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Witch Spoiler #1

Witchcraft isn’t as aesthetic as it’s portrayed.
It can totally be like those mood boards, or those pictures of witches surrounded by thousands of crystals and candles.
But more often than not
It’s kinda just mundane
Like I vent to my single amethyst geode piece and sing to my kidney bean plant and how he’s growing so well (His name’s Aaron.)
I practice spells on the floor of my bathroom in pyjamas with Hey Ya! by Outkast playing in the background
I make sigils in the corners of my notes like
Don’t think you’re less witchy because you use rocks instead of crystals, because you aren’t.

Little Bean Part 4: How fast they grow

Finally!! I started this chapter ages ago and it’s taken forever, and I’m not sure how many are still interested in reading it but here’s the conclusion to this fluffy little story. Make no mistake, this is pure fluff and probably more predictable and cheesy than I usually write but my muse wanted her happily ever after. I hope you enjoy and it somehow makes up for, or at least eases the pain of last weeks news. Xoxo

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A tip for writers trying to describe settings or actions

I get lots of questions from people asking me how I describe settings and actions so beautifully, and make it feel like they can actually see everything in the scene like it’s right there in front of them.

Honestly, I almost never use similes and metaphors. I think I can count one instance in the entirety of Embassy and one instance in all of Resonance where I use a simile. That’s my advice. Don’t describe a place, or a sight, or a sound, or whatever it is you’re describing by then describing *something else* and hoping the reader just gets it.

If you’re trying to describe an old house in the middle of suburbia, show us the wind-worn shutters, the blackened chimney, the rot on the walls, the creak of the front door, the leaky garage….then go on and do a simile/metaphor, if you must.

Don’t introduce us to the house by saying it’s like that misplaced stalk of corn from yesteryear growing in a field of beans. WHAT??? hOW iS tHAT aN oLD hOUSE? What am I looking at?

That’s how I construct my settings. Just describe the setting in the simplest terms possible. But remember, it’s just my personal preference. If you have a flowery way of describing, and you can do it well, then by all means, full speed ahead! My way is just how *I* effectively communicate.

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can u rant about ship feelz? like vkook? i like hearing u talk

Hi anon,

Can I rant about ship feelz? CAN I rant about ship feelz. Honestly, I feel like I was born to rant about ship feelz. My entire body, my bones, my blood, they’re all dripping with feelz. Dripping.

Going through my posts, people may or may not have noticed that I have what some might call a shipping problem. Taekook is my main boat, but I’m more than capable of shipping anyone with everyone. Vmin, ship it. Namjin, ship it. Junghope, ship it. Suga and Kumamon…ship it.

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Suga and Kumamon. How can you not ship it?

Of course, some ships are higher on my list than others, and some ships are more BROTPs than OTPs for me personally, but I just want to mention that I in no way feel one ship is inherently ‘better’ or more ‘real’ than others. I don’t want to condone competitive shipping; to each their own. Listening to K-pop, writing fanfiction, indulging in shipping, ranting and thirsting on tumblr, is something I do in my spare time to unwind and I love it, but I also try to keep in mind to not let the lines between my (self-indulgent) fantasies and the real world blur too much. First and foremost, I ship all of BTS as good friends (they’re one of those magical groups where everyone seems to respect and value each other and each possible duo has their own unique and wonderful dynamic), which is most likely all that they really are in real life.

That being said, Taekook has a special place in my heart. Like special enough that just seeing GIFs of them interacting is like the FEELZ are punching me in the face and then I cry. Especially now that my wifi sucks and I see far too little Taekook GIFs a week. (Is it just me or do I complain about bad internet in all my posts? Go outside and smell the mangos, woman!)

Sometimes, I honestly don’t know why Taekook is the one that first (and completely) captured my eye when (as stated above) BTS is full of beautiful ships. I guess that falling into a ship is a little like falling in love; hard to capture in words. I do know the reasons why, once Taekook took up residence in my heart, I let myself contently fall to the unmeasurable depths of the Taekook trashcan and never looked back. (Or up.)

I guess the first reason I love Taekook is because of the individuals who make up this ship. Let’s talk about Kim Taehyung. Even though he’s younger, Taehyung is somewhat of a role model for me. In a business where it’s so important (and there’s so much pressure) to adhere to societal norms and conventions (to fit into boxes other people made for you), Kim Taehyung is still brave enough to be himself. He wears unconventional clothing that he cuts up with scissors, he acts out entire acting dialogues with himself when doing laundry not caring who hears him. I’m not saying he doesn’t censor himself at all for the media but I do feel that the Kim Taehyung I get to see is real, even if it’s maybe just a small part of him. Whenever he displays out-of-the-box behaviour my first reaction is whut?!, my second reaction is always omg, I luv u, I wish I could be more like u w *screams internally*.

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Kim Taehyung: role model.

And then there is Jeon Jeongguk. Whereas I want to braid Kim Taehyung flower crowns and worship the ground he walks on, with Jeongguk I’m forever torn between wanting to squish his cheeks like the little bunny he is or wanting to put him in a time-out because rude.

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Bunny Jeongguk

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Rude Jeongguk

It gives me emotional whiplash. How is this even the same person? This is why I have trust issues.

I love how we get to watch him grow from this shy small bean into this young man who’s stepping out of his shell, showing his dorky side, working so, so hard at singing, and dancing, and just improving himself in general. And the way Jeongguk worships his hyungs absolutely wrecks me. Show me GIFs of Jeongguk looking at his hyungs as they talk and the admiration there will just kill me. (Jeongguk looking at hyungs. Me:*tries not to cry* Me:*cries buckets*)

Back to Taekook as a couple, I just absolutely love their dynamic. Whereas several of the BTS ships have (to varying degrees) a hyung-dongsaeng undertone for me (although I will never dare to imply that I understand the finer nuances of this as I didn’t grow up in Korea or a similar societal hierarchy culture, so I’m almost scared to make a statement on the subject), Taehyung seems to let Jeongguk interact with him as a similar-aged friend despite the two-year-difference. Jeongguk will forever be the maknae of the group, and I imagine that must be hard at times although it also has its advantages, but I feel that with Taehyung there are lots of times where that line fades away and they get to interact as equals. (I may or may not have listened to the audio recordings of Jeongguk calling Taehyung Tae at least a thousand times. Nobody can prove it though and that’s all that matters.) What can I say, I’m a true sucker for a power-balanced ship.

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The way Jeongguk pokes and prods and playfully shoves Taehyung sometimes and how Taehyung doesn’t even look mad or surprised. The fact he lets Jeongguk interact with him like that despite the age difference makes me weak.

To me, they’re also just the right bit of different but the same, meaning they complement each other in such a lovely way. They’re both so adorkable. Like their adorkable dubsmashes or their adorkable handshake.

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Exhibit A: End game of elaborate adorkable secret handshake.

I feel they really get each other and play well together. (Not just in a dirty way people, get your mind out of the gutter!) How Taehyung said in interviews that he will randomly start to act out a sketch and how Jeongguk is the only one who knows how to play along and does so without missing a beat. (Do you hear that sound? That’s my heart exploding with FEELZ.) Or how Jeongguk often says he wants to room with Taehyung or that they’re the most similar and have the same sense of humour. (That’s the sound of my shattered heart falling to the ground.)

But they’re also different. With Taehyung coming across as more emotionally and socially mature than Jeongguk (to me at least). Part of this might be that Taehyung is older, but regardless of that, Taehyung seems this social butterfly, making friends wherever he goes, including a lot of friends outside of BTS. Jeongguk seems to be a lot shyer and more awkward, having admitted to not having a lot of friends outside of BTS, and with the members stating Jeongguk is really loud and talkative behind closed doors when he feels comfortable. Do you remember the story about how Jeongguk used to wait with taking a shower until the other members were asleep when he first joined BTS? Doesn’t the preciousness just bring you to tears?

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One of my favourite things in the world: awkward Gukkie being awkward.

Jeongguk, on the other hand, seems a bit more into working out and (dare I say it) adheres more to the ‘stereotypical’ view of manliness. However, that does not mean Taehyung isn’t manly because he doesn’t flash his biceps and abs. I feel women shouldn’t be pressured to abide by what others think is feminine and proper and the reverse goes for men as well. Macho behaviour does not a man make; Jeongguk, Taehyung, and any other man should act and dress however they please (whether that being conventionally manly behaviour or not). Besides, just because Taehyung wears more fluffy sweaters and scarfs, doesn’t mean he’s a delicate flower either. With the way BTS practices and performs, all of them probably have more strength and stamina in just their big toes than I have in my entire body. (I’m not jealous; you’re jealous.) But I feel I’m starting to digress. Let’s talk about the detrimental effects of stereotypes and labelling people another day.

Another important reason I can never part from Taekook is the skinship. There’s a love and affection layered into those caresses that make it hard for me to breathe. Taehyung is a tactile person, and I’ll be the first to admit he’s touchy-feely with almost all the members, but the way he touches Jeongguk just turns my knees to jelly. I think the thing that really does it for me is the way Jeongguk responds when Taehyung reaches out to him; he doesn’t even seem to flinch, just rolls with it, letting Taehyung fall on his body, letting Taehyung play with his hair and earrings. He indulges Taehyung and seems to love it at the same time and that ruins me. Ruins me. It might be my biased little Taekook heart that wants to stay blind from the truth, but I feel like Jeongguk doesn’t let the other members touch him that much or that indulgently as he does with Taehyung. And the way Jeongguk picks Taehyung up, where are those tissues?

You guys might remember me screaming about this little Taekook moment a few days ago. For your information, I’m still screaming.

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I don’t even know why this makes me weak. It just does.

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Taehyung nuzzling Jeongguk kills me and gives me life all at the same time.

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Can you handle this? I can’t handle this.

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The skinship, people. The skinship.

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And here my favourite Taekook GIF of all time. Do they even realize what they’re doing to me?!

Okay, I need to stop looking at those GIFs before my brain completely melts into mush as demonstrated by my most eloquent GIF captions. Let’s move on.

I think I’m trying to say that, like all people, Taehyung and Jeongguk are multi-faceted and so is their ship. There is room there for so many wonderful interpretations when writing fanfiction. For example, lately I’ve been writing top!guk but top!tae works just as well. In fact, I feel a relationship where they switch is maybe most likely. Also, Jeongguk can be written awkward and shy, but at the same time he’s driven and passionate when it comes to the things he really loves. Taehyung can be kind of out-there but at the same time he might be one of the most intuitively smart people in BTS. The options are endless and that’s why Taekook rules the tides of me.

I feel like I could continue for another 1500 words about how this glorious ship is glorious, but maybe I’ll end it here for now. You said you liked hearing me talk anon, but I wonder if you managed to make it to the end of me ranting about the magnificence that is Taekook. XD

XOXO Mirre

Bonus: Taekook is canon *beyond dead*.

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I HATE Bernie Sanders and his moronic Socialist/Communist ass. Young supporters of his have no fkn idea about politics and blindly chant along with the masses because they are too naive and stupid to understand how the American economy should work. Bernie wants to take away money from the hard working people of this country and hand it out to the unemployed who sit on their ass all day complaining about their mental "illnesses" (read: laziness). Also- it's stupid how u call urself bean. Grow up

lol u crazy. Wyd tho

04/11/15 • studyblr photo challenge: “i’m proud of…” // so here is a selfie lmao bc i am proud of *drumroll pls* me! i’ve come a long way in the past 3ish years, what with recovering from severe depression and learning to live with anxiety and getting accepted into college and graduating high school after we all thought it wasn’t gonna happen and changing so damn much as a person, and i’m really happy with myself and everything i’ve done for me. most of the time i still wallow in this giant ocean of self-deprecation, but at the end of the day, i am grateful for and proud of myself, because i was the one who picked me up off the bathroom floor at 2 in the morning after having an anxiety attack, i was the one that wiped away my tears and told myself to nut up and keep going, i was the one who summoned up that tiny kernel of belief when everyone was giving up, i was the one who pushed me out of the darkest part of my life so far, and i’m still the one responsible for me and all that i am. I guess what i’m trying to say is that i’m proud of going through shit and coming out on the other side, and i’m proud of who i’ve become and how i’m always striving to grow as a human bean into a positive and constructive force in other’s lives, someone who thrives on earth rather than merely exist. when all’s said and done, i am damn proud of myself - and i hope you are too. :)