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 Killian and Alice team up to exasperate Uncle Liam!  

Set vaguely in the Captain William Jewell verse,  after the curse breaks!  Because this verse might be the only Lena safe thing I’ve ever written this one is for you @lenfaz​ and for all my other knightrook / navalrook people!

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The day his conference call ran over, making him late for their lunch, she snuck into the station and replaced the name card on his office with a pocket watch.  The old watch hung from a bright blue thumbtack in the center of his door and Liam looked around, half expecting to see her giggling face peering around a corner.  Liam hadn’t a clue how she’d managed to get past the conference room without him catching sight of her.  He had been watching out of the corner of his eye after the hands of his own watch slid past 1pm.  

He pulled the thumbtack from his door with a groan of mild irritation at the damage but chuckled at the timepiece.  One of her thrift store treasures, likely enough… or so he hoped.  He flipped it open and discovered a picture of Alice taped inside the cover, she was pointing at her wrist with a stern look on her face, but her eyes crinkled joyfully and his own smile grew to match the one she was hiding. 

He pocketed the watch carefully and made his way to Killian’s desk.  

“How long ago did Alice leave?”

“Alice?”  Killian asked in a tone that Liam knew immidiately was too innocent.  “Oh, that’s right,  you were to have lunch today.”

“Not you too,” Liam groaned,  noting with a raised eyebrow the box of thumbtacks hastily covered with a file.  He pulled out his phone to text her and found a message waiting for him.  

Alice 1:03pm:  Tick Tock

“Are you pinching my things again?” Liam called up to Alice when he reached the troll statue.  She still liked it here, even after their memories had returned.  

“It was more of a trade-“ Alice called back, jumping down from high enough up that Liam’s heart clenched.

“Bloody hell, lass, I’ve asked you not to do that!”

“Papa said the rigging he used to climb was much higher then this.”  

“Aye,  and your papa scared the hell out of me then too  For the sake of my poor heart which is rather older then it was then,  stop jumping off roofs and statues and bloody cars.”  

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I decided to make a serious post about this lmao. 

Who would be willing to send me keys (maybe other trinkets) in exchange for readings? 

If they can fit into an envelope, all you gotta do is slap a stamp or a few stamps on if it’s heavy and then mail it to me. 
Depending on the expenses you actually have to pay would factor into how many cards or readings you’d get in return. 
And depending on potential value of the actual trinkets would factor in, too. 

I wouldn’t expect anyone to go out and buy anything, this is more of if you already have it and want to part with it? 
Like I don’t expect you to go out and buy me a new key, that’s not what I want anyway. 
And I wouldn’t want you to send me something that you actually want to keep. I’d feel bad.

It’d be bartering. 
You give me trinkets, I give you a reading (or two, or three..). 
Obviously, you wouldn’t get your reading until the trinkets actually get to me, gotta be sure I actually get “paid” ya know? 
– We would work out an agreement before you send me anything, so that we both understand and know what to expect from one another. 

I would include a picture of your reading if you want it as well. 
Please give me some feed back on this. 
Send me an anon message, yay or nay. 
Reply to this post. Like this post as a yes you would be willing. 

Fixed on you - Soonyoung (blurb)

Request: I needs me a fluffy slightly nsfw scenario with soonyoung when y/n goes and watches him at dance practice.

A/N: Okay so I’m not really good at nsfw stuff so its gone be minimal BUT THANKS FOR REQUESTING!!

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what about a shadow fresh out of the dark world whos just full of rage and bitterness at the links and ready to wreak some havoc on hyrule?

[[oh NICE i love angry nasty shadow


Hylians were so incredibly stupid it was funny. He’d seen his opening and taken it; somehow, inexplicably, a passage to Hyrule had been opened. So he’d gone through it, clawed himself out against the harsh kickback of the light, emerged from frothing darkness on the other side of the Mirror, under the new moon.

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I know you probably have a post on this somewhere, but how does one contact a god for the first time? Specifically O, because Ive decided to stop being a weenie and actually formally Talk to Him. But my autistic ass needs instructions and/or tips, however vague the may be. Thank you for all the info btw! -Owl anon

So I kinda forgot this was in my inbox…. sorry about that >.>;

For doing things the first time, I’d check out this.

For general how to get started in Kemeticism, I’d check out the first section here.

And for information on O specifically, I’d go here.

intproxy  asked:

Numbers: 1, 11, 18, Types: ESTJ, INTP, ENFJ, ISFJ, ISFP

1. Invite to dinner with parents

  • INTP - I’d be sorry for them because they’d feel awkward, but I think they’d be the most liked by my parents out of every type in the list
  • ISFJ - ISFJs are adorable, they’d be a great dinner guest
  • ENFJ - They’d charm everyone in every conversation so yes, please
  • ISFP - So chill, so laid back. Also, my dad being an INFP, they’d probably bond.
  • ESTJ - It would probably end in death and destruction.

11. To drag them away from a big fight because they’re injured

  • INTP - I go into Overprotective Father mode real quick with INTPs, so this would be the most likely scenario
  • ISFP - I think I’m biased because I have an ISFP friend but yeah, they’re soft and need help
  • ISFJ - I don’t know how’d they get in a fight but I’m dragging them out
  • ENFJ - They’d probably drag themselves out by their own but sure, let me help
  • ESTJ - They’d drag themselves out as well, and they would probably be who started the fight

18. Get into massive argument with 

  • ESTJ - Honestly it would be intense but hey I’m up for it
  • ISFP - Sure, let’s fight about what’s morally correct and what’s not
  • ENFJ - I’m not really about that inferior Ti kicking in, but I really don’t want to fight INTP or ISFJ
  • ISFJ - I’d feel really bad but I really don’t want to get into an argument with an INTP
  • INTP - If it were a debate I would say hell yeah, but an argument… yikes, no thanks.

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woah woah wait how'd'd you get that image of wet asra

Chariot book -, paid scene after u pick flower and u fall down in water.
P.s. Asra gonna smooch your tit, enjoy.

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If we were dating I would take you out all the time for cute dates, like getting milkshakes and seeing movies. We could cuddle and watch netflix and fall asleep while a show is going and regret it caUSE NOW WE HAVE TO RE WATCH IT! I'd take you ice skating and you could laugh at how many times i fall over but I'd never get discouraged cause wow. your laugh. it's magical.

!!!! I L O VE

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C7 with Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe 😎

i knew i loved this man from the moment he stepped out of the cryopod

I really love the timing of Kylo Ren’s outbursts. They don’t come when things go wrong. Most of the time, he maintains a rather calm demeanor. At one point, he even taunts General Hux that a clone army would be better. His outbursts happen when he gives into his own weakness. 

BB-8 escapes Jakku. He doesn’t bring out his saber until the messenger reveals that it was Finn who helped the droid. FN-2187. The same stormtrooper who he saw in the village. The stormtrooper who Kylo knew wasn’t behaving the way he was supposed to. The stormtrooper he could’ve had killed or sent away or done a number of things to. But instead, he let his suspicions go and gave FN-2187 another chance under Captain Phasma. 

Rey escapes her imprisonment. He knows it’s entirely his fault. Leaving a single stormtrooper to guard over someone strong in the Force? He could’ve knocked her out, done something to her legs so she couldn’t have moved, left droids to torture the information out of her. But he left her as ‘his guest.’ Restrained but unharmed with someone nearby to help/guard/move her in case something went wrong. 

He doesn’t lash out because he’s angry at others. He lashes out because he’s angry at himself. Because he failed. Because he was weak. Again. Because, despite his desperation to be like Darth Vader, he is still being swayed by the light within himself. And it’s breaking him apart.