how to get thick or long hair into wig

Café Blue

Title:  Café Blue

Author: @anerdwithakoreanhaircut

Artist: @awliv (art linked here!)


Word count:


Warnings: gender dysphoria, anxiety/panic attack, description of dyshporia (major-read with care!), worry over gender presentation (meaning looking “feminine enough” to pass), transphobia, food mentions

Dan finds that phone calls with Phil are better late in the night; that’s when he gets to hear his thoughts about aliens and opinions on what he perceives as green through his eyes Dan might perceive as red or yellow or white. He learns that Phil’s fascinated with the idea that no two people see colours exactly the same, that our colour perception is similar to our fingerprints.

Whether he’s Dan that day, or she’s Dee another, he feels comfortable talking to Phil all the time now, no matter his pitch.

(or rather: the one where artist!dan is genderfluid, and phil doesn’t know.)  

Author’s Notes: SO THIS IS FINALLY HERE. Firstly, I’d like to thank all the mods at @phandombigbang for running such an amazing event. This is my second year submitting and my third fic, and it’s just been so much fun. Secondly, I want to thank my artist Olivia for creating such an amazing piece of art I could cry (please please check it out!). And lastly, I want to thank my amazing beta Hunter. They’ve been such a huge help this whole time, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they’ve done for this fic, and for all the encouragement they’ve given me. And I’m so pleased with how this turned out. Enjoy! ~Alyx

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Harvest Goddess Magical Melody Wig Tutorial

Okay so, keep in mind, this tutorial is kind of long, the entirety of this wig is very expensive (overall, it cost me a little under 250$ CAD but if you’re NOT dealing with the horrific USD/CAD exchange rate, it probably won’t be as expensive). Also, disclaimer that I’m not a professional, most of this is pure bullshit, and if I ever did this wig again I’d want to change a LOT on how I went about it. 
Also, if this wasn’t clear before, I don’t recommend this as a beginner project if you don’t already have experience with some intermediate cosplay stuff. 
Some tutorials I based this off was echoing-artemis’s (DA) Rapunzel wig tutorial and quite a few scattered wig dyeing tutorials. 

The stuff I got for this were:
2x Epic-cosplay Asteria Wigs in Fusion Vanilla Purple
3x Matching long wefts (also from Epic Cosplay)
Wig clips 
Those little hair combs you sometimes see added to Arda wigs. I didn’t get these because I had no idea where to get them from and I ran out of time but it probably would’ve made a huge difference.
1/2m of thick batting (idk how much I used really but 1/2m is probably a safe bet)
FW ink in purple for the gradient
2x bottles of rubbing alcohol
Empty spray bottle
Gloves for dyeing 
Long necked wig head. This will subsequently be destroyed
2x Wig stands. Okay, you’ll need at least one, but mine BROKE halfway through so…keep a spare one handy. Or you’ll be duct taping your wig head to the table and also plying friends to come over to hold your wig head for you.
Wefting needles. Whatever kind you like working with.
Wefting thread/Upholstery thread. Something thick, not that all-purpose kind. 
Tacky glue
Hairspray (I used got2b)
Spray adhesive. Everything is temporary, except for Kryolan Easy-Tack. Kryolan Easy-Tack is forever….(seriously, protect your surfaces when working with this shit)
Wig combs/brushes and spray detangler
Probably some kind of container your wig can drip into while it dries from the gradient dye.

(^2x wigs + 3x wefts)

First, take your first wig, and harvest it’s wefts. I basically took off all the wefts and left the skin top. So yeah, very carefully get all your wefts out. You now have an entire wig’s worth of wefts. Sew this into your second wig, making sure to brush out the wig roughly every couple wefts you sew in, because if you don’t it WILL get tangled just because of how friking long this thing is.

Next, add that first pack of wefts to it. Make sure you also add the wefts for the bangs, don’t skimp on the bangs. 

(^ still wefting…)

Hooray. Now your wig weighs as much as your small dog.

Next, you want to sew in your wig clips. I just put two at the very front, because I’m a butt and forgot to put two at the back. If you do have those hair combs, definitely insert those as well. The more support the better. I didn’t put it on a scale to weigh it, but I did hold up my 10lb dog and also held up the wig, and they weighed pretty much the same so…

Okay now dye it. Go search up some tutorials on wig dyeing. I just mixed 12 drops of FW ink into my spray bottle, and stuck in about half a cup of alcohol. That’s supposed to be overdoing it, but my wig did not end up crunchy or felt like it had product in it, so I just went with it because I didn’t want to dye it 4 times since the alcohol smell gave me a headache. You might want a face mask in this step it gets pretty stinky. Make sure you protect your surfaces somehow because this mixture will stain. Spray dye your wig up to the gradient. Let it dry. Repeat. I did mine twice until I was happy with the colour.

(^ dyed and brushed out) 

Okay so this is where the fun ended and I started hating my life. Brush out your wig. Make it nice and smooth. Brush it out again, if you have any tangles here, GET RID OF THEM, or there is no going back once you proceed. First, I divided the wig into two large sections, plus two smaller sections for the braids. I braided the two smaller sections and just put some elastic on it and pinned them at the top so they’re out of the way.
Now, with your two large sections, divide those again. The Harvest Goddess’s hair in Magical Melody are these two big twists. They’re not really braids, they’re just like…twisted pieces?? So there’s your twisted pieces, you have pieces 1, 2, 3, 4.
Cut a length of batting matched roughly to the length of the wig. My batting wasn’t thick enough by itself, so I cut double the width, folded it lengthwise and just quickly basted down along the edge using my sewing machine so it stayed put.

(^ cut batting)

(^ folded in half and basted. You can see the one I already attached to the wig in the background)

Cut the batting to the length of your wig. You don’t want it exactly as long as your wig because you do want it slightly shorter so you can get that point at the end of her twists.
Get your glues (I used tacky glue and Kryolan Easy Tack for this step). I would recommend actually just taking that batting, spraying easy tack all over one side. I originally tried to do it with tacky glue and tbh wasn’t worth it, the hairs ended up tangled and everywhere.
So now you have that batting nice and soaked on ONE SIDE, attach that one side carefully to one of your sections of hair. Make sure you smooth everything down so that at least the majority of your hair pieces are stuck to the batting. Don’t worry if not all of them are. You just want to cover the batting in as much hair as possible so the batting doesn’t show.
Now spray the other side. You’ll want to place some kind of protective plastic sheet or something behind so you don’t get easy tack on anything other than that batting. Attach the other side. Okay great, now repeat for all four sections. Now you should have four wig covered batting sections. This bulks out your wig. 

(^ you can see where I did the braids and pinned them on top of the wig just to get them out of the way. I used some large hair clips to keep each section of hair separated. The big thick chunk in front is the fully attached wig-covered batting piece. What I’m holding up is the massacred remains of the first wig that I took apart for wefts)

Take the remnants from the skin top of the first massacred wig and start caulking the ends and filling any gaps. The less gaps you have now the easier it’ll be in the next step. 

Once everything is dry, you can start twisting the hair together to form her giant twists. This is the part where my wig stand finally broke, and my wig came crashing to the floor which made all the fibres mess up so…that was a lot of clean up and fixing to do. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you…

(^Wig laying on the ground. One side is halfway done being twisted, and the other is the two separate sections ready to be twisted)

Twist those giant sections together, and then secure the end with an elastic. I used caulking to style the ends of her twists into a point.
Then, take your second pack of wefts, cut off the bulky top part so you have pure fibre, caulk the fibres together, and start patching up the wig again. Patch. Keep patching. Don’t stop patching until everything is nice and filled and you cannot see batting. Blend into the original wig fibres. You can do this on the stand or on the floor. I really don’t know if most wig stands can take this weight right now tbh so the floor might be safer.
Also, don’t forget to cover up that elastic at the end with a lock of wig hair. It looks a lot better that way trust me.

Take your hairspray and kind of spray that wig in place. I didn’t glue all the fibres down pat because I didn’t want it to look like it was stiff, but you’ll want to spray that then so those stray wig fibres have less of a chance of getting loose.   Style your braids accordingly. Good thing you pinned them up beforehand huh.
At this point, I actually redyed my wig a THIRD time because those wefts I put in to patch up the wig no longer matched the gradient colour.

Style the bangs. I just honestly pushed them back and sprayed/glued them in place. I wanted a lace front at first for her hairline, but there was just no way I could find a lace front wig in that length, nor that colour. If you have the time to turn your lace into a lace front, look into that I guess? For me, just pushing back the bangs and spraying them worked fine.
This probably is letting some cosplay secrets out of the bag, but I got a bunch of the fake flowers you see on the final cosplay and glued them on my wig in parts where I could see either patches of batting showering, or where my patched fibres weren’t blending in as nicely with the original wig fibres. Shh….no one will know in the final piece…
Plus they matched the ones on my dress so…

I don’t know if you want to do this too, but I attached fishing line from my wrist to the wig so that I could pose my hair. It didn’t actually relieve that much of the weight, but it did make it so it didn’t just drop down and so it could hold that curved shape that you see in the games. To do that, I looped fishing wire through a small button and just hot glued it straight to the ends of each twist/braid where I had secured the elastic. I made little like…fabric bracelets, put some vines and tiny flowers on it to make it look pretty and just stuck the end of the fishing wire straight through the fabric, knotted it, and hot glued in place again. The fabric bracelets had a snap closure to go around my wrist. This method worked for me, I didn’t have any costume malfunctions and the hot glue was strong enough to hold it. I just stuck a flower over where the fishing line attached to the wig to cover it up. 

 I think that’s it? Overall, it took me about a month and a half and I never want to do this again. If I could do it again, I would probably not make that wig one big piece and do the braids separately and just attach them to the base wig. 

Again, this is just how I did it. I can pretty confidently say this was the wrong way to do it, but it worked out for me in the end so take what you will from this tutorial. I ended up staying 6.5 hours in the cosplay, and most of the time was in horrific pain from how heavy that wig was. It’s not going to be a comfortable cosplay to be in so I’m not going to sugarcoat it but it was a good learning experience and it was pretty fun being a beautiful fairy thing and also being too large to fit in the washroom. Anyway, remember, if it looks bad, stick a flower on it. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I'm putting together a Rapunzel themed coord based on the disney movie and I have all the clothes and accessories in mind but I'm not sure what to do with hair. I don't want it to look like a costume so Im not going to do anything super long but what could I do to get the point across? Thanks!

Maybe a big elaborate braid like this?

It reminds me a lot of Rapunzel’s braid, especially with how thick it is, but it doesn’t have the length so it looks more Rapunzel inspired as opposed to a costume and you could do it with or without the flowers.
You could also go with something more simple, maybe just long and wavy, possibly with a little braid in there somewhere for detail.

derptastichaven  asked:

How do you properly put on a wig and not suck? I used to have one but I could never get it on properly...

I wish I could provide a really nice tutorial with pictures but unfortunately I’m away from home and all my wig supplies but I’ll do my best :)

Three essentials to putting on a wig: The wig itself, a wig cap, and bobby pins.

While my hair is at my shoulder and is not very long, my hair is very thick so I have tons of hair to stuff under a wig.  So before I put on a wig, I brush it out to get any knots out and dampen it a bit to flatten it.  Then I take my hair and pull it into a low ponytail, twist it, and bring it as far up my head as I can.

Here’s a video so you can see what I mean if my description sucks haha.  Start the video at 1:00.

After that I stretch the wig cap over my head and shove any lumps of hair that escapes back under.  This may take a while so have patience!  Sometimes it helps to have a thin object (like a comb) to push those unruly pieces back in.  You won’t be able to hide every strand of hair– that’s perfectly okay!  The wig covers the rest.

To keep the wig cap from sliding around (especially once the wig is on), pin your bobby pins to your hair and wig cap in an X shape both in the front and back of your head, like this person does.  Put them wherever except the middle of the forehead.

(source of picture, I also recommend checking this site for instructions)

To put the actual wig on, I just kind of put it on my head usually forehead-first.  Most wigs have little flaps where your ears should be as a reference for you.  You’ll have to do some pulling on the back and adjusting (especially for longer wigs).

The best way to get good at putting wigs on is practice.  I have the most trouble with getting the wig cap on, but since I’ve been doing this for a while now I don’t have many issues.  If this method doesn’t work for you, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube and other sites.  Hope this helps a bit!

Ebay Wig Review!

Woohoo, I finally bought the fluffy lavender wig of my dreams! I bought it from jiangpin_2011 for $17.10, right this moment it’s actually on sale for $16.92 >.< Haha but what’s 20¢ really worth…

Anyway. I love it. The bangs are really long so I need to get around to cutting them soon, but I’ve been too lazy. :P

You can see it really is suuuper long. The wig isn’t as curly or as thick as the photo, but for $17 what do you expect? It’s actually exactly how I hoped it would be, so I’m very happy. I don’t like super thick, long wigs, they are too heavy and look so unnatural. I feel like this wig is very natural looking, it’s straighter and thicker at the top, and the bottom thins out and gets curlier…similar to natural hair that’s been a bit damaged over time.

Size Ordered: One Size

Recommended: Yes!

Here are some more photos with some different styles because I couldn’t help myself:

Btw if you’re wondering about my new photo background, you will learn more about it tomorrow. ^^

Sweater: forever21

Skirt: OASAP

Glasses: Claire’s

Bunny Headband: I don’t remember T-T

Pink Bow Headband: handmade by me - available at OR

Bear Ears Hat: originally from Romwe, search ebay/storenvy/aliexpress for straw bear hat

Totoro Backpack: handmade by me - pattern/commissions available at OR