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A Possessive Dinner Taehyung

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Warning/Genre: Smut, Dom Taehyung, Public sex, Cursing, 

Excerpt: “So your saying we can just do it right here then?” Shocked by his words you just stood still not knowing how to respond, Taehyung came up behind you moving the hair off of your shoulder and tugging down the damned coat Jimin had let you wear. With slight anger he bit down on the area between your neck and shoulder sending a pleasurable pain down your spine and making your core wet.

Word count:2,603

Note: I almost died while writing this bc hot damn lmao, ps thx for so much recognition on my last story about Jungkook I’m completely blown away and wanted to say hi to all the new followers <3 

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Jesus Christ, how’d you even get yourself into this position.. Literally a guy you had met just a few hours ago had your skirt flipped up and was fucking balls deep in you. It actually all started with your friend Olivia inviting you out to dinner with her boyfriend’s band that had six other guys. The occasion being that they finally finished up tour and were ready to kick off their break.

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Mercury: So, I invited a friend over for dinner tomorrow. 

Carnation: Oh,  I don’t mind making a bit extra. Who’s this friend?

Mercury: You may have seen her at the ceremony. Her name is Weiss, and she’ll be bringing her husband along. 

Carnation: Well, it’ll be nice to get to know her better. How’d you two meet.

Mercury: That’s a bit of a funny story… 

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Hi Faiza! I was so sure we'd get an Elias clip.. how else will we find out why he was so drunk that day??

same, anon! but i guess, we’ll never know :(

is there any experience comparable to being in a car going down a wooded street at night. how fast the headlights disappear into the reaching branches of the trees, the claustrophobia of it almost. thinking about if you left the car just how fast the darkness would take you and how quickly you’d get lost 

Early Days

Once that initial rush of euphoria wore off, as Phoenix Squadron began to get to grips with how they’d run the ship, problems started to crop up.

The Hammerhead Corvettes and Blockade Runners couldn’t dock with the carrier, leading to a constant buzz of ships to and fro — wasting a fair bit of fuel!  Speaking of fuel, the carrier was guzzling it at a ridiculous rate. 

In short, things were somewhat tricky.

Still though, things weren’t all bad.  Ahsoka’s network had let them recruit and welcome aboard a proper set of mechanics for their long-suffering fighters.  While they might have needed to disassemble a fair few of the TIE Bombers in the process, the squadron was finally getting back into top condition - a force to rattle The Empire again. 

And Sabine was loving all the new canvass!

Still, Hera admitted privately, things weren’t perfect.  They still needed a permanent base, to give their forces some fresh air and some proper safety.  Without somewhere to land, fuel was still going to be a massive issue and they couldn’t repair the larger ships.  They were still being hunted, despite their better position.

There was a fair bit more hope now though.  That meant a lot.  Soon they’d be able to make some real moves in the Lothal Sector once more.

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Why do you think Nalu getting married will be a thing (with or without kids)? Assuming that they love each other romantically (which we are), they seem to consistently develop their relationship without the need for the trappings of romantic love (frustrating fans!). If they were to get married, I get the feeling it would be to satisfy their friends, or maybe Lucy's more romantic leanings; Natsu honestly doesn't seem to need external things to confirm how he feels about anything.

I don’t think that they’d get married to “confirm” anything, I think they’d get married because they want to.  Lucy has always been portrayed as one to want to get married and I think that, though Natsu might be a “with or without, I’ll still love you” kind of guy, I think that he’d go through with getting married because they both love each other.  I don’t think it’s something that would be forced either, they’d both just decide one day “this is what WE want to do because we love each other”.  I think it would make Lucy happy to be married (again, as we’ve seen before, she’s been portrayed as someone who WANTS to get married).  I don’t think it would be to satisfy anyone but themselves.  I think they’d be happy being married, but if they don’t, I don’t think it would hinder their romantic relationship.

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

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Is there a step by step guide to build a village, town or city for a DND game? I have trouble getting my ideas down on paper. I feel a guide may help.

This is how I make mine:

  • Pick if I want it to be coastal, in a forest, desert, etc.
  • Pick a cool name.
  • Decide if this town is mostly for passing through, or if major things are happening here.
  • Decide if they’re cut off from other towns or near others.
  • Decide on population, race majorities and minorities.
  • Pick how the town makes money, what are its imports and exports if any.
  • Who is the leader? How do people like them?
  • What is the towns major problem? Starvation, rats, monsters, etc?
  • How strict are the guards? Do the villagers trust outsiders? Do they hate any race or class?
  • Come up with a bar, inn, weapon, and armor shop name and staff for each. If they’re known for anything, what are they known for?
  • How does this town get along with outsiders/other towns?
  • Any well known locals? What are their names, what are they known for?
  • If your players are good, evil, or neutral how would the townsfolk react? How would your players react here?

A lot of times some of this info is never asked about from my players. I recycle and use that info for other towns if need be. Half the time no one asks about the armor shop, or the potions shop. But its nice info to have on hand.

I also sometimes make mini flash cards detailing the important bits like:

Inn: Sleepy Fellow. Run by Ma. 5 copper a night. Worlds best pillows, they’re always stolen. Ma is sick n tired of it and will gut any thieves.

Here are some little extra tips and tools, too.

  • Plan your city around your landscape. If its a thin and spindly island, you’re not going to have a ton of open space. If the city is in a desert, there are probably very tall walls to keep the sand from blowing in, or the houses might be below ground, etc.
  • Here is a cool map maker to help visualize things.
  • Think about what you’d typically find in a town. Inn, bar, and leather working shops will be basically anywhere. Larger towns will for sure have armor, weapons, potions, etc. Farmer’s markets, hospitals, etc. are also usually present.
  • What kind of town is it? Is it peaceful, do they forage and lack trade routes? Is the town large, have a large guard presence?
  • How does the town make their money? Hunting, gathering, self sustaining, making crafts?
  • I use this sometimes to give me town ideas. I don’t really hit generate tbh, just the options alone help me out a lot.
  • How can your town serve the quest[s] and your players? Is it the main place where quests are given/done? If so, it might need to be more fleshed out. If they’re just passing by you don’t need a lot of detail. Maybe just one quirk or two to make each town unique. e.g. “Every Thursday is bring your pet to work day” for the local guards.

I really love the timing of Kylo Ren’s outbursts. They don’t come when things go wrong. Most of the time, he maintains a rather calm demeanor. At one point, he even taunts General Hux that a clone army would be better. His outbursts happen when he gives into his own weakness. 

BB-8 escapes Jakku. He doesn’t bring out his saber until the messenger reveals that it was Finn who helped the droid. FN-2187. The same stormtrooper who he saw in the village. The stormtrooper who Kylo knew wasn’t behaving the way he was supposed to. The stormtrooper he could’ve had killed or sent away or done a number of things to. But instead, he let his suspicions go and gave FN-2187 another chance under Captain Phasma. 

Rey escapes her imprisonment. He knows it’s entirely his fault. Leaving a single stormtrooper to guard over someone strong in the Force? He could’ve knocked her out, done something to her legs so she couldn’t have moved, left droids to torture the information out of her. But he left her as ‘his guest.’ Restrained but unharmed with someone nearby to help/guard/move her in case something went wrong. 

He doesn’t lash out because he’s angry at others. He lashes out because he’s angry at himself. Because he failed. Because he was weak. Again. Because, despite his desperation to be like Darth Vader, he is still being swayed by the light within himself. And it’s breaking him apart. 


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