how to give up cheese


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Guys, guys, gUyS I just realized: I’m not allergic…

Can you make your own cheese/yogurt? I have a recipe for ricotta that’s just milk and vinegar or lemon juice. Did I miss allergies to lemons too?

Vinegar is sulfited so I struggle to eat anything that uses vinegar. Sucks cause I love it (and use it to clean a lot) but it makes my symptoms a whole lot worse.

I am thinking of maybe trying to make my own yogurt at some point. I did find an organic brand at the store I could somewhat tolerate, but they used pectin to firm it up, and although pectin can be organic the process that changes things into pectin involves…wait for it…sulfites. So yea. I’m not sure how well I’d tolerate it.

At this point I’m happy to give up cheeses if it means I’m not constantly on the verge of vomiting up an internal organ.

You’d think I’d be used to constantly being surrounded by eggs/dairy/honey by now but every time I see them being consumed I feel nauseous because I know how much pain and suffering some sweet angel had to go through just because we are too selfish to change.

I just want to hold them all and apologize on behalf of our race because it isn’t fair at all. We don’t ask, we just take whatever the fuck we want at absolutely any expense.

I don’t want to make anybody feel bad about themselves but I’m constantly on the verge of tears because it’s all so cruel.

The dairy cow’s male calf will become meat. The females will too after years of being artificially inseminated and collapsing from exhaustion years before their time. 50% of chickens bred for the egg industry will be killed as soon as they hatch and are found to be male. The females suffer a fate far worse than that.

It isn’t yours to take and you don’t need it. They do. Even if you don’t understand why, it doesn’t matter. It. Isn’t. Yours.

“I could never give up cheese though.”

Do you know how ignorant you are? How selfish? That is the absolute weakest fucking excuse. How dare you. How DARE you.