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The Registry (Part 2)

Author: @joshs-left-earlobe

Prompt: The Eavesdropper (Prompt 12)

Rating: T

A/N: Thanks for the positive feedback from Part 1! I loved the reblogged notes. tags, and especially that great wedding registry story from @katamount! Many hugs to @papofglencoe for editing and reminding me that details do matter, damn it!

A week passes and Katniss has become creative in finding ways to avoid her handsome, blue-eyed neighbor. As much as she would like to get to know him, the awkwardness of the situation is too much for her to bear. So she’s hidden in the elevator, popped in on Madge unannounced, tied her shoes behind the bushes outside, and even shadowed a dog walker. She realizes her avoidance of Peeta Mellark is becoming a challenge, and in an effort to rectify the matter, Katniss takes another bus trip to the Capitol department store.

She spots Effie Trinket in the same place she met her before. Katniss approaches cautiously, clearing her throat when she steps in front of the large mahogany desk. Effie looks up to her and beams. She glances at her computer, punching a few buttons.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do one for the moment lily realizes she likes James

She’s pretty familiar at this point with the hot stroke of desire that curls tight in her stomach at the sight of his hands raking through his hair, at the way his shoulders strain against his Quidditch robes, at the clean musk of his soap coming from her Potions cauldron. 

What she’s not familiar with, however, is the way her lips tug up into a fond smile when his curls inevitably frizz out despite his hasty grooming, how her heart skips a beat at his furrowed brow as he plans last minute Chaser strategy at the breakfast table, how her cheeks flush with warmth when he looks up and grins at her through the Amortentia’s pink fumes. 

“Fuck,” she says, staring at the quickly turning leaves outside her dorm window. Marlene peers up from her textbook. “Fuck, Marls. I think I fancy James Potter.”

It takes the other girl nearly ten minutes to stop laughing.