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The New Day’s got your back Seth! Hopefully their power of positivity will help him have a speedy recovery! If not, they better wheel Seth to Wrestlemania so he can beat up Triple H with a crutch.

After they make a quick stop at Trip’s house though.

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Tobirama dating someone younger sfw and nsfw headcanons? I really love your work!

Tobirama Senju Dating a Younger S/O

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• I don’t think Tobirama would change his style of courting or dating based on an age difference. He wouldn’t be the type to gravitate to someone too sparky either, just the right level of wit and intelligence that piques his interest and maintains it. You better be ready to deal with his stubbornness, temper, protectiveness and his aloof attitude, because he won’t be changing. He’s not the type to be pressured to change just because he is dating someone younger – unlike some men – he’s too headstrong for that.

• Tobirama will make himself the executive decision-maker in the relationship, and it is non-negotiable – solely because he feels he has experienced more than you, his younger s/o. Deep in his very being, Tobirama believes it’s his responsibility to take care of you and he doesn’t want to see you making naive mistakes. He will argue to the death about how he’s been around longer and can’t handle the thought of you getting yourself into trouble. This also can be derived from the fact that Tobirama is, by definition, a little controlling.

• Is very touchy about the subject of age, and becomes wildly irritated if anyone points out your difference in years. Heaven forbid anyone would ever mistake him for being your father because of his silvery-white hair and grumpy expression. If it ever happens, you’ll just see Tobirama stab daggers with his gaze to the poor, unsuspecting soul that muttered that unfortunate phrase, they might have hell to pay for later.


• Tobirama might be more meticulous and thorough with his younger partner. Just to remind you why you’re with him – and how raw and sensual he can be in bed. He’s going to prove that you don’t want a boy, you want a man – a man that knows how to please you. He pulls out all the stops and focus a bit more on being fair in bed than he was in his younger years. He is more likely to do a little bit more oral if you really enjoy it, even if he isn’t a big fan of it, but he understands compromise makes a relationship work.

• Sex gets a little crazy, because Tobirama wants to prove to you he has the stamina to keep you satisfied. He refuses, and is completely against coming before his partner. If he feels his orgasm approaching too fast, he will slow things down and create a pace that is slower, maybe titillating as he kisses, licks and bites your neck. Tobirama also isn’t against giving you a hickie or two, so you have something to remember the next day after your night with him.

• Going to test your flexibility as much as possible, especially if you are younger than him. He’ll be testing to see how far he can spread your legs apart while he’s taking you, or maybe how far he can push your legs in the air. Nothing is going to stop him from experimenting with you, and he won’t allow things to be boring either – he likes to really push things to the limit.

Okay, so no ‘official’ Wednesday post, but here’s the beginning of a Raven!Neil fic. It would be cleaned up more and probably added to (not sure I’m happy with the Andrew part) and there’s lots more for the Neil part, it’s only a snippet of that, but you get a feel for the set-up/premise here. It’s maybe a little different?


Wymack pulled up to the Fox Tower and gave a bleary-eyed Kevin a sympathetic look. “Hernandez said he’d work on the kid, would talk to him some more on Monday. I’m not giving up, either.”

Andrew scoffed at that, because he was more than a little familiar with lost causes and Josten? Among many other things, that kid had ‘lost cause’ written all over him, along with ‘trouble’ and ‘rabbit’ and ‘better off forgotten’. He hadn’t missed how the kid had looked at Kevin, the expression almost one of hunger, and he was oh so pleased that the kid had turned down the mighty Day even if it had meant that he’d flown out to Arizona and back for nothing more than seeing a certain arrogant coward shot down.

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Shawn had thrown a party for our 1 year anniversary and his new song release – he hadn’t even sung me the song like he used to which meant that this was for me or about me. Shawn had hooked his arm with mine. I had my body pressed up against his arm and my arm that was entwined his came up and rested comfortably on his bicep. A bunch of our friends had come to the party, it was more for the release of the song but our anniversary was also our own selfish reason to throw a party. I had dressed myself in a Red dress that clung to my chest and flowed nicely once it reached my waist. Shawn wore his all-time favourite black suite that always looked great on him, it hugged his body snuggly, his jacket had long since been flung over a chair somewhere. Shawn grabbed the closet cup of wine to him and cleared his voice.

“I’ll be right back” I whispered into his ear as I disentangled myself, Shawn being the melodramatic boy he was spun me around at the last second so I came twirling back into his chest and kissed my forehead briefly.

“okay, hurry back” he said smiling brightly at me. I smiled at him and moved away. I walked into the kitchen where I knew Amanda was trying to find the extra wine.

“still trying to find the wine?” I asked leaning against the bench.

“how’d you know?” she lifted her head from where she was crouched in front of the kitchen.

“because it’s you. No more wine. I know how you get when you have to many” I said matter-of-factly.

“whatever” she said standing up. “so, how’s the night going?” she asked leaning in front of me.

“fairly good. Just letting you know I think Shawn was about to make an announcement about something” I said smiling and stood back up. She sighed loudly.  “come on” I said gesturing with my hand. As I made it back out onto the foyer I heard Shawn clear his voice into the microphone.

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So Underfell Sans (the grumpy, cold and agressive version) and the reader get out of the Underground. The night falls, and she convinces him to come with her, and she takes him to a really good spot to see the stars he have never seen before. He have a crush on her and maybe let the cold facade down for once. I don't know if it would make a great story, take liberties if it's too restrictive, but have fun writing this !You're talentend enough to make it works, anyway ! Take care of yourself <3

(aw, thank you so much for your kind words-! never doubt yourself, little snapshots of a world like this always have wonderful promise. i hope you like the little something of what i’ve done here - this one’s shorter, so i won’t put it under a cut. and you take care of yourself too, okay? i can certainly promise - someone really cares about you. <3)

Your toes dug lightly at the edge of the cliffside you had all been gazing over. The sun had now all but set, the distant city already glowing with the lights of the night. The others had quickly separated, not comfortable with the close company right now, but a begrudging promise to meet back here to form a plan to approach the humans lingering in the air.

You took a deep breath, letting the cooling fresh air of the mountainside fill your lungs as your eyes drifted shut. You hadn’t fully realized just how much you missed it, all those months spent in the caves of the Underground filled only with air so stagnant and dank…

“you humans’ve been pretty fuckin’ spoiled.”

A chuckle escaped you as you opened your eyes and turned your head. Sans stood at your side, a scowl on his face, his gold tooth catching the last of the lingering dusk light. Despite his words, his eyelights showed just a measure of softness that you had only caught on the rarest occasion in the Underground.

“Yeah. Seems we take a lot more for granted than we’d ever admit.”

He scoffed, not meeting your gaze, instead continuing to stare out over the mountainside. His arm nearly brushed yours with how close he stood, and you regarded him carefully for another minute, a now well-recognizable flush creeping up your cheeks.

Finally, his gaze flickered to you. “whatcha fuckin’ starin’ at, ya want somethin’ to-”

Your arm looped through his and you turned away, cutting him off as he grunted in surprise.

“C’mon, I wanna show you something.”

You didn’t leave room for argument as you set a steady pace, trying to fight the grin pulling at your face, trying even harder to ignore the excited flutter of your stomach as your plan hatched.

“hey, ya don’t have to try ‘n pull my arm off,” Sans grumbled as he followed suit, surprisingly raising little other issue with your sudden insistence. His words were more than a little half-hearted, and you glanced at him from the half-step lead you had as you made your way up a lightly-worn path, venturing a little further yet up the mountain.

“What if I need a hand though? Gotta have a little help to show you this,” you shot back at him, your blush rising.

His eyesockets widened for a split moment before his grin - his real grin, something you could only ever pull out of him in the rarest circumstances previously - spread across his face. It still hinted of danger and dark promises, but in a way that sent the excitement bubbling in you into more of a frenzy.

“if ya’ve got a bone to pick with someone, sure,” he replied without missing a further beat, his cocky and mischievous look suiting him far too well. “it’d be humerus. i think tibia the source of another human’s fuckin’ shock and awe would be pretty satisfying-”

You laughed openly at his heavy wordplay as you pulled him above the treeline once again, a clearing of soft grass and late summer flowers tickling your calves as you whirled around to face him again. You pressed close, your free arm shifting so you could grip his upper arm with a brightening smile. His grin faltered for just a moment as his cheekbones stained a softly glowing crimson.

“The only one I want awed right now is you, Sans,” you whispered. You were so close now that his hips brushed against yours, that you swore you could feel the electric energy of his blush. It took everything in you to not throw caution to the wind and close the last of the distance between your faces.

Sans managed to find his words again, his voice going a little raw with how low and quiet it dipped. “w-what’re ya talkin’ about, sweetheart-”

You squeezed his arm one last time before spinning him away from you, away from the upwards slope of the mountain, back over the view you now stood over - and under.

Sans went completely still as he caught sight of the crystal-clear night stretching over him, the dim lights of the city far to your side now not able to drown out the glittering expanse of stars and the cloudy edges of the galaxy itself shining above you.

You remained quiet as you took in the view for a moment, relief and joy swelling in you as in this still moment away from the others, away from the demands, from the excitement - you finally let yourself realize that you were free.

And… more importantly… that he was free with you.

Your face tilted once again as you looked towards Sans, shifting gently so you could stand at his side, your arms still entwined. Your breath left you as you caught sight of his face.

Red streaks of liquid magic were streaming from the corner of his eyesockets, his face upturned towards the open sky with a vulnerable, matching openness you had never seen before.

Chest constricting painfully, you couldn’t find any words. You didn’t think you wanted to, really, as the wetness built at your own eyes.

Sans shifted at last, only the barest of movements as the arm you held moved and his hand caught yours. His fingers intertwined with yours, gripping just a little too tight.

You returned his grip as you carefully, slowly leaned against him, your face turning back up towards the sky as well.

Stress Reliever

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Request - Can I get a Roman reigns imagine where the reader is curvy but she’s having a stressful day so Roman tries to cheer her up

Pairing - Roman Reigns X Female Reader

WordCount -

Requested By - @knowdagirlm

Written By - Tacha 

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Working for WWE was the best job you ever had. It was your dream job. The job that you had worked so hard to get but sometimes your job could be highly stressful and while you weren’t one to get stressed easily, sometimes it could take a toll on you and unfortunately today was just one of those days. 

Every time you turned around there was another WWE Superstar ready to get their makeup done. One of your co-workers had called in sick so you had double the work to do and you didn’t want to produce a horrible job. The last thing you wanted was for WWE Superstars especially the woman going out looking like a hot mess. That would not be good. Just as you were cleaning up after your most recent drop by, you felt a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. Of course, you knew who it was, there was only one person who was allowed to do so, of course, others could try but unless they wanted to risk being speared or Superman punched. 

“Hello baby girl. I’ve missed you today. I’ve been so busy. How’s my favourite girl doing?” You wanted to lean into Roman’s embrace and just relax for a moment or two but any moment now Charlotte and Dana were going to come to get their makeup done, so you really didn’t have the time for a moment’s rest. 

“Hey, I really don’t have time for this. I’ve still got Charlotte and Dana’s make up to do and Natalie called in sick today so I’ve got double the duty.” You spoke as you pulled out of Roman’s grasps and began to prepare the chair for the next person. Roman didn’t see you stressed out like this very often and when he did it was never a pleasant sight to see. 

“Whoa, whoa baby girl, stop.” Roman spun you around to face him, resting his hands on your curvy hips. He rested his head against your forehead. 

“Everything is going to fine. You’re going to get all the work done and then after Raw how we will grab some food and then go back to the hotel room, find something to watch, do some chilling before our flight tomorrow.” Maybe it was because you got lost in Roman’s beautiful brown eyes or the fact that Roman had given you something else to direct your attention on. 

“Thank you. I love you” Roman pressed a kiss to your lips softly before pulling away from you, you instantly missed his warmth. 

“You welcome baby girl and remember I love you more than words can express. I’ll meet you here later. I’m looking forward to it.” Roman called as he began walking away you smiled as you proceeded to get back to work with a new lease of energy a new bounce in your step, you were so grateful to have a man like Roman in your life and he will forever be the greatest stress reliever… 

Lemme end this pedophiliac discussion y'all created: Yes, children CAN be sexual. Especially if they’re hypersexual, dealt with molestation/rape, etc. But here’s the thing: Children aren’t SUPPOSED to be sexual. Why? Because they’re, say it with me you guys, I know you can do it: Children. CHILL-DREN.

And teaching children how to smash it raw isn’t going to “help them learn how to report if they’re abused uwu.” It’s gonna make them want to experience and/or traumatize them, etc and ultimately make them hypersexual for their age.

Like I’m 16 and seeing adults on this app typing out how they think teaching children how to do fuck bareback is horrifying and I hope a child is never near y'all tbh

Y'all weird. Like really weird.

Three Methods for Working with Chaos

‘There are three very practical ways for relating with difficult circumstances as the path of awakening and joy: no more struggle, poison as medicine, and regarding everything that arises as the manifestation of wisdom.

The first method is epitomized by meditation instruction. Whatever arises in our minds we look at directly, call it “thinking,” and go back to the simplicity and immediacy of the breath. When we encounter difficulties in our lives, we can continue to train in this way. We can drop the story line, slow down enough to just be present, let go of the multitude of judgments and schemes and stop struggling.

Second, we can use poison as fuel for waking up. In general, this idea is introduced to us with tonglen. Instead of pushing difficult situations away, we can use them to connect with other people who, just like us, often find themselves in pain. As one slogan puts it, “When the world is filled with evil, transform all mishaps into the path of enlightenment.”

The third method for working with chaos is to regard whatever arises as the manifestation of awakened energy. We can regard ourselves as already awake; we can regard our world as already sacred. This view further encourages us to use everything in our lives as the basis for attaining enlightenment.

The world we find ourselves in, the person we think we are - these are our working bases. This charnel ground called life is the manifestation of wisdom. This wisdom is the basis of freedom and also the basis of confusion. In every moment, we make a choice: Which way do we go? How do we go? How do we relate with the raw material of our existence?’

- Pema Chodron, Comfortable With Uncertainty.


below is every official metric album and its listed tracks (not including EPs or movie soundtracks or pagans in vegas [i may add pagans in vegas later on]). each track corresponds to a certain prompt or question. send me the title of the track, and i’ll respond to the prompt/question assigned to it. note: questions are not always 100% representative of the meaning of the song.


IOU - what’s a childhood dream of yours that reality has ruined?
HUSTLE ROSE - what did you do the last time you felt empty inside?
SUCCEXY - are technology and the media improving or ruining your life?
COMBAT BABY - how do you feel about the friend you fight with the most?
CALCULATION THEME - have you ever loved someone you couldn’t be with?
WET BLANKET - do your friends have friends that you don’t approve of? why don’t you?
ON A SLOW NIGHT - would you change yourself for fame and fortune?
THE LIST - what’s one thing unique about you that you want to change? what would you change it to?
DEAD DISCO - how do you feel like the modern day music?
LOVE IS A PLACE - what’s the last thing you fell in love with that wasn’t another person?


EMPTY - when’s the last time you gave up?
GLASS CEILING - what’s one social norm you’ve never abided by?
HANDSHAKES - how much will you sacrifice to get to the top?
TOO LITTLE TOO LATE - what’s always on your conscience?
POSTER OF A GIRL - what’s your substitute for romance?
MONSTER HOSPITAL - which war is one you just can’t win?
PATRIARCH ON A VESPA - is there a proper way to grow up? what is it?
THE POLICE AND THE PRIVATE - what does it take for you to trust someone?
ENDING START - what’s something you regret agreeing to do? are you going to do it anyway?
LIVE IT OUT - has anyone tried to stop you from doing what you wanted? did you do it anyway?


GROW UP AND BLOW AWAY - would you take the chance to relive your childhood?
HARDWIRE - if your partner cheated on you, would you stay with them?
ROCK ME NOW - what’s your hometown like?
THE TWIST - what’s one thing you’ve done drunk that you regret?
ON THE SLY - have you ever wanted someone to hate you? do they?
SOFT ROCK STAR - how low will you go for the approval of others?
RAW SUGAR - what’s your wildest dream? 
WHITE GOLD - what’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?
LONDON HALFLIFE - what would you tell your past self?


HELP I’M ALIVE - what makes you afraid? how do you show it?
SICK MUSE - have you ever felt pressured to love someone? 
SATELLITE MIND - who’s one person you just can’t get out of your head? how does that person make you feel?
TWILIGHT GALAXY - have you ever given up on a dream because it was stupid?
GOLD GUNS GIRLS - why aren’t you satisfied?
GIMME SYMPATHY - would you rather burn out or fade away?
COLLECT CALL - who’s the person you depend on the most?
FRONT ROW - have you ever tried to make it big? did it work?
BLINDNESS - what does life mean to you?
STADIUM LOVE - should it be a dog eat dog world?


ARTIFICIAL NOCTURNE - how do you escape reality?
YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH - were/are you a dangerous teen?
SPEED THE COLLAPSE - have you ever ignored a warning? what happened to you when you did?
BREATHING UNDERWATER - how did your last relationship end?
DREAMS SO REAL - have you ever given up on fighting for a cause?
LOST KITTEN - do you know anyone who’s too dangerous for their own good? how do you deal with them?
THE VOID - have you ever pretended that you were having a good time when you weren’t?
SYNTHETICA - what’s one thing about yourself that you will never change?
CLONE - what’s one thing you regret not doing?
THE WANDERLUST -  have you ever run away from home? have you wanted to?
NOTHING BUT TIME - what’s one thing you want to achieve before you die?

Someone please save the Women’s Championships on Raw/Smackdown, but mostly Raw.

Smackdown just needs to let the championship be defended more, which honestly isn’t a problem at the moment because Nao will bring doing that at MitB. Just in general, it needs to be defended more often in the hands of a strong babyface (which is Nao 🤗).

Raw on the other hand…. how did it go from main eventing Raw regularly and a damn pay-per-view to being stuck in a high school bullying storyline that people hate? How did her last two champions become caricatures of themselves, oversimplified to the point of being child v high school bully, instead of two strong women wanting to be the absolute best in the business? The Raw Women’s Championship has turned into a damn accessory, and is in desperate need of a strong babyface that will hold it for over a hundred days. Her prestige is dying, if not already dead. She needs someone who will hold her with pride and bring the focus back to her and what it means to be champion.

But it just goes to show you, maybe they would’ve been better if they had held off making #history again for another few years.

Fruit haul! 🍌🍌🍌
Going raw for a few days to see how it would impact my energy levels⚡️
But oh my god, all that is pictured was $20 (Which is quite cheap in my books!) All those bananas in the photo were TWO DOLLARS.
Apparently they were overripe, they look perfect to me 😉
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