with no power, I’ve learned how to make a solar cooker. If my pear tree has a fungal blight, I’ve learned how to kill the spores with urine. When my jeans are torn, I’ve learned how to patch them.

My personal transformation may not have a huge impact in the grand scheme of things, but I think that hundreds of thousands of personal transformations like mine–fostered by economic duress–could. What I’ve been given–through these three years of frustration and alienation–is a chance to change the way I interact with the world around me.


The different stages of our raised veggie patch!

These photos were taken over about two weeks, because as it turns out gardening is hard work and we’re slouchy procrastinators. First we had to cut up and shovel out the existing lawn, followed by extensive removal of any roots (there were a lot). I put down layered newspaper to block the light, in order to prevent any new weeds from shooting through. I left a bare patch of soil in the centre so the worms have a little window to come and go. I then hosed the newspaper down and lightly covered it all with dirt. We had a huge pile of quality soil from the local landscapers delivered - a fantastic mix including peat, compost and manure. We left this out to age for a week or so. Today Mum came over to help Dad and I finally fill the box and plant the seedlings. We have broccoli, celery, mini cos lettuce, basil and carrots growing. Excited to see how they go!

My friend Maurice Small.  He teaches kids how to grow organic vegetables and they sell them to their folks and their aunties and their neighbors and it keeps organic vegetables in the neighborhood and teaches the kids about entrepreneurship and craft.  He uses the coffee grounds from our cold brew operation to teach the kids how to grow organic mushrooms and they sell them to local restaurants for a cash crop.  He’s one of my favorite people.

Naruhina month - Day 5

Hi everyone!
This is my entry for day 5, I know is too late, sorry! English is not my first language! So if I made some mistakes, please! Tell me!!!

Naruhina Month Day 5: Ramen.


“If I have to eat, I want Ramen! - said Bolt.


"You have to eat them…”


“Bolt. Look, mommy told me you have to eat your vegetables … and is for your best! If you eat them, you will become the strongest ninja in Konoha! I promise ‘ttebayo!”


The new Hokage was trying to make his son eat some vegetables for almost half an hour by now, but all he got was a frustrated kid and a headache.
He really wanted to let Hinata a time for herself. He wanted that she could go out to shopping, to the park, to see her father or wherever she wants! But that means he had to stay with the kids. He really loved stay in home with them and play with them or train with them… But he never had eaten with them without Hinata. Bolt and Himawari always eat everything with both of them at lunch or dinner, so he didn’t understand why his little boy didn’t want to eat the vegetables.

Naruto looked at the plate and then to Bolt. He was going to speak again when Bolt shouted.

“I’m not going to eat them! You didn’t put them like mommy on the plate!”

Oh God, he really was starting to get frustrated and his headache was growing. “Ok Bolt, how did mommy put the vegetables on the plate? Can you show me?”


Oh God! He didn’t understand why this boy didn’t want eat the vegetables!! He couldn’t believe that he wanted them in a special possition!

“Daddy?” - said a little girly sweet voice.

“Yeah sweety?”

“I finished” - the little girl handed the dish to his father - “I love you”

“I love you too sweety, now brush your teeth and go to your bed, I will be there in some minutes” - he sighed, Himawari ate everything he prepared for her by herself and without problems.

“Why Himawari have them mashed and I have to eat them like this?” - Bolt pouted while looking at his father.

“Because she is three years old and you six. At six, children can eat their vegetables just chopped.”

“If I have to eat, I want Ramen!”

“No, Ramen is not a meal, you know that”

“Then, why are you eating Ramen?” - he looked at his cup of Ramen. Maybe he have had eaten the same as them.

“Eh, that’s because I’m an adult and I can”

“You told me I’m big boy too. I want to eat Ramen!”

Arg! For the God’s sake! His son was so stubborn! He really admired the patience of Hinata. Then he remembered something Hinata had told him:

“You don’t have to rebut or justify what you say to children or respond everything they ask you, because they’d want to prove you, and finally you will be so tired that you will say yes or giving all to them”

So, Bolt is testing him. He is debating the idea of eating vegetables, because he wants to prove how much he is able to stand firm until he get tired and finally agree to what the kid wants.

“Bolt. Listen to me.” - Naruto looked at him very serious - “You are going to eat all your dinner now, no more excuses”

Bolt looked at him.

Naruto looked at him – “This is working ‘ttebayo! Hinata was right as always! I don’t have to justify all that….” - he was interrupted by a big shout.



“NO ‘ttebasa!”

“Fucking yes, ‘ttebayo!”

“You said a bad word!”

“No, I didn’t!” - ok, he did. He was tired, frustrated and he was starting to think his head would explode. - “Ok Bolt, enough. If you don’t want to eat, it’s ok, don’t eat. You will be hungry tomorrow, and tomorrow you will have for breakfast the vegetables!. You are not going to eat nothing else until you eat ALL the vegetables, it’s ok?”

“I will go to uncle Iruka’s house. He is going to let me eat Ramen” - he tried to start other round with his father.

“Ok, go, but he will told you the same as me.” - Naruto had enough. He wasn’t going to argue again with his son.

“I’ll go!” - he stood up of the table, took his little backpag and sat on his tricycle. - “I’m really going.”

“Ok, go” - said a tired Naruto looking at him.

Bolt opened the door - “I’m leaving!!!!”

“Ok, say hi to Iruka sensei”

Bolt was out of the house - “I’m on my way ‘ttebasa!” - suddenly the wind closed the door in front of him. He looked to the street, then again to the closed door. He is only six years old. He had never ever been alone in the street. What was his father thinking in letting him go alone that far?
Meanwhile a tired Naruto stood up of the table and looked in the window if Bolt really went to the street, he listened to a cry.


This was his little boy. Naruto opened the door - “Wow! You went so fast!”

“No! I didn’t go…” - said Bolt with tears on his eyes.

“Come here buddy” - Naruto took Bolt into his arms, he hugged him and then they entered to the house again - “Are you tired?”

“No… I’m hungry” - he put his head in the space between his head and neck. - “I want to eat my dinner”

“Ok, let’s dinner then, if you eat everything I‘ll give you some ramen, ok?”

Bolt looked at his father with a big smile - “really???!!!”

“Yeah! But don’t tell mom. It will be our secret!! - Naruto touched the tinny nose of his son.

"Daddy? You didn’t said goodnight…” - the little girl appeared through the hallway - “you have to kiss me too”

“Oh sweety, I go now” - “Bolt, eat your dinner, when I’m back I’ll give you some ramen, ok?” - Naruto took Himawari into his arms and went to her bedroom.

Bolt sat on the table again and hid the vegetables under a napkin.

Then door opened and Hinata entered to the house with some bags - “I’m home”

“MOMMY!” - Bolt run to his mother.

“Hi Honey, did you have a good time with daddy?”

“Yeah, he let me eat some ramen if I eat my vegetables, but It’s our secret, you don’t have to tell him ’ttebasa!”

“Eh… your secret? Ok. Now, where is he?”

“Saying good night to Himawari, you know he takes a looooot, because he kiss her so much!”

Hinata laughted and kissed Bolt on the forehead. She knew Naruto must have had some troubles on dinner, because if he haven’t, Naruto haven’t promised Bolt to have ramen in dinner. But the boy looked happy, so she didn’t care, she will talk with Naruto later. Finally the most important thing is his son ate the vegetables, isn’t it?